Vitamin Grillo

Vitamin Grillo
Attention. This is a promotional sales announcement. An advertising message. Vitamin G is now for sale. My shows of the past 4 years and a book with the user guide and the weekly editorials. A Christmas gift for anyone together with a packet of “Malox” for heartburn from multiple vision
The blog and the activities carried out for the Movement, from the legal expenses to the national meetings like that of 4 October and 8 March, are in part financed by the blog and if necessary, by me. The two main enemies, that’s how they are referred to, of democracy in Italy are the parties and the information media. Both paid by you, with taxes. A billion a year to the publishers. Berlusconi is paying just one per cent of the turnover for the TV concessions. The parties are overflowing with money, with seats, with bribes. They are occupying the RAI.
It’s like fighting with a hand tied behind your back, but anyway we have been judged to have won loads of rounds and the match is still going on. The blog is providing information and it is selling, to those who want it, alternative content to the regime’s truth. Often at a price that you choose. Or at times with a donation, as for "Terra reloaded" to the schools that ask for it. And it will continue to do that.


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Vitamin G

information about Italian happenings over the last four years without preemptive censorship with advice about surviving the next four years.

Main ingredients:
psycho-dwarf or wild bathrobe or tar head (your choice) , geronzi with a scratching of parmalat, topo gigio veltroni with juvenile dementia (but also infantile; but also neonatal), morpheus napolitano with his pen in his hand, mavalà ghedini of the TV cross-examination foaming at the mouth, superciuk bondi with an erect tongue, vomit (fascist black) of witch gasparri, black box of Andreotti (a classic), fazio with fiorani from the back, tronchetto the unhappy with tavaroli the incorporated spy,


Therapeutic indications:
Treatment of all the conditions characterized by an insufficient hydration of democracy. Disinfecting action of the oral cavity of regime journalists already convicted of multiple continual swallowing. Protective action against infections that carry the conflict of interests. Dermatomycosis sustained from “gasparriciti, mastelliceti” and “stronzi patogeni parlamentari”. Active against “psiconanococcus aerus” and “napolitano lodo minutissimus” Used against the dissolving of wax in the ears and on the skin. In the medical treatment of cleaning out faecal bacteria including, but not exclusively, Feltri, Belpietro, Scalfari, Giordano. Free radical active against “minchiolinus pyogenes” and “vespacoccus”.

Keep the medicine out of reach of persons who have been subject to continual TV treatment of RAI and Mediaset programmes. The sudden return to reality could lead to definitive madness.
VitaminaGrillo Vitamin G is now for sale. It is a collection of the DVDs of the shows of the past 4 years and a book with the user guide and the weekly editorials.

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By Vladimiro Rinaldi,
( photographer and occasional commeter )

Silvio Berlusconi has become an icona for many in Italy and abroad.Neither to envy nor imitate or repeat.

To be honest and not only him, of the whole Italian class or casta of politicians,
lack of stype and innocency.
As everybody knows (in Italy and abread,from ,longer that half a century now, and ,to be less casual in history dates , it was even worst before..).

Econo9mic crisis involves above all the poor people. The rich become richer,the poor become poorer.This is the crisis. With just a very few acceptions.

Families on the road and no quality welfare.Italy ha corruption almost at any level ( honest people exist too abd are many,they suffer for this situation..).Italian welfare is a bad welfare system.

Disable poor people having also to pay the medicines.
For example the pain killers,the antideprtessiove,against anxiety and panic attacts, insomnia,etcetera,etcetera,disdable people having pathologies for tyhis sort of medicines must pay.And if money they have noty ?They can but die or become robbers,sell drogs to pay the medicines?
For sure the politicoians of Italy of all the colours(?) and above all the very very rich chief of govern Silvio Berluscvoni do not have these problems. Do they have problems ? They always smile,they are idiots or care nothingt of the people or ploblems of economy and house they hane nor for sute.

It seems as if they all have got same " phgotogenic " or clownish smiling,when in pose for the tv cameras and the cameras of the photographers with flashes or without flashes.

The Vatican, the catholic Church in Italy ,not really opposing (just words can not be enough efficent for efficienty when opposing,andso the unions. smiles at Silvio Berluscono style (in pose or in cucu `,etcetera)have never a good effect in photos and to the people imagination of their rappresentatives. Gaffe a "gaffe,one after another and Italy goes on or die under mountiumng of unjustice and polution.

Poverty must not be considered propaganda. Poverty is poverty. tragic is tragic. the rich people exist too in Italy they are many and have "different " colours of politic or confessions.

Among many of them,unfortunately, selfishness and opportunism
exist too,very strong but hoidden as in a theater were all actors become.
is the " angelic " loughing devil.Loughing at us. The peolle honest and poor people conscience is made fool by them

NOT all the phots are happy photos, and we all remember one, a photo of group of leaders of govers,where Silvio Berlusconi,repre4senting Italy,our Country, the very rich,rich over the top, chief of Govern of Italy Silvio Berlusconi.. miling as he only can do, became ridicoulus and offensive making the horns (facendo le corna ) against the chief of Govern of France .

Photo of group with clown.

By : Vladimiro Rinaldi

( born 16th of March,in the working class area Tiburtino Terzo( Santa Maria del Soccorso) in Rome,Italy.
Photographer of art and ethnology ,and writer for free and everybody having sense of humour and a dignity and who love respect and real democracy,real justice,really love and friendship amomng the people in every part of the planet).

P.S. I am not English mother tongue and I have also got a vcataratt that limit my sight,I am using a key bord in a different langiage.
I apologise for possible orthographgy or grammar mistakes.

Vladimiro Rinaldi (e Ranuzzi )

Posted by: Vladimiro Rinaldi | December 6, 2009 01:14 PM

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