July 28, 2013

Borgofranco’s experimental pyrogassification plant


In one of Piedmont’s unpolluted agricultural areas, near the town of Borgofranco di Ivrea, they want to build a pyrogassification plant to burn rubbish. There’s no need for this at all and in response to the denunciations made by the citizens in relation to possible damage to health, they were told that "first comes the experimentation and then come the decisions". The citizens are being treated like guinea pigs.

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Speech by Davide Bono, Piedmont’s regional councillor with M5S and member of the association whose name calls to mind the river that flows down from Aosta to meet the river Po near Turin: Dora Baltea in MoVimento.

“In the industrial zone of Borgofranco d’Ivrea, one of the most extensive in the Province of Turin, they’d been producing aluminium for more than 80 years. Bauxite and cryolite were transformed into aluminium in huge furnaces and the scrap was recycled. The crisis in the sector that started in the early years of this century, meant that the plant at Borgofranco was decommissioned by Alcan starting off with the transfer to Novelis, and then in 2007 with the definitive closure of the plant and the transfer of ownership of the property in the area to the company called Dora Baltea Investimenti Srl.
In the last few years there’s been plant referred to as “garbage-eater” composed of a "decoater" (basically an incinerator) that burned massive units of compressed packaging used to recover a tiny percentage of aluminium. Thus the business was transformed from the production of aluminium bars to the processing of rubbish and the only plant to survive the production closure was this "decoater". The Province of Turin has authorised the plant to handle saline waste which is a waste product of the aluminium processing in the years gone by.
What else is happening now? An entrepreneur from Avigliana, Luigi Rege Coletti, as the owner of the company COMIMET specialising in heavy duty metal-working (what has that got to do with rubbish?), after submitting an application to the Province of Turin, has been given authorisation to “experiment” with a pyrogassification plant to handle non-hazardous industrial waste.


This area has already been subjected to too much pollution, first with Alcan and then with Novelis. ENOUGH. WE WANT CHANGE AND WE’RE DOING THIS FOR OUR CHILDREN!" Davide Bono and “Dora Baltea in Movimento”


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July 12, 2013

M5S supporting the rights of sick children


Filippo Festini, President of the Società Italiana di Scienze Infermieristiche Pediatriche {Italian Society of Pediatric Nursing Science}, has sent a letter to the M5S to say “thank you” for the attention and the care taken in presenting the M5S motion, signed first by Maria Mussini, proposing an enhancement of the role of pediatric nurses. Here’s the text:
“Dear Senator Mussini,
I’m Filippo Festini, the president of the Italian Society of Pediatric Nursing Science, (SISIP), a scientific society and a professional association for Italian Pediatric Nurses. I would like to express my own gratitude as well as that of pediatric nurses for the proposal that you presented to the Senate on 8 July.
We believe that the proposal that you presented is the most complete, reasonable, clear and judicious that has ever been put together on this topic, by a politician. In recent years, the role of the professional pediatric nurse, though it is one recognised by our regulations for more than 70 years, has been widely underused by the health service, including many children’s hospitals and general hospitals specialising in pediatrics. Often they prefer to take on general nurses - who thus have not specialised - rather than setting up recruitment procedures specifically for a professional pediatric nurse to look after the nursing needs of sick children. This is creating problems and uncertainty for the numerous people graduating in pediatric nursing who are still waiting to see their specialisation recognised in the National Health System and there’s the risk that the quality of care for young patients provided by the health system will get worse. Thus it is reassuring to know that our representatives in the institutions are tackling these issues and trying to resolve them. The SISIP is very keen to offer assistance for any other initiative that you want to take forward to enhance the professional role of pediatric nurses. We would be delighted to meet up with you at your convenience and tell you about our initiatives aimed at protecting not just pediatric nursing professionals but also promoting the rights of sick children in hospital and raising awareness of the culture of "minimising trauma“ when looking after children. Yours sincerely,
Filippo Festini
President of the Società Italiana di Scienze Infermieristiche Pediatriche
{Italian Society of Pediatric Nursing Science}"

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May 05, 2013

Live for life


Presentation by Valerio Gennaro, a doctor and an epidemiologist

"Good day to you all. My name is Valerio Gennaro, and I’m a medical doctor doing research in epidemiology. I work in a cancer research facility in Genoa and I’m also the contact person for “Medici per l’Ambiente” {Doctors for the Environment} and for “Medicina Democratica” {Democratic Medicine}.
I’d like to thank Grillo’s Blog for this opportunity to update you on the situation following on from the figures we presented to you about eighteen months ago. The Eurostat figures on the health of the people of Italy. If you remember what we said in December 2011, unfortunately the situation is confirmed and Italy has seen a reduction in the period of a healthy life for the population as a whole. In this graph, you can see the values for the female population. It’s an estimate of the number of healthy years of life that a baby girl can expect to have. The values are given for babies born in 2004 to 2011. Figures for Italy can be compared across time and across countries. In Italy a baby girl born in 2004 could expect to have 71 years of life before starting to have disabilities. Since then, there have been ups and downs but after a sharp drop in the years 2005, 2006 and 2007, when this value fell to 62 years, this is the value still seen today. Thus there has been a fall of 8 years of healthy life. Thus this means that the onset of illness and disability, has been brought forward for the female population of Italy. There’s a reduction in the number of years of healthy life. Why do I believe that it’s important to talk about this? Because people are always talking about the issue of the overall length of life, that is of the average age at death, and that is clearly a positive figure. We are among the best in Europe. However, what is not taken into consideration is this fall in the number of years of healthy life. We could ponder on why this happens and above all why this is not considered.
The situation in Italy is not as good as some people would have us believe. And what’s more, if we keep on avoiding discussing, presenting and evaluating these figures, we will never be able to seriously decide to look for solutions, that could be to be found in economic, social and other spheres.
These figures have not been published since 2003, that is for 10 years. But these are figures about what is happening to the population. Figures about serious health problems are not discussed, not revealed, kept under the cloak of individual privacy, but this is a fact about the whole population that concerns everyone. There’s a really serious issue with the use of antidepressants: there’s been an increase from 7 or 8 packets a day per thousand inhabitants to 36 packets a day. This is a shocking figure. This is a momentous change. This is a change in the health system and in the balance that each individual has. What’s needed is a massive epidemiological effort to have a look at the causes of this situation. What’s needed is an explanation in opposition to the one normally given. The crisis produces illness. But here in fact we are faced with an illness that had already become aware of the crisis.


I am fairly optimistic. I think that if we don’t hide this away, in just a few months we can diagnose the cause and we can act immediately within the space of a few years at the most, and we can reverse this trend and give a new start to the quality of life in Italy." Valerio Gennaro

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November 30, 2012

AIDS, the scandal of the Italian vaccine - Vittorio Agnoletto


"It’s incredible that such large amounts of financing are still being poured into such a controversial research project even today in a situation that is socially dramatic and when the government is announcing future cuts for public health! I believe that it should be absolutely necessary to analyse how every Euro coming from public funds is spent, to see where the money ends up and thus understand what’s the point in continuing to provide finance for a research project unless the scientific data available is absolutely incontrovertible.” Vittorio Agnoletto

Presentation by Vittorio Agnoletto, researcher and founding member of the Italian League for the fight against AIDS

An all Italian project "Good day to all. To start off I want to thank all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog, and I also want to thank the blog itself that is giving me space for the umpteenth time to talk about a book that I have just published. It is revealing the results of investigations into a situation and is sure to stir up a polemical discussion and unfortunately it is likely to be censored.
I’m Vittorio Agnoletto. I’m a doctor. In 1987 I founded an organisation called the “lega italiana per la lotta contro l’aids” {Italian League for the fight against AIDS} then I became its president. I’m a research worker and in Italy and abroad I have been the director of many research projects relating to AIDS. In 2001 I was the spokesperson of the Genoa social forum, then I was a European parliamentarian serving as an independent with the left wing group and today I am here to talk to you yet again about AIDS on 1 December, the world day of fighting AIDS. The reason why Carlo Gnetti and I decided to write this book is out of a sense of moral duty. We could not stay silent!


Questions that are still unanswered
I wrote a book “Aids, lo scandalo del vaccino italiano” {AIDS, the scandal of the Italian vaccine), with the preface written by Robert Gallo, one of the most important scientists in the world in the field of research into AIDS. In the preface was very clear. At that time, in 1995, he said that he believed that there was not an ounce of logic nor any data that indicated that the “Tat” had the possibility of being an efficacious vaccine. Even today this is what I believe.
And yet they have gone ahead.


After 13 years the research on the vaccine is starting from scratch
In the face of this scenario we have felt anguish and fear and so we asked our publisher, Feltrinelli, to bring forward the publication of the book in the hope that this book can have various actions. That on the one hand it can encourage all those that know about this but are staying silent, to speak out. In the book we have some testimonies, for instance from veterinary surgeons, that are certainly not convinced about the pre-clinical phase, that relating to monkeys


It’s incredible that such large amounts of financing are still being poured into such a controversial research project even today in a situation that is socially dramatic and when the government is announcing future cuts for public health! I believe that it should be absolutely necessary to analyse how every Euro coming from public funds is spent, to see where the money ends up and thus understand what’s the point in continuing to provide finance for a research project unless the scientific data available is absolutely incontrovertible.

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November 28, 2012

Hope in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Nicoletta Mantovani

n_mantovani.jpg “My symptoms were always the same ones that I experienced at the beginning of my illness: I lost the sight in one eye, I always had problems with my balance, dizziness, of no feeling in my hands, of pins and needles, of chronic fatigue, incontinence, sleep disturbances and at times even getting the words out of my mouth. And all these symptoms have now disappeared completely. I have already made an appeal to the government and to all those that have the possibility of taking action in this field, to increase the facilities of experimentation centres. I am continuing to call on people to do this as so many other people have had operations and have benefited. There are those, like myself who have had such success that they consider themselves to be no longer ill. However there are also those who have not been cured at all.” Nicoletta Mantovani

Presentation by Nicoletta Mantovani, entrepreneur

A new theory on Multiple Sclerosis "Ciao everyone. I’m Nicoletta Mantovani and I’m here to tell you a story, my own story of suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was ill for so long. This year I celebrated my silver jubilee with the illness. That’s 25 years. And during these 25 years I’ve had the possibility to come into contact with so many different types of treatment. Unfortunately, based on my experience, Multiple Sclerosis does not yet have a definitive cure but it can be tackled via different treatments that can limit the illness. A few years ago I met Professor Zamboni and this meant a radical change in my life. Professor Zamboni has worked out a new theory in relation to Multiple Sclerosis and the system of veins. In simple non-medical language, this relates to veins in the neck or the trunk, and for me the jugular veins, that are obstructed. This reduces the flow of the blood in the veins, the dirty blood, and this causes blood to stop flowing in the brain and to leave deposits of iron, of infections and of viruses that can cause illnesses. Once the obstruction in the vein has been removed, the blood can flow again and initial improvements can start to happen. I had this operation last April and I have to say that for me it was more complicated because it was not just a matter of removing the obstruction but of substituting that part of the vein. I had a muscle blocking this vein. They had to cut out that part of the vein and give me a new section of vein. And after only a few weeks I started to feel better and after a bit the symptoms completely disappeared.
Thus for six months I’ve not experienced the illness at all. I’ve been gifted a new life. I hope this can continue because as it is an experiment no one knows what the future can bring. Right now, I’m enjoying this state of well being. My symptoms were always the same ones that I experienced at the beginning of my illness: I lost the sight in one eye, I always had problems with my balance, dizziness, of no feeling in my hands, of pins and needles, of chronic fatigue, incontinence, sleep disturbances and at times even getting the words out of my mouth. And all these symptoms have now disappeared completely. I have already made an appeal to the government and to all those that have the possibility of taking action in this field, to increase the facilities of experimentation centres. I am continuing to call on people to do this as so many other people have had operations and have benefited. There are those, like myself who have had such success that they consider themselves to be no longer ill. However there are also those who have not been cured at all.
For those who have had so many benefits I believe it is worth going on with these trials. Now this has started in just one centre in Italy but that is not enough to satisfy all those who would like to get the operation. In Italy there are so many people who are obliged to turn to private facilities some of which are taking advantage to increase profits, but what’s more is that they don’t always have experienced doctors. Thus if the State does not increase the scope of these trials, people will not stop having operations because by now the idea has spread and then, as you well know, by means of the Internet it’s no longer possible to keep anything hidden and so the results will come out together with what the people have experienced.

What’s missing is the green light from the government
So I believe that it’s very important to increase the experimentation centres as much as possible and to make it possible for those who want to, to get this treatment. Right now it’s possible to get more research results. Up until now, all those who have gone abroad for operations in these private facilities are not a source of data for the research process.


P.S. For more information: The charity “CCSVI nella Sclerosi Multipla – ONLUS” is a non-profit organisation that is useful to society and it means to encourage, coordinate and support research aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis especially in relation to chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI). The association has always been committed to providing information about the research and the therapeutic offerings in relation to CCSVI.

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October 26, 2012

See Malpensa and then die - Massimo Soldarini - LIPU

See Malpensa and then die

“We see an increase of more than 54.1% in the mortality rate due to respiratory illness in those settlements surrounding the airport. This can be compared to an increase of 10.7% in the other towns within the same administrative area for health services. All hospital admissions have seen an increase of 2.8% whereas there’s been a fall in admissions for the other towns. Mortality rates for respiratory illness per thousand inhabitants, have increased by 41.1% and that can be compared to 2.7% for the other towns of that area. the rate for hospital admissions for respiratory illness per thousand inhabitants has increased by 13.4% compared to 1.4% in the rest of the area. I believe that in the light of this information, we need to have a serious reflection and we need to try to understand the situation and to investigate further.” Massimo Soldarini

Presentation by Massimo Soldarini, representing LIPU {Italian League for Bird Protection} Lombardy

Why is the heathland so important?
“ Greetings to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog. My name is Massimo Soldarini and in Lombardy I represent LIPU, the bird welfare organisation.
Today I’m going to tell you what’s happening at Malpensa airport and why this airport is today considered to be an environmental disaster. Malpensa came into being as an airport within the boundaries of the “Parco Lombardo del Ticino” in the valley of the river Ticino. It’s the first river valley park and it’s the most important one at a European level. It was set up in 1974 as a result of a popular initiative. After that, the airport was developed within the boundaries of the park. Then, in 2000, there was the inauguration of the new terminal with the “Malpensa 2000” project. The government and the planners intended this to be an international hub but things didn’t work out like that. Local people, campaign groups and associations and some of the smaller local authorities have always been campaigning against this airport and against the environmental damage that it can cause. Right now there are plans for the construction of a third runway. The third runway would bring with it some elements of an urban sprawl, with warehouses and shopping centres covering an area of 200 thousand square metres, thus a logistics hub, as defined by SEA, the company that manages both of Milan’s airports, namely Malpensa and Linate.


Anyway, it is an airport in one of the most densely populated areas of Italy. Just the settlements around the airport have 80 thousand inhabitants. All the towns that are directly affected by Malpensa are located not only in Lombardy, but also in Piedmont (650 thousand). Malpensa is right on the Ticino river. Thus we have an airport like this with these potential effects on the environment and on health, in an urbanised area that is heavily populated.

Sicily Special: Today, Friday 26 October, I’m in Caltanissetta (direct streaming) all day.
Follow the tour as it happens on Facebook and Twitter!
Crocetta’s accusations are ridiculous

Giorgio, can you hear the boom?

Give us your support

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May 18, 2012

Parma’s incinerator

The wheel is turning
Incinerators kill. This is affirmed by doctors. Evidence is provided by the increase in the incidence of tumours in adjacent areas. So how can you define a would-be PDminusL mayor who wants to construct an incinerator and actually in Parma, in the “Food Valley”, sending out dioxin into the air and onto the food?

“In an auditorium packed to the rafters with citizens, the would-be mayors of Parma in a face to face about the incinerator. The positions came out very clearly.
Vincenzo Bernazzoli, the centre left candidate, confirmed his unconditional “yes” to the incinerator, however he never entered into the merits of the proposal from GCR, he never challenged the figures that show that not only is it possible to do without an incinerator, but it’s also OK economically. He never demonstrated the hypothesis with solid evidence. In Italy we are moving towards the solution without incinerators: Reggio Emilia, Sicily, the Province of Lucca. Europe foresees a block on the burning of material that can be recycled or composted from the year 2020.
But in Parma there’s the rule of the "Legge Vincenzo” {Vincenzo’s Law}. Bernazzoli doesn’t even respond to inconvenient questions: “Where will you put the toxic ash from the incinerator?” It’s not known. They want to put the heavy ash in bricks (in Treviso they have knocked down an infected house ...). Today they are talking about “bio-edilizia” {green building} with biomaterials using hemp (but what does it matter ...). 39,000 tons of ash will be taken out of the province each year as will all the organic material: and the self-sufficiency that is so acclaimed? Bernazzoli denies the evidence relating to health. He affirms that the facilities are safe. But the Federazione Ordine Medici Emilia Romagna {Medical Association of Emilia Romagna} is asking for a moratorium. The advice from the organisation called Moniter is not to build new facilities. For the old candidate of the system, it’s just terrorism. The serious worries of the doctors don’t affect him.
The sorting of waste is used to bring savings to the citizens and to save resources. Instead, at Ugozzolo, only 17% of plastics are recovered and the rest will be burned. With the incinerator we are obliged to get rid of refuse and suffer other costs that wouldn’t exist if we were to recycle the material rather than eliminate it.
For Pizzarotti, the incinerator is a mistake that has to be remedied. The site has to be reconverted and there must be acceptance of the proposal from Multiutility, the Dutch company that has repeated its availability to help Parma in moving towards correct management of refuse without incineration.


Who would entrust their health to the Stock Exchange and a company with shares?" Associazione Gestione Corretta Rifiuti e Risorse di Parma - GCR {Parma's Association for the Correct Management of Refuse and Resources}

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January 18, 2012

Casale Monferrato, asbestos cemetery

Casale Monferrato, cimitero d'amianto
In recent years Casale Monferrato has been struck down by a plague that compares so well with the Medioeval ones, from smallpox to the bubonic plague. Up till now, 1,700 people have died because of Eternit. Each year there are an additional 50 to 60 funerals. The death factory has been closed down, but agricultural areas and zones within the town have still to be made safe. Obviously those in charge of the factory are at large. They knew what was happening and they would like to buy the silence of the administration with two euro. Perhaps they will succeed. It’s the usual disgusting stuff. The usual Italy. But when will we manage to say enough, enough, ENOUGH?

What people from Casale Monferrato are saying
1700 deaths from asbestos
Good day. We are in Casale Monferrato. I am Luca Dainese and I’m part of the MoVimento Cinque Stelle {Five Star MoVement}. We are in Via Oggero. Here there were some Eternit warehouses. Now they have been partially demolished and the demolition of these warehouses is the symbol of the battle against asbestos. As has been established by the Prosecuting Magistrate Guariniello, 1700 people have died from this blight and so many others will die in the years to come.


Citizens and institutions have to be united
My name is Bruno Pesce. I am the coordinator of the association of the families of the victims of asbestos, coordinator of the asbestos group. Right now in this phase we are engaged with the Turin trial against two defendants, the last two owners of the multinational company Eternit.


After 30 years the extermination continues
My name is Massimiliano Francia and I work for il Giornale di Casale Monferrato {local newspaper} and I have been following the trial from the preliminary phases up until the technical conclusion in that the verdict has not yet been issued and the date established is 13 February. The trial has as defendants the Swiss man Stephan Schmidheiny and the Belgian Jean Louis De Cartier de Marchienne who is of the Belgian nobility. They are accused of


18 million does not buy dignity
Oddone Mario, former trader, because by now a pensioner, socialist, former mayor of Casale in the 1980s and currently a politician, not a professional one, but a passionate one. We have intervened as a group. I represent a civic list that is clearly of socialist extraction, “Uniti per Casale” that has had four terms of office in the town council,


The Serial Killer
My name is Giuliana Busto, the sister of Piercarlo, a young man who died of pleural mesothelioma at the age of 33. He had never set foot in the factory. No one in our family had ever had anything to do with the factory. When he died we immediately started to get active to ensure that this death was not useless.


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Casale Monferrato, asbestos cemetery

Casale Monferrato, asbestos cemetery

In recent years Casale Monferrato has been struck down by a plague that compares so well with the Medioeval ones, from smallpox to the bubonic plague.
Up till now, 1,700 people have died because of Eternit. Each year there are an additional 50 to 60 funerals. The death factory has been closed down, but agricultural areas and zones within the town have still to be made safe. Obviously those in charge of the factory are at large. They knew what was happening and they would like to buy the silence of the administration with two euro. Perhaps they will succeed. It’s the usual disgusting stuff. The usual Italy. But when will we manage to say enough, enough, ENOUGH?

What people from Casale Monferrato are saying
1700 deaths from asbestos
Good day. We are in Casale Monferrato. I am Luca Dainese and I’m part of the MoVimento Cinque Stelle {Five Star MoVement}. We are in Via Oggero. Here there were some Eternit warehouses. Now they have been partially demolished and the demolition of these warehouses is the symbol of the battle against asbestos. As has been established by the Prosecuting Magistrate Guariniello, 1700 people have died from this blight and so many others will die in the years to come. ...

Citizens and institutions have to be united
My name is Bruno Pesce. I am the coordinator of the association of the families of the victims of asbestos, coordinator of the asbestos group. Right now in this phase we are engaged with the Turin trial against two defendants, the last two owners of the multinational company Eternit...

After 30 years the extermination continues
My name is Massimiliano Francia and I work for il Giornale di Casale Monferrato {local newspaper} and I have been following the trial from the preliminary phases up until the technical conclusion in that the verdict has not yet been issued and the date established is 13 February. The trial has as defendants the Swiss man Stephan Schmidheiny and the Belgian Jean Louis De Cartier de Marchienne who is of the Belgian nobility. They are accused of ...

18 million does not buy dignity
Oddone Mario, former trader, because by now a pensioner, socialist, former mayor of Casale in the 1980s and currently a politician, not a professional one, but a passionate one. We have intervened as a group. I represent a civic list that is clearly of socialist extraction, “Uniti per Casale” that has had four terms of office in the town council, ...
The Serial Killer
My name is Giuliana Busto, the sister of Piercarlo, a young man who died of pleural mesothelioma at the age of 33. He had never set foot in the factory. No one in our family had ever had anything to do with the factory. When he died we immediately started to get active to ensure that this death was not useless.


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November 23, 2011

You die in Gela

You die in Gela
Interview with Daniele Esposito Paternò:

Up until now there are roughly 15 victims and so many people have got cancer. Some have got better. Some are battling with it and “Clorosodio” is dramatic for society, then you have the fact that they go to the Tribunal and say that there were no losses, I can sincerely say that that is the biggest insult that they can do. It would have been enough to say “sorry, we made a mistake”. If they accepted responsibility and it finished there, anyway they should have admitted their guilt.
6 months ago there was the first verdict and I’d say it was ground breaking. In my case against Inail for the recognition of an industrial illness, there was acceptance of the concomitant cause of the factory in the death of my father. I’m telling you my story because the more people tell the truth then the less is it possible to hide and because it must be an example including for me. We mustn’t be afraid of the economic giants that we have in front of us, the political giants that we have, because the truth is on our side. We must never stop because we have to defend the truth and our dignity.

The death section
Ciao to all the friends of Grillo’s blog. My name is Daniele Esposito Paternò. I’m 28 years old and I come from Gela. I’m going to tell you my story. From 1972 to 1994 in Gela there was a section called Clorosodio, a section that was labelled the “death section”. My father worked there. as a shift leader. In 2006, they discovered he had lung cancer,


Defend truth and dignity
One of the reasons why I keep going forward, I have been going forward and I will always go forward is that we have the evidence, we have witness statements, we have the dead people, those who are sick, and in spite of that in the courts, the company continues to say that it was OK, that there were no losses, that the workers were safe. I want to read something



Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
Buy now the book or the ebook

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June 22, 2011

Infected blood, State shame

Infected blood, State shame
”Dear Beppe,
The one writing to you is the “Comitato vittime sangue infetto” (Campaign group for victims of infected blood), a group that came into being spontaneously from a heterogeneous group of people suffering as a result of the scandalous happening relating to infected blood, the blackest page of “Tangentopoli”, the page written on the skin of the people.
Human plasma, sourced at low cost from the United States (in the ghettos of the big metropolises and in the prisons of Arkansas and Alabama)and in some countries in the centre of Africa, was brought into Italy starting in the 1970s in a completely illegal way. Blood of illicit provenance and without documentation, that without being subject to any checks was transfused into the bodies of unknowing citizens who were looking for help and who were suddenly subjected to new unexpected illnesses. Victims not of medical errors, but of a premeditated plan based on the connivance of the (bad) mercenary political world (do you remember Poggiolini & co.?) and a tiny circle of pharmaceutical companies specialising in the processing and commercialisation of haemoderivatives.
Since then, nearly 4,000 deaths and more than 80,000 people infected, a true “silent” slaughter carried out through the activity of “people” who are without scruples, and their crime, still unpunished, has been that of using – without the necessary checks and with the complicity of corrupt functionaries – infected blood sourced at low cost.
AIDS, hepatitis B and C are the illnesses that have struck down the people that underwent the transfusion of infected blood; victims who still today, after more than twenty years, are waiting for that justice that sees the conviction of those responsible for this slaughter, caused by the logic of profit, as well as a just allocation of civil damages.
After years of tiring battles that have come to nothing, our group has put together a website called www.vittimesangueinfetto.com that has come about as a result of the need of all the victims to have a point of reference, a place for discussion, for consultancy and for real information on this issue. The website is also aimed at all those victims who once they have been infected, have closed themselves into isolation, because of the shame and for fear of social isolation. But does it seem possible to you that we also have to be ashamed of our condition? Should it not be the people responsible for these “crimes” that experience shame?
A further disgrace is represented by the fact that there has never been any follow up to what has been set out in the llaw 222/07, related to the finance bill of 2008, with which 180 million euro have been set aside since 2008 in a plan covering a number of years, to conclude all the existing legal disputes with the ones who have the right to compensation. Legal disputes that at the time affected 7,356 people infected, representing just a small part of the number of people infected who are asking for justice! Of that money, not even one cent has been given to us!
Since we have had no response from the institutions in relation to our more than legitimate requests, last year we organised, for a whole month, a demonstration in front of Montecitorio with the intention of raising awareness of those who should be protecting us and giving us appropriate responses; a demonstration that was suspended after 30 days to wait and hope that all the actions to raise awareness of our cause would give rise to the desired outcomes.
During the demonstration we came into contact with journalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, and people who were directly implicated in this issue. Unfortunately up until now, we have just received promises that have never been kept. Even the Associations that should protect our rights have shown a low level of transparency in relation to us. We can no longer accept to be taken for a ride! But basically, what is it that we have asked for? Is it perhaps too much to insist that those responsible for this disaster are punished? Is it perhaps too much to ask that our story is made known to the general public? Is it perhaps too much to insist on the recognition of financial compensation that is equal for everyone? Who is paying us back for our lives that have been destroyed? Who is paying us back for the social isolation that we are subject to, because we are considered to be “those with the plague”? Who is paying us back for the fact that no one will give us a job? Who is paying us back for the “theft” of our dignity? If Tremonti intends to maintain the “conti puliti” {clean accounts) with the infected blood of those who are sick, let him forget that! Today 21 June we are outside the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and outside Montecitorio and after much insistence, we have been received by Dr Piga to whom we have once more presented our requests.
Beppe, we are writing to you to ask you to give us a voice, a voice that has not been listened to for too many years. Help us to break down the wall of “omertà” lasting twenty years in relation to this hidden and “forgotten” slaughter, because it is too inconvenient! They have decided to bury us even before we die but we will not let this happen, we are citizens of this Italy that is staggering under the weight of injustices! Our motto is “ADESSO E’ ORA DI DIRE BASTA” {now it’s time to say “enough”} and as you always say: They will never give up .Neither will we. Vittime del sangue infetto{Victims of infected blood}

Come cambiare il mondo

Come cambiare il mondo (Libro) {How to Change the World}
"Perché riscoprire l'eredità del marxismo" {Why rediscover the inheritance of Marxism}

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March 10, 2011

Abandoned by the State – the Manzella Family

Abandoned by the State
”My name is Alessandro Manzella, a 34 year old man who is seriously disabled having had tracheostomy surgery. I’ve been paralysed and in bed for almost 23 years. For a few years even my blue eyes have turned off (I can no longer see) and my most faithful life companion is a respirator that keeps me company 24 hours out of 24.
I’m writing you this email so that you can participate in my crazy situation. I have been abandoned by everyone: by the institutions and by any organisation, of the town, of the State or of the Region with the job of preserving the wellbeing of the state of health of people with disabilities. There is no financial contribution paid to those who look after me with love, day by day, namely my parents.
My parents have both been through serious delicate operations: my dad has had tumours removed, my mum is cardiopathic and has had a heart operation. What do we have to do to get heard? How can we shout out our pain and our suffering?
How long do we have to wait before someone notices our situation?
All over the place there are journalists, politicians, newspaper editors and so on who are setting themselves up as champions of defenceless people. They make reference to the Constitution for the protection of the most vulnerable but then, who actually wants to do something, who really want to spend their time to make things better and more acceptable for the life that those of us with disabilities are obliged to live?
It would be great if Italians could get to know and participate in what happens every day in my bedroom from 7 o’clock in the morning until 7 o’clock the next day, and so on for days and weeks and years. In company with respirators, aspirators, sterilisers, oxygen machines and so on.
I’m writing this letter with the hope of uniting you to our chorus of voices with the aim of raising an appeal so that finally someone will help us.” Alessandro Manzella (manzella76@yahoo.it)

Interview with the Manzella Family

Anna: My name is Anna Manzella. I’m the mother of Alessandro Manzella. Alessandro is now 34 years old and when he was 12 years old he was struck down with a cancer called medulloblastoma affecting the cerebellum. The operation that he had at that time went really well, but after a few days, they discovered that while he was in the operating theatre he picked up a really rare infection, that is the germ called “Nocardia”.

Alone, every blessed day
Antonio: We start off every morning with washing, feet, legs, then the body and we have to do this every day.
Up until November last year, this was done by staff employed by the Local Authorities. One hour for two people because there’s the issue that one person on their own cannot move Alessandro, so two people are needed.
Anna: The gentlemen in white coats didn’t want to discuss this with other specialists who had already looked after people with this germ, because they had to dealt with it themselves and they handed Alessandro over to me like you see him.


Rights and dignity denied
Alessandro: I am really angry because since November no one has come any more. Those who used to wash me haven’t come nor has there been a nurse. They are throwing mud on the Constitution. They are denying human rights.


Grillo is back

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February 09, 2011

Death from the air in Milan. Filippa Lagerbäck

La morte dell'aria a Milano
The third-most indebted city in Italy, the first for smog in 2011, the first for the presence of the Moratti family. In Milan you die from pollution and the Moratti Cabinet has approved in February another 35 million cubic metres of cement that will be in addition to ‘City Life’ and 'Expo 2015’. The city is in the hands of the construction companies. In Milan you can buy a booklet at the newsagents called "Come difendersi dallo smog" {How to defend yourself from the smog}. It’s as though in Auschwitz they had distributed a guide to how to protect yourself from Nazi-ism. In Milan, they have even run out of supplies of anti-smog face masks. The time has come for a class action open to all the people of Milan against what is by now a “city of gas”. I’m asking the law firms and the lawyers of Milan to contact me through the blog to bring a action against the public administration that is not taking the health of the citizens into account. If we succeed in Milan, we will also succeed in Italy’s other polluted cities, from Taranto to Turin.

Interview with Filippa Lagerbäck of Genitori Antismog" {parents against smog}

A Swedish mother against the pollution in Milan
”Hi, I’m Filippa Lagerbäck. I’m Swedish and I have been living in Milan, Italy for 10 years and I chose to live in Milan for the love of this country, for the love of this city, and I even decided that my daughter should be born in Italy and grow up here in Milan. Thus I am a mother and obviously the most important thing for me is my daughter’s health and this is why I joined “Genitori Antismog” which is an organisation that came into existence about 10 years ago when a few mothers had been told that because the pollution was so bad, the only thing they could do was to keep their children at home. At that point they said: We have to do something and thus they created “Mamme Antismog” {mothers against smog} that then was transformed into “Genitori Antismog” {parents against smog} because, obviously, it’s not just the mothers but also the fathers that are keen to look after the health of their children.
In 2011, there are 35 days when it is permitted to exceed the pollution levels in a year and Milan has already exceeded this number of days. Today is 8 February and so we have a record in some way. Thus it is the moment to do something. I joined “Genitori Antismog” to be part of a big group to do some lobbying, to spread the word, to try and ask those who govern us for change, and also to raise awareness among the people living in this city.
What do we want for this city? It’s a city that we really love, we just want to improve it for everyone. We don’t want to make people anxious. We want to do good to everyone by smiling because, anyway, the environment is not the politics of the left or of the right, obviously, the environment belongs to everyone, thus we are willing to change, because I believe that it is really important that the change happens inside ourselves. We have to change our habits to improve things. We have to use bicycles more. Today I came on my bicycle and I have travelled quite a distance. It’s a challenge every time, because the cycle tracks don’t exist and thus it’s a matter of continually going up and down, perhaps even on the footpaths that in reality is not lawful. However, rather than getting myself killed I go there, I try to find parks,, perhaps plant more trees and thus I will make the city more beautiful for everyone. Washing the street is fundamental to remove the particulate dust. Car parks perhaps on the outskirts of the city so as to allow people coming from a distance to leave their cars and use public transport to come into the centre of Milan.
I would go further, I would close the centre to traffic and I am talking against my interests because I too drive a car, however, I am willing to change because I want this city to go back to being as splendid as it was once upon a time, so that it is a city fit for people. Children running around, who can use bicycles, who can play in the parks, without having this anxiety. For example, today, it’s a beautiful sunny day and you say: “Ah how beautiful, I’ll go out and breathe in a bit of fresh air.” But no. Instead I have to say to my daughter she has to come straight home to breathe the good air at home. It shouldn’t be like that.


Lo stivale della vergogna

The boot of shame (Box containing 7 DVDs)
Italy 2008- 2010 as told by Marco Travaglio
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January 12, 2011

Incinerators kill!

incinerators kill!inceneritori_e_diossine.jpg
incinerators kill, the 5 Star MoVement kills the incinerators.
From the 5 Star MoVement::
Victory for the Emilia Romagna 5 Star MoVement, for the citizen campaign groups, for the people who are keen to protect their own health. After a formal question being put to the Regional Cabinet, the biomass power station in Toano will not go ahead. … and the Region is willing to redirect the 3.3 million allocated to new technologies …


The project for an incinerator at Parma gets a ”Knockout” from the Emilia Romagna 5 Star MoVement. A resolution put forward by councillor Favia, was prepared with technical experts of international renown in the field of waste management. The resolution presents the alternatives while citing national and European regulations. Let’s see whether the parties, from the IDV to SEL-Verdi, to the PDL that judging from what they say, are starting to object to the facility will actually be coherent and vote against this resolution….


“Thanks to the hard work of the “No Incinerators” campaign group, that is also supported by the 5 Star MoVement, the Lazio Tar {Administrative tribunal} has accepted the objections put forward against the construction of the incinerator at Albano Laziale …


Letter from Patrizia Gentilini, oncologist.
”With the recent scandal of the German chickens and eggs contaminated with dioxins, we see a return of the issue of the safety of food (… the mozzarella from Campania, the sheep from Apulia, the Irish pigs) that however is at risk of going by like a normal item of news. With the term “dioxin” we mean the TCDD, known as the “Seveso dioxin” after the 1976 incident, that is dangerous at infinitesimal doses (billionths of a milligram) and it has been defined as the most dangerous substance that is known; there are hundreds of particles that are similar to this molecule which is why one talks generically of “dioxins”. They are molecules that persist in the environment, and when they are taken in by the body, this happens in 90% of the cases as foods: fish, milk, meat, eggs, and cheese. Dioxins are transmitted from the mother to the foetus during gestation and breast feeding. Research shows that in Italy a breast feeding baby weighing 5 Kilo is taking in a quantity of dioxins that is from the order of ten to more than a hundred times the maximum limit set down by the EU.
Dioxins are in the group of the endocrine disrupting chemicals. Exposure to dioxins is correlated to the development of tumours (*). Given that they are such dangerous substances, in Stockholm in 2004 an agreement was drawn up by 120 countries, including Italy, to forbid their intentional production and to impose the reduction of what was not required. It’s a shame that our country is the only one not to have ratified it!
Dioxins are formed in particular temperature conditions in the presence of chlorine. Every combustion process, especially burning plastic, gives rise to the formation of dioxins, and they are present in the exhaust gasses and ashes of incinerators. Eggs with dioxin can be traced to feedstuff contaminated with industrial oils and with other pollutants ingested by the animals, but this obscures the fact that in 2005, in the same region (Lower Saxony), there was a contamination beyond the allowed limits of a good 28% of the chickens living out in the open – thus these were free range chickens that we consider to be safe as they are brought up in a “natural” way. Lower Saxony is characterised by steel works and incinerators. To talk about the feedstuff and not of the fallout of the dioxins is not focussing on the consequences of a senseless industrial “development”. To have destroyed the civilisation of the city, poisoned the territory with pesticides and allowed absurd and polluting plant like the incinerators brings incalculable damage to the environment and to health and it undermines the very possibility of the survival of future generations.
The data relating to European agriculture show how Italy is destined to fail even from the point of view of agriculture that should represent the excellence of our country. The figures for the change in the income from agriculture between 2009 and 2010 are: EU +12.3, Denmark +54.8, Netherlands +32, France +31, Germany +23, Spain +7, Italy -3.3 (with a reduction of the surface area dedicated to agriculture of 19,200 square kilometres in the last 10 years). We have to accept the failure of the current model of development that does not take into account the consequences of its choices and that has been contaminating the basis of our food provision and even polluting the most precious food in the world: mother’s milk!” Patrizia Gentilini – President of the Associazione Medici per l'Ambiente ISDE Forlì

Promote the separation of waste for recycling and eliminate incinerators! Contact the Civic List or the Meet up nearest to you.

(*) For the TCDD, lymphomas, sarcomas, cancers of the liver, breast, lungs, and colon and reproductive problems, endometriosis, anomalies of the development of the brain, diabetes, disease of the thyroid, damage to the lungs, to the metabolism, to the cardiovascular system, to the liver, to the skin and to the immune system.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
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July 21, 2010

A microscope as a service to the environment

A microscope as a service to the environment
If you who are reading this, have donated a contribution for the electronic microscope bought by means of a popular collection on the blog, the first thing I have to say to you is another “thank you” for the trust you have placed in me. The second is that the microscope has found a home, a home that is accessible to every research worker, as is explained by Stefano Papa, the head of the Faculty of Science and Technology in Urbino and the third is that the results obtained will be constantly made known on the blog.
In September the blog will start a permanent campaign against incinerators and will get politicians and those who construct them to face up to their enormous responsibilities. You can die from incinerators.

Interview with professor Stefano Papa

Good day. I’ll present myself. I’m professor Stefano Papa, the head of Urbino’s Faculty of Science and Technology. About 8 months ago, our faculty took possession of the ESEM electronic microscope donated to us by the Associazione Bortolani. The ESEM was bought as a result of a collection, initiated by Beppe Grillo together with the Associazione Bortolani. It was donated to us to carry forward the research work relating to the reason why it was bought: work with nano-particles.
The microscope was transferred to the university in March and it was installed. In this time a further agreement has been drawn up with Arpam of Pesaro to provide access to the instrument and this is to be signed in the next few days. Arpam is a structure that is certified at a national level for research into asbestos and for diagnostics on asbestos and the intention is to develop research on other materials that can cause damage to health, as well as particulates. We found that we were collaborating well with them and they accepted to transfer this high value instrument (at a scientific and a diagnostic level) to their premises. This is due to happen by September. The choice of Arpam has been strategic because we too do research on asbestos and because both of us want to open this chapter on nano-particles and because there are other research projects on environmental pollutants that we wanted to take on. And this instrumentation is going to be of help in all that.
Thus we are extremely grateful to the Associazione Bortolani and to Beppe Grillo who has been the great promoter of this choice, as well as for the acquisition which is to come. We have chosen the station of Pesaro because there are certain advantages: because we have skilled personnel who are living in Pesaro. They are the ones who already know how to work with this instrument and who are already doing diagnostics on other scans in relation to asbestos and because Pesaro is really near to the train and it could simplify access for the two researchers who have worked on this instrument up until now. With the train that goes from Modena to Pesaro, access to the premises is quick and so it’s easy to continue a certain number of investigations. We want to make use of this structure because it presents other instrumentation that is specifically for environmental investigations, thus it’s possible to amplify the possibilities by carrying out multidisciplinary research, for example mass spectrometry. We will give all our energy so that in the future it’s possible to achieve important results and anyway, in accordance with the request from the Associazione Bortolani, we will continue to give updates on the activity in relation to diagnostics and investigations on the territory, as well as new scientific research. I hope I have given a satisfactory explanation, especially for all those (thousands of people) who have given a financial contribution, to make the purchase of this instrument possible.

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April 14, 2010

An appeal for Enrico

Enrico’s ordeal
A young man called Enrico Turco has telephoned me. His story is dramatic. After 4 years of every type of diagnostic test in Italy during which he has been treated like a laboratory guinea pig, in Thailand he was diagnosed with “lead poisoning”, an intoxication from heavy metal almost always due to conditions in the workplace. The Trieste hospital has not taken into consideration the tests done abroad, the tests that for now, have saved his life, and two days ago he was discharged. Now he’s in Milan and he is getting treatment privately, at his own expense. He has already spent 120 thousand euro for tests and treatment. Now he also has to pay for lodging in Milan as well as the doctor and the lifesaving drugs.
Enrico is asking us for help so that he can continue to live. His current account is:
Enrico Turco
IT 75 Z 02008 02201 000019516678

Enrico’s story
”I’m 37 years old and my name is Enrico Turco. I live in Trieste and I had never had any type of illness or pain. I was athletic and I loved cycling and running and these activities had been my hobby for 10 years. On 21 September 2005, I was taken into hospital because of serious pain in the abdomen, - intestine, stomach and trachea - that happened all of a sudden, following a physical exercise of intense strain, compression of the abdomen and difficulty breathing – to dilate the thoracic cavity.
The tests done:
- 4 high-resolution 4-colour CAT scans of the abdomen – negative
- 4 MRI scans of the abdomen, one of the spinal column and one of the head – negative
- 2 Angio CATs
- 1 scintigraphy to the bones
- 3 heart ultrasounds to understand the accelerated beating – negative
- they repeated the colonoscopy 4 times with a biopsy of the ileocecal valve
- an EGD 4 times with a biopsy of the mucous membrane
- they did a ‘barium meal‘ 3 times
- about 20 X rays to the abdomen, that was always full of faeces
- blood tests, white blood cells variable between 10 thousand and 22 thousand
- test for gluten intolerance


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January 04, 2010

Lies about incinerators and people die Interview with Patrizia Gentilini

Lies about incinerators - Interview with Patrizia Gentilini
The statements made by the oncologist Patrizia Gentilini are really serious. She refers to falsification of documents used by public associations to deny the effects of incinerators on health. To conceal the new tumour factories. I think it’s appropriate for a magistrate (surely at least one magistrate reads the blog) to take official action to check up where the truth lies. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

“I am Patrizia Gentilini, a doctor, an oncologist and a member of the “Associazione dei Medici per l’Ambiente” {Association of Doctors for the Environment} and I am here to explain our press release dated 25 November 2009, to mark twenty years since our foundation. We want to bring to the notice of everyone and to denounce the fact that the results of scientific studies in documents used by public associations have been modified to point to the presumed innocuousness of the waste incinerators.
We are going back to the document: “il Quaderno N. 45 di ingegneria ambientale” {paper number 45 by environmental engineering}. The document is signed by Umberto Veronesi, Michele Giugliano, Mario Grasso and Vito Foà. The document has been picked up by the Region of Sicily, and by other Regions including the Region of Tuscany, and by other provinces in Italy. The part of the document dealing with the impact on health and development on pages 54 and 55 signed by Vito Foà, examines 4 research projects, all reported incorrectly. In particular, for the research project carried out in England, by Elliot, in proximity to 72 incinerators, it says that no diffrence was found of the incidence and rate of death from cancer within a radius of 7.5 kilometres from the incinerators and that practically there was found to be no reduction in the risk as the distance from the emitting source increased.
What was written in the original work by Elliot is exactly the opposite, because it reports, to be precise, a statistically significant reduction, as the distance from the incinerator increases for all cancers: for cancer s of the stomach, of the colon, of the liver and of the lungs, thus as the distance from the incinerators increased, the risk decreased.
In the Italian version a negation was added so as to turn upside down the significance of the work.
Another example is the research project carried out by Coriano in the vicinity of two incinerators at Forlì and even in this case only the first sentence of the conclusion is reported, the sentence saying that the research project did not find evidence of increases in general mortality and incidence for all types of tumour, which is a very one-sided interpretation. I’ll explain how things are: the research project by Coriano was carried out by examining the exposure to heavy metals, in accordance with a map of the fallout of these pollutants. This is the map relating to Coriano’s research (see the video) drawn up to look at the fallout on the population on the basis of the emissions of the two incinerators. The two incinerators are these two in the centre (see the video): 1) for urban waste; 2) for hospital waste; what was studied was the emission of heavy metals and their fallout in the territory. The darker area is where there is the highest fallout, then gradually the levels get less, until you get the lighter yellow colour as a reference level.
The resident population was studied for about 14 years from 1990 to 2003/2004 and the results were extremely important for women. In the graph I have given the rate of death rate from cancer in females in accordance with their exposure, thus in accordance to the levels of the previous map.
Basically this shows the risk of death in relation to the level of exposure (see the video) , this is the rate of death for each type of tumour overall among females, and it gets to an increase of 54%. This is the rate of death for breast cancer, the colon, the stomach. You can see that there is an undeniable relationship between the increase in the risk and the increase in the level of exposure. This result that is certainly very important, is omitted in the paragraph dealing with the effects of incineration on health, in such a way as to underestimate this risk that is in fact of great importance.


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January 02, 2010

The modern-day Herods of smog

"Genitori antismog". Interview with Elena Sisti

2010 is the year of the citizens with helmets. New proof every day. More action every day. This year, we must take back our Country and our right to happiness. Mothers have always been on the front line. In Milan, they are fighting the Modern-day Herods, namely Morticia Moratti and Monatto Formigoni. 73 citizens are admitted to hospitals each day because of the smog, many of them are children. Some of them die. The air in the city is unlawful, that’s why Milan wants to honour that thief Craxi. The pollution limits set by Europe are being super-exceeded: double, triple, and quadruple. All the Council does is take the piss out of us. Bicycles, but no cycling lanes. The right to pollute, known as the “Ecopass”, instead of Smog-pass: in other words, if you are prepared to pay, you can shoots as much crap as you want into the people’s lungs. The town has been cemented over and stuffed full of new parking garages that attract yet more private vehicles. Morticia prances around with the constructor Ligresti and proceeds to give the "Ambrogino" award to businesswoman Marina Berlusconi, President of Mondadori, a company that was acquired by bribing the judges.
Milan is the mirror that reflects the degeneration of Italy. We simply cannot carry on like this. Don your helmets, the year 2010 has arrived. Contact the “Genitori Antismog” Association. If they don’t yet have a branch in your town, then establish one!
But why is Morticia Moratti mayor and not Elena Sisti?

Interview with Elena Sisti of the “Genitori Antismog” Association.

"My name is Elena and I am from the “Genitori Antismog” Association of Milan. The “Genitori Antismog” Association was established in 2001. It was originally called the “Antismog Mothers”. At that time, Mayor Albertini had asked mothers to keep their children at home in order to avoid exposing them to the smog risk. The mothers refused to put up with that kind of attitude towards smog any longer and went and stood in front of Palazzo Marini with empty pushchairs.
Since then, we have never stopped insisting that something be done with regard to the smog in Milan and have continued to fight the battle on two fronts: on the one hand making citizens and parents aware of the risk, the dangers and the seriousness of the smog and, on the other hand lobbying against the Public Administration. Amongst the projects we have established to date is Eurolifenet, which was run in conjunction with the local upper secondary schools. This is a great project, whereby, for a number of weeks, the kids walked around with particulate meters attached to them and began to realise the extent of their exposure throughout the day. In later years we promoted a petition that ended up in permission being granted for children up to age ten to travel free of charge on all the public transport in Milan. Prior to this, the kids had to begin paying the fares as soon as they were more than one metre tall, so it had become too expensive for families with more than two children to travel around on public transport. Our latest project in Milan is also great. We have called it "We are Born to Walk" and it is aimed at making the people that move around every day aware of the fact that walking is good for our health and that of others, and turns to the Public Administration, asking that certain provisions be made. Particulates originate from the exhaust pipes of our motorcars and, in the Lombardy region, 70% of particulate emissions are the result of city traffic. PM10s and PM2.5s are extremely fine particulates that can enter our bodies and cause a wide range of health-related problems including a reduction in lung capacity, a reduction in cognitive ability in children and chronic bronchitis: we Milanese reckon that this is perfectly normal, but in fact it isn’t, because as soon as we leave Milan, suddenly the continuous airway infections get better and we have less heart attacks and strokes.
Each day, 73 people are admitted to hospital in Milan due to problems associated with exposure to smog. That’s a hell of a lot of people, many of whom are children, because the weakest residents of our town, namely the children and the elderly, are always the worst affected. The current Council has tried to send out a positive signal by introducing things like the Ecopass and bike sharing. In other words, to promote the idea that there are indeed other ways to get around, eco-sustainable mobility. We are sometimes labelled as fanatics. However, we believe that we are simply people who talk about things that are deemed to normal in other Countries and for which no one would even think of contradicting us. It’s incredible to think that, in Milan alone, 100,000 motorcars take up public space on the pavements, that Milan has no network of cycling paths where one can move around freely by bicycle without the risk of being involved in an accident. In Italy, there have been almost 9,000 deaths that can somehow be traced back to pollution and, more importantly, there has been a notable decline in life expectancy. All of this has led us to say enough is enough, it’s time we put an end to it: due to the lack of wind, the smog in Milan doesn’t dissipate quickly but, instead, stays in the area where it was produced. This means that the residents’ habits can bring about an immediate reduction and, indeed, we think of a congestion charge, aimed at preventing anyone from entering the historic town centre unless they pay a fee. This notwithstanding, the principle is wrong because we are apparently only letting in vehicles that do not pollute, and there is no such thing!
The main objective is to comply with the limits set for us by Europe, namely to limit particulate levels to less than 50 micrograms per cubic metre for a maximum of 35 days per year. In Milan, during November – according to an article in “Il Corriere della Sera” – we had already reached a level of 70, with certain measuring stations recording levels of 103 /120 micrograms, in other words double or even triple the amount supposedly allowed by law.
... And so we want to appeal strongly to the Public Administration to upgrade our public transport, the Milan network must be made far more efficient, even for those people coming into town from outside who need to get here comfortably on clean and punctual transport, and to increase the frequency and speed up the public transport traffic, even to the detriment of private commuters because the good of the community as a whole is far more important than the good of any single individual. And what we want to say to every citizen is that: "Every time you decide to use your motorcar, just remember that there are other options, that your decision to use your motorcar will, in any event, always harm you, your children, your parents, your grandparents and all those people who have trouble getting around." We want a city where people walk more and live better, so we have organised a petition asking Mayor Moratti to make certain very specific decisions in the interests of a Milan that is able to stay on the move, but in a more sustainable manner."

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January 01, 2010

The new Herods of the smog

Antismog Parents. Interview with Elena Sisti
The year 2010 is the year of the citizen with the helmet. Every day a witness statement. Every day an action. This year we have to retake for ourselves the State and the right to be happy. The mothers are as ever in the front line. In Milan they are fighting the New Herods: Mortizia Moratti and Monatto Formigoni. Every day 73 citizens go to hospital for the smog, and many of these are children. Some die. The air in the city is an outlaw, this is why Milan wants to honour Craxi the thief. The pollution limits set by Europe are massively exceeded: by once by twice by thrice the values. Every action by the public administration is pulling our leg. Bicycles without cycle tracks. The right to pollute called Ecopass, instead of Smogpass: if you pay you can shoot shit into the lungs of the people. The city is cementified and is full of new car parks that attract private vehicles. Mortizia’s parading with the Ligresti constructor and she rewards with the “Ambrogino” the entrepreneur Marina Berlusconi, president of Mondadori purchased thanks to the corruption of judges.
Milan is the mirror of degenerated Italy. It’s not possible to keep going like that. Put your helmet on. The year 2010 has begun. Get in contact with the “Associazione Genitori Antismog” {Association of Parents against Smog}. If it doesn’t yet exist in your city, start a group! But why is Mortizia Moratti the mayor and not Elena Sisti?

Interview with Elena Sisti, Associazione Genitori Antismog
“I am Elena Sisti and I am from the “Associazione Genitori Antismog” in Milan. The “Genitori Antismog” began in 2001, in fact it was called “Mamme Antismog” {Antismog mothers}. At that time, mayor Albertini asked mothers, so as not to expose their children to the risk of smog, to keep them in the house. The mothers decided that it was time to say “enough” to this attitude in relation to the smog and they presented themselves with empty pushchairs in front of Palazzo Marino {Town Hall in Milan}.
From that moment on, we have never stopped campaigning about the issue of the smog in Milan and to work on two fronts: on the one hand, to raise the awareness of the citizens and thus the parents about the risk, the danger and the seriousness of the smog and on the other hand to lobby the Public Administration. Among the projects that we have carried out up until now there has been Eurolifenet, that was in collaboration with the High Schools. It was a really great project: for a few weeks the youngsters went around with a dust-measuring metre and they had the perception of how they were exposed during every moment of the day. In the years that followed, we promoted a petition that led to free travel on public transport in Milan for children. Today those up to the age of ten travel free. Whereas when we put in the request, they had to pay as soon as they were taller than one metre. Thus it became more expensive for any family with more than two children to move around on public transport. The latest great project happening in Milan is: "Siamo Nati per Camminare" {We are born to go on foot} - that is aimed at raising the awareness of those who are moving around every day about how walking is better for our health and the health of other people and for our city. And we are asking the Public Administration to take the necessary steps. The fine particulate that comes out of the exhaust of our cars, 70% of this is caused by the movement of traffic in Lombardy. PM10 and PM2.5 are really fine particles that get into our organism and cause a series of consequences like the reduction of lung capacity, the reduction of the cognitive capacity of children, and chronic bronchitis. Those of us living in Milan are convinced that it’s something natural but that’s not true. As soon as we move out of Milan, this continual infection of the airways is reduced, and this is also true for heart attacks and strokes.
Every day in Milan, 73 citizens go to hospital for problems connected to the exposure to smog. 73 is really a lot and above all they are children. The children are the ones who suffer the most and the elderly people, thus we could say the most vulnerable people in our city. This Administration has attempted to give a positive signal in relation to this by bringing in the Ecopass and the “bike sharing”. The idea is that sustainable mobility, a different type of mobility is possible. At times people say we are fanatics. We think we are people who are saying things that in other countries are considered to be normal and no one would even dream of contradicting us. When you think that just in Milan, 100,000 cars are occupying the public space on the sidewalks. In Milan there is no network of cycle tracks where you can freely move around on a bicycle without the risk of accidents. In Italy there are 9,000 deaths that can be put down to pollution in some way and above all, there is a notable reduction in life expectancy.


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December 06, 2009

The city of tumours

Codacons: formal notification of being under investigation for pollution to Moratti and Formigoni
Because of the air pollution, in Milan (and not just Milan) citizens are dying from lung cancer, the children are dying from infant leukaemia, the old people from bronchial complications. In Milan (and not just Milan) hundreds of people are flocking into the Accident and Emergency departments because of the damage caused by pollution. 73 people a day are taken into hospital EVERY DAY in Milan because of the mephitic air. Pollution is the new plague and the administrators of the cities, of the regions, of the provinces right down to the last cabinet member for traffic and for health are responsible.
Mortizia Moratti, mayor of Milan by wealth, and Formigoni, president of the Region of Lombardy from “Comunione e Liberazione”, have received a formal notification of being under investigation for the pollution in Milan. A few steps would be enough. Like alternating number plates, cycle tracks throughout the city, electric public transport, the centre closed off, so that Milan (and not just Milan) can breathe. If they are found guilty, how many deaths and sicknesses will they have on their conscience? None. Mortizia will be busy buying new shoes in via della Spiga. Formigoni will be busy talking about clockwork justice. Here the only thing that goes like clockwork is the death of the citizens. From Milan to the whole of Italy: LET’S GET BACK OUR AIR! Keep going with court actions. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Interview with Marco Maria Donzelli, president of CODACONS.
“I’m a lawyer. My name is Marco Maria Donzelli, and I’m president of Codacons. After two denunciations, but to tell the truth it’s been 20 years of denunciations from Codacons to the Prosecutor of the Republic in Milan, we have arrived at this situation where there are formal notifications of being under investigation. In reality the Public Prosecutor that dealt with the affair, had asked for the file to be closed., just as in other occasions: in this case, as in the others, we opposed the closure and a G.I.P {Judge for the Preliminary Investigations} – the Public Prosecutor is called Benedetti and the G.I.P who has laid claim to it and decided to oppose the closure, is called Zelante. He decided that objectively the elements making up the denunciation could not give rise to the closure, in as much as there is a violation of the laws, of the DM 60/2002, there are really serious research studies on the impact of pollution and lastly, a study presented by the City of Milan which says that 73 people a day, according to data from 5 Milan hospitals, are taken into hospital because of the issue of atmospheric pollution.
In this case we have a criminal procedure , by which we have two formal notifications of being under investigation in relation to Moratti and Formigoni, and to Podestà , the president of the Province. In reality, we do not really know well, the reason why he’s been brought into the picture, perhaps because anyway, it’s a reference point for the regulations that also relate to the roads of the Province, that should be involved in the block if there should happen to be the closure of the traffic, but in any case there are two formal notifications of being under investigation that, in the territory round Florence, have been turned into requests for trial in relation to the former mayor Dominici, who is right now on trial for this type of crime, that is, to remind you, is a crime of contravention, that’s rare, but we are not too worried about that from the criminal viewpoint. What is of interest to us is that the matter is raised and that the responsibilities of the administrators are identified, that in this instance, relate to the level of PM10 being too high for more than 35 times. The law, the Ministerial Decree 60/2002, that acknowledges numerous directives of the European Union, decrees that, if the PM10 level is passed 35 times, the mayor or the president of the Region must intervene to bring to an end the effects of such a high level of atmospheric pollution.
That didn’t happen. Because after 35 days when the levels were passed, there were another 60 days in the last few years it’s the same thing and the anti-pollution measures have absolutely not sorted out the problem. Furthermore, if the issue has to be shifted to the field of politics, let’s remind ourselves that Codacons is an apolitical association.


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December 04, 2009

Vitamin Grillo

Vitamin Grillo
Attention. This is a promotional sales announcement. An advertising message. Vitamin G is now for sale. My shows of the past 4 years and a book with the user guide and the weekly editorials. A Christmas gift for anyone together with a packet of “Malox” for heartburn from multiple vision
The blog and the activities carried out for the Movement, from the legal expenses to the national meetings like that of 4 October and 8 March, are in part financed by the blog and if necessary, by me. The two main enemies, that’s how they are referred to, of democracy in Italy are the parties and the information media. Both paid by you, with taxes. A billion a year to the publishers. Berlusconi is paying just one per cent of the turnover for the TV concessions. The parties are overflowing with money, with seats, with bribes. They are occupying the RAI.
It’s like fighting with a hand tied behind your back, but anyway we have been judged to have won loads of rounds and the match is still going on. The blog is providing information and it is selling, to those who want it, alternative content to the regime’s truth. Often at a price that you choose. Or at times with a donation, as for "Terra reloaded" to the schools that ask for it. And it will continue to do that.


Vitamin G

information about Italian happenings over the last four years without preemptive censorship with advice about surviving the next four years.

Main ingredients:
psycho-dwarf or wild bathrobe or tar head (your choice) , geronzi with a scratching of parmalat, topo gigio veltroni with juvenile dementia (but also infantile; but also neonatal), morpheus napolitano with his pen in his hand, mavalà ghedini of the TV cross-examination foaming at the mouth, superciuk bondi with an erect tongue, vomit (fascist black) of witch gasparri, black box of Andreotti (a classic), fazio with fiorani from the back, tronchetto the unhappy with tavaroli the incorporated spy,


Therapeutic indications:
Treatment of all the conditions characterized by an insufficient hydration of democracy. Disinfecting action of the oral cavity of regime journalists already convicted of multiple continual swallowing. Protective action against infections that carry the conflict of interests. Dermatomycosis sustained from “gasparriciti, mastelliceti” and “stronzi patogeni parlamentari”. Active against “psiconanococcus aerus” and “napolitano lodo minutissimus” Used against the dissolving of wax in the ears and on the skin. In the medical treatment of cleaning out faecal bacteria including, but not exclusively, Feltri, Belpietro, Scalfari, Giordano. Free radical active against “minchiolinus pyogenes” and “vespacoccus”.

Keep the medicine out of reach of persons who have been subject to continual TV treatment of RAI and Mediaset programmes. The sudden return to reality could lead to definitive madness.
VitaminaGrillo Vitamin G is now for sale. It is a collection of the DVDs of the shows of the past 4 years and a book with the user guide and the weekly editorials.

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November 29, 2009

Death from the air in Milan

Milan on its last breath. 73 people a day in hospital for smog
Could the City of Milan (and not just them) be taken to court for culpable homicide? It’s what I’ll ask my lawyers. 140 people of Milan die every year because of fine dust. Thousands are treated in the Accident and Emergency for illnesses to the respiratory apparatus. All that happens with the absence or the “omertà” of the city authorities. In 2008, the city commissioned the “Fondazione Lombarda per l'Ambiente" {Lombardy Foundation for the Environment} to do research into pollution following the introduction of the Ecopass (for anyone who doesn’t know, the Ecopass has nothing to do with the “Eco” prefix, with ecology. It does not prohibit the polluting vehicles to enter the city, but it allows them to do so by paying. Thus, those who pay have the right to pollute. It’s a “Smogpass”) The research project started on 18 February 2008 following on from the installation of 50 monitoring stations. The results given in a 114 page report were handed to the authorities in June 2009. The conclusions are tremendous. The PM10 in the air reaches values that are more than four times the maximum threshold of 50 micrograms in some areas of the city. At the San Paolo hospital they reached 173 mc. The report says: “The exposure of the resident population working in Milan, the unemployed residents and the people in the hospitals have a degree of exposure that is of the chronic type” ("cronica: malattia a lungo decorso senza possibilità di guarigione o pericolo di morte a breve scadenza" {chronic: long term illness without the possibility of getting better or with danger of death in the short term} - Devoto Oli). So basically that’s mothers, children and elderly people. The “unemployed residents” and the sick people , “people in the hospitals” become chronically sick because of the daily absorption of Pm10, benzene, nitrogen dioxide and particles produced by the tyres of cars. The research report adds (*): “The average daily concentrations of the Pm10 measured in both summer and winter in all the monitoring stations are often greater than the limiting values fixed by the regulations”.
Once it gained possession of a report that describes Milan to be a gas chamber, instead of publishing it “hides it, archives it, makes it secret (*)”. The city should be like a house of glass, transparent, documents like this should be immediately visible online. Ms Moratti and her cabinet members are the ones responsible. In Milan there are no electric buses, nor cycle tracks. The city centre is invaded by every type of vehicle. The pavements are occupied by cars, the same is true for the pedestrian crossings and the ramps for people who have handicaps. The Ecopass is the son of the mind of a wife of a petrol baron who is creating car parks and traffic in every part of the city, even under the Basilica of St Ambrose. The car parks attract the traffic, but no one has yet explained this to Mortizia. As soon as it can get a copy, the blog will publish the whole report about Milan’s air. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

(*) Il Corriere della Sera. Cronaca di Milano dated 27/11/2009

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September 15, 2009

H1N1: virus or vaccine, sweet or joke?

swine flu
To understand whether or not I should get vaccinated against swine flu I am looking for information online. I have found a site that keeps me up to date every day (in English) on the happenings of all the most dangerous infective diseases on the planet. From cholera to yellow fever. Crikey. Today I received information about what was discovered in Spanish hospitals about H1N1. In the next few weeks, the blog will provide more up to date information about swine flu in Europe. In Spain, as discovered in the study, 0.2% of the patients had serious consequences. Basically, the only question that counts and that we need to ask ourselves (and that we never get an answer to) is “Which kills more, the vaccine or the virus?

“According to a study carried out in 21 Spanish hospitals and made known by the International Society for Infectious Diseases, there are no existing factors or pre-existing illnesses that can facilitate contracting the influenza A (pandemic A (H1N1) 2009 virus). The healthy patients without risk factors should however not underestimate the risk of contracting the virus. If on the one hand it is true that the great majority of those that contract the influenza get over it without complications, a minority of patients get worse around the fourth or the fifth day. "The natural symptoms of the disease are usually three or four days of fever, generally over 38 degrees with a steady improvement in the following days.” (Jordi Rello, head of the intensive care unit of Tarragona Joan XXIII Hospital )
The health authorities should concentrate not just on the prevention of the illness and on the treatment of the less severe cases, but also on the care of the patients with complications who are in Intensive Care. It is estimated that only 0.2% of patients suffer serious complications from the flu. That means that for every million people affected, about 2,000 suffer complications. A number that is often unmanageable by the Intensive Care Units.
Obesity and pregnancy are risk factors for the development of serious complications. The average age of patients being treated in the Intensive Care Units for influenza A is 40 years and about 25% of these die.”

You can sign up to the email information service of the International Society for Infectious Diseases by using this address.

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March 19, 2009

Condom and let it be

AIDS in Africa
Stalin asked: “How many divisions has the Pope got? The Soviet Union no longer exists, and the Vatican is still there. There must be a reason. It’s just that I can’t find it. If someone kills a human being with a knife or a pistol they are violating God’s law. Do not kill. If by words, you induce people not to use a condom and for this reason, millions of people die of AIDS it’s a matter of faith. Applied theology. I have done catechism. I have read the Gospel. I didn’t find that Jesus Christ forbade the use of a condom. Even then they were used. It’s not a modern invention. The Church is bothered about the life of Eluana, but it ignores death from AIDS. Christ did not forbid priests to get married. He didn’t oblige them to live an alien life, distant from a natural condition of man, that is the family. Christ instead attacked the Pharisees, the priests of that time. The ones who handed him over to the Romans to put him on the cross. A woman cannot serve at Mass nor become a priest. Who has decided that? I don’t reckon it was Jesus. A priest, a man who has not been a father, a husband, a lover, how can he judge a father, a husband, a lover? The Church is interested in sex. It discusses it every day. The sex of the others. It explains when it is legitimate, how to do it and with whom. If you control sex, you control society. The Church is rich. Very rich. And among the banks, it is the biggest property owner in the world. Its wealth is due to the work of millions of people over the centuries. Their work, their goods have gone to the Vatican, not to a family that they couldn’t have. If the Church is dealing with what we do under the blanket, it’s right that we deal with the sex life of the priests. Even for them, the time of sexual liberation has come with or without the condom. Sex is a gift of Creation. Religious men and women must be allowed to enjoy it. I propose a referendum in the Vatican to end the sexual slavery of those in the religious life and for equal access to the sacraments for men and women. In the secrecy of the vote, the priests and the nuns would vote “yes”. When you vote, God sees you, the Pope does not.

“After the multiplication of the loaves , the multiplication of the condoms.”
-- “Jokes!”
”… and then AIDS has never existed!”
Illustration by Plantu in Le Monde

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March 13, 2009

Lazaret Italy

A season in Hell

An Italian child that goes to nursery school must be vaccinated. An illegal immigrant who manages to get into Italy may not be given medical treatment. The doctor is obliged to report him to the authorities. More often than not, the illegal immigrant would rather die than be kicked out of the country. A young Nigerian girl who was working as a prostitute in Bari died of tuberculosis yesterday. Her illness was at a very advanced stage and was highly contagious. Her customers and other people that she met in the past few weeks could now be walking around with consumption. All it takes is one bout of coughing.

The amendment proposed by the Lega, which would force any doctor that treats an illegal immigrant to then sell him out to the authorities, is a masochistic law. A lazaret law that takes us back to the days of Manzoni’s plague because it puts the health of all Italians at risk, simply to weed out an illegal immigrant. The choice is endless. Amongst these imported illnesses are things like TB, scabies, aids, cholera, malaria and leprosy. In the home countries from whence the immigrants come, prophylaxis seldom exists and thus, many of the diseases that have disappeared here by us, are endemic in those countries. The Lega is the party of the new plague-spreaders. The PDL, instead, is the party of the corpse collectors, those that pull the carts full of corpses along the streets.
They are the inventors of immigrant diseases. In Italy there are thousands of people suffering from TB, a disease that is running rampant in Rumania and Bulgaria, both of which are European Union member Countries. What needs to happen is the introduction of a healthcare passport for immigrants from high-risk countries, in order to highlight the phenomenon of illegal immigration. The illegal immigrant must be given the chance to get the treatment he/she needs. Their problem is also our problem. The virus that they carry is a killer. Rape suddenly seems to be the least of our problems.

Still today, Italian children are being vaccinated against illnesses such as measles, while TB is coming across our borders completely undetected from the east. The barn doors of Italy are always open to viruses, while our government always succeeds in making the situation worse rather than better. They simply cannot help themselves and so, at the end of the day, the real virus that is killing Italians lives in our Parliament.

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September 17, 2008

Hands on health

Moore - Berlusconi

Do you remember Poggiolini and De Lorenzo? In a bit you will see them again at work. The psycho-dwarf has removed Nello Martini, head of AIFA, the autonomous agency that has the job of approving pharmaceuticals. Martini was too independent, too competent and an unpardonable fact, too honest. Pharmaceuticals are products and the drug companies want to have a free hand on the health market. The AIFA determines the price of the drugs according to how effective they are. But in future it won’t be like that. It will be possible for the Ministers of Health and of Welfare to decide prices independently of the benefits. After the season of “Mani Pulite” {Clean Hands} we have the season of the “Mani Libere” {Free Hands}.

Enrica Giorgetti, the wife of the Minister of Welfare Maurizio Sacconi, is the Director General of Farmindustria , the association that promotes the interests of the pharmaceutical companies. No conflict of interest? I want to propose she takes the place of Martini. If it has to be a mess up, let it be so to the end.

The prestigious magazine, Nature is more well informed about Italy than we are. Here I am linking to the article “Clean hands, please” dated 7 August 2008.

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September 12, 2008

Chrome kills!


YouTubeQuickTime 56k3GPiPod VideoAudio Mp3

The Blog has spoken to occupational medicine practitioner Roberto Topino and one of his assistants, Roberto Bava, regarding the consequences of exposure to hexavalent chrome.
Roberto Topino:
"Hexavalent chrome is a metal that is used in industry due to its anti-rust properties.
As a matter of fact, lesser metals such as iron and other metals are often treated in order to brighten their surfaces and to protect them from the elements.
Unfortunately, and this is true not only of hexavalent chrome, but also of certain other substances utilised by industry, such as asbestos and nickel, these substances are cancer inducing and, therefore, unless all the necessary precautions are taken, hexavalent chrome can potentially cause tumours in the primary airways, the stomach and the lungs, and this can occur even in extremely low concentrations.
So much so that, due to its common use throughout the area and the fact that underground water resources are held as sacred, the maximum acceptable concentration of hexavalent chrome has been set internationally at 5 micrograms per litre.
Here, the levels have gone as high as 455 micrograms per litre and, even now, it has been confirmed that our levels are still above the maximum allowed, with peaks touching 30 micrograms per litre of water, in other words, 6 times the maximum permissible level.
The reason why we must not drink water containing hexavalent chrome is because the substance has certain mutagenic properties, in other words, it has the ability to modify human DNA, and poses not only a risk of developing tumours, but also of giving birth to deformed children or developing pathologies involving deformation or tumours.
Hexavalent chrome dissolves in the water and therefore, since the underground water sources are flowing rather than stagnant, the hexavalent chrome can be found some distance away from the source and some time after infiltration.
In our profession, we have seen numerous tumours caused by hexavalent chrome, including lung tumours, and furthermore, another widely acknowledged side effect of ingesting chrome is the perforation of the nasal septum, accompanied by bleeding and a whole range of ENT ailments that can also result in lung and stomach tumours.
I feel obliged to repeat what I have said as regards asbestos: it must be eliminated! As regards asbestos, nickel and hexavalent chrome, the only safe kind is the nonexistent kind.
In addition, we have also witnessed tons of both chrome and nickel being dumped in the Dora Riparia River, sometimes even with the authorisation of the Turin Provincial Authority.
We are talking here about the ThyssenKrupp Company, which is located just a few hundred metres upstream.
There are a number of interesting pictures on the Internet, taken in the vicinity of Tezze and depicting some daisies that are long and narrow instead of being round.
They are called the “pratoline di Tezze” and can be viewed on Youtube.
These daisies grew in an area that was irrigated with water drawn from wells contaminated with hexavalent chrome.
Strange things have also been found in the Susa Valley where we noticed some deformed specimens of chicory, plums and roses, which we initially believed to be caused by dioxins or the phenyl polychlorides originating from a steelworks situated in the Susa Valley.
A few months ago, I received a telephone call from a journalist working for a Turin newspaper, who told me that from the bridge over the Dora Riparia River, right in front of the steelworks, you could see a water drain spewing out a liquid that was bright green, tending to yellow.
At that moment, I was unable to give him a definite answer since I was not yet entirely aware of the issues surrounding the presence of hexavalent chrome.
We returned to the location immediately after having studied the maps that Marco Bava had given us, which showed the precise location of the drainage pipes exiting from the steelworks.
Upon conducting a personal inspection, I discovered that a liquid as yellow as this shirt I’m wearing can be seen spewing out from both the drainpipe pointed out by journalist and another drainpipe slightly further downstream, in the vicinity of Via Livorno. This shade of yellow is typical of hexavalent chrome colour and can also be found in spray painting booths where they utilise chrome-based paints and that we have also seen in other areas where chrome plating operations have occurred in the past.
The important thing now is for us to identify the employer concerned and the principal because there may very well be a certain political liability regarding possible hasty decisions to build in certain areas."
Roberto Bava:
"Finally there are certain investigations underway, and finally, on 25 May 2008, the city newspaper "La Stampa" published an article under the very clear and transparent title "Buildings built on a pile of waste and poisons, charges laid regarding the former Olympic Village situated at Spina A3". I believe that this has been useful in terms of making the population aware of what has been happening.
However, I paid a visit to the people now living in those buildings and discovered that they are well aware of the problem , but they told me that: "...all good and well, but we don’t have the money to move away from here", to which I replied that: "You have the right to live in a home built on safe ground and not to be used as a draw card to attract further construction to the area”.
According to the municipality, this area is polluted, yet they have gone ahead and proceeded to build council flats right here.
Not only, but as you can see, they intend to build yet more homes right here.
In other words, it seems to me to be much like the story of the laboratory rat: if these don’t die, then we’ll build more homes for others.
I honestly believe that it is wrong for anyone to mete out this kind of treatment to the poorest members of the community, those who don’t have the luxury of choosing where they want to live and those that are blissfully unaware of what is going on and, in this regard, I would like to offer these people, and anyone else facing similar problems, appropriate legal protection provided by the attorney working for the Judge of the Turin Court, who has offered his services.
Another important issue, as you have noted, is that, while the hexavalent chrome is concentrated in this area, if you superimpose the two areas, you will also see that it is not true that the high concentrations of hexavalent chrome are only found here because this is where the waste was dumped but, above all, they are also high in the area where the towers used for chrome plating are located.
This means that anyone living here will also be faced with the problem of residual pollution resulting from these towers.
A final comment concerns the fact that all of this is going on just a few metres from the river itself, and furthermore, in an area that is prone to river flooding.
Therefore, when the river breaks its banks, the water picks up everything along its path and carries it away.
Thus it is my belief that here in Turin, and in the rest of Italy for that matter, we must stop this continuous speculation on what were formerly industrial areas, which have already sown more than enough death and pollution problems for the urban areas. It is only right that these areas be returned to the city in the form of parks, which the residents can use for recreational purposes, and that are no longer open to exploitation by building speculators and entities linked in some or other way to the governing parties, or even the opposition parties, because here in Turin there is also a kind of buddy-buddy system when it comes down to sharing the cake out equitably, perhaps even as directed by the Freemasons Organisation and via the banks."
Ps: You can send your video links on this topic to the section entitled: "Send in your video clip". These will be listed in sequence at the end of the posting. The aim is to provide comprehensive video footage, YOUR video footage, within 24 hours or the length of time between two successive postings.

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August 20, 2008

Daisies of Padua


Hexavalent chromiumis carcinogenic and causes mutation. It is a waste product of industry. In the North of Italy it is presenting the rivers. From the Dora to the Po to the Brenta and also in the meadows. Whoever offloads it saves on the costs of proper disposal. Whoever has to control, paid by the taxes of the citizens, does nothing. Whoever breathes it in, or drinks it in the water or eats it in the products of the land gets ill and dies of cancer. The delinquents who are polluting and the parasites who are not controlling, have never been convicted. The mechanism of cause and effect is not immediate, like a pistol shot. But there is no difference. The polluters are killers and the public administrations who are informed of the facts are witnesses who keep quiet or are colluding. When there is a trial, usually their crimes get timed out for the Statute of Limitations or they have a plea-bargain. And, for them, life can go on smiling thanks to the Italian laws. 95% of the crimes in Italy are not in fact punished, a gift from the psycho-dwarf.
At Bassano del Grappa a trial is going on for plural culpable homicide due to the death from cancer of 14 workers at PM Galvanica di Tezze sul Brenta because of the chromium. The next hearing is on 21 November 2008. At Tezze and the surrounding area, during the last 20 years, toxic waste, including hexavalent chromium, has been discharged into the environment. It is a territory that is rich in polluted water and substrata, as is also reported by the local newspapers. The maximum quantity of permissible hexavalent chromium is 5 microgrammes per litre. In the substrata that go from Tezze to Cittadella and to San Giorgio, samples have been found of 170 microgrammes per litre. In the zone, there are important mineral water companies.
Everyone knows about the pollution but the days tick by smoothly. From time to time, there’s some surprise. In the meadows and in the gardens of the Alta Padovana {high area round Padua}, you can find gigantic daisies. Enormous petals to be removed one by one. Instead of “she loves me - she loves me not”, they whisper, as they pinch themselves, “I’ll die – I’ll not die”. The yellow inflorescence of the Leucanthemum cromum padovanas are tall, crowded and thick. After the daisies, it’ll be the turn of the people. The mutant Paduans will be recognizable for their slight green phosphorescence and for an exaggerated increase in the willy. The hexavalent chromium instead of Viagra. It’s great to die like that.

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August 19, 2008

The Dora with hexavalent chrome


The Dora flows down from the Alps, it passes through Turin and before it joins with the Po, it becomes golden. The hexavalent chrome from the factories, poured out by the ton, the touch like that of King Midas. The Dora then takes on that characteristic yellow-hay colour that will give the tone and flavour to the most prestigious wines of Piedmont.
The hexavalent chrome is carcinogenic and provokes mutation, it provokes abortions, crumbling of bones, liver, heart and kidney diseases, dermatitis, perforation of the nasal tissues preceded by haemorrhaging and obviously, tumours. Dr. Roberto Topino, a specialist in Medicine at Work, has sent me some film clips of the green-gold Dora. The company ThyssenKrupp, the one of the incineration of workers at work, is always in the forefront in the protection of health. The maximum admissible for hexavalent chrome is 5 microgrammes per litre, in the Dora they have found up to 455 microgrammes per litre. Finally you can understand the mystery of the yellow colour of Sergio Chiamparino and Piero Fassino.
No checks. The public health authorities, the trades unions, the town, the Province, the Region. A doctor has to do it instead of them. To turn himself into an investigator and to film, to document the new spreaders of cancer. After his denunciations, anyway nothing has happened. The factories that have polluted the Dora must close TOMORROW. Their directors taken straight to the tribunal for slaughter with extra factors of futile motives. Basically for tumours to the citizens to save on the money from getting rid of the chrome. We can’t continue to protect delinquents with the excuse of providing jobs.
The hexavalent chrome in the Dora is a scandal in the open air. If there is a magistrate in Turin who follows this blog, let them start an investigation.

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July 28, 2008

The new King Herods

Incinerators in Forli

Incinerators produce nano-particles. The nano-particles enter the organism and produce tumours. Instead the separation and collection of rubbish produces wealth and does not poison the environment. Children are the ones most exposed to illnesses. Why is it that in Italy they continue to plan, construct and sell incinerators instead of promoting the separation of waste? Who gains? Who are those selling death? Who are the new King Herods?

Dear Beppe Grillo,
We would like to invite you and all your readers to spend a moment to reflect on this sentence: “The deliberate cruelty with which the labouring population has been used to increase the production of consumer goods and profits derived from them has now been extended to the whole population of the planet, involving the most fragile components, the children, by exposing them to the plethora of carcinogens, mutagens and toxic substances present in the water, the air, the soil, food, as well as the consequences of the systematic and relentless destruction of our habitat.”
These words, that conclude an article about the risks attributable to chemical agents, written by Professor Lorenzo Tomatis in 1987, have come back to our minds as a lucid prophecy when looking at the most recent data about the incidence of childhood cancer in Italy published by Associazione Italiana dei Registri Tumori (AIRTUM: I tumori infantili Rapporto 2008) {Italian Cancer Figures – Report 2008 - Childhood Cancer}.
If already the data published in The Lancet in 2004 showed that an increase of 1.1% of the cancers in children in the last 30 years in Europe appeared to be worrying, those relating to our country, for the years 1998-2002 leave us dismayed. The overall rates for all cancers have increased on average by 2% a year, going from 146.9 new cases a year (for every million children) in the period from 1988 to 1992 to a good 176 new cases in the period 1998 to 2002. This means that on average, in the last five years, in every million children in Italy there have been an additional 30 cases extra. The growth is statistically significant for all the age groups and for both sexes. In particular, among the children under 12 months the increase has been 3.2% a year.
These rates of increase in Italy are much higher than those found in Germany (141 cases 1987-2004), France (138 cases 1990-98), Switzerland (141 cases 1995-2004). The percentage annual change is higher in our country than in Europe for all types of tumour (+2% vs 1.1%), as well as for the main types of tumour; in fact for lymphoma, the increase is 4.6% a year as opposed to an increase in Europe of 0.9%, for leukemia the increase is 1.6% as opposed to an increase in Europe of +0.6% and so on."
Dott. Michelangiolo Bolognini Igenista - Pistoia
Dott,ssa Maria Concetta Di Giacomo Medico di Medicina Generale - Padova
Dott. Gianluca Garetti Medico di Medicina Generale - Firenze
Dott. Valerio Gennaro Oncologo-Epidemiologo - Genova
Dott.ssa Patrizia Gentilini Oncologo – Ematologo - Forlì
Dott. Giovanni Ghirga Pediatra - Civitavecchia
Dott. Stefano Gotti Chirurgo - Forlì
Dott. Manrico Guerra Medico di Medicina Generale - Parma
Dott. Ferdinando Laghi Ematologo - Castrovillari
Dott. Antonio Martella Oncologo - Tossicologo Napoli
Dott. Vincenzo Migaleddu Radiologo - Sassari
Dott. Giuseppe Miserotti Medico Medicina Generale - Piacenza
Dott. Ruggero Ridolfi Oncologo-Endocrinologo - Forlì
Dott. Giuseppe Timoncini Pediatra - Forlì
Dott. Roberto Topino Medico del Lavoro - Torino
Dott. Giovanni Vantaggi Medico di Medicina Generale -Gubbio

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July 07, 2008

GMO: patents for world hunger

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Research by the University of Barcelona has shown that in Mediterranean Europe, the coexistence of GM cultivation and organic cultivation is impossible. The President of FederBio, the sole organisation in Italy for organic agriculture, declared: “In the region of Aragona from 2004 to 2007 the cultivation of organic maize has gone done by 75% because of the impossibility of certifying the product due to the contamination resulting from the cultivation in open fields of genetically modified BT maize, that has reached over time in that region more than 40% of the area where maize is cultivated.”
Fabrizia Pratesi of EQUIVITA has sent a letter about GMO to certain leaders in the government including Luca Zaia, the Minister for Agricultural Policies.
Luca Zaia declared: “We are in favour of the start of experimentation in a way that is very much coherent and aware of the fact that 80% of the citizens in Italy are against GMOs. However, explanation should be given to them.”
From Zaia, I would like to have a response to the arguments put forward by EQUIVITA and the University of Barcelona. His response will be published on the blog. The Lega, that says it listens to the people and as it admits, even Zaia himself knows that it’s 80% against GMO, wants the experiments all the same. Why? By divine right? At the suggestion of the psycho-dwarf? The seeds get lost on the wind. It’s enough to do experiments to spread GMO in an irreversible way with its load of money for the multinationals.
”We would like to contribute to your reflection about GMO with a few explanations that are almost never reported in the media. We are convinced that you will know how to give these their true weight. The main and unique characteristic of modified seeds is that they are protected by patent. It should make anyone reflect the fact that GMO were launched in the USA (1980) and then in Europe (1998), together with incredible new patent laws that for the fist time in history allowed for the privatization of the most precious “common good”: the living material on the planet.
From that moment it has been enough to introduce a foreign gene into a plant for the whole plant to become private property, as though it were a human invention and not an element of nature.
In October 1997, The Guardian wrote: “With surprising rapidity a small group of companies is trying to get the control over the production and commercialization of the most important merchandise in the world: food.”
In the last 20 year the pairing “genetically modified” and “patent” (for which the rights are claimed each time there is a reproductive cycle or re-sowing) has been for the bio-tech companies, together with the purchase of seed companies, not a tool for the greater good of agricultural workers and citizens, but a tool in an economic war, underground, or showing conquests, or if we like, of a new form of colonialisation to which we are all exposed.
This explains why every strategy has been used to impose transgenic food on us.
- even though, up until now, GMO has betrayed all the promises about productivity, sustainability and capacity to save the world from starvation.”
- in spite of the fact that they have been shown to be fairly damaging to the environment, to food sovereignty that alone guarantees food security, to the freedom to choose foods, to biodiversity and the protection of human rights.
- even though they have almost always been catastrophic for the economy of poor countries (see Argentina and India)
even though they are a threat for countries that like ours aim to have products of quality.
- even though they have shown themselves to be a bad investment even for producing countries.

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June 15, 2008

Italy without sticks

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The blog has an interview with Alessandro Appari:
”When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with a bone tumour on the right leg, so they amputated it. After 2 years of inactivity I started to work and I got a payment as a civil invalid of 250 thousand lire a month. After a year and a half they took that away from me because I had an income over 4,000 euro a year gross. I got a bit angry and for 15 years I stopped paying the INPS contribution. After various reminders I had to pay, otherwise they would have seized a part of the apartment where I lived with my mother. I paid 15 years of back payments amounting to 27 thousand euro. But the funny thing is that I certainly don’t find to be fair is that I had to pay for this prosthesis because the USL gives me 3 thousand euro every 4 years, however they give me a prosthesis like a basic car. If I want extra things that allow me to walk better I have to pay. In the end this prosthesis has cost me 22 million lire. Now I’m working at the Portofino gas station for the boats. But it’s seasonal work, lasting just 6 months a year. For the other 6 months I have no income, and apart from the fact that for most of the day I am on my feet, and I also have problems with my back, however, in reality, they don’t help me at all because every time I have to do something, there’s always this problem with the prosthesis, the boat driving licence, the license for the motor bike, so now to do this prosthesis I don’t know what I’ll do. It costs 30 thousand euro. That’s not peanuts. The benefits people give me just 3 thousand euro every 4 years, because I am a civil invalid. If I were an invalid because of an accident at work, I wouldn’t have to pay anything and I could have one of the best prosthesis every year. Because I am a civil invalid, I don’t have the rights of an invalid who has suffered an accident at work, but in the end, we are in the same situation. We have lost a leg anyway, because one who is an invalid because of an accident at work is covered because they have paid INPS and above all because they have paid INAIL. This happened to me when I was 17 years old and I wasn’t working, I wasn’t paying contributions. I wouldn’t even want benefits because anyway it would amount to 250 euro a month, perhaps because there will be a law that says that invalids are invalids and if one wants a leading edge prosthesis they have to pay. I would like them to meet me half way with the prosthesis or for them to give me a deduction on the taxes I pay for the work I do. I repeat: I work for 6 months a year. I’m not really bothered about benefits but I sincerely wish that they would help me a bit more with the prosthesis.”

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Music for warm organs


Music for warm organs. Tendons, lungs and hearts. The Santa
Rita Clinic in Milan
, with its price list of deaths, is only a symptom and not the real illness. 60/70% of the Lombardy Regions funds go towards healthcare. A large part of the money that Formigoni receives from the State goes to hospitals, clinics, doctors, paramedics and nurses, both public and private. The parties are the greatest donors to Lombardy’s healthcare. They fill the ASL (National Health Scheme) with their own men and they impose their own managers. Power, votes and careers. It took the magistrature to discover that the Santa Rita clinic was nothing more than a Milan-style butchery. No checks were being carried out by the Regional Administration. And yet the clinic was always in the top-ten in terms of deaths. And yet the clinic employees are accusing the ASL of having been aware of what was going on “since September 2007, but of having failed to take any immediate action”. The one paying the bills, namely the Regional Administration, should have been checking that the one who levies the charges, namely the clinics and hospitals, are operating within the law, however, they have failed to do so. Paying the bills without carrying out any checks is what creates the tumour at the end of the day. However, the Regional Administration IS IN NO POSITION to carry out the checks. The checks are supposedly carried out by 10 ASL employees. These are the terrible inspectors of the NOC (Nucleo Operativo di Controllo, or Operational Control Unit). Between them, these 10 people must check through 800,000 medical files each year. Mission impossible. If Formigoni is unable to check, why is he then able to pay in any event? If the NOC is charged by the Region, does this not perhaps constitute a conflict of interests? What would they do should they discover some or other politician with his fingers in the prostate cookie-jar? Would they report him or would they simply look the other way? Whenever the checks and balances are rendered virtually nonexistent, there is normally a very good reason for doing so. And the reason is not a lack of resources. It is a problem of connivance, bribes and backhanders. Where there are no checks and balances, corruption inevitably reigns supreme. But who stands to gain the most? What has happened at the Santa Rita is the gross domestic product of the cancer that has invaded politics. Mastella’s successor, Angelino Alfano, promoted to the position by the psychodwarf, has hastened to reassure the residents. Telephone tapping would have taken place at the Santa Rita clinic even if the new law regarding telephone tapping had been in place. The one that sets the bar at the level of those crimes carrying a potential sentence in excess of ten years. Angelino laughed, somewhat like the infamous Franti in the book entitled: “Cuore” (Heart). And then he said: “Those guys landed up going to jail for murder! They are super-tappable, of course …”. However, Franti Alfano overlooked only one minor detail, namely that the telephones were tapped in terms of an investigation into charges of “aggravated fraud involving public funds” and “forgery of public records”. Only later were the alleged murders discovered. Fraud and forgery are punishable by six years in terms of Franti’s Law. Therefore, the telephone tapping would not have been authorised. In order to save the psychodwarf’s skin Italy has become a nation of delinquents out on bail. The judges will be obliged to at least accuse them of outright slaughter in order to be able to obtain authorisation to tap their telephone lines.

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May 20, 2008

A Letter from Umberto Veronesi

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Umberto Veronesi has written me a letter which I am publishing and for which I thank him.
Veronesi says he is “saddened by the continual attacks that you aim at me and my activity”, but my criticism has not been in reference to his activity as an oncologist and at the Istituto Europeo di Oncologia. And I am convinced of the good of some of his initiatives, cited in the letter, like those relating to asbestos, benzene and smoking.
On this point I have really no reason to object, and exactly for the story of Umberto Veronesi and his competence on the causes of tumours, I am amazed at his position in relation to incinerators.
Veronesi has declared that they have no effect on health. He calls them “termovalorizzatori”. Veronesi states that: “there are many research studies that prove they are not dangerous” and that “my position stems from the time when I was Minister of Health … in the discussions with experts about the problem of refuse, they informed me that the latest generation of “termovalorizzatori” are a necessity for the country and the risks for the country are minute”.
Veronesi invites me to “suspend the insults and restore a climate of civil debate”.
I am accepting his proposal with enthusiasm.
I am inviting him to a public discussion broadcast on the Internet in live streaming. Let him decide the place. I will deal with the equipment and the recording of the event.
Let him gather the experts “who have informed him” (who are they?), let him bring his “many research studies”. I will come with my consultants and I will cite my sources.
The citizens can form their own opinion and can use their own heads to decide whether incinerators are death factories or aerosol producers.
I wait confidently for a positive response from Umberto Veronesi.

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April 22, 2008

Fabullo’s mother

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Click on the map of incinerators

When you do this, it makes me go mad. Thanks to you, little Fabullo will be able to get treatment in the United States. His mother in Orio Canavese has written to me. Letters like this make me feel better. Today in Genoa, there’s wind and a grey sky. But behind the clouds the sun is shining.

Dear Beppe, I’m the mother of little Fabullo.
Thank you. From the heart. Such thanks that cannot be expressed in words, but I have no other means… and I try to go beyond just writing something. I hope that Fabullo can walk once more even because this would be the biggest “thank you” for the people like yourself…
Since your intervention we have been in need of a whole secretariat to sort out all the contacts. I’ve just been to the bank and I almost fainted: tomorrow we’ll publish the figures on our website, but it amounts to 20 thousand euro in three days…. And the money is still coming in, in real time. Thank you. It’s all thanks to you and to the people who believe in you. That’s not just rhetoric. Believe me.
There’s also another reason why I’m writing to you. I know that you will have received much criticism for having decided to support a request for hyperbaric therapy for a cerebral lesion. I’m really keen on telling you my point of view, because we all are keen to show you that we have tried to act in the most rational way possible: it’s obvious that they have not given a written declaration that Fabullo will get better, but the proposals are solid. I’m also keen to let you know that we don’t just want to take advantage of your name….
It’s true that even in Italy there are hyperbaric chambers, however there is no indication and no experience of treatment of cerebral lesions. It has been said that it doesn’t work and that there is no scientific evidence: but nothing solid and serious is done to demonstrate the validity of these statements, so no one can yet understand why they manage to get results in the USA!
According to me the basic problem is not that our Health System doesn’t finance this therapy: obviously they say that it is useless. The basic problem is that they decide a priori not to do experiments: if there were good data that negate the American results then we would have nothing to say. BUT, this data does not exist. We have decided that it doesn’t work and that’s it.
In the USA, unlike in Italy and Europe, they have tiny individual hyperbaric chamber, where the therapy can be applied for the patient.
Just to show you the difference in approach: in Italy, the presence of an epileptic crisis is a contraindication to the hyperbaric treatment. In the USA, it is a treatment indicator. A similar disparity in viewpoint seems to me to be unclear. It seems to be an a priori closure.
Another myth to be dealt with: the Americans say that all children, even the most serious have full recovery. This is not true. The prognoses are very varied, even though the results are often better than anticipated when dealing with children.
However, this is a personal issue: I am a physiotherapist. I have tried to act in this situation in the most scientific way possible, even though as a desperate mother it’s not so easy. …. However it seemed to us to be honest to just try for three months. Honest in relation to Fabio, to Michela who will stay here, to all those who are giving us money… also because if we come back with important results (And let God act so that it is like that, and this is what the mother is saying and not the physiotherapist. I am becoming completely schizophrenic….) I intend to be seriously committed to the promotion of this experiment, in a serious manner. There, I think that if that is the case I will once more ask for your help, this time with a lighter heart. Look, I would say: let’s promise to meet up so as to bring “scientific evidence” to the medical conferences!!! Who knows if the good God will lend a hand….
Thanks again dear Beppe. If you are in this area, come and visit us….
A big hug.”
Angela Aimo

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April 13, 2008



Fabullo is a three year old boy from Orio Canavese. He was born with a serious cardiac illness. To keep him alive he has needed two operations. After the second he had a cerebral ischemia. He became like a vegetable. !6 months have gone by. Now, even though he has spastic tetraplegic cerebral palsy, he can interact with people and move his head. However he can’t move from one place to another, or move his body or sit up or turn over in bed.
It’s possible that with the right treatment, Fabullo could return to normal. But treatment has a cost. Money is what makes the difference for the happiness of a child and his family. Fabullo has been examined by Dr. Bifulco of Therapies4kids (Florida) who gave his family some hope. The cost of an initial period of 3 month’s treatment is 120,000 dollars. To do this he should be setting off with his mother on 17 October.
Let’s help Fabullo with a donation.
Click her to read the details ofhow to donate and to see how much has been collected..
Fabullo is not alone. There are many children in Italy who go abroad to find treatments that they can’t get here. The story of the journey of hope is repeated each time, with a collection that relies on the good nature of the people.
Where’s the State? What’s the use of our taxes, if they can’t save our children? 120,000 dollars is the salary of any old third-rate local cabinet member. Italy of waste is also the Italy of those who are abandoned.
Let’s help Fabullo run around in a meadow. I’ll keep you informed.
Have a look at Fabullo’s blog.



Tell people about the march. Copy and paste the code
La marcia del V2-Day

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on www.flickr.com with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on www.youtube.com with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day


4. Download the V2-day flyer

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March 08, 2008

Nero Prodi and the eco-bales

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Nero Prodi has now decided that SEVEN MILLION TONS of “eco-bales” must be burned in the Acerra thermodestructor. No one knows exactly what is in these “eco-bales”. They were sealed without their contents being checked. They could contain virtually anything. Toxic waste, expired medicines or even radioactive waste. Burning them would mean speeding up the death sentences for the people living in the Acerra area, as well as others nearby. As a matter of fact, the area is already being called the “Triangle of death” because of the number of tumours diagnosed in the residents. One death more or less, what does it matter? It is a political gamble, as well as an economic one. If the citizens of Campania don’t complain, then they die while, if they die, they can no longer complain. Write the name of Nero Prodi, but read the name Impregilo. The women of Giugliano set themselves alight in desperation, yet Deputy King Bassolino is still there.
Herewith a letter written by Alex Zanotelli.


The thermodestruction of fundamental human rights.”It is with absolute horror that we learn of the decision taken by Prime Minister Romano Prodi regarding the Campania eco-bales, namely, at least 7 million tons (which have little or nothing to do with eco-anything, but are in fact nothing other than refuse, nothing more and nothing less), stacked mainly at Giugliano. We are talking about the provisions contained in ordinance No. 3657, dated 20 February 2008: “Urgent provisions to address the refuse emergency in the Campania Region”. The provision that is most astonishing is the one contained in art.4, namely that: “In order to speed up the initiatives aimed at overcoming the state of emergency and, in particular, to enable the speedy commissioning of the Acerra thermodestruction plant, authorisation is hereby granted for the treatment and disposal of the refuse bearing the “Cer” codes 191212, 190501 and 190503 (the Campania eco-bales, the non-stabilised organic portion, in other words the ex-fos material, and the non-compliant compost) at the aforesaid plant, nevertheless complying with the levels of pollutant emissions previously established in the authorisation provision. What this means is that the eco-bales of refuse produced by the Campania Cdr, which do not comply with the established statutory requirements, may be burned in the Acerra incinerator. (This facility at Acerra now, for the first time ever, being labelled THERMODESTRUCTION by the Government!)
This decision, which is totally contrary to the concept of community rights and also contrary to ordinary and accounting jurisprudence, is an exceptionally serious matter indeed.
How come, after the Government has fallen, Prodi now promulgates this nefarious ordinance, and this so soon after another equally serious provision to re-introduce, against the Parliament’s wishes, the CIP/6 levy to fund the three new incinerators planned for the Campania Region?
It is clearly evident that what actually lies at the bottom of this provision is nothing other than financial and contractual reasoning, because it will enable the aspirant operators of the Acerra plant to keep the tariffs high, thereby making tender participation more attractive. From a financial perspective, the Acerra plant will be kept going not only by means of the CIP/6 subsidies, but also by the simple shredding, compacting and selecting of the refuse, rather than by processing quality Compost from refuse, in other words, simple Compost from refuse. The objective appears to be to prevent the desertion of the tender, thus riding roughshod over the citizens’ rights and undermining a sacred human right, namely the right to life itself.
This ordinance, which would permit the Acerra incinerator to incinerate any kind of refuse, and this in an area that is already being called the “Triangle of death”, is nothing other than a crime against humanity because it would compromise the health of the area’s residents, which has already been seriously undermined. We say no to this kind of profit seeking, because it places the interests of the FEW before everyone’s health.
We therefore demand that the ordinance be retracted immediately. We are ready to challenge it in any national or European court.
At this point in the electoral campaign, we ask all candidates standing for the position of Premier to reveal their stand regarding this vitally important ordinance. It is a matter of life or death for everyone.” Alex Zanotelli, Gerardo Marotta, Alberto Lucarelli, Guido Donadone, Raffaele Raimondi, Ugo Mattei
Click the image

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February 07, 2008

The Cancer Forecast

Click on the image

Incinerators are popping up in Italian regions like amanita phalloides. They can be seen from a long way away. Design objects. They even organise school trips. They are the poisonous mushrooms of the parties. You don’t have to pick them to die. It’s enough just to breathe them. They are recommended on TV on programmes led by vile presenters.
The incinerator party is across the board. But Casini’s party wants to place four in his Sicilian feudal area, and it goes even beyond his territory, he wants to get all the Sicilians nearer to the other world.
The separation and collection of refuse makes incinerators useless. The elimination of superfluous packaging leads them to zero.
The map of incinerators super-imposed on the reduction in life expectancy due to anthropogenic PM 2.5 in Italy is illuminating. The more there are incinerators, the more there are tumours for everyone.
The map makes it possible to do “Cancer forecasting”. In the Po Valley, it’s widespread like the fog.

In Calabria and in the East of Sicily there’s an intense diffusion but cumuliform. However, it’s limited, matched by a reduction in PM 2,5 in the West of Sicily.

Pleasant health in the Eastern Alps and in the Valle d’Aosta. In the latter region there’s the forecast of a serious worsening due to the arrival of a brand new incinerator.

The distribution of tumours in the whole of the country tends to be stratified and to be spread out with a certain continuity. The forecast of widespread deaths in the medium term is more or less certain.
An electoral tornado could blow away the causes of the low life expectancy if they manage to get an interest among the political groupings that are the most exposed in relation to incinerators. Details to follow.
List of incinerators: APAT, refuse report 2006
Map of the reduction in life expectancy: IIASA

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
1. Put your photos on www.flickr.com with the tag V2-day
2. Put your videos on www.youtube.com with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day

Click to see the video

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February 05, 2008



Cancronesi was a guest of the doormat Fazio. He said that incinerators have no effect on health. He has to answer, sooner or later to those who are sick and to their relatives. For decades, this sandwich man has been dealing with finance, with companies, and occasionally with health. He is not informed of the facts and he has a few tiny conflicts of interests. For him incinerators and cancer institutes are a virtuous cycle of creating illness. A business. He causes it and cures it.

The Veronesi Foundation has as partners:
- ACEA - multiutility with incinerators
- ENEL – nuclear , coal and oil electricity generating stations
- VEOLIA Environment - costruction incinerators.

Many doctors don’t agree with him and that’s not just in Italy.
The French "Conseil Nationale de l'ordre des medicins" and the main associations of French family doctors, "praticiens" have asked for “a moratorium in relation to the construction of new incinerators. Incineration produces hundreds of toxic substances that are liberated into the atmosphere. (article in Le Monde)
Click on the image

Doctors and Italian associations have written an open letter to the European Commissioner Dimas

Respected Commissioner Dimas,
We are Italian citizens and we are dismayed by what is happening in our country, which has by now become the laughing stock of the world for the refuse affair in Campania. More than 14 years of it being dealt with under emergency conditions have absolutely not resolved anything, in fact it has aggravated the problem ever more. It is a problem that has absolutely nothing of an emergency because in every country in the world, rubbish is produced.
The EU directives provide a clear hierarchy of ways of going about getting rid of rubbish: reduction, recycling, reusing, and just for the remaining amount, the recovery of energy and not just by incineration. Unfortunately the crisis in Naples seems to be completely instrumental in getting incineration in our country as a privileged method for solving the “refuse problem” and thus turning upside down what the EU itself suggests. In Italy, apart from in individual virtuous realities thanks to responsible administrators, there has not been door to door collection that puts the responsibility on the citizen and that can guarantee a good quality of the products of separation of the refuse with consequent effective recovery
Incineration continues to get incentives only in our country, as a renewable source of energy, in spite of the minimum energy recovery of these plant (that mostly are simply for rubbish), the serious damage to the environment and to the economy that even recently have been recorded (milk contaminated beyond the permitted limits with dioxin in Brescia, territory that is already seriously polluted, where the biggest incinerator in Italy is in operation) and even though the kilowatt hours produced by burning refuse, is that associated with the highest emission of carbon dioxide.
There are numerous studies that have provided evidence of the damage to health of the population exposed to this, that no one can exclude that even with the “new” plant that have led thousands and thousands of doctors, citizens, intellectuals, environmental associations to take up positions even with papers and denunciations to the Magistracy, so that simply what is done in the whole of the civilised world is done, and the safeguarding of the environment is given top priority for our protection and for the protection of those who will come after us.
Commissioner Dimas, we beg you, listen to us. Do all that is in your power so as to avoid this umpteenth disaster, so that choices are made that look forward rather than look back to the age of fire.”
Signed by, among others, Prof. Angelo Gino Levis - geneticist, Dr. Patrizia Gentilini - oncologist, Prof. Gianni Tamino - biologist, Dr. Giovanni Ghirga – pediatrician and spokesperson for the Medici per l’ Ambiente e la Salute Alto Lazio, Dr. Luigi Carpentiero - Medico del Lavoro, Dr. Stefano Montanari – Scientific Director nanodiagnostics Laboratory

V2-day, 25 April, for freedom of information:
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2. Put your videos on www.youtube.com with the tag V2-day
3. Give your support to V2 day

Click to see the video

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October 06, 2007

Bersanetor against the doctors


Pierluigi Bersani, the Minister for Economic Development has written a letter to the Minister of Health, Livia Turco and the Minister of Justice, Clemente Mastella to ask them to investigate the Emilia Romagna Regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons. On 10 September, the Federation asked the presidents of the provinces and the mayors in the Region not to go ahead and allow the construction of new heat-extracting incinerators.
The DS-dioxin Minister interrogates the Turco-Mastella pair to see if the statement “can be considered to be an inadmissible deviation from the institutional aims and anyway beyond the activity allowed by law, with the intention of adopting all the measures considered necessary, and not just disciplinary measures in relation to the people responsible.”
Perhaps Bersanetor wants to put the doctors in prison and the citizens in the cemetery after they have inspired the gaseous products of the incinerators.
Scores of doctors, 200 just in Forlì, raise the issue of a serious health problem and what does a Minister do? He denounces them to Mastella.
In Emilia Romagna there are already 9 incinerators and one was closed down by the magistrates after evidence was presented by the local doctors and inhabitants of the area. There are tens of scientific reports about the danger of incinerators. The doctors are simply doing their duty.
The solution to the problem of rubbish is recycling. The incinerators are useful to the parties, to the business numbers and for public jobs.
God makes them and then he puts them into pairs: Mastella intimidates the magistrates, Bersanetor the doctors.
I’m asking the doctors in the whole of Italy to come out and denounce the risks to health produced by incinerators.
I’m asking the mayors to promote recycling in their own towns. In Italy many already do that with success, and have 60/70% of the material recycled.
Read the communication of the Emilia Romagna regional Federation of Doctors and Surgeons.
Read the letter from the Minister Bersani to the Ministers Turco and Mastella.

PS Sign the appeal for Justice and the Rule of Law in Calabria.
Distribute the De Magistris petition. Copy this code and insert the banner in your blog!

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August 08, 2007

Advertising obesity

photo by florecita_roquera86
What’s good is not good. If it’s got a trademark it’s good. If not it’s insipid. The contents are different. We are eating the container. We are eating the advertising of the container. A study carried out at the University of Stanford to see how children make choices about food has shown that McDonalds is better. The same chips, one lot in the branded container, the other without. TV advertising makes the difference. Advertising of food for children, in which the children are the target, the viewer who is bombarded. Transformed into apprentice consumers. The snack, crisps, biscuits, hot dogs, drinks and all the rest. This advertising should be banned. Child obesity in Italy never existed, now it’s the norm. It’s advertising obesity. The fattening virus is the TV commercial. Advertising is dangerous for adults, but it can be lethal for children. It’s commercial paedophilia, the abuse of minds in formation. Children must get used to eating food, not brands. And if possible, without containers. For example, milk, must go back to being just milk. Cow, milk, bottle, child. Simple. In certain countries, it’s possible to buy milk, just milk and no brand name, from automatic distributors. You turn up with your bottle and you fill up. And the milk is local and costs less. You ask for it as well from your local Town Hall. According to the 2007 European Community’s White paper on obesity: “The last three decades have seen the levels of overweight and obesity in the EU population rise dramatically, particularly among children, where the estimated prevalence of overweight was 30% in 2006.” From Mediterranean cooking to soft food and tinned meat. Italian mothers where are you? Your children must not get fat like me.
1 Participate in and support V-day
2 Put your photos on www.flickr.com with the tag: Vaffa-day
3 Put your videos on www.youtube.it with the tag Vaffa-day

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June 27, 2007

Side effects


Are your children vivacious? Won’t they stay seated at the table and sometimes do they disturb the teacher during the lesson? Do they not sleep?
Quite probably they are hyperactive children, suffering from ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.
The pharmaceutical companies have found the solution: antidepressants and psycho-pharmacies. Celexa, Zoloft, Ritalin, Luvox, Prozac, Effexor, Paxil.
As explained on the video by the channels ABC and Fox News, the side effects can be embarrassing. Self harm, suicides, homicides, heart attacks. The child is quieter lying in a tomb. You can go and visit them knowing that they can’t harm themselves any more, or run off somewhere. So many worries reduced. So many active balance sheets for the pharmaceutical gentlemen and their lobbies.
If your child is vivacious, that’s good, not bad. Don’t take them to the doctor or the psychologist. Take them by the hand and go for a walk. Hug him, hug her, tightly, with a kiss. They don’t need to get better from anything. They just want your attention.
If someone suggests that your children take antidepressants or psycho-pharmacies, make them read aloud the side effects given on the paper inside the box with the pills. Then you read too.
Cannabis is forbidden and Ritalin is sold. Let’s do the opposite.

Link: www.giulemanidaibambini.org

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June 14, 2007

Bacillus without frontiers


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease. In Italy there are nearly 6000 people who are infected. At least 1000 in Lombardy. About 400 just in the city of Milan.
After the smog that kills, even the bacillus that infects. From the moral capital to the deadly capital. What does it depend on? On the rubbish? On the lack of hygiene practised by the people of Lombardy? By immigration?
It’s unpopular, I know, but someone has to say it. Those who arrive in Italy from a country that’s at risk, where illnesses like TB are widespread, must be examined and if they are found positive, given treatment. Instead of the CPT, a medical check up and treatment. What’s the point in being vaccinated against malaria and yellow fever to go abroad if you are breathing in TB on the metro?
I’ve got a question for the health authorities. The companies, the schools, the public administration finding they have cases of TB, do they have to communicate this? Or do they have to stay silent to protect privacy and help the bacillus? Which comes first privacy or contagion?
Certainly, this silence is strange. With 6000 cases of TB we should ask the WHO for help. Meanwhile I suggest that Livia Turco reopens the sanatoriums. The cool ones high up in the mountains. And at the frontiers I would like our ministers to take turns giving a welcoming French kiss to the new arrivals.

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June 08, 2007

Death comes from the air


In Italy one in five people die from pollution. Research by the World Health Organisation and CNR has found no particular differences between a gas chamber and the cities of Turin and Milan. Heavy metals, ozone, benzene, fine dust, nano particles. Every day a good breath of fresh air. Eight million Italians live in zones with environmental risk.
In certain cities, the European maximum annual pollution limits are already surpassed after a few months. And nobody does anything. It’s considered normal that a child gets ill with leukemia from exhaust gases. That there are no cycle paths.
Hell fire and damnation to the mayors, the bicycles is the fastest means of transport in a city and it’s less polluting. Incinerators, car parks that attract the cars like shit does for flies. Lack of information for the citizens about the risks they are running, no electric bus. I want to see the Mayors going to the Town Hall by bicycle. Stick the blue cars just there.
Claim back the city. Hundreds, thousands of you, get on your bike. Clean up the territory. Sign up to Critical Mass.
I’ve been at Acerra, people were crying, dying from tumours. The incinerator, the death factory, stood against a hellish sky. Enough. I’m too angry. Get on with it. Get on with it. Listen to Paul Connet, specialist in environmental chemistry.
Recycling is possible. We’ve got 76% in 22 towns in the province of Treviso, 83% in Capannori (Lucca) and 67% in Novara. Tell your mayors to move their backsides and imitate them.

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May 05, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back


Italy is what it is. However it is predictable. If something works it puts the system at risk. The system then defends itself to preserve its own privileges and eliminate what it is that works. Gabriella is a coeliac. The Campi Hospital is a tiny light shining out for the people with immunopathologies of the South of Italy. Ask them.
I’m asking myself the usual questions. Who decided that Campi has to close? Why are immunopathologies not diagnosed? Why do these patients have to pay for everything? What are the causes of the immunopathologies? Is someone responsible for this? "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind".

Dear Beppe,
I am Gabriella B from Taranto. I’m 33 years old. I have a chronic inflammatory disease. I discovered this after 5 long years of marginalisation and suffering. And after useless treatment for anxiety. The doctors confused systemic attacks with panic attacks.
Last year I got to know the spokesperson for people with immunopathologies who told me of 20 years of suffering from the illness. But also of research on chronic illnesses!!
Why has someone decided that 3 out of 5 Italians have to spend their lives as chronic patients with useless pharmaceutical therapies when it’s possible to get better with immunological therapies?
After 15 years of struggle with the help of a Salentino doctor we managed to get the loan of 4 beds in the Campi Salentina hospital, with 20,000 requests to come to hospital just from the members of the associations. Just think of all those who don’t know of this possibility!
In 6 months, these 4 beds have given the possibility to 150 sick people (including myself) to discover what they have and to be able to get better! I am a coeliac, allergic to alimentary nickel, cobalt and lactose!
I’ve got Autoimmune Thyroiditis that’s never been diagnosed up until now and that has caused me 4 miscarriages. The opening of this department of internal medicine has been a success.
Today we heard the news that the Campi hospital is to close. With that goes our dream of being able to get better. Yes, because the State does not recognise our pathology and we have to pay for everything!
Those who have no money get into debt for useless pharmaceuticals and private visits. Campi could have become the leading centre in the South of Italy. Life is worth nothing compared to the chance of easy gains.
You would be stamping on the feet of those doctors that do private consultations at 350 euros a visit to just look at symptoms and 150 euro a month for therapies that keep you in a chronic state all your life.
If they close this hospital, where will the patients of the South of Italy find the immunologist for the treatment that is needed? With our pathology you need to be monitored in hospital or you need 1000 euro to do DNA tests.
Beppe help me to find a way out of this nightmare! I want to be able to get better. I want my social life back.
For the last 3 months I’ve been eating just chicken, apples and bananas because I don’t have the money to get a vaccine costing 300 euro and the ASL doesn’t even reimburse the 20%.
Not to mention the pasta for coeliacs, 7.50 euro for 500 grams. It’s disgusting!! The ASL recognises gluten allergies, but not genetic coeliac disease.
I’ve thought of going with other sick people to occupy the hospital so that they will arrest me and even give me a short interview. If you come to visit me in prison, no oranges, just a “panino with bresaola”, but the bread without yeast and without gluten.
Forgive me for having stolen so much of your time. I, for my part, thank you for the attention. You have listened to me and for me that is already a victory. In spite of all these difficulties I want to live. I love life and my neighbour. Even those who have decided that I am an Italian of serie B.”

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April 09, 2007

The Autism Epidemic


One child in 150 suffers from autism. Twenty years ago it was one in 2,000. Scientists say this growth is caused by environmental and food pollution, and by vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
Pediatricians don’t have efficient tools to diagnose autism and the true causes are not attacked.
It’s the beauty capitalism. If tortoises were to adopt it they would be wiped out in 2 or 3 generations. It’s taking us a bit longer.
The Autism Society of America (ASA), the most authoritative association in the world for the prevention and care of autism has written to the Minister Livia Turco.
It asks for two things: Support the draft law proposed by the employee in the Lower House, Teresio Delfino, to recognise the social dimension of autism and to put in place measures to fight it.
Help Dr. Franco Verzella, European President of the organisation Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) in his initiatives.
An autistic child is considered to be a “psychotic”, treated by neuro-psychiatrists with drugs and after 15 years kept in secure accommodation. An approach that creates so many examples of “Rain Man”. DAN! has a method that is completely different, multidisciplinary. That acts on the causes not the effects.
Diets without gluten, milk and its derivatives, sugar, preservatives and colouring agents and treatments for the restoration of intestinal harmony.
Then the use of nutrients with amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids and anti-oxidising minerals. Finally the removal of toxic metals present in the child’s organism and the strengthening of the immune system.
Employee Turco give one knock. Help DAN!. And advise your most seriously affected colleagues to use this method. To be tried between one sniff and another.

- www.autismresearchinstitute.com
- www.autism.org
- www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/documents/AutismcommunityReport.pdf

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March 02, 2007

The cost of living


The Prodi government is behind with the payments due. It’s not paying for medications for AIDS, TBC and malaria. Humanitarian help with UN support. Apart from anything it’s like the previous government. Promises from the Italians.
Without pharmaceuticals you die. Whoever can’t pay, dies. The poor nations die. The WTO approves. The pharmaceutical companies, headed up by Glaxo, rake in the money. Rich governments assist.
I don’t understand. Research costs. The pharmaceutical companies have to fund the research. They gain as well (how much?). But to observe the death from AIDS of 30 million Africans is a crime against humanity. Full stop. There’s no discussion.
What the hell is the use of the United Nations and the governments if they don’t know how to face up to humanitarian disasters? They do nothing to oppose the companies with the monopoly over the production of pharmaceuticals.
That hold the ownership of the patents for 25 years. A generation. The life of a part of humanity is worth less than a patent. They forbid the self-production of pharmaceuticals, as has happened in South Africa for AIDS.
It’s better to have a good budget and loads of corpses. The death budget.
Piero Ricca interviewed the Euro parliamentarian Vittorio Agnoletto.

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February 28, 2007

Heavy metals and not

photo of copper0722

Good news. Foods that don’t contain metals do exist. Good stuff that you can eat. For anyone who might have missed preceding episodes, at the supermarket, together with the tortellini and the bread, I’m reminding you that you can also bring home even chrome, titanium and cobalt.
Here I’m supplying you with a list of metalised products:

- Pane Panem: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminium, Lead, Bismuth
- Cornetto Sanson (cialda): Iron, Chromium and Nickel (steel)
- Biscotto Marachella Sanson: Silicon, Iron
- Omogeneizzato Manzo Plasmon: Silicon, Aluminium
- Omogeneizzato Vitello e Prosciutto Plasmon: Iron, Barium Sulphate, Strontium, Iron-Chromium, Titanium
- Cacao in polvere Lindt: Iron, Chromium, Nickel
- Tortellini Fini: Iron, Chromium
- Hamburger McDonald’s: Silver
Read the whole list.

And the list of other products without rubbish that you can eat without fear of the metal detectors at the airport:
- Tiny Twists - classic style - Rold Gold
- Quadrelli al rosmarino - Buitoni
- Armonie, Michetti, Fette biscottate integrali - Mulino Bianco Barilla
- Fette biscottate integrali Buongiorno Natura
- Crackers Premium - Saiwa
- Special K - Kellog's
- Sfogliatine - Faraon
- Croccantelle al sesamo, Pizza Snack gusto mediterraneo - Forno Damiani
- 10 e trenta, Tarallucci - Mulino Bianco Barilla
- Biscotto bucaneve – Doria
Read the whole list.

I expect that the companies that manufacture products without rubbish inside will want to give me a token of recognition for the publicity they are receiving. They can send a few boxes of free food to my home.

PS Only a tiny weeny bit more and then we’ll have the amount needed for the electron microscope. Go on. Contribute now!

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January 29, 2007

We won't let them get us in the backside


The politicians who promote tumours, nano particles, dioxin, and Stock Exchange profits with money from our Enel utility bills, are having another attempt. A little voice has told me that our employees of the Ulivo on Monday 29 January will not vote (together with their mates of AN and Forza Italia) for the Prodi Government amendment that:

- to respect the laws of the European Union (2001/77/CE on renewable energy sources and the regulations that forbid improper help from the State),
- to respect the health of the citizens who would inhale carcinogenic dioxins and nano particles, eliminates financing to incinerators and similar sources (coal, refinery plants using oil waste products) for those plant that are not yet constructed but which have "authorizations" on paper that were conceded before 31 December 2006.

Among the new gas chambers that were authorised by December 2006 there are the Turin incinerator, the Malagrotta (Rome) gasifier, new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra.

The employees make pathetic appeals to the Right, like the Margherita President of the Province of Turin Saitta. The dioxin-DS car parker Chiamparino goes on TV and explains that we either give the money for the incinerators through the Enel utility bills or they will take the money by increasing the rubbish collection tariffs. Not a word about the alternatives to incinerators and the halving of the rubbish tips thanks to integrated systems that reduce waste at source, door to door collections with specific tariffs, composting and "cold" biological treatments.

We need to make our voices heard, dear employers:

- send an email to the Lower House and to the relevant members of the government with the following text:
"That's enough of the swindles against the EU laws about subsidies to incineration and similar sources. No to the special allowances for the inexistent plants of Turin, Rome-Malagrotta new lines at Brescia and the furnace at Acerra."
- sign the online petition at the EU Commission and with the Italian Government (already 26,000 signatures)

Give warning to any potential fire-raisers that I will publish the names (first name and surname) and email addresses of the employees in the Lower and Upper Houses who vote against the amendment if it is not approved.
If there should be sanctions in the future by the European Union for the plants that escape the ruling, I will hold them to be legally responsible for the financial penalties and for any damage to health and to the environment, even to the consideration of bringing an action for culpable homicide.

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January 23, 2007

The PM10 administrators

The mayors, councilors, presidents of the Region and Province are killing us. They are doing it by doing nothing. We are dying. And they are thinking of car parks. In Milan where Pm10 has substituted oxygen and the violation of the limits imposed by the European Community are the daily bread of Morattiwifeofoilmagnate.
In Milan there are 50,000 cars parked each day in "no parking" places. They are put anywhere, in the cycle paths, on the ramps for wheelchair users, double parked. In the city up to 800,000,000 cars come in every day.
The city reckons there is damage "for pedestrians and for vegetation". Councilor Croci indicates the solution: "The main objective, as in other cities, is to transfer the cars underground."
Exactly where he is sending the people of Milan: in a coffin under the ground. These administrators should be denounced. It has already happened in Florence as explained by Vincenzo Brancatisano in the Gazzetta di Modena reporting on the really serious situation in Modena.

"The president of the Region of Tuscany Martini, and the mayors of Florence and other towns, with their Cabinet members for the environment, are considered not to have taken action as they should have done against atmospheric pollution and thus have not defended public health as they should have done.
This is what the Public prosecutor of Florence maintains after closing the investigation on atmospheric pollution in the area round Florence that began in 2005. The prosecutor Prodono, maintains that Martini e Artusa have failed in their duty to perform certain public actions.
These two, together with the mayors and the Cabinet members are accused of "dangerous disposal of things". The administrators have received notification of the conclusion of preliminary investigations and in 15 days the prosecutor will decide who will be brought to trial.


"Modena, regional capital city of fine dust. so fine that it's not felt and it's not seen. Actually it hasn't been seen. Up until now, in fact, we had to be happy with numbers and percentages and this allowed everyone to pretend nothing was happening.
But now we can show the terrifying image of the filters of the companies empowered to monitor the fine dust, the pm10, at the control points that are in the city and the suburbs.
We have gained possession of the filter of the control point in a central area of Modena and it's enough just to look at it to make it unnecessary to make announcements and to order blocks on the traffic. It's a little circular disk made of very white material that after use just in one part has become the colour of a dark mouse tending towards black.
The consistency of the sinister substance deposited on the filter makes you think of a dark carpet. The ritual 12 hours of exposure to the open air have been enough to make it like this. The control station has an aspirator that simulates human respiration, with the same force, and that makes us think that each of us inputs into our organism in half a day, through the mouth and nose, passing down the trachea and the bronchi a correspondent quantity of killer particulate."

The blog is available to civic campaign groups for advice, petitions, denunciations. Write. The air is one of our rights.

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January 07, 2007

Bad science


Animal experimentation is a resource. Not for the whole of humanity. Just for the chemical industry. Money comes above our health. And above the suffering of animals. Politics is done by companies. By their interests. By their politicians. Legions. Parliamentary majorities. Informed citizens protest. The others don’t even do that. It is not possible to serve the interests of people and the profits of companies. They are incompatible. That’s why the politicians have chosen the politics of the current account. The one that will take them far, unless the voters vivisection them before that.
I’m publishing a letter from Fabrizia Pratesi on the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) project. Another defeat from which to bounce back.

”Dear Beppe,
As you know the European REACH project to provide regulations for chemical substances in commercial use, had the aim of improving the quality of our lives, after 50 years of European Far West (most of these substances did not undergo testing for toxicity).
In fact, it has been demonstrated that the widespread use of synthetic products, even every day ones like insecticides, produces each year about a million premature deaths and a continual increase in illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, congenital malformation, sterility, and pathologies of the endocrine system. Already in 2004 the ‘International Declaration on the Dangers of Chemical Pollution’ presented to UNESCO by Luc Montaigner and many famous scientists, started with the words: “The human species is in danger”.
During the long debate in REACH lasting more than 3 years, the politicians (Commission, Council of Ministers and Parliament) had to mediate between the protection of health and of the environment and the protection of private interest (Chemical industries). The result: in the final vote (13/12/06), the interests of the industries won out over those of the environment and human health, with a thousand worsening modifications made to the text.
I can’t list them all. I’m limiting myself to denouncing the most serious error, the clay pillar on which REACH was based: to consider valid, in evaluating the toxicity of substances, the experiments carried out with tests on animals, in spite of the denunciations, ever more frequent and in official publications, of the untrustworthiness of these tests, even by the scientific director responsible for research at the European Commission, Thomas Hartung. He said in an editorial of the prestigious magazine ‘Nature’ that tests on animals, for the lack of trustworthiness are ‘bad science’ and he hopes that REACH is the occasion for giving scientific dignity to toxicology with a total renewal.
If the Member States don’t correct this point in the application phase, the whole REACH project will have been in vain. Animal testing, not only does it supply erroneous forecasts for humans, but it also allows industries to be able to programme their responses (by varying the animal species used, as each species gives a different response) and to get round civil responsibility (as ever, with recourse to the untrustworthiness of the testing). Remember that this is written in the Programme of the Italian Government:

“in line with the community regulations and in the light of the most recent scientific studies on the matter, it is necessary to promote and favour research carried out with methods that are alternative to the use of animals and progressively to abolish the research and the experimentation that uses them.”
I invite all those who are sensitive to the progress of science, to the improvement of human health and to the defence of the rights of both animals and humans, to contact me at the address:
Fabrizia Pratesi de Ferraris (coordinator of the EQUIVITA Scientific Committee)

PS: I advise you to read three books: Pietro Croce – ‘Vivisection or Science - a Choice’, Hans Ruesch – ‘Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud’ and ‘La medicina smascherata’ (Medicine Unmasked).

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December 17, 2006

The new pests

Guarda il video

Download the video in 3gp format for mobiles

Starting point about incinerators:
- they cause cancer
- they damage agriculture and animal rearing
- they cause the collapse of house prices where they are constructed
- they are not necessary.

The fraud of the Cip6-Certificati Verdi of giving finance to incinerators, electricity generating stations fuelled by coal and oil and by products considered to be ‘similar’ to alternative energy continues. Money taken directly from our Enel electricity bills.
The employees of the Government work full time for oil people, incinerator construction companies and coal fired generating stations. And after the word ‘similar’ they have created another wonder, another magic word: ‘authorised’. Plant that is ‘authorised’ up until 31 December 2006. Instead of ‘constructed’ up until 31 December 2006 as it was before.
The word ‘authorised’ was inserted into the Finance law at the last minute by the government lobbyists.
The agreements made by the majority were different, as was pointed out by the employees Loredana De Petris and Tommaso Sodano. The agreements covered financing only the existing plant. And that was already too much for these capitalists with the Enel electricity bill.
The employee president of the Senate Franco Marini took on the commitment to restore the original text by the end of the year. To remind him let’s send him an email.
Unfortunately, however it goes, in the next few years, the various Asm Brescia, Hera, Sarlux, Edison, Enel, Api… will continue to balance their books and do capitalism on the Stock Exchange with our money thanks to the ‘authorised’ and/or ‘existing’ plant. It’s a disgusting situation regulated by law.
The declarations of the DS minister Bersani are from the cinema:
”I would like to be consulted when a regulation is formulated. They are complex questions and there are deeply rooted incentivisation mechanisms on which the companies have founded parts of their balance sheets. To eliminate these without criteria would risk losing a case in the tribunal.“
Dear employee Bersani, in a civilized country the ones being taken to the tribunal to pay back the citizens (average cost of money paid out under item A3 of the Enel bill: 60 Euro a year) are the politicians like yourself who have allowed finance to go to companies or former municipal utilities for receiving funds that love the “diessina-diossina” {DS-dioxin}policies.

PS Sign the “RESET – Petition against the financing of incinerators and generating stations using ‘similar’ fuels”. We’ve arrived at 10,000 signatures in 10 days.

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November 28, 2006

Clean Lungs


Italian cities are becoming empty of children. They have been substituted by machines. By car parks. By motorized commuters. Those with a child have to be resigned to a chronic cough.
To respiratory diseases. To a daily relationship with the pediatrician. Or to go away. In the city, the cars come in and the children and families leave. They become commuters.
And they get the cars to come into the city and to park. For the lack of efficient public transport services. A paranoia that produces poisons for the citizens and profits for the petrol companies. The representatives of the citizens don’t lift a finger. In this situation left and right are equally petrolified.
In Milan the single petrol family, the Moratti family, is in government and in opposition.
I believe that it’s time for a new RESET. To avoid cutting out tonsils and adenoids from our children. And to see them playing in a city park without getting poisoned.
For our governors, fuel and the real estate companies are more important than the health of the children. They normally live elsewhere. In villas with trees outside the city. RESET.
Given that it’s us paying them, they need to start giving an account of their actions. How many deaths from PM10 produce the lack of care of mayors, presidents of Regions and of Provinces? How many sick people? Is it possible to take our employees to a tribunal?
With the help of the Meetups, I want to start a campaign, first to give information, and then , if necessary, to bring criminal charges against those responsible. The campaign name is: ‘Clean Lungs'. Let’s take back our cities and our health.

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November 17, 2006

A Great Deep Breath


We breathe poisons. We build poison factories. We bury toxic waste all over Italy. We transform cities into parking lots and the air into carbon monoxide. Those who pollute are taking your life. How much? It’s unknown. Certainly a reasonable quantity.
Why do they do it? It’s under control. They can’t react. The media are keeping them under hypnosis.
In the world rankings, the top industries are petrol and cars. Public opinion is created by these companies. By their ideology: profit. The Italians want their place in the sun for the poison factories. The Italian way. Those who pollute don’t pay. Those who get polluted pay.
This is the business of the incinerators. Public contracts. Private poisons. The incinerator is not a solution for refuse.
It’s a short-cut for transforming the human organism into refuse. Our politician employees love incinerators. They want one in each city. They mean jobs, jobs, jobs. The great mystical work for the left. The great mystical profit for the right. A bipartisan mystic. Incinerators poison us.
The Venetian Region, the Venetian Region Cancer Institute, the Venetian Region Register of Tumours, the City and the Region of Venice have published the results of a research project: ‘Risk of sarcoma in relation to environmental exposure to dioxin emitted from incinerators’.

The conclusions:
- The Province of Venice has suffered massive atmospheric pollution from dioxin-like substances released by incinerators.
- In the population studied, there is a significant excess risk of sarcoma that correlates to both the length of time and to the intensity of exposure.
- Incinerators with a higher level of emissions into the atmosphere are those that burned urban refuse.

Those who construct incinerators cause tumours. They should be informed of the facts and then accompanied to the door or if they really want it, they should be “rigassificato” {having been changed from gas to liquid, then returned to the state of a gas}.

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November 07, 2006

A Letter from the Front


A medical doctor has written to me about the isolation of those who do his job, trying to save human lives every day.

Dear Beppe,
I read your post about avoidable deaths. Consider the numbers given by official sources. It would be useful to have an interpretation rather than sensationalism. In Italy passing the hot potato is one of the most popular of sports and we get caught in the middle between the people who want to survive beyond infinity and the insurance companies who turn things round against the doctors so that they don’t have to pay.
Here’s a simple example: a person dies. Their relatives bring a legal action. The hospital has an insurance company that makes an agreement with the relatives with a relatively low sum of money that is usually accepted straight away. They grab 15-20 thousand and they are off.
The problem is that, from the point of view of the criminal law, the doctor is left on his own because the legal action does not stop just because the insurance company has paid out. In Italy the criminal proceedings have to continue. And his situation gets worse as the hospital drops him to avoid the costs. This is done in collaboration with the insurance company who otherwise would not have agreed to see to the contract. Result: the doctor is in the sh..t. The insurance company has saved because it risked nothing and so on.
Those people who love their family members in an absolutely disinterested way are a tiny handful. And unfortunately it really is like that. Often even if everything went according to correct procedures, legal actions are often taken on no basis, with the hope of making a bit of money.
In the USA, a really serious situation is arising. Many critical care doctors are turning to easier specializations or they are directly changing their jobs because the insurance companies don’t want to know anything more about them.
I don’t remember in how many States in the USA where there are only a handful of people left who are prepared to operate on urgent cases. For too many risks.
There is a defensive behaviour that is ever more common. Rather than stay standing all night and perhaps even the following morning, not just working for 16 hours at a time, and taking really difficult decisions and having blood coming at you, or vomit, or shouts. Having to listen to mad people and looking for beds in the hospital when there are always fewer available. Do I then have to pass the rest of my time with lawyers and judges?
There’s too much ignorance and too much bad faith. Then someone starts to judge me while I am trying to avoid the collapse of the blood pressure and having sorted that, an arrhythmia starts and I inject amiodarone in the vein just in time… but it produces an allergic reaction in the patient who changes from being arrhythmic and becomes one in anaphylactic shock. They become red and blue. Their bronchi start to whistle and the air no longer gets through. So I try to sort out any other disasters and while you are doing this the telephone rings a hundred times because there are other episodes here and there.
You try to do what is possible and you are full of coffee and your stomach is burning but you have to be able to concentrate. OK. There you are. Then the next morning you finally get to the bar and you read in the newspaper: “another case of bad medical practice” as though it was a camorra mafia homicide, as though we were a homogeneous band of criminals. As though there were no facts to be analysed studied and understood and a decision taken. Is there fault or not??
If in Italy you have to increase the meritocracy and reduce nepotism, I can assure you that I know an infinity of colleagues who are putting in all their efforts and yet they feel ever more constrained in this mesh of annoying people who are ignorant and money-grabbing, evil lawyers and oncology barons who are willing to teach everyone using data that needs checking.
If a medical doctor has to be a little bit of a manager, a little bit a psychologist, and also a bit like a brother, why on earth do people not try to be a little bit of a doctor? Perhaps after closing their scruffy little office or between a marketing meeting and the next, they have a great ride on the motorway where there is a German lorry driver who’s really drunk and he has just transformed a small Fiat Punto car into a little dot with a young couple all mixed up inside, one of whom is dead and the other almost dead and the fire officers on the radio say “5 minutes and we’re there” and you are there cutting yourself on the car body while you try to find the vein in what you hope is the correct arm.
After perhaps 2 months with hepatitis C that you’ve got from the woman who was drug-dependent and a great trial looming because the ex husband has decided to take action as a precaution. I’m sure that people would have a few more reasons to understand how things are.
And then there’s VAP (Ventilator-associated pneumonia). I assure you that it is a much more complicated problem. For example, did you know that 40% of all those in the intensive care unit for any reason, within the first 24 hours develop reduced immune defences that are more serious than definite AIDS? It’s not just a matter of lifting up the back-rest. We even put people on their fronts (using a mattress that costs about 18,000 Euro) And we get doses of radiation to do chest X rays with the portable equipment so as not to leave them on their own.
The truth is that someone who is good at getting in the way could happily keep us in a sticky situation for months. Believe me. We are always in the wrong. And if there are certain news items on the TV News or on the Radio News, trust me, there’s a lot of approximation and a lot of demagogy probably because it is easier to lay the blame on those who do the work rather than face up to problems that are structural and cultural.
Good Heavens! This week I have done 74 hours work and I’m paid for 38. Then. Shit. I find on your website even another reason to feel stressed. It makes me want to change my job and this doesn’t normally happen to those who enjoy what they are doing every day. “

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October 29, 2006

Dead on the National Health


Among the black magic powers of the State are to be found the hospitals. They operate with discretion and without pausing to improve the coffers of INPS {Pensions Body}. They practise euthanasia from inefficiency.
It’s a particularly Italian approach. They can’t be taken to court, but it produces great results, above all for elderly patients. They say that 90 patients a day, die from medical errors in hospitals. I don’t believe that. I don’t want to believe it. It’s a ridiculous number.
There must be many more. However no one really knows how many there are. There aren’t official statistics. It’s best not to know. Last year the Istituto Superiore di Sanità {Institute for Health} tried to measure mortality from bypass operations in the heart surgery centres.
The only result was an Italian riot. A series of litigation cases.
However there is one certain fact. And it is that out of every two patients in the world who die because of medical errors, one could have been saved. Taking the number of 90 dead a day as accurate multiplied by 365 days. That’s an annual total of 32,850. Saveable: 16,425. The equivalent of about 30 rigid inflatables coming to Lampedusa. Donald Berwick of the Institute for Health Care Improvement, a non-profit agency, has demonstrated this with the initiative ‘100,000 lives’.
In the 3,000 American hospitals that took part, the mortality fell dramatically. 120,000 fewer deaths compared to the previous 18 month period.
It doesn’t take much to save a life. There have been hardly any recorded cases of pneumonia caused by mechanical ventilation pneumonia thanks to the simple measure of keeping the patient with the head of the bed raised. The staff have committed to washing hands before touching catheters. An aspirin has been prescribed before discharging heart attack patients.
What do we prefer, reduce taxes o hang on to a multitude of pensioners? I’m not sure, but I’m a bit sorry for the patients. Thus I’m asking Berwick to come and meet me, to meet up with some heads of Italian hospitals and repeat his initiative. Then, if we succeed, we’ll do it ourselves. RESET!

PS: in collaboration with www.partecipasalute.it

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October 04, 2006

Little Robert and the Finance Law


Little Robert is 3 years old. He lives in Sardinia and suffers from a rare genetic illness, Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, that will lead to a progressive and unstoppable deterioration of the neurological and mental functions.
800.000 euro is needed to save him. The group www.proroberto.it has been formed to collect the money and save his life. About 500.000 euro has been collected. 300.000 Euro is still needed. Let’s help him. Let’s not let him die.

Lots of people ask me to comment on the Finance Law. What should I say? A finance law that lets children die but thinks about the middle class, and the upper middle class, about progressive taxation, about 4 x 4s, about tightening up on company cars about weighty extras. I don’t care a fig for this finance law and even less do I care about the protest roundabouts.
What priorities do Italians have? How many children have rare illnesses? Where are the male and female ministers in these cases? The opposition and the government?
Which counts for more, the Messina bridge and the salary increase for parliamentarians or the life of our children?
I wonder why an Italian family has to be reduced to ask, to implore, to beg for charity from people to save their own child while the government spends thousands of million of Euro to patrol Lebanon and to converse with Hezbollah.
A State that doesn’t save its children from death because of illness is not a civil State. It’s a bank, a consortium of interests, an extraneous thing, almost repugnant.

How many children are there in Italy like little Robert? I ask families to describe their happenings in this post. Are there 1,000, 10,000, or 1,000,000 children? They all must be saved. Let Rosy Bindi, Prodi and Schioppa find the money fast. Let them do an additional finance law. Let them get moving.

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October 03, 2006

Pornography of death


Thinking of death makes you nostalgic. What great times when you went to the other world minding your own business. The only certain thing about the only certain thing in life was that it would happen ‘at its own time’.
But everything has evolved. Not only have we got mobile phones with the TV and the backside of your nephew on them, not only have we got the 4 wheel drive and the utility Mercedes but we can add reanimations. They are born and we can no longer die in peace.
They make you breathe, stabilise your vital functions and they keep you alive when you would have been dead: a fourth dimension of staying in this world. At times this makes the doctors big-headed. When these things are discussed, God jumps out.
He’s involved to make conversation. Precision is reassuring. Intelligent bombs. Fridges that allow you to shop via the internet. Cars that watch out for you while you are turning round. Toilet seats that warm up and greet you. What has God got to do with all this? This new man who gets emotional about his toaster gets imprisoned in nothingness, in a technological limbo, when he should be meeting his Maker!
And here are the Italians considering the ethical problem of death: a desperate person is in a desperate situation. He asks Napolitano to be allowed to die. It would be enough if someone would stand on the tube: and in his own home. But he writes to the President. Who replies basically that it’s up to him.
That man is in an extreme situation but he wants to think of the others. How does the country answer?
It replies with the fetishism of death. The tragedy creates a video, a soft video… little more than a soap bubble. We too enter the Intensive Care Unit.
We get familiar with the respirators, the infusion pumps, the aortic counterpulsators, the tubes, the aspirators and the special mattresses costing twenty thousand euros.
It’s great to see the monitors with the coloured traces that go with the TV cameras into the operating theatre. We’ll not be selling our own bodies to the universities, we’ll sell them to a reality show so that when we die, they’ll do a live autopsy.
After a crash course about reanimation techniques and all sorts of declarations, finally, the country decides nothing.
We are not the ones who have to turn off the machines for the dying person. Once the voyeurism has terminated we can start an ethical discussion respecting death. A private fact. I don’t want to die thinking of the cost/benefit analysis. Let’s turn everything off before the birth of the fitness of the corpse. Pannella has offered to turn off the machines if Piergiorgio Welby should ask.
But his relatives can already do it at any time. I’m going beyond that. I’m offering to Piergiorgio, straight away, to throw out of his house the TV, the journalists and all the pornographers of death.

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September 30, 2006

The effort to be born in Italy


A friend of mine has had a baby. For some time he has chosen to avoid any type of contact with the public administration. But his role as a father has obliged him to step forward.
To get a paediatrician for the child he had to go to the ASL (Health Authorities) he needed the fiscal code from the Income Authorities who needed the birth certificate from the Town Hall who needed the Birth declaration from the hospital.
Hospital-Town Hall-Income Authorities-ASL-paediatrician. He had to go 4 times to the Income Authority because as soon as they opened, the tickets needed for the request had already been used up (with non-Europeans already queuing up from 5 in the morning) and in the end an official took pity on him. He was assigned a paediatrician 3 kilometres from his home.
But is it so difficult for the hospital to provide a birth certificate, a fiscal code and a paediatrician to a new-born? If the public administration had a minimum of efficiency and used the Internet for everything, with the consultancy of the innovative Stanca who has got lost in the Senate.

A paediatrician has written to me and I am publishing her letter. We'll end up having to give birth abroad.

"My name is Lorella L…,
I work as a general paediatrician. I suggest a piece of research that I think would be very interesting. It's about the miserable state in which Italian paediatrics is moving. To see the action of us paediatricians, you just have to look around the streets. Children who are getting fatter, with teeth like sharks and legs that are crooked. Full of medicines. And yet the maximum number of patients to each paediatrician increases, new people are not taken on, those who die are not replaced. Paediatricians in cities with 1000 on their lists no longer do home visits, anyway the citizens cannot change paediatrician. All paediatricians group together to earn more and to cover for each other. Non-urban paediatricians work alone with no guarantees. This happens in my zone, Ancona's ASL, but I believe that it is a general problem.
Rather than getting new paediatricians, they strike off the older children from the lists, thus denying them their right to have a paediatrician up to the age of 14 years. The ASL clearly is in favour as they have to pay less for the patients in excess of the first 500. To do this they base things on the convention drawn up by an oligarchy of maximal paediatricians.
The convention says that to calculate a shortfall it's necessary to count the children aged from 0 to 6. However the children stay generally until they are 14 (unless they are sent away) so the paediatricians are extra full, earning mad amounts, but providing a terrible service, because it is impossible to provide a good service with 1000 children. However the convention doesn't seem to be obligatory. In fact the region of Umbria has taken on new paediatricians having calculated a percentage of those on the list aged 6 to 14. But other regions don't want to know about this.
If new people are not taken on, paediatrics in cities like Ancona will finish, when the 14 paediatricians all retire at the same time. One of the alibis is that there are no exchanges.
But to train a paediatrician it takes 5 years and in the specialist departments only 3 or 4 are accepted each year. It would be enough to plan a greater number. Obviously you are not going to consider being a paediatrician if you can't get into the specialist department and then if you cannot get a job. It all seems like a simple discussion but it isn't because it relates to the health of millions of children."

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September 24, 2006

SuperQuark’s SuperPorkies


Piero Angela and his son (or his son and Piero Angelo) are nice guys. The son more than the dad because he also addresses his explanations to the non-hearing public. Otherwise you can’t explain why his limbs fly like a windmill while he’s explaining. But perhaps they are spasms of scientific exaltation. Son and father, well remunerated by the RAI, but not well informed. So how do they manage to inform us? I’ll inform them. And I’m not asking for even one Euro.

The other evening on SuperQuark I saw Lorenzo Pinna’s piece about incinerators explaining how beautiful, modern and safe they are. Starting from the one in Barcelona.
This is how the piece was presented:
”Incinerators and purifiers: two installations that no-one wants near their own homes. And yet, in Barcelona, with the use of modern and efficient technologies, they have created these structures in the middle of the city, even building on top an auditorium together with a congress centre and five star hotels that are part of the biggest international chains. In this documentary by Lorenzo Pinna.”

Silence about the emission of killer nanoparticles from Pm 2.5 to Pm 0.1 that no filter can trap. Silence on dioxin emissions. Silence on scientific research that shows how refuse incinerators are damaging to human health and are not a solution for refuse nor for energy.

Silence about the cities that have adopted the ‘Zero Refuse’ strategy and are focusing on alternative techniques without combustion like biological treatment, differentiated ‘door to door’ collection and reduction of refuse and packaging from the beginning. RAI is a public service and I would like forthcoming editions of 'SuperQuark' to talk about the research on damage caused by incinerators and about alternative systems that don’t use combustion. This is needed for the “par condicio” of information.

Notes for Piero Angela to keep his memory fresh:
- Articles by Dr. Stefano Montanari and Dr. Antonietta Gatti about the damage caused by nano particles produced by incinerators
- ISDE document - Medici per l'Ambiente Italia { International Society of Doctors for the Environment }
- Report of the British Association of Medical Ecology
- Article by the Federazione Italiana Medici di Medicina Generale {Italian Federation of General Medicine}
- Research by Dr Michael Ryan on birth defects in England caused by incinerators (1995-2002) where he explains that the damage to health from Pm2.5 emissions are recorded in an area within 20 miles (32 kilometres) from the chimneys.
- Research by Professor Annibale Biggeri of the Università di Firenze {Florence university} about mortality for non-Hodgkin's lymphomas in the Tuscan towns that have incinerators.
- Article by professor Massimo Gulisano, a lecturer at the Università di Firenze on biological damage caused by the incinerators.
- Article about nanoparticles and incinerators by prof. Ugo Bardi, of the Dipartimento di Chimica {Dept of Chemistry} Università di Firenze
- Article about real alternatives to incinerators: mechanical-biological treatment – edited by prof. Federico Valerio, director of the dipartimento di Chimica Ambientale dell' Istituto per la Ricerca sul Cancro di Genova {Dept of Environmental Chemistry at the Institute of Cancer Research in Genoa}
- Scientific opinion of prof. Lorenzo Tomatis former executive director of IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer, of dr.Valerio Gennaro, Medico Epidemiologo {epidemiologist} at the Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sul Cancro di Genova and of professor Paul Connet, of St. Lawrence University- New York, who is the leading American expert on strategies that are alternatives to incinerators and the creator of the "Rifiuti Zero" {Zero Refuse} policy.

While we are at it, dear Piero Angela, it would be really interesting for you to do a programme about the existing non-combustion alternatives or on the city of Buenos Aires that has the objective to close all the incinerators and recycle all the refuse by the year 2020, or on the county of Lancashire (1.2 million inhabitants) in England, that in September 2005 decided not to construct a mega-incinerator and focus on mechanical biological cold treatment that even Greenpeace believes is a method that is more generous to the environment and to human health.

More and more provinces are deciding not to construct incinerators. The most recent ones are the Provinces of Savona, Alessandria and Novara, where thanks to 'door to door', they have got up to 70% of differentiated collections and they have cancelled plans for an incinerator and a refuse dump. To end up with the cherry on the cake for the programme a great piece on State subsidies to incinerators that are seen only in Italy as 'renewable energy sources' and that we pay for through our ENEL bills.

I ask Pecoraro Scanio to send a letter on this topic to this blog. An operational letter, from a true public employee, that explains what his Ministry intends to do and when, with regards to incinerators and to RAI information (send this to the studious man Maurizio Pallante at SuperQuark).

P.S. The campaign for the nanoparticle microscope has reached 226,619 Euros. Just 151,381 Euro to go. That’s a Euro for each Blog visitor and it’s done!
Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: IT45J0501812100000000513111
or Pay Pal (www.paypal.it) with payment to be received by: onluscarlobortolani@reggionelweb.it

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September 08, 2006

Watch out for the sausage


We import meat from Germany, adulterated meat. No one in Italy speaks out, as is explained in this letter that I’m publishing. And yet the German media have been talking about it. But silence is golden. And if it’s a bit rotten, no one takes any notice. And more. Checks will show that up. Checks. Who checks up on the meat coming into Italy? Why do we need to import it? If we have to eat it rotten we can do that on our own. And perhaps even better than the Germans.

A few days ago a massive scandal about adulterated meat has broken out in Germany. It’s generally frozen meat and it is on sale throughout Europe.
Public opinion here knows nothing about it. What’s the scale of the scandal? The German police seized 10 tons of out-of-date meat from a wholesaler in Munich in Bavaria. The meat was more than 4 years out of date and it was being put on sale and exported to France, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and the three Benelux countries.
The Italian authorities were informed of the happening and were invited to find the suspected merchandise that had already been imported from Germany. ( der Spiegel ).

The implication of Italy in the scandal can be gleaned from the news on ZDF (second German TV channel). The Bavarian authorities were already aware of the international sale of meat that is rotten and/or out of date. Following a check, a German distributor justified the situation to the authorities by saying that it was merely an error of labelling. And he produced documentation (concerning chickens) from the Italian importer that had been labelled by mistake as fresh when in fact the produce was frozen.

But now the scandal has reached such proportions that it can no longer be kept secret.
Anyway, this morning, the 74 year old German wholesaler Georg Bruner committed suicide. However the proportions of the scandal are even wider. The German police at Metten, Ruderting and Ratisbona, in Bavaria, seized from the German chain “Reiß meat centre" more than 40 tons of meat that is not for human consumption. At Gröbenzell out of 700 pallets of food, 70 had the “sell by date” altered.

In Austria, in the Tyrol, as a precautionary measure, 6 tons of meat have been seized.
Only here in Italy do the media stay silent. Is it possible that no one can understand German or are there other reasons to protect the food lobby?
I hope that once the copious documentation that is available on line at least on blogs, has been verified, that space will be given to this news item that I feel is of interest to everyone. ".
P. L.

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July 31, 2006

Who’s afraid of the tiger mosquito?


It’s hot and the mosquitoes are everywhere just as they are very year.
But there are good pesticides whose “prolonged use can cause serious damage to the immune system, sexual disorders, tumours, sterility, malformation at birth, damage to the nervous system and genetic damage” according to the European Commission.

Pesticides that increase the number of mosquitoes (native and tiger) increase the profits of the companies that produce them and the amount of blood that is sucked by the insects that are made more robust. In fact it’s the usual triumph of the Gross Domestic Product.
Fabrizia Pratesi has sent me this letter with a couple of attachments that you should immediately get your local employee administrators to read.

Dear Beppe,
We would like to tell you about the important battle that we are carrying out against the irresponsible (or criminal?) spraying currently happening in the whole country against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes (annoying but innocuous in Europe).

We have got the City of Rome to suspend activity but private citizens are continuing with great energy with the encouragement of the chemical companies who are spreading a terrified approach to the insects. Each administration is encouraging the spraying of poisonous substances like Temephos (also used by the City of Rome) an organophosphate product that causes damage to our nervous system.

The battle is supplementary to the wider issue to regulate all chemical substances (REACH = the European regulation that will have its second reading in Parliament before the end of the year.)

But the spraying of insecticides, that above all increase the number of mosquitoes (because they make them more resistant and because they kill their predators) is the practice in absolute terms that is easiest to eradicate. It is enough not to ask for spraying and to use natural methods (see the website www.infozanzare.info).

It is pure foolishness to protect ourselves from a few bites, to increase the incidence of illnesses like disturbances to the immune system, sexual disorders, tumours, damage to the nervous system, to the genetic system etc.

I’m attaching:
1) Press release from the Associated press on what the European Union is proposing in the way of more strict regulations for pesticides (which include insecticides)

2) A poster about chemical insecticides to be printed and distributed

To protect the health of our children and grandchildren!”
Fabrizia Pratesi - Coordinator of Comitato Scientifico EQUIVITA {Scientific Committee EQUIVITA}.

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July 03, 2006

Boiled eggs and boiled brains


Some researchers have placed an egg in a porcelain eggcup between 2 mobile phones. Then they got them to communicate with each other while switched on.
In the first 15 minutes nothing changed.
After 25 minutes the eggshell started to get hot.
After 40 minutes the white part of the egg was solid.
After 65 minutes the egg was well cooked.

This experiment reveals the real reason for the decadence of Italy. It’s the top country in the world for the use of mobile phones. The radiation has fused our brains.
It’s the second time that we’ve been in mental confusion since the lead poisoning that hit the Roman empire.

The telephone companies deny that there is a connection between brain tumours or even simple head aches and the use of mobile phones. But I believe that anyone that uses one for a few hours in a day can bear witness to some weakening of the thoughts.
There is a definite proof of the really serious damage caused by radiation: Francesco Cossiga. The great Sardinian has in fact got 30 mobile phones and never goes to sleep without having one under the bedclothes. If they can hard-boil an egg, who knows what effect they can have on other parts of the body. After a certain age hope is the last thing to die.

Children should not use mobile phones. Their brains are being formed and even if it’s true that there is no proof to demonstrate brain damage, the opposite is also true and the medium and long-term effects are not known. I use a mobile and it’s a vice that I’ll try to eliminate or at least reduce. When I talk for two or three hours in a day, the following morning I’ve always got a headache.

Politicians are the greatest receivers of radiation from mobiles.
When in the newspapers or on the TV, you see a politician with the expression of a boiled fish (and I’m not thinking of Mastella) now you know why. But not all that’s bad does harm. With two mobile phones we can develop a Viagra effect. And if we run out of gas we can always heat up the water for the pasta.

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June 25, 2006

The family doctor and incinerators


Once upon a time who else did we trust but the good old family doctor? The one who told you to “say aaaahhhh” and then removed your tonsils. Every time he hit you on the shoulder you had to say “thirty three”. On one occasion I said “thirty four” and he sent me away and asked my mum for an explanation.
The family doctors have expressed their opinion about incinerators. Their report is below. It is dedicated to all those who live or who will live near an incinerator.

“The latest generation of incinerators, with their high temperatures in the ovens greatly contribute to the emission into the environment of very fine dust that constitutes a health risk that is much more serious than the well known PM10. The incineration of refuse, among all the techniques for getting rid of waste, is the most damaging for the environment and for human health.
The incinerators produce ash (whose weight is a third of the weight of the refuse and must be got rid of in special disposal units) and they send into the air millions of cubic metres a day of polluting fumes. These contain fairly big particles (PM10) and fine ones (PM2.5) made up of nanoparticles of heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), benzene, and dioxin, that are extremely dangerous and persistent and can accumulate in living organisms.
These “nanoparticles” go straight through the filters of the incinerators and are not even noticed by current incinerator emission monitoring systems and they are not mentioned in the legal limits that installations need to ad here to.

Furthermore when considering the carcinogenic emissions that have been identified for some time (dioxins, furans, heavy metals) the incinerators emit hundreds of substances whose impact on human health is unknown, just as the effect of combinations of various polluting products has not been investigated.
Every combustion process produces particles.

If it’s true that nature is a producer of these particles (volcanoes) it is also true that the particles that have a natural origin make up a minor fraction of the total that are in the atmosphere today.

Man is the great producer of particles, especially those that are the finest. The higher the temperature at which a combustion process takes place, the smaller is the dimension of the particles that are produced. They are inorganic particles, that are non-biodegradable and non biocompatible.

Combustion transforms even refuse that is innocuous, like packaging and waste food, into products that are toxic and dangerous in the form of gaseous emissions, fine particles, volatile ash and residue that requires costly systems to neutralise and store them.

For this reason, it is appropriate that there are incentives for a policy of production, differentiated waste collection, recycling and the recovery of refuse. The micro- and nano-particles produced in any way, once they get into the organism start off a whole series of reactions that can turn into illnesses.

The most common pathologies are neoplastic, but there are also foetal malformations, allergic inflammatory and even neurological illnesses.
Furthermore, the incineration of refuse is the most costly system for getting rid of refuse and all the Italians, unknown to them, pay generous incentives to support it.

Seven percent of the electricity bill that is paid is in fact put aside and used to give subsidies even to the construction of incinerators. It’s enough to take an electricity bill and read, on the back, in the part discussing various items and costs: “Component A3 – construction of installations for renewable sources”. The sum that is shown at the side is handed to the managers of refuse incinerators because Italian law puts on an equal footing the various non fossil renewable energy sources like wind and sun with energy obtained from incineration of every type of urban and industrial waste.

As well as this slice of incentives taken from the pockets of users, the managers of incinerators receive other money from the State. Thus Italy is the only European State that finances the incineration of refuse. All the other member Sates (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany) impose a tax on those who manage incinerators for each ton of refuse burned thus disincentivising the incineration of refuse.”

From Notiziario FIMMG - Italian Family Doctors' Federation, May 2006

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June 04, 2006


photo by Larsz

Breasts have always been my passion, the first pleasure that gave me life. After that I couldn’t stop. But breasts are in danger, threatened by the “marketing of screening”. Professor Gianfranco Domenighetti says this in the letter that I’m attaching. An extract is given below.

“A recent study shows that 50% of American women that are without the neck of the uterus following a total hysterectomy continue anyway to go for a test for cancerous cells in the neck of the uterus! The quality of information to promote screening is such that 81% of Italian women believe that by attending regular mammogram screening they are reducing  or reducing to zero the risk of getting a tumour of the breast. Of course this is obviously not possible.
Thus it’s not too surprising to hear the news that appeared on 27 June 2002 in the Lisbon daily newspaper Diario de Noticias saying that 4 Portuguese women were easily convinced by a paramedic to go out onto a balcony in the evening with bare breasts so that they could take advantage of a “satellite” mammogram.

The article that recently appeared in the April edition of the well known magazine OK Salute where Umberto Veronesi gives his most recent recipe relating to mammogram screening is along these lines. (see Tempo Medico). Everything has been said about the efficacy of mammogram screening in reducing mortality in relation to breast cancer and the contrary of everything has also been said. Never has there been a discussion of the effective number of deaths that could have been avoided and nor is there information about possible harmful effects.
It is estimated that in the age range 40 to 50 for every 1000 women who have a mammogram every 2 years, the number of deaths avoided in the 10 year period  (compared to women who don’t go for screening) is 0.5. The benefit goes up to 1.9 deaths avoided for 1000 women in the age range 50 to 60.
And the harnful effects? Taking the National Cancer Institute  as an authoritative source, here is a list:

- over-diagnosis, that is treatment (with all its consequences) of tumours “in situ” that will not evolve (between 20 and 50% of the tumours diagnosed by screening)

- false positive results (concerning about 50% of the women participating in a screening in a 10 year period, 25% of them had to have a surgical biopsy)

- false sense of security (between 6 and 46% of women with an invasive tumour have had a negative result from a mammogram)

- breast cancer provoked by breast screening, especially among those women who started having screening at a young age (between 10 and 32 breast tumours for every 10,000 women exposed to cumulative radiation doses of I Sv.)

The decision to have a screening or not cannot but be an individual decision. It should be taken after finding out about the benefits and the risks of the procedure and above all of the individual risk of getting the disease. Unfortunately, most of the choices are based exclusively on marketing slogans promoted by those who live and prosper on screening and who don’t have any interest in giving complete and honest information.”

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June 01, 2006

Gino Strada and Alberto Cairo

photo: www.enterstageright.com

I’m publishing a letter sent by Gino Strada and a response to the post of 25 May 2006 from Alberto Cairo.

“Dear friends,

This evening I’m reading Beppe’s Blog where there are your comments to my reply to the polemics sparked off by Alberto Cairo.
”The war is finished” he had declared – “the hospitals of Emergency are useless.” Today 29 May, the Kabul Surgical Centre has 71 patients sleeping here, all hit by projectiles, all civilians (you will be able to find their stories, perhaps by tomorrow on peacereporter.net). I believe that that is the “best” response to the distortions of reality. [….]

However I am disturbed by and I distance myself completely from a certain aggressiveness and the insults towards Alberto Cairo. I have a range of opinions that are different from his. Some are not reconcilable on many issues, but I believe that Alberto is a competent person and that he is passionate about his work. This must be appreciated because it is valuable.
Today’s Afghanistan obliges us to promote another value: that of the choice of non-violence. The first step in this direction will be the end of military occupation. [….]

The repudiation of war “as a tool” does not leave space to distinguish between this or that war. Our Constitution forbids the use of the tool of war. We citizens, must find the way to work so that the politicians respect the Constitution to which they have sworn fidelity. [….]

Utopia? Yes, just as many years ago was the abolition of slavery or the elimination of small pox. [….]

If we were in a position to close the Resuscitation Unit for lack of victims to be “resuscitated” we would be the first to celebrate and if that were to happen we would surely let you know.”

Gino Strada

“I’m more than 50 years old.
I am living proof that age and wisdom don’t grow at the same rate. An old acquaintance said that. I should have believed him.

When I come back to Italy, I pass the time with my closest friends. I visit my parents or I do my own thing. I avoid every possible chore. I don’t go looking for contacts with the press nor to give interviews. In compensation, I do accept invitations to dinner with friends, especially if they are good cooks. That’s what I did during my fleeting visit to Milan at the end of March. There were 8 of us and I’ve known them for thirty years.

They introduced me to a serious lady. She was a writer and journalist. It seemed normal that she asked me about Afghanistan. I replied freely. I felt I was with friends. [….]

At the end of the dinner she suggested that I meet her for an interview. I wanted to say No. I didn’t like the notebook at the table and I was on holiday. But she’s a friend of friends and I didn’t want to be awkward. Nor did I want to miss the opportunity to talk about Afghanistan that is always less fashionable.

When I met her again we chatted at length. She left me with the promise that she would send me the piece so that I could approve it before it was sent to the newspaper. [….] Instead, the piece never got to me. A few days later it was published.

It was Gino Strada himself that told us about this. He was furious about what had been written about his hospital. I was speechless. I know. It’s impossible to transcribe a whole interview. Space is a tyrant. [….] but why did they go looking for what could be hurtful and create useless polemics? And why didn’t they send it to me to check it as they had promised? [….]
Anyone who has read anything that I occasionally write from Kabul knows this: I try to stay calm and to reflect. I avoid giving cause for a disturbance. I talk about facts. I don’t launch into political declarations. It’s not my job and I’m not good at that. I imagine that a lot of people are annoyed by this article: men and women volunteers who work in Kabul, the Red Cross, Emergency.

I am sorry. I have frequent contacts with many of them. With Emergency we have patients in common. I hope these will be always more numerous. We are here for them. [….] The interview is harmful to me as well. It puts things into my mouth that are not precise and that I did not approve.

I hesitated before writing this blog. It’s the first ever in my life. It’s the final one on this topic. My intention is not to counter what has been said by Gino Strada. I am writing for the volunteers and for all those who support humanitarian organisations. They do not deserve polemics of this type that serve no one and are useless. I ask them to forgive me. In fact it is they who count. They count wherever they work, in Kabul, in Africa, in Italy or in their own street [….]”

Alberto Cairo

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May 31, 2006

Ferrara “Science in the open air”

photo from ilrestodelcarlino.quotidiano.net

As for the Local Authorities in Ferrara when silencing research, they are second to none.
Manuela Zucchini, a local PRC politician, invited dottor Montanari to the Town Hall to explain that it would be pure simple folly to construct an incinerator. The door was then slammed shut in his face. I’ve thus decided to stay outside the door and to start an initiative that will be itinerant: “Science in the open air”.

Yesterday afternoon, Montanari spoke for 2 and a half hours to 300 people from Ferrara in front of the Town Hall and in the evening the square filled up with thousands of people to listen to Maurizio Pallante, an expert in energy policies and in environmental technology as well as myself. The mayor, Gaetano Sateriale and the local politicians barricaded themselves in to listen in silence inside the Town Hall a few meters away. At the end of the meeting, they left by a secondary exit leading into piazza Savonarola.

They feared the enthusiasm of the citizens. During the evening, 7,257.89 euro was collected for the environmental scanning electronic microscope. We’ve now reached 140,000 euro. We need to get 378,000 euro.

Next Sunday, June 4, we have organised a whole day called “A Saucerful of Secrets 2006”, from 9 in the morning until midnight.. It’s devoted to science, music and entertainment. It’ll be at the Canali di Reggio Emilia, near the agritourism establishment and the golf club called club La Razza. In the morning we will even have a golf competition. I’ll be there with the fantastic jazz and blues musicians Biagio Antonacci, Gino Paoli, Stefano Nosei, Vito (from Zelig), as well as the researchers Gatti and Montanari. You can find the programme at www.bortolanionlus.it.

To contribute to the electronic microscope, payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: IT45J0501812100000000513111
or Pay Pal (www.paypal.it) indicating the following as the destination: onluscarlobortolani@reggionelweb.it

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May 27, 2006

Gino Strada, Emergency and the Red Cross


From Emergency, I’ve received a letter written by Gino Strada.

”People in Milan have told me about the surprising interview with Alberto Cairo , «the Italian medic 16 years in Afghanistan», published in “Magazine”. Who knows why the newspapers continue to define Alberto Cairo as a medic and who knows why Alberto Cairo regularly doesn’t correct them? He knows that he’s not. He’s a doctor in law and a professional physiotherapist.
Thus after saying that the 2006 opium harvest «will be a great year, definitely even better than the best harvest in 1999», the Italian physiotherapist talks about the world: about drugs about Karzai, of humanitarian aid, about Maurizio Scelli. He’s got a word about everything.
«People are starting to no longer trust the symbol of the Red Cross». What a scoop! He has realised a few years late, even Alberto Cairo who is working for the Red Cross, well for the ICRC {International Committee of the Red Cross}, the original unit in Geneva where the Red Cross movement started.

Unfortunately, we have been aware of this for a long time. And we are aware that the « people ». even here in Afghanistan and not only in Iraq, are perfectly right not to trust them.

At the time of the soviet occupation the ICRC leaders defined the Mujahideen as «the Afghan resistance ».(there are hundreds of reports and documents with this definition), but at the time of the American occupation (and Italian!) those that fight against the occupying forces are all called by Cairo simply «Taliban». This is to be seen in the light of the «neutrality».that is one of the sacred and publicised principles of the ICRC. « And the Americans have been fighting them for 5 years», states the physiotherapist.

That’s very true. For 5 years in Afghanistan there have been attacks, assassinations, kidnappings, disappearances, torture and bombing. I would say that the word “war” describes the situation well.

But no. At least according to Cairo, who doesn’t miss a chance, for him a true hobby, he directs arrows against “Emergency”. Apparently I am «really clever at doing publicity». Thank you I am pleased.

But then, to give substance to the calumny, he is precise: «his hospitals look after the people injured in war. But the war is over».
Naturally, the hospitals are not mine but they are run by Emergency. However, this war is strange according to Cairo’s vision. For a bit, it’s there, for a bit it’s not. There’s fighting but it’s finished. There’s shooting but no one is injured. I’ve got the impression that if Emergency decided to open a burns department, Dr Cairo would say that fire doesn’t burn. That’s his problem.
In 2000 when Emergency decided to open a Centre in Kabul to look after the victims of war, the ICRC was furious. They protested to the Italian Embassy in Islamabad (the one in Kabul was closed), with the Ministry of Health in Kabul (Taliban), with the Italian delegation to the UN in Geneva.
They protested at the opening of a hospital, because they thought they had an exclusive right, they really did think that! The right to decide when a hospital is needed and when it isn’t. Whether its existence is good or bad

On that occasion, and that was the last, Alberto Cairo visited the headquarters of Emergency in Milan.
He came to explain that «that hospital for war victims wasn’t useful». that the needs were «covered by them», that is by the ICRC.

He meant something very different but he couldn’t say it.
He would have said that the International Committee of the Red Cross had received in the past and continued to receive a massive quantity of millions of dollars a year – especially from various governments to look after those injured in war in Afghanistan. He wanted to say that anyone who opened a new Centre - perhaps a clean, efficient, top-level hospital, could cast a shadow (and diminish the number of dollars and yen) on the mythical ICRC and «its hospital». in Kabul, the Karteh-Seh, that I know well.

I visited it in April 2000: a sort of rubbish heap where the women patients were closed in a prison under lock and key and a guard in front, to prevent visits from anyone including doctors. Locked in and guarded (not watched, naturally) by the Taliban, in a hospital supported by the Red Cross. In this way their needs were «covered». By them.

Emergency has opened a Centre in Kabul (that followed the opening of one in Anabah and was before one opened in Lashkargah), because there was the need. In 2001, the Taliban era.

That «useless» hospital is officially recognised by the Afghan Ministry of Health as the national Centre of Excellence for war surgery and traumatology. Among other things, the Centre has the only Resuscitation unit in the whole country and the only free computerised tomography machine for the people. There’s a high standard of treatment and of passion for work. For these reasons and also for the hygiene and in a certain way its “beauty”, this hospital is considered by all to be the best in Afghanistan.

Obviously not by Alberto Cairo, who without ever having visited it can anyway declare that «there are at least 15 other hospitals like that». I only wish that were really true.
I’d like to put forward an idea, to journalists of il Corriere and of other publications. Go and have a look at the hospitals indicated by Alberto Cairo, and write about them, perhaps even imagining what it would be like to be a patient there.

Then, if you want, come by and visit the «Kabul Surgical Centre for victims of war». Here they call it the «Emergency Hospital». Any citizen of Kabul would be able to point it out to you. There’s no need for appointments or prior arrangements. We don’t need to do any touching up with fresh paint.

Orthopaedic hospitals? Not even the shadow! Laboratories for the production of prostheses yes. But how is that related to hospitals? If a physiotherapist (with all the affection for the profession) becomes a “medical doctor”, a centre for prostheses then becomes an orthopaedic hospital? It’s not just finance that is “creative”!
Oh I was forgetting. Each year, from the ICRC’s Kabul «orthopaedic hospital» numerous patients who are victims of war “with the war finished” , have been sent to the Emergency Hospital because they need orthopaedic attention. Are these our imaginary injured people, or are your hospitals phantasms?

The top person in the International Red Cross in Afghanistan, Reto Stocker, came

He explained that «it has been a big fuck-up», a vulgar expression that perhaps is equivalent to «una gran stronzata». Dr Cairo told us that he was at dinner with friends in Italy, and among the dinner guests was Camilla Baresani, the author of the article. Chatting after dinner, when we know, the tongue is more free, he talked about Karzai and Scelli, about drugs and NGOs and those comments about Emergency just popped out. He also explained, with much regret, that he also said other really generous things about our work but that the naughty and one-sided journalist “cut” then from the interview and thus altered its focus. What a shame!

The Head of the Delegation declared that this affair had been a grave error by Alberto Cairo, and that ICRC had even protested to the journalist for having distorted the arguments of their employee.

«I have come to give you an official apology from the ICRC and to assure Emergency that such a thing will not be repeated.» Those are the words of Reto Stocker in the presence of witnesses. But the calumnies and the damage is public. Why don’t they write to Il Corriere, asking for a correction? We have officially asked for that. Cairo said «I’m not prepared to do that»
First he throws mud at Emergency in hundreds of millions of copies, but his words were misunderstood, this even happens to Presidents of the Council! Then he refuses to write a letter to the newspaper to say how things really are.
I’m late for dinner. Good bye until the next time.”
Gino Strada.

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April 15, 2006

Sunset for Incinerators 2


In the whole of the Republican history of this city, there have never been so many people in the Council Chamber of Reggio Emilia. The three floors of the Sala del Tricolore (where the first Tricolore was created in 1797) were packed with people to hear Stefano Montanari’s report about nano particles and the related danger of incinerators.
200 people couldn’t get in as it was already full. This is a true example of direct democracy with the citizens, the employers, storming the house of their employees.
All the people from Reggio present applauded Montanari’s presentation loud and long.
Then things turned upside down.
The Councillors representing Forza Italia, AN and UDC were convinced and came out against the incinerators. The UDC was however against me. They didn’t want me to be present in the Council Chamber. But what did they expect me to write that could harm casinigiovanardicuffaro?
The usual DS, the ones who are the new socialists were struggling to defend this foolish system of getting rid of waste.
The representatives of the Margherita stated that they were against the incinerators, but however they did not vote for the motion signed by 800 citizens against incinerators. In fact everything had already been decided in the heads of these employees, because they only execute orders.
In the end the motion against the incinerators was voted for by 10 Councillors representing the CDL, two centre left local civic Councillors, with 17 Councillors voting against (DS, Margherita, the leader of Rifondazione) and 6 abstentions (Verdi, Rifondazione, PDCI, Udeur).
Thus thanks to the centre left, the motion failed.

So as to avoid a really bad image, the Reggio Emilia centre left majority grouping voted motion in which they asked the new government headed by their fellow citizen to:
- Pass a law about the risks of nano particles and the related nanopathologies. (But if they think that nano particles are dangerous, why do they not come out against the incinerators?)
- Modify the disastrous law about the environment passed by the previous government.

They inserted important concepts and alternatives to incinerators like biological treatment for getting rid of remaining waste.

Now the ball is in the court of the Province.

This blog will keep an eye on Reggio Emilia that in fact has become the capital of the fight against incinerators.
Let the next phase commence!

The Microscope Campaign has achieved more than 96,000 Euro and is still going on.
Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: 45J0501812100000000513111

or Pay Pal (www.paypal.it) making the payment payable to: onluscarlobortolani@reggionelweb.it

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April 02, 2006

Sunset for Incinerators

tramonto inceneritori iNG version rid32.JPG
Comic strip by: Vilfred Moneta

Apart from being divine, justice is also sometimes human. Paolo Scaroni has been convicted for environmental disaster.
In the 1990s, as the Managing Director of Technoint, Scaroni had already been convicted and sentenced to 2 years and 3 months for corruption for kickbacks paid to get contracts with ENEL.
This gentleman was then promoted to be the Managing Director of ENI. He was placed here by the psycho-dwarf for his merits in the field!

The judge sentencing him for his activity in Enel was Lorenzo Miazzi. Almost 3 million Euro were paid out in compensation for the damages suffered as a result of the operation of the Enel generating station using combustible petrol at Porto Tolle near Rovigo.
Among those receiving compensation were environmental organisations, private citizens, parks and the Ministry of the Environment. The tribunale dell'Adria convicted two former Enel administrators and 2 directors for the emissions and the oil-based products falling in the area around the power station. One former administrator, Franco Tatò, was found guilty of allowing emissions and damage to happen and was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 7 months imprisonment. The other was Paolo Scaroni who was convicted of a lesser offence and had a month’s imprisonment converted to a fine of 1,140 Euro.
Meanwhile the trial for culpable homicide continues. The vice prosecutor Manuela Fasolato used Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari as consultants. Their analysis about the danger of the nano particles produced by the power stations using combustible petrol (3 million tons burned every year) was crucial. The case will cause new legislation to be formulated.

Scores of University Professors from all over Europe have contacted Gatti and Montanari and have written a letter to the European Commission asking for the danger limit for fine particulate matter to be PM2.5.

The Meet Up groups of Parma, Piacenza, and Florence are collecting thousands of signatures on this issue, following the lead of the Reggio Emilio group. They are asking for Stefano Montanari to be invited to address the City Council. They are promoting popular action to denounce the danger to human health caused by incinerators and they want action on alternatives.
In Parma, they have collected 1300 signatures in a week. Well done!

The microscope appeal continues. It has already passed the 75,000 Euro mark.
Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100
IBAN: IT45J0501812100000000513111

or Pay Pal (www.paypal.it) with payment to be received by: onluscarlobortolani@reggionelweb.it

PPS I’m attaching the final version of the Citizen primaries on Health with all your comments included in it.

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March 13, 2006

Research Gagged

ricerca imbavagliata.jpg

They were too annoying and they were punished.  Discovering certain massive cooking pots where you find things boiling away like incinerators, steel works and electricity generating stations using heavy oil, and putting loud mouths and pseudo-scientists in a bad light is activity which does not attract sympathy.

And so, since they couldn’t be attacked on scientific grounds, it’s simpler to remove the equipment from Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari who were causing too much trouble. This is an environmental scanning electronic microscope used by the two researchers to discover the mechanisms by which nano particles produced by combustion can kill, and how this causes the illnesses suffered by the survivors of the Gulf War and the War in the Balkans. They’ve discovered the scientific tricks behind the incinerators, and what is released into the environment from the 3 million tons of heavy oils that are burned each year by an electricity generating station and lots of other stuff that has opened up a completely new pathway in the field of medicine.

Their microscope has gone and we, who cannot allow ourselves to lose Antonietta and Stefano, will give them another microscope. We’ll do this very soon  and it’ll be more powerful than the previous one.

Today we are starting a fund to buy one on behalf of the Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus. I’ve already set a good example by donating the receipts of the 28 February show at Modena. The MeetUp young people are getting active and everyone can give up a pizza to avoid being full of polluting substances.

Payments can be made to:
Current Account n. 513111
In the name of: "Associazione Carlo Bortolani Onlus"
Bank: Banca Etica (Sede centrale di Padova)
ABI: 05018
CAB: 12100

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March 03, 2006

Reggio Emilia’s Incinerator

municipio reggio emilia.jpg
Reggio Emilia's Town Hall

Last Tuesday and Wednesday during the two shows at Modena's Palapanini, there was an appearance of Stefano Montanari, the researcher from Modena who together with his wife Antonietta Gatti has studied the effects on the organism of the inorganic particles produced by all types of combustion, from depleted Uranium to electricity power stations to heavy oils to so-called clean carbon, to car engines with anti-particle pseudo-filters to incinerators constructed in accordance with BAT (Best Available Technologies).

The discovery is that those particles are capable of entering with great ease into the organism right into the cell nucleus, and to provoke a whole series of illnesses, including some forms of cancer. And there are no biological mechanisms that can eliminate them. The tinier they are, the more they penetrate and the more damage they cause.

The incinerators produce immense quantities of this stuff, transforming rough, smelly rubbish that is not dangerous into tiny killer particles. The trick is in raising the operating temperature of the plant so as to produce particles that are so tiny that they are not checked by the control mechanisms (these can check particles of 10 microns and modern incinerators create dust that is much finer than this) and make it seem that the air is clean when in fact it is full of filth that is much more aggressive for health than the old PM10.

In Reggio Emilia, the local authorities have decided to construct another incinerator as well as the existing one and in spite of the requests of the citizens, they refused to listen to the researchers from Modena (who work, among other places in New York with the survivors of the collapse of the towers on September 11, as well as in Bosnia and Iraq with military personnel suffering from Gulf and Balkan War Syndromes, and have been to talk about the results of their research to the House of Lords in London).

Thus 800 signatures have been collected, more than sufficient by Statute to allow Montanari to talk in the Council meeting, and at midday on Wednesday we went to the Town Hall to hand them over to the Mayor who was a little embarrassed, and  in front of a big crowd of people he listened to the explanation because among all the ways to get free of rubbish, incineration is the one that does not stand up from the scientific point of view.

By Statute the local authorities have 30 days to invite Montanari to speak to the Council.

All the studies have been done using a special microscope that is really expensive and the two researchers might see it being taken from them once the results of their analysis have been published.

And so we must give them another one. For now, the takings of one of the two evenings have gone entirely into an account to buy this equipment. Then, we’ll see.

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February 02, 2006

First in Europe for Asbestos

rimozione amianto.jpg

Perhaps not everyone knows that the town of Paese in the Province of Treviso is the site of the largest asbestos dump in Europe. Getting rid of asbestos costs more than 50 million Euros a year.

The dump has capacity for 460,000 cubic metres of asbestos and is only a few hundred metres from a residential area.

Asbestos fibres are almost invisible. They are so thin that you need 335,000 to get the diameter of a hair, and they cause  pleuric mesotelioma, otherwise known as lung cancer.

The incubation period can last up to 40 years and the peak of mortality is expected to be between 2013 and 2015.

In view of the situation without hope of the Province of Treviso, I’d take advantage to construct a few incinerators and a dump for nuclear waste. Obviously without evaluating the environmental impact, following local tradition.

Here’s some advice for other citizens: if your neighbour has an asbestos roof on his garage, don’t go and denounce him.

If you do that, apart from inhaling the slivers of dust at the moment that it is removed, you’ll be obliging the whole of Italy to inhale it directly from the truck that is carrying it to Treviso.

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January 31, 2006

Vivisection is No Use


I admit that when I think of the vivisection of animals I am ashamed of the human specie and I feel solidarity with agent Smith of Matrix when he says that humans are not mammals but viruses.

I would like to abolish animal vivisection by law.

The objection offered is that “vivisection is useful, better them than us.”

I would like to see if someone were to vivisection your cat or your dog how you would react to these words.

Anyway, vivisection is not useful and it’s not said by a comic but by the journal Nature, a reference point for the scientific world, which on 10/11/2005 published an article with the declarations of some scientists:

“ - Tests for toxicity that we have used for decades are simply bad science. Today we have the opportunity to start from zero and to develop tests based on evident proofs that give us a real opportunity for toxicology to at last become a respectable science.

- The bad quality of most of the tests on animals has been recognised. These have never undergone the rigours of validation today imposed on alternative methods “in vitro”. Most of the tests on animals over-estimate or under-estimate the toxicity, or simply are not capable of providing precise data about toxicity in relation to humans. (75% of tests on animals are done for toxicology tests – editor’s note)

- Embryo toxicology tests done on animals cannot be trusted to be extended to humans: when we discover that cortisone is toxic for the embryos of all the species tested except for humans, what should we do?

The REACH proposal is being discussed in Brussels. It’s concerned with the evaluation and regulation of chemicals sent into the environment. It has been established that these have caused a million premature deaths in the EU (cancer, degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis).

I have decided to support the Scientific Campaign group Equivita (previously called Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista), which is asking for a clause to be included in the REACH proposal  forbidding the use of experimentation on animals to evaluate the toxicity of substances.

Experimentation on animals allows industries to get whatever result they like (by changing the species of animal used) and to avoid civil responsibility by maintaining that the animal model does not allow for “ the certainty of the test”.

There are predictive investigation methods for humans such as toxicgenomics, already in the text of the REACH proposal as a possible choice. Toxicgenomics studies the reaction of the genome of the human cell with results 100 times faster and more cost-effective.

I’m ending this long post with a thought from Albert Einstein: “Vivisection. Nothing is of such high importance as to justify such unethical methods

PS In Lugano, I met Hans Ruesch, a really young 90-year-old founder of the antivivisection movement and author of the book: “Imperatrice Nuda” (Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud). I send him affectionate greetings from this Blog.

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January 04, 2006

H5N1: direct information

influenza aviaria.jpg

The most "submarine-like" news of the start of 2006 is bird flu (H5N1)

No-one is talking about it.

Italians that have bought tens of thousands of doses of tamiflu will start to think that the feared effects of bird flu (millions of dead in the world) are in reality a brilliant marketing idea of the pharmaceutical companies.

Tamiflu can no longer be found anywhere (sold out) and neither do you find news of the epidemic.

Is this just chance?

I can’t help you with news about tamiflu, but I can give you information about the spread of bird flu.

The most recent death suspected to be from H5N1 happened in Indonesia on Monday 2 January at Jakarta’s Sulianti Saroso hospital.
The person struck down by the illness was often in contact with farmed chickens and is the twelfth person to die of H5N1 in Indonesia.

The death count at this point is 75 deaths from H5N1 since December 2003, all in Asia:

-Cambodia 4
-China 3
-Indonesia 12
-Thailand 14
-Vietnam 42

As of today, the danger of a pandemic from bird migration is considered to be marginal. The flu is spread by aeroplanes and by contaminated chickens.

This information can be found on a website that supplies up to date information about H5N1 every day: www.promedmail.org, use it to find out more and sign up to its daily newsletter.

And, if the news that you get is important, send an email to the newspapers, just like that, just to keep them informed, and send a copy also to Storace.

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December 22, 2005

Stones for Breakfast


Thank goodness that we've got associations in Italy

The National Consumers Union has published an article that ridicules my post "Walking ironmongers" which gave a list of food products containing a variety of metals.

I've sent this letter to the association:

"Dear friends,

with reference to your article 'The fear of nothing' which reassures readers that the things said on the internet in relation to metals contained in branded products are stupid and provoking unnecessary alarm.

I find your behaviour reprehensible because one should always cite the source.

OK – the source was my Blog with the post of 7 December entitled “Walking ironmongers” with a further explanation at the end of the article.

I can communicate that the source of my information is the research institute most highly regarded in the world for its research about nanopathology and its directors are available to clear up any points you may ask them. To get in touch with them, just ask me as they want to remain anonymous just at the moment.

Thank goodness that you are on the side of the consumers….”

Here is the list of products:
 Motta: Aluminium, Silver

Salatini Tiny Rold Gold (USA): Iron, Chromium, Nickel (that is steel), Aluminium

Biscotti Offelle Bistefani: Osmium, Iron, Zinc, Zirconium, Silicon-Titanium

Biscotti Galletti Barilla: Titanium, Iron, Tungsten

Macine Barilla: Titanium

Granetti Barilla: Iron, Chromium

Nastrine Barilla: Iron

Plum cake allo yogurt Giorietto Biscotti: Iron. Chromium

Ringo Pavesi: Iron, Chromium, Silicon, Aluminium, Titanium

Pane carasau (I Granai di Qui Sardegna): Iron, Chromium

Pane ciabatta Esselunga: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium

Pane morbido a fette Barilla: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium

Paneangeli Cameo: Aluminium, Silicon

Pane Panem: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminium, Lead, Bismuth, Manganese

Cornetto Sanson (cialda): Iron, Chromium e Nickel (cioè acciaio)

Biscotto Marachella Sanson: Silicon, Iron

Omogeneizzato Manzo Plasmon: Silicon, Aluminium

Omogeneizzato Vitello e Prosciutto Plasmon: Iron, Barium Sulphate, Strontium, Iron-Chromium, Titanium

Cacao in polvere Lindt: Iron, Chromium, Nickel

Tortellini Fini: Iron, Chromium

Hamburger McDonald’s: Silver

Mozzarella Granarolo: Iron, Chromium, Nickel

Chewing gum Daygum Microtech Perfetti: Silicon (that is: glass)

Integratore Formula 1 (pasto sostitutivo) Herbalife: Iron, Titanium

Integratore Formula 2 Herbalife: Iron, Chromium
The metals listed above are all in the form of particles measured in nano and micro metres. (nano= from a thousand millionth to a ten millionth of a metre, micro= from a millionth to a hundred thousandth of a metre) The particles are like “small stones” made up of a great quantity of atoms, and these little stones are not usable by the organism which is not able to extract the elements (oligoelements) necessary for metabolism.
It is fundamental to know that the particles in question are not biodegradable and they are not biocompatible. As such they are not usable and they are pathogenic.

The metals, once swallowed, go smoothly to the digestive system and into the blood, which takes them everywhere.

However, there’s good news for the Co-op. The Co-op’s panettone has come through the testing and it does not contain any metal.

And then they say that Consorte won’t manage to eat the Christmas panettone: he’s going to be really safe on what he eats!

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December 08, 2005

Walking ironmongers


The bionic man is arriving. The metals that we eat are turning us into walking ironmongers. The following list gives some metals contained in products that we eat every day, metals like Titanium, Cobalt, Silver. You just need to know. Just like they do for cigarettes, it’d be OK to add a label with the words: “Watch Out: glass inside”, or Lead, Bismuth and Barium Sulphate can produce side effects.”

The list:
Pandoro Motta: Aluminium, Silver
Tiny Rold Gold Snacks (USA): Iron, Chromium, Nickel (that is steel), Aluminium
Offelle Bistefani Biscuits: Osmium, Iron, Zinc, Zirconium, Silicon-Titanium
Galletti Barilla: Titanium, Iron, Tungsten
Macine Barilla: Titanium
Granetti Barilla: Iron, Chromium
Nastrine Barilla: Iron
Plum cake allo yogurt Giorietto Biscotti: Iron. Chromium
Ringo Pavesi: Iron, Chromium, Silicon, Aluminium, Titanium
Pane carasau (I Granai di Qui Sardegna): Iron, Chromium
Pane ciabatta Esselunga: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium
Pane morbido a fette Barilla: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium
Paneangeli Cameo: Aluminium, Silicon
Pane Panem: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminium, Lead, Bismuth, Manganese
Cornetto Sanson (cialda): Iron, Chromium e Nickel (cioè acciaio)
Biscotto Marachella Sanson: Silicon, Iron
Omogeneizzato Manzo Plasmon: Silicon, Aluminium
Omogeneizzato Vitello e Prosciutto Plasmon: Iron, Barium Sulphate, Strontium, Iron-Chromium, Titanium
Cacao in polvere Lindt: Iron, Chromium, Nickel
Tortellini Fini: Iron, Chromium
Hamburger McDonald’s: Silver
Mozzarella Granarolo: Iron, Chromium, Nickel
Chewing gum Daygum Microtech Perfetti: Silicon (that is: glass)
Integratore Formula 1 (pasto sostitutivo) Herbalife: Iron, Titanium
Integratore Formula 2 Herbalife: Iron, Chromium

The metals listed above are all in the form of particles measured in nano and micro metres. (nano= from a thousand millionth to a ten millionth of a metre, micro= from a millionth to a hundred thousandth of a metre) None of these polluting particles is biodegradable and so they stay where they are forever. Where they are is human tissue.

I ask these companies, if they’d like to, to give an explanation. I’ll publish it on the Blog.

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December 04, 2005

Human Toxic Waste

Comic strip by: Davide Zamberlan

We’ve still got a food emergency with the case of Tetra Pak and the colour passing into the milk. The contamination of the Tetra Pak packaging doesn’t only involve Nestlé. The association “Fare Verde” claims that the packaging in question is used not only by Nestlé, but by many companies, and if a block were to be imposed it would empty the supermarkets. A serious investigation could raise the question of the packaging of all food products in Europe.

In the evaluation of the risk there’s the sterilisation of the product in the production process. In this case, since we are talking about closing down, we should keep the product for a few days and find out what is happening inside. No-one has said whether the colouring is toxic for human health, and above all if it is, in those concentrations.

From Portugal to Uzbekistan all the Health Ministers admit that our children are more sick than those of 50 years ago. Food allergies are now normal. The incidence of tumors in children has increased each year between 1963 to 2003 by 0.8%.

Most food additives are not necessary and no-one has yet evaluated their effects. There’s a chewing gum with an additive of glass.
Now the nutritional value of glass is not only zero, but glass is also not digestible. Why do they make us eat stuff that we can’t even digest? It’s possible that the mad cow emergency has finished but now we’ve got bird flu. In the case of mad cow, the animal feed was suspected as the cause, but for the chickens, has anyone asked what they are fed on?

You can buy tomatoes in Chinese tins. But do we know anything about their production process? Do they follow the same laws as in Europe? Have they got the same checks as us in place?
It would be pretty annoying to eat the pesticides of the 1960s still remaining in the tomatoes or to eat dust from Chinese environmental pollution.

In certain countries, cremation is really expensive because it’s been demonstrated that the human body has become a dangerous toxic item of waste. We are full of cadmium, lead, preservatives, nickel, osmium

However, there’s an advantage. If they bury you you get conserved like the vampires.

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November 28, 2005

GM Peas


A long term experiment with genetically modified peas was interrupted in Australia for reasons of safety. The mice that ate these legumes have contracted a lung illness.
According to Thomas Higgins, vice director CSIRO, the State Research Institute, the reaction of the rodents is probably due to the mutation of a protein and could even happen in humans.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) operating in South Australia succeeded in creating a field of pea plants that were practically 100% resistant to insect infestation.
What seemed at first to be success in a ten year project costing millions of dollars, had to be abruptly interrupted after a test involved feeding the peas to mice that then developed inflammation of the lungs.

“The reaction of the mice to the protein could mirror what might occur in the human body” explained Higgins to the broadcaster ABC.
”We don’t have proof that that happens, but there is the possibility that it could happen”, added the state researcher while commenting on the results of the study published in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry".

The alarm has put an immediate stop to the project and the researchers are now thinking to destroy all the peas.
You can’t understand who wants GMO products. Nobody can tell us if they will produce medium term effects on our organism.

Yesterday 55.7% of the Swiss said “no” in a referendum to GMO for the next five years and it will be the first nation to export products bearing the wording: “GMO free”.

The employees of the Swiss (the government) were against the referendum and in favour of GMO.

In Italy there are 250 fields where GMO products are cultivated by the companies Agrevo, Monsanto, Pioneeer and Syngenta with genetically modified maize.

I don’t believe that there is a single Italian of sound mind who does not want to close down all these fields and send the GMO companies back to their own homes.

Let’s give tit for tat (or render bread for focaccia, as we say in Italy) to Switzerland: let’s import bread biscuits “GMO-free” and let’s export our own employee-government-genetically-modified.

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October 27, 2005

Arsenic Chickens


I know, I shouldn’t watch TV, but on Sunday I was at home and the TV was on and I listened to it. Paolo Brosio on “Linea Verde” was visiting a chicken farm.

His aim was to reassure us about the meat from chickens.

He didn’t succeed.

The checks carried out are done by the producer. We have reached the moment of the auto-certification of chickens.

The space in which these poor animals move is almost inexistent, and yet the law fixes the limit as three animals per square metre.

And what do these chickens eat? The reply given was for 80% they eat grain.

And the other 20%? It contains perhaps arsenic, antibiotics, fish, and animal flour?

The avian flu virus, H5N1, is us. We have created it with the meat industry, with putting animal life and merchandise on the same footing, with thousands of chickens packed together and destined to live only 3 months, swallowing antibiotics so they don’t get ill, with their beaks clipped so that they don’t hurt the other chickens. Mad animals.

We eat arsenic and antibiotics and we produce disease.

In a recent interview, Tiziano Terzani said that we are devouring the world , that we are no longer respecting life.

In the film “War of the Worlds” the aliens want to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants, but they are killed off by a virus.

Perhaps we are the aliens and the virus is camouflaged as Brosio who does counter-information for the RAI.

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October 11, 2005

The human chicken


Three ducks have died from bird flu and thousands of turkeys have been slaughtered in Turkey.
On the TV News these facts have been given precedence over the 30,000 dead in Pakistan’s earthquake.

We can keep our feathers unruffled because we’ve been told as much by the experts who have been put in place by the dwarf who is a providence-carrier (see post of 23August 2005 – where you’ll notice that this is a reference to Berlusconi). We can be calm because the reserve of anti-virals in Italy is at a level that is one eightieth of that of France.

Oh yes! This is self-control!

What is bird flu? Now we can catch the virus from chickens instead of from a great f...? The reason is in the great and mysterious phenomenon of evolution: humans are evolving towards the chickens.

No – on the contrary.
We need to be optimistic.
“Everything’s fine”, terrible expression!
“No need to worry” another terrible expression!

The chicken-human is born, the average westerner who lives a low-cost life and is content to find savings. “With 30 Euro I’ll take you to 8000 metres.”
With less than the price of a chicken we can take a plane to America, as long as it doesn’t disintegrate on landing because its undercarriage is really a scooter.

Are we humans or chickens????
A chicken knows that it costs very little and it doesn’t even try to fly.
A human who is at peace flying at the price of a chicken is more chicken than a chicken.
Behold the reason why viruses start to find a way of passing from chickens to humans.

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October 07, 2005

The new Tsunami Pharmaceuticals

Beppe Grillo 11.jpg

Vioxx of Sharp and Dohme, was withdrawn in September 2004 and had sales of $2,500,000,000 each year. It is estimated that between the years 1999 and 2004 it caused 160,000 deaths from stroke or heart attack.

It has been readmitted into circulation in the USA by a commission of 30 doctors, 12 of whom are paid by the company.
Vioxx produced by Sharp and Dohme, ritirato nel settembre 2004, giro di affari da 2.5 miliardi di dollari all'anno.
Si stima che dal 1999 al 2004 abbia causato 160.000 decessi per ictus e infarti.

Celebrex produced by Pfizer, used by 25 million people with sales of $3,300,000,000. Already in January 2005 a research report showed a doubling of deaths from stroke or heart attack. It is still in circulation.

New tsunami drugs: Bextra and Prexige.

Recent studies show an increased risk of stroke or heart attack in those who use them. We should not trust new drugs because they give modest benefits in comparison to those that have been on the market for some time. We should always ask for medicines that have given positive results for years.

Look at the site www.worstpills.org to see a list of 182 medicines to be avoided at the moment. (information to save your life)

This is the kind of information that Minister Sirchia should be giving us instead of sending us teeny books with pictures telling us that if baby is ill we need to call the baby-doctor …. not the vet.

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