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March 31, 2009

Europe is “cosa nostra”


”We are at the second edition of 168. I am trying to do a summary of the week. But I can’t stay inside it. I can’t manage to follow these weeks full of news. The reality is overtaking me. I am always late.
A party has been born. They have fused together. There’s been this diarrhoea, this outflow in this big party. And however they don’t have founding fathers of the fatherland. The founding father of the fatherland according to this party of the psycho dwarf, the ballerinas and the ruffians is Bettino Craxi! But Bettino Craxi is not the father of the fatherland; he is the thief of the fatherland! And the thief of the fatherland can lead to the fatherland prisons! There you are, there’s always the patriotic sense of things.
I haven’t been keeping up with things because with China you can’t understand what it’s doing. In Singapore for example, they are starting to exchange themselves, to sell body parts. They are doing live transplants. Live! Do you need a kidney? You find it. Poor people are selling body parts. Thus we have a market in the body. We are throwing nothing away. In a bit there’ll be the market for corneas, kidneys, kneecaps, lungs. I don’t know where we will get to. And the value of the market is going down all the time. If there’s the demand, the market will lower its prices, and there are people who are already buying up kidneys and they put them perhaps in the cold store and they keep them there until they get quoted on the Stock Exchange. “I sell kidneys” and the sales turnover will go up. I don’t know what is happening in this incredible world.
I haven’t managed to keep up with the news because I turn to YouTube and I see Borghezio who is explaining to a sort of association of Nazis. He is explaining how to get into civil society by going through the Lega and through the Catholic movements while maintaining the Nazi and Fascist spirit. Is it Borghezio that is saying these things? He has taken all the Lega people for a ride! Borghezio is a European Parliamentarian with a criminal conviction for having set fire to a straw mattress at the side of which a person from outside the European Union just happened to be sleeping. We have one who starts fires for non-European-Union people who is a European Parliamentarian.
How can these things be explained in Europe? I am going to Europe. On April 1st, I will be there trying to explain who it is that we are sending there. What’s happening with our economy. Our conflicts of interests, the banks, finance. I will try to explain to these Dutch, these Germans, and these French people who are defenceless. ..."


PS. Tomorrow evening, 01 April, I will be speaking live from Brussels on the programme called Exit that is broadcast at 9:10 pm on LA7.

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March 30, 2009

The new Founding Fathers

”Good day to you all!
Not wanting to spoil the celebrations for this great imperial coronation of the leader of the “Popolo della Libertà” (PDL) {People of liberty} that as you have seen, as a surprise he was elected the first, the only and the last emperor of the party that he had founded on the footboard of a car and when he had founded it, Gianfranco Fini immediately attacked it by saying “we are at the final comedy, we will never become a part of the “Popolo della Libertà” and Berlusconi will never go back to Palazzo Chigi {the seat of government} with the votes of Alleanza Nazionale”.
And when someone asked him “Is there the possibility that the AN will go into the sheep-house?”, Fini’s response was: We must not go back to the sheep-house because we are not sheep.” Then as you have seen they went back to the sheep-house thus we must conclude that they are sheep or rams.
So there you are, it’s not to spoil the idyllic atmosphere even because you will have seen that they are so closely united that out of 6000 delegates they didn’t find one to vote for another candidate at least to pretend that there were two of them, but no. It was really a unanimous thing that was so moving for the “Cavaliere” who was not expecting it: did you see the emotion when he discovered he had been elected the leader in those meetings that right to the last minute hold some final “coup de theatre”. Who would have ever expected that?
But let’s say that this is how it had to be. The interesting thing is that step by step, there’s a start, with 15 years delay, to see the full names of the true founding fathers of this adventure that we now call the “Popolo della Libertà” that was called the “Casa della Libertà” {House of Liberty}, that even earlier was called “Polo della Libertà” that in reality has a single owner that has always been called Forza Italia.
How many times have we heard the tale of Forza Italia, its origins… Now there’s even that book written in gothic characters, really big for the blind, probably it’s the Braille version that Berlusconi showed on TV, that instead of the fairy story about Little Red Riding Hood, of Cinderella, he is telling the fairy story of the seven dwarves: the eighth dwarf, in fact, how he had been rebaptised by the Guzzanti brothers and Ms. Dandini.

Craxi, this unknown guy

The eighth dwarf who in 1993, started to play with ideas, plans that got transformed into Forza Italia.
At the beginning it was said that it was he who had this marvelous intuition, in fact, when someone insinuated that there would have been a relationship, some suggestions from Bettino Craxi, from certain strange Sicilian characters that we will see about in a bit, it was all denied: “you never know, it’s nothing to do with us.” In fact, Craxi even pretended not to know Berlusconi. ...


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March 29, 2009

From +1 to +6

We’re about there at +1. To get to +6 we need to wait for a few more decades. Between one and six, there’s two, three, four, and five. Every extra degree, a tiny step towards hell. The world economic crisis is a great opportunity to change and to stop in front of the chasm. Capitalism has failed. Democracies killed. The world consumed. It’s not possible to found a society just on capital alone. Anyone possessing it gets into power. The vote is an illusion. A labourer will never become the President of the Council. A rich P2-guy will do instead. A farm-worker will never be the mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, wife of an oil baron, gets there instead. Regime information deals with dwarves, psycho-dwarves, fascists and lega people sold to the one who offers the most (it’s always the same guy), with incinerators and incentives to banks and to Fiat. Meanwhile the planet is warming up, one degree at a time.
It’s worth reminding ourselves about what is about to happen and what is happening now. One thing I’m certain about. Our offspring and their offspring will never forgive us.
+ 1: Melting of the Arctic – Disappearance of Kilimanjaro’s glaciers – Shrinking of the main glaciers from the Alps to Tibet – Start of the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef – Extinction of hundreds of species – Increase in the number and the intensity of hurricanes – Rise in sea level with numerous atolls being submerged, including the archipelago of Kiribati with 78,000 people.
+ 2: Reduction in the degree of alkalinity of the seas with the gradual destruction of plankton and of organisms whose shells are made of calcium carbonate (plankton is at the base of the food chain in the ocean) – A drop in the growth of plants in Europe by up to 30% - Melting of the glaciers in Greenland – Disappearance of the Polar Bear – Famine in India and Pakistan.
+ 3: Disappearance of the Amazon basin and the rain forests – Desertification of Australia – Super-hurricanes in North America – Permanent drought in the continent of India because of a change in the monsoons - Indo and Colorado dry out - New York and other coastal towns submerged by water – Development of epidemics in Africa.
+ 4: Melting of the Antarctic – the Nile Delta submerged by the sea – Famine in China – Mass migration towards temperate countries like Russia and Europe.
+ 5: Expansion of the deserts – Drying up of the aquifers – Increase in mass migration – Possible disintegration of the continental shelves – Tsunami – Civil wars and ethnic conflicts for resources.
+ 6: Possible outpouring of hydro sulphuric acid from the oceans – Clouds of methane. Poisoning of the surface of the earth. Disappearance of a good part of the vegetation. Drastic reduction in the population.
These disasters could happen by 2100.
Crikey. I feel bad. I never want to produce another particle of CO2.
There’s something we can do straight away. Print out and give out the Florence Charter. The twelve points for a 5 star town. We have to start with something, let’s start with our town.

PS. Forecasts taken from the book: “Six Degrees” by Mark Lynas, winner of the "Royal Society Science Books Prize" in Great Britain in 2008.

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March 28, 2009

Stock options in Portofino

I consigli di Tronchetti

What do Messrs. Tronchetti, Provera and 3M France Manager Luc Rousselet have in common? Absolutely nothing if the truth were told. The first enjoys unconditional impunity while the second was taken hostage by employees after announcing the upcoming staff cuts.
It is not right from any point of view for former company directors that have bled their companies dry to while away their time in villas and on yachts thanks to the million-Euro golden handshakes and stock options that they have received. There is no piece of paper, written agreement or contract that can justify former managers living the life of millionaires in Portofino, while thousands of people have already been dismissed by Telecom Italia, with yet more to come.
In 2008 Bernabè was "obliged" to honour certain contracts signed by former Telecom Vice-President Buora in order to get rid of the very same group of managers that drove Telecom to the brink of bankruptcy. How much did pagato Telecom, and therefore indirectly the company’s shareholders and employees pay to shut the door behind these gentlemen? Here is the list: Riccardo Ruggiero 17.3 million Euro, Carlo Buora 12.02 million, Enrico Parazzini 7.1 million, Massimo Castelli 4.5 million and so on and so forth, with all the other receiving sums of around three million each. Amongst these was Gustavo Bracco, former Head of Human Resources. Last in line was Pistorio, the “ghost” president that only participated in the dance for one summer and then walked away with 1.2 million Euro. Buora prepared his escape in advance. He signed binding agreements from which he benefited together with his buddies. A reward for leaving a total disaster behind him. Just imagine how many of Telecom Italia’s dismissed employees salaries could have been paid with those millions that were instead handed out as gifts to the former managers. They lost their jobs thanks entirely to Tronchetti, Buora, Ruggiero and the band of hoodlums.
These days everyone is climbing on the bandwagon to accuse Genchi who was, after all, only carrying out the mandate given to him by the magistrature. Telecom Italia, on the other hand, spied on millions of Italians without any mandate whatsoever to do so. Why does no one bother to say anything? To whom was Tavaroli answerable? Who authorised the tens of millions of company money that he spent? These people simply did as they pleased. They paid out Telecom dividends to shareholders, amongst them the very same Tronchetti of the era of discontent, instead of putting the money back into the company. They sold off tens of strategic subsidiaries. They caused the share price to crash. They put thousands of company employees out on the street. They spied on half of Italy. Bernabè should demand that they pay back the money they received and he should use it to create a fund to assist former employees in difficulty. That is the least that we should expect.

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March 27, 2009

The Mafia is busy conquering Europe


Petra Reski is a journalist working for the German weekly “Die Zeit”. She has written a book entitled “Mafia. Von Paten, pizzerien und falschen priestern”, which, in Italian, would be “Mafia. Di padrini, pizzerie e falsi sacerdoti”. I say “would be” because although the book has already been translated into many languages, no Italian publishing house has yet been willing to publish it. Petra describes the Italian Mafia’s unstoppable drive into Europe. According to the “Frankfurter Allgeimeine Zeitung”, Petra’s book is the best ever published on this topic. Petra has received threats and has spent his time defending himself in the German courts against allegations and complaints lodged by the people named in her book.
The book is deemed to be the German equivalent of the "Gomorra" and Petra runs the risk of going the same way as Saviano did. In all probability, the Italian Mafia groups are the biggest business in our Country. Their turnover is estimated to be 100/150 billion Euro per year. All of it tax-free. The kind of money that needs to be invested. After Italy, whose markets are full to the brim with mafia money, the next target is Europe. The GDP of many European Countries is also reliant on money laundered by the Mafia. We are exporting money and the Mafia. Within a few years, Brussels will be ours, our own “cosa nostra”.

Interview held with Petra Reski
"Daniele Martinelli (D.M.): Petra Reski, writer, journalist and author of a book on the “'ndragheta”, written in German and considered in Germany to be the best book ever written on this subject. Why, in your opinion, are the Mafia groups in general and the 'ndragheta in particular, so well rooted abroad?

Petra Reski (P.R.): Because foreign laws permit certain things that are prohibited in Italy. In Germany for example, there is no such thing as Environmental Interception in public areas and it is even difficult to get authorisation for Interception activities to be carried out in peoples’ homes and it is far easier to invest recycled funds in Germany than it is in Italy. In Germany there is also no such crime as Mafia collusion, so a Mafia member can quite happily invest all his money in Germany without any fear of being checked on.
There have been thousands of cases where, let’s call them "pizza makers", have come to work in Germany, earning 800 Euro per month, only to then perhaps buy a hotel or even entire streets worth of properties.

D.M.: In other words there must also be some sort of collusion by certain Germans?

P.R.: Obviously! Without some sort of collusion, even in Germany this would be impossible. Unfortunately, Germans remain unaffected by any problems they cannot see with their own eyes and they believe that the mafia is a purely Italian phenomenon, limited to a few rather backward regions of Southern Italy. Therefore, they honestly believe that this sort of thing could never happen in Germany, but instead, Germany is precisely the same as Italy. With the help of certain politicians, institutions and unscrupulous attorneys, the very same things that have gone on in Italy over the past 150 have also been going on in Germany over the past 40 years.

D.M.: But are there certain zones that are more exposed to this phenomenon, or not?

P.R.: Yes, unfortunately all of these mafia members arrived in Germany as immigrants. During the 1940’s, they began to settle in the industrialised parts of Germany. As a result, the main 'ndragheta centres are located in Duisburg, the entire Ruhr area, Dortmund and all around Stuttgart.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the mid-1990’s, part of the 'ndragheta organisation moved to Leipzig and Saxony.

D.M.: In fact you have mentioned the Duisburg affair, where 6 people were murdered by the 'ndragheta, you wrote a book about it and even received death threats as a result.

P.R.: Yes, let’s say that I have received certain veiled threats that only an Italian would understand perfectly because they would mean very little to a German. As happened on one particular occasion, at the presentation of my book in Hartford, in other words in the Turinga Region. There were a number of German VIP’s who firstly went to great pains to explain that money laundering was impossible in Germany and then, with a number of Italians present, proceeded to congratulate me on my courage by saying “Madam, I admire your courage!" And this only moments after having spoken out in defence of certain individuals that had taken me to court because of what I wrote in my book. To me, the message was patently clear. I have lived in Italy for the past twenty years and for the past twenty years I have been investigating the mafia so that situation, at that time, reminded me of Michele Greco who, when appearing in Court in connection with the maxi-trial, said: "Your Honour, I have an extremely valuable gift, namely that of inner peace and I wish you and your family a long life ".

D.M.: But did you reveal anything in your book that may be useful to the judges in proceeding with the inquiry?

P.R.: Yes, obviously, because the Federal Police had been scrutinising the activities of a number of the clans even prior to the Duisburg massacre, especially those clans linked to the Duisburg affair, so those clans would not want to avoid attracting any further public interest.

D.M.: But you went and mentioned certain names in this book, which were censored!

P.R.: Yes.

D.M.: The Italian Government says that everything is under control and certain people have even gone as far as claiming that the Mafia doesn’t exist.

P.R.: As far as?

D.M.: Yes, well, Dell'Utri has said this on numerous occasions.
P.R.: Yes, that’s true! In Germany they also say that the Mafia doesn’t exist. That’s funny because it reminds me about a mafia member who was active in Milan in the 60’s and stated after his arrest that: "what is the Mafia? A type of cheese?" and the same is true of Germany.
Because, for many Germans, the mafia is the stuff of folklore, films like the Godfather and of novels, they don’t even have the slightest idea about their gentle-natured pizza maker that greets them, and I know this is also true of those that were killed in Duisburg, who were known as good neighbours, very friendly and approachable. This kind of thing is impossible for the average German to understand.
As regards the German politicians, over and above their direct involvement in specific cases, admitting that the mafia does exist in Germany represents a major problem because it would lead to an even greater problem in terms of public conscience, above all because the only problem acknowledged by the German Government are the Islamists, not the Mafia.

D.M.: But these names that you revealed in your book, did you uncover them during your investigations or how else did you manage to put together all of these clues that paint such a varied and disturbing picture of the Mafia situation in Germany?

P.R.: Actually I was drawn in because I was always only concerned with the Mafia situation in Italy and so this was the doing of Duisburg and the work done by Italian journalists, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude, because they are far better than the German journalists at telling the truth, since they were the first to name the names of the Italians involved in the 'ndragheta’s activities in Germany.

D.M.: Such as? The names?

P.R.: I can’t name names because...

D.M.: You can’t name names?

P.R.: In factual fact, my interest was sparked after having read the Italian newspapers and having investigated the matter in Germany, together with the facts that emerged from the German Police Force’s investigations.

D.M.: You are currently living in an undisclosed location due to the death threats, but how many court cases have resulted to date because of this book?

P.R.: We are currently involved in the fifth court case and there are a further two criminals complaints that have been lodged, one of which has been archived, so we will have to wait and see what happens

D.M.: But why?

P.R.: To date I have been served with an urgent interdict to protect the personal details of the two individuals that I spoke about in my book. On this occasion the application in question was granted by the Court of Munich and Duisburg. Now we are appealing the decision because I was accused of slander and various other offences...

D.M.: Are you afraid?

P.R.: No

D.M.: So you will continue to do your job?

P.R.: Certainly! Absolutely. Also because I would never have dreamt that my investigation work was as real as has been subsequently confirmed.

D.M.: But in your opinion, do the European Economies really need the Mafia, or not?

P.R.: As regards the situation in Germany, all I can say is that many people have chosen to look the other way when it comes down to Mafia investments, and they continue to do so. Particularly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Mafia’s money was unfortunately more than welcome in East Germany and, even now, often we know things but prefer to make out that we don’t. Money laundering is deemed to be a minor offence in Germany. So we must keep our eyes open because this is the kind of thing that destroys not only the economy, but also democracy in general. When a member of the 'ndragheta buys a hotel or a building, he is destroying fair competition. And this obviously also poses a problem for democracy in that, as landowners, these people also expect to exert a certain amount of influence on German politics.

D.M.: And as far as you are aware, what is the situation regarding the mafia in Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway and the entire Scandinavian area in general?

P.R.: All I know is that what I have said with regard to Germany is not very different in these other Countries.

D.M.: Mafia groups imported from Italy?

P.R.: Yes, imported from Italy. But the biggest problem is that Mafia association is not classified as a punishable offence in those Countries. In Germany for example, the penalties specified for criminal association are negligible. In Germany, a mafia member is able to move around freely. Perhaps this is the biggest issue: collusion with the Mafia needs to be classified as a crime throughout the whole of Europe, then we could simply go ahead and arrest any known clan member arriving from San Luca. Mafia members living in Germany don’t make any mistakes.

D.M.: And as regards your book, was it written only in German?

P.R.: We are in the process of having it translated into 5 languages other than Italian, unfortunately.

D.M.: Why is this?

P.R.: I don’t know why this is. I must say that there are many good books around, about the Mafia, written by Italian authors with extensive knowledge regarding the Mafia. As far as one publishing house is concerned, the Mafia is not a new topic, so I can understand their reticence.

D.M.: But the German title of “Gomorra” given to your book, is it accurate or not?

P.R.: As regards Saviano. I find it scandalous that a person like him must remain in hiding while the gangsters walk around freely. I find it equally scandalous that an individual gets buried under court cases, all because of a book. It goes to show just how much they fear us."

Ps. On Saturday 28 March, at the Genzano Auditorium (Rome) at No.81, via Italo Belardi, the "I grilli del Pigneto" and "Officina delle idee" cultural associations will be holding a public meeting nmaed as “A Saturday under the banner of legality”, together with, inter alia, Sonia Alfano, Salvatore Borsellino, Benny Calasanzio and Clementina Forleo. Anyone wishing to do so will be able to follow the proceedings on live streaming.

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March 26, 2009

Political Press Release number 20


Many people are asking themselves: “Where has Grillo gone? I am still here, an article on the blog every day. In 2009 I was in Piazza Farnese together with the families of the mafia victims. At Chiaiano against the opening of a rubbish tip. In Florence for the national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists. In Parma to give evidence concerning Parmalat. On 1 April, a suitable day, I will be in Brussels at the European Parliament to explain the complete lack of controls in the Italian banking system. Anyone asking where Grillo is, gets plagiarised by Raiset. They don’t know they are living within the psycho-dwarf’s amatriciana-style Matrix. Everything you don’t know is true. Yesterday il Corriere della Sera devoted a whole page to the P2-ist Cicchitto, life, thoughts and works and with a final eulogy on the fugitive Bottino Craxi. Il Corriere della Sera is losing circulation, advertising, readings. It’s just got the government with public money, and il Corriere della P2, as in the great times of Tassan Din and Rizzoli. Information is the final card that can be played by PDL and PDminusL. They are looking at every possibility for closing down the Internet. It’s said that the psycho-dwarf is interested in the Telecom backbone so as to get his hands on the Internet. If the D'Alia law gets through, the Ministry of the Interior will be able to close down every site, every blog without a verdict from a magistrate. In recent days, the 5 Star Lists certified by the blog are being created. It’ll be enough to insert a councillor in a Town Hall to explode all the para-mafia balancing acts. To communicate with the citizens. From here to the local elections, the blog will support all the civic lists that present themselves. It will publish film clips, interviews, and denunciations arriving from the Civic Lists. Provinces have to be abolished. They are a useless superstructure of the parties. I will not support any list for the provincial elections. In June there are the European elections. I have decided to support two people who are presenting themselves as independents with Antonio Di Pietro: Luigi De Magistris and Sonia Alfano. Two people who belong to the history of this movement. There is no electoral alliance, but the hope that two respectable people, who just respond to their own conscience, can represent us in Brussels. Vizzini, the Chair of the Senate Committee that has to discuss the “Clean Up Parliament” law, has received a package containing the head of a calf and a bullet. Few people have talked about it. Strange. It should have been front page news. To Vizzini I give my sincere solidarity, but I also renew my promise. If the law is not discussed and doesn’t get into the Senate I will come to Rome before the end of Spring. The invitation will be extended to the 350,000 who signed for the law. I don’t know whether you realise it, but in Parliament there are still 18 people who have been definitively convicted and 70 who have benefited from the Statute of Limitations, or have convictions at the first or second level. Two of these at the first level and sentenced to many years in prison because of working closely with the mafia. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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March 25, 2009

Africa sickness


In ten years in the global banking system, everything has changed. Apart from in Africa. In 1999 the American and British banks were dominating. Four of the top four positions for capitalisation. On the Stock Exchange, the American banks were worth about half the value of existing banks.

Today, in first, second and third positions there are the Chinese banks: Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of China. The American and British banks have lost two thirds of their value. New banking centres that before hardly existed have sprung up: Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, and Australia. The banks have expanded into every continent (except one), from a phenomenon that was mainly western and Anglo-Saxon to a planetary distribution.

Capital has arrived everywhere but not in Africa. A continent without capital but with enormous resources. Anyone with capital is buying up resources. But those who sell them stay with no capital and no resources. Where’s the trick? Africa has suffered colonialism, then the exploitation of its primary resources and now the expropriation of its territory. Korea and China do shopping for immense agricultural lands in Africa, the size of European States. The government of Madagascar went down after an attempted sale of part of its territory to Daewoo.
You can’t eat money. It’s a good that is not solid, metaphysical, that can be created from nothing. Money is created, resources are destroyed and Africa is a consumer good. There is a hypothesis that 30% of the planet’s mineral and metal reserves are in Africa. If up until now, from the African continent, there has been plundering of gold, diamonds, uranium, manganese, nickel and cobalt, in the future they will take maize, soya and wheat to keep the world from starving and leave the Africans to starve. Land is bought or leased thanks to a corrupt government. The local people work the land. The foreigners eat the produce. Anyone with land and water will live only if there’s a national bank in the area. You can’t eat capital but it is top class for starving your neighbour.
It is no longer necessary to line up the army at the border, it’s enough to have the capitalization of the national banks. To fight the world war, the toxic assets for export are worth more than atomic bombs. You introduce them to the foreign banks and the State fails just like has happened in Iceland, and as is about to happen in the Ukraine. Only capital can defend us from capital in a capitalist system. Perhaps it’s the moment to change the system. In Italy, we will eat cement, we are destroying our agriculture. In compensation we have no capital, just debts. We will die of hunger but with nuclear power stations, the Bridge over the Straits of Messina and an extra room. Do you want to have that satisfaction?

* Images comparing the concentration of the banking system 1999-2009 from The Financial Times.

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Grillo 168 and the silence of power


Today sees the start of Grillo 168. Every seven days I will use video to comment on a crazy week. Watch out! Grillo 168 is an element that is more dangerous than Polonium 210.
I’m just back from Parma where I gave evidence about Parmalat. They asked me how I managed to know. Crikey, what questions… - all the banks and the regulatory agencies knew. The judge, rather than myself, should have summonsed the people leading Consob and the Bank of Italy of that time and ask for an explanation of their silence. The silence that it is said is golden, but in Italy silence is leaden, silence is power, silence is mafia, silence is political, silence is journalistic.
Good Grillo 168.

” Grillo 168 is starting. It must become like Polonium 210.
The week has been packed with rough stuff. The latest, mad thing, is that the AN has dissolved inside the PDL. This political diarrhoea. It dissolved like an outflow of diarrhoea into the PDL. And the toilet paper will be supplied by Gasparri. Thus just anything could happen. What happened is that we met up and greeted each other in Florence. We have created Civic Lists that will be present in loads of towns, certified by the blog. We have created the Charter of Florence. We are talking about things like the non-privatisation of water, the making-it-public-once-more of water, renewable energy, giving a big push to the separation of rubbish. Basically our battles on solar panels, on free and unfettered Wi-Fi. Our stuff. We will never give up. This is our driving principle.
They are trying to do unspeakable things. Levi tried first, then D’Alia, then Cassinelli tried, now these cellulitic women that are in Parliament are having a go. Ms Carlucci. We are having to talk about the Internet with one who knows not a fig because she has to protect “le major”. Truly… Here we’ve got to the position that there are 3 million extra unemployed and this lot talk about blocking the Internet, of blocking the servers. They keep going ahead with digital terrestrial that is dead. Go and talk about digital terrestrial in Sardinia and they tell you “Zagasau, gu, sa sau ugusau zau!”, it’s undescribable.
And we keep on bullshitting. The latest bullshit from the nano’s government – from Truffolo – was that of saying that we have the lowest unemployment rate in Europe. It’s lies! It’s balls! The unemployment rate is a figure that cannot even be arrived at. In fact Eurispes makes use of employment rates. Our employment rate is the lowest in Europe. It’s at 58% with instead an average of employment of 67%. It’s lies from this rabble here.
Enough. We have seen everything. They are beating up the students in Bergamo, in Pisa. Manganelli, stop using those truncheons! Please, stop! Don’t become coherent with the meaning of your surname as an obligation! Stop!
It’s not possible that the referents of the institutions for the citizens have to be police in anti-riot gear. Those in Pisa wanted to demonstrate that a travelling salesman like Pera. One who was with the Socialists then went from there with a piked dive with an incredible coefficient of making a mess – has gone from here to there – and then goes off to sell a book: “come essere oggi cristiani …” How to be a Christian today? Go and be a travelling salesman in the university of the students and the students that want to can come and ask what on earth you are doing there and you have them beaten up by the police?..."


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March 24, 2009

Guilty for not having committed the crime

”Good day to you all!
Thank goodness that Romanians are not Italian politicians. Just think if there had been two politicians in prison since 18 February, let’s say even two town councillors, even because if they had been parliamentarians, by definition they couldn’t be inside. Two town councillors arrested for a presumed crime, and after that they discover that they hadn’t committed the crime but they keep them inside all the same with accusations that change day by day.
Then they arrest the ones who they believe to be the true people guilty of that crime, but the first ones still stay in prison. Just think. The heavens would open! We would have streams of TV programmes, campaigns in the press, articles by all the guarantors in the world – the self-styled ones. “Ah, an error of justice. Easy handcuffs! Who knows why they are keeping them inside, perhaps to make them confess a crime that they haven’t committed.”
Fortunately, we are not talking about two Italian politicians, but of two Romanians who just because of the face they have, at this point, are in prison.
It’s a good thing to remember these names for ever, because the degradation that our rights are undergoing goes through these stories and when we don’t take any notice because “anyway they are only Romanians”, “Romanians are all the same”, “if they haven’t done one thing, they’ll have done something else”, basically what can be applied to them is the old Chinese saying “when you get home beat your wife: you don’t know why you are beating her but she knows.” There you are, the same thing is valid for the Romanians, the new monster onto whom we can off load all our tensions and frustrations.
Their names are Karl Racz and Alexandro Isztoika Loyos. They were arrested on 18 February for the rape of Ms Caffarella. We have already talked about this. The questore Caruso said that it was a great success, they captured them using traditional methods of investigation, with this it’s a very strange way of defining the investigations: it’s a political way of defining them because there was at that time and there still is the polemics about the law on wiretapping, so the questore, who is the representative of the Police in Rome and thus the representative of the government, an employee of the Ministry of the Interior, was quick to offer on a silver tray to the government an argument in favour of the law that limits wiretapping, by repeating like a parrot what the politicians in the Centre Right – and often those in the Centre Left are saying: that unfortunately the wiretaps make the investigators and the magistrates lazy and thus prevent them from carrying out the famous traditional investigations.

Cursed technology

This time they were so proud of having carried out traditional investigations, of having used traditional methods, the famous Ogino-Knaus of the perfect detective. Anyone who might want to amuse themselves can go to the Ansa archive and find the exulted declarations of the famous environments of the questura that are throwing the stones but hiding their hands, and they were claiming to have resurrected the Maigret-style investigations all done with traditional methods “without the help of any technology” – read that as: without the help of any wiretapping, any telephone printouts.
After that, unfortunately, the technologies arrive: unfortunately we have technology. When they hope to nail them definitively with DNA, this proves that it wasn’t them: and with DNA there’s no discussion, it’s either you or it’s not you.
It wasn’t them.
Problem: Can a Romanian not have been the one? Can the questore have made a mistake? Can the government have constructed all the campaign of the previous week about the law on wiretapping, on a false fact? No. That’s not possible.
Well it must be the DNA that’s wrong, so much so that someone started to say that the DNA is not so important after all, that it isn’t really so decisive. ..."


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March 23, 2009

Unemployment does not exist!

It’s not impossible to govern the Italians, as Mussolini said. In fact it is very easy. It’s enough to have control of the mass media and tell fibs from morning to night. This was what Gelli preached, what is applied by the psycho-dwarf and why our unemployment is the best in Europe. Our unemployed folk are envied by everyone. Few, well educated and with social security protection. Professor Mauro Gallegati demonstrates the opposite. In Italy there are three million unemployed in excess of the European average.
Money for laid off workers is about to dry up and the companies are collapsing like castles made of cards. Who knows what effect it has on one who has lost their job to be taken for a ride by their President of the Council?
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

"ISTAT {official statistics office} says that the unemployment rate last year went up from 6.1% to 6.7%. The unemployment figures in Italy “are the best” in a European context. This is what Berlusconi stated in a press conference at the end of the meetings of the Council of Europe. How can he claim such nonsense without anyone objecting? Basically, if they take us for idiots it’s only our fault.
Last year, unemployment went up in the Euro-land countries. According to Eurostat, the unemployment rate went up to 7.8% with very marked differences (from the Netherlands at 2.7% to Spain at 13.4%). The American unemployment rate is 6.7%, that of the Japanese is 3.9%.
How can B. claim that we are better than the other European countries? The figures seem to support him: the Italian unemployment rate is lower than the European average. However, the statistics have to be read, because behind a number many other stories are hidden. It’s like that for the unemployment rate: a ratio of two numbers: those who seek work or who had a job and have lost it and the labour force, that is the number of people willing to work. If the general situation gets worse and someone gets discouraged and stops looking for a job, the unemployment rate goes down! The “discouraged” are people without work who, in response to the ISTAT question “Why are you not looking for work?”, choose the answer “Because I reckon that I won’t find it.” To avoid this problem that offers untrustworthy statistics, the economists suggest looking at the “employment rate”. Still a ratio: this time between those who are working and those who are willing to work.
And this is where you have the catch: the employment rate is among the lowest in Europe. According to Eurispes it is 58.7% with us, that is 8 percentage points lower than the euro-land countries, which is 67%. Converted into numbers, if the employment rate could be compared to the European one, it would be equivalent to three million fewer jobs. The real unemployment rate would be between 11% and 13%. There’s no work.
Let someone tell our politicians to turn round: the future is the other way. They are looking at the past. We must not allow them to steal the “tomorrow” of our children. That way we will forgive them their stupidities about unemployment and the presumed Tremonti-an “forecasts” on the crisis: Minister we didn’t need Nostradamus, this time, we made do with “mago Otelma”. Warm greetings.” Mauro Gallegati, Facolta' di Economia Giorgio Fua' dell’Universita' Politecnica delle Marche

Previous articles on the unemployment rate: “Modern Slaves”.

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March 21, 2009

The Pasolini homicide

href="" target="_blank">Pasolini_1.jpg

"A dark coloured car came out of nowhere... and a motorcycle. All in all 5 people arrived... I saw them drag Pasolini out of the car and they were beating and kicking him, they really beat him up. They were shouting: "Dirty communist, queer, swine". I was afraid. I went back when it was all over... To kill someone in this manner you must either be insane or be driven by some really strong force: now, given that these killers have managed to evade the law for more than thirty years, they certainly can’t be insane. So they must have had a very good reason for doing what they did. And no one has ever laid a hand on them. At the end of this incredible episode, I was the only one that landed up paying the price, and I was only 17 years old at the time. I was used..." Giuseppe Pelosi, the man accused of murdering Pasolini, in an interview on 12 September 2008
"This was no brawl. Pier Paolo was executed. Someone made the decision that he had to die." Sergio Citti, editor.
"My surname is spelled with a double T, Salvitti Ennio... Write down that it was horrendous and that there was a bunch of them. They massacred that poor bugger. For half an hour he yelled "mom, mom, mom". There were four, no, five of them." But did you tell this to the police? "What do you mean, do you think that I’m crazy?" From an interview held in a shack belonging to Furio Colombo, a reporter for La Stampa, just a few hours after Pasolini’s death.
Alberto Moravia, Laura Betti and Oriana Fallaci had reported that there was a criminal conspiracy afoot to silence Pasolini. Oriana Fallaci wrote in the Europeo about a group of people that had committed this crime. That is why she was summoned to police headquarters and was later found guilty of refusing to reveal her sources.
Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered back in 1975, yet his assassins and those who ordered the hit have still not been apprehended. No public trial has ever been held concerning the reasons for his death. He was effectively killed by Power. That same obscene representation of reality that has haunted Italy since the birth of the nation. At the time, Pasolini wrote articles for the Corriere della Sera, which had not yet become P2-ized: "I know the names of those that are responsible for the massacres...I know the name of the man at the top, the one who organised everything...". At the time of his death, Pasolini was busy writing a book entitled "Petrolio", which dealt with the links between ENI, the P2 and the Government. About the murder of Mattei and the crooked secret service.
Genchi’s offices searched, De Magistris under investigation, a P2 member heading up the Government, people convicted of Mafia-related activities sitting in Parliament and the Salerno Public Prosecutors transferred. Pasolini’s truth no longer needs a voice. It is no longer causing a sensation. Pier Paolo, perhaps you died for nothing. The Italians know about everything, as they knew then. They have no love for one who shouts out the truth.
I am asking for the investigations into Pasolini’s murder to be re-opened. Whoever knows anything about the events must talk. Anyone who has proof must reveal it.

Ps: Testimony drawn from the book entitled "Profondo Nero" (dark black) by Giuseppe Lo Bianco and Sandra Rizza.

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March 20, 2009

De Magistris: one of our guys in Europe


Luigi De Magistris will be standing as an independent candidate in the European elections, alongside the Italia dei Valori Party. This is good news. The head of the snake is in Brussels. 9-Billion per year of funding that lands up almost exclusively in three Italian Regions, namely Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Money that strengthens organised crime syndicates and criminal mismanagement by politicians. Billions that poison the life of the Country instead of assisting with its development. Many people are aware of what is going on, but everyone keeps quiet. Those who do raise the alarm, like De Magistris did, is immediately ostracised and slandered. He will be a powerful and untainted voice in Europe. This blog will continue to support him.
They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

"I am extremely pleased to be making this video and I would like to thank Beppe Grillo, a person that I count as a friend and with whom I would like to share my appreciation for the many things he has done for this Country, regarding some rather sensitive topics, which I would like to expand on for a moment.
The most important issue, which later culminated in the extraordinary V-day demonstrations, was, for example the one that I also took part in, namely the extraordinary demonstration that was held in Turin. I don’t know how many of the traditional political parties or even the strongest alliances, namely the Democratic Party and the Pdl, would be able to draw as many people into the streets as Beppe Grillo has done and so, as I was saying, the most important issue, in my opinion, is the concept of participative democracy, which is essential.

Politics is all about participation and true politics, that written with a capital P, is not some sort of business association, which is required to manage public funds for their own benefit, but an entity that is managed by a few people that must see to everyone’s needs.
Participative democracy is a meeting place and one of its essential features is that the population always comes first. Beppe did not do this in some sort of populist manner as some people say he did, or as a form of anti-politics, but rather as a place of politics par excellence, where an provision is made for people who have been marginalized within civil society to have their say on those issues that are important to them, people such as economists, environmentalists, workers, trade unionists, priests and magistrates (just as he gave me an opportunity to do, for which I will be eternally grateful).
Today I will limit myself to expressing this brief salute to Beppe, in the sure knowledge that, whether or not I am elected, I shall most certainly continue to focus all my enthusiasm and all of my passion on those issues that are very dear to my heart. Above all I would like to dwell for a moment on two specific topics that I believe are fundamental, with the first of these being the environment. I firmly believe that the wealth of a Country and its business, employment and progress are founded on a new way of practicing environmentalism. The most important thing is to focus on renewable energy sources and, above all, on absolute respect for nature, which is not only part of Italy’s heritage but also that of the rest of the world. The world as we know it is destined to disappear unless we find a way to overcome this most serious of economic crises, which is a result of scurrilous management of our energy and natural resources.
Beppe was one of the first people to point this out. I remember watching his shows, in which the environment and economics always went strictly hand in hand.
I am firmly convinced that through proper utilisation of natural resources, as well as the exploitation of alternative energy sources and the application of the methods and messages that Beppe has spoken of, not only will we all live far better lives, but there will be greater respect for nature and protection for the environment and there will be more jobs available for everyone, most importantly more jobs for our young people.
The second thing that I remember with much excitement, is that I had some doubts about taking part and that I received much criticism from my legal colleagues at the time, specifically about my participation in Strasburg alongside Beppe Grillo and Marco Travaglio. Above all, I remember the wonderful trip that the three of us had on our way out of Italy in the car, when we began to discuss a topic that is pivotal to Italy, but not only, namely the management of public funds. The illegal control that this Country’s political caste system is exercising, and has exercised in the past as regards public funds, which has been to the detriment of the vast majority of the Country’s citizens while making a few of them very wealthy indeed, has driven this country ever closer to the situation that exists in certain South American and Middle Eastern Countries, and far removed from that found in most western Countries.
The issue of public funding is pivotal because that is precisely where the erosion of democracy begins. I believe that we must send credible people into Europe, not people who have in recent years contributed towards the squandering and wastage and the enriching of business associations by means of the huge influx of cash that has reached Italy. We need to send competent, honest people in, people who are able to prevent the flow of public funding being shut off, money that could come in very useful in other areas facing certain difficulties, even though I am of the opinion that aid should not be encouraged as an end in itself, but should simply be a means to encourage a new way of doing business as we said earlier, for example, a new kind of environmentalism or a new kind of economics, but above all helping young people by releasing them from the coat tails of political masters or organised crime syndicates.
As a result of my work as magistrate, I have believed for some time now that not only traditional mafia crime, but also white-collar crime has increased as a direct result of the illegal management of public money.
The vast majority of public funds are currently being managed by business associations that decide to whom the money should go, or to which company, who should be awarded a specific tender, who to allocate sub-contracts to and who to employ in these companies that are to manage the projects and do the work, thereby influencing the vote. Thanks to Antonio Di Pietro and the Italia Dei Valori Party, we now have an ideal opportunity to involve the public, even people of other persuasions, in order to build a common cause, in which not only those people that we hope will be elected, but everyone working together can contribute towards truly improving not only Italy, but Europe as a whole, ensuring a better life and more protection for everyone, including our environment and our Country in particular. Thank you all and a special hug to Beppe." Luigi De Magistris

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March 19, 2009

Condom and let it be

AIDS in Africa
Stalin asked: “How many divisions has the Pope got? The Soviet Union no longer exists, and the Vatican is still there. There must be a reason. It’s just that I can’t find it. If someone kills a human being with a knife or a pistol they are violating God’s law. Do not kill. If by words, you induce people not to use a condom and for this reason, millions of people die of AIDS it’s a matter of faith. Applied theology. I have done catechism. I have read the Gospel. I didn’t find that Jesus Christ forbade the use of a condom. Even then they were used. It’s not a modern invention. The Church is bothered about the life of Eluana, but it ignores death from AIDS. Christ did not forbid priests to get married. He didn’t oblige them to live an alien life, distant from a natural condition of man, that is the family. Christ instead attacked the Pharisees, the priests of that time. The ones who handed him over to the Romans to put him on the cross. A woman cannot serve at Mass nor become a priest. Who has decided that? I don’t reckon it was Jesus. A priest, a man who has not been a father, a husband, a lover, how can he judge a father, a husband, a lover? The Church is interested in sex. It discusses it every day. The sex of the others. It explains when it is legitimate, how to do it and with whom. If you control sex, you control society. The Church is rich. Very rich. And among the banks, it is the biggest property owner in the world. Its wealth is due to the work of millions of people over the centuries. Their work, their goods have gone to the Vatican, not to a family that they couldn’t have. If the Church is dealing with what we do under the blanket, it’s right that we deal with the sex life of the priests. Even for them, the time of sexual liberation has come with or without the condom. Sex is a gift of Creation. Religious men and women must be allowed to enjoy it. I propose a referendum in the Vatican to end the sexual slavery of those in the religious life and for equal access to the sacraments for men and women. In the secrecy of the vote, the priests and the nuns would vote “yes”. When you vote, God sees you, the Pope does not.

“After the multiplication of the loaves , the multiplication of the condoms.”
-- “Jokes!”
”… and then AIDS has never existed!”
Illustration by Plantu in Le Monde

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Beauty and the Beast


Luigi De Magistris is putting himself forward as an independent for the European elections with Italia dei Valori. The psycho-dwarf is proposing Clemente Mastella for Brussels. Beauty and the Beast. The ceppalonic one brought down the Prodi government. A tiny bit of help was supplied by the Universal Disaster, called Topo Gigio (Uèltron where are you? What are you doing? What are you ever saying to me?). Mastella should have been a candidate for Parliament in the national elections in the PDL, as compensation, Judas Iscariot’s thirty pieces of silver. But instead he stayed without a carriage. Even Tar Head’s allies found him disgusting. He’s become like a bulky relative who tries to get an invite to Sunday lunch. He eats two first courses, three second courses and burps and farts after the coffee.
Having been turfed out of Parliament where he had been camping out since 1976, he has not been at peace with himself. After the announcement that in Brussels he will find himself in front of Luigi De Magistris, he had a faint and changed mobile phones for the whole family. The investigations that brought about the removal of De Magistris related to European funding. An avalanche of billions that end up with organised crime and corrupt politicians. The European Union Euros are the fuel for the exchange vote.
Mister Great Pardon declared this about the candidacy of De Magistris: “Now I understand so many things. That way there’s fuel given to the suspicion that Justice can be applied to the plans of someone.” And he added: “If we are both in Parliament in Brussels I will have to explain how, and from whom I am supposed to have taken money.” To Mastè, you explain who you telephoned, where you got the votes from. Explain to us the Great Pardon; explain to us about your wife under house arrest. Explain to us to whom you lent your mobile phones.
In Brussels they are not used to politicians on the par with Magilla the Gorilla. When he starts talking they will throw bunches of bananas at him. Mastellone has said that in the past, the PDminusL was against the candidacy of De Magistris. Too honest for the standards of that party. Mancino, the vice-president of the CSM, thundered against De Magistris: you must never come back to the magistracy. Mancino is right. De Magistris must go into Parliament and stay there. It’s the right place for a magistrate. An ideal hunting ground, full of guys with previous convictions, guys who are corrupting, guys under investigation, guys who’ve had trials “timed out”. Luigi De Magistris in the European Parliament is like a fox in the hen house. Guess who the hen is?
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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March 18, 2009

Good news about the paper press

Newspapers are dying
The crisis is full of good news. One of the best is the end of newspapers. 30/40 % of advertising has abandoned them since the beginning of the year. Readers are getting rarer. Unofficial figures give estimates of between 10% and 20% fewer copies sold in the last year for many publications. What’s left is the government’s charity and many publishers are there cap in hand in the waiting room at Palazzo Chigi. To live thanks to our taxes.
The fall in the share values of the publishing groups is worth a heart attack for their owners. In the first two and a half months of 2009, Rizzoli Corriere della Sera has lost 43%, Mondadori 33% and Gruppo L'Espresso has lost 42%. In just two and a half months! Guess how much they can lose in 12 months. If you compare the minimum and maximum values of the 2008/2009 shares you get to telephone area codes. The value of the Gruppo L'Espresso has gone down from 3.026 euro to 0.599, the value of RCS from 2.980 to 0.499, and Mondadori from 5.790 to 2.305.
During 2009, many newspapers will leave us forever. The unemployment problem will explode for the professionals of the printed lie. Battista, Mauro, Mieli, Giordano, Feltri, Belpietro, Romano, Scalfari, Merlo, Giannini. What will they do? What future is waiting for them? Could they verify their popularity with a Blog? So many unique visitors, an equivalent amount of online advertising and money. In the United States you can live on 100,000 unique visitors a month. That gives an income of up to 75,000 dollars a year. Put your credibility and competence on the Internet and the one who pays you, even indirectly, is the reader. Scalfari would earn 10 dollars a month and for Giordano it would have to be him paying.
The current journalists will become the ones who have not adapted. It’s one things to tell lies from behind a desk in an office, it’s another to be in there on the Internet. The publisher, the entrepreneur of the shareholders following the style of Tronchetti and Geronzi, will become a romantic figure. From another age. In the United States, that often leads the world economy, advertising in newspapers has been going down since 2004. It’s a curve that is plummeting towards absolute zero. The circulation of newspapers has seen a linear decrease since 1990. The Los Angeles Times -36.3%, the Washington Post -22.3%, the Chicago Tribune -29.3%. the Boston Globe – 37.6%.
One of the objectives of V2 Day was the end of financing of newspapers. The referendum was turned down by Carnevale but the newspapers themselves will finish before the financing. Is that not an excellent news item?
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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March 16, 2009

Strange stuff in Palermo


”Good day to you all.
Strange things have started happening once more in Palermo. You know that if you have read “La Repubblica”, that I believe Is the only newspaper that has dealt with this; or if you have read Grillo’s blog: the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, Carlo Vizzini, Forza Italia, is under investigation for a nasty story – presumed naturally, in fact for the moment he is only under investigation, of the recycling of money belonging to the old family of Ciancimino, that is the former mayor connected to Palermo’s Corleonesi clan.
That same Ciancimino who then managed the negotiations, together with two officers of the ROS {unit in the Carabinieri}, during the slaughters and after the slaughters until the day that Riina was captured, of the failure to search Riina’s hideout.
So basically, those who follow our blog and our activities, will surely remember something of this.
OK, well the Palermo prosecutors office is busy with this investigation, and it is not a new investigation: it’s simply that the magistrates have opened a few cupboards that stayed closed during the old management of the old prosecutor Grasso, and they discovered that there were really interesting items relating to crimes – wiretapping and other stuff – that had never been weighed up or transcribed , and among other stuff there were these business relationships between the Ciancimino clan and some politicians including Vizzini, who is one of the most important men in Forza Italia; and he was also one of the most presentable.
Peter Gomez and I had inserted him in the book “Se li conosci li eviti”, among the examples of the virtuous ones; it’s true that in Forza Italia to find a virtuous one at a high level you have to have a good torch to search them out. However he had put forward a very important proposal, in the Antimafia committee, to monitor the candidates and exclude those under investigation. Now we will see if that rule that he had put forward for the others is also valid for him.
Why did I say that? Not because I want to talk about that investigation, it’s not appropriate to investigate or to preempt things, then I don’t know anything about it: luckily the magistrates are good at keeping the secret when there is no malpractice like that we have seen in Catanzaro where there was a leak of institutional information.

Telephone calls between Cuffaro and Berlusconi

I talked about that because right now when the prosecutors department is busy with these relationships between politics and Ciancimino and it is busy checking the astounding declarations of Ciancimino’s son on Riina’s “papello” and on all that revolves round about it – the “papello” is a bit like the founding charter of the Second Republic, for those who have studied the history and have not forgotten from 1992 to the present day. And out of the blue – there is an attack from the politicians and the media against Francesco Messineo, the head in Palermo.
He is a very reserved person, not showy, I don’t think you will have ever seen him on TV. He is a magistrate of the old-style, conservative, one who allows his colleagues and his public prosecutors to get on with their work and he brokered a peace agreement in a prosecutors department that since the time of Grasso had been split in half and above all, he has brought back that principle of the flow of information that is the basic principle that gave rise to the Antimafia team with Falcone and Borsellino. ..."


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Step forward Vizzini!

Carlo Vizzini
Step forward Vizzini!
Who is Carlo Vizzini? He is one of those under investigation in 1993 for the 300 million illegal financing in the Enimont kickbacks. One who was convicted at the first level but with the crime being wiped out at the appeal stage because of the time limit and the Statute of Limitations. He is one who was Secretary of the PSDI. Do you remember Longo (face of pongo), card number 926, and work clothes of the P2? He is one who has had a splendid life in Parliament since 1976. One who has been a deputy or a senator for eight legislatures.
He is one who has been accused by Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mayor of Palermo, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for aiding and abetting and providing external concerted action in Mafia association. One who, according to Ciancimino, was a sort of hidden partner in Sirco Fingas, the company used for recycling the accumulated capital of his father. He is one who, still according to Ciancimino, pocketed 900,000 Euro that he handed over in Rome and in Palermo in a suitcase. Cadeau. Vizzini is one of the many who should hand in his resignation tomorrow morning. One who has passed his lifetime in the State feeding trough.
One who is Chair of the First Permanent Senate Committee dealing with Constitutional Affairs. One who refuses to discuss the proposal for a popular “Clean Up Parliament” law. He is one who by his indifference, is insulting the 350,000 signatories and the two million people who came out into the streets on 08 September 2007. One who does not respond to emails that I have sent to prompt him. One who is equal to the other companions on the Committee. They stay silent and don’t make decisions. Only the two Italia dei Valori members have replied and are supporting the proposal. Without however taking any step forward.
Vizzini is the symbol of the politicians’ disdain for the citizens. “Clean Up Parliament” wanted a maximum of two legislatures, no convict and the direct selection of candidates. Vizzini has been in parliament for 33 years and he is “prescritto” {his conviction fell because of the Statute of Limitations}. He was appointed a senator by the psycho-dwarf. Does he have to decide whether and when to discuss the “Clean Up Parliament” proposed law? I sent a journalist to interview him more than once in Rome. He has never succeeded.
Vizzini, I want to make a promise. If you don’t discuss the law in the Committee I will come to Rome before the end of the spring. In front of the Senate. The 350,000 signatories can join me if they want to. I will give them the details. I will be carrying no suitcase, but make sure you are there and ready.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Members of the Committee who have the task of examining the proposed law “Clean Up Parliament”.
PS It’s Monday 16 March and I have just learned from Marco Travaglio that the Palermo Prosecutors Office has denied the news item reported by some newspapers that senator Carlo Vizzini has had his name recorded in the register of those under investigation for the money laundering of the Ciancimino wealth. Right now, Vizzini is not under investigation for money laundering or for other crimes.

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March 14, 2009



Sicily is the poorest region in Italy. It also has the highest rate of unemployment. Sicily is our equivalent of the Dark Far West. In Sicily there are prickly pears, cannoli and the murdered dead people. Many of the Italian heroes are Sicilians. Mafia members are not always Sicilian. The list of Sicilian heroes since the Second World War is endless. Like the annual tuna hunt. I sometimes wonder whether Borsellino (Sicilian) and Falcone (Sicilian) would still be alive today if Sicily was an independent nation. The TNT used on Borsellino came over from the Mainland. Falcone’s movements were tracked from Rome. This Sicily that is so poor and so crime ridden is, in fact, a reservoir of voters. The one who controls this pack of votes also controls this Country’s politics. It happened with Andreotti and his man on the spot, Lima. After that Forza Italia won all 61 of the allocated seats. A percentage like that would have been embarrassing even to Caucescu. Sicily is the workbench of the Italian Parliament. A very strange situation indeed, when the scales of national politics can be tipped by the very region that is last in line in terms of the pro-capita income of its inhabitants. The Sicilians’ value lies in the ballot box. Sicily has more inhabitants than Ireland and Norway. Mussolini despatched prefect Mori to Sicily. He treated the place as if it were a colony. While he did obtain some results, he stopped short when it came to the big shots. With them, he decided to establish a non-aggression pact. In Sicily, the Second World War was won by two groups, namely the United States and the American Mafia. The Allied Army went for a stroll through Sicily. It was a walk in the park compared to the resistance they faced later on. Someone handed them the keys to the island and received much more in return. Local Administrations and Parliamentary posts. Sicily had the intelligence of Majorana and the depth of understanding of Pirandello, the ferocity of Riina and the power management skills of Provenzano. Sicily is an everlasting place. It is a cruel place. It is an inexplicable place. It is any place where there is a Sicilian. For those born in Sicily, Palermo is the centre of the universe. On the one hand, Sicily has everything. Sunshine, sea, landscapes, art, history and agriculture. On the other hand, Sicily has nothing. Incinerators, emigration and crime. It is a chimera, born when Italy achieved Unity. A Nation? A State? A Region? A place with an identity crisis, or perhaps a place with a split personality. In Sicily they still talk about a man as being “as bad as a Piedmontese”. The history books tell a fairy tale of a thousand redshirts that liberated an island with a population of millions of people. This island is in chains. It is independent, but without any independence. Rich, but poor at the same time. It has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all of Italy. Yet Catania and Palermo are drowning in debt. Italy has not been good for Sicily. Perhaps, if left to its own devices, Sicily could yet rise again. Joined to Italy, the current Italy, it can only sink further into the abyss. “U pisci feti da testa” (Fish rot from the head down). And the head is in Rome

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March 13, 2009

Lazaret Italy

A season in Hell

An Italian child that goes to nursery school must be vaccinated. An illegal immigrant who manages to get into Italy may not be given medical treatment. The doctor is obliged to report him to the authorities. More often than not, the illegal immigrant would rather die than be kicked out of the country. A young Nigerian girl who was working as a prostitute in Bari died of tuberculosis yesterday. Her illness was at a very advanced stage and was highly contagious. Her customers and other people that she met in the past few weeks could now be walking around with consumption. All it takes is one bout of coughing.

The amendment proposed by the Lega, which would force any doctor that treats an illegal immigrant to then sell him out to the authorities, is a masochistic law. A lazaret law that takes us back to the days of Manzoni’s plague because it puts the health of all Italians at risk, simply to weed out an illegal immigrant. The choice is endless. Amongst these imported illnesses are things like TB, scabies, aids, cholera, malaria and leprosy. In the home countries from whence the immigrants come, prophylaxis seldom exists and thus, many of the diseases that have disappeared here by us, are endemic in those countries. The Lega is the party of the new plague-spreaders. The PDL, instead, is the party of the corpse collectors, those that pull the carts full of corpses along the streets.
They are the inventors of immigrant diseases. In Italy there are thousands of people suffering from TB, a disease that is running rampant in Rumania and Bulgaria, both of which are European Union member Countries. What needs to happen is the introduction of a healthcare passport for immigrants from high-risk countries, in order to highlight the phenomenon of illegal immigration. The illegal immigrant must be given the chance to get the treatment he/she needs. Their problem is also our problem. The virus that they carry is a killer. Rape suddenly seems to be the least of our problems.

Still today, Italian children are being vaccinated against illnesses such as measles, while TB is coming across our borders completely undetected from the east. The barn doors of Italy are always open to viruses, while our government always succeeds in making the situation worse rather than better. They simply cannot help themselves and so, at the end of the day, the real virus that is killing Italians lives in our Parliament.

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March 12, 2009

Letter to a 2009 young person

What a wonderful world
Dear lad, dear lass of 2009,
I am a lad of the 1960s. My name is Beppe Grillo and I’m 60 years old. I am part of the generation that has screwed you. Your future is without a pension, without TFR {lump sum payment on retirement}, without work. Your present is in the hands of old wizened, dolled up, “pretend youngsters”. When I was a child, the air and the water were clean, traffic was limited, my family didn’t run up debts and I walked home from school on my own. There were no Po valley patrols and not even foreign criminals who were free. Those convicted of mafia crimes didn’t become senators.
The State slaughters hadn’t started, Milan‘s Piazza Fontana was just a place where the trams went by. The companies were managed by entrepreneurs. It is strange to say this now, but there were people who invested their own money to develop the companies. And managers that could see far. ENI’s Enrico Mattei, killed in an attack, Adriano Olivetti, Mondadori, Ferrari, Borghi and a hundred others that I don’t remember. Around the cities there were meadows and not the cement cemeteries called residential units. The milk bottle that I took back to the milkman and they didn’t build incinerators. The television was a public service where real journalist worked, people like Enzo Biagi, and with only fifteen minutes of advertising a day. When people talked they talked using the future tense. The present and the past were complement verbs. The public parks were clean and you could walk along the pavements without having to weave in and out of the parked cars. People were kinder and they would often smile. In Il Corriere della Sera, Montanelli, Buzzati and Pasolini were writing.
Parents knew that their offspring would have a better future. Only from the point of view of money, but they had no means of foreseeing that. Rivers were clean and you could go for a swim at the weekend that wasn’t called “week end” in Italian at that time. The only problem was with the uncatchable horse flies. Beaches were free and the sea was almost always blue-green. The P2 was a squared variable and not yet the anti-State planned by Cefis. Gelli had not recruited the novice Berlusconi with the card number 1816. Italy was a single indivisible entity and Bossi was studying with the “Radio Elettra” correspondence school. Everyone worked hard, but you could save and the pension was a safe haven. It was a little Eden. Now it is lost. We didn’t know we had it. Many people were disparaging about it. In the last 60 years we have had a development without progress. And now we don’t even have development.
The generations that came before you, deserve to be put on trial by you, dear lad, dear lass. They are guilty of having stolen your future. They are living in the present with the second home, the pensions without a contributory basis. They are governing you. Italy has the oldest couple of State office holders President/Prime Minister in the whole world. They use the police against the students and the precarious workers. They have killed democracy and the companies like Tronchetti and Geronzi, the crumbs of success.
Dear lad, dear lass, you can no longer stand and watch. Your life is sliding out of your hands. You, instead of letting it slide away, hold onto it. I am not able to give lessons to anyone. I have made too many mistakes and I am too old (even though I don’t show my age, crikey!). But I have lived in a more beautiful, truer, more colourful, more human, time. And I know that it is possible for you as well.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we." Beppe Grillo

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Ucci, ucci I smell Gabriella Carlucci

The Carlucci law and the control of the Internet
After Levi, Cassinelli, and D'Alia now even Gabriella Carlucci has arrived. The Internet has to be put under control with every law, with every parliamentary human reject. The choice of who has to do the draft law is not casual. The less they know about the Internet, the better it is. If they know nothing at all, even better. In fact, if it’s possible to have a discussion with someone who is well informed, to do so with an idiot is not advisable. Anyone observing from outside sees two idiots talking nonsense.
Every week there’s a new attempt to gag, to normalize, to make the Internet go away. And every week, we have to contradict, explain, demonstrate, compare and denounce. Excuse the vulgarities, but this lot have broken my balls. Italy has millions of unemployed and our golden employees are worrying about applying censorship to the only information medium that exists. Paid by us, with laws that can neither stay in the sky or on the earth. Gabry, the least intelligent of the Carlucci sisters which is why she was elected to the PDL, wants to prevent anyone from putting content on the Internet anonymously in any format. Do we have to discuss with this mass of few neurons and cellulite? With D'Alia who wants to close down the sites on the authority of the Minister of the Interior for presumed crimes without a judgement of the magistracy? With Ms Carlucci who is dealing with the interests of the corporations? With a fellow nanotelevisual government page with Mediaset that landslides onto her day after day? With Confalonieri who is citing YouTube for 500 million Euro?
Anyone who writes on a wall cannot be traced. Anyone who writes on the Internet is almost always traceable. His IP address is. In most cases the Postal Police can identify it. This lot are delirious. The Pisanu law is asking for an ID card from anyone who is connecting in Wi-Fi. In the parks of New York, London, Paris, and Madrid you can connect to Wi-Fi networks from a park bench or while you are lying on the grass. We are the only nation in the world that has managed to invert Internet access. No one has been capable of doing that much. Not even China or Burma. The number of families that are connected in Italy has gone down last year. ADSL does not get to thousands of towns or if it’s there its speed is like that of dial up. We have invested billions in digital terrestrial, a dead technology, instead of getting widespread use of the Internet in the schools and in the public administration.
If these laws get passed, I will turn to Europe and denounce them for violation of civil rights. I will not stop. They will not stop us.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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March 11, 2009

Pera and beatings at the University

Clashes at the University of Pisa
Marcello Pera writes important stuff, but no one reads it. This great thinker is a travelling salesman for his books where he can, even in a public place like the University of Pisa. While Pera is explaining his fundamental starting point: “Why must we say that we are Christians?” inside the University, the Bobbies are beating up the students who are protesting in the street. All very Christian. The students pay the university fees, but they are not allowed to be present at Pera’s presentation. It’s not OK to criticise the PDL’s senator Pera, first a Craxian, then psycho-dwarfian, maintained in Parliament for four legislatures with tax payers’ money.
In the whole of Italy they are beating up the young people who are protesting, even in cowardly ways as happened in Bergamo. It’s not possible to continue like that. Sooner or later a death crops up. No one must be authorized to beat up an unarmed citizen, especially if they have a uniform. There is no extra-territorial place for violence. I invite the university students to explain their issues in Parliament. I would start with “Why we must not say that we are P2 members nor even mafia people“ Meanwhile let the senators and deputies known to the security forces (more than a hundred of them) receive appropriate tactical charges from the Bobbies.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Dear signor Grillo,
I am Edoardo, aged 22, and I am studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Pisa and I collaborate as a freelance journalist with the Tuscan newspaper "il Tirreno". On Friday afternoon, a friend and I went to the Jurisprudence Faculty to attend the meeting with Senator Marcello Pera, who was to present a book. The idea was to try and ask a few questions but unfortunately things didn’t work out like that. Having arrived in front of the Faculty we joined in with a protest “sit-in” because the Faculty had been sealed up. Police officers in anti-riot gear did not allow us students to go into the Faculty building and they told us to go away. We made up a non-violent line and with hands raised above our heads, we continued to shout out our request to be allowed to have the possibility to take part in the debate. If only we hadn’t done that… As you can see from the video. It took only a few minutes for the spirits of the young Bobbies to be inflamed. We were subjected to 3 charges and many lads were beaten around their limbs. I have a hand that is dislocated and many young people that I didn’t know have found themselves with a broken head. I am not calling for your solidarity (or perhaps I am) but the people who landed up in those clashes were not "rioters", just young students who happened to be there: just think, in hospital I came across two 18 year olds, two students from Calabria who have only been living in Pisa for 6 months to study at the University, they are not political and they just wanted to attend the debate. The fact is this: it added insult to injury … it is true that in the video a few lads used a smoke bomb– but because of that, to say that 8 police officers were injured makes me laugh. I was there and I’m not a violent person. The greater the number of injured on our side, the more the number went up on the police side. The fact is that from the video you can see that we were attacked. And yet they are starting to pour out the denunciations against us (resistance??) and the national press has only reported the police injuries. I am really perturbed signor Grillo, here it is getting worse all the time. If even in a city with a strong left wing spirit like Pisa we are starting to see these things, it means that something is definitively changed. I beg you to reply to me, even if it’s just to say “I’m not interested”. Please really. I haven’t slept for three days.
I apologise for this letter reporting stuff that has no beginning or end but I feel really churned up… On the site of “Pisa notizie” you can watch the video….” Edoardo
Read Pisa Notizie

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March 09, 2009

Strike one to educate a hundred - Marco Travaglio


"Good day to you all.
The day before yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in which he stated that Judge Gandus who pronounced Mills to be guilty of having been corrupted by Berlusconi, is a left wing campaigner and thus there are doubts about her impartiality but, he adds: “I am absolutely certain that I will be absolved when the trial restarts.” And anyway if and when that trial should restart it will not be Judge Gandus presiding because as soon as she has written the grounds for the decision in the Mills case which will have to deal with the role of the defendant for having corrupted Mills, that is the defendant Berlusconi, she will become incompatible. Then he added: “unfortunately a part of the Italian magistracy is politicised and it has used and still uses its power as a weapon in the political battle against its adversaries, in particular against the only person in the Centre Right who can have the upper hand with the Left. The politicised judges have tried to overturn the democratic result and they succeeded in 1994, with the accusation from which I was naturally completely absolved, after 10 years of trials.” It was the famous story of the corruption of the Finance Police. Then he gives the usual imaginary facts about the trials he has been through and says: “Conclusion: I have always ended up innocent because, fortunately, the impartial judges are in the majority.”

Naturally, since we are dealing with one of the greatest fibbers in the world there’s no need to underline how many fibs there are in these affirmations, however one fact is interesting: we have often talked about the results already brought about by the campaign of recent years against the magistrates that are dealing with the powerful people to apply the law in an equal manner for everyone, for them as well as the poor souls. They have been exterminated. Di Pietro was obliged to leave the magistracy with the well known blackmail of the dossiers in the Brescia trials, Clementina Forleo has been thrown out of Milan after having dealt with Unipol, Luigi De Magistris has been thrown out Catanzaro after dealing with criminal political-judicial filth in the region of Calabria, the Salerno magistrates have been thrown out after having put their noses in those affairs; so basically, we have always used a slogan that we borrowed from Mao and the Red Brigades: strike one to educate one hundred, strike two, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen to educate all ten thousand of them."


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Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists

Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

Live from Florence: the first national conference of the Five Star Civic Lists.

The programme that’s planned:

9.15 am registration
Introduction - Beppe Grillo
Politics - Marco Travaglio
Environment - Maurizio Pallante
Health - P. Gentilini, G. Miserotti, M. Bolognini
Energy - Marco Boschini
Recycling - Matteo Incerti
Connectivity - Maurizio Gotta (Anti Digital Divide)
Rights of the citizens - Sonia Alfano
Water - Riccardo Petrella

Watch the recording of the morning’s programme


Presentation of the Civic Lists website
Speeches from the Civic Lists and the Meetups
Conclusion - Beppe Grillo

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March 07, 2009

Give a big kiss to Florence

Beppe Grillo on Sky Nightline 06.03.09

Last night I was interviewed live on air by the SkyTG24 news service. This is something that hasn’t happened to me in the past fifteen years! Here is an extract of the video text.

Journalist: “So, as we promised, I would like to welcome Beppe Grillo who is joining us live on air on Nightline SkyTg24. Good evening Beppe, thank you for joining us”.
Beppe: “Thank you, Thank you indeed. Finally, after fifteen years, here I am live on the television. You are only the second the second lot of people filming me live, after the Police’s General Investigation and Special Operations Unit, that is. So everything is okay. On top of it all, your TV channel is absolutely extraordinary, you almost feel like family. ‘Gino, have you seen this? Hi Cinzia! How are you? Are you there? Say hi to Davide …’ I don’t know why it is, but I don’t know what to say. There are billions of things that I would like to talk about. I have not given a live interview on television since 1993. But I want to be brief because we are busy putting together something that has been five years in the making and that will maybe come to fruition in Florence on Sunday.
We have spoken about the Civic Lists. Has anyone perhaps heard about the Civic Lists, the Meetups, the Blog… It is something that began five years ago. I was working as a comedian at the time and then I learned about Meetups and Blogs in the United States. I proceeded to set up a blog and, thanks to the participation of thousands of people, of informed citizens, we became the seventh biggest Blog in the world of one billion users worldwide, that is according to Forbes.
The Web is busy changing the world as we know it, with the social networks, with Facebook, with MySpace and with the Blogs. The Internet is changing people’s lives.
Journalist: “Because of your attitude regarding the Internet and technology, certain people have labelled you as the Italian Obama. This is certainly not because of your skin colour.”
Beppe: “Obama is copying me. He is copying all of us. I’m not joking. Obama has risen to stardom thanks to the Web. He posts potential new laws on the Web and allows ten days for people to discuss these laws before signing them. He is a man of the people and he is financed by the people. His very first speech was posted on Youtube and his support base is the people. It is a down-up, or upside down democracy. Here in Italy we have a total impasse and we are in the middle of a crisis that will provide a severe beating to these psychodwarfs, dancers, gnomes, elves and friends of friends. We are raving mad. There is a general economic and political madness all around us. The parties have disappeared. When I said that the parties were busy dying, they accused me of practicing anti-politics. Do you remember? Yet now they have all disappeared. They disappeared because they never really existed in the first place. There was no real left wing, there was no real right wing and there was no real opposition. All that there was, was a general taking the piss out of millions of citizens. Elections were held without the voters being able to choose their preferred candidate. We are sitting with 18 sentenced criminals still in our Parliament. The outlaws are making the laws. We have about one hundred more that are already found guilty and awaiting appeals, awaiting trial, statute barred offenders and plea-bargainers. You name them and we have them. Our Parliament has become little more than a rubbish dump.
Journalist: “You have clearly jumped in with both feet and immediately started talking about important political issues.”
Beppe: “No, this is not politics. I’m talking about toxic and hazardous waste. This is not politics. Politics involves overturning the status quo. It means sending the parties home. Informed citizens, with helmets. Informed citizens that draft civic lists. Civic lists, getting into City Hall. That is where the quality of life of the citizens is decided. In the various Municipalities.”
Journalist: “Okay. Let’s start here then. On Sunday, in Florence, you will be presenting you “Civic Lists for a New Renaissance” as you have called them. Many young candidates and, above all, people with certain very precise characteristics required in order to become a part of this project.”
Beppe: “Yes, that is the idea behind these Civic Lists. They grew partly out of the Meetups, which are groups of people that work with me and share my vision, in fact our vision. These are real 5-Star Civic Lists. We are discussing the real issues, real politics. We talk about the recycling of refuse, we talk about door-to-door differentiated refuse collection rather than about incinerators, we talk about WiFi and about free, unlimited connectivity. We talk about. That is the madness of these people, who are spending millions that they don’t have in the first place, on infrastructure that is totally absurd and they will never be built. Because mobility has nothing to with getting some trucks across bridges, corridor five or linking Turkey with the Ukraine. They are going insane. The mobility of the future is all about moving as little as possible. All about circulating ideas. The Internet is mobility. […] There is a 27-year old from Treviso that has developed a huge following thanks to two ideas. He currently earns 250 Euro per month and he lives in the district of Treviso, a pretty large municipality. This young man has done two things: firstly he organised differentiated refuse collection at 90 schools, at no cost to either the municipality or to the schools themselves. Secondly, he devised an open source software programme. Via Skype and with only one call, any resident of Treviso can now make contact with the person that can solve his/her problem, without having to climb in the car and drive anywhere, thus increasing the traffic jams. Via Skype, only one chat on Skype. At no cost to the municipality. We have forty-thousand such ideas. Free access to the Internet …”
Journalist: “Why is it so difficult to get these ideas off the ground when these ideas could be coming from small local councils?”
Beppe: “We start from the other end. We start from the communities. We have launched a “breathe down their necks” campaign. Currently it is like a resident who goes to his own home, where he finds his employees holding a meeting to discuss his life and gamble with his property and his quality of life, yet they don’t even allow him in to the meeting. The residents would like to attend these meetings, film the proceedings and post them on the Web. When these people are filmed and exposed on the information highway that is the Web, then everyone will know what games they have been playing, and that is precisely why they don’t want to be filmed. The answer is simple. Let’s get rid of these seventy year old geriatrics. Away with them. Bring in some new blood. Residents that can start in the town councils and then move from there on to the regional councils and perhaps eventually from there into Parliament. We talk about public water. I would like to know what the right wingers and left wingers think about privatising water and allowing it to be owned by some or other “Pty Ltd”. I want to know what they think about WiFi. Our current law is absolutely unbelievable. One you will only find here in Italy, in Burma and in China. The infamous Pisanu Law. I personally watched that half-pint, Pisanu, go on television and make believe that is a democrat. As a matter of fact, with his anti-terrorism law, he succeeded in blocking free WiFi. Go to Paris or to London and you will find people working on their computers in the libraries and in the parks, like in many other cities around the world. We, instead have some very serious shortcomings […]
To summarise what I have said then, there are a number of young people that have been addressing these issues, namely water, incinerators, energy, WiFi, mobility and transportation, in other words the real issues, for the past five years. We have discussed these ideas, debated these ideas with Nobel Prize winners, because that is what they are being called on the Web and, well, these young people will appear on the civic lists. They are nobodies, they are only youngsters. They don’t have a cent, none of us have any money, we are not being financed by anybody and we receive no subsidies. The media is obviously against us. This is my very first television interview. That is why I am so happy and why I’m trying to be brief so that I can explain what has been happening in my life for the past five years. […] I repeat. There will be civic lists. I believe in them because I have put my life and my profession into them. I have put everything on the line for this project. Just as thousands of youngsters and young adults have done, simply because they want to know that they have some good prospects for the future. The civic list are only the first step and it won’t stop there. The process has been slow because we are having to fight against the media, especially the newspapers. But we are like a virus that attacks from below and they will never get rid of us. You can try, but you won’t get rid of us, ever. Thank you for the interview.[…]
Journalist: “Let me add just one final postscript. The time and place of the appointment in Florence?”
Beppe: “The appointment is at the Saschall Theatre in Florence. I will be there from 10 in the morning until late night and there will also be a number of other people making speeches. There will even be some big names. Riccardo Petrella will be talking about water being a public asset, because he is the world’s greatest philosopher on the topic of water. He is a marvellous person and a professor. There will be a number of professors, doctors and journalists talking on the day. Travaglio will be there, as will a number of economists. There will be a number of fantastic people there, the same ones that attended the Vday event, names that you have not even mentioned. We will be leaving the city with the “Florence Bill” in hand, the famous Florence Bill. I have great faith in this city. The Florence Bill will reflect the twelve things that we want to achieve in all our towns, with every civic list under our control. The names on the list must be youngsters with no criminal record and must not have held public office for longer than one term, must be residents of the town that they will be representing politically.”
Journalist: “We will be reporting back on the event, as proven by this, your first interview since 1993. Thank you Beppe Grillo.”
Beppe: “I thank you. Many thanks to you and, as always, to the General Investigation and Special Operations Unit!”

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March 06, 2009

The Orsi Bill and the assassination of nature

Hunters at sixteen years of age

Nature is worthless. We would rather have concrete and double-barrelled shotguns in the hands of sixteen year olds, with which they can exterminate the last few wild animals that are still around. LIPU has examined the Orsi Bill and compared it to the current animal protection legislation. Franco Orsi of the PDL should call himself "Big Hunter" or "Son of Boss(ol)i". What we should be doing is organising patrols to check what our parliamentarians are getting up to. Day by day these guys are trying to make our lives more miserable.
Here is one of many e-mails I have received regarding the Orsi Bill.

"The Bill proposed by Senator Franco Orsi: an endless list of errors.
Out of the Senate, in recent days, has come one of the most serious attacks on Nature, in other words on animal, on our Parks and even on our own safety: a bill that calls for the total liberalisation of hunting. Signed by Senator Franco Orsi.
Animals used as decoys, hunting in our Parks, reduction of protected areas, the slaughter of bears, wolves and stray cats and dogs and many more vile deeds.
Law 157/1992, the only existing law that directly protects the wild fauna in our Parks, is about to be torn to shreds.

Here is the list of horrors:
- Gone are the national and international interests as regards the protection of animals. Italy has an irrefutable heritage, namely our wild animals, which he is apparently no longer interested in protecting!
- Gone is the definition of super-protected species. In Italy, animals such as the wolf, the bear, the eagles, the flamingos, the swans, the storks and many others, will no longer enjoy the special protection envisaged by the European Union and international regulations.
- Hunting season open along the migration routes, something that will undoubtedly create a major disturbance and will encourage poaching in areas that are very important in terms of the difficult voyage and essential stopovers undertaken by the migratory birds.
- Total liberalisation of rules regarding live decoys! Are you aware of precisely what live decoys are? They are live birds held “prisoner” in the tiniest of cages for the purpose of attracting other birds. This terrible practice is already permitted by the current legislation, albeit with certain restrictions. But Senator Orsi now wants to liberalise this practice totally. It will be possible to keep and use an unlimited number of these decoys. Gone will be the identification rings for live decoys. All that will be required is a certificate. One certificate for all of these decoys! Hunters will be able to use any species of birds as decoys, whether legal prey or not, even bramblings, chaffinches and redbreasts.
- 700 thousand taxidermists. The hunters themselves will automatically become taxidermists, without even having to follow any procedures. Animals killed and stuffed without any rules. How many poachers do you think are going to spring into action to illegally capture and stuff wild animals?
- Scientific research eliminated. The State’s own scientific authority (the “Istituto Nazionale per la Fauna Selvatica” or National Institute for Wild Fauna – currently known as the “ISPRA”) is at risk of being totally replaced by regional institutes. These regional institutes will thus be issuing opinions on national and European Union matters. Plus the very real possibility of not being able to carry out studies or research, or establish uniform standards valid throughout the Country.
- Open hunting season in our Parks, for currently protected species. The incredible formulation of the Orsi Bill will make it possible to get exemptions (in other words, to get permission to hunt otherwise protected species), even in our Parks and other protected areas! Regions that protect more than 30% of their regional territory will be penalised! How offensive is that ruling! Those who protect too much “Nature” will be punished. As if creating a park, where people and animals can move about freely, were a punishable crime!
- Hunting licences issued to 16-year olds. Instead of teaching our kids respect, we now give them rifles!
- Freedom to exterminate wolves, bears, deer, stray cats and dogs, etcetera! An incredible provision that gives the mayor the power to authorise the slaughter and extermination of animals, in total contradiction of even the most basic of European standards. All that is needed is that there is be “problem animal”. A veritable naturalistic “Wild West”.
- Regional legislation permitting the hunting of protected species. Apparently, four European Union infractions and two four European Union infractions Constitutional Court rulings were not enough. Senator Orsi is about to give the Veneto and Lombardy regions, or rather the Ultras of the hunting world, a gift, namely a chance to hunt protected species, and to do so using regional legislation. I suppose we will be forced to pay the European Union fines too!
- Hunting in the snow and ice. Hunting will be permitted even in the snow and ice, in other words, those times of the year when the animals have a very hard time finding food, refuge and heat.
Let me go back to the issue of using birds as decoys! How medieval is that! Owlets tied by their claws and wings and used as bait!
- Less control over hunting. Fauna and flora guards will no longer be able to carry out inspections! In a Country that has one of the highest rates of poaching in the whole of Europe, what does Senator Orsi go and do? He reduces controls over hunting!
- The “Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali” (National Animal Protection Body) chucked off the National Technical Committee. The number of environmental associations represented on the committee of 157 are reduced from four to three. “ENPA”, the historical Italian animal association, is completely excluded.
Circulate this document and register on the wild animal protection lists on the various blogs and on Facebook.
Let’s stop Italy from resorting to this type of barbarity. Nature is our life."
The text of the Franco Orsi Bill (PDL) compared with that of the current law, drawn from the LIPU


1. Contact tthe members of the Senate Territorial and Environmental Committee that will be discussing the Orsi Bill.
2. Send an-email with your comments and/or suggestions regarding the bill directly to Franco Orsi
3. Join the group on Facebook

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5 Star towns: CONNECTIVITY

A person without ears and without a mouth. A monster straight out of a Stephen King novel. This is the Italian citizen without connectivity. Access to information via the Internet must be free, recognized like your ID card. Services via Internet have to be accessible from Castel Volturno to Pizzo Calabro, from the outskirts of Rome to the villages of the Apennines. The Pisanu law that limits the development of Wi-Fi hotspots has to be abolished. The Internet must become like the air. From a park bench or from a bar. From a tunnel on the motorway to a train. Everywhere. The backbone of Internet access has to be separated out from those who provide the services. It has to be returned into public hands, not to Mediaset and it must provide a public service. The towns must consider Internet coverage at the same level as the provision of water. Essential. Vital. For work. For communicating. For community formation. To be informed. The Internet is transparency. Town Council meetings should be filmed by the town council, prepared by the town council and transmitted in live streaming on YouTube. Towns without Internet connection or with limited access speeds are out of the game. The true Digital Divide for work and for information is between the connected towns and the unconnected ones. Connectivity is work. It promotes local services and production. Connectivity is tourism. Connectivity is democracy. Five Star Towns are connected towns.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

The national meeting of the Lists of the 5 star towns will be in Florence at the Saschall Theatre on Sunday 8 March 2009.
The Five Stars correspond to five specific areas: Water, Energy, Development, Environment and Transport. Today I’m publishing the article on CONNECTIVITY (DEVELOPMENT). Use the comments facility to send in your thoughts.

Sign up to the national meeting of the 5 star towns on 8 March.

1. Digital citizenship for every resident.
2. Encourage the introduction of Wimax stations for Mobile and widespread access to the Internet and at the same time, demand the widespread availability of ADSL.
3. Widespread availability of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the territory of a town for maximum coverage, and especially in the areas where most people go.
4. Whenever possible, availability of local authority services via Internet.
5. Public town council meetings in live streaming via Internet.
6. Give incentives for the creation of teleworking areas.
7. By bringing together the different areas of production and of services, provide online promotion of what is on offer in the town.
8. Public access to the Internet in public places, like libraries.
9. Promote courses about computing and the Internet.
10. Equip local schools with Internet access points (PCs, printers etc.) for the scholars and the teachers.

PS. Participate in the 5 Star town forum about Connectivity.

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March 04, 2009

Nano stars

And Pippo dissociated himself ...
Can you imagine Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Michael Moore, Joan Baez, David Lettermann during an election campaign for georgedabliubush? Imagine them keeping quiet on the weapons of mass destruction that were never found in Iraq? Imagine them shrugging off the destruction of the planet and the refusal of the Kyoto agreement desired by the oil lobby? The same people that have been financing the republican presidencies in the last decade.
The American Star System wanted Obama and they suffered Bush. In Italy the stars are nano, fixed, and indifferent to everything. Our own Star Nano System, like Fiat, is always for the government. The doormat Fazio, big baby Jovanotti, the rubbish collector Pino Daniele, the silent Vasco Rossi, mother’s boy Baglioni. The attendants Bonolis and Gerry Scotti. The former companion De Gregori, the optimist Pieraccioni. The Eagle of Arcore Iva Zanicchi. Mr. Benigni in the arms of Mastella for a fistful of Euros.
No one who denounced the lodo Alfano, the nuclear power stations, the death of parliamentary democracy, the corruptor of Mr Mills, the incinerator. I invited a few of them to V Day. They didn’t come, apart from the rare exception. They were busy. If they had participated, then “good-bye” to TV, producers, soirées, nice homes, invitations to the feasts of the parties and advertising.
Baudo dissociated himself on live TV when I said that the socialists were thieves and he kept his job. Today no one dissociates themselves anymore. Who do they dissociate themselves from? They would have to dissociate themselves from themselves. They have achieved the tranquillity of a fixed position. At Piazza Farnese, at Chiaiano, at the Grey Mouse Night in Genoa, there was no nano star.
The influence of the System’s cloned nano stars on public opinion is enormous in a TV State as Italy still is. Silence is golden, the word is silvered, and power is leaden. A lead head.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

PS: for the good ones, the few that are left, I’ll do a separate article.

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March 03, 2009

Dying of starvation/1


Strip tease for precarious workers

Someone is knocking on the door. You open and everything changes. The letter saying you are sacked has arrived for you too. You are no longer one of the Modern Slaves kept alive by a paltry wage. And you are not even a candidate for a White Death who has a job anyway. Now you are one who is Starving to Death. You have the right to the “social card”. You are one of the new two or perhaps three millions of unemployed in 2009.
The moment of detachment, of walking out of the factory or of the company is a state of trance. Your brain is floating and everything is under discussion. Anyone who has lived through it or who is living through it, knows that it is like a tiny stroke. You feel as though you are lost In nothingness and you don’t know what to do. The day before, the gates of the factory were open and you talked with your companions about politics or about football. Then the company closes, without rhyme or reason and without warning anyone. You find yourself at 6 o’clock in the morning in front of the gates with your colleagues and with the bobbies. Not much conversation. Lots of truncheon blows.
If you are a precarious worker, you have no protection. If you are an employee you have the pay for those laid off for a few months. You are outside the system and you only understand that now. Unemployment is contagious. If a company closes then often their suppliers close down too. If the number of unemployed people goes up in one area, then shops and supermarkets close down there too. The unemployed person, the modern person who is dying of starvation, is a virus. Living in a land governed by the richest man, by the parliamentarians who are the most numerous and the most well paid, starting with the pensions to senators and deputies after two and a half years. In the city, he is surrounded by 4x4’s, by tax dodgers who defraud the State of 250 billion Euro a year, by employees of organised crime, the top company in the country for turnover. He’s not a politician, a tax dodger, a criminal, that’s why he is unemployed. He has lived in a separate world where the word “honesty” had a meaning.
I see dignified people asking for alms in the stations or pressing the telephone token buttons in the metro stations. A lady asked me for a few Euros. She hadn’t recognised me. She didn’t know she was taking to a person from Genoa, crikey! She told me she was hungry. She was not a non-European-Community-person, a clandestine, a Roma. She was Italian and she had no work. She was a new “dying of starvation” person.
Every day, the blog receives stories of new people who are dying of starvation, about how they lost their job. I have decided to collect these together into a book that I will publish in digital format that can be downloaded free from the blog.
Tell your stories and put a shine on your clogs.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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March 02, 2009

The perpetual plot machine


The perpetual plot machine - - Marco Travaglio
"MAFIOCRAZIA", the THIRD Passaparola DVD is now available

”Good day to you all.
Today we will present a few news items that you will have found in the newspapers falsified, turned upside-down or in fact not mentioned at all. They are all news items that belong to a new tendency of Italian journalism. Always with the ever rarer exceptions that are due, that is, that if a trial finished up badly for a powerful man it’s not talked about or it is trivialised. If it finishes well for the powerful man who comes out OK, then there is great emphasis on it.
It’s talked about with a huge clamour and excitement; but on the other hand, the trials against the poor souls can only go one way: badly for them, because if it goes well for them there is a great hullabaloo and immediately there’s a clamour against the easy-release-from-prison, easy-absolutions and do-good-ism.
Anyway it’s what always happens when there’s a powerful man on trial: the trials against the powerful regularly end up with furious polemics about the magistrates, both when the trial ends up with a “not guilty” verdict, or with a “guilty” verdict or when they are sent for trial.

The perpetual plot machine

Why do I say this? Because they have invented the perpetual plot machine. I’ll give you an example: if a powerful man is under investigation and is sent for trial, there you get the polemics about the levelling of the judge who is siding with the ideas of the public prosecutor and thus it is necessary to make sure there are separate careers because the fact that the judge considers the public prosecutor to be right, indicates that the magistrates have been plotting together. That happens if there is a guilty verdict or if the person is sent for trial, basically if there is a negative outcome for the powerful man.
If a powerful man is investigated and then the case is dismissed, or he is found to be not guilty, then there are polemics because he has been persecuted for years and now finally a judge has recognised the truth, and has brought down the hypothesis of the public prosecutor. That is the proof that there was a plot."


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March 01, 2009

No Nuke - Lester Brown


ENEL and nuclear power stations in Slovakia

Nuclear power will not get through. The line of battle will be what the citizens know. In fact, those who know nuclear power, its costs, its effects, the enormous risks, avoid it and tell whoever promotes it to Fxxx off. The blog has interviewed some of the most important energy experts in the world on the topic of nuclear power and alternative energy sources. Their evidence will be collected together on a DVD entitled "No Nuke". It will be available in May.
Why does the psycho-nuke want nuclear power? Why does Ms Marcegaglia of the incinerators want it “very soon”? It’s a matter of money, of our money, of our taxes. The nuclear industry, that is being abandoned in the whole world, needs enormous investment, it needs permanent help from the State. It’s a great big cake that makes the tax on the electricity bill that’s used for incinerators, look like a tiny shadow. If the CIP6 has sucked billions from renewable energy to give it to the industrialists and to the oil barons, nuclear power will gift tens of billions of Euro to the Confindustria and to Monsieur Sarkozy. The French nuclear industry needs to export its technology in order to survive.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Lester Brown, from "No Nuke".
”In the Earth Policy Institute, where we study different forms of alternative energy, the first thing we look at is the economic calculation… People ask: will we have to convert to nuclear power, or go back to nuclear power? I believe that in the United States no one has bought any nuclear power station for about 29 years… the cost of the electricity tariffs for a nuclear power station should include the costs for the disposal of the waste products, the costs of insurance against nuclear accidents, the cost of construction and of dismantling the plant. In the United States we have discovered that the cost of dismantling a power station is higher than the cost of construction. When we consider all the costs, a nuclear power station doesn’t even get out of the packaging: it’s simply not competitive… In the United States we have 103 nuclear power stations, and all are more than 30 years old. There is still no structure for the permanent stockpiling of the waste products. But we have invested 90 billion dollars in the development of a structure underneath the Yucca, in Nevada… It’s an investment of a billion dollars for each power station, it is extraordinarily costly. What the operators try to do is to offload the costs onto the governments and thus onto the taxes of the tax-payers. Because they know that if they had to add the costs to the electricity bill, the consumers would not accept that…”

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