Open letter to the leaders of the security forces


Open letter to Leonardo Gallitelli, General Commander of the Carabinieri, Alessandro Pansa, Commander of the State Police and Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Army General Staff of the Italian Army.

“I am writing to you as you have responsibility for the security of the country. This is an appeal for Italy. This moment in history that we are experiencing right now, is a very dangerous one. The institutions have been delegitimised. The electoral law has been declared unconstitutional. Parliament, the Government and the President of the Republic are arbitrarily carrying out their functions. It doesn’t matter that some people who are constitutionalists, journalists, or politicians, are saying that’s not the case. These are the facts. This is the common feeling in the nation.Even the parties have been delegitimised by the continual scandals, by the negotiations between the State and the mafia, by the closeness of some of their members with organised crime, by their indifference in relation to the problems of the country, by the unauthorised appropriation of 2.3 billion euro of public financing that was rejected by the people in a referendum. The management of the public resources, of social services, of the health service, of education and of law and order, is in a mess. The economy is collapsing. Rates of unemployment, especially for young people, are reaching intolerable levels. Small and medium sized enterprises are disappearing. The Government is non-existent. It’s only capable of making continual declarations of optimism that are immediately proved wrong by the events happening the following day. The parties have occupied every space, ranging from the economy, to news provision, to the destination of public money to feed the lobbies from where their own members often come. Italy has lost monetary sovereignty, fiscal sovereignty and it’s about to lose its economic sovereignty with the most likely hypothesis being that of strangulation by the recessionary policies of the International Monetary Fund. Most of the citizens are being kept in the dark about the real situation that the country is hurtling into, thanks to a disinformation regime that places Italy in the 70th position on the “freedom of the press” ranking, where it lags behind many States that are considered to be of the Third World. The disturbances that took place yesterday throughout Italy were mostly caused by the exasperation of the people because of their quality of life and the arrogance of a political class that is not doing without any privileges, but is just intent on perpetuating their own existence. Yesterday’s protests could be the beginning of a conflagration or the precursor of future uprisings that could perhaps be uncontrollable. In Turin, a few officers of the State Police and the Finance Police removed their helmets thus allowing themselves to be recognised. And they looked into the eyes of their brothers. It was a great gesture and I hope there are no disciplinary consequences for them. I’m asking you to no longer give protection to this political class that has brought Italy to its knees. I ask you not to provide body guards for their official blue cars or when they go to the supermarket. I ask you not to line up in front of the magnificent buildings representing the power of those who have been tainted with corruption and shady deals. The security forces don’t deserve such a degrading role. The Italian people are on your side. Join with them. In the forthcoming demonstrations, order your lads to take off their helmets and fraternise with the citizens. It’ll be a signal that is revolutionary, peaceful and extreme. And Italy will change. Lift up your hearts.”
Beppe Grillo

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... notice how anyone in Italy running for ANY political post before winning and campaigning they promise all kinds of things and condemn the current political situation and promise to do something about those in power, but as soon as elected they meet and discuss unknown things with the same figures they were condemning just few days earlier. Case in point words reported by ANSA by Mr. Renzi : "governo puo' durare ma deve fare" and his meeting with the top honchos. Unreal, just few days ago he was criticing the same government figures and now he wants them to do more???
As soon as they show up in Rome they catch the same disease and "the show goes on". When will Italy find someone who goes on doing what he promised during campaign???

Posted by: Michael Deliso | December 11, 2013 08:50 AM

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