The silence is mafia-like


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The roots of the Second Republic

Yesterday this blog posted an interview held with Gioacchino Genchi, who is accusing the secret service and certain politicians of involvement in the deaths of Falcone and Borsellino. Genchi is not some or other nobody. According to the psychodwarf, he is the man that wiretapped 350,000 Italians’ telephones. The greatest spy in history since Mata Hari.
I knew that there could only be two possible reactions to Genchi’s words, which were some of the harshest ever uttered against that which we insist on calling and thinking of as the State. Either to make him out to be a mythomaniac, or to drop a veil of absolute, mafia-like silence in all the newspapers and television channels.

”Omertà” (conspiracy of silence) has prevailed. No one saw or heard anything. Not Mieli, not Riotta and not Mauro.
The Genchi video has become the most often viewed clip on YouTube in the past twenty-four hours, yet none of the national media bothered to report on its content. An information paradox. If they shut down the Web, then darkness will descend upon this Country. The Cupola of the Press is stronger and more united than the Cosa Nostra. Genchi told the truth and proof of this lies in the fact that, as far as the media are concerned, Genchi doesn’t exist and the names of the people behind the murders of Falcone and Borsellino cannot even be mentioned.

Genchi said the following:
"This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know the extent of the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians."
Genchi was present in via D'Amelio, he saw the charred remains of Borsellino, he handled the investigation regarding the signal that set off the bomb, so what he says is not hearsay. Borsellino was threatened and he went to his mother’s house every Sunday, yet the State didn’t even close off the parking area in front of the building with a barrier. Genchi was not the only person to speculate that the via D'Amelio massacre signalled the beginning of the Second Republic.

Antonio Ingroia, Public Prosecutor of Palermo:
"The truth must be uncovered at all costs. It is my belief that the so-called Second Republic is founded on the blood shed by many public servants, magistrates and police officers " (*).

From the decision handed down by the Administrative Court of Caltanisetta in the Borsellino case-3:
"It was precisely for the purpose of facilitating the establishment new political contacts that it was necessary to eliminate those who, like Borsellino, would have discouraged any attempt to approach the Cosa Nostra and backtrack the anti-mafia activities, standing up and revealing, even publicly from the lofty heights of his professional status and the nobility of his commitment, any sign of surrender by the State or its political representatives " (*).

If the information doesn’t exist, then let us become information sources. What we need is a new CLN. A National Liberation Committee for information. Post the text of the interview with Genchi on your blogs, translate it into all other languages and forward it to other foreign blogs that you know. Create a link to the video on Youtube. Create your own videos with your own analyses and observations.

They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

(*) Texts drawn from the book entitled "L'agenda rossa di Paolo Borsellino" by Lo Bianco/Rizza.

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one of the the real problem in Italy is the incostitutional electoral law made by Berlusconi and friends which made it almost impossible to vote the alternatives !

In fact see:

Posted by: marco rossi | March 1, 2009 11:10 PM

I agree with Juegos and Pizzolo the fault is with the Italian Voters and the fact that to me it appears you in Italy dont know what Demacracy is.Come Italiano all'estero mi sento molto dispiaciuto a vedere cosi tanto leccaculismo,purtroppo e' molto comune con la situazione ITALIANA anche all'estero.

Posted by: Renato Vancherkel | March 1, 2009 02:52 PM

Can I take it that Salvatore Pizzolo is against the Government? Even as a foreigner, albeit with an Italian wife, it has always been pretty obvious that there was colusion between politicians, big business, the P2 and the varied mafia groups. The same people have always pulled the strings behind the scenes and organized crime continues to prosper. If the Government really wanted to they could put an end to criminal activity tomorrow by confiscating assets and freezing bank accounts. I see that this has finally started, but is it real political will or just a one off gesture?

Posted by: peterfieldman | March 1, 2009 12:55 PM

Marco Travaglio, Beppe Grillo, Antonio DiPietro, the real problem in Italy is not Berlusconi!!

The real problem is that the majority of the people allowed to vote in Italy, voted for Berlusconi or some of his entourage!!??

In spite of all the overwelming evidence of wrong doing, and manipulation of the justice from his side, still no President of the Repubblic, or Corte Costituzionale, has enough balls to stand up to him!!!

So really, Berlusconi is only one, but it is the millions that voted for him, or his "leccapiedi" that constitute the REAL PROBLEM.

I am not ashamed of being Italian because of Berlusconi!! I am ashamed of being Italian because the majority of the people in Italy, voted for him, and in spite of all his blatant disregard for the Italians Laws, those "people" still treat him with admiration!!??

So please, while I give all of you credit for exposing all the wrongdoings of Berlusconi, do not loose sight that the real problem is the many million of people that still support him!!

Hitler alone could not have done all the brutalities that were done during his tenure, if he did not have the support of millions of Germans!!

So, if you can, do not be afraid to address all the millions of Italians that support Berlusconi, making them aware that by supporting him, they fully share the responsibility for all the injustices, and crimes that are happening in Italy!!

Posted by: salvatore pizzolo | February 28, 2009 10:50 PM

Mi vergogno di essere italiana

Posted by: stefania | February 28, 2009 09:24 PM

As the British say: " The silence was deafening! "

And truly mafia like.

What so many people in the media must do, in order to earn their 30 pieces of silver . . .

Posted by: stefano | February 28, 2009 09:11 PM

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