The M5S is not left wing (and neither is it right wing)


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The M5S is not left wing (and neither is it right wing) It’s a Movement of the Italian people. It doesn’t want to have a "shared journey" with anyone who has brought about the ruin of Italy. We don’t want dead weight. PD, Sel or PDL, this side or that, for me they’re all the same.

“What is right wing? What is left wing?" (*)

To be a bit racist is right wing
whereas to let anyone come into Italy is left wing
accelerating the time frame of the Statute of Limitations is right wing
justicialism towards your opponents is left wing.
The clandestine person is left wing
Extreme nationalism is right wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
A great GMO soup is right wing
cement on top of a wheat field is always left wing
all the “talk shows” are run by payrolled journalists,
on the right or on the left ...
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
Shouting “Forza Italia” at football matches
has a slightly right wing flavour
but bringing a canoeist into the government, a bit German,
is a bit more silly than left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

The TAV in the Val di Susa is one sign of the left wing
with truncheons and tear gas they’ve gone towards the right wing
pensioners in the street supporting Berlusconi are a bit right wing
when they’re trade union members they’re also left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
Same sex marriages are a left wing banner
paid prostitutes are more than ever right wing
Monte dei Paschi in company, like having a piss, is left wing
the illicit pot of money is always basically right wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The P2, beautifully sky blue and transparent
is obviously a bit right wing
whereas the bureaucracy that strangles the State is left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

Ideology, ideology
I still don’t believe there is one
it’s a folding screen to dupe the people.
The MoVement is above and beyond that and it talks to the Italian people,
not to the PD-folk nor to the Berlusconi-folk.

But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The thinking of the Confindustria is born on the right
now it has even become OK for the left
no one knows whether corruption has only been right wing
but now it is certainly also left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The vigorous clenched fist salute
with the wad of money held up is a gesture of left wing directors
the salute that’s a bit Roman, with an open palm, even though it’s been OK’d
is still a bit fascist.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

Even the Pope recently
has become a Qualunquismo supporter and a bit of a populist.
he says he’s thinking about the poorest and not about the banks
whether they are right wing or left wing.
The State that has negotiated with the mafia
is a shitty State, for twenty years the same stink on the right
as on the left
The electoral law nicknamed "Porcellum" was delivered from the wombs of the sows on the right
however with help of the left wing boars

Ideology, ideology
I still don’t believe there is one
it’s a folding screen to dupe the people.
The MoVement is above and beyond that and it talks to the Italian people,
not to the PD-folk nor to the Berlusconi-folk.

(*) Freely inspired by "Destra Sinistra" {Right Left} by Giorgio Gaber

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While the parliament is debating its usual idiotic problems, Italians are ready to die.
The impossible taxes to pay next month will physically kill at least 50 people, possibly more than 100 unable to pay. It will be an epidemy of open suicides or state killing (how many people will die for heart attacks or other stress-related problems in this period?).
Should we count them?

New jobs for young people (what's wrong with job for people that are not too young?) will change something in 3 years, if we are lucky. With the help of the unions it will take 5 years.
Discussion on how voting do not fill the fridge or the gas tank now.
Immigration problems - important as they could be - are not an emergency or priority now.
The actual emergency is how to pay the beast, the state that wants money we do not have.
Please leave other problems aside now and concentrate on money.
The only way to get some money now, for most people, is to avoid paying taxes now.
The state has enough money and assetts to cover. The mandarins and submandarins (including the supermandarin) in Rome may cut some of their expenses now.
But they will not do it, they will squeeze us once more.

Is it possible to think of a tax strike? Legal implications?
When we give our money to the state (to this state),we know, it's lost for ever.

Please 5*, support a campain of tax suspension for 6 months.
Save 100 deaths.

Otherwise start counting the people killing themselves or going to die soon, unable to pay.

Posted by: Gianni Belcaro | May 20, 2013 07:50 PM

It depends from witch brain-side you're using on that moment+ easy to shift when the inspiring "modus" related is to a personal interest, money is driving our choice, clearly enough to me! Let's boycott this sick system taking peaceful action: We shall stay at home for sometime doing nothing but re-discover our neighborhood invite them to share meals & ideas, talk to each-other instead to watch TV. No violence is necessary and them human's serving the so called law wouldn't be use against their own brother and sister (if only they could realize that they are paid through people's tax-paid money. Love & Light to every human being!

Posted by: claudio millanti | May 20, 2013 11:53 AM

Just for staying into such words, could M5S be a Whig Party instead? To know it, one should hear Elvis Presley rather than Giorgio Gaber. LOL!

Posted by: Paolo | May 20, 2013 12:37 AM

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