Shulz, Renzie’s krapò


We’ve returned to the times of the fascist war in Greece and according to Mussolini, we should have annihilated it. Then the Germans had to intervene to avoid a disastrous defeat for the Italians. Today instead of the troops sent to Greece, there’s Renzie in difficulty, Germany’s “flunky” who had to be elected at all costs to avoid the elimination of the Fiscal Compact and the introduction of eurobonds, thus maintaining the current situation of Germany’s economic hegemony in the continent. It’s possible that Renzie won’t make it, he says nothing but fibs, and this is where the Teutonic help is needed in the shape of Sturmtruppen Martin Schulz who is now conducting a permanent election campaign in Italy on behalf of the PD. Yesterday in Florence, in the homeland of the ebetino {little idiot} he gave a long interview to Aldo Cazzullo, (nicknamed, double-furry-tongue), during which he compared Grillo to Stalin. Schulz should remember that the agreement with Stalin was made with Hitler’s Germany with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that brought the world into the second world war. Renzie is the guy representing German interests in Italy. The M5S that will beat him in the forthcoming elections, is the number one danger to the German bankers, to the ECB and to the Troika. And thinking about the Troika, why is it not asking Germany for compensation for the damage caused in the last world war as well as for taking all the resources from Greece to guarantee the bank loans? Schulz is conducting a permanent election campaign for another country’s party using language that is insulting to millions of Italians that have voted for the M5S. Berlusconi wasn’t completely wrong to call him “kapò” even though he’s more like a “krapò”, meaning “crapùn” {stubborn}, a hard head with a nail on the outside of the helmet, one who isn’t afraid to shoot his mouth off.
Krapò Schulz has said that Grillo is just wind. That’s partially true. The M5S is a southerly wind that is about to arrive in Brussels. The krapò had better hold tight. Maybe there’ll be a hurricane.

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"Choose your words more wisely. The german population is aware of Schulz and shares your opinion on that monster."

Hi, I'm German; and to my chagrin I have to tell you that Germany is half socialist. About 50% of votes will go to the left pro EU parties: Piraten, Gruene, Linke, SPD. SPD will get 20%, Schulz is SPD member. Another 40% will go to the pro EU "conservative" (but in reality, social democrat) CDU.

I call all of these parties the Blockparteien or bloc parties (the term comes from the DDR, where there were several parties besides the SED, but always supported the SED policies).

Unfortunately our Euroskeptic faction, AfD and others, will probably get no more than 10%.

It's unfortunate; most Germans are asleep because business is booming here. Campaign posters of the AfD get destroyed by the pro EU Black Bloc across the country; the system media congratulates them.

Euroskeptics are vilified as Nazis by all the media. It's upside down.

In short: VERY VERY BAD SITUATION HERE. But as the saying goes, it gets worse before it gets better.

Posted by: Karl Schlonz | May 14, 2014 01:29 AM


please start to make the difference between a country, its habitants and political puppets. Choose your words more wisely. The german population is aware of Schulz and shares your opinion on that monster. But please don't write "Germany" if you do not mean the german population. Or do you really think that all Germans are looking at Itala=Mafia? Alora…


Rudi (Tedesco)

Posted by: Rudolf Chelbea | May 13, 2014 10:33 AM

Dear Mr. Grillo,

Thank you very much for this Cartoon which describes - this is also my opinion - Mr Schulz very well.
I wish that we'd have politicians like you in germany as well...
With kind regards


Posted by: Thomas Weissenberger | May 13, 2014 02:14 AM


if you can't be in Brescia, piazza Duomo

here the closest thing

Posted by: john buatti | May 12, 2014 01:50 PM

Bravo,bravo der Schulz ist eine Beleidigung
für das deutsche Volk!

Posted by: Manfred Groß | May 12, 2014 11:59 AM

Not to be misunderstood, with "he gives his unabridged support to Mr Berlusconi as an ally of Mr Renzi. Without that alliance, Mr Renzi would already be back to his private life." on my previous post, I intended to say that (should what appears on the M5S blog be true), by giving support to Mr Renzi, Mr Schulz gives support to Mr Berlusconi, as a fundamental ally of Mr Renzi. Cheers, Franz.

Posted by: Franz | May 12, 2014 08:26 AM

"Er sei "absolut entsetzt" über Ferbers Aussage, in Schulz hätten Schlepperbanden an Europas Grenzen einen Geschäftsführer gefunden, sagte Gabriel am Sonntag bei einer Veranstaltung des Magazins "Cicero" in Berlin."

Moreover "Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) möchte mit aller Macht verhindern, dass der SPD-Spitzenkandidat für die Europawahl, Martin Schulz, sein eigentlich überparteiliches Amt als EU-Parlamentspräsident für parteipolitische Zwecke missbrauchen kann."

This is what can be read today May 12, 2014, on Spiegel Online Politik. From my point of view, should what appears on M5S blog about Mr Schulz be true, resignation of Mr Schulz from the President office is required. Not only because, in his office, he forgot to be "super partes', but also for his anachronistic intervention: not long ago, Mr Schulz displayed with heavy words - at the Strasbourg Parliament - all his disagreement about Mr Berlusconi as an Italian Prime Minister. Now, in Florence (should what appear on the M5S blog be true), he gives his unabridged support to Mr Berlusconi as an ally of Mr Renzi. Without that alliance, Mr Renzi would already be back to his private life.
If not else, a professional politician should take care of being reproducible. Cheers, Franz.

Posted by: Franz | May 12, 2014 08:19 AM


corrected link

the link appears like this from Mike below


Posted by: john buatti | May 12, 2014 04:01 AM


May 5 2014(Bloomberg)

Italy Economy to Expand Less Than Renzi Sees, EU Says

Italy’s economy will expand this year less than the government estimates as the recovery will be mainly driven by external demand, according to the EU’s forecasts published today.

Gross domestic product will rise 0.6 percent this year, the Brussels-based commission said today. That’s in line with Italy’s statistics office Istat’s estimate released today and compares with Italian Premier Matteo Renzi’s expectations of a 0.8 percent expansion.

Italy’s public debt, which stood at a record 2.11 trillion euros ($2.93 trillion) in February, has hampered efforts by the last three governments to stimulate the stagnant economy. The commission expects it to rise this year to 135.2 percent of GDP, more than the 134.9 estimated by Renzi’s administration.

Posted by: john buatti | May 12, 2014 03:40 AM

ragazzi guardano questo la Commissione europea cospirazione contro la democrazia...

Posted by: Mike | May 12, 2014 01:58 AM

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