Strike one to educate a hundred - Marco Travaglio


"Good day to you all.
The day before yesterday, Silvio Berlusconi gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” in which he stated that Judge Gandus who pronounced Mills to be guilty of having been corrupted by Berlusconi, is a left wing campaigner and thus there are doubts about her impartiality but, he adds: “I am absolutely certain that I will be absolved when the trial restarts.” And anyway if and when that trial should restart it will not be Judge Gandus presiding because as soon as she has written the grounds for the decision in the Mills case which will have to deal with the role of the defendant for having corrupted Mills, that is the defendant Berlusconi, she will become incompatible. Then he added: “unfortunately a part of the Italian magistracy is politicised and it has used and still uses its power as a weapon in the political battle against its adversaries, in particular against the only person in the Centre Right who can have the upper hand with the Left. The politicised judges have tried to overturn the democratic result and they succeeded in 1994, with the accusation from which I was naturally completely absolved, after 10 years of trials.” It was the famous story of the corruption of the Finance Police. Then he gives the usual imaginary facts about the trials he has been through and says: “Conclusion: I have always ended up innocent because, fortunately, the impartial judges are in the majority.”

Naturally, since we are dealing with one of the greatest fibbers in the world there’s no need to underline how many fibs there are in these affirmations, however one fact is interesting: we have often talked about the results already brought about by the campaign of recent years against the magistrates that are dealing with the powerful people to apply the law in an equal manner for everyone, for them as well as the poor souls. They have been exterminated. Di Pietro was obliged to leave the magistracy with the well known blackmail of the dossiers in the Brescia trials, Clementina Forleo has been thrown out of Milan after having dealt with Unipol, Luigi De Magistris has been thrown out Catanzaro after dealing with criminal political-judicial filth in the region of Calabria, the Salerno magistrates have been thrown out after having put their noses in those affairs; so basically, we have always used a slogan that we borrowed from Mao and the Red Brigades: strike one to educate one hundred, strike two, three, five, seven, ten, fifteen to educate all ten thousand of them."


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very nice,, thanks you

Posted by: Avail Indoensia | May 26, 2015 6:02 AM

is very nice thanks,,

Posted by: mebel jepara | May 26, 2015 5:52 AM

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Posted by: karimunjawa | May 26, 2015 5:50 AM

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Posted by: wisata karimunjawa | May 26, 2015 5:47 AM

This was very informative and has given a general idea on how to level expectations when going for the initial try-out phase of these promoted post.

Posted by: karimunjawa | May 24, 2015 10:59 AM

The law and the people who take care of the law will be more specific about incidents like this here

Posted by: paket karimunjawa | May 6, 2015 10:25 AM

talk and discussion would be better than to war only get what the desired individual. peaceful and beautiful life that noble human ideals :)

Posted by: Info Karimunjawa | July 22, 2014 9:56 AM

discuss solving problems together would be better than chasing a power position

Posted by: paket wisata karimunjawa | June 27, 2014 10:56 AM

so I think when everyone wants their power will do everything they can to get them. I think we'll be peace when we often get together with humans. inspires the heart to talk and discuss it better :)

Posted by: athiefnobita | June 5, 2014 7:08 AM

amazing, Just as happened at the Raniero barracks in Naples in March 2001

Posted by: karimunjawa tour | February 11, 2014 11:20 PM

Why don't you allow your readers to have access to serious journalism? Inconstitutional behaviour and semantic upheavals in the Italian political mess result from a Mafia-plagued social structure. Read about the odd couple and you'll be scared to death.

Posted by: Anna Bizzarri | February 3, 2014 9:18 AM

who does the translations here ? They suck

we have often talked about the results already brought about by the campaign of recent years against the magistrates that are dealing with the powerful people to apply the law in an equal manner for everyone, for them as well as the poor souls.

we have repeatedly discussed the smear campaigns against judges that wish to administer evenly, both for the powerful and for the humble.

Posted by: MikTaerg | January 31, 2014 11:48 AM

his is insane. Just as happened at the Raniero barracks in Naples in March 2001. All of the accused got off scot-free thanks to statute barring. The law and the people who take care of the law should be more specific about incidents like this here after.

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Posted by: chat | October 14, 2012 10:09 PM

I am interested in attending Beppe's show in London in January. I do not understand Italian though. Is there any chance there will be a translation on a screen somewhere?

Kind regards,

Milton McNichol

Posted by: Milton McNichol | November 5, 2009 8:57 AM

Once in a while in history, a great delusional man with charismatic powers and an insane ability to keep supporters around him, in order to prevail in his control of a nation (Italy), makes his name in history. “I am Superman!” Prime Minister Berlusconi proclaimed recently about himself. He is actually convinced that he has reached great achievements in Government in the last year and he is in great health, mentally and physically.
As an expat (I moved to the States about five years ago) looking at Italy from the outside and reading of the scandals, the outrageous behaviors, and the power that Berlusconi has over so many facets of the Italian life, I only wonder how can this man still have such a great power over people and be allowed in a high place in government. Then again I think of Italians living in Italy as under the influence of the so called Stockholm Syndrome, where the kidnapped (Italian people), become sympathetic of their captor (Berlusconi).
Berlusconi is hardly an original leader. He has adopted and made his own so many traits of other dictators, neverless taking the worst of each dictator, and actually believing he has invented a new way of conducting politics. He has been compared to fascist dictator Mussolini and to Roman emperor Nero ("The Economist".
I made some fun scketch about Berlusconi's envy for Obama and a satire reviewing Goya's "The slep of Reason generates Monsters" in this little youtube video.
Evelyn Astegno

Posted by: Evelyn Astegno Yocom | October 23, 2009 8:56 PM

Ciao Beppe sono di Sestri Levante e dal 98 vivo in England ...qui la vita e`diversa ...molto diversa ... tanto che una volta ogni 2 o tre anni che torno al mio paese natio me ne devo scappare dopo un paio di giorni !! Io ho smesso di votare dal 94 -95 . Tutte le volte che vengo giu` me ne torno qui e tristemente mi chiedo : -Ma come cazzo fa la gente italiana a vivere in quel modo ? Ho visto un paio dei tuoi video e mi sono venute le lacrime agli occhi ! Io qui a Eastbourne sono conosciuto come uno onesto che ( e lo ero anche a Sestri Levante)peli sulla lingua non ne ha e ho infatti pensato molte volte di fare quello che stai facendo tu ( che e` dire quello la maggior parte del mondo pensa ma non osa dire !) . Purtroppo un po`che ho tre bambine un po`che devo lavorare per mantenerle , alla fine mi son dovuto rassegnare a usare tutto il mio tempo cercando di portare il pane a tavola !! Ti ammiro da morire e ti ringrazio per mettere la tua vita in prima fila anche per me ! Un abbraccio sincero ..Pescou ...Ps se ti candidi o mi dici chi votare io torno a votare !

Posted by: matt pescatore | September 22, 2009 10:16 PM

I think it would be a very interestiong reading to any italian citizent, the following article.

Penso che il siguente articulo puoi essere interesante(scusa la gramatica di questo spagnolo che suscribe)

Posted by: Anibal Puron | June 5, 2009 7:08 PM

Silvio Berlusconi is a malicious genius and that's the real problem of any opposition in Italy. As long as you cannot see that, you will continue to underestimate him and cannot
and will not be able to defeat him in any way.
I see him in the same line as Hitler and Stalin but probably even smarter(or better laywers).

Not even Montanelli would have ever thought that we could have arrived at this point('italian people have to get an overdose of this poison...')

The EPP(European christian democratic party) does not see any problem in the PDL for the coming European elections...
What can I say?
This is not only an Italian but a European problem!

Posted by: Hans Ceustermans | May 25, 2009 11:14 PM

About the guy who is 'fucking disgusted' seeing wild dogs threatening Italians. You forgot to mention the prime minister.
Where are we, in Africa?
Well Africa may be more civilized than Italy.
Italians treat animals as much as they treat everybody else. However, lets be realistic and working class, if I have 10 dollars, I rather use them for my daughter future.
It is amazing how Americans treat animals like 'gods'.
Yet they put humans on an electric chair, and feel so San Franciscan about,
for then honoring animals better than humans.
I believe this is so because animals are able to nurture a broken soul who cannot reach out easily to other humans. Plus, dogs are taught to don't rebel,
talk back,
keep the shit outside 'home'
And in addition animals may remind a number of americans of the old "good times" within the cheap labor during 'slavery'. So, let's be a little less 'disgusted', and lets look our history. We all have it, we have just forgot it.
And by the way, who are the mothers who tie their newly walking children with an animal leash?
So, the Italians are Italians, Americans are Americans, but lets not judge an entire culture only because you like dogs. Finally, I know how usa deal with wild dogs, they send them to the pound, and that gives you the illusion that all dogs are being taken care.

Posted by: alessandro rutigliano | May 2, 2009 6:10 AM c'e' bisogno di un translator, ci sarei io...

Posted by: Alessandro Rutigliano | May 2, 2009 5:43 AM

Berlusconi is doing a very poor job...

Posted by: Christian Kobusch | April 19, 2009 3:42 PM

"Strike one to instruct a hundred" seems more correct.

Posted by: maro sowclett | March 26, 2009 9:36 PM

Once again, do you need help with translations? Why is the blog not updated?

Posted by: Mandrappa | March 26, 2009 2:53 AM

Once again, you need help with translations? Why is the blog not updated?

Posted by: Mandrappa | March 26, 2009 2:53 AM

Oh I wish I could read Japanese... what's the matter with the english version?

Posted by: Heike Wallner | March 20, 2009 9:50 PM

Yeah, what happened to the english version?
I see the Japanese one being updated. Do have problems with translations?

Posted by: Mandrappa | March 20, 2009 9:41 PM

Hello Beppe,
I see your English side of the blog is not being updated. It's stuck on March 9. I also noticed that the English flag is not being displayed. Is that part of the blog gone?

Posted by: louis pacella | March 18, 2009 6:01 PM

Probabably, the most absurd news we hear from the most industrialized nations of the world come out of Italy. Who ever heard of packs of dogs roaming around mauling 10-year-old kids to death? I mean, this story sounds like a tale out of horror fiction. One can imagine it happening in some godforsaken village in the depths of Africa. Not in St. Francis' country. As an Italian, I'm ashamed to hear that things like that happen in Italy. Actually, I'm fucking disgusted. Probably, I sound like I'm exaggerating but I know the attitude Italians have towards animals. I saw some caring people in Italy, feeding stray cats and dogs, but most of the time I saw a lot of cruelty against animals. Once I watched a few adults disturbing a merlo's nest full of eggs. When I told them to leave it alone they laughed. I checked the nest a few days later. It was empty. I saw dogs in chicken-wire cages, reduced to skin and bones, whimpering, open to the elements. I have a faint idea how that ten-year-old boy must have felt. A couple of years ago I and my four-year-old grand-son found ourselves surrounded by three, none-too-friendly stray dogs. My grandson started shaking like a leaf and before he panicked I picked him up in my arms and slowly made my way toward home which, fortunatley, was not far away. Such scenes and episodes are shocking for anybody who has seen how humanely abandoned animals are treated in civilized countries. Italy burned millions of euros building schools, hospitals, roads never used and simply falling apart and nothing for abandoned animals threatening citizens, killing ten-year-olds. Talk about a country gone to the dogs!

Posted by: louis pacella | March 17, 2009 12:45 AM

Liu Chung, a common person, but really a Chinese, wrote (on, a commentary about this prominent sentence of the Great Elmer;putting straight the real meaning of the sentence, whose sense is well known by all the experts in Chinese language and history.
Let's speak Liu in his very words:"the truth is that the slogan was not coined for conveying a violence. In ancient Chinese "Colpire" stands for"to impress"; at the most to convince, a one only person to provide the example to the thousands".
- For ex.- the "headquarter of proletariat", has to Serve the People and not to live upon the people shoulders. The PLA has not to steal a simple orange, or a bit of stitching thread to the peasant. A single sparkle can outburst the whole pratery - and so on .
This was the target in which Mao believed: changing the frame of mind of a civil society so far bended, bowing, conformist, indifferent, despondent and highly selfish-i.e. enslaved.
( to rebel is right, was another of his typical slogans).
This is not a fantasized interpretation concocted by me, but a translation offered by the Chairman in a very plain way some thousands times in his carrier (last time, before his death, to Edgard Snow in an interview printed by Epoca).
This doesn't mean do not assess Mao's work on a historical and political plan. But only to implement the method for which Marco is rightly famous in Italy among the honest men, and slammed by the many crooked ones, in power positions: let facts speak out by themselves- report them completely and untwisted.
So if we have to give to Cesare, what' s Cesar's (even if we are allergic to Cesare); and this get to be true for each and every one; so has to be for Mao ( even if the many- especially nowadays are allergic to Mao). giorgio riparbelli

Posted by: Giorgio Riparbelli | March 12, 2009 9:19 PM

Marco Travaglio e' uno dei pochi giornalisti che vale la pena di leggere in Italia, paese sfortunato in cui l' 80% dei periodisti (cioe'i formatori della opinione pubblica secondo la insuperabile definizione dell' Illuminismo) sono padronidipendenti . Inoltre e' un irriducibile, come Gobetti, e quindi massacrato-cioe' ai tempi di Silvio ostracizzato dai programmi popolari-eccetto uno, laterale.
Questo premesso, difendo la onorabilita' di Mao. Nn perche' nn si possano avere opinioni divergenti su un personaggio storico con un record misto, che ha rovesciato la Cina da capo a fondo.
Ma perche', proprio usando il cocciuto richiamo ai fatti che e' il metodo di Marco, Mao ha affermato il contrario di quanto gli si vuol far dire associandolo niente di meno che alle BR.
Liu Chung( un cinese nn famoso, ma comunque verace, spiega una cosa che tutti gli studiosi informati della Cina Moderna sanno da sempre. Sentiamo le sue parole:
(inserita il 04/01/2009, alle 21:36:59)
"è che lo slogan non era nato per dare un senso di violenza.In cinese antico,il significato era Colpire nel senso di impressionare,al massimo convincere una persona per dare esempio a cento altre."
E' quello che ha sostenuto Mao x tutta la sua carriera. I dirigenti devono servire il popolo e nn campare sulle sue spalle; ai contadini l' ALP nn deve rubare ne' un arancio, ne' un filo da cucire e cosi' via.
Quindi i dirigenti dovevano costruire a partire da un solo atto virtuoso un modello da seguire in massa, per trasformare il pensiero di una societa'civile arretrata e individualistica, assopita e rassegnata.
Questa nn e' una mia interpretazione ma un concetto ripetuto pubblicamente dal Timoniere alcune migliaia di volte (l' ultima, prima di morire a Edgard Snow, in una intervista pubblicata su Epoca). Mao e' stato sicuramente un politico controverso e nn un santo. Ma se a Cesare e' dovuto cio' che a Cesare e' dovuto, questo e' vero per tutti. E quindi anche per Mao. Sul resto si puo' discutere, se e' il caso. giorgio riparbelli

Posted by: Giorgio Riparbelli | March 12, 2009 8:19 PM

Last night, on Ballaro', a Minister from Berlusconi' s government echoed the "Big Boss" and Prime Minister's shibboleth which compares the soundness of Italian banks to the dreadful conditions of American banks.

He ascribes this Italian success to wise lending practices and the Italic nature of the banks.nes He goes on to boast about the thriftness and penchant for saving that Italians have opposed to the irresponsible spend, spend of Americans, today down to their "underwears" as he puts it.

His point? Italy is better off than all other countries, Italians should pat each other in the back, open the wine bottles and toast to Italy's banking know-how.

Of course the chirpy Minister ignores the fact that Italy has been in a great recession for the last 15 years. The Minister ignores that many, many Italians didn't make enough money to last them till the next cheque.

He ignores the fact that the so called "Made in Italy" was bought by the same Americans who the Minister sees down to their "underwears."

Could the Minister and the Prime Minister suffer from "shadenfreude like the rich Italian skiers interviewed by RAI ?

Posted by: louis pacella | March 11, 2009 5:57 PM

One may wonder about all the news on new concentration camps in the US: are those for criminal bankers? Or for poor people? Who do you think will go there?

Installations: Civilian Inmate Labor Program - Army Regulation 210–35, 14 January 2005
Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations

Posted by: marco saba | March 11, 2009 1:10 AM

Beppe per favore, potresti fare attenzione alle traduzioni spesso sono approssimative, capisco il poco tempo ma un minimo di attenzione non sarebbe male

Posted by: Matteo Iagatti | March 10, 2009 12:19 PM

The amazing thing about politicians is their ability to make
us believe bullshit. They say it's an art.

They also say bullshitting is in harmony with the art of salesmanship and who better than politicians embodies such a spirit? Yes, no one.

But there is a difference, however: a salesman bullshits one customer at a time; a politician millions of people at a time.

And, if you're a talented enough bullshitter, like to sing and ham it up, it's possible to become Prime Minister of Italy, like Silvio.

Granted, Silvio has a few legs up: TV stations, newspapers, publishing houses reaching millions of Italians, with to which to bury them in bullshit everyday, all day long.

Not that I'm going to shed tears for the national media-less politicians, but you've got to feel a bit sorry for them.

What chance have they got against Silvio? However, if it's any comfort, at least none of them can bribe their bookkeepers for $600,000, like Silvio did.

They could impeach him, though.

Silly notion! How would they know? They don't speak English.

In any event, even if they could impeach him, it would not be suitable for an Italian Parliament, with many not-so-honurable members led by a "teflon" knight.

Posted by: louis pacella | March 10, 2009 2:51 AM

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