10 June 2012

Shooting at the Red Cross

The Red Cross is giving itself a treat

It’s the usual game. To “improve” the efficiency of a public body, it gets privatised. The ones chosen by the parties to get the work, are the only ones that win. It’s happened with the motorways and with water. The selling off of the State’s goods, and thus our goods, is not to be stopped by anything, not even The Red Cross. “Sparare sulla Croce Rossa” {Shooting at the Red Cross} is no longer just an idiom.

“Dear Beppe, after the rejection of the previous decree idea to privatise The Red Cross, even this Government is trying to privatise it (watch the slideshow)! If the previous idea was unacceptable, this one seems to be the fruit of folly! While being called a “reorganisation” it would irreversibly demolish our Red Cross with the dismantling of its enormous heritage and the sacking of a good number of employees, both civilian and military. The privatisation would take place in different stages ... perhaps to give time for all those who love it and who feel it is a bit of their own life, to swallow this bitter pill. The process would start at the beginning of 2014 and finish at the end of 2016, even though the dismantling of some of the estate of The Red Cross would take place after that. The approval of the decree is currently being examined within the Ministries of Health, of Defence and of the Economy and Finance. The draft decree lays out that from one Red Cross organisation, two will be formed: one public and one private! The public one would have the function of providing technical-logistical support to the private one, by means of the completely free use of staff, equipment and property. On the other hand, the private one would rake in the cash coming from the services carried out by using the above-mentioned facilities. Who knows what the Monti-Red-Cross-person (the wife of the more well known President of the Council, Mario Monti) thinks of this draft decree! Perhaps she’ll let us know by writing to your blog. You can feel the disquiet of the personnel of the “Croce Rosso Italiano” (CRI) {Italian Red Cross} and not even the ethical code (see the slideshow), created “ad hoc” by the administration to make the people in the organisation keep quiet, will stop them from speaking out.


They will never give up (but it would be in their interests). Neither will we.” Movimento 5 Stelle di Roma {5 Star Movement, Rome}

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