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The worst twenty years of our lives

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Hello to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s Blog, my name is Beppe Lopez. There is one feature of these past two decades that is perhaps the worst thing we have seen throughout our entire history as a republic and that is that there has been an intrigue, a veritable sticky plot if you will, between our television, our politics, our culture, our media and our newspapers.
The truth is that in one way or another, everyone has played a part according to a script. Unfortunately, in these past twenty years the level of institutional dignity, the awareness of filling an extremely responsible role and, in essence, the level of what used to be referred to as the ruling class of this Country has never before been dragged down to such abysmal depths. We have had enough vulgarity, megalomania and mawkishness to set up our very own puppet theatre although this sadly documents the absolute reality of an era that our Country has gone through.
We have had arrogant intellectuals in the past, by all means, but certain things that have happened in these past twenty years had never before been seen.
Let’s take Giuliano Ferrara who at a certain point wrote a long article for his newspaper in which he explained how and why he came to be a CIA agent, yet nothing happened to him! Ferrara, who is particularly symptomatic of this era, also said something else, which is recorded in my book. He wrote: I attacked the enemies of Craxi in the first instance and then those of Berlusconi, not because they are the worst but because I detest the better ones! Here is a case of impudence, inter alia in the case of Ferrara, being justified on a cultural level.
No mention was made of the comment made by Bertolaso, the former head of Civil Defence who was forced to resign following his involvement in certain scandals and who, at a certain point, following a frighteningly heavy snowfall in Italy wrote the following in the Corriere della Sera: “Thank you snow. Thank you snow for reminding the whole of Italy how useful it is to have a Civil Defence Department.”
But there are other personalities that are perhaps even more colourful than Ferrara. There was Vladimir Luxuria, a transvestite appointed as Deputy under the banner of the Rifondazione Comunista party by Party Secretary Bertinotti and when he/she was interviewed by a journalist from the Corriere della Sera about his/her past, at a certain point he/she remarked almost indignantly as follows: “Do you truly find it improper that a communist may have prostituted herself?” There are some truly exceptional things in this book. There are some acts of adulation that are universal examples of exceptional obsequiousness.
What we’re talking about here is what has been called the Second Republic but if the truth be told it was called the Second Republic almost in order to hide the damage done by those who called this the Second Republic and who enriched themselves during the First Republic. For example Berlusconi, who accumulated his financial and media power during the First Republic. According to others, however, the Second Republic was not in fact born in the period 1992-94 with the Cavaliere’s foray into politics, but rather some fifteen years earlier, sometime between 1979 and 1984 when Berlusconi introduced Italy to pay-TV giving the Italians the long-hidden dreams of programmes like Buongiorno, Drive In, the plunging neckline programmes and obviously also the Smurfs.
I believe that if we must talk of a Second Republic then we have to look back not to the last days of Craxi-ism and the introduction of pay-TV, but rather to the early days, indeed the dawning of Craxi-ism, namely during the late 70’s, when the process of democratising and modernising Italy was interrupted, the culmination being the assassination of Aldo Moro, mainly because, for the first time ever in our history, this Country was being radically changed and this change was interrupted from outside, namely by the interests of the two superpowers so that nothing would change here in Italy.
In essence these have been the worst twenty years in the history of the Republic and the worst twenty years in terms of our political class, our institutions and our public life.
Since the 1970’s they have been breaking down the fabric that had been holding together Italian society. Twenty years, the worst years of our lives, not only our institutional lives but also our economic lives have also coincided with another phenomenon that has instead opened a positive prospect, namely the birth and development of the Web.
Everything that has occurred thanks to the Web, the blogs, the websites and the social networks has occurred in op position to official policy and official culture in a manner that is obviously not yet non-organic and non-incisive, however, we are already seeing new major players, new forms of aggregation and even new political players, as we all know, and new mechanisms for forming public opinion. After all, just think about who is hosting us at this very moment, think about the success of a newspaper such as Il Fatto Quotidiano and a whole range of other editorial initiatives, indeed of a huge editorial market, both hardcopy and digital, that has blossomed in opposition to the system of political parties and official policy. These days this enables us to state that the time has come to say enough is enough. Now this book entitled “Antologia del ventennio” (Literally Anthology of these twenty years) also helps us to say enough is enough because there are certain things that must never be forgotten.
We must never forget any of what has been documented in this book, the obscenities, the vulgarity and the abuses of power by the so-called ruling class.
For example, one thing that is clearly documented is precisely what enabled Berlusconi to become the big chief in a Berlusconised Italy. This Country seems to be what it is not, thanks to these deceptions and to a lack of any viable political alternative. This book obviously also contains Violante’s declaration, in a full session of Parliament, in which he reminded those present that it was essentially the Democratic Party that had allowed Berlusconi to be elected notwithstanding the fact that there is a law that prohibits public concession holders from being elected to Parliament, and that had allowed Berlusconi to feather his own nest during the very years that the centre-left was in Government.
I would like to conclude by inviting all our friends to help spread the word.

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I guess, it's just a way of looking at things. The hate for Berlusconi has no political value.
He ruled not more than the not-too post-communists therefore the merits for all the recent and present problems should be credited to both. Most of the actions of the against-Berlusconi-people had been focusing on him more than focusing on actual problems.
He has been a decoy, more than a problem.
Beppe was one of the few to focus on problems including the environment (now completely neglected). For too many, the hate for Berlusconi has become a well defined political or media career. How they will survive without the presence of Berlusconi?
For Italy, the nail in the coffin was Monthi-Phython & his gang that eventually completely sank the 'little' economy and the structure of what we call the re-private (the republic is dead and it's now mainly own by banks and profit centers).
Napolitano 'o guaglione' will be - at some stage - considered for what it is: he created a new president out of the blue(print) without an election.
I think and suggest that it is against any constitutional right and I hope he will legally pay for it.
Also most of the laws and regulations passed by Monti-Phyton could be completelly illegal (as he was not elected) and could constitute important legal cases for which I suggest to consider a Class Action. Nobody in the parliament suggested new elections as they would have lost they position as MPs. What about this conflict of interest? Dead silence.
From now, let's talk about real problems, let's try to forecast a better future in years let's do as much as possible to help each other.
There is no solution in this politics and in these politicians. The only option is to have somebody able to watch them carefully.
The last 20 years were good or bad as many others. What we we have now is our next future.
Beppe does not have all the solutions but is the only with a spirit. We may have more like him soon.
Most of the others are walking corpses.
They just keep moving very slowly.

Posted by: Gianni Belcaro | February 4, 2013 05:58 PM

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