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March 30, 2012

Don’t take sweeties from Ms Fornero


They told him “We’ll ease you into the pension”. “We’ll pay you two-years-worth of wages if you sign a voluntary exit agreement from the company.” “You don’t need to worry about your future because after that you are entitled to a pension.” 350,000 people around age 60 believed. They accepted and now they find themselves “exited” after the reform of pensions by the “Housekeeper from Varese”. The “exited” person is not working and is not retired. The company that liberated themselves of the worker doesn’t want him back - not even if he gets a facelift. The person is a trainee tramp who has to walk in the desert for 5/6/8 years without a euro in his pocket. The “exited” people usually have a family to look after. The number of those who have ended up in the limbo of wretchedness has to be multiplied by at least two. Thus 700,000. The size of a big city in Italy. How will these people manage to survive? Will they sell their house if they have one or will they live on handouts? The “exited” person is a throwaway container - he’s not recyclable. He cannot even emigrate to look for his nest egg. He’s too old. The “exited” person is often a former public employee who didn’t suspect that the State, his employer, the spectre present at the signing of his exit document, would change the rules of the game. Ms Frignero thought that the number of “exited” people was a bit lower, “only” 50,000 and she declared “We have been called upon to perform an unpleasant bit of work, not to hand out sweeties.” “Exited” people: watch out! Don’t take sweeties from strangers, but especially not from Ms Frignero. They give you “rigor montis”. Ms Frignero noticed that the figures don’t add up and that the number of “exited” people could for the first time in Italy, be the cause of the revolution of the Grey Panthers. With a great sense of timing, she said: “I have not forgotten the “exited” people. But not one of these people will be obliged to change anything this year.” The declaration says nothing, but in fact it causes more worry. Ms Fornero added reassuringly like a press secretary for the funeral directors “The last thing we want to do is to smash up the Country.” The “exited” people will be able to sleep so well under the bridges. The Country will stay united. A bit at a time, they will get used to life in the open air.

P.S. In Novi di Modena no MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} list has been presented and the MoVimento 5 Stelle is not supporting any list. Those newspapers that have written this news are requested to publish a correction.

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March 29, 2012

Don’t touch Article 18 - Maurizio Landini

Don’t touch Article 18
Greetings to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog. I’m Maurizio Landini, the General Secretary of the Fiom CGIL that is the Trade Union for the metal industry’s labourers and office workers in Italy. I believe that the decision of the President of the Council and of the Government to alter Article 18, is in response to a mistaken idea that says that in order to come out of the crisis we need to let the companies do what they think is the most convenient, including having the freedom to sack people. Maurizio Landini

Interview with Maurizio Landini, General Secretary of FIOM

Specific political choices
For twenty years people have made use of this idea that the market on its own can resolve problems. We are now faced with a situation of an unequalled seriousness and the problem in Italy today is not being able to sack workers more easily, but Italy’s problem is that of overcoming the precarious situation of workers, of creating new jobs, of investing for a different model of development. No one is talking about all this and yet I believe that this should be the central focus of the government’s action. It’s good to know that Article 18 says something very precise. It says that if an individual worker is sacked without just cause he has the right to be reinstated in his job. With the government’s measure we’ll have the paradox that a person can be unjustly sacked, but no longer has the right to return to the job where he was before. They give him a bit of money. It’s obvious that this allows any employer to invent what he wants to get rid of anyone who is annoying and this is an element that brings into discussion the liberty of any person, including the fact that in our country the Statute of workers came into being in the 1970s even within an idea that people can get organised collectively, they can freely negotiate contracts about their conditions.


Trade Union Representation
Because the issue today is not to make it easier to sack people.The issue is that young people, people cannot find a job, thus the problem is how to create new jobs? How do we tackle a different idea of industrial policy?


Civic Rights
In fact on the work front, they are bringing in the idea that it’s possible to sack someone and even if you’re not right, you pay a fine and you’re OK. Thus it’s a step backwards. It means going back 50 years in our country and naturally on the economic level.


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March 28, 2012

Electoral marriage


Rigor Montis is threatening to resign over article 18. From China with frenzy. The Italians would be more than happy to give him back to “La Bocconi”, but the parties are panicking. They fear early elections coupled with the economic collapse more than anything else. Thus straight away they reassure the Varese Governor about their blind and absolute obedience to the ECB and they are accelerating for a new election law that gives a guarantee to the current super-Government formed by the PDL, PDminusL and UDC.
They come together in a room whose name says it all. It’s called “Korea”. For the Italians, that’s worse than “Caporetto” and the retreat from Russia all put together. To decide the future of Italy and above all to make sure they get themselves an armchair, there’s the presence of Statesmen of the stature of Alfano, Casini, Bersani, Bocchino, Adornato, Quagliarello, Violante and La Russa. In a few hours, they will give birth to a “bipolarised German” system with the raising of the minimum bar, no real return to preference voting, abolition of the obligation to form a coalition, strengthening of the powers of the executive and of the President of the Council and the “right to be represented”. Translation: with the raising of the minimum bar they are eliminating the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}, the parliamentarians continue to choose the secretaries of the New Triple Party, PDL and PDminusL. They will present themselves as separate at the elections to get the full house of votes (if they were to present themselves together, they would lose millions of votes) and straight away after that TOGETHER they will form a Government of National Emergency. The function of Parliament will be weakened in favour of the Government and of the President of the Council. There will still be the “right to be represented” for a group of non-elected people, a bit less than the right to be on the bench in which at least you can hope to get onto the field. From the stand you can just observe the match. Napolitano has praised the leaders for their commitment. The Praise from “The Hill”. The declarations of the leaders have been based on the optimism of the wish. Bersani “For us the election law is a priority and diriment.” Casini “The political system is giving good evidence of itself.” Alfano “We have done good work.” Instead of escaping abroad after ruining the country they are even claiming the right to determine the future of the Italians. This lot need to get out of our hair. See you (in any case) in Parliament! Inside or outside.

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March 27, 2012

The entrepreneur’s resignation


“Dear Beppe, I am the owner of a small business and I’m about to hand in my resignation to myself. It’s something that is really difficult for me and it really troubles me. At night I feel a weight on my chest as though someone were sitting on top of me. I have a small service company with 20 people. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that the company owns me. For years I have devoted 12 hours a day to it. On feast days, “just” 4 or 5 hours. I have held out until now partly because of pride and partly so as not to push a score of families out onto the streets. It’s tough looking into the eyes of someone who for years has tried to build something with you and to say “It’s over!” I have never had any help from this State, but just checks over minutiae, taxes, and bureaucracy. I’ve always paid my suppliers regularly, if I’ve been late, it’s only been a week or two, perhaps a month in times of real need, but the State insists that I pay the sales tax in advance on the invoices that I issue and that in some cases are not paid until the cows come home, and in some cases never. And what can I do? A legal action for an unpaid invoice? And how much will it cost? If you have a debt that you owe to the State you have to pay promptly. If on the other hand the State owes you money, you can die of starvation or as suggested by Minister Passera, you could be paid in Bonds based on the Public Debt. What can I do with them? Shall I give them to my child so he can play with them like cigarette cards? Do I pay my debts with State Bonds? Clients are months late i paying and I understand them. The banks refuse to give me an overdraft to cover the costs of 2 or 3 months of activity even though I have always ended up with the accounts balanced or even with a profit, not a lot but at least some profit. What’s the use of banks if they don’t support the companies? For me they could close down. Thus for more than a year, I’ve not just been a business owner but also a bank. I don’t want to get into debt with loan sharks. I leave any income due to me in the company. That way I’ve managed to pay (on time!) the salaries of the people that work with me. I’ve realised that I was living like an automaton to pay taxes to my hidden partner, the State. It dawned on me that I’m working without pay and in reality it was I who was financing (?!) the activity and that in order to live, I’ve been eating into the savings left to me by my parents after a life spent working. It occurred to me that I’m spending only scraps of time with my family and never in tranquillity, but I’m always worried and on edge for due dates and for contracts. I wasn’t born to be a hero. For now I’m closing down my small company and I’m asking my colleagues for forgiveness. I have always considered them to be colleagues and not employees. Greetings!” Massimiliano R.

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March 26, 2012

Passaparola - OGMs are destroying the Planet - Vandana Shiva

OGMs are destroying the Planet
"Dearest friends of Beppe Grillo's Blog, you have all my support because, while the problems that the young and even the not so young men and women in Italy are having to face are perhaps somewhat different from those that my people in India are having to face, their root causes are precisely the same, namely an unjust and unsustainable system that we must fight to change at all costs, together. I join you in this new movement in order to bring some peace to the world – and we can do this because the power belongs to the people". Vandana Shiva

Indian activist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva's Passaparola

Planetary plunder
The ones responsible for the plunder of resources are essentially two huge corporations.
This goes far beyond individual exploitation. What we are dealing with here are corporations that are quite prepared to use whatever means may be necessary in order to lay their hands on the poor people’s resources, pretending that the entire world revolves around finance and gambling everything on international trade. Meanwhile, they are stealing land, seed and water from the poor and then, after having privatised their seed, they expert to sell it back to the farmers and demand to be paid royalties. They even take our rivers, as they are currently trying to do with the Volna River. They privatise them and then they come back and try to sell us the water. Mineral resources, forests, etc, there is nothing that they don’t want to see privatised and re-marketed. As a matter of fact, as the Rio Earth Summit, "Rio +20" approaches, it appears that the very same corporations that have already destroyed so much of our Planet are hell bent on privatising whatever is left. What we’re dealing with here is the wholesale plunder of the planet. In order to support a greedy and predatory economy, they even want to trade in the biosphere’s ecological functions, in other words in the biosphere’s reproductive capacity. One example of this is the trade in carbon, trading in the ability of the world’s forests to absorb carbon dioxide, negotiations to limit emissions in order to prevent deforestation and the land’s ability to absorb carbon. So they have gone way beyond ownership, control and plunder of resources and have not turned their attention to the planet’s functions and services with the aim of privatising them, thus totally cutting out more than 90% of the people on the planet and totally destroying the planet’s ecosystems.
In actual fact, the OGMs and the monocultures are the very things that have created insecurity in the field of foodstuffs. They have resulted in the decline in the availability of food and nutrition.
The OGMs have not increate the harvest in any way. There are reports out there that show the failure of harvests – as has also been proven by our work in Navania...
There is one report in particular, entitled "L’imperatore OGM è nudo" (literally “The OGM Emperor is naked”), which provides concrete documentary proof of the fact that there has not been any increase in production whatsoever, country by country.

Heading for foodstuff destruction
As regards monocultures, we were told that production would increase, however, in reality the increase has only regarded certain goods. Great, so we now have virtually unlimited quantities of maize and soya around the world, but is this actually food? No, not at all. Most of it is used to feed the animals being tortured in the commercial animal breeding barns. 70% of all American maize is used as animal feed. 30% of the American maize is used to produce bio fuel. The produce does not feed people and increasing production in the form of monocultures effectively contributes to the destruction of food crops.
Our work in Navania has clearly shown that by increasing biodiversity we increase the amount of foods and nutrition. We drafted a report entitled “Health”, which clearly shows how we could feed twice the Earth’s population by conserving biodiversity, land and water. Monocultures and OGMs are a recipe for hunger and they are designed to increase hunger, whereas biodiversity and organic farming are recipes for feeding people while simultaneously protecting our planet.
Two things have been asked of the very same forces that have caused the destruction, namely:
the first is to claim that the cause of the in security is not the business model, but something else, a migrant perhaps, someone of a different colour, certain Africans.
This is the age-old tactic of “divide and conquer” and that’s why we’re seeing this increase in racism and religious fundamentalism and why there is so much violence and such rifts between different people.
The second thing that we are being told is: “Oh, so you lost your job? It’s not because the system wants to get rid of you but because you are simply not good enough” and so we have this feeling inadequacy and inferiority amongst people, which makes people feel even more insecure. It is no mere accident that the majority of Americans are currently living with a totally wrong view of the economy and are living on anti-depressants. Of course, anyone would be depressed if he/she is constantly told that he/she is a failure...
However, there is another way, another way out for the man in the street and that is to realise that there are indeed movements out there looking to do things differently, to conserve our resources, to protect the Earth and thereby create more job opportunities for more people. That is where the common man in the street needs to go. Look to farms, local communities and co-operatives. Look to economies that utilise fewer resources while offering more job opportunities and satisfying more of our primary needs.
The current economies utilise more resources while at the same time destroying job opportunities. This type of economy is simply not working, neither for the people nor for the planet.

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March 25, 2012

Monti out of control

Monti Hal 9000
Rigor Montis is out of control. He needs to be stopped with early elections. His defective chip needs removing. We’re on the spaceship Discovery in “2001: A Space Odyssey” Monti is Hal, the worn out electronic brain with the persuasive metallic voice that reassures us about the route while leading us with a steady hand and galactic arrogance towards the catastrophe. His soliloquies bear witness to the malfunction. Call the nurses with a robust straitjacket for him and with a transparent (not too transparent) blouse for Ms Frignero. Remove his frontal lobe before he destroys the basis of the social State.

Monti Hal 9000. Tragedy of madness. One act play

Let him not deceive himself. It doesn’t mean that important forces that we have listened to but that are outside the government, can intervene in some way (in relation to article 18, editor)”
“The Monti 9000 series is the safest computer that has ever been created. Not one Monti 9000 computer has ever made an error or has ever distorted an item of information. We are incapable of making a mistake, without exception, fault-Intolerant.
“This strange wording 'salvo intese’ {unless there are agreements} hasn’t come out because it sounds like ‘Salva Italia’ {Save Italy}, it means unless there are agreements between the members of the government and the Head of State.”
“My responsibilities cover all the operations of the spaceship, thus I am always busy. I make use of my capabilities in the most complete way, and I believe that is the maximum that any conscious being can ever hope to do.”
“We couldn’t have done things differently. It was the culpable tardiness of the previous government in recognising the problem. I’m saying this as a citizen who feels himself damaged by those omissions that have determined the fact that today it is even more difficult to put Italy on the road to growth and obliged it to increase taxes”.
“But what do you intend to do (addressed to the Italians who want to deactivate him - editor) I believe that I have the right to a response to my question. I know that something inside me has not functioned well. But now I can give the assurance with absolute certainty, that everything will go well once more.”
“We have done a few of those things that often are not done, digging oneself in behind the apparent constitutional impediment of article 41 of the Constitution.”
“This conversation can no longer have any purpose. Good bye.”
“I am sure that this silence signifies great applause.”
“My mind is on its way out. I can feel it. My mind is disappearing... there’s no longer any doubt ... I can feel it ... I can feel it ... I can feel it ... “
Reform not subject to incursions”
I started functioning at the H.A.L. workshops in Varese on 19 March 1943. My Jesuit instructor even taught me to sing an old nursery rhyme. If you want to hear it I can sing it. It’s called: "Ring a Ring o' Roses”. I go round the world, the silver stars cost five hundred and the Moon sings, the Sun contemplates the Earth that goes round, "Ring a Ring o' Roses like a globe .... “

Noise of ambulance coming from the madhouse getting nearer ...

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March 23, 2012

Beppe Grillo better than Totò Riina


Yesterday I was condemned twice over. A record not even beaten by Totò Riina. It’s certainly not judicial fury, but just a judicial coincidence. Twice in the same day in two different trials I don’t believe that has ever happened in the History of Italy. Grillo is unbeatable. I’m strong. Look at the faces, the sneers, the smirks of nutcases that they use to accompany my condemnations and my declarations. Jack the Ripper with his tonsils inflamed, the Vampire of Düsseldorf, with his eyes popping out of his sockets. Donato Bilancia is dying of jealousy in prison. The first verdict is from the Rome Court of Appeal that has sentenced me to pay 50 thousand euro in damages to Fininvest (a discount on the 500 thousand requested) for an article published in 2004 in l’Internazionale entitled "Il caso Parmalat e il crepuscolo dell'Italia” {the case of Parmalat and Italy’s twilight}. From “il Corriere”: “In the text, Fininvest’s ways of behaving were compared to those of the food group whose gigantic financial collapse was in that week at the centre of international news.” At the first level of judgement I was absolved .... So for now that’s 1 all.
The second sentence is for the defamation of Giorgio Galvagno, the current mayor of Asti. From AtnewsThe third section of the Turin Appeal Court has confirmed the sentence of 25 thousand as compensation in the trial for defamation. The affair goes back to 2003 when Grillo was giving a show at the Alfieri theatre in Asti and he publicly defamed the current mayor Giorgio Galvagno (at that time he was a deputy) accusing him of having taken kickbacks. The performance of the defamatory content was done more than anything in Galvagno’s parliamentary constituency.” From WikipediaGiorgio Galvagno was elected mayor of Asti in the ranks of the Italian Socialist Party from 1985 to 1990. He was re-elected and maintained the position until 1994 when a commissioner was put in charge of the administration of the town of Asti. He did a plea bargain and accepted 6 months and 6 days in prison for ... abuse and omission of official acts, false statements in official documents, intentional crimes against public health and failure to denounce the people responsible for the Tangentopoli in the region round Asti in the scandal of the rubbish tip in Valle Manina...".
I’ve decided to appeal to the Court of Cassation. I hope the judge I get will be Carnevale or Iacovello. Don’t tell everyone, but I will privately contact both Andreotti and Dell'Utri to get some advice. In the next few weeks I want to find out more about the government procedure for assigning TV frequencies and on my election tour I won’t be able to miss out having a presence in Asti where there’s a MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} list. They will never give up. Neither will I.

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March 22, 2012

Monti's razor


It was a spring day. Rome’s hot sun was already announcing the summer. The second Vday in Turin was already behind us. I had been invited to lunch with the American Ambassador in Rome. It had never happened in my whole life. I accepted. Around the nicely laid table in a room full of light there were about ten people. Polite, friendly but above all curious to know the reason for the sudden creation of a new political movement. They surprised me. They declared that they always read the blog articles and that they placed the daily post in their press review. In the conversation I absent-mindedly mentioned "Topo Gigio..." and when I tried to explain who he is, a civil servant exclaimed "We know who is Topo Gigio, is Walter Veltroni!". Crikey - that’s a great thing to hear.
While commenting on the economic situation in Italy, no one mentioned Article 18 in relation to investment in Italy by companies from the United States. I believe that they didn’t even know of its existence. They were however, very downhearted in relation to the bureaucracy that’s Byzantine and incomprehensible for an American (probably for anyone) covering the abnormal corporation taxation that discouraged any investment in Italy and the laws that didn’t provide protection for companies.
Today, a few years later, seeing Rigor Montis explaining that by taking away workers’ rights, foreign investment will return to Italy, I feel as though I’ve been taken for a ride. Do we really believe that a company in Wisconsin or in Texas will rush to Italy because they are finally free to sack a guy from Bergamo or one from Apulia? And so I’m looking for an explanation, the most logical one in accordance with the principle of Occam's razor “Other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one." The most logical explanation is that the abolition of Article 18 will lead to the easy sacking of people from the big companies, with the blessing of “Minchionne”, and in the public administration, starting with the “precarious workers”. The public debt will be offloaded onto the workers. "Rigor Montis..." "We know who is Rigor Montis. He is an employee of Goldman Sachs.!"

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March 21, 2012

Direct dictatorship


In the song "O bella ciao" the first verse says: One morning I woke up/ O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao/ One morning I woke up/ And I found the invader” In this really beautiful and yet desperate song, there’s the awareness of having lost freedom and a wish to reacquire it at any cost. That awareness that we are lacking now is that we are being dragged towards a de facto dictatorship. Since 2006 we have been governed by a Parliament of appointees, before today being governed by a Single Appointee, Rigor Montis, the first case in the history of democracies of a guy becoming a Life Senator and a candidate for the Premiership in a single night. In the face of the choice “Market or democracy?” we have opted for the Market. The emergency demands massive choices that are shared for the good of the nation together with citizens that are disinformed. And we, who even though we needed a little external help, managed to liberate ourselves from fascism, we have abdicated our liberty for fear of the spread.
To barter democracy for the spread is something in which human reason is lost. And yet we have managed it and we are even proud of it. It’s the Italy of the new courtiers of the courts of Paris and of Berlin, of the Vatican and of the Quirinale Palace. "The courtier has a head made of glass, hair of gold, hands of rosin, body of chalk, heart half iron and half mud, feet of straw, blood a mixture of water and liquid silver.
We are a people that have to look after the needs of the family, but we also have State bonds. “How is it possible not to become dictators in a land of servants?” said Benito Mussolini. Rigor Montis has become a dictator in spite of himself, and an unaware dictator. A technical guy come from the outer space of Goldman Sachs that operates momentous political choices like the rewriting of article 18 and thus opening up the possibility of sacking people in the public sector and in the big companies. All is well, madame marchioness. We are selling the soul of our State (in fact what else is our democracy?) so as not to go bust. At least that’s the story they are telling us while we are going bust. They have created the Great Emergency so as to be able to put in place the Direct Dictatorship without a referendum, without popular laws and without representatives chosen by the citizens. The areas of democracy have been reduced to zero. Without a new “Risorgimento” we can expect a New Fascism (or perhaps we already have it?) They will never give up. Neither will we.

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March 20, 2012

We’ll eat them alive


“We’ll eat them alive When this crisis comes, it knocks on the door and the door is opened. We’re not expecting anything else. If necessary we’ll knock down the door. It happened already in 1943 and it will happen again and even more so. We no longer have anything to lose but we’ve got used to things.. That’s us. The ones with their noses in the air don’t know what a true crisis is. They have to be afraid of it. Those of us that haven’t studied at “La Bocconi”, have not gone to work with daddy’s firm - or mummy’s firm. We haven’t been arse-licking to get a career in a party or in a government office. No one has recommended us and we have never looked for recommendations. We are still here and we are angry just to annoy you. We are not asking you for any handouts nor are we going to have a discussion about workers rights with that scrap heap Ms Fornero. We’ll eat them alive. We used to get ourselves warm with balls of squashed wet paper in the stove. We used to eat cheese crusts heated on the grid iron. Since then I’ve never eaten anything as good. We had a bath in the bath tub with water heated on the cooker in the kitchen. The cinema was always the one that got the films the third time around and just once a month. Our fathers did shift work in the factories and when we were asleep they were at work. An affectionate gesture and a “Be good for your mother” was the only fleeting contact in the morning. On Sundays we went out of town on the bicycle with a few sandwiches, a bottle of pop and a bottle of red wine. In summer we even had a water melon. What the heck can they do to us, these dandies in Armani clothes, these who are corrupt inside, these little deputies, these cute mafia people, rotten, rotten, good only at talking, at chattering, the ones who have ruined the country and now are laughing at us. We have nothing to lose because we are used to living with very little or even with nothing. You will lose everything except your dignity because you’ve never had that. We used to read the newspaper only on Sundays when our father bought it. We couldn’t afford it the other days. It was il Corriere della Sera with Pasolini, Montanelli, Buzzati. Just one of them was worth more than all the newspaper sellers of today. We are really pissed off and we won’t be too genteel with the ones who are taking us for a ride. We’ll eat them alive. Bring on the crisis and we’ll do some cleaning up.” A former labourer.

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Passaparola - Living does not mean merely surviving - Silvano Agosti

Living does not mean merely surviving

When you open your eyes in the morning, the same old train starts up once again, with all the usual noises. You put your feet down off the edge of the bed, rub your eyes and take a sip of water and immediately you’re back in your own body after a voyage in your dreams, a voyage whose reality vanishes in an instant.
Mechanically you begin to do the same things that you did yesterday and the same things that you will do once again tomorrow. You never ask yourself why you do these things, you just do them and that’s that. And so, yet another day goes by without any meaning in the hourglass of your life. Beppe Grillo

Film producer and writer Silvano Agosti's Passaparola

The three cages of man
A special hello to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s Blog and, for that matter, to all of humanity and to Beppe Grillo too. …
Human beings come into this world and the first thing we as humans do as we come into this world is to look around us is surprise and then we fall in love with it immediately, however, we unfortunately find out how things work right from our early childhood.
What happens is that the child is not viewed as a marvel of nature, but this incredible miracle that is the human being will be inexorably and savagely broken down and reduced to a mere role player and thus becomes an accountant, a student, a husband, an office worker, a Pope, a President, etc, in a progression of roles that eventually imprison all human beings. It has to be said that this is why human beings have not yet been able to inhabit this planet. It is essential that everyone becomes aware of these murderous cages that all the powers that be have put in place in order to break down this colossal mystery that is the human being. The first cage consists of bringing the child up in a tiny space, in a tiny prison cell that is the apartment or the home. The second cage consists of forcing the child to remain seated in one place in order to learn to write, of all things, just when the child needs to run around, to play and to be him/herself, but why for heaven’s sake? Why on earth should anyone learn to write at 5 or 6 years of age? Under normal circumstances, a human being would learn to write perfectly if they could do so by realising the necessity all on their own at 11 or 12 years of age. However, what is important is to keep them still and prevent them from playing or running around because, if they were allowed to play and run around until they were 18 years old, for the rest of their lives they would never stop playing, creating and demonstrating their own uniqueness since, as we know, every human being born into this world is unique and irreplaceable, not only in terms of their DNA and their fingerprints, but also in terms of their creativity which, if they were ever permitted to exercise it, it would result in a new, fascinating and immortal version of reality time and time again without fail.
The third cage, and perhaps the most insidious of them all, is the cage of work. The obsession with work already begins at around 13 years of age when the child proclaims: “But I don’t like school and I would much rather go ….”. So we start telling the child: “Look, if you don’t get your diploma then you won’t be able to get a job, or look, if you don’t go on to university then you won’t be able to find a job”! But why is it so important to get a job anyway? Human beings really don’t need to work. What they really need is good, nutritious food and a safe, dry place to sleep. With around 20% of what we spend each year on our armies and military expenses, we could quite easily provide housing for 7 billion people, not to mention all the wonderful things that we could do with all the money that is currently being spent on drugs, prostitutes, hospitals, at least the useless ones, and on prisons. Unfortunately, bit by bit this cage that we call work eventually makes everyone believe that they will never be able to live on this planet unless they work 8 or 9 hours per day, yet everyone who does in fact work those 8 or 9 hours per day knows that it is merely surviving, certainly not living! The interesting thing is that the apparatus of power that continues to let us believe this demential lie that we simply have to work 8 or 9 hours per day, even now that machines are replacing human labour all over the place and human beings could finally be free to express themselves in their work, especially since those who perhaps work 3 hours per day will always have another 21 hours per day in which to live productively and far, far better than those who are obliged to work 8 or 9 hours per day, every day and furthermore, in my opinion, they would get far more done in those 3 hours of work.
I say “would” because the truth is that there are perhaps 5 or 6 of us in the whole of Europe who work 3 hours per day, but choosing to work only 3 hours per day means discovering that in the other 21 we can do so many other things that make those 3 hours of work per day far, far more productive. Furthermore, it means that we can get to know our children better and we are not bound by that third cage, the 3bis, in other words living together. The fact that one human being can meet another human being that they can love, but they are forced to live together in the same little house, or big house for that matter, without ever being able to just be happy, without ever being able to be on their own and discovering that, especially women, living with their partner is not a matter of love but rather of necessity . They have no other choice, so they stay there and perhaps this explains why they say that 70% of all murders and episodes of violence occur as a result of this 3bis, which is living together in the same house.

Don’t mistake mere survival for living
Earlier we said that it would be enough to reduce our military spending by 20% in order for us to be able to provide housing and two warm meals per day to 7 billion people, but then there is another, even more insidious cage, namely giving away one’s creativity or rather one’s personal view of the world. Now some people may say “But what use is one’s personal view of the world anyway?” but what do they mean by what use is it anyway? Humanity as a whole would have 7 billion different views of reality, which would constitute an extraordinary and very powerful image, some may even be tempted to say a divine image of reality. This said, I could even stop here but I want to make it clear that the person who works two or three hours a day is genuinely so productive that he/she is worthy of a higher salary than what he would be paid for 9 hours of work because it is said that in the vast majority of cases the worker gets around 1/30th of what he/she produces, even if they produce very little so, if someone earns 1000 Euro per month it means that he/she is producing 30,000 Euro worth of value and, therefore, which is sufficient to make us understand that the destiny of 7 billion people is in the hands of a very small bunch of people, a bunch made up of, I don’t know precisely how many but shall we say for argument’s sake certainly less than 100 individuals who hold about 80% of all the Earth’s wealth and apply it exclusively for their own privileges, but what are these privileges? Well, playing games with the world, instigating wars, protecting the arms trade, the drugs trade, prostitution and above all a media system that is false, lazy and noxious. Just imagine, it is said that a 21-year old youngster born in New York may have witnessed some 130 thousand homicides on television, a lesson on death because, as you will all have seen, there are even warnings printed on cigarette packets, stating that ”this product could kill you”, all the way through to the obsession with murder on television all goes to show that the main interest of that small nucleus of monsters that run the planet is to control mortality, not produce vitality. Therefore, they have installed this valve whereby 35-thousand children die of hunger each and every day. Obviously, it could also be said that as a way of turning our heads away so as not to smell the stench of death, here in Italy we get rid of some 400 tons of food per year, simply because it is past its sell-by date!
Whichever way you choose to look at it, from 1960 to date some 1 billion children have died of hunger and their deaths weigh heavily on our consciences, even on the consciences of those who are unaware of this but live with that inexplicable feeling of unease that most of the world is experiencing at present. Everything has become globalised, above all our uneasiness and this unease is brought on by the fact that we are obliged to live on one of the most extraordinary planets in the entire universe, the only planet that looks blue when viewed from space, this because it was made to be inhabited. My hope for this planet and for Beppe Grillo’s friends is that, starting right now and forever more, we all refuse to settle in any way for mere existence rather than life because surviving doesn’t mean living. Living means savouring eternity day after day, being born in the morning and falling asleep at night, only to rise up once again the next day!
That is my hope. This hope is built on a fundamental premise without which it will inevitably fade away and that premise lies in what is perhaps the most used and abused word in the history of language, namely the word “love”. Do whatever you have to do in order to build yourselves a cocoon of love. Not just a little bed of love with a little sapling and a little frond, but a piece of ground that hosts a forest of sentiments that will make it very difficult for others to waylay you with a vision of life that buries you in the grave yard of mere existence.

Thanks very much to all of you, to humanity as a whole and also to Beppe Grillo!

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March 18, 2012

The earthquake


The seismic waves are spreading out. Sudden geological faults of corruption are opening up every day throughout Italy. It’s a telluric movement that excludes no one. In spite of themselves, the daily papers have become bulletins of judicial affairs. It’s inevitable. The dust under the carpet has become such a big mountain that it can no longer be hidden. There’s just such a wide choice: Lega, PDL, or PDminusL. Instead of the “Constitutional arch”, there’s the “Constitutional bundle“ The cracks are coming together. An explosion is in preparation. Craxi was an amateur, a child that stole sweeties behind people’s backs. His heirs just go and help themselves to the coffers of the State as though they were slot machines. They even commit theft according to the law with public financing that goes counter to a referendum. There’s a deficit of democracy and a surplus of kickbacks. On the Richter scale we’ve got to 6 - 6.9, strong with a limited radius and destructive in densely populated zones. Take Lombardy for example. However corruption is national, a metastasis that means that those who are in the System take part in the System and the more honest ones act as lookouts.
The episodes of local corruption are like spots when you have measles, that start off a few here and there and then spread everywhere. There’ll soon be a really strong process of bonding together the notifications of being under investigation and of arrests at 7 - 7.9 on the scale. We’ll go on to 8 - 8, really strong and to 9 - 9.9 with institutional devastation. Tangentopoli will seem like a walk in the park.
Why is the earthquake happening only now, after decades of predation on the property of the State (it’s estimated that corruption has reached 120 billion euro a year)? The answer is that the river of money into which the parties and the lobbies dipped their buckets, is drying up and they are starting to chatter on about completely different stuff so as to hang on to their own bit of the cake. Furthermore, many of them have already taken their kickbacks and they cannot manage to keep their promises for the lack of money in the State coffers. No one likes ending up in a pillar of cement. This could be one reason for the Great Useless Public Works that are given so much incredible support in the face of every bit of economic logic. The chairs are dancing around. The tables are moving. And as in every respectable earthquake, people are pouring out onto the streets. They will never give up. Neither will we.

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March 16, 2012

In memory of Rachel Corrie

In memory of Rachel Corrie
Photos of Rachel Corrie show a blonde sunny lass at the start of the adventure of her life. She was 24 years old when she was squashed by an Israeli army bulldozer on 16 March 2003. She was studying Art and International Relations at Evergreen State College in Washington. In the final year of study she signed up to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a non violent movement for the defence of the rights of the Palestinian people and she set off from the United States for Gaza. The day of her death she went to Rafah where houses of Palestinian people were being destroyed. Rachel was wearing a red high visibility jacket to make sure she could be identified. She climbed up on a 15 metre high mound of earth created by the bulldozers, to prevent them from continuing their work of destruction. A technique widely used by activists. A bulldozer squashed her. Perhaps she slid while attempting to escape once she realized that the driver was not going to stop. Rachel was more easily visible than the lad in Tiananmen Square who halted a column of armoured vehicles. The Chinese regime showed itself to be more humane. On that day, her action was not an isolated one. Other activists had used the same technique to slow down the bulldozers. The Israeli authorities were thus not taken by surprise by a sudden action. Previously they had even thrown tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. And yet Rachel died, like the houses that she wanted to protect with her body. A few days before that, Rachel gave a brief statement to a local TV station: “I feel like a witness watching the systematic destruction of the Palestinian people ... I sit down to dine with them and I realize that there is an imposing military machine that is surrounding us, that is trying to kill the people with whom I’m sharing food.” A memory of Rachel. Today is the anniversary of her death. For her desire for peace, she was buried alive by a bulldozer.
ISM Italia

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March 15, 2012

Let’s nationalise the banks


The bank is the female protagonist in the horror film of the new millennium. It’s taken the place of Alien. Without any possible doubt. The 2008 banking crisis exploded like a monster incubated by the society for years. The toxic poisons: derivatives, junk bonds, CDOs have splattered everywhere. The international banking institutions, the ECB, the Fed, are obliged to keep the banks alive, monsters connected to the organism of the States. If Alien dies, then the body that hosts it also dies. They feed them by creating cash from nothing (that precisely is worth nothing). The 900 billion loan at 1% interest made available by the ECB to the European banks in January and February of this year, with the Italian banks in the front row, has not relaunched the economy with financing to the companies. This enormous mass of money has been of use to the banks so that they can buy public bonds that would otherwise have been unsold, and on which they earn between 4 and 6 per cent, to buy their own bonds and to invest in shares with a high return. They have hung onto the money for themselves. The companies are dying because of a lack of credit. Loan requests are turned down and outstanding loans are even called in. No further financing is made available.
The economy of Main Street has been substituted with that of Wall Street. From an optical hallucination. Money cannot be eaten. Yesterday, Greg Smith, a top director of Goldman Sachs, left the bank after 12 years with a really harsh public accusation. He defined Goldman Sachs as being dominated by a “toxic” culture, solely connected to profit in the here and now, treating its own clients as puppets. It is perhaps the first case of a repentant banker coming out of the closet. A Buscetta of the finance world.
What’s the use of banks? To facilitate the development of companies and the development of the territory. Now they are self-referential, disconnected from the real economy and from a vision of the future (what is an investment in a company unless it’s a bet on the future?). The banks have to return to the service of development and the service of the State. From the privatisation of the big banks that Prodi wanted in the 1990s, this lot have distanced themselves from their task. They are monsters at liberty. They have to be re-nationalised. They have to be placed under the control of the State and of the citizens. They will never give up. Neither will we.

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March 14, 2012

The “paccata”


The government’s “not going to provide a ‘paccata’ of billions” to finance the social security cushions unless the trades unions first approve the reform of labour laws and basically the abolition of article 18. What does article 18 say? It prevents the unjustified, arbitrary or discriminatory sacking of a worker without communicating the reasons. Ms Frignero, the Minister who has substituted the weeping Madonnas of the 1950s, talks like she eats. Usually the politicians just eat. Her language is like that of the fish market, explanatory, direct and stinking between a vowel and a consonant “It’s clear that if one starts off saying ‘no’ why should we go and place a ‘paccata’ of billions and then say you tell us ‘yes’. No. You don’t do like that.” We don’t have a Minister in front of us but a capricious baby girl (yes or no, you don’t do like that, na na ni na na) in a body that by now has been bent over time that expresses itself like Pappagone. She has non-collapsible and unjustified certainties. She is convinced that by taking away the few workers’ rights that are still left, rights that have been earned in decades of social battles, that the economy will take off once more. Why should it take off? There. This is the true ‘paccata’. In fact Ms Frignero used the word ‘paccata’ with the meaning of "tirare un pacco” {to con somebody} not with the meaning of money given as a handout as barter for the rights of workers. Ms Frignero’s blood-sister, Ms Camùsso, is preparing the desktop bombshell ready to be signed.
The worker is like an artichoke, one leaf at a time and then only the stem is left. With the introduction of the “precarious workers” the Treu/Biagi/Maroni law brought in the modern slave, without rights and without a future. It was meant to relaunch the economy even at that time according to the proclamations of the parties and the representative associations. Today with the economy on its knees and with the mass emigration of our people holding diplomas and degrees, we know that it was just a concession to the big companies with the support of the trades unions and from the Left that will make it a big success. Employees have the lowest salaries in Europe and they have little protection. Each year a thousand die. With the Frignero law, they’ll have the lowest salaries in the Third World, but a ‘paccata’ on their back from the Confindustria.

P.S. The certification of the lists for the local elections will finish tomorrow. Anyone who is late in sending documentation should write immediately to


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March 13, 2012

41 prile in Val di Susa


In Val di Susa we don’t need another Bobby Sands”. Beppe Grillo

”Beppe, we need your help and the help of your blog for Tobia Imperato, arrested on 26 January. Since 13 February, Tobia has been in absolute isolation under house arrest with a ridiculous charge: for having taken hold of “a police officer by the arm with the aim of making it more difficult to move forward” during the removal of people from the defensive position at la Maddalena on 27 June 2011. The contact in question took place on a steep slope at the side of the motorway and it was preceded by a pretty rough intervention by some police officers who had just pushed to the ground a demonstrator holding his hands up. The contact lasted just a couple of seconds and it was not possible to see any violent intention on the part of Tobia. In a declaration given spontaneously during questioning, Tobia said he had grabbed onto the police officer because he was sliding backwards. Actually, from the video it can be seen that after having placed his hands on the police officer, he fell backwards and slid down the escarpment.
In fact, what Tobia did wrong is that he is the author of the book “Le scarpe dei suicidi” in which he reveals the responsibility of the magistracy and the DIGOS of Turin in the death of Sole and Baleno. Given that they weren’t able to go after him for the things written in the book, they took the opportunity to silence him. In fact, almost every evening he went around talking about the book and about the TAV in Val di Susa in events open to the public.
To be in absolute isolation under house arrest (while he’s awaiting trial!) is an unacceptable form of torture in a modern state that declares itself to be democratic.
On Saturday 3 March, Tobia started a hunger strike and he’s just taking water to protest against this unacceptable persecution. The prosecutor’s office didn’t give authorisation for a doctor to see him until last Friday. The medical examination on 10 March found “weight loss of six kilo (a further four kilo was lost while he was in prison) and general conditions showing tiredness, weakness and hyposthenia. Problems connected with the failure to consume sugars, fats and proteins are becoming evident. The liquids that Tobia is taking are absolutely necessary, but decidedly insufficient to maintain an adequate metabolic equilibrium. The refusal to take sweetened drinks is not helping.
Unfortunately, dear Beppe, no newspaper has written anything about this really serious happening and about his extreme protest, in spite of the press releases that we have issued and distributed to everyone.
See what you can do with your blog.
Thanks, and hugs."
Alberto Perino

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Passaparola - The Project Financing scam - Ivan Cicconi

The Project Financing scam
Ivan Cicconi uses historic references and specific technical details to explain the scam of the so-called "project financing" whereby the costs of Major Public Works regularly land up being lumbered on the State, costs that are hidden away in the accounts of privately held companies. In essence, all Major Works are paid for by the public, via their taxes, in order to create works that are basically useless in themselves but are indeed extremely useful to the political parties and lobby groups. What is the extent of this hidden debt as it stands today? Well, perhaps 10% of our current public debt, equivalent to some 180 billion Euro. When it all comes out (and believe me it will come out sooner or later) the whole Country will go down the tubes. Beppe Grillo

The Passaparola of Ivan Cicconi, head of Itaca, the National Institute for transparency in the tender process and environmental compatibility

Private debts within the public debt
Hello to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s Blog. I am Ivan Cicconi. I’m an expert in the field of tenders, infrastructure and public works and I currently head up Itaca, which is the National Institute for transparency in the tender process and environmental compatibility that has numerous partners in all the Italian Regions. I have been involved in high-speed train projects for many years, since way back in 1993 when, on the 17th February 1993 I received a letter from Luigi Preti, a stalwart of the First Republic, who was honorary President of the Italian Social Democratic Party at that time. It was a very brief letter, only around 4 or 5 lines long, in which he wrote: “Dear Engineer, I have read a number of your statements regarding the high-speed train service and I must say that I am entirely in agreement with you. For your information, I hereby attach two confidential personal letters that I have sent off in the past few days”. When I examined these letters, what I saw were two letters of around 4 or 5 pages each, closely typed, the one addressed to the then Financial Manager of the Christian Democrats, Beniamino Andreatta, and the second addressed to the then Finance Minister, Franco Reviglio. I began to read these letters and I was left absolutely flabbergasted that I had received a letter from a social democrat, a group of people that I had always been taught were the enemy of the people, yet here he was, stating that the whole high-speed train project was a scam, one that Lorenzo Necci was dishing out money from Susanna Agnelli to various important people named in the letter, all of whom were taking it, and he was launching an appeal directly to Beniamino Andreatta, asking that he: “Stop this major public work because it is merely a scam on which we will land up spending tens of thousands of billions of Italian Lire and that will land on the shoulders of our children and our grandchildren”.
So my examination began here and I firmly believe that I am one of this country’s foremost experts in the field of contract and financing architecture for this major public work because I have examined every aspect of it in detail. I have to say that it is a scam that has unfortunately essentially been ratified and acclaimed by the European Union and the Court of Auditors in a 2008 Report, twenty years later because, in addition to sending yours truly copies of those two letters, which I eventually decided to include in my latest book entitled "Il Libro nero dell’alta velocità” (literally “The black book of the High –speed train”), which you can download from the Il Fatto Quotidiano website, Luigi Preti also sent these letters to hundreds of well known politicians. Amongst those who received these letters were Prodi, D’Alema, Berlusconi, all the ministers of successive governments that occupied those armchairs from 90’s until today, including successive Transport Ministers that have headed up that Ministry as well as dozens and dozens of Deputies and Senators, all of whom have unfortunately studiously ignored the letters. Except that only now, back in 2008 to be precise, when the Court of Auditors reviewed the 2007 expenditure, they finally confirmed that it was all a scam whereby so-called private funding for the high-speed train service in 2007 had been totally dumped into the public debt. As a matter of fact, in the 2007 Budget there is a clause in the only article of this law that states that all the cumulative debt accrued by Infrastrutture Spa and Tab Spa for the creation of the Turin-Naples high-speed line up to 31 December 2005 was to be reclassified as public debt. This was that so-called private funding that was actually a series of loans from privately held companies, such as Tab Spa and Infrastrutture Spa, but that were effectively public companies, in other words loans entirely guaranteed by the state and that were kept out of the public accounts thanks to clause 966, but that due to pressure from the European Union (which had initiated an infraction procedure in 2005 for excessive deficit), landed up in the public debt and are now part of the 120% of GDP that we are all now having to shoulder. This line item amounted to precisely 12,950,000,000 Euro or some 26-thousand billion of the old Italian Lire.
In that Budget, in the Parliamentary discussions and in the confrontation between the Prodi Government and the centre-right opposition, they spoke almost exclusively about National Healthcare Scheme co-payments, and that’s all that the newspapers mentioned. In that Budget, the Healthcare Scheme co-payment issue was worth exactly 850 million Euro while, thanks to clause 966, this other debt, masterfully hidden in the books of private companies and eventually transferred to the public debt, was worth 26-thousand billion old Italian Lire, or 12,950,000,000 Euro, a figure that no one whatsoever, across the board, ever said a single word.
The reason why they wanted the TAV in the Val di Susa is very simple indeed, namely because it is the kind of project that can only be handled by large modern companies. These modern companies, or so-called “post-Fordist” companies, have one common feature, namely they have no direct links whatsoever to the job itself or to the area in which the works are being done. They are essentially virtual companies with a veritable spider web at the top that merely sub-contracts all the work out to smaller spiders, which in turn sub-contract parts of the works out to yet smaller spiders, thus forcing the competition down the line.
These large companies only operate in markets where there are major public works on offer with very specific features, in other words new works, decidedly new works with few links with the area and that lend themselves to this specific type of business model. Just by way of example, the biggest Italian enterprise, which is in 40th place in the European listings, has a direct labour to turnover ratio of 3.2%. As regards actual work, this enterprise does absolutely nothing, so they need works that are in keeping with this business model, this virtual business model that relies on being able to sub-contract all the work out to others.

The future does not exist
The main characteristic of these types of works is that they must have no links to the area and, above all, they are inevitably detached from the past and, above all, from the future because if anyone were ever to stop and consider their usefulness, it would become very apparent that they are of no use whatsoever to anyone, they are totally useless.
They are unquestionably exceptionally useful to the politicians and the ruling class of the Western world, the capitalists who live exclusively in the present. We also have a ruling class, in which I include not only the politicians but also the bankers and the directors of these companies, these empty boxes that live solely and exclusively in the present. Structurally they are obliged to be so, simply because of what they need to survive, so they are well-connected economically and politically and they live on present day results, totally ignoring future results. It is a ruling class that lives exclusively in the present and so they come across like apprentice witchdoctors without any ability or understanding to comprehend what effects the decisions they are making today may have in the medium to long-term future. All they think about is reducing the spread within a few days or weeks, but as far as the potential effects that their decisions may have in the medium to long-term future and on future generations, they don’t have the foggiest idea of what they are doing.
When a supposed technician like the current Prime Minister says, as he did in recent days, that the TAV project must go ahead because it is of strategic importance, without providing any facts and figures to back up his statement and then proceeds to add that in the near future a study will be tabled that shows the cost-benefit ration of this project, he is publically stating that he wants to press ahead with a public works project without a cost-benefit assessment having been done beforehand, but this is obviously a contradiction in terms, but that’s not all. When Minister Passera stated in an interview that this public work is a low-cost project that will enable this country to double the goods transportation potential of the Turin – Lyon line, he is basically saying something that is impossible to back-up technically, which once again proves that their focus is solely and exclusively on the present since the plan involves the construction of a new 57Km-long tunnel that will in any event tie into the existing railway lines both in France and in Italy, and they are passing it off as new infrastructure, even though it will be tied into old infrastructure. As we know from the Principle of communicating vessels, the line’s potential will be limited to the potential carrying capacity of the existing lines so, to try to pass-off the construction of this tunnel as a low-cost project is essentially like admitting that the tunnel is going to be absolutely useless from a technical point of view, even more useless than building a whole new line, because constructing only the new tunnel merely maintains the line’s current potential, in other words the current level of transportation of goods.
When I talk about interest in the present only, for example as regards the political ruling class, what I’m really talking about a reality in which the parties that were born in the last century as a merger between Macchiavelli and Moro, in other words intervention in reality, dealing with compromise but also with utopia, political plans, societal change and some sort of perspective, the future ... but today the political parties are exactly the opposite of that. They do surveys and behave accordingly. When I say that they live in the moment, I say it in these terms, namely immediate interests …
Obviously the media’s role is fundamental. In recent years we have not seen any technical information and figures that could justify these major works in any way…

The public debt mole
Information regarding the high-speed railway project has been totally lacking, probably because the interests that lie behind these major works had no interest whatsoever in informing the public. On the other hand we have this extraordinary mobilization and support that the No TAV movement is seeing today, particularly in the Val di Susa …
For the past 20 years now this valley’s numerous technical experts have been informing the citizens and the mobilisation that we are seeing now is the fruit of twenty years of effort and of awareness of the technical merits that Valley reflected in the numbers that show the total uselessness of this major public works. In this regard, the fact that the major media have chosen to ignore this issue for the past 20 years and now tend to focus on reporting only on those issues relating to public order and appear to be incapable of evaluating the merits of this issue is proof that interests, probably even in the cultural collapse of this Country, lie only in slogans, in ideologies and the flags that certain works of this nature may represent for the ruling class and that these kinds of works are merely an extension of their total inability to conceive any sort of vision for the future. But I am becoming ever more convinced that this ruling class is structurally bound to worry only about the present because the minute there is any sort of appraisal of the effects that their actions have on the future, they stand to immediately lose all of their privileges.
The only interests are the annual budget and short-term results and for the bankers, it is getting their hands on some serious stock options, while for the politicians who live in the here and now, it’s all about next month or next year’s political outcomes and for the entrepreneurs in charge of the virtual companies, it’s all about managing the debt.
There will probably be no winners and we are all going to lose out in the end! They are gambling the future of our economy on these major public works, particularly here in Italy, because the financial architecture that is built on these major works are mechanisms designed to dig out hidden public debt from the accounts of privately held companies, this so-called project financing that has many politicians talking since public resources have become more scarce. However, this is precisely the mechanism that brought about the 2009 crash. In that case the debt was built on private funding while in this case the debt is being dumped into the public debt. That’s what project financing is all about, a mole that causes future public debt that has to and will inevitably surface at some point in the future. This mole has been digging away for many years already, since way back in the 90’s, since the post-Tangentopoli era and it is going to surface sooner or later because it is a hidden debt. The project financing debts or the debts of privately owned public companies may not be reflected in the 120% of GDP, but they are nevertheless public debt that is concealed in the accounts of private companies and will have to surface sooner or later. It is difficult to say when this will happen, however, it is not going to be in the long-term and when it does happen, any of these major works that have already begun will go to the wall and this debt will explode and reverberate on us all and on the economy as a whole!
There is a lot to be done and they must be stopped sooner rather than later because these apprentice witchdoctors that make a living off these useless public works, on the financing that makes us all poor and these provisions that cut up and sell off communal assets and worsen the situation and the lives of the weakest members of our society must be stopped as soon as possible because these guys are nothing other than apprentice witchdoctors that live on the privileges of the here and now but they have no idea whatsoever of what our future will be. If we don’t stop them now they are just going to carry on dragging us right to the brink! Spread the word!

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March 11, 2012

Political press release number forty nine


The country’s destiny is set. Economic collapse, hidden under the carpet of a reduction in the spread, is inevitable Companies are closing down or fleeing abroad. Tax revenue from company taxes is drying up. The multitude of newly unemployed people are not paying income tax. The Italian bubble is getting increased by Great Public Works by means of the “project financing” accounting trick that creates fictitious work financed by the State. “Dig a hole. Fill in a hole. Tell everyone that you are indispensable.” The costs of the thousand Italian TAVs are offloaded onto the public debt, that gets bigger, and are transformed into big taxes. Inflation is eating up low to middle incomes. Justice is a toy with broken springs. And bureaucracy is a modern Minotaur. No multinational would invest in Italy in the face of the lack of safety of the rule of law and the safety of the labyrinth of laws that strangle it. It’s necessary to think of the “post-Monti period” that will also be the “after the parties” period and the “after the second Republic” period. The future is unwritten, the future can still be written. The M5S will try to write new pages for the reconstruction of Italy. Perhaps we will not succeed. Perhaps we will fail to achieve certain objectives. But no one will be able to accuse us of not having tried to do that. Many people are discussing direct democracy. The same people that swallowed gigantic turds for decades while in charge of their newspapers. What needs to be done in order to live, even eat shit and say that “It’s good, I’d like another portion!” In the M5S, direct democracy is an everyday reality.. It’s not necessary for someone to interpret it for us nor for them to lecture us for ages while waving a little book at us. Every M5S list for a town or a region has defined their programme completely autonomously. They have to answer to the voters when they present the programme and when they don’t observe it. In order to make use of the M5S symbol, the candidates have to have unblemished records (an unusual condition for a politician), they must not be signed up to a party, they must live in the town or region where the elections are being held and they must observe the rules of the Non-Statute. A document with seven simple points that has as its declared objective to not want to transform the M5S into a party. Anyone who is not in agreement, can ask for hospitality from Casini, from Vendola, from Bersani, from Bossi. There’s a wide choice. My role is that of guarantor of these (few) rules and of amplifier. The media, and especially those that are liberal and on the Left, want to separate the M5S from Beppe Grillo, the despot. Poor dickheads. They have understood nothing about what is lying ahead for them and for this wretched country. Some opinion polls give the M5S 7.5%. That’s frightening. PDL, PDminusL and UDC are talking about the benefit of a single party, of a maxi-premium of the majority for the coalitions and of a minimum bar of 8% for the Lower House and 12% for the Senate. The Notary Public’s signature on a de facto dictatorship. At the forthcoming town elections, the M5S will be present in about 70 cities and in nearly all the provincial capitals: Verona, Palermo, Genoa, Alessandria, Monza, Asti, Cuneo, Parma, Belluno, Gorizia, Carrara, Pistoia, Taranto, Desenzano, Legnano, La Spezia, Piacenza (*). I am getting the camper van warmed up. See you (in any case) in Parliament!
(*) All the lists

To block the TAV, it’s necessary to inform the Italians. The blog is launching a two-day “no TAV” event in the whole of Italy on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 11 March involving the setting up of stalls for the distribution of fliers. The map of the stalls will be updated in real time on the Foursquare section of the MoVimento 5 Stelle website. They will never give up. Neither will we.

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March 09, 2012

Fuck-Italy Clock


The Doomsday Clock ... Do you remember the clock with the hands that get closer and closer to midnight as the possibility of nuclear war increases? In that particular clock, time goes both forwards and backwards. The clock is always active. Right now it’s showing 23.55 (five minutes to midnight). A minute more than last year. Five minutes before the attack on Iran.
Even for the timekeeping of the Second Republic there’s a clock that however only goes forward, like every respectable clock. A second doesn’t always correspond to a second, it can correspond to a week or even a year. It’s political relativism applied to reality. Time can stretch out. The only certainty is that the mechanism cannot stop. Before the 25th hour starts, the one for the settling of accounts, it’s possible that three years can go by or six months (the maximum time and the minimum time). The true Unity of Italy is to be found in the interests of the parties, of the big companies connected to them, of the financed banks, of the silences and of the strange legalistic advances put forward by the magistracy, of the journalists that are now completely without shame. For some time now, I no longer have trust in the State and its representatives. I judge them by what they do and not what they say or what they represent. And often they are disgusting. The Berlin Wall was a joke compared to the Rubber Wall put in place by the System. It sends any news bouncing back, just like any attempt at popular participation. It lets nothing through. The TV News programmes no longer disguise the appearance of the lie, they shout it out loud and clear, head and shoulder statues of frogs from a stinking pond. They tell us the story that what we are smelling is not a stink, but a new type of perfume, the Monti Spread N° 5. It’s useless going over things again and again. We are in a dictatorship. It’s as soft as the paper of the Republic for cleaning your bottom, but it is dictatorship. Referenda and popular laws are ignored. No-Tav citizens with unblemished records are allowed to languish in prison without trial, while the Assembly of Robbers are picking the Republic clean. It’s a race against time, against the Fuck-Italy Clock. System against Country. The risk is that with the time being stretched out, Italy gets to midnight in the same conditions as after the war, with democracy, society and the economy devastated by the plague of locusts. Let’s shift the arms forward with information. It’s the weapon of the new partisans. After the night, dawn always comes. See you (in any case) in Parliament!

To block the TAV, it’s necessary to inform the Italians. The blog is launching a two-day “no TAV” event in the whole of Italy on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 11 March involving the setting up of stalls for the distribution of fliers. The map of the stalls will be updated in real time on the Foursquare section of the MoVimento 5 Stelle website. They will never give up. Neither will we.

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March 08, 2012

Formigoni is better than Belen


Roberto Formigoni is the cast iron virgin of Italian politics. His expression alternates between an abused altar boy and that of an amorous philanderer in a flowery shirt. There’s no information about his private life, and even less about his sex life. It’s not even known where he lives. The Milan Tribunal hasn’t even managed to find his address to deliver notification of abusively occupying the position of President of the Region of Lombardy. He got to know Don Verzè when he was tiny and since then he has followed him likea lad following a kite”. When the San Raffaele hospital went bust he responded: “I didn’t know there was a black hole.” And in relation to the correspondence he had with don Verzè that showed there was a black hole of 35 billion he said: “Those letters are irrelevant from a criminal judicial viewpoint.” He thought they were love letters. He’s a lay saint, an anchorite, a stilta living on a lamp post that gives no weight to earthly things. If 4 out of 5 members of the office of the president of the council of the region of Lombardy are under investigation, he iscompletely extraneous to this stuff. I am waiting: we’ll see what happens.” As often happens, Formigoni uses religious language, in fact Easter is coming and perhaps he wants to tell us that he will be the Lamb of the CL that will be served at table to wash away the kickbacks of the world. Above all he puts his faith in his friends and their companies. On the topic of the Region buying health services from San Raffaele and from the other private hospitals he has repeated that the region “has no duty whatsoever to go and check whether the company that it is dealing with (as a supplier of services - editor), is getting into debt or not.” It’s best to let the Finance Police do the job. He loves himself a lot, even though he is suffering from competition with Belen. In requesting compensation for a book that damaged his image, he cited her. It is human nature to dwell on one's misfortunes. “Through my lawyers, I will ask for royalties. From this point of view, I’m not worth less than Belen.” For more than a decade he has been in competition to succeed Berlusconi, but he has found outsiders in his path like Ms Carfagna, Ms Brambilla and Ruby. Perhaps, even for this, he is opposed to the introduction of the RU-486 pill in Lombardy, a subtle vendetta, accompanied by a Jesuit fundamentalist’s explanationIt’s not friendly to women.” Implacable cementificator, destroyer of Milan’s Gioia wood and ceaseless smog-producer, for which he has received warning of being under investigation, he redeems himself by inaugurating hospitals. Requiescat in pacem Formichionem!

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March 07, 2012

CMC. Cement and Hammer


The Great Public Works are a triangle. The top angle, the most prominent one, is represented by the parties that use them as a means of gaining power, to insert their men in the command posts, to create the space for the exchange vote. The second is organised crime, and especially the 'ndrangheta that has the monopoly on the shifting of earth. In the third corner there are the red and white cooperatives. Those that deal with “Work, work, work” the words that are typical of Mr. Fassino or even of Ms. Fassino. The cooperatives guarantee consensus and the sharing out of power. The CMC of Ravenna is one of these. “Cmc, since 1901. Founded in Ravenna in 1901, Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti – Cmc di Ravenna is an Italian leading construction company.“ It’s in every important cementification in the territory of the nation. “Cmc is competitive in the domestic market of large construction projects and public works (major infrastructural projects, public buildings, marine works), of railway projects (particularly high speed) and of private projects (shopping malls, hotels and resorts). Deeply consolidated in the local territory Cmc takes part actively in the expansion of infrastructures and industrial sector of the Romagna region.” Obviously the CMC is one of the main construction companies of the TAV in the Val di Susa. It can’t wait to start drilling. It’s responsible for the development of the infinite Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway. It’s constructing the Dal Molin American military base (the biggest in Europe) in Vicenza on a contract with the US Government and the Department of the Navy for 242 million euro. This is going on even in the face of the contrary opinion expressed by the local residents in a citizen referendum. It’s well known that referenda give Beeèrsani urticaria. The CMC is the contractor for work for the useless Expo 2015 (how could it miss?). Wherever there are Great Public Works, there, there’s CMC. They must be really great to win so often and without any political support. I want to put in a job application. The triangle, no, that’s not a problem .... Cement and hammer with the money of the Italians. That’s how the public debt grows.

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March 06, 2012

If this is a president ...

If this is a president ...
Napolitano refused to meet up with those dangerous delinquents - the mayors of the Val di Susa. While gnashing his dentures, he saidThe expression of the sacred right of dissent on any choice and decision made by the government and by the political process, has to exclude the recourse to violating laws, to violence, intolerance and intimidation, like those events that unfortunately came to pass even in the last few days in the name of the opposition to the Turin-Lyon TAV project.” The style is the same as in the time of Hungary, when he pronounced these noble and high-minded words: “The Soviet intervention in Hungary, avoiding the creation of a seed of provocation and allowing the USSR to strongly and decisively intervene to stop the imperialist aggression in the Middle East, has contributed, not only to prevent Hungary from falling into chaos and into counter-revolution, it has made a decisive contribution not only in defending the military and strategic interests of the USSR but also in saving the peace in the world.” You have to recognise that Napolitano is coherent. Pertini would have invited the mayors to have lunch in the Quirinale Palace. Whereas Napolitano has for many years welcomed Berlusconi between a signature for a “Lodo Alfano” and one for the “Fiscal Shield”. I consider it to be really serious that the President of the Republic is not meeting up with his fellow citizens, representatives of local institutions. They are Italians and mayors, not Mafia people or P2-ists. They too are paying his salary, just as their fathers and grandparents did, he who has been a deputy since 1953. The TAV in the Val di Susa will not be done. The only possibility is to deport the population as happened in the great times of Stalin for Ukrainians and Tatars The TAV is no use. 22 billion to transport goods where the current railway is operating at less than 50% capacity. Who is getting the money? Why not destine the money to schools, to health services, to innovation? 360 academics, research workers and professionals have asked the President of the Council to take notice of scientific results on the uselessness of the TAV in the face of really high costs and environmental destruction. No response has been received.
To block the TAV, it’s necessary to inform the Italians. The blog is launching a two-day “no TAV” event in the whole of Italy on Saturday 10 March and Sunday 11 March involving the setting up of stalls for the distribution of fliers. The map of the stalls will be updated in real time on the Foursquare section of the MoVimento 5 Stelle website. They will never give up. Neither will we.

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Passaparola - German occupation - Ida Magli

German occupation

Democracy does not exist, it’s just a bluff since the people that govern us were never elected, specially called up yes, but never elected. Although I tried to ask a number of them, at least those Parliamentarians with whom I am in contact, with whom I was on friendly terms, and I say was because I broke off all friendly ties with them once they voted in favour of the Monti government because they were the only ones that could still have saved us by voting against the confidence vote and thereby have saved our democracy. Now, there is no democracy, it’s all just a big bluff, a fake democracy! Just like during the reign of Stalin, when the Russians had the Duma, we now have a Parliament that always agrees with everything simply because they have no other option! That’s why this is a fake democracy. We have lost our independence because, if we had wanted to be ruled by Germany, it was useless to go through the Renaissance. Before that we were governed by Austria, now we are mere dependants of Germany.
Ida Magli

Anthropologist and author Ida Magli's Passaparola

Elimination of National States
My name is Ida Magli. I’m an anthropologist and I am passionate about Italy and about the Italians. Even though everyone runs the Italians down, I instead believe that we are an extraordinary people. One thing that I want to tell the listeners right up front is that I have always believed that the European Union plan was fatally flawed, right from the very beginning when the Maastricht Treaty was proposed, from way back in 1994 when the Italians began to really discuss the proposal right through to today, with two anti-Europe books under my belt. One of these books is in fact entitled “Contro l’Europa” (literally “Against Europe”) of which there have been various editions, and then, towards the end of 2010, I wrote my second book entitled “La dittatura europea” (literally “The European Dictatorship”). I mention this just to highlight the fact that my objection is not something that has only come about recently due to the economic crisis. I firmly believe that the plan was fatally flawed from the very beginning and that the people that came up with the plan in the first place have known all along that it was flawed. All those people that have worked on the EU plan are not idiots, forget it, they knew precisely what they were doing. The real aim, indeed the only aim of that plan was to eliminate National States and I cannot believe that anyone who loves his/her Country would want this, but this is nevertheless the only aim of the EU. They placed such emphasis on the Euro to conceal their real motives, knowing full well that none of the Europeans, not only the Italians would be against the idea of losing their National identity, their independence, their liberty and their language, and that’s why they had to hide their real motives. Let’s take a simple example, namely the TAV (High Speed Train Service) since it is something that is really closet o our hearts. The TAV is something that is utterly useless to all intents and purposes. It is also extremely expensive, but it is meant to show that the EU is territorially united, so they are making great big holes in order to create passageways. This is the EU’s only objective and for this they obviously invest our money since all the money flowing into the EU’s coffers originally comes from the people of the various member countries in any event. I quoted this example because I am obviously against the TAV in the first place, however, I repeat, I know exactly why they are up to. It’s exactly like the Schengen issue, in other words eliminating all borders. If they could, they would eliminate the Alps too! Thus the only purpose of the European Union is to eliminate National States, so we cannot but be against it!
The benefits… well, obviously to create an empire for those that are yet to govern us, and all we have seen so far is the advance guard, a term that is too good for these mere bank fraudsters, but anyway, the advance guard who are currently busy laying their hands on the Italian budget, the Greek budget and the Irish budget.. In the end, there will be 5, 6 or maybe 10 people who will govern the entire Western world, and I say the Western world because it will still be a long way away from world domination. There is still China, India, Russia, etc to go, but what I’m talking about is the Western world. In the meantime, they are busy uniting National States, eliminating the independent European States, and then they will unite with America. America, in turn, is in decline, something that we perhaps have not yet mentioned but it is something that I want to emphasise, America is indeed in decline. It is undoubtedly still very strong, powerful and well-armed. Then there was a pause in Russia, which was later able to pick up speed again, but America is in decline so, for the time being, we are talking about uniting America with this little appendage, that was the plan all along, so the Americans talk about South America being their “Backyard”, well now there will be another “backyard”, namely Europe! So this is the assumption, unfortunately, but one about which I am so convinced that I wrote a book entitled “Dopo l’occidente” (literally “After the West”) precisely because I am convinced that the end of the West, of European civilisation and culture is at hand, also because America is incapable of creating any culture on its own, it’s finished anyway!

Rethink education
Italy’s future depends on this. After all the rhetoric about democracy, about liberty and about independence, let’s take an objective look at how things really stand. Democracy does not exist, it’s just a bluff since the people that govern us were never elected, specially called up yes, but never elected. Although I tried to ask a number of them, at least those Parliamentarians with whom I am in contact, with whom I was on friendly terms, and I say was because I broke off all friendly ties with them once they voted in favour of the Monti government because they were the only ones that could still have saved us by voting against the confidence vote and thereby have saved our democracy. That’s why I say there is no democracy, it’s a fake democracy! Just like during the reign of Stalin, when the Russians had the Duma, we now have a Parliament that always agrees with everything simply because they have no other option! That’s why this is a fake democracy. We have lost our independence because, if we had wanted to be ruled by Germany, it was useless to go through the Renaissance. Before that we were governed by Austria, now we are mere dependants of Germany. I don’t even want to mention France since without Germany, France doesn’t mean much anyway. We went to war to free ourselves from the Austrian Empire yet now we are being governed by Germany and Italy’s future is dependent on this. By the bye, there’s something I want to add. I don’t mean to sound too pessimistic because I try to be objective at all times, but they destroy the peoples’ morality and the solidarity of families so as to eliminate all opposition. They try to keep us calm so, you want to be able to divorce?, OK you can have divorce. You want in-vitro fertilisation? OK you can have in vitro fertilisation. You want homosexual couplet? OK you can have homosexual marriages. They are more than willing to grant anything that doesn’t bother the powers that be. In other words, it’s all about the quid pro quo. The individual believes that he is scoring something but in the final analysis society is being destroyed because the things I have mentioned are all individual interests, and I could name many more, whereas society’s interests, things like the development of culture, education, employment and wellbeing, well they will be taken away systematically, so this is a form of blackmail. They say “You go ahead and do whatever you want, go and get drunk, whatever, do as you please”. In this way the cornerstones of society are being eroded and that’s what they’re aiming for, i.e.: no society, because the last thing they want is a strong society, one that multiplies the efforts of individuals. 80 million individuals don’t make a society.
All our teachers are women, all the way from primary school through to high school, but what does this mean? What it means is that all the men have run away from our schools. In the past, there were male teachers in our high schools, or rather, the only ones still working in our high schools are those who have not found anything better to do with their time, but there are no men who really want to teach in our schools. What does this mean? 1) that our youngsters don’t have any male role models, which is a very important thing for them, especially during their formative years, therefore, precisely at secondary school and high school level, when they are adolescents, so what do they do? What kind of male role model can they have when all their teachers are female? The lack of male role models is a psychological problem, it is a serious problem that we can now see. Our society is a female-driven society, with all its associated advantages, but when it comes to fighting, a male-oriented society is preferable since women were never built to fight! Thus our education system has got a lot worse. Furthermore, everyone says that the Italians don’t understand mathematics. Well of course, since when have we had any real female mathematicians in Italy, there have been 3 in total, you can count them on the fingers of one hand … no don’t misunderstand me please, I myself am a woman but these are the facts. When has a woman ever invented anything scientific? In other words, the men should be teaching mathematics, physics and engineering, but where are they. You tell me what level of education we can possibly have! The reality is that kids age 9 or 10 already have no respect for their teachers. I’m not saying this to either the kids or the teachers, I’m simply stating a fact!. We simply cannot afford to leave education entirely in the hands of and you have no idea of how many times I have said this to the succession of Ministers that have run the Education Department over the years.

Let’s get out of the Euro!
Getting back to my original point, what they want is the destruction of Europe as a culture and a civilisation and they are achieving just that. I have heard people say that they will take away the legal value of degrees. I don’t know if that’s true, but that’s what I’ve heard, however, what good would that do? It may mean something in a Country that has private schools, but here in Italy, other than the Church-run crèches, where are the high schools that could inspire any jealousy in the State-run ones? There are none, with the sole exception perhaps of a few English or French schools. In the United States there is freedom and anyone can set up a school as they wish, however, what would they achieve by taking away the legal value of education here in Italy? They are all State-run schools so they would be destroying State-run education. I would agree to pay taxes if everyone who wanted to go to school could do so, although it would not be compulsory, however, here in Italy we don’t do that and I don’t see any way out.
It all depends on the EU and their plan to destroy individual States. They have waited for a long time because they realised that it would not be quite as easy as they first thought, so they began to speed the process up by introducing the Euro and effectively saying “Let’s introduce a common currency, that way we are at least doing something concrete to unify all the populations”. Sadly for them thug, it has all gone horribly wrong. We have all paid the price of their folly but, whichever way you look at it, it is quite obvious that there is no real solution to the Euro crisis. Now, when they started hearing the people themselves saying “Let’s get out of the Euro!”, they began to fear that they had waited too long and the move that you have seen began to take place. Someone here in Italy decided to bring in someone from the EU to straighten us out our thinking. Greece is currently being governed by an EU ***, so they have obviously decided to take the situation in hand in order to speed up the process. Now we’re saying that we don’t really have many options, but the point is that if any of our youngsters were to take to the streets, etc, they would simply disappear, I can assure you of that, no more images of policemen beating them with truncheons … The courts have handed down a 5-year jail sentence to the guys that rebelled last October. Now when did you last hear about someone here in Italy being thrown in jail for 5 years for rebelling against police brutality in the streets? Never! And if the Italian Police or the Carabinieri refuse to obey orders to shoot, then the European Police force is standing by. They already thought about it when Maroni was Minister of Internal Affairs but they thought better of it. They considered deploying French or German policemen alongside the Italian ones so that the Italians would get used to seeing policemen from other Countries operating here. I don’t know what eventually happened about that because they never did get around to implementing that idea. Perhaps Maroni refused? Nevertheless this government would undoubtedly do it if our policemen should ever refuse to shoot. I hope our youngsters are extremely careful because we are now about to see what will happen with the rebellion against the TAV. After all, we already have a serious situation right there and there appear to be no other options, or rather unfortunately I cannot see any! Notwithstanding my pessimism, I sincerely hope that something will happen, a miracle perhaps, and that someone, perhaps even one of our own Parliamentarians begins to realise what is happening and does something about it. I am doing everything I can, even though I believe that there is very little that can be done. The message I want to leave you with is the following: “Let’s all act as if there is still some hope and let’s come up with some ideas”. Clearly Beppe is such a creative guy that I’m sure he will be able to come up with some ideas. Let’s go and demonstrate, perhaps in Brussels, because even if perhaps the policemen may get tough, it’s not like here in Italy. First of all, if we want Italy to continue to exist, we have to believe that the EU is seeking to destroy its individual member States. We have to start from this belief, then perhaps we can even get a move on. My hope, my earnest desire is that amongst the listeners, perhaps a majority of young people, will come up with some ideas. I’m afraid I don’t have any, but perhaps there is someone out there who has more hope than I do!

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March 04, 2012

The lighted match


Twenty years later and we are back at the starting point. Tangentopoli with De Michelis in a white raincoat chased through the alleys of Venice like a sexual exhibitionist caught red-handed and Craxi inundated with two hundred lira coins today seem like playthings, children’s games like cops and robbers, slightly “retro” cartoons. Everything is the same and everything is different from then. It’s the same in as much as there are kickbacks, there’s the arrogance of the parties and their puppet masters, there’s organised crime (the same that with the arrival of Rigor Montis has mysteriously disappeared from the news), there’s the economic crisis. It’s different, very different for the actors who are still in the field.
The magistracy of 1992 occupied a gap in democracy. It was positioned between the parties and the citizens. It cauterized the wound. Falcone and Borsellino sacrificed themselves. “Clean Hands” became the symbol of the change that was possible. Its temporary position could not last. And today there’s more thieving than before. The laws are not created by the magistracy, that like all of us are subject to the laws even when these are written by delinquents. Twenty years of war waged by the parties against the magistracy, of infinitely long trials, of hundreds of “ad castam” laws, have given birth to the little mouse of the “out of time” due to the Statute of Limitations for Berlusconi in the Mills trial. There is no longer any barrier between the anger of the citizens and the parties apart from the Police and perhaps, tomorrow, the Army called in by Maroni. We no longer have great industries and the public debt has doubled. We are a nation under guardianship, actually dispossessed of our own economic policy by the ECB. A match is enough to create an uncontrollable blaze and the magistracy is no longer able to perform the role of fire-fighter.
The parties play at hide-and-seek, they have taken cover under the skirts of the Governess of Varese as though this would be enough to avoid their purging, a purging that will be so much more catastrophic the longer they refuse to exit from the scene. The face of the end of the Second Republic, the icon that we will remember, is that of Beeérsani, livid when he is reminded that in the cake to be divided up for the TAV there are the red cooperatives of the CMC of Ravenna. The parties are dead and the magistracy is not in a very good shape. The biblical squandering of public money in Val di Susa, 22 billion, should be of interest to the Court of Accounts. What are they counting all day? What use is that Court? To play Monopoly? After 8 September, the Italians have been disorientated. They even managed to shout out “Long live Badoglio!”, as some have shouted for Monti. We know how it ended up, with the redemption of the partisans and a civil war lasting two years. History never repeats itself in the same way, but today, just as in 1943, the Italian is alone in the face of the dissolution of the country. Nude. Many people will no longer stay looking on.

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March 02, 2012

The M5S is dead, long live the M5S


The M5S was created to get citizens participating in public life. It’s not a party and it doesn’t want to be one. It has no headquarters. It has no money. It doesn’t want all that. It’s got a programme, and a Non-Statute. Anyone who agrees with the programme can use its symbol to create a list and to have my support out in the streets and via the blog. It’s not obvious why anyone who doesn’t agree with the programme would want to be a part of M5S. No one is forcing them to join.
Anyone elected must demonstrate maximum transparency in relation to the voters, who are their judge and their reference point. If a councillor is tired or if he has personal commitments, he can pass on the baton to another person on the list. He’s a spokesperson, he’s passing through. He’s a civilian volunteer. The M5S is a virus, not an armchair.
I’m going over these points because some of those who have come close to the M5S have mistaken it for a party, and obviously they feel uncomfortable.
The discussion that follows is taken from a private forum (transparency?) on which some M5S councillors have participated. I was gobsmacked when I read this.

- First councillor:
“I no longer agree with the lack of solidity in the ideas behind the organisation. These things will continue happening if there’s no change of step. The energy I have to tackle this is about to be exhausted. We are tearing each other to pieces, originating in chaos, even cultural chaos that is surrounding us.
- Second councillor:
I’m quoting what has been said: the lack of organisation is causing the implosion of the 5 Star MoVement. I’m ever more convinced that the will of Casaleggio and Grillo is ever more aimed at the implosion of the MoVement in spite of so many great young people who have thrown their hearts, their identities and frequently their all, into it.”
- Third councillor:
“I worry that rather than the wish in that direction, there’s the wish to carry out “an experiment” ... it’s just that we are the guinea pigs and I personally am not that keen.”
- Fourth councillor:
“An army of ants is the perfect organisation, but they don’t even know it. They are born to do that. This was to have been the famous network. What’s happened to it? Lost in the fog ....?
- Second councillor:
“I didn’t want to talk about an “experiment” but I think exactly like you. We are great guinea pigs under glass ....”
- Third councillor:
“I believe that we have had the skill and the luck to have created something that is a bit more homogeneous in our region and we have to take a few extra steps to try and understand if there’s the same skill and the will to take us as an example so that each one can adapt to their own region. In simple words, I believe that it’s up to us to take a few steps.”
“What are the rules to be followed? The non-statute and that’s it? The non-statute and Beppe’s posts? I believe that the only rules are the non-statute and those strategic choices that have then been largely validated by the grass roots (like, for example, renouncing on having the reimbursement of election expenses). Other “rules” posted on the blog, I don’t think they are rules until there is some mechanism (using electronic devices or otherwise) that can allow it to be understood whether the activists agree with those proposals or not. Always everything going through the involvement of the groups spread across the territory given that anyone can write on the blog.”
- Fifth councillor:
“.... don’t let off steam on the Facebook fora!! Do it among trusted friends.”
- Fourth councillor: “If Casaleggio had written the first post in a more delicate manner, instead of thinking of giving pleasure to the shittiest fringe in the country, all this would not have happened. A fringe that at the most, gifts us a few extra extremists. Thanks Casaleggio. Thanks Beppe. Then you want to publish authoritative commentators on the topic. You could have published them before, stupid.”
- Sixth councillor:
“However we certainly have two swollen balls ....”
- Second councillor:
“More than that! I’ve got a fourth!”
- First councillor:
- Fourth councillor:
“It’s time to ask for the editorial head of Casaleggio.”

I would like to say one more time that the editorial responsibility of the blog is exclusively mine. And that the town and regional programmes have not been written by me and the staff but directly by the list. Now there’s going to be two days in Rimini called by the mythical 5 Star citizens (who are they?) in the name of the M5S. The list of the points to be discussed is worthy of the best party-ocracy with the final proposal of an M5S leader. If we don’t change, it’s best to forget politics. Beppe Grillo

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March 01, 2012

In Bussoleno democracy is finished

In Bussoleno, democracy is finished
Valle di Susa, midnight at the end of 29 February 2012

Interview with Laura Castelli, MoVimento 5 Stelle Torino {5 Star MoVement Turin}

”My name is Laura, and I work alongside Davide Bono (regional councillor with M5S). In the last few days we have been here in the valley all the time and today we arrived at 11 in the morning. Right now there’s a meeting going on at the end of the whole day and we are trying to decide with the whole campaign group what to do. People are tired and some are a bit stressed. Things started happening more or less at 4 pm, when little trucks starting arriving on the motorway. They blocked the demonstrators to surround them at the exit and the entrance to the motorway going towards Susa. 30 people were surrounded and detained and had their ID examined and even physically attacked. After the mediation of the institutions, and various lawyers, we managed to get them freed. At a certain moment, the police took a step back and we were there immobile for a couple of hours. At 7 pm other little trucks arrived from Oulx. They surrounded us and they decided to charge us to clear up the area. At 7:30 pm we realised that it was their intention to make us go away, but away, really go away. They started throwing tear gas and using water cannon as though they were mad, and the Police started to chase us down to the state highway. After that the demonstrators split into two groups: one group went towards the Valley and one went down towards the city. Those of us that went towards the state highway, were subjected to being chased by the Police, but a chase without conclusion. I have never seen a chase like that. They came after us with tear gas and the water cannon that they were shooting into the air. This happened for more than a kilometre, a kilometre of hungry people running - people that were afraid of getting hurt. There were a couple of people with injuries. After that the police paused and called an ambulance and only after it arrived did they stop and let the rescuers through and finally there was a moment of rest. Afterwards they started to move forward again for a few hundred metres and they came to a definitive stop thanks to the institutions, unfortunately here it’s like that with the Police. A civilian cannot talk to them. We came to the conclusion that it was too much and thus we managed to talk to various warrant officers until we decided on both sides that it had all been exaggerated.
Thus reaching an agreement with the Police that they would retreat. At this time the Police were at a level with the roundabout that goes across the state highway and the exit to the motorway. They were standing there. There were a few people injured but we don’t know how many. Many people were suffering the affects of the CS and thus everyone was invited to go to hospital to do tests because as we know, the CS gases are toxic. There are those who want to do something straight away, some significant action right now and others are saying “Let’s go home because we are tired.
They damaged some cars on the state highway slashing tyres and smashing mirrors. The worst thing is that they went inside a pizzeria, not going through the door, but smashing through a window. They stopped some people and asked them for their documents. After that they chased some people who climbed up the front of some homes. A few of them managed to get into some apartments, and thus they were safe because these folk wanted to beat them up. The owner of the restaurant said: “They did their duty.” This is what I consider to be dramatic. There was a lot of damage, unprecedented violence. I have never seen such violence. The only thing I can say, and this is a personal reflection, is that I’m glad they didn’t follow people down the little lanes, because that was the only thing missing , then ... Anyway there was violence. True violence. In reality they should have cleared the motorway and stop at the crossing and really deliver punishment. This is also following on from the fact that the administrators of the Valley had meetings with the Prefecture. According to them, to try to come to an agreement. I don’t think it was possible to come to an agreement. But the president of the mountain community came back to the Valley at one o’clock saying that the outcome of the meeting was an invitation to leave the motorway and he had responded “We’ll have to see what to do.” He certainly couldn’t promise a backward step on behalf of everyone. We are so distraught that it’ll be a couple of days before we’ll be making observations because when you see people that have to squeeze together to escape you cannot manage it. It’s not possible to think straight."

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