The modern-day Herods of smog

"Genitori antismog". Interview with Elena Sisti

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2010 is the year of the citizens with helmets. New proof every day. More action every day. This year, we must take back our Country and our right to happiness. Mothers have always been on the front line. In Milan, they are fighting the Modern-day Herods, namely Morticia Moratti and Monatto Formigoni. 73 citizens are admitted to hospitals each day because of the smog, many of them are children. Some of them die. The air in the city is unlawful, that’s why Milan wants to honour that thief Craxi. The pollution limits set by Europe are being super-exceeded: double, triple, and quadruple. All the Council does is take the piss out of us. Bicycles, but no cycling lanes. The right to pollute, known as the “Ecopass”, instead of Smog-pass: in other words, if you are prepared to pay, you can shoots as much crap as you want into the people’s lungs. The town has been cemented over and stuffed full of new parking garages that attract yet more private vehicles. Morticia prances around with the constructor Ligresti and proceeds to give the "Ambrogino" award to businesswoman Marina Berlusconi, President of Mondadori, a company that was acquired by bribing the judges.
Milan is the mirror that reflects the degeneration of Italy. We simply cannot carry on like this. Don your helmets, the year 2010 has arrived. Contact the “Genitori Antismog” Association. If they don’t yet have a branch in your town, then establish one!
But why is Morticia Moratti mayor and not Elena Sisti?

Interview with Elena Sisti of the “Genitori Antismog” Association.

"My name is Elena and I am from the “Genitori Antismog” Association of Milan. The “Genitori Antismog” Association was established in 2001. It was originally called the “Antismog Mothers”. At that time, Mayor Albertini had asked mothers to keep their children at home in order to avoid exposing them to the smog risk. The mothers refused to put up with that kind of attitude towards smog any longer and went and stood in front of Palazzo Marini with empty pushchairs.
Since then, we have never stopped insisting that something be done with regard to the smog in Milan and have continued to fight the battle on two fronts: on the one hand making citizens and parents aware of the risk, the dangers and the seriousness of the smog and, on the other hand lobbying against the Public Administration. Amongst the projects we have established to date is Eurolifenet, which was run in conjunction with the local upper secondary schools. This is a great project, whereby, for a number of weeks, the kids walked around with particulate meters attached to them and began to realise the extent of their exposure throughout the day. In later years we promoted a petition that ended up in permission being granted for children up to age ten to travel free of charge on all the public transport in Milan. Prior to this, the kids had to begin paying the fares as soon as they were more than one metre tall, so it had become too expensive for families with more than two children to travel around on public transport. Our latest project in Milan is also great. We have called it "We are Born to Walk" and it is aimed at making the people that move around every day aware of the fact that walking is good for our health and that of others, and turns to the Public Administration, asking that certain provisions be made. Particulates originate from the exhaust pipes of our motorcars and, in the Lombardy region, 70% of particulate emissions are the result of city traffic. PM10s and PM2.5s are extremely fine particulates that can enter our bodies and cause a wide range of health-related problems including a reduction in lung capacity, a reduction in cognitive ability in children and chronic bronchitis: we Milanese reckon that this is perfectly normal, but in fact it isn’t, because as soon as we leave Milan, suddenly the continuous airway infections get better and we have less heart attacks and strokes.
Each day, 73 people are admitted to hospital in Milan due to problems associated with exposure to smog. That’s a hell of a lot of people, many of whom are children, because the weakest residents of our town, namely the children and the elderly, are always the worst affected. The current Council has tried to send out a positive signal by introducing things like the Ecopass and bike sharing. In other words, to promote the idea that there are indeed other ways to get around, eco-sustainable mobility. We are sometimes labelled as fanatics. However, we believe that we are simply people who talk about things that are deemed to normal in other Countries and for which no one would even think of contradicting us. It’s incredible to think that, in Milan alone, 100,000 motorcars take up public space on the pavements, that Milan has no network of cycling paths where one can move around freely by bicycle without the risk of being involved in an accident. In Italy, there have been almost 9,000 deaths that can somehow be traced back to pollution and, more importantly, there has been a notable decline in life expectancy. All of this has led us to say enough is enough, it’s time we put an end to it: due to the lack of wind, the smog in Milan doesn’t dissipate quickly but, instead, stays in the area where it was produced. This means that the residents’ habits can bring about an immediate reduction and, indeed, we think of a congestion charge, aimed at preventing anyone from entering the historic town centre unless they pay a fee. This notwithstanding, the principle is wrong because we are apparently only letting in vehicles that do not pollute, and there is no such thing!
The main objective is to comply with the limits set for us by Europe, namely to limit particulate levels to less than 50 micrograms per cubic metre for a maximum of 35 days per year. In Milan, during November – according to an article in “Il Corriere della Sera” – we had already reached a level of 70, with certain measuring stations recording levels of 103 /120 micrograms, in other words double or even triple the amount supposedly allowed by law.
... And so we want to appeal strongly to the Public Administration to upgrade our public transport, the Milan network must be made far more efficient, even for those people coming into town from outside who need to get here comfortably on clean and punctual transport, and to increase the frequency and speed up the public transport traffic, even to the detriment of private commuters because the good of the community as a whole is far more important than the good of any single individual. And what we want to say to every citizen is that: "Every time you decide to use your motorcar, just remember that there are other options, that your decision to use your motorcar will, in any event, always harm you, your children, your parents, your grandparents and all those people who have trouble getting around." We want a city where people walk more and live better, so we have organised a petition asking Mayor Moratti to make certain very specific decisions in the interests of a Milan that is able to stay on the move, but in a more sustainable manner."

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Posted by: Sergio Conegliano | January 2, 2010 04:56 PM

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