Passaparola - The genetic mutation of the Democratic Party, Prof. Alessandro Pace
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New Twitter Gallery googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1372239052320-0'); }); Nicola Morra- Hello everyone. We are here in Prof. Alessandro Pace’s study. He is one of Italy’s major constitutionalists and we came here to hear Prof. Pace’s opinion on what happened after...

Beppe Grillo's 2014 end of year address #IoGuardoBeppe
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New Twitter Gallery WATCH THE VIDEO12:42HD WITH SUBTITLES "Well folks, we are here for a somewhat different version of the usual: we are in the new offices of Casaleggio Associati, a sort of catacomb where the spirits flutter around,...

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The lamp of the poor
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We don’t need electricity, gas, or coal. We need light, warmth, or cold. We don’t need more energy, but new technologies.
"Alfredo Moser is a Brazilian mechanic who had a brilliant idea in 2002, after going through one of the frequent black-outs in Uberaba, the city where he lives in the south of Brazil. He was tired of electricity failures, so Moser started playing around with the idea of water refracting light and after a bit he had invented the for those buildings and sheds that hardly have any windows. According to the intensity of the sunlight,

Versilia’s killer incinerator
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“Versilia is in a state of shock after the p8ublication of an investigation carried out by the Viareggio health authorities indicating the Falascaia incinerator (located between Pietrasanta and Camaiore), as the cause of thousands of deaths. In the last...

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Greece - Italy: same face, same race, same monetary sovereignty
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New Twitter Gallery googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1372239052320-0'); }); After a third failed attempt to elect a new State President, Greece is now required to hold a general election on 25 January. The Greek share market responded by dropping 20% of...

Borgofranco’s experimental pyrogassification plant
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In one of Piedmont’s unpolluted agricultural areas, near the town of Borgofranco di Ivrea, they want to build a pyrogassification plant to burn rubbish. There’s no need for this at all and in response to the denunciations made by the citizens in relation to possible damage to health, they were told that "first comes the experimentation and then come the decisions". The citizens are being treated like guinea pigs.

Speech by Davide Bono, Piedmont’s regional

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Casaleggio speaking in Cernobbio
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Gianroberto Casaleggio speaking at the Ambrosetti Forum, Cernobbio, 8 September 2013. Watch the video

“Revolutions in communication have always been at the centre of change in social organisations. The internet, that offers people global access to information, is no exception. But the internet is not just a super-media destined to absorb all the

Transport/Getting About
Rome - the last stop - Professor Tamburrino
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Professor Tamburrino who specialises in transportation systems, has prepared the strategic plan for public transportation in Rome. Transport in Rome is a big problem. Transport resources have been consumed by the massive Metro C project, the symbol of the mess ups that, for too many years, have been carried out by both the right and the left, at the expense of the citizens. “The people of Rome don’t know anything about this. For example,

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Wailing Wall
#VerdiniChi? - Verdini who?
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Today the M5S spokesperson in the Lower House, Loredana Lupo, will be a guest on RAI 1’s programme L’Arena, at 2:00 pm.

No one is outraged, perhaps because outrage is not common currency in this country. There’s no warning coming from the President’s Hill. There’s no party on the left, the right or the centre that has even raised an eyebrow. They are all in agreement. The Pregiudicatellum {law devised by criminal convicts} has been in gestation

Citizen Primaries
The 5-Star Movement's Programme
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At the inauguration of the Five-Star Movement in Milan, I sketched out the Movement’s Programme in broad terms. In the coming months, there will be plenty of time to discuss it online and to improve and amend the programme accordingly.

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