21 October 2015

In Italy only the poor are on the increase


The number of poor people in Italy is increasing. According to the July figures published by the official statistics agency, ISTAT, there are 10 million poor people. According to the report published this week by the study group Unimpresa, just last year, there’s been an increase of 30,000 - that’s as though a whole town has fallen into poverty. There’s just no sign that this epidemic is going to calm down.

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The working poor

The ones affected are not only those without a job, who represent about a third. Most of the people who are poor, are working! They go into the office. They’ve got a boss. They’ve got responsibility. They pay taxes. However, they don’t manage to have a dignified life. They can’t pay for medical treatment. They do without going away on holiday. They eat low cost rubbish food that makes them ill. They suffer because they cannot guarantee a future for their offspring and because they have to queue up at the Caritas soup kitchen when they’ve finished work. They are not free people. They are slaves. According to the Unimpresa results, some are employed part time (740 people), some full time (1.66 million people), some are freelancers working part time (802 thousand), some are contractors (349 thousand) and some have long term part time contracts (2.5 million). In total there are 6.1 million such workers living in poverty - with fragile job prospects and low income. They are thus slaves. The triumphalist announcements of the government’s propaganda have no meaning and show that there’s an underlying intention of taking us for a ride: more people in work and more people in poverty. The government doesn't want to eliminate poverty. It just wants to normalise it with the “Jobs Act”.

VIDEO “There’s nothing to celebrate”. The truth about the GDP and unemployment

The government’s propaganda lies

The unemployment figures are meaningless and everyone knows that. The nespapers and the government spout off about three figure numbers. They talk about more than 300 thousand more fixed contracts than there were in the first 8 months of 2014. Of these 300 thousand, almost 230 thousand are simply already existing contracts that have bene converted and counted as new contracts. There are in fact only slightly more than 10 thousand new worker-slaves a month because the "increasing-protection-contract" allows the employer complete freedom to fire the employee in the first 3 years. Workers will all be fired shortly before the end of their three year limit and then they will either be taken on again or replaced by new slaves. According to ISTAT, those who are trainees, the workers with the least amount of security, are counted as officially employed. How much does a trainee earn? In certain cases, a pat on the back and at the end of their training, a kick up the backside. There’ve been 30,772 new trainees taken on in 8 months just in Sicily, 11,912 in Lazio, 9,021 in Emilia Romagna and 4,843 in Veneto. If you think about all 20 regions, you can understand the trick.

The Citizens’ Income is the only way out

Jobs are no longer being created and poverty is increasing. What the government is doing is propaganda and they are just finding ways of publishing figures that keep the "market“ calm. The GDP is increasing thanks to drugs, prostitution, and contraband, thanks to favourable international conditions, and thanks to more people with jobs - people that are still poor. For an Italian person, nothing has changed. The M5S Citizens’ Income that lifts out of poverty someone who hasn’t got a job (and helps them find one) , as well as someone who has a job, but is still poor, - the M5S Citizens’ Income is the only way to save Italy.

VIDEO Shock admission from PD person talking live: THEY ARE KEEPING UNEMPLOYMENT HIGH ON PURPOSE!


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