Death from the air in Milan

Milan on its last breath. 73 people a day in hospital for smog
Could the City of Milan (and not just them) be taken to court for culpable homicide? It’s what I’ll ask my lawyers. 140 people of Milan die every year because of fine dust. Thousands are treated in the Accident and Emergency for illnesses to the respiratory apparatus. All that happens with the absence or the “omertà” of the city authorities. In 2008, the city commissioned the “Fondazione Lombarda per l'Ambiente" {Lombardy Foundation for the Environment} to do research into pollution following the introduction of the Ecopass (for anyone who doesn’t know, the Ecopass has nothing to do with the “Eco” prefix, with ecology. It does not prohibit the polluting vehicles to enter the city, but it allows them to do so by paying. Thus, those who pay have the right to pollute. It’s a “Smogpass”) The research project started on 18 February 2008 following on from the installation of 50 monitoring stations. The results given in a 114 page report were handed to the authorities in June 2009. The conclusions are tremendous. The PM10 in the air reaches values that are more than four times the maximum threshold of 50 micrograms in some areas of the city. At the San Paolo hospital they reached 173 mc. The report says: “The exposure of the resident population working in Milan, the unemployed residents and the people in the hospitals have a degree of exposure that is of the chronic type” ("cronica: malattia a lungo decorso senza possibilità di guarigione o pericolo di morte a breve scadenza" {chronic: long term illness without the possibility of getting better or with danger of death in the short term} - Devoto Oli). So basically that’s mothers, children and elderly people. The “unemployed residents” and the sick people , “people in the hospitals” become chronically sick because of the daily absorption of Pm10, benzene, nitrogen dioxide and particles produced by the tyres of cars. The research report adds (*): “The average daily concentrations of the Pm10 measured in both summer and winter in all the monitoring stations are often greater than the limiting values fixed by the regulations”.
Once it gained possession of a report that describes Milan to be a gas chamber, instead of publishing it “hides it, archives it, makes it secret (*)”. The city should be like a house of glass, transparent, documents like this should be immediately visible online. Ms Moratti and her cabinet members are the ones responsible. In Milan there are no electric buses, nor cycle tracks. The city centre is invaded by every type of vehicle. The pavements are occupied by cars, the same is true for the pedestrian crossings and the ramps for people who have handicaps. The Ecopass is the son of the mind of a wife of a petrol baron who is creating car parks and traffic in every part of the city, even under the Basilica of St Ambrose. The car parks attract the traffic, but no one has yet explained this to Mortizia. As soon as it can get a copy, the blog will publish the whole report about Milan’s air. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

(*) Il Corriere della Sera. Cronaca di Milano dated 27/11/2009

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i am an english speaker and i did read beyond the first sentence.

sorry "senetence"....

its easy to poke fun, lets respect each others abilities, limits and opinions.

Posted by: pat kerr | December 1, 2009 09:50 AM

Dear ex " professor" of English ,who English professor probably you are not ,neither for level of culture and the of manner.

Thank you for sendingt a comment.have enjoied it. I like it.

About myself I never saied I am English mother tongue. I am ONLY ( just ) a humbly ex (having studied for ) interpreter and translator.
And I am an ex (twenty years experience` on the field, photographer of art and ethnology, and a tour leader(courrier).Etcetera.
I am not a poet I consider myself a worker of poetry.

Neither you nor I are fluent in English.

Queen Elisabeth speaks English fluently and very clearly.

at present I am a reetired and a disable person.

It is allowed to an old person who has also a cataract and for writing uses a personal computer with a key bord in Danish language .

If you like to consider yourself a professor, I could have the wanting to consider myself being even better than you. On the contrary,I do not show off and I consider myself being only a beginner.

I am also a disable person. Think twice before having the wanting to offend the people. I do not feel offended for what youwrote but what you wrote did not do you honour.

Real democracy can be a valid therapy for the human mind.better than the mountin therapy.

Democracy is as good and healthy as the fresh potable water that is also free to everybody.

If you like to sing, want to sing , even if you have not a beautiful voice,according to some "professors" , why should he say to you do not sing any more ?May be that person is only a person having some proiblem or he does not understand anything.

A bad voice fr o a person can be a beautiful voice for another person,or an interesting voice considered for a thierd person .

Go on siging and enjoy life.

yourtself and life.

Also sone streange professors were convionced Albeert EDinsten was not good in maths and phisic, they told his parents and the young Albert, do not let him study mathematic, he will never necome a good mathematician.
Hiostory teaches better than professors.They were wrong.

Relax. Other people do understand what I try to say with my uncorrect English. Intelligent and having culture people from UK, from USA,from New Zekand, Australia ,etcetera .They unbderstand all you do not underttsnd anything .I am sorry for yolu. Sorry for you.

The language you refere belonged to William from Stratford upon Avon and to George Gordon Byron (and many other excellent writers and people of culture E,nglish mothjer language people who I admire very much and I studuied
is a beautiful language.

Send me some poems of yours and you will make me happier .Do not make yourself ridiculous writing like you did with your comment .You wanted to offend me you did not succeed, you failed, I am not offended,I am only upset for you as a person.

Professor or baron that you are or would like being or look like,remember you need style and reespecting the others

Only queen Elisabeth speaks fluently and very clearly English, to my own opinion.

Con i migliori saluti. Best regards.

Vladimiro Rinaldi

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | November 30, 2009 10:04 PM

Dear Vladimiro Rinaldi,

I respect your want to be a poet. However I humbly suggest that you stick to writing verse and prose in Italian. As an ex English University Professor I can, without wanting to denigrate, say that your verbose and incoherent writings in English stink. No one who is an English speaker would read beyond your first senetence.

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | November 30, 2009 06:07 PM


I feel always upset and frustated when I hear ,read or see and hear(watching tv) when a worker dies for having ...worked ,having got a cancer or by an "accident" .

Or that he,or she, became a disable person .

Before that "accident" occured, happened , that person was a person like everybody ,first without a job then having a job.

Was he or she to be considered more fortunated before or luckier later when had a job?

Why a job should cost a person life or a leg, a hand, or mind ? Etcetera.

What or who make our destiny as " commom people" to be made better or worst ?

A person without a job is a person that, in theory, has no possibilty to survive.

To get a job should be to get possibility to survive.

A homeless or other person who needs,who is socialy poor , is an innocent who suffers
the degradated social condition (this should not happen in a civil system or democratic Country called ).

If the person gets a job the same persin is very happy ,if the job is not too tirefull, and is well paied.

This almost never happens.

The most of jobs are tirefull, badly paied and workers suffer also for mobbing.

To work should not mean to suffer.

Those who mnake workers suffer absolutely sshould be kicked in their ars,sent away foerrever and bnever can have a new job(above all the bosses ,the directors and thosae workers mobbing their fragile collegues who have more sense of dignity) )

or jusr put bosse and mobblers into a prison immediately.For a very long time.

By an accident a worker can die or cecanme a disable for life, and by mobbing a person could commet suicide or become a disable for the life .
Unfortunately not all the workers are good people,some are horrible and together with otherts like them or to please the director mobbing the persecuted collegues.

Against mobbing,bulling,abuse of power,etcetera,severe lows should be voted in parlioament, in matter of protecting the workers and the fragile people .

Again,again and again.To reassume .

One gets a job and dies ,or becomes a disable person.

Who should pay and repair ? How much is a worker life instead that a vip life ?

Where are the clever,honest,prepered lowers to defend the victim ?

The unions in tgese last fortyfive years,al least, proved not to be able to defend well the workers.Or to defend at all.

To die for working is the worst a person could hope to find for himself and his (or her)family .

Or to go to work and become a didsable person.

Nobody has to smile or lough at these things ,even if common things considered to easly happen in Italy.

And not only in Italy.

I can but suffer and feel indignant and get cross too,very much.for this.

Where were the unions ?With whom are the unions ? Once they were communists or socialists(they saied)But I never remember there really were REALLY from the side of the workers,of the unemployers,the homeless,etcetera.

Only manifestations and thye......all workers return to work, nothing changed,
- the....mess..( the manifestation ) is finished. Go in pece.

Trade union officials or priests ? They seemed to me being same.

What else could I do if this not being considered enough ?

writing against all this is a must,is never too less. And denoucing responsilities and responsible people too.

And I do so. May be I will not get Heaven for this but
in matter of conscience I al (in this) better than many others doing nothing.They also clap at their assassins.

I did not die,when I was working first for Alitalia, then for the Italian state as a photographer (operatore tecnico per la fotografia).

Mobbing we had and also abuse of power. I denounced the directions and the ministery for let the dark rooms wehre we had to spend most of time breathing polluted air to make better the dark rooms of museums and superindencences.

We were breath cancer . The polluted air of the dark rooms was always the same air never to be regenerated,and other dangerous for the workers hwelth things were teher .

We had also to suffero jerarcgy repressiopn to us, workers civilly fighting for health rights and a better professioni. They used mobbing and (like in a story by Franz Kafca,but all true)they transfered us with lies.

Okay people,readers,my derarest readers .I did not die....

but I became I disable person even more (I already was)they care nothing in teh Italian stete about the doable person, they spoil them and ill treat them.

And we workers fro our health rights civily protesting also had to pay inj money the rebellion.

Si sarebbe incazzato pure Gesu `Cristo ma i sindacati no, come se noiente fosse.

I apologtize for my uncorrect English,I do not apologize for what I have saied being it true.

Vladimiro Rinaldi

The poet and photographer was born on the 16th of March 1942;, in Italy,city of Rome, in the working class area of Tiburtino Terzo,this place is also also called borgata Santa Maria del Soccorso( Saint Mary of the Rescue).

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | November 30, 2009 05:36 PM

The weather in Milan is usually ok. It doesn’t rain that much and Milan is as flat as a pancake.

Perfect for a bike!

I live here in Milan. If it were possible to use a bike without taking your life in your hands because of dangerous drivers (the drivers in Milan are just as crazy as those anywhere else in Italy!) I would.

There are some cycle paths but they are too few and far between. Try cycling to work any week day morning and you will see for yourself that it’s just too dangerous to go on the road and the footpaths are no help either. Pedestrians aren’t very bike friendly.

Try taking your bike on the Metro, you can’t at rush hour. Against the rules!!??

Taking a bike is made more difficult than just getting into the car.

Milan could be the Amsterdam of Italy (in terms of cycling not the other stuff)

There isn’t any money to be made out of the cyclist though that’s the main problem. If you could tax them or charge them for using cycle paths or something else Milan would be coming down with amenities for cyclists.

Pity. If more people cycled you would solve the smog problem and the traffic problem in one fell swoop.

Posted by: Pat kerr | November 30, 2009 10:22 AM

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