Infected blood, State shame

Infected blood, State shame
”Dear Beppe,
The one writing to you is the “Comitato vittime sangue infetto” (Campaign group for victims of infected blood), a group that came into being spontaneously from a heterogeneous group of people suffering as a result of the scandalous happening relating to infected blood, the blackest page of “Tangentopoli”, the page written on the skin of the people.
Human plasma, sourced at low cost from the United States (in the ghettos of the big metropolises and in the prisons of Arkansas and Alabama)and in some countries in the centre of Africa, was brought into Italy starting in the 1970s in a completely illegal way. Blood of illicit provenance and without documentation, that without being subject to any checks was transfused into the bodies of unknowing citizens who were looking for help and who were suddenly subjected to new unexpected illnesses. Victims not of medical errors, but of a premeditated plan based on the connivance of the (bad) mercenary political world (do you remember Poggiolini & co.?) and a tiny circle of pharmaceutical companies specialising in the processing and commercialisation of haemoderivatives.
Since then, nearly 4,000 deaths and more than 80,000 people infected, a true “silent” slaughter carried out through the activity of “people” who are without scruples, and their crime, still unpunished, has been that of using – without the necessary checks and with the complicity of corrupt functionaries – infected blood sourced at low cost.
AIDS, hepatitis B and C are the illnesses that have struck down the people that underwent the transfusion of infected blood; victims who still today, after more than twenty years, are waiting for that justice that sees the conviction of those responsible for this slaughter, caused by the logic of profit, as well as a just allocation of civil damages.
After years of tiring battles that have come to nothing, our group has put together a website called that has come about as a result of the need of all the victims to have a point of reference, a place for discussion, for consultancy and for real information on this issue. The website is also aimed at all those victims who once they have been infected, have closed themselves into isolation, because of the shame and for fear of social isolation. But does it seem possible to you that we also have to be ashamed of our condition? Should it not be the people responsible for these “crimes” that experience shame?
A further disgrace is represented by the fact that there has never been any follow up to what has been set out in the llaw 222/07, related to the finance bill of 2008, with which 180 million euro have been set aside since 2008 in a plan covering a number of years, to conclude all the existing legal disputes with the ones who have the right to compensation. Legal disputes that at the time affected 7,356 people infected, representing just a small part of the number of people infected who are asking for justice! Of that money, not even one cent has been given to us!
Since we have had no response from the institutions in relation to our more than legitimate requests, last year we organised, for a whole month, a demonstration in front of Montecitorio with the intention of raising awareness of those who should be protecting us and giving us appropriate responses; a demonstration that was suspended after 30 days to wait and hope that all the actions to raise awareness of our cause would give rise to the desired outcomes.
During the demonstration we came into contact with journalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, and people who were directly implicated in this issue. Unfortunately up until now, we have just received promises that have never been kept. Even the Associations that should protect our rights have shown a low level of transparency in relation to us. We can no longer accept to be taken for a ride! But basically, what is it that we have asked for? Is it perhaps too much to insist that those responsible for this disaster are punished? Is it perhaps too much to ask that our story is made known to the general public? Is it perhaps too much to insist on the recognition of financial compensation that is equal for everyone? Who is paying us back for our lives that have been destroyed? Who is paying us back for the social isolation that we are subject to, because we are considered to be “those with the plague”? Who is paying us back for the fact that no one will give us a job? Who is paying us back for the “theft” of our dignity? If Tremonti intends to maintain the “conti puliti” {clean accounts) with the infected blood of those who are sick, let him forget that! Today 21 June we are outside the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and outside Montecitorio and after much insistence, we have been received by Dr Piga to whom we have once more presented our requests.
Beppe, we are writing to you to ask you to give us a voice, a voice that has not been listened to for too many years. Help us to break down the wall of “omertà” lasting twenty years in relation to this hidden and “forgotten” slaughter, because it is too inconvenient! They have decided to bury us even before we die but we will not let this happen, we are citizens of this Italy that is staggering under the weight of injustices! Our motto is “ADESSO E’ ORA DI DIRE BASTA” {now it’s time to say “enough”} and as you always say: They will never give up .Neither will we. Vittime del sangue infetto{Victims of infected blood}

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The logic of profit kills without mercy. We don't know what was said between Berlusconi and Di Pietro when the Prime Minister seated himself beside the leader of the IDV in Parliament. But we do know that Berlusconi's grip on power is tenous indeed, even though it has a parliamentarian majority. Bossi is breathing down his neck with his threats of defections.

No longer able to count on Bossi, Silvio has forebodings that the end is near and may have perceived Di Pietro's spirit of generosity and conciliatory tones, after the recent stunning victories, as a life-line thrown to the government. Berlusconi may be thinking of ditching the Lega before the Lega ditches the government and take the IDV on board.

Should Di Pietro actually get into bed with Berlusconi he can kiss his credibility good-bye. Meanwhile, as Berlusconi is reaching the end of the line, the relationship between IDV and PD seems to have ended.

Their enmity towards Berlusconi brought the two parties together, his demise may divide them. Should that happen, it would be catastrophic for the country. But then, it would also be catastrophic if they come together and offer nothing new to Italians.

Di Pietro has already hinted that liberalism and the free market are not up for discussion under any circumstances, even though liberalism and the free-market system triggered an economic crisis that no one knows how to snap out of. I think Bersani and Di Pietro are traditional politicians leading traditional parties in a country desperately searching for new ways of doing things.

Italians are tired of hearing that the only way to reduce the public debt is to generate a bigger GDP. They know that that's the coded formula to work harder for less, for impoverishing the poor and enriching the rich. They know that the environment doesn't need to be destroyed in order to feed the ever growing hunger of consumerism. Italians are aware that the free market is impervious to social and ecological needs facing the country.

Deep substantial changes are needed before growing despair becomes hope. Politics and the economy as we know them has failed. A new economy generating a new mind-set, a new way of thinking about politics are needed.

Unfortunately, as much as Bersani and the IDV say they're progressive, they'll change nothing should they ever govern the country. PD and IDV lack courage for change. Liberalism and free market is obsolete thinking, thinking within the box, the solutions are outside the box where the M5S movement and other movements are.

Posted by: Louis pacella | June 23, 2011 05:00 PM

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