Beppe Grillo addresses the Telecom Shareholders Meeting
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I am here today to attend the funeral of Telecom Italia. I am wearing a black armband on my arm. This Country’s former top technology company is finished......

An Italy without Italians - Interview with Arrigo Petacco
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2011 is fast approaching and with it the celebration for the Unity of Italy. The blog continues its search for historical truth with an interview held with Arrigo Petacco, author of "Il regno del Sud" (The Kingdom of the South).....

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Nuclear power will never be approved
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There are only two kinds of people that are in favour of nuclear power, namely those who are ill-informed and those that stand to profit from it........

The destruction of woods: the Attila/Bresso law
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The Region of Piedmont has decided to produce 20% of its energy it needs from renewable sources. How does it want to do this? By the destruction of woodland. To produce energy, 2.2 million cubic metres of wood each year will be used, according to the mad regulations of the new regional law on forestry (L.R. 4/2009). A law in complete conflict with the arrangements for sustainability of the Resolutions approved by the Ministerial Conferences on the protection of the forests in Europe.

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Greece is on fire and Tremorti is the fireman
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"We have to have fiscal federalism or else Italy will go the same way as Greece, it is absolutely essential." Bossi said this, without adding that.......

An appeal for Enrico
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A young man called Enrico Turco has telephoned me. His story is dramatic. After 4 years of every type of diagnostic test in Italy during which he has been treated like a laboratory guinea pig, in Thailand he was diagnosed with “lead poisoning”, an intoxication from heavy metal almost always due to conditions in the workplace. The Trieste hospital has not taken into consideration the tests done abroad, the tests that for now, have saved his life, and two days ago

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Lies about incinerators and people die Interview with Patrizia Gentilini (1)
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Narrow Band
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Italy is near the bottom of the list of European Countries in terms of access to broadband services and therefore also as regards the Internet and the digital economy......

Transport/Getting About
Viareggio: a disaster with no one to blame
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The Ferrovie italiane {Italian Railways} have performed miracles. The 2009 accounts bear witness to that. In 4 years, the “rationalization of operating costs” have brought about a reduction of 1.1 billion euro. The net profits have grown by 175% and have arrived at 44 million euro. The people of Viareggio who died, would be happy if they knew that.

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Wailing Wall
State funerals
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The only live eye with its own inner light still shining at the funeral was Sandra’s. Only one eye, her right eye, because her left eye was bandaged.......

Citizen Primaries
The 5-Star Movement's Programme
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At the inauguration of the Five-Star Movement in Milan, I sketched out the Movement’s Programme in broad terms. In the coming months, there will be plenty of time to discuss it online and to improve and amend the programme accordingly.

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