Beppe Grillo is back - Tour 2011

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August 30, 2009

Bertone: the final Pope

Don Farinella and the Falqui laxative

Two years ago in Genoa, I had a private audience with cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. A tall gentleman, with tiny scrutinising eyes, with the speedy and determined ways of the manager of a multinational. A person who is alert and curious about the future. We talked about renewable energy that he is really enthusiastic about. He made a really good impression on me. He had recently been appointed Secretary of State. He was not then a candidate for the position of Pope. He told me about his wish to use solar panels in the Vatican for heating, and that’s what he did after that. He’s a priest that is tough, hard and sharp as a razor. I was even tempted to ask him for advice about my financial investments.
I’m not a practicing Catholic. I love the sound of the bells on a Sunday morning and I’m enthusiastic about men like Don Ciotti, Don Gallo and Padre Alex Zanotelli, whom I consider to be “splinters of Christ”. But they are the exception. In Italy, unless Sarkozy welcomes back the Vatican, including the Swiss Guard, back to Avignon (but Carlà Bruni would raise objections), the Church, this church that is doctrinal and dominated by the Curia, cannot be ignored. Looking at cardinal Bertone before a Dinner of Forgiveness (that was then cancelled) in the photo seated next to one who frequents prostitutes, a corruptor, a professional liar, really annoyed me, you could even say I felt disgust. How many other Italians felt the same rejection? Christ, my Christ, the one that chased out the merchants from the temple and said that you can’t serve God and Mammon (Matthew 6,24), to the psycho-dwarf he would have given an evangelical kick in the arse. I know that many parish priests, many believers, think exactly the same thing.
To whom is the Vatican accountable? To the national interest or to Christ’s interests? To the community of the faithful or the P2? The Vatican can be accused of many things, but not of ignorance. The Pope and cardinal Bertone know who Berlusconi is. They know his story better than he does. The permanent treaty between the Italian government and the Church to get laws and economic advantages on the one hand and an embarrassing indulgence on the other, often a silence that is colluding, on the other hand it cannot continue and a few bishops have noticed this. Jesus did not negotiate with the Pharisees to avoid Calvary. This Church is negotiating so as not to have to pay the ICI tax.
Everything that the psycho-dwarf touches turns to dung. I am not following the Church in its “nihilistic” folly, the destroyer of every value. In his prophecies, Saint Malachy saw the end of the Church during the 112th papacy. (The current one is the 111th). The 112th is the one of “Petrus Romanus”, Peter the Roman. Bertone was born in Romano Canavese and he’s called Tarcisio Pietro Evasio. It’s he who is the ideal candidate.
In the last persecution of the Holy Roman Church, Peter the Roman will reign, who will nourish the sheep in many tribulations; when they are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the fearsome Judge will judge the people.” There’s urgent need for an exorcist for Tar Head. Let Bertone make arrangements.

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August 29, 2009

Everyday heroes

The Blog interviews: Sonia Alfano.
Fraud against the INPS

The most intolerable thing about Italy is that the Country needs heroes at all. An official who simply did her job by checking up on welfare benefit contributions made to the INPS (National Social Welfare Fund) is now under escort in Calabria. Anyone who simply refuses to look the other way finds him/herself isolated and immediately becomes a target, an obstacle in this hateful, slow moving System of ours.

Text of an interview held with Sonia Alfano, Deputy to the European Parliament:

"In the past few days, Gian Antonio Stella has brought a truly unbelievable situation to the public’s attention, involving a manager from the INPS offices in Rossano, in Cosenza Province, who reported to the applicable authorities that three cooperatives have apparently defrauded the INPS, and therefore we contributors, of around 15 million Euro.
I use the word “apparently” because the investigation is ongoing and at the moment it seems that three cooperatives are involved.
What is even more incredible is the manner in which the situation unfolded. In essence, these three cooperatives had a number of nonexistent labourers registered on their payrolls, who worked on nonexistent farms, all of which was totally fake. It appears that during the course of a single year, approximately 100 thousand medical certificates had been submitted. But why was an investigation begun in the first place and why did this manager, who was simply doing her job as everyone else should be doing too, start investigating this matter? She began investigating because the INPS Head Office had begun asking why so many labourers had been employed specifically in the Cosenza area and, furthermore, why such a disproportionately high number of medical certificates and applications for unemployment benefits, maternity benefits. etc had been submitted from that area.
In reality, what this official discovered was not only that all these farm labourers were nonexistent ghosts on the payroll, but also that there was no cadastral map whatsoever for the area in question, there was absolutely nothing, but the most embarrassing thing of all was that when the cooperatives were indeed asked to provide labourers for a particular task, they obviously couldn’t send the nonexistent labourers, so they then proceeded to send out illegal immigrant workers, who were then paid off the books without any welfare contributions being paid over to the INPS.
I am very pleased that finally the tax evaders are being hunted down in Italy even though, if the truth be told, this doesn’t help very much when we consider that the tax evaders who invested their ill-gotten profits abroad are now being allowed to bring the money back into the Country in return for the payment of a tiny, negligible fine.
I have to ask myself why we are not actively seeking out and hunting down the perpetrators of types of activities?
While it may be true that these cooperatives physically stole this money from the INPS, in reality they stole the money from us because we are the ones that pay our contributions in Italy. More importantly, I must ask myself why the INPS, which has a number of top class managers and excellent investigators on their payroll, left this official to conduct such a high-risk investigation all by herself. Perhaps, had they not left her all alone, they would surely have prevented the terrible situation in which she now finds herself, namely having to be escorted wherever she goes.
Furthermore, it must be said that if the INPS, as well as all other companies and firms had made their information available online, others would probably have been able to conduct their own investigations and checks.
Why do I say this?
Because it appears that these cooperatives that had been working in an incredible area in Calabria, collected something like 1,800,000 Euro in one single year, without any accounting paper trail. All they did in return was to produce these piles of medical certificates, and this is the end result.
Therefore, if the users and contributors had been able to go on the Web and conduct their own investigations and checks, just as the official in question was able to do, well, now that official would not be all alone, she would not have had to take on such a great responsibility and it would probably have made it impossible for these cooperatives to steal such an incredible amount of money from the Italian contributors’ pockets." Sonia Alfano

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August 28, 2009

The Wild Bathrobe Man that the world envies us for

Bossi's ten questions to Berlusconi

Wild Bathrobe Man has demanded one million Euro in compensation from the Espresso Group because of ten questions published recently in the “La Repubblica” newspaper. The most serious of these was: "Mr Prime Minister, in the light of what has emerged in the past two months, how is your current state of health?"
This is not the type of question one should ask of a SEVENTY-FOUR YEAR OLD gentleman who has tar plastered on his head, has heart problems, has had surgery on his shoulders and who can no longer get it up unless he can experience the thrill of the chase. It’s wrong to ask this kind of question. One shouldn’t even think such questions. After all, Berlusconi is the leader of a major power, a world class politician, a prime candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, a faithful husband, a loving father, a relentless persecutor of the Mafia, an uncorrupted and incorruptible individual, a man who knows how to dress and speak in public, an individual that is sincere to the point of self-destruction, an old-fashioned grandfather, a man who chooses his friends entirely on the basis of their honesty and propriety, a believer in freedom of the press and an admirer of people like Biagi and Montanelli, a gentleman that detests compromise, that always keeps his promises, a self-made man thanks to the advice he received from his father and his own hard work, one who has never failed to pay his taxes, who single-handedly built up an entire financial empire, who has never taken drugs, who owes everything to the Milan soccer team, a man who is persecuted by the justice system whose independence he nevertheless strives to ensure, even to his own detriment, a statesman with a sense of Government, a politician that no one, absolutely no one could ever blackmail, a sincere anti-fascist democrat, a true believer, a deeply devout Catholic, a man that answers any question whatsoever as long as they are put to him politely, without malice and are unbiased and not designed to give a false impression of him that he doesn’t deserve, a Premier that is also a worker, a builder, a communicator, a banker, an electrician and a plumber, a standard-bearer for optimism with hindsight, a good person who detests corruption and always plays by the rules, a gentleman that can be trusted, an elderly man to whom one could happily entrust one’s young daughters, an Italian with clarity of thought, with an incredible level of consistency, a champion that makes us the envy of the entire world and, for this very reason, apparently out of pure malice, the international press proceeds to publish unspeakable articles about him, articles that are full of answers and no questions, a dear friend to democratic statesmen such as Gheddafi and Putin, a really close buddy of Obama, whose objectives he shares, an old man who defies the passage of time and seems to get younger by the day, someone who knows how to knot a polka-dot tie better than the late lamented Count Nuvoletti, someone who is always happy, optimistic, full of life and tells jokes, a likeable sort, a good looking man who is just tall enough, with a broad smile that inspires hope, a faithful friend that even takes care of your burial site just so that he can stay close to you even into eternity, a cruise-ship crooner that sings for friends at Villa Certosa, a sincere admirer of female talents, a unique individual that some fairy godfather gave to Italy as a gift and a believer in safe nuclear power.
Now gentlemen, go ahead, file charges against me!

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Forgiveness, you know, is like the wind …

The event of the “Perdonanza” {Forgiveness} at l’Aquila this year will be celebrated in favour of “Accappatoio Selvaggio”, and his return into the bosom of the Holy Mother Church. The “Perdonanza” is celebrated every year on 28 and 29 August in memory of the election of Celestino V as Pope in 1294. He gave a Plenary Indulgence to all those who had confessed and visited the Basilica di Collemaggio.
The Celestian indulgence will be extended to the psycho-dwarf during the “Perdonanza” dinner. The absolution from every sin will be carried out by cardinal Bertone in person, with the assistance of the Bishop of l'Aquila, Giuseppe Molinari, and the eleven bishops of Abruzzo and Molise. Bertone will impart the plenary indulgence on the “end user” under the watchful eyes of the Equal Opportunities Minister Maria Carfagna, while the undersecretary in the office of the President of the Council, Gianni Letta and the Minister for the Actioning of the Programme, Gianfranco Rotondi, will be witnesses full of emotion. The earthquake victims of l'Aquila have not been invited by the archdiocese, but a minute’s silence will be dedicated to them after the aperitif.
Before the evening rite of Pardon, the day will be dedicated to the procession of the Bull, formed by two hundred characters from the PDL, directed towards the Basilica di Santa Maria di Collemaggio that houses the mortal remains of Celestino V. At the head of the procession, it is expected that there’ll be Ms Carfagna in the role of the Lady of the Bull, together with the handmaiden Ministers Gelmini and Brambilla. In the role of Mary Magdalene, in unofficial garments, there’ll be Patrizia D'Addario, together with many “end users”. In the garments of “Giovin Signore” carrying in his hand the traditional olive branch, it’s expected there’ll be Topo Gigio Veltroni who has committed to being present in spite of his numerous commitments against the mafia and the conflict of interests.
At the end of the dinner, the psycho-dwarf will make a gift to the population of l’Aquila, of Putin’s “lettone” {big bed}, that after being sprinkled with holy water, will be rebaptised: "Lettone di Papi" and placed in the public “piazza”. Anyone who, after using it to practice adultery, against nature, illicit or prohibited by Catholic teaching, can, in exchange for a law on a living will, for 8 per thousand to the Church, for the financing of Catholic schools, of non-recognition of de facto couples, of maintaining the Concordat and the Lateran Pacts, of the abolition of abortion, can obtain the Celestian indulgence, and continue to act like a pig. Ora pro nobis. Amen.

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August 26, 2009

The law for the lack of safety at work

Dante De Angelis and the Viareggio tragedy
Marco Bazzoni is a little hero. If the honours system still had value, he should get the Civic Value gold medal. For years, each day, he has been bombarding me with 50 emails denouncing the circumstances about safety at work and the related economic and legal cases. Of 1,200 deaths at work, celebrated on the altar of the god Money, every year. Marco is a little man, who seems fragile, but he is an iron man, but even iron has a few breakdowns. Today he sent me an email. He says he can’t go on any more. That he wants to let go. If he gives up, we are ruined. Give him a sign of encouragement. His email address is: I want Bazzoni to be the Minister of Labour. Read his letter.

Dear Beppe,
All the accidents, the invalids the workplace illnesses and the deaths at work are not enough if the Berlusconi government has thought to dismantle “Dlgs 81/08” (unified text on safety at work) with “Dlgs 106/09” (corrective decree), rather than make it function. And just think that the Minister of Labour Sacconi after the slaughter at work at the purifier of Mineo (province of Catania) on 11 June 2008, that cost the lives of 6 town council workers , he announced an extraordinary plan for safety at work. If by “extraordinary plan“, he meant this decree, then we are lost. For years there have been demands for more serious penalties for employers who are responsible for serious injuries and deaths at work and for those who do not respect safety at work. And the government halves most of the penalties for the employers, directors and others. Not content with that, it doesn’t even strengthen the controls. With the lack of ASL personnel to do inspections, it’s practically impossible to have a control visit. If all goes well, a company will get a visit once every 33 years. But it’s not finished here. To make sure that some entrepreneur doesn’t end up in prison, it has been laid down that in place of being arrested, it’s possible to pay a fine, and you can be sure that they will all do that. Furthermore, the “save the manager” has not been repealed but rewritten. It’s not as shameless as the previous one, but it still gives space to manoeuvres and escape clauses in favour of the managers.
I still don’t understand how Napolitano has been able to sign this decree, knowing that this regulation was not repealed. The intention of the regulation is to offload the responsibility of the managers onto people in charge, the workers, the designers, the manufacturers, the installers and the appropriate medical doctors. Since there is no certainty of a penalty, even in the remote hypothesis of an employer being convicted of the death of a worker, he’ll see prison “through binoculars”.
When you think of poor Andrea Gagliardoni, who died at just 23 years of age on 20 June 2006 with his head crushed in a “ tampographic” press in the Asoplast company of Ortezzano (in the province of Ascoli Piceno), of poor Matteo Valenti, who died of burns, after 4 days of agony for a really serious accident at work (8 November 2004) in the company Mobiloil of Viareggio, of the four labourers who died having been burned in the explosion at Umbria Olii of Campello sul Clitunno (25 November 2006), of their families who haven’t even had justice (8 months suspended sentence for the death of Andrea Gagliardoni 1 year and 4 months suspended sentence for the death of Matteo Valenti, while that for the death of the 4 workers at Umbria Olii hasn’t even started and we don’t even know if it will ever start), and I’m wondering what country are we living in?
We define ourselves as a “Republic founded on work”, but perhaps it would be more correct to say, a “Republic founded on the death of those at work”. How can it be possible to define as a civilized country, one where every year there are 1200 deaths at work? Now someone will say that in the year 2008, there were 1120 deaths at work (according to INAIL) and that there has also been a fall in the number of injuries at work. But someone needs to be reminded that in 2008, there was the biggest financial and economic crisis since the war, and that that fall depends more on this (people being laid off, being allowed to be transferred elsewhere, closure of companies) , rather than greater safety in the workplace. Then, if we really want to say everything, the Inail figures are not liquid gold, but just a reference point. These figures do not take into account the injuries that are recorded as “sickness”, that it is estimated are around 200 thousand a year, if not more, of all the workers who die while working illegally who are abandoned outside the building site, or the factory. Then there are the RLS {Rappresentante dei Lavoratori alla Sicurezza = Workers Health and Safety Representatives} who denounce the lack of safety in the company, who are threatened, fined or even worse, are sacked, as happened with poor Dante De Angelis, whose only fault was to have denounced first to his own company and then to the media the lack of maintenance and safety on the Eurostar trains. A year has gone by since he was sacked, but so far he has still not been taken back, in spite of the thousands of signatures collected in his campaign, even though what he denounced has sadly been shown to be true, even though on 29 June 2009, there was a rail disaster at Viareggio that caused 29 deaths up until now. And meanwhile we have a former trades unionist heading up the State Railways, who is going round saying to left and right that the Italian Railways are the safest in Europe.


Marco Bazzoni. - Rappresentante dei lavoratori per la sicurezza

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August 25, 2009

Grillo168 – The horse on the wrong side of the road

Grillo168 - Il cavallo contromano
The new article 219-bis second comma of the Highway Code that is present in the law on the security package will come into force in August. It provides for severe penalties if the violation is committed while driving a vehicle for which a driving licence is not required.
Now, a cyclist that doesn’t respect the Highway Code can have points on their driving licence, always assuming that they have one. But not just a cyclist, because I had a look at the dictionary: for the word “vehicle” it says “any mechanical means of transport driven by man. Terrestrial vehicle, airplane, amphibian, with an engine, pulled by an animal, space craft or with an air cushion”.
Anyone who owns a horse, a mule, a skateboard, roller skates, carriages, 4-wheel drive wheelchairs risks a fine and can lose their driving licence.
The hang gliders. I want to understand this. The hang gliders, if they land in a “place that is not permitted”, how many points are involved? The law has penalties for car drivers that make a mistake, the incorrigible ones that prefer not to drive, that want clean air and want to get to their place of work under their own steam without polluting. They are boycotted.
Italy is a perfect country for fining cyclists, because there are no parking places for bicycles and the fine for parking in a forbidden place is inevitable unless they steal your bicycle. There are no cycle tracks. There are cycle tracks in the whole world. You have to go on the foot path. But if you are on the footpath they can fine you because it belongs to the pedestrian. The cyclists, where do they have to go?
The cycle tracks are occupied by cars and they are used like authorised parking spaces, like depots for the car demolition operators.
Have you ever seen a Police officer giving a fine to a car on a cycle track. I haven’t.
The vehicles that are differently polluting provide no advantage for the GDP, they are light, they are made from few materials,. They should invest in them. They are the future. I have seen Palo Alto in California, where half are Nobel prize winners and half have four degrees, they go around on bicycles: they each have three cars but they leave them at home and go to work by bike. The city with the highest number of bicycles in the world is Palo Alto in California, not in China.
If this has to be the means of transport of the future, the industries should invest in these , to be able to transport things, when it rains you cover up … the technology exists, by bike, to discover that they are marvellous things.
Instead, what do we do? We accept “il grano” from all sides.
Yesterday, for example, I was on a mountain road, and I saw a horse coming down the road on the wrong side. What would happen to its owner? Would they have punished him? Would they have sent him off to do a “re-education” course at Giovanardi’s house? Would they send the horse off to Arcore to “Accappatoio Selvaggio”? What will happen? A question that all cyclists will be asking: anyone who loses their licence for this reason, will they still be able to use a bicycle? And this is what is incredible!
In Naples they are already ahead! There’s the tandem with the “abusive one” that is driving: the tandem with the proletarian that has no driving licence and he takes you where you want in spite of all the Highways codes of The whole world.
We’ll always be ahead of you! Buon 168!

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State truth and Mafia truth

State truth and Mafia truth - Marco Travaglio


Good day to you all. Welcome back after the holidays even though perhaps some of you are still away. Unfortunately, I’m not.
Straight away I want to talk about an issue that I feel will be the key to this season of politics, of information, of news reporting, of justice and that is probably the most important happening that is going on, even though the newspapers are hardly talking about it, between highs and lows, between flare-ups and icy showers. In fact, perhaps just because the newspapers are saying little about this, just for a change.
It’s the happening of these sudden “rips” that have opened up this summer on the issue of the negotiations between the State and the Mafia in 1992, that then was nothing more than the screen that veiled the external instigators, the secret “suggesters” of the 1992 slaughters, at least as regards the slaughter of Borsellino, and those that took place in 1993 in Rome, Florence and Milan.
There are a lot of new things that are difficult to note: and yet it’s enough to match up and compare what is appearing in the newspapers, without having to go and look at the transcripts of the judicial proceedings that are still secret and thus of which neither I nor you can know the contents. Already what you can read in the newspapers is pretty significant about what is coming out and I think that if there is a push from the ground level of civil society, if someone on the political front will finally take this seriously this affair and if the magistrates are allowed to do their job, above all those of Palermo, Caltanissetta and Florence, that are the ones with the jurisdiction as regards the subject matter and the territory relating to the negotiations on the “papello”, and Palermo on the instigators of the slaughters. It may be possible to manage to understand who are the founding fathers of the Second Republic who, as you have probably already heard said, was not born unlike the First one out of the Resistance but really from the slaughters, from the negotiations, from the bombs and from the blood of those who died.
It is always best to summarise to avoid taking anything for granted, so that anyone who takes on board “Passaparola” may know how the affair started and at what point it has arrived.
After that we will come back to it, if, as I hope, it has developments.

Massimo Ciancimino is starting to talk

The affair started simply with the interviews with this really interesting character, unique, definitely one who talks a lot, that is Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mafia mayor of Palermo, who was under investigation for years by the Palermo Prosecutors Office, who had the injustice of having to manage his father’s patrimony and who has been accused of “money laundering”. That is to be seen. We are not so interested in that. He has a first level conviction for “money laundering” and now he is fighting at the appeal stage. There are certain things that he hadn’t told the magistrates up until a year ago, even because he had the impression that the old Palermo Prosecutors Office was not very interested in raising their sights to the high levels of the institutions and politics that were frequented by his father; however he made it known to the new Palermo Prosecutors Office, the one directed for the last couple of years by Prosecutor Messineo – to be clear – that has the impression that they have more interest in touching certain “altarini” {mysterious secrets} and thus it has started to tackle topics that it had ignored earlier.
Even because he noted that when they raided his house, strangely, the Carabinieri didn’t even go and open the safe that was even visible to a child, but we are talking about affairs that keep repeating as you will remember, the Carabinieri of the ROS {Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale or Special Operational Group} never even entered Riina’s house: the motto of certain servants of the State, especially in Palermo, is “don’t open that door and don’t open that safe”, perhaps because they already know what they would find inside.
In any case, this is the reason for his impression about the old management of the Prosecutors Office, then later they found the letter from Provenzano to Berlusconi and instead of making use of it in the trials, the magistrates of the old Prosecutors Office left it to rot in a box and those of the new Prosecutors Office fished it out and made use of it “in extremis” to use it in the Dell'Utri trial, that among other things will start up again in less than three weeks.


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August 24, 2009

Carlo Giovanardi’s response on cannabis

Barack Obama and marijuana
Carlo Giovanardi has replied to my open letter about cannabis and I thank him for this. Usually the politicians stay quiet or denounce.
However, I am repeating what I have written before. Cannabis should not be put on an equal footing with heavy drugs. There should not be a hefty economic sanction against anyone who makes use of it personally and “only” have their driving licence, their passport and their gun licence taken from them. Without a driving licence and a passport often it’s not possible to go on working. Anyone who cultivates a cannabis plant for personal use (what’s the meaning of “cultivation on a small scale”?) should not be treated “a priori” as a dealer unless that has been proved in an Italian Tribunal. Someone with no previous convictions cannot be thrown into prison to die there. As regards Bianzino and Frapporti, who died in prison as soon as they arrived there, they are people who can no longer defend themselves. They are dead. As far as I know, no definitive verdict to say they were guilty (or am I wrong?) has ever been issued in relation to them. When a politician is convicted at the first level he is innocent until the Court of Cassation, often the case falls because of the statute of limitations, but meanwhile he still stays in Parliament. A poor wretch, has what rights?
To finish, it’s not possible that, in Europe, on such a sensitive and transnational topic like that of drugs, that there are in existence laws that are in total contrast one from the other. In the Netherlands, it’s legal to smoke a joint in public places. In Italy, marijuana is considered to be diabolical. A European directive around which the various states can come into line, will be a contribution to clarifying the real consequences of cannabis.

”Dear Grillo,
I am willingly responding to your open letter. Straight away I have to repeat for the thousandth time that, in contrast to what you stated, in Italy it Is not a crime to use drugs, as can be seen from the specific law on this topic, and that no one has ever had a criminal prosecution brought against them for personal consumption but exclusively for trafficking, dealing or related conduct or cultivation.
Against anyone who makes personal use of drugs, the penalty is exclusively administrative and it involves the withdrawal of the driving licence, passport and gun licence. Thus it’s difficult to understand what you mean when you ask for the decriminalization of a case that according to our procedures has already been decriminalized for some time.
Furthermore, it is absolutely not considered necessary to reopen any debate on the current regulations , as came out very clearly from the Fifth National Conference on drugs in Trieste, where all the people concerned who came together, including opposition politicians, indicated that given the seriousness of the phenomenon and the widespread situation, it was better to concentrate and coordinate everyone into a common action, on the real problems of drugs, in synergy and outside the sterile and exploitative polemics on the law, orienting above all our energies on the prevention of the use of any type of drug.
As regards the sentence laid down for the non-authorised cultivation of cannabis, remember that the penalty for “cultivation on a small scale” is 1 to 6 years in prison and a fine of from 3,000 to 26,000 euro and not as you said, with 6 to 20 years and a fine of 26,000 to 260,000 euro. Those penalties are however accorded to more considerable quantities, to keep the penalty in line with the seriousness of the offence.

... "

Avv. Carlo Giovanardi

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August 22, 2009

What is the North? What is the South?


North and South are the cardinal points of Italian politics. In one of his songs, Gaber asked himself: "What is the Right? What is the Left?". Now that we know that right and left are merely rfoad directions, we have turned politics into geography. One’s place of birth has now become the new party membership card.
But is the North progressive, racist or both? Or is the South the Mafia heartland, legalistic or neither of the two? And where precisely does the North begin? In Reggio Emilia or in Pavia? The features of the northern races, the physiognomy of the Maronis, the Bossis, the Borghezios and the Calderolis, are they those of the pure-bred Arian race or are they born of some sort of hybrids of unknown origin? Tall, good looking, padanian and with kind faces...
Was the battle against the Mafia fought by Sicilians such as Falcone and Borsellino or was it fought by people from Brianzolo, like Berlusconi? The Great Works and even the Everlasting Works like the Salerno-Reggio Calabria Highway, do they bear the trademark of the organised crime syndicates or that of the business enterprises of the North, or both? Who makes more profit? And who dumped tons of toxic waste in Campania, was it the members of the Camorra or the companies of the North that supposedly disposed of the waste?
The Organised Territories, namely the Regions, are the new lobbies, the new instruments of pressure. They ask for autonomy and money. The local citizens, instead, don’t ever see any more money, nor any more autonomy. Only greater inefficiency and higher costs for the State. "What is the North? What is the South?".
The North and the South cancel everything. They oversimplify. They are a cardinal sin. The East and the West cannot survive on their own, at best they are the Northeast and Northwest. The islands are the South, Abruzzo is the South and Calabria is the deep South. All there is are the Southnorth and the Northsouth. The Centre is merely a point of connection and without the Northsouth it would cease to exist. No one would ever dream of starting a Centre party, except perhaps for Casini, the True-blue Caltagirone.
If Italy was previously a geographic expression, it has now become a Geopolitical expression, namely, Northern politics versus Southern politics. In order for any succession to take place, there must be a united Nation to split up in the first place. But Italy is already divided, so what is left? The law is the same for everyone, but it differs in every Region. The dialects that the Lega wants to re-introduce are already the “lingua franca” of the Italian Provinces. Salary cages? In the South there are more unregistered workers and the cost of living is lower, but they don’t have the services that there are in the North, which are not that great but don’t exist at all in the South. Wherever possible, we have to pay for everything. Salary cages already exist in the South, they are called the Camorra, the Mafia and the 'Ndrangheta. The political system needs new myth in order to carry on. Now the PDL and the Pdwithoutanel are ready to become future bedfellows in the Veneto Region, after years of living together, but they have created some monsters that will eventually devour them and incorporate them, namely the Lega and the Party of the South. Nothing will change for the Italian population, however, and everyone will continue to mind their own business as usual because, when all is said and done, “the Italians” means everyone else.

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August 21, 2009

The impossible is possible after all

Matteo Dall'Osso. We can win!

The impossible is possible after all. We can win!
Matteo Dall'Osso has managed to overcome multiple sclerosis because he never gave up. Only those that surrender can be beaten. Anyone who would like to contact him to ask for his help or advice can do so via his forum.

"Dear Beppe,
At this moment my heart is filled with joy! I don’t even know where to begin and I don’t even have the right words, which is very hard to believe for anyone that knows me!
You know what ... I don’t want to bore you because I know that you receive many mails every day. Perhaps I should begin at the end, in other words at the moment when we met and got to know each other... It was the day of the show in Bologna in support of Giovanni Favia (subsequently elected as Town Councillor for Bologna, Ed.)... I was just one of many young people that contributed to this great success!
I am the guy in Nick’s video who, at 5'21'', took the floor for those five seconds, click here...

I don’t know if you are aware that, from where I was, under the stage, I was only about a metre away from you and I watched you shaking peoples’ hands, signing autographs and getting ready, because you had to run away within the next five minutes. I would have liked to have stopped you and tell you about myself or climb onto the stage and tell everyone about myself, however, the weather (the lousy weather unfortunately) prevented us. I say us, because the guys on the election List already knew my story and so they had made space for me on the staircase, what a pity... never mind, better luck next time, and knowing the guys (and what great guys all of them are too!) I’m sure that I won’t have to wait too long for another opportunity!
Please excuse me, my mind wandered off for a minute there ... in theory at least, I was going to tell you something about myself and the reason why I am now writing to you, not even knowing where to begin. I could begin by saying:
Dear Beppe, my name is Matteo Dall'Osso and I am now 31 years old. When I was 19, I was diagnosed as suffering from multiple sclerosis, which subsequently became progressive (an illness that leaves no way out). I had gotten to the point of being no longer able to move my legs (I was wheelchair bound), I couldn’t move my one hand, I was blind in one eye and I couldn’t even talk any longer. However, now all of that is but a distant memory, because I never felt this good even back when I was only 15 years old!
I know that this may sound like some sort of advertising spot, but it really is the honest truth! When I was 28 years old and living through this nightmare, I suddenly realised that I was being poisoned by heavy metals and I proceeded to detoxify my body using an American treatment that has been around for the past 40 years (Chelation therapy using the ACAM protocol) and now all my suffering is just a bad memory. I created a website so that everyone would be able to read my story, namely at
I have always believed that "knowledge" should be freely available to everyone in an easy and, above all, free form! I don’t mean to sound like I just invested something new. All I did was simply to put into action a whole series of small/great ideas and discoveries already uncovered by other individuals and doctors. If you ever get round to reading my letter one day, I would very much like to hear your opinion! And should you ever see fit to contact me one day then, wow, although I would find it difficult to believe, but that would make me the happiest man on Planet Earth! Sometimes I am still afraid that it has all been nothing but a dream! Big hugs,
We can win!". Matteo
Ps: Listen to Matteo’s video interview

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Open letter to Carlo Giovanardi

The marijuana story
Good news! The Department for Antidrug Policies (DPA) of the Office of the Council of Ministers as regards my declarations made in the video "Erba di casa mia" has sent a notification to the Prosecutors’ Office so that there is an evaluation of the crimes of instigation and proselytism and induction to the use of drugs. It’s good news and for that I thank Carlo Giovanardi, undersecretary to the Department, as it will serve to open a discussion on the Fini-Giovanardi law and on its effects. Referring to the communication: "DPA against Grillo: ‘false public statements, that are misleading and without foundation'”, I am sending this open letter to Carlo Giovanardi and his reply, if it comes, will be published in its entirety on the blog.

Dear undersecretary Giovanardi,
Thank you for the communication that you dedicated to me and to which I want to reply. My video is not a “hymn in praise of cannabis” as you have reported, but the request that cannabis be no longer put on an equal footing with heavy drugs, with which it has nothing in common. I have asked for, and I ask now, that whoever uses it is fined, but not penally.
In the communication, it says: “the statements made by Beppe Grillo, in relation to certain aspects of cannabis and on the imprisonment of people that use that substance, are public statements that are strongly inexact, misleading and without foundation”. Which are these statements? The fact that in the Netherlands, for example, it is legal to smoke cannabis and that the Netherlands is a country in the European Community like Italy? That the penalties laid down in the law that bears your name are abnormal and excessive, as is written in article 4-bis comma b): "1. Anyone that, without the authorisation described in article 17, cultivates, produces, fabricates, extracts, refines, sells, offers or puts on sale, hands over, distributes, commercialises, transports, procures for others, sends, passes or puts into transit, consigns for any reason narcotic or psychotropic substances given in table 1 set out in article 14, is punished with imprisonment from six to twenty years and with a fine from 26,000 euro to 260,000"? That the Court of Cassation has confirmed the interpretation of the law in a document dated January 2009 on page 44 with “Constituting conduct that is criminally relevant, is any non-authorised activity of cultivation of plants from which it is possible to extract narcotic substances, even when this is done for the destination of the product for personal use”? Is it inexact to state that according to the figures from the Minister of Justice at the end of 2008, the number of prisoners was 58,127, in August 2009 63,771 of whom 23,505 were arrested for drugs? From the text of the law it turns out that the risk of prison is also for anyone who “cultivates”. To have cannabis plants on the balcony or in the kitchen garden is thus a crime that can be punished? And does that seem right to you?
The reason that I have been moved to deal with your law is perhaps not known to you. I have been notified of the arrest of people, even with no criminal convictions, for having cannabis in the kitchen garden or because they were accused of having it in the house. The homes of these people were searched (but is it not necessary to have a search warrant, or is it enough just the simple suspicion?). Among these, there was a carpenter of Perugia and a labourer of Rovereto. They entered prison and there they immediately died. They were called Aldo Bianzino and Stefano Frapporti. Do you know their stories? The communication underlines that: “no consumer has ever been arrested in recent years because they were a consumer, unless there was also the crime of dealing or trafficking.” Were Aldo and Stefano drug dealers? Is there any evidence? Is there a verdict from the Tribunal? And if they were not, why were they arrested? I am reassuring you that I do not do and neither have I the intention to do instigation, proselytism or induction in the use of drugs, I salute you and I am waiting for you reply.” Beppe Grillo

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August 19, 2009

The Internet is now!

Television: the death of the spirit
Yesterday, all of a sudden, I realised that I have lost a habit, a bad habit. The TV was turned off. How long has it been turned off? Weeks, months. It has become an ornament, an antique like the radios with valves that are found in the summer markets. I remember that once upon a time, while I was distracted, I turned it on. I did a bit of zapping. The TV stayed there, implacable, with no one watching it, or listening to it, like a crazy old person that doesn’t have the courage to stay quiet. It seemed innocuous with its mikebongiorni and pippibaudi. But it wasn’t. It had got into our homes. Slowly it became the master of our consumption, of our dreams, of our children, of Parliament. A washing machine that has made the Italian washing grey, black, then just dirty. A bleaching of our consciences in reverse. At the start there was some filter to stop the mind getting intoxicated. But for years there has no longer been any protection, just the freedom of lies. We know all this, just as the one who smokes knows that it does no good.
To go from the awareness of a problem to the change is more difficult. I have changed. Has it also happened to you? “If I don’t look at you, you don’t exist.” And I no longer watch it and it no longer exists.
I get the information, I have fun and get angry on the Internet. The evening is much better with the videos that you send me as comments on the post. Not all of them are on the right topic, but nearly all of them are worth the entrance fee. Nunvereggaecchiu, wpapillo, byoblu, trarcomavaglio, quimilanolibera, danielemartinelli and so many others provide Internet information. There are people who are paid to lie on TV and young people who are providing information on the Internet at the own expense. Today I want to share with you an achievement. The videos produced by this blog, published with the name "StaffGrillo" and loaded onto YouTube have had more than 50 million viewings. 400 films, interviews, presentations or “montage” created for the Internet in less than 3 years. The YouTube channel was opened on 3 October 2006. The one who decides on the information on the Internet is the navigator, not the TV News programme makers.
TV News”. Do you realise the effect that this term now has? It reminds you of the News at the cinema done by Istituto Luce”. The TV News directors are like the little dogs in the back of the 1960s cars that bobbed their heads up and down.
I want to say “thank you” to all the bloggers, to all the navigators. Even to those who are a pain in the neck and to the trolls that have activated the immune defences of the blog and made it even stronger. Thank you for the comments that often make the post worthwhile. Thank you for your videos that are informative, and are even putting at risk (even physical) those that create them. Information is going to power. They don’t know that yet. They believe that propaganda will always remain in power. They don’t enter the Internet. When they have a look, like Riotta or Mastella, they are marked for life. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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August 18, 2009

Grillo168 – The green green grass of home

Grillo168 - Grass at home
Good 168! I’m going to talk to you about drugs! Drugs! Drug addicts! If you use drugs you are a drug addict!
Two figures: according to the Ministry of Justice, up until the end of 2008 there were 58,127 prisoners in prison. Now there are 63,771. The number has gone up by about 5,500. The only thing in Italy that goes up is the number of prisoners.
The Ceppalonic Grand Pardon set twenty thousand of them free and nearly all of them are back. But the “Grand Pardon”, you know better than me, was useful not to remove delinquents from prison, but to keep the real ones out.
The discussion is badly expressed. Very badly expressed. Here they are talking about constructing new prisons, but if “White Fang” Maroni says that the level of crime is going down what’s the point in creating new prisons, if there are going to be fewer criminals in a bit? What’s the point? They even want to do private ones. Private prisons! Tronchetti does his prison. Ligresti does his prison. Colaninno does his prison. Rather than placing these folk in the hands of the social services. Small-scale criminality, even the financial type, has to be punished with the social services. I’m not interested in having the psycho dwarf going to prison. What’s that going to do? The psycho dwarf has to be entrusted to the care of the social services. He has to sweep the streets and he has to live in a one bedroom flat. When you go by in your car, and you see Berlusconi cleaning up … what a marvel, this is true democracy!
To do all this, we need to revise the Fini-Giovanardi law. It’s a disgusting law, without decorum. Like the one who dreamt it up. It’s despicable to put marijuana, cannabis, that is a little plant, on the same level as a heavy drug. To do that you’d need a worm-eaten head.
The law is filing up the prisons but also the cemeteries. I have written about those people who died in prison after they were arrested for a little plant. I’m talking about Aldo Bianzino, the carpenter from Perugia, and Stefano Frapporti, the labourer from Rovereto.
Cannabis is a plant. How can you criminalise a plant? Even the Sassafras then. It contains the main active ingredient of ecstasy … It’s a tree. Perhaps Giovanardi has one in his parkland. He’ll have a Sassafras so then we’ll give six years, ten years in prison to one who has a Sassafras that contains the active ingredient of ecstasy? We are truly out of our minds.
What has to be done? On 10 January 2008, the Court of Cassation declared that the cultivation on the balcony of a home, of a single plant is to be considered a crime to be prosecuted. But to what extent can it be prosecuted? To what extent can you prosecute a person who has a little plant on their balcony? You can prosecute and get a penalty of from 6 to 20 years in prison, says the law, with a fine that goes from 26,000 to 260,000 euro as well as the impounding of the passport, the driving licence, the gun licence. You also have to follow a therapeutic and socio-rehabilitation programme in Giovanardi’s house. So now you understand: one would prefer the death penalty.
Meanwhile, while they are creating these laws – years in prison for a person with a tiny wee plant – in Gioia Tauro they are unloading hundreds of tons of cocaine that is contaminating the whole of Italy. While they are giving from 6 to 10 years in prison to one who has a tiny plant, in Milan there are 150,00 “habitué” consuming cocaine every day.
This is an unjust law. It’s anti-European, hypocritical, mortal, anti-trades-unionist, anti-intelligential, and discretional. It has to be rewritten. The possession of cannabis must be de-penalised. Anyone smoking a joint will pay a fine. You can’t put him in prison like a habitual criminal. What’s needed is an amnesty to get them all out of prison and to do a special law to put inside all the habitual consumers of cocaine that are in Parliament, that we all know.

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August 17, 2009

Unipol, D'Alema and the bid to take over the PD

Unipol, D'Alema and the
bid to take over the PD - Marco Travaglio
Good day to you all. Let’s go on with the final episode of the summer version of Passaparola, our round-up of the trials that are on the way, something we could call “how did it end up” of the many happenings that we heard about at the beginning that then were immediately silenced by the media, but we will soon have a newspaper, “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, that will be able to tell you everything even how it ended up.

Three trials concluding

Today I’ll give you some information: I have already told the story, a few months ago, that signora Mastella ended up in the sights of the Court of Accounts in Naples, in relation to some “great gifts” that she had made to the Regional Councillors – she is President of the Regional Council of Campania, which among other things is something incredible: Mastella has gone over to the Centre Right, he is a European Parliamentarian with the “Popolo della Libertà”, while his wife however, with impunity, continues to be the President of the Regional Council in the Centre Left. It is a bipartisan family, when it’s a matter of making a grab for “armchairs”! - she finished up under observation by the Court of Accounts for having gifted some commemorative medals that were pretty costly and yet in the end, the prosecutor’s office of the Court of Accounts maintained that that came within the “entertainment expenses ”, as anyway had already been decided for the expenses that were perhaps a bit excessive that the signora and her crowd had made use of for “Columbus Day” a few years ago. That happening – we owe this much – at least ended up in front of the Court of Accounts with a “no fact happened”.
Probably in the Autumn, but anyway by the end of the year, we will have the verdict in the Dell’Utri trial, for which at the first level Dell’Utri was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison for “complicity in conspiracy with the Mafia”: as luck would have it, the Public Prosecutors found right at the last possible moment, those letters from Provenzano to Berlusconi. The letters that it is alleged were conveyed by Dell’Utri and thus, if the Tribunal, in fact if the Court of Appeal accepts these new last-minute documents delivered in July, the judges will have an extra element to evaluate the role that was demonstrated by the judges at the first level of Dell’Utri as the connecting link between the mafia and the Berlusconi group at the time when the Berlusconi group was only an entrepreneurial publishing group, and then, instead, in the times when it was transformed into a political party.
We will probably have a conclusion, at least for a section, at least that is the part against those who asked for a fast track trial, like the former head of Juventus, Antonio Giraudo in the “Calciopoli” trial in Naples, that is going ahead also against Moggi and so many other directors of football clubs, people who are now former-directors as in the case of Moggi, as well as current directors like Fiorentina’s Diego Della Valle and Lazio’s Claudio Lotito, and the top brass of Milan and so on…


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August 16, 2009

The New Prisoners

The Army of the Good
Zanna Bianca Maroni stated that crimes have gone down: “We are the executive that has had the best results in the fight against the mafia. All the crimes, including theft and robbery, have gone down: by 18% and by 20% respectively, on average criminal activity has gone down by 14%.” The prisons meanwhile are exploding with 63,700 detainees and Alfano the unconstitutional states that : “We are intending to take the plan for prisons to the Council of Ministers by 15 September.” If the number of crimes go down and the number of detainees goes up, the question is: “Who is in prison?” If the Maroni treatment is working then why build new prisons? For whom? If the number of crimes has gone down and will continue to go down?
A response comes from the psycho-dwarf busy with his personal battle against The Bad. Tar Head was struck by lightning like St Paul on the road to Damascus. He has seen Vittorio Mangano instead of Jesus at Villa Certosa. He was in the sky on a “white horse”, one of the many in the care of the heroic stableman. The psycho-dwarf came away transfigured and has pronounced incredible words. He affirmed that “I will put into action a long term plan against the forces of evil and it is hoped it will be definitive … not only against widespread criminality but also against organised crime” What are these forces of evil? The workers who will exit in thousands from the factories? The “studenti dell'Onda” condemned to work in Call Centres, to be precarious workers or to emigration, who will be marching in the cities? The populations from the South who have to suffer the mafia thanks to conniving politicians? The MeetUps? The Di Pietro–style scoundrels and the journalists that are not on the payroll, like Gomez and Travaglio? The Five Star Movement that refers to this blog and its town councillors? A Movement defined hostile by the Berlusconi allies of the PDminusL, the “Desaparecidos” of Italian politics. There’s just so much choice.
The psycho-dwarf has done better to articulate his weak thought: “A State has the task of defending itself even from the internal attacks, by taking into the field the Army of the Good”. Internal attacks? And who are the “Army of the Good”? The PDL people who have been definitively convicted? The Generals Dell'Utri and Previti? The attendants Ghedini, Alfano and Schifani lined up against the magistracy?
“Accappatoio Sevaggio” made it clear: “It is a task that a government must take on with extreme decision and the representatives of the police forces agree with this need.” And that’s the rub. What is it exactly that the police forces agree with? The Heads of the Police, the Carabinieri and the Army are very well aware of who is in the government and his own personal story. What can they agree about in relation to public order with one like that? I have the suspicion, perhaps the hope, that they agree with little or nothing. Having more military personnel on the streets this autumn will not be of any use. Wretchedness cannot be stopped. Italy is changing and the blades of the helicopter have already started going round.

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August 15, 2009

The plank in the eye

A mountain of bullshit

The air is heavy on this Day of the Assumption holiday. Too many people are already walking around with a plank in their eye. Shamelessly too. They no longer fear any consequences. The plank in the eye is exhibited in public with total self-assurance. It has become a sign of social recognition. A kind of status symbol. Italy is like Hell, disguised as Heaven.
Parliament is the most sought after circle of Hell. Once you get there, you can do anything you wish, including that which is prohibited for the common citizen. Prohibited for the dead souls that many Italians have now become. You can afford to have so many planks in your eye that you could just as well set up a joinery business. Heavy drugs, associating with the mafia and the camorra, corruption and even prostitution. A cocaine-addicted Deputy is not deemed to have committed any offence, while a joiner who grows some weed gets killed. In addition to Parliament, the second circle is similarly protected. It is the new Italian Stock Exchange, the lifeblood and the profit domain of Tronchetti, Geronzi, Tanzi, Cragnotti, the ubiquitous Berlusconi and the descendants of the Agnelli family. The third circle is where the wheeler-dealers, the local councillors, the up and coming mobsters and the simple arse creepers prosper. There are hosts and hosts of them. Their pupils only bear their masters’ smaller planks, but they are most brazen and boorish of the lot. They insult youngsters in public and then have them taken away by the forces of Law and Order. The fourth circle contains the Banana Republicans, the inscrutables, the indifferents, the “I’ll look the other way”s and the “mygrandfatherlivedtobeonehundredyearsoldbymindinghisownbusiness”s. There are entire armies of these out there and they have wormed their way in absolutely everywhere, including into families, into offices and into the Churches.
Protecting this fantastic world of planks are the lovers of lies. Raised in the newspaper publishing offices, the Public Relations offices of the political parties and in the television studios. Born liars that sneeze like the Campidoglio ducks at the mere mention of the truth. Those that look for the splinter in the eye of any of the System’s detractors. They turn white into black and shit into gold. They turn a scoundrel into a Prime Minister. A dancing girl into a Government minister. A ham actor into a Senate spokesman. They are the modern wizards of Government political-speak. Professionals in the art of defamation. Regurgitators of false accusations, living on subsidies and the taxpayers’ money.
It’s getting hot here in Italy this August. Unbearably hot. Outside of the circles, the temporary workers, the unemployed, the pensioners getting 500 Euro a month and the graduates with no future are waiting. Then there are also the honest people, the humiliated, the seekers of the truth, the pains in the arse, those that get their information from the Web and the international press. There are many such people and the number continues to grow. It is a growing tidal wave. When the well informed eventually make up the majority, the helicopter blades will start turning. Perhaps a cargo plane will be required for all of them to get away and maybe that will not even be enough. Blessed are the fugitives, because they won’t have to face the anger of the honest men. They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

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August 14, 2009

Mothers 2.0

Mothers 2.0

In Italy, you can do whatever you like, just don't touch our mothers. Mothers are sacred. "Mother, only for you my song takes flight, mother, you will be with me, you won’t be alone any more!" our soldiers used to sing during the Second World War. The German allies, who were used to hearing Lili Marlene and the military marches, would look at them in amazement. Italian mothers make all the decisions, including the meals on the table, the type of furniture in the house, holidays and the son’s girlfriend. If the mothers wanted it to, the whole of Italy would be changed within a month. Who would be able to fight against the mothers of this world? No one has ever succeeded. Not even the Argentinean generals against the "Madres de Plaza de Mayo", who were demanding justice for their children who had disappeared, the so-called “desaparecidos”. Mothers can do anything. Mothers on the Internet can do even more. An army of mothers networking with each other can beat the crisis, they can change society and halt the current political rot. Today the Blog wishes to announce the start of a permanent initiative entitled "Mothers 2.0" in order to enable mothers to swap children’s clothes, toys, shoes and pushchairs, as well as films, books and all those other things that only work for a short time before new ones have to be bought without delay. Why buy these when you can swap them for others? The GDP may well crash, but who gives a damn anyway. Thousands of new friendships between mothers will be born, the family budget will improve and a little less of the Earth’s resources will be used up, the very planet on which our children will be obliged to live. Any mothers that would like to participate can send in their contact details and state what they want or what they would like the Blog to do. A preliminary list will be made available in September. With immediate effect, the Mothers 2.0 will be ready to use on Facebook. "All mothers of the world are beautiful when they are hugging a child to their breast".



Unite against the crisis and to transform society
Copy the code below into the HTML of your blog


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August 13, 2009

Politics and shopping

Bilanci di giustizia
The revolution is done with shopping. That’s what the priests say. But less, but “just”. Don’t waste. If you do that you will feel better. For example, you can use less detergent, drink fresh milk from the distributor, eat non-imported seasonal food. You will save at least 16%. The rules followed by the families in don Gianni Fazzini’s community of 1200 families are pure common sense and as well as producing a saving, they save time as well. They are families who are doing politics with their shopping and every month they are publishing their family budget. In the future, in the secret of the confessional, anyone who is polluting, wasting, is destroying by what they are buying, will receive absolution only if they sign up to don Gianni Fazzini’s “Bilanci di giustizia” {weighing up justice}. O Lord! Give us this day our daily (just) shopping!

”I am don Gianni Fazzini. I am a priest from Venice and for a few years I have been following Beppe Grillo. Today I would like to use the blog to tell you some good news. In Italy, there are 1200 families who for some time now, have been rethinking how they are doing their spending. And they are freeing their own heads from advertising and from special offers and they are asking what is really necessary for them and what is right that they buy.
These families are connected into a network. It’s called “Bilanci di giustizia”. They are very picky. Every month they send us their family budget and they tell us what spending they were able to do by thinking about it.
Just recently, we have finally analysed all their monthly records and we can give you some figures that I feel are very interesting. These families have been able to change the way they consume and to do this with accuracy and awareness, by 31%. That’s 31% of all their spending. And by doing this they have achieved two results that I feel are very important. One is that – they say they have improved the quality of their lives. We went to Germany and we got some help from the Wuppertal Institute. There, they told us that in order to measure the quality of life, the safest way is this: find out how much time a person has to do the things that they feel are the most important. And so we have used this indicator to find out. OK, on a scale of one to seven, the majority of the families found that they were landing up between five and six. We also asked them about their own views on their quality of life. Here too they ended up between five and six.
If we think about what we buy. If we are questioning whether by buying a certain thing we are voting for the one who is working in a correct way, looking after the environment and paying those who work in a just way, then we too are better off.
By putting this mechanism into action, these families have saved 16% on the same statistical social class of the average Italian.
All this makes us say that a step to gain freedom and for a true political action, can really start from our day-to-day spending.
These families will all come together on 27 to 31 August in Oropa in the province of Biella. They have given the event an interesting title: “Taste the beauty and construct the hope”. You can go onto the site They you will find all the information and of course you will find the figures that I have given you but in more detail and selected.
Thank you. If you too try doing your shopping with thoughtfulness, you’ll see that you’ll feel better. “

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The prohibitionism that kills

Drugged civilisations of prohibitionism
August is the month of appeals. After the one for the defence of the Internet from court actions for defamation, today there’s the new appeal for the decriminalisation of soft drugs.
Too many people are arrested and never come back home for a joint, from Aldo Bianzino to Stefano Frapporti. In many European countries marijuana is free. In Italy, there’s the free circulation of heavy drugs and the arrest of poor wretches for a joint. In Milan the habitual users of cocaine are estimated to be 150,000. The port of Gioia Tauro is the port seeing the entrance of every type of drug into Europe.
To resolve the problem of the overcrowding of prisons it’s enough to decriminalise marijuana. To solve the problem of strange suicides and sudden heart attacks in a cell, it’s enough to decriminalise marijuana. I am asking all the political forces and the campaign groups that want to support this appeal to make themselves known as soon as possible.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Text of the interview with Marco Pannella:
"Blog: Marco Pannella, leader of the Radical Party, a party that we know for its numerous initiatives and battles, many of which have been won. In Italy, there’s talk of narcotics, the Fini Giovanardi is just the latest of the laws that provoke this effect. For a few grammes of hashish smoke you end up in prison and then some of these detainees die within hours, either because of the shame, or because they have been beaten up by someone. How is it possible that Italy still has a law like this?
M.P.: I have to say that unfortunately, it’s not only in Italy. Now we are seeing Obama, even in the United States, prohibitionism has been a symbol. An international symbol. United Nations and so on. However since you said it and you are right, there has been a series of laws, and I am looking at that series of laws and so why have we succeeded in injuring so many to death? The Italians gave us 54% on an anti-prohibitionism proposal in 1993, among other things like the one on the abolition of public financing for a series of our own reasons and we won, we won hands down. It’s also for the passage in the American system that related to the election laws, then what came out was the “Mattarellum” and other stuff… so I have to say that a statement that seemed excessive comes from the 1970s. If we have to make a prediction about how there will be a metamorphosis of totalitarian badness that is fascist or communist and so on, it will be the one that is presented in the name of honesty, of health and so on. Prohibitionism will be the new reincarnation of what has been beaten. We had the right vision, because now actually at the American frontier, for example the one with Mexico, that in the end they have to stay there with the army constantly at risk. Why? Prohibitionism. The strength given to the underworld of drugs and then think of Saviano and the others and it comes out that there’s a confusion between the official respectable financial capitalism and I would not say it’s good because that doesn’t exist, and the one that is officially criminal in nature.
Afghanistan has an explanation. It’s basically prohibitionism.
Blog: land of opium
M.P.:Exactly because in Italy if we were to establish from Veneto to Piedmont the prohibition on the cultivation of grapes, because otherwise there’s no wine, I believe that it would become an enormous social battle. Now, with marijuana, now with Obama from a certain point of view, already there are signals of renouncing prohibitionism


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August 11, 2009

Grillo168 – The Internet Shield

Grillo168 – The Internet Shield
I would like to return to the topic of the court actions for defamation, that really have been a part of my professional life for years. I remember that there was a socialist in prison who was always saying to me: “As soon as I get out of prison I’ll bring an action against you!” Now times have really changed. Compared to this, the Socialists were tiny babies. Today there’s an incredible tendency. Things you can’t imagine can happen. An assassin, with a suspended sentence, a pardon, and with all sorts, can get out of prison and, if you mention the fact in a newspaper, or on a blog or on the internet, you can be had up for defaming the assassin. And he asks you for damages, perhaps even millions in damages. The one who is had up for defamation always risks more than the one bringing the action.
Now take away the word “assassin” and replace it with “bankrupt”, “swindler”, “mafia person”, the concept doesn’t change. The one who speaks the truth is always risking more, that’s perhaps, like I do, or like you do when you are shouting the truth our loud.
We are living in a really strange Country, in which a little man like Schifani, protected by the shield of the Lodo Schifani and then by the Lodo Alfano, can denounce a journalist like Travaglio, because Travaglio exposes facts on TV. The ones who are risking more than others these days are us, the people of the Internet. It’s the internet. How can you gag the truth? There are millions of posts, millions of film clips, millions of comments. There are three routes for gagging the Internet, three routes. The first is with the little attempts, in August: around 14. 18, 16 August. Amendments, sub-amendments to the amendments. Changing the laws on publishing as has been done by these squalid folk like Levi, Ms Carlucci, and D’Alia. I remember Gentiloni who said “I didn’t realise that, because I was playing tennis with Ermete”. Ministers who don’t notice these things. The internet noticed and together with all the bloggers we blocked it. Or it can be done in other ways. By placing the Internet in a situation in which it cannot operate. Like in the Fourth World. 3000 town without ADSL, to do Wifi you have to shout loud. There’s more speed and more Internet in any island in the Indian Ocean than there is in Sardinia. Thus we are already in the Fourth World as regards Communications.
And the other thing is defamation. You write something and you make an error in an article, a comma, you put a badly designed phrase in inverted commas, and there you’ve triggered an action for defamation with millions of damages. This is intimidation: attack one to attack a hundred. The court action is triggered. This famous court action. An action done by the rich against those who cannot afford it. The politicians, the people with certain means can do this, but the ones who are taken to court generally have problems, some financial problems. These days, there’s the risk that a camorra-person, while under house-arrest, but with a clever lawyer, can send Saviano to prison. It’s incredible. You take a civil action and you ask for money. You take me to court and you ask me for a million euro. OK, if you lose then pay me a million euro. You have to be risking something. It’s not OK to use the court actions like that to cause intimidation. That’s why I have decided to defend the bloggers. Not because I am altruistic or a benefactor of humanity. Because the Internet is a system that can protect itself. How? We can protect ourselves very well. We have started this defence battle that is called “The Internet Shield” in which we are looking for the best lawyers, the ones that are against the stupid ones, who are a bit motivated by certain things and who can give a contribution to those of the Internet who have a court action brought against them for some phrase, some comma, some inverted commas.
The initiative is called “The Internet Shield” and it will give the list of all the lawyers who are available to both defend and to prevent court actions for defamation by supplying correct information.
Look, I have a certain amount of experience on court actions and I have some really skilled marvellous lawyers. Now in these last six months no one has brought an action for defamation against me and there are my lawyers who are calling me and saying: “Well then Grillo, what do we want to do? We can’t go on like this!” OK. My lawyers, who are people who are used to this type of experience, will be available to the Internet.
They will never give up, and you – here I’m talking to the bloggers and those of you who make use of the Internet, - you must absolutely not give up. Because if you give up I will take a court action against you all! See you later.

P.S.: Those lawyers who want to contact me about the initiative can do so by sending information to the blog.

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August 10, 2009

Mediaset’s fiscal heavens

Mediaset’s fiscal heavens - Marco Travaglio
Il Cavaliere’s nightmares

”What‘s worrying Il Cavaliere? What’s disturbing his dreams, apart from the events with the women, the escorts, or rather let’s call them prostitutes, that are giving movement to our spring and summer? Probably one of the reasons for his worrying is the re-opening of the investigations into the secret instigators of the slaughters and the emergence of that famous letter, in fact of the three famous letters: famous for us who have talked about them here on Passaparola, famous for very few of those who have seen TV News, given that they have never heard tell the truth not even in many of the great newspapers, apart from the odd one, there is this: the famous letters from Provenzano to Il Cavaliere. But there are also a couple of new things that have popped up in Milan and that are really not well known: as far as I know it’s only been Luigi Ferrarella once in Il Corriere della Sera to talk about this and also Paolo Biondani and Vittorio Malagutti in L’Espresso. One is the Mediatrade investigation and the other is the investigation into Lugano’s Arner Bank. I’ll explain and I’ll try to do it quickly, because these are investigations that are not covered by the Lodo Alfano. As you know the Lodo Alfano relates only to trials and thus the investigations against the top positions can still be done. There are 6 trials against Berlusconi that are blocked: the Mills trial for Berlusconi and the trial for the buying and selling of Mediaset rights (in which Il Cavaliere is accused of false accounting, tax fraud and embezzlement) )is blocked whereas the investigations can still go on. Well, things are coming to a conclusion, for the end of the time frame for the investigations into Mediatrade. What is Mediatrade? It is a company that is controlled by the Berlusconi group that since 1999 has the task of purchasing the rights for the broadcast of TV and film programmes on Fininvest networks, rights that are bought above all in the United States, from the Major companies in Hollywood. Before these rights were bought for the Group by a company in Malta, the IMS and now since 1999 they have been bought by Mediatrade.
Consequently, the Mediatrade case is a separate issue and it relates to the buying and selling of TV rights. We have already explained on other occasions how, according to the accusation, this happened: if the one buying the films, the TV programmes the fiction and so on is the company Fininvest first and then Mediaset, the price is established and that’s the end of it. However, according to the accusation, what did Fininvest do and then what did Mediaset do? They got the films bought by an offshore company in the tax havens. These companies were secretly controlled by the Group and thus they didn’t appear to be part of the Group and thus the films, each time there was a change of ownership, had an increase in price: a fictitious increase that went on to create a gigantic supply of secret funds, that then were distributed to the various companies that in a chain system passed these films from one to the other. The first bought at 10, the second at 15, the third at 30, the fourth and the fifth and in the end, when they arrived at the final destination, the final user as we can call them, they had a value that was much higher than they were really worth and all the rest got sat upon in the form of secret funds, unknown to the tax authorities, and flying in the face of transparency of the accounts to go and provide supplies to these great big lungs of secret funds, and it is considered that it was Berlusconi who was really the final user, because he is accused of embezzlement, that is of having stolen from the cash supplies of his own companies, that are also partly quoted on the Stock Exchange, as well as not having paid the taxes and for having falsified the accounts, according to the hypothesis put forward in the accusation.

... "

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August 09, 2009

Court action for defamation against the Internet

Fazio says “sorry” to Schifani
The court action for defamation has survived all the reforms of the Justice System, from the removal of penalties for false accounting, to the Lodo Alfano, the separation of the career, to the gagging of information. The court action for defamation is useful for those in power. It is a weapon for the rich. It is used to intimidate. To shut people up. To remove the financial means from the adversary. Often with the search for a tiny detail, like for example, the failure to put a phrase in inverted commas. The court action can be in the civil or the criminal courts. If all goes well, the adversary gets trapped in the mire and you take home a neat sum. Perhaps with the slice of a fifth of some poor wretch’s salary.
The action of defamation should be depenalised. And if there’s a request for financial compensation, the one who brings the action, should be obliged to deposit the whole sum requested in an account with the Tribunal. If they lose, that deposit will be used to compensate the one who has been taken to task. It’s too convenient to cover someone with mud, to frighten them and then to get away with just paying the court costs.
Usually, the action is taken against someone who is telling the truth, not a lie. Usually the ones bringing the actions are the politicians and the representatives of the so-called institutions, never the citizens. Usually the action for defamation is used rather than other means of discussion so as to end up in the newspapers of the regime and give the impression of being innocent. I’m thinking of Schifani who cannot be put on trial and has taken Travaglio to court for defamation. “Mavalà Ghedini” is threatening to take anyone to court if they call his client a “whoremonger” (and that’s practically half the world). Cicchitto has taken L’Espresso to court.
I’ve got some good lawyers and a lot of court actions. I’d prefer not to have them, but they are a part of the game. Nearly always, I’ve won. Most bloggers have no money, and neither are they accustomed to being taken to court by a powerful guy, who at times, can use well-known lawyers, sometimes at the expense of the State. The whole of the Internet is at risk of being taken to court. All the truth that is on the Internet is an attack on the Regime. It’s not possible to take a court action out against the Internet, but it’s possible to limit it, to place on it, idiotic restrictions like those in China and Burma as they have done and as they are doing. This is why I want to create a “pool” of Internet lawyers who are available for those who are taken to court.
I’m asking all those lawyers who read what I write who want to defend bloggers for free, to send me their contact details. I will insert them in a list on the blog. For the more complex cases, I will make available my own lawyers, who by now have quite a bit of experience. From September, there‘ll be a “help” area on the blog for the bloggers who have been taken to court with the facts you must know so as to defend yourself, the law firms that you can turn to and a list of the current actions against Internet publications. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

P.S.: The lawyers who want to contact me for this initiative can leave me their details on the blog using the category: "Aspetti legali del blog" {Blog legal aspects}.

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August 08, 2009

Don't call it fascism

Mussolini, the greatest statesman of the century

"My name is Alessio and, although I don’t believe that you will publish this letter since your blog has some very different views, I am going to send it to you anyway. I am a “missino” (member of the Ultra-Nationalist Italian Right wing Movement) of the 70’s generation. One of those that took part in demonstrations in Milan and, when evening came, was only too happy to have returned home unscathed. One that believed in Giorgio Almirante and kept a copy of the book entitled "Autobiografia di un fucilatore" (autobiography of a firing squad member) on his bedside table. Someone that loathed the Mafia and Freemasons alike.
Today I hear people say that we are living under a fascist regime. But this is an insult to fascism. Mussolini sent prefect Mori to Sicily to fight the Mafia. His alleged heirs, the post-fascists, post-“missini”, later “annini” and then no more, have allied themselves with a party created by Dell'Utri, a man who has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment for associating with the Mafia.
Mine was a generation that believed in Justice and in the State, a belief that was even shared by our Hero Borsellino, a generationthat has now sunk so low as to become a shoulder to lean on for a P2-ist whoremongering scoundrel. How can people like Fini and La Russa, a man that previously risked his life for his ideas, those in which the young people of ""Giovane Italia" once believed, have the gall to now suddenly be a part of this contemptible charade? If Ramelli were still alive today, he would most certainly be sick to his stomach. I, instead, am merely discouraged.
What we really wanted was a Homeland, however, what we have landed up with instead is the Lega and the Party of the South. Gaber once said that "His generation had lost", which is all good and well, but my generation has totally lost its socks and now we are even being told that we have won. Even Fascism was more democratic than this caricature of twisted democracy in which the same people always win, namely the rich and powerful. Fascism will never return. They made some inexcusable mistakes and fascism is now finally dead and buried, but during the fascist period, someone like Gelli would have been locked up and someone like the psychodwarf banished to some or other godforsaken province. I believe that no State can tolerate the existence of a secret counterculture in its midst, nor can it afford to relinquish the principle of Authority otherwise all is lost. The Southern regions of this Country are under the control of the Mafia syndicates, yet we are told that “we must learn to co-exist” with them. The Freemasons are stronger than ever before. The American occupation troops are still here in Italy, more than sixty years after the end of the war.
The typical literature of my Right wing used to include Guénon, Evola, Pound, Nietzsche and D'Annunzio. Today instead, there are the reality shows, even going on at Palazzo Grazioli, the new regime’s bordello. At the time of "Mani Pulite" (the Clean Hands investigation) ours was the party of honesty, the only one, fighting against corruption. The Milan Pool (a group of investigating prosecutors) was a real point of reference, even though the members were somewhat inclined to the left. The very same leaders of the time have now voted in favour of the Alfano Bill, a disgraceful law that not even “Il Duce” would have wanted. And for what purpose? Simply to prevent Berlusconi’s prosecution on charges of corruption. Not on some or other political charges but simply for money, for filthy lucre.
Perhaps I got it all wrong, as did my counterparts from Avanguardia Operaia (Workers Vanguard) and Lotta Continua (Continuous Battle) who have, in any event, since earned my respect. We all believed in a better Italy, albeit each of us in our own way. I learned at my own expense that the Italian population is an opportunistic one with an extremely short memory." Alessio

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August 07, 2009

Stefano, alive at the barracks and dead in the cell

Stefano, alive at the barracks and dead in the cell

Stefano Frapporti was a 48-year old builder. He was riding around on his bicycle when he was arrested by the Police. He was taken to prison on suspicion that he was dealing in drugs. He never got out of the cell alive.
This blog interviewed Stefano’s sister, Ida.

No comment.

Text of the interview:
"I.F.: Good day, I am Ida, sister of Stefano Frapporti who unfortunately died under strange, suspicious and dubious circumstances on 22 July. All I want is some clarity regarding precisely what happened and why my brother was stopped after a day of hard work. My brother worked as a builder, 9 or 10 hours per day and he was simply having a ride on his bicycle in the area. I was told by a number of witnesses that he was approached by a number of men in an unmarked police car and we only found out later that they were policemen. They also treated him very badly, claiming that he had cut them off. From there he was taken to the police barracks, after which there are no witnesses who can tell us what happened next, except for what the policemen have told us. They would not have found anything illegal on my brother’s person. This was confirmed by the police report, nothing other than his personal effects. The policemen claim that Stefano told them he had one or two joints at home. All nonsense, because my brother didn’t smoke at all, he didn’t even smoke cigarettes.
blog: So, they stopped him under the pretext of a trivial incident on the road and then he landed up in the Police barracks accused of dealing in hashish.
I.F.: From the police reports, it would appear that the area had been identified as being a place frequented by drug peddlers and suspected buyers, that’s all.
blog: Did the policemen ever search your brother’s house?
I.F.: They claim that they did! There are no witnesses because the policemen apparently went there on their own, or so they say. They claim that with my brother there with them, they found almost 100 grams of hashish.
blog: Split into individual doses?
I.F.: Split into doses and discovered in three different parts of the house. I was the first person to go into the house and the spots where they claim to have discovered the drug were clearly evident, namely, behind a shoe cupboard that was slightly detached from the wall and in two drawers that were slightly open. In my opinion, they didn’t even bother to check any other parts of the house.
blog: So your brother occasionally smoked these joints. Even though he was not a habitual smoker in everyday life, he occasionally smoked the odd joint.
I.F.: I presume so, although I never saw him smoking!
blog: But, in your opinion, could he perhaps have been selling such a large amount of the drug?
I.F.: Absolutely not! Also because, as the Director of the rural co-operative bank told me, all you have to do to discover what kind of life a person leads is to check the movements on his/her accounts, in other words, what he/she earns and what he/she spends. They even confiscated the 100 Euro that he had on his person, an amount that virtually anyone may have in his pocket these days. According to the account statement, he had drawn this money just two days earlier and it was still in his pocket! He was also very careful with his money and even managed to buy himself that apartment all on his own.
blog: So, the moral of the story is that your brother was taken to prison and accused of being a drug dealer. That same evening, after he was stopped at 7 pm and landed up in jail at around 10pm, at which time the policemen had already searched his house. What happened next?
I.F.: Judging by what we were told, while in jail he said that he wanted to make a telephone call to his sister because, in addition to being his sister, I also somewhat of a mother to him, especially after my mother’s death. I also knew that he was a bit of a fragile character and he needed support. Stefano was a hard worker, but as regards everyday matters he always looked to me for advice. He said he wanted to use the telephone and from what we were told…:
blog: Who told you that he wanted to phone you?
I.F.: The Chief Prison Warder told me, or rather told us, because my adult son, my son, my husband and my two other brothers were also there. The records show, instead, that they had given him the option to make a telephone call, which he refused. From what they say, it appears that he was only in the cell for a short time, perhaps 20 minutes or so. Apparently he then pulled out the tie from his tracksuit, tied it to a beam and placed the other end around his neck. They say that he then stood on the toilet, took a step back and died. His body was discovered almost immediately by the guard on patrol. They tried to cut the cord, or so they say, and they tried to resuscitate him, all before midnight. He was only declared dead at twenty minutes past midnight because it took the doctors some time to get to the place.
blog: And you, who were part sister and part mother to him, were absolutely unaware of what had happened until 10 o’clock the next morning. How did you eventually find out?
I.F.: The prison warder said that they had to wait for the municipal registry office to open in order to find out the names of Stefano’s next of kin. From there they found the telephone number of my older brother, who was at work at the time. My brother informed me and, at the same time, my other brother and we hurried down to find out what had happened.
blog: And what opinion were you able to form regarding the death? Why would your brother have committed suicide in his cell? Was he alone in the cell?
I.F.: Yes, he was alone in the cell. I’m sure that he killed himself although certain people doubt this. I am convinced that he would not have been able to accept such a dishonour. He would not have survived because of his honesty and his good nature. I am not accusing anyone of having killed him, that is with his or her own hands. I am certain that he himself did the deed because he have been unable to overcome the dishonour, knowing that he had nothing to do with the drug world.
blog: So you say that he was a hard worker and that he did not sell drugs?
I.F.: Of course! He probably smoked the odd joint on a social basis.
blog: So why do you think he was identified and landed up dying in jail?
I.F.: My brother should never have been there! It was the wrong place. They knew him, they knew that he had no criminal record and they saw that he had only received one fine in his entire life. For overtaking illegally. For him to get to 48 years of age, indeed 3 days before his 49th birthday, without a single contravention to his name, means that Stefano had nothing to do with the Justice system. All he ever did was work, so he didn’t belong there. They could just as well have let him go home and then continue with their investigations because Stefano would never have absconded.
blog: Instead they stopped him near a particular venue in the vicinity of the Carabinieri barracks.
I.F.: They suspected that he was a seller of this stuff and the venue was under surveillance. Instead of...
blog: But your brother was on his bicycle! Was he on his way to that venue?
I.F.: Who knows! Who can say? He was passing by, who knows whether he intended to consume something there or whether he was passing that place on his way into town, probably to do some shopping? When I was in his house I noticed that he had bought some things, such as a swimming costume and goggles to take to the seaside where he was going on holiday the following week.
blog: But the policemen also found a set of precision scales in your brother’s house.
I.F.: The same kind of kitchen scale that I also have. That everyone has. I realised that it was missing. It is definitely missing. It was a scale that was purchased at the shop in front of the Lidl supermarket, the police report even mentions the brand name. It is certainly not an instrument that measures grams.
blog: In closing, what are your doubts and what would you like to say? What do you intend to do next?
I.F.: I want closure. I haven’t yet come to terms with the loss of my brother and I haven’t even had time to think about missing my brother and the fact that I will never see him again. It is eating away at my insides and I am distraught at the thought of the two hours that my brother spent like a defenceless child. I say as a child because my brother was a weak character. He was too gentle, too honest. There are many people who can testify to this. It’s not for nothing that the entire town is up in arms! Everyone is up in arms, including friends and people that he didn’t even know. Everyone is on his side. What I want now is some sort of explanation from the justice system. The people involved in this field and those handling this matter must investigate immediately and give me some answers regarding precisely what happened and why they arrested him in the first place. Whether it was a bad tip-off or whatever... I will never know the truth. Never.
blog: Why?
I.F.: Unfortunately most Italians also feel this way about our justice system.
There is a dark side. And I’m not getting any answers from anybody. Nobody."

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August 06, 2009

Terra reloaded

The melting of the glaciers
World governments are in the thralls of an hysterical joy. They have saved the banks, and thus themselves, and they feel safe. Everything as before. A stimulus for cars, CO2 and cement. For the production of useless goods that fuel a senseless economy that is destroying the planet. The fashion parade of the G8 with clothes, lunches, dinners and “cotillion”, has ended with nothing concrete. The participants at the l'Aquila parade are irresponsible people. They decided not to decide. To move the hand of the clock to 2050 to limit greenhouse gas emissions to a maximum increase of two degrees. By then Obama, Merkel, the psycho-dwarf, Brown and their consorts will be dead. Two degrees-2050, a good pairing. Why not one degree in 2020 or half a degree in 2015? These folk are playing at dice with our lives. Economic interests are guiding the governments, not social interests. The economic crisis has been a great occasion (already lost) to redefine priorities. We should be arriving at change by necessity.
Man is the only living being that destroys the environment that allows him to live. He seems like an alien come from space with the mission of eliminating life on earth. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS) are producing data and analyses about the disappearance of the glaciers. Glaciers contain three quarters of existing fresh water. If they all were to melt, the level of sea water would rise by 65 metres. Just the disappearance of the Greenland ice cap would correspond to a rise of seven metres. Glaciers are evaporating before our very eyes while we are committed to increase the number of cars world-wide and to rejoice for Fiat and Ford. The Alps have lost 22% of their glaciers since the year 2000, two thirds of those in the Pyrenees have disappeared since the middle of last century. Just in the heat of 2003 European glaciers lost between 5 and 10% of their volume. Future hypotheses forecast many years like 2003. China and India are not part of the G8, but they are very interested in glaciers. With the current rate of melting, within 40 years, the glaciers of the Himalayas will no longer exist. The life of 40% of the world population depends on the water reserves of the Himalayas which sees the source of some of the world’s greatest rivers like the Ganges and the Yangtze.
Information is the best way of stopping the disappearance of the glaciers. For months, we have been warned about the spread of a flu virus, but the media are giving no importance to the disappearance of the reserves of fresh water. The blog has interviewed some of the best minds on the planet about the future that is waiting for us and how we can face up to it. Their voices have been collected together into a documentary put together with the help of Greenpeace and it will come out on 15 September with the title: “Terra reloaded”. There’s not a lot of time left, but we will do it.

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Bologna Massacre: 29 years and no response

Interviews of the blog Paolo Bolognesi, Chair of the campaign group for the victims of the slaughter at Bologna
The interview with Paolo Bolognesi, Chair of the campaign group for the victims of the Bologna massacre, shows that the P2 has been triumphant, that its anti-democratic and subversive plan today has become democratic and constitutional. After 29 years, according to Bolognesi, secret service documents that are fundamental for the investigations are still not in the possession of the magistrates. What else is there to say? Gelli was found guilty of having muddied the waters in the investigation on the Bologna slaughter and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, now he is giving lectures on TV about high politics. One of his favourite pupils, the psycho-dwarf (card holder number 1816), is President of the Council. Tens, perhaps hundreds of P2-ists have had a good career and the instigators and political inspiration of 14 slaughters still have no name.

Text of the interview:

blog: Paolo Bolognesi, Chair of the campaign group for the victims of the slaughter at Bologna, 29 years ago, a bomb exploded in the waiting room that is here behind you and it caused the death of 85 people, and injuries to 207 people of whom 70 are permanent invalids. Did you have relatives that died in this disaster?
P.B.: Yes, yes in this disaster the mother of my wife was killed and my son, my wife’s father and my mother were seriously injured.
blog: Do they still carry the marks of this experience?
P.B.: Yes they have 80% invalidity.
blog: Well, in the past 30 years there has always been talk of State Secrecy. What’s the point in having State Secrecy in the face of this type of slaughter in which civilians have paid the price?
P.B.: Well of the 14 slaughters that there have been in Italy, no one has managed to identify the instigators and the political inspiration. This is this nation’s big problem. State Secrecy is often not official with all the scruples imposed by the authorities who have to impose them, but secrecy is imposed by the Secret Services that don’t allow the judges to have the documentation that would allow them to identify the instigators and to find the right routes to swiftly attack the guilty people.
blog: People say that you are a bit of an opportunist because you are looking for visibility only to attack Francesco Cossiga.
P.B.: No, you see, Cossiga was the President of the Council at the time the slaughter took place. Cossiga and Andreotti appointed all the directors of the service who were members of the P2 Masonic Lodge. Cossiga is the one who draws his sword to defend the two people who actually carried out the action by saying that they are innocent, however, from here, to involving him directly in the slaughter there’s a big gap! It’s certain that he has a political responsibility given that the political responsibility for security lies with the President of the Council, and that was Cossiga at that time.
blog: Well, the current President of the Council is Silvio Berlusconi. In 1980, he had been a member of the P2 Masonic Lodge for two years and Sandro Bondi is one of his men.
P.B.: Yes the discussion must be very clear. The P2 Masonic Lodge had a political plan called the “Piano di rinascita democratica” ("plan of democratic rebirth"). This plan in its time was considered to be antidemocratic and subversive. This plan today has largely been put into effect and it is still being used, given that the laws made in the last 15 years by Right wing governments seem to be drawing inspiration from that renaissance plan.


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August 04, 2009

Grillo168 – Us, the citizens

Grillo168 - Us, the citizens
Why create a movement? Simple! Because it’s already there! If you remember, millions of people came out into the streets for the two V-Days. The first was to have a clean Parliament and the second was to have freedom of information. Millions of people who came out into the “piazza” from everywhere. In Piazza Farnese, together with the families of mafia victims, in Piazza Dante in Naples against the rubbish in Campania. Citizens who, by using the local MeetUps, have produced the Five Star Civic Lists. So there are around forty well-informed people to be found in thirty councils of important cities like Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Treviso, Ancona, and Livorno. There are hundreds of thousands of Italian citizens who have created a forum and have worked for eight months to do the Citizen Primaries, if you remember. They worked on the economy, on energy, on health. And then we took these Citizen Primaries to Prodi who immediately put them in a drawer.
The parties no longer exist. They are like Wile E. Coyote, have you noticed? To make them collapse it’s enough to tell them to look down. In fact, as soon as Wile E. Coyote realises that he is suspended in emptiness, he falls. Just as all these caricatures have fallen. From Topo Gigio Veltroni to the psycho-dwarf. They are caricatures, cartoon characters. From the “smemorato di Collegno”, Mancino up to the President of the Republic ,Morpheus.
Minister Tremorti is scraping the barrel. He doesn’t know what to do any more. He is even getting hold of gold bars from the Bank of Italy. He seems like “il Duce” fleeing Dongo with the treasure.
In September the manual workers will be leaving the factories. Who will welcome them? The anti-riot police!
The public debt is an abyss. It is increasing by 18-20 billion euro a month. This State has failed. It is in “default completo”. It’s enough to get a threat from Totò Riina and the threat of creating a “Party of the South” and straight away four billion euro are offered to Sicily, while in Abruzzo the earthquake survivors are still living in tents.
The Movement is the voice of millions of people who have no voice in the TV News, or in TV, but they will be the voice of the Italy of tomorrow. The Italy of honest, transparent, clean people, who don’t want nuclear power stations, incinerators, rubbish tips with toxic poisonous waste. An Italy for respectable people who don’t want power for its own sake. But who want to do something to change this state of things. People who are continuing to see State slaughters, like the one in Bologna, covered by State Secrecy. And if there’s still State Secrecy, it means that it was instigated by the State.
I want to see the people governing this Country to be amusing. People who can make you laugh, who can play with their children, who can go out and do the shopping. Not people who are protected by body guards, Army and anti-riot Police.
I want to see a Country where, if someone shouts out the truth and speaks the truth, they don’t have to see the Police coming into their house at 6:30 in the morning because in a TV programme they asked questions of our employee “avvocato Pecorella”, about why he defended a mafia assassin, the assassin of Don Diana.
I want that whoever wants to participate in person in the construction of his or her own future has that possibility. To go into the town council to decide things about the territory, about the quality of the environment, about their own life, the air, the water. A country in which a referendum is not stuffed in a drawer, like the popular laws, that just stay written on paper.
A Country where we live now that is without an Opposition, where the Parliament has been deprived of its authority. Where the ones who are governing are two business committees: the PDL and the PDminusL. I can guarantee that this Movement will not delegate anyone. It’s a first person movement. First person plural: Us, the citizens.
In the Autumn, by means of the Internet, I will start the Regional Five Star Lists and straight after that the Movement. A Movement of direct democracy. A virus that cannot be stopped because it is marching on through its ideas and its programmes. And above all with its joyfulness. Because laughter is contagious. Very contagious. Thus “a bout of laughter will bury you all!” Buon 168!

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August 03, 2009

De Gennaro and the bloodbath

De Gennaro and the bloodbath - Marco Travaglio


Raid on the Diaz School

”The other week we talked about a trial that is coming to an end in the civil courts, the trial requested by De Benedetti against Fininvest, to compensate De Benedetti, for having snatched Mondadori 19 years ago. This week we are taking about another trial that will finish at the first level, probably in September after the summer break. It’s the trial relating to the Head of the coordinating structure of our secret services that are now called DIS. You know that every so often they change the name. Anyway Gianni De Gennaro who is a great police officer, and who has had a career working with Giovanni Falcone and then with Giancarlo Caselli is a bit like the Antimafia hero, there’s no doubt. However, there are serious suspicions hanging over him for diversionary manoeuvres in the investigations into the responsibilities in the police raid on the Diaz school on 21 July 2001, during the G8 gathering in Genoa, when 93 young men and women were badly beaten up while they were sleeping after the G8, after they had been demonstrating against the G8.
For Gianni De Gennaro, the Genoa Prosecutors Office has asked for two years in prison, because while abusing his authority he is accused of having persuaded Francesco Colucci (who was at that time the Genoa Questore) to lie to the Genoa Tribunal about the Diaz massacre. Thus the Public Prosecutor, Enrico Zucca, has asked for him to be sentenced not only to two years in prison but also that he should be suspended from public office. I am referring to the accounts given by Erica Della Casa, of Il Corriere and by Vanda Valli of Repubblica, because this is an important trial, as Gianni De Gennaro is important because of his image, because of his history, because of his current position and because he is at the top of the coordinating centre of the civil and military secret services. Among other things, it mustn’t be forgotten that the people who up until a couple of years ago were leaders of both secret services (civil and military) are on trial.


Signals from the Police Forces

This is a bit of the picture, the trial is obviously open to every possible outcome: it is possible that De Gennaro will be found “guilty”. It’s possible he will be found “not guilty”. It is possible that the judges will decide that there is not sufficient information because, as you have seen, it is a circumstantial trial based on declarations, retractions, and telephone calls that could even be interpreted as ambiguous. However, the fact remains that nothing has been done by the supervisory authorities to at least suspend these people who have been accused of really serious crimes. While we have seen the vicious attack by the top brass in the Police on Gioacchino Genchi, who has done absolutely nothing illegal or wrong, simply because of suspicions coming from the newspapers and the politicians who had vested interests, we here have a good dozen, to say the least, of top and middle level directors and functionaries in the Police who not only have not been removed from their positions, but who have been promoted, even though very serious accusations have been brought against them. All this, in a country that is surviving the first level verdict in the Aldrovandi trial where the police officers have been convicted of having beaten to death a young man, in a country where the verdict has just been issued on the beating up of demonstrators against the TAV at Venaus, in Valle di Susa. (There the judge who absolved the officers did not absolve them because they had done nothing, he absolved them because, unfortunately, they had helmets on and consequently it was not possible to identify the responsibilities of the individual people just because they didn’t have balaclavas on – they were covered with helmets and unfortunately helmets make identification impossible. Because for years there have been requests to put identification, at least a number that corresponds to an identity and instead, unfortunately, this has not happened. Thus once they have a helmet on, the police officers are all the same and unfortunately the ones that pay the price are the honest police officers, who are the great majority, but who, given that it’s not possible to distinguish them from those that are beating up people even in contravention of the law, in the end, they are all suspect. I think that the Police is still a great bastion of democracy and of the rule of law, but it should start to give out signals, to do some cleaning up internally and never authorise anyone to think that with a uniform on and a helmet on, it’s OK to do everything, even violate the law. The Police are given the job and unfortunately they are paid very little, to have the law respected and not to violate it."

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Letter to a car driver in a queue

Berlusconi and the Passante di Mestre
Dear car driver waiting in the queue,
You are a person fleeing from the city. In the queue with your family on a motorway, a bypass, a connecting route. You are in good company. Millions in the queue like you are watching you. They overtake you by two metres. Then you get ahead of them by one metre. It’s a game that goes on for whole afternoons. What are you fleeing from? And why are you fleeing from your home? You have a short leash. You know you will go back and soon. You are fleeing from the cement city and from cars. Stendhal’s marvelous Italian cities that have become dormitories and car parks, open-air prisons. What are you fleeing from? And who is paying for your flight if you have no money left? You are fleeing from getting paid while you are laid off, from being a precarious worker, from doing unpaid overtime, from the mortgage payments that are falling due. You amuse yourself on the boiling tarmac to get somewhere a day early. Somewhere. Yours is not a holiday. It’s a removal from reality. A mid-summer dream lasting a couple of weeks. A poor dream that’s not even beautiful. A last dance to be danced at any cost. You are the alibi of affluence, the caricature of progress. Eight, ten, twenty million Italians travelling is the symbol of opulence, of the crisis that is moving away, in fact that has never existed. The justification for mad motorways with four, five and six lanes, with bypasses along which you can’t pass. To Bridges over Straits and to Corridors inside the mountains in the Val di Susa and at the Brenner Pass. You are the true “economic man”. The GDP detonator, with your unmoving car, your petrol, your tarmacked road that is getting ever wider. Be informed when you are travelling. The radio tells you about the 10 kilometre queue at the Brenner Pass if you happen to be stuck for hours without reason on the Salerno Reggio Calabria. For the unbearable sticky heat inside the car, there’s the little San Bertolaso bottle of water. Better than Lourdes holy water. The Civil Protection saves millions of car travellers from thirst, perhaps dropped from the sky with the Canadair. Listen to music and the latest figures on the inflation that no longer exists. It’s disappeared along with the value of money. If the cost of motorway travel has gone up by 10 or 20% in a year, it’s only because it is no longer in the “market basket”. You enjoyed playing the game of the “intelligent departure”. You’ve only got left the “SuperEnalotto” and the “stupid return home”. If the tarmac is burning, the autumn will be flambé. "Hit the road, Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.." Beppe Grillo

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August 01, 2009

Political Press Release number twenty-four


The assault on Italian diligence is underway. Everyone wants their piece of the pie. Political parties, lobby groups, organised crime syndicates, local interests and foreign groups. The only ones excluded from this free for all are the citizens of this Country, those that obstinately insist on calling themselves Italians and continue to pay their taxes. Democracy has become little more than a power game. The national economy is little more than a growing public debt on our shoulders and those of future generations. The political parties have the power to make more debt and they are using this power against us. They are creating new expense headings for electoral purposes, in order to safeguard their influence, just as they have done in Sicily, to which they have now allocated another four billion Euro. The Public debt is an infinite resource for Tremorti, the Great Donor handing out the Italians’ debt. Since the beginning of the year, the Country’s public debt has risen to almost 90 billion. Who has authorised these people to get us deeper in debt? Even in the case of debt, there is a point of no return and that point is now very close. Tremorti and Draghi are well aware of this. Every item of public expenditure must have financial backing, otherwise it is tantamount to pick pocketing the Italians. A blazing hot autumn lies ahead. Once the available unemployment benefits have been exhausted, companies will be forced to either dismiss employees or to shut down completely. There are eight million Italians living in poverty. Poverty, just listen to that word: Po-ver-ty. A word that dates back to the Eighteen hundreds, and is reminiscent of Charles Dickens and boatloads of emigrants leaving for the Americas. 150 Years after the unification of Italy, there are eight million people living in poverty. This Italy that we know is bankrupt. There is no sign as yet of the arrival of a professional liquidator of the calibre of Giorgio Ambrosoli. All those that have attempted to settle financial and political accounts have either been marginalized or killed. If you play a game, the game of life and death, then everything becomes patently clear. Andreotti is alive while Moro is dead. Gelli is alive while Ambrosoli is dead. Provenzano is alive while Borsellino is dead. I could carry on like this for hours. There should be an Altar to the Fallen for civilian martyrs, a Pantheon bearing the names of the ten thousand victims. This Italy that dedicates streets to that thief Craxi, has no participative democracy, has expropriated the preferential vote and displays a thousand other social obscenities, is busy falling apart. When the money is finished, or rather, when they are eventually obliged to announce that the money is finished, then the puppets will begin to dance although no one quite knows what kind of dance that will be. Secessionist, Peronist, federalist, pre-unionist or fascist perhaps. A dance in which we will all have to participate rather than simply watch from the sidelines. After the summer, I will launch the five-star Regional Election Lists for the 2010 elections. The autumn will witness the birth of a new National Liberation Movement, a Five-Star political party that will be the expression of will of the people and an example of direct democracy. They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

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