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The charge of the 101

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Beppe Grilloís Passaparola

Letís start living again

ďHere we go again and so begins another adventure involving election lists. There are 101 of them in all, so this is going to be like the charge of the 101 and Iíll be out there in my usual camper van. This will be a tour aimed at once again proposing a different way of life and weíre calling it ďLetís start living againĒ because we simply cannot continue waking up every morning with this feeling of anxiety and sense of impending disaster that we are living with each and every day. Letís start living again, without having to keep seeing these people. It not that I have it in for politics in general, but rather with these political parties that are stone dead, something which everyone is now saying but that we have been saying for the past 4 or 5 years. I have it in for these two-faced frauds, for the individuals themselves, and I get this feeling of depression at the mere sight of these people, these mothers and fathers of this object of shame that Italy has become, standing there and claiming to be saviours, the ones that have all the answers. First they cause the illness and then they try to sell you the medicine and the remedy. Letís start living again!
Letís take back our towns. We are going on tour and we will be visiting 101 towns. Wherever I can physically get to, thatís where I will be. Starting from Lecce and Taranto, moving up through Alessandria, Acqui, Genoa, Verona, Parma, Piacenza and weíll be in all the provincial capitals. The percentage of election lists have doubled since last year. We are like a virus, we double in size year by year, like a geometric progression if you will. Itís incredible how well we are doing, and that without money. All the election lists that I have certified so far are those of youngsters that I have never even met before, so I will be getting to know them on this tour. These candidates are self-nominated and self-funded and they are the true warriors of our times, youngsters, citizens, temporary workers, women, men and elderly people, there are truly all sorts in there!
We are running a sort of apocalyptic race towards a new and different way of life. We want a totally different way of life in which each community will manage its own resources. Production, local consumption, air, water, the lot. The banks must stick to banking. The banks are no longer lending money and itís not merely a question of liquidity, itís simply because they no longer know their customers. I always think back to my father and the fact that everyone at the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro knew my fatherís affairs in detail. The banks should go back to being banks and knowing precisely to whom they are lending money. These days they have no idea who the money is going to go to, so they simply donít lend out any money because they are afraid of losing it.

The Municipalities are the lifeline of politics

We simply cannot carry on living with the same currency as Germany. We have become globalised but we have not participated in the globalisation. In fact, the opposite is true because these pseudo industrialists, these people that have made a killing on the ďMade in ItalyĒ brand while living off government subsidies and relocating their production facilities abroad, should be taxed on their so-called ďMade in ItalyĒ production abroad. So youíre saving 30% on labour costs? Ok, then you must pay the same amount back in taxes. They open foreign subsidiaries that sell to trading companies in Dubai, then they simply attach a ďMade in ItalyĒ tag, no way!
We are all having to make some incredible sacrifices, including salary cuts, the IMU property tax and other incredible things, all merely in order to stay within the Eurozone, so letís make these sacrifices for a reason. We have Italian researchers all over the world, Italians that are doing some amazing work, yet we are living in this system in which efforts are being made piecemeal and in which companies are busy closing up shop, but to what end? All just to barely survive with a currency that is not our own? Are we going to take back our humble little Italian Lira or are we going to stay in this Union, but without the megalomaniacs that are only able to think about production, of motorcars, of steel, of coal, producing whatever? What should we be producing? We have to produce intelligence.
So I say, letís make these sacrifices, perhaps for three years, but letís do it in order to get ourselves out of the Eurozone because we simply have to get ourselves off this treadmill that we are currently on. We simply have to change our lives for the better.
We want to get into the Municipalities because the Municipalities are the lifeblood of politics and enable us to manage our own areas. Thatís all we have that is real. This is going to be an epic battle to conserve our territory, our water resources and the air that we breathe, and go back to a different way of life without any anxiety. Letís start living again, I beg of you! I will be appearing in some 90 town squares, standing on a camper van. Iím busy having the camper van equipped with a platform for this very purpose. You will be introduced to a number of youngsters that have developed a specific programme for your respective towns. But donít just vote for us for the hell of it or because you think we are the lesser of two or more evils. We are not merely the lesser of a number of evils, indeed we are something totally different and if you choose to cast your vote for the Five-Star Movement you should do so because you have decided that your life could do with a little shake-up in terms of what you buy and where you buy it, choosing your battles, attending some Five-Star Movement meetings and participating, otherwise we are not interested in getting your vote. I am not in the least bit interested in trying to convince you that we are more honest and we are not going to accept any funding, nor are we going to start any campaigns for referendums to put a stop to the funding of political parties. The Five-Star Movement was entitled to get 1,700,000 Euro in party funding, but we refused to accept that funding! Unlike the political parties, we donít run campaigns against the provinces and then nominate people to stand in provincial elections.
We already have some 150 youngsters sitting on various Municipal and Regional Councils and these guys are doing some sterling work that the traditional media is ignoring totally because they are terrified. Now they are going to introduce a 5, 6, 7 or 8% cut-off for the next general elections, but we are going to exceed that cut-off point, indeed we have already surpassed it, go ahead, you do whatever surveys you want, we will continue to be one step ahead of you. You are now saying the very same things that we were already saying 4 or 5 years ago. I want to get these people out of my hair and their faces off our television screens. Iíve had enough of these faces on television telling us how Italy should be run. We are Italy and we want to change our way of life, without any more businessmen setting themselves on fire, enough is enough! We have to go above and beyond and start with the Municipalities in order to change our way of life, to improve our lives and to start living once again!"

Ps. Participate in the 2012 Election Tour on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Youtube, using the #m5sTour tag.

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