Incinerators kill!

incinerators kill!inceneritori_e_diossine.jpg
incinerators kill, the 5 Star MoVement kills the incinerators.
From the 5 Star MoVement::
Victory for the Emilia Romagna 5 Star MoVement, for the citizen campaign groups, for the people who are keen to protect their own health. After a formal question being put to the Regional Cabinet, the biomass power station in Toano will not go ahead. … and the Region is willing to redirect the 3.3 million allocated to new technologies …


The project for an incinerator at Parma gets a ”Knockout” from the Emilia Romagna 5 Star MoVement. A resolution put forward by councillor Favia, was prepared with technical experts of international renown in the field of waste management. The resolution presents the alternatives while citing national and European regulations. Let’s see whether the parties, from the IDV to SEL-Verdi, to the PDL that judging from what they say, are starting to object to the facility will actually be coherent and vote against this resolution….


“Thanks to the hard work of the “No Incinerators” campaign group, that is also supported by the 5 Star MoVement, the Lazio Tar {Administrative tribunal} has accepted the objections put forward against the construction of the incinerator at Albano Laziale …


Letter from Patrizia Gentilini, oncologist.
”With the recent scandal of the German chickens and eggs contaminated with dioxins, we see a return of the issue of the safety of food (… the mozzarella from Campania, the sheep from Apulia, the Irish pigs) that however is at risk of going by like a normal item of news. With the term “dioxin” we mean the TCDD, known as the “Seveso dioxin” after the 1976 incident, that is dangerous at infinitesimal doses (billionths of a milligram) and it has been defined as the most dangerous substance that is known; there are hundreds of particles that are similar to this molecule which is why one talks generically of “dioxins”. They are molecules that persist in the environment, and when they are taken in by the body, this happens in 90% of the cases as foods: fish, milk, meat, eggs, and cheese. Dioxins are transmitted from the mother to the foetus during gestation and breast feeding. Research shows that in Italy a breast feeding baby weighing 5 Kilo is taking in a quantity of dioxins that is from the order of ten to more than a hundred times the maximum limit set down by the EU.
Dioxins are in the group of the endocrine disrupting chemicals. Exposure to dioxins is correlated to the development of tumours (*). Given that they are such dangerous substances, in Stockholm in 2004 an agreement was drawn up by 120 countries, including Italy, to forbid their intentional production and to impose the reduction of what was not required. It’s a shame that our country is the only one not to have ratified it!
Dioxins are formed in particular temperature conditions in the presence of chlorine. Every combustion process, especially burning plastic, gives rise to the formation of dioxins, and they are present in the exhaust gasses and ashes of incinerators. Eggs with dioxin can be traced to feedstuff contaminated with industrial oils and with other pollutants ingested by the animals, but this obscures the fact that in 2005, in the same region (Lower Saxony), there was a contamination beyond the allowed limits of a good 28% of the chickens living out in the open – thus these were free range chickens that we consider to be safe as they are brought up in a “natural” way. Lower Saxony is characterised by steel works and incinerators. To talk about the feedstuff and not of the fallout of the dioxins is not focussing on the consequences of a senseless industrial “development”. To have destroyed the civilisation of the city, poisoned the territory with pesticides and allowed absurd and polluting plant like the incinerators brings incalculable damage to the environment and to health and it undermines the very possibility of the survival of future generations.
The data relating to European agriculture show how Italy is destined to fail even from the point of view of agriculture that should represent the excellence of our country. The figures for the change in the income from agriculture between 2009 and 2010 are: EU +12.3, Denmark +54.8, Netherlands +32, France +31, Germany +23, Spain +7, Italy -3.3 (with a reduction of the surface area dedicated to agriculture of 19,200 square kilometres in the last 10 years). We have to accept the failure of the current model of development that does not take into account the consequences of its choices and that has been contaminating the basis of our food provision and even polluting the most precious food in the world: mother’s milk!” Patrizia Gentilini – President of the Associazione Medici per l'Ambiente ISDE Forlì

Promote the separation of waste for recycling and eliminate incinerators! Contact the Civic List or the Meet up nearest to you.

(*) For the TCDD, lymphomas, sarcomas, cancers of the liver, breast, lungs, and colon and reproductive problems, endometriosis, anomalies of the development of the brain, diabetes, disease of the thyroid, damage to the lungs, to the metabolism, to the cardiovascular system, to the liver, to the skin and to the immune system.

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Compelling FIAT workers to work overtime is to increase their workload and steal their time. Taxing workers with more and more tasks, shortening their breaks, limiting strike rights, measuring their every movement and counting their every step is the slippery slope to slavery. Sure, workers can opt out of FIAT. Yes. And so could slave-rowers. "The drummer beats too fast? The whip too painful? Feel free to jump overboard, slave," said the captain to the slaves. But one day the slaves realized that they had another choice. Take-over of the ship. So, they planned it. And, a few days later overboard goes the captain, the crew, the drummer and the whipper. Moral? There is always another choice.

Posted by: Louis Pacella | January 14, 2011 12:32 AM

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