26 March 2012

Passaparola - OGMs are destroying the Planet - Vandana Shiva

OGMs are destroying the Planet
"Dearest friends of Beppe Grillo's Blog, you have all my support because, while the problems that the young and even the not so young men and women in Italy are having to face are perhaps somewhat different from those that my people in India are having to face, their root causes are precisely the same, namely an unjust and unsustainable system that we must fight to change at all costs, together. I join you in this new movement in order to bring some peace to the world – and we can do this because the power belongs to the people". Vandana Shiva

Indian activist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva's Passaparola

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Planetary plunder
The ones responsible for the plunder of resources are essentially two huge corporations.
This goes far beyond individual exploitation. What we are dealing with here are corporations that are quite prepared to use whatever means may be necessary in order to lay their hands on the poor people’s resources, pretending that the entire world revolves around finance and gambling everything on international trade. Meanwhile, they are stealing land, seed and water from the poor and then, after having privatised their seed, they expert to sell it back to the farmers and demand to be paid royalties. They even take our rivers, as they are currently trying to do with the Volna River. They privatise them and then they come back and try to sell us the water. Mineral resources, forests, etc, there is nothing that they don’t want to see privatised and re-marketed. As a matter of fact, as the Rio Earth Summit, "Rio +20" approaches, it appears that the very same corporations that have already destroyed so much of our Planet are hell bent on privatising whatever is left. What we’re dealing with here is the wholesale plunder of the planet. In order to support a greedy and predatory economy, they even want to trade in the biosphere’s ecological functions, in other words in the biosphere’s reproductive capacity. One example of this is the trade in carbon, trading in the ability of the world’s forests to absorb carbon dioxide, negotiations to limit emissions in order to prevent deforestation and the land’s ability to absorb carbon. So they have gone way beyond ownership, control and plunder of resources and have not turned their attention to the planet’s functions and services with the aim of privatising them, thus totally cutting out more than 90% of the people on the planet and totally destroying the planet’s ecosystems.
In actual fact, the OGMs and the monocultures are the very things that have created insecurity in the field of foodstuffs. They have resulted in the decline in the availability of food and nutrition.
The OGMs have not increate the harvest in any way. There are reports out there that show the failure of harvests – as has also been proven by our work in Navania...
There is one report in particular, entitled "L’imperatore OGM è nudo" (literally “The OGM Emperor is naked”), which provides concrete documentary proof of the fact that there has not been any increase in production whatsoever, country by country.

Heading for foodstuff destruction
As regards monocultures, we were told that production would increase, however, in reality the increase has only regarded certain goods. Great, so we now have virtually unlimited quantities of maize and soya around the world, but is this actually food? No, not at all. Most of it is used to feed the animals being tortured in the commercial animal breeding barns. 70% of all American maize is used as animal feed. 30% of the American maize is used to produce bio fuel. The produce does not feed people and increasing production in the form of monocultures effectively contributes to the destruction of food crops.
Our work in Navania has clearly shown that by increasing biodiversity we increase the amount of foods and nutrition. We drafted a report entitled “Health”, which clearly shows how we could feed twice the Earth’s population by conserving biodiversity, land and water. Monocultures and OGMs are a recipe for hunger and they are designed to increase hunger, whereas biodiversity and organic farming are recipes for feeding people while simultaneously protecting our planet.
Two things have been asked of the very same forces that have caused the destruction, namely:
the first is to claim that the cause of the in security is not the business model, but something else, a migrant perhaps, someone of a different colour, certain Africans.
This is the age-old tactic of “divide and conquer” and that’s why we’re seeing this increase in racism and religious fundamentalism and why there is so much violence and such rifts between different people.
The second thing that we are being told is: “Oh, so you lost your job? It’s not because the system wants to get rid of you but because you are simply not good enough” and so we have this feeling inadequacy and inferiority amongst people, which makes people feel even more insecure. It is no mere accident that the majority of Americans are currently living with a totally wrong view of the economy and are living on anti-depressants. Of course, anyone would be depressed if he/she is constantly told that he/she is a failure...
However, there is another way, another way out for the man in the street and that is to realise that there are indeed movements out there looking to do things differently, to conserve our resources, to protect the Earth and thereby create more job opportunities for more people. That is where the common man in the street needs to go. Look to farms, local communities and co-operatives. Look to economies that utilise fewer resources while offering more job opportunities and satisfying more of our primary needs.
The current economies utilise more resources while at the same time destroying job opportunities. This type of economy is simply not working, neither for the people nor for the planet.

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