January 1, 2015

Beppe Grillo's 2014 end of year address #IoGuardoBeppe

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"Well folks, we are here for a somewhat different version of the usual: we are in the new offices of Casaleggio Associati, a sort of catacomb where the spirits flutter around, the good ones that is. We are in here almost to conspire and to talk about things that are absolutely prohibited outside of here, or perhaps even a bit dangerous, things like honesty and loyalty . It has got to the point that outside of here these things are pretty much deemed to be revolutionary or subversive.

We are the true subversives
I want to greet you differently to what I have always done in previous years, a greeting with no regrets because what is there to regret about the year 2014, which is on its way out? Renzi, and Renzi’s bullshit? What is there to regret? An attack on our democracy and our Constitution by a duo of political parties, namely the PD and the PDL? Do you still remember the PDwithoutanell? It seems like something from way back when, two parties that joined forces in order to undo the Constitution. One party, whose founder Dell’Utri is sitting in jail, he was handed down 9 years of imprisonment for associating with the Mafia, and whose President was kicked out of the Senate due to a teensy-weensy bit of tax evasion, which was then condoned by sentencing him to "4 days" in a hospice, it’s amazing, this is truly a magnificent Country!

Italy’s decline
All the parameters have deteriorated. Make no bones about it, we will certainly remember 2014 and perhaps it will turn out to be marginally better than 2015! I am slightly optimistic about that. In 2014 a bit of our industrial production capacity got up and left and our GDP dropped a bit, but these figures are just part of a declining world. Out Italian Treasury Bonds and our T-Bills have been downgraded to the point that they are not worth the paper that they are written on. Our unemployment has reached unprecedented levels and we have 10 million poor people with kilometre-long queues at the doors of the Caritas Association. As it turns out, our biggest problem is not the Rome Mafia, the Expo or the Mose project at all. The real problem is that we are becoming accustomed to this rot and we no longer even pay any notice to it and perception is what it’s all about. That’s why we have to talk in whispered tones!

It’s going to happen in 2015
Perhaps 2015 will bring us some exceptional results! Perhaps the idiot will get out of the way, perhaps, what with the Olympics coming up, he will go and train for the 100-metre hurdles when he gets chased by the population. Perhaps we will experience great satisfaction when Napolitano, having attained the maximum age for office and having shared (and even played some part) in this breakdown, finally gets out and leaves this very precarious post that he currently holds as State President.
Perhaps Forza Italia or Forza Mafia, whichever you prefer, will garner vote percentages like telephone area codes. Perhaps something will happen but we must not say it too loudly, something will happen however! Indeed we have already made it happen. In Parliament they laughed at us, they cornered us, we are out on the roofs, we are provoking, we are going about trying to let people know what is really going on within Clause 5 that amends clause 7 of clause 9 of clause 11, so then you go and take a look: who is it? What is it? No one knows!

We want you to participate
So what are we trying to do? We were born of a popular law and we are now all trying to help everyone with the stalls set up throughout Italy to call for a citizen’s initiative for a law to get us out of the Euro! That’s what we were born from! Do you remember the first V-Day event back in 2007. Citizens Law initiative: away with convicted politicians, only two legislatures otherwise you set up your own cliques and preferential voting for the electoral law, but that was years ago, it feels like light-years ago, my God! We are the ones standing for bottom-up democracy, shared democracy, we don’t ask for your votes or anything else for that matter. For heaven’s sake, do what you think is best. If you want, however, the MoVimento will greet you with open arms if you collaborate and show some commitment. If instead you choose to continue living your vote to these guys, I don’t know where the hell we will land up!

Let’s get out of the Euro!
We are in any event in the process of tabling a citizen’s initiative in Parliament that will enable us to request a consultative referendum on the issue of exiting the Euro! Why be slaves to someone else? We want to become, yes let me say it, a normal country, normal I say! We must have our own monetary sovereignty, our own economic sovereignty, we want to be normal, have our own inland revenue department, without it being delegated to some bank a thousand miles away. I know this is a huge thing to ask for! We want to remain part of a beautiful Europe, a diverse Europe with the French and the Germans, we want to stay amongst these people, because we are different, after all WE’RE ITALIANS! Exiting the Euro is a starting point, we will become competitive, we blend, we still do some marvellous things. Why carry on thinking that there is no Plan B? This is our Plan B, the only one in Italy! The Plan B comes from the MoVimento 5 Stelle.

The M5S’s plan for Italy
This is a starting point. After that we will have to reform the Italian bureaucracy and the tax system so as to have a fairer tax system for all, but this is normal. We will do it by using the same decrees that they have used but we will do it much more quickly: anti-corruption laws, protecting the Made in Italy brand, small to medium size business, we will introduce a Basic Income, my God, Basic Income! We must not let them hear us, don’t say it too loud. What it means is that if someone loses their job he will be offered three jobs over a period of three years and if he/she doesn’t accept them, they lose their citizenship rights to basic income. We have prepared this and we have the necessary funding, we have everything necessary to ensure that no one is left behind , my God, what a political concept!

Always consistent with our principles
So, what regrets will we have? I don’t know about regrets, all I know is that we will be heading towards something that we started. We are perhaps the cause, but the effects will be felt by our grandchildren. We are changing things! A political class made up of young people! You say we have done very little and that may well be so but we have never gone back on what we have said , we have done things, we have never taken any money, we were born on the web without money. Just look at what’s happening, a wonderful thing indeed: we, who have never asked anyone for money, have lots of money: when we need to undertake an initiative, the citizens give us the money we need! They are instead trying to reinstate the election reimbursements by introducing the 2-per-thousand system. They were saying: "We are giving the citizens the opportunity to fund the political parties ". There you go, they never gave them anything! So we were right all along and we are also sick and tired of always being right. I don’t want to force you to do anything, so go ahead and decide for yourself.

Calvin’s fairy tale
I want to leave you on a high note, however, I wanted to read you a little story, let’s call it a parable if you will, it’s a Calvin fairy tale(*), written a few decades ago. I honestly feel that this goes to show that nothing has really changed from 20/25 years ago when Calvin wrote it, to today. It is truly exceptional. I will try to read it even though, God knows I’m no great narrator:

“The was once a Country where everyone was a thief (try and guess what country that was). At night every resident would go out with their skeleton keys and lanterns to rob the neighbour’s house and they would return at daybreak to find their own house burgled – fantastic! – So everyone lived agreeably and without loss since the one was robbing the other, who in turn robbed someone else, and so on up to the very last one who then robbed the first. The only business in that town was all based on cheating by those that were selling and those that were buying! The government was a criminal association to the detriment of the subjects, my my, doesn’t this sound somewhat familiar, and the subjects in turn were only concerned with defrauding the government. And so life went on, without any hindrance and there were neither rich nor poor people. Now, we don’t know how it happened that an honest man happened to move into that town. At night, instead of going out with his skeleton keys and lantern, he stayed at home, smoking and reading novels and so, when the burglars came, they would see that the lights were on and they didn’t break in. This went on for some time but then it became necessary to make him understand that if he wanted to live without doing anything, that was no valid reason not to let others do their thing because each night that he stayed at home meant that another family would have nothing to eat the next day. The honest man could not argue against this logic so he also began going out each night and returning at dawn, but he never went burgling. He was honest and that’s all there is to it. He would go down to the bridge and stand there watching the water flow past under it, then he would return home to find it stripped bare. Within a week the honest man did not have a penny left, he had no food and an empty house, no problem though because it was his own fault after all.
The problem was, however, that his way of doing things had led to a series of changes because he was allowing himself to be robbed but he didn’t rob anyone, so there was always someone who returned home at dawn to find their home intact. The house that he should have robbed was left intact and the fact remains that, after a while, those whose homes were not burgled became wealthier than the other residents and no longer wanted to steal and in turn those who went to rob the honest man’s house always found it empty, so they became poorer. Meanwhile, the newly wealthy also began to habitually go down to the bridge at night to watch the water flow beneath it. But this increased the confusion because there were many others that became wealthy and many others that became poorer. Then, after a while, the wealthy people realised that going down to the bridge at night would make them poor so they thought: let’s pay some poor people to rob houses on our behalf. They entered into agreements, they agreed on salaries and percentages and were therefore nevertheless thieves and tried to deceive each other, but as always happens, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. Some of the wealthy people became so wealthy that they no longer needed to steal in order to remain rich, but if they stopped stealing they would become poor because the poor would steal them blind, so they began to pay the poorest of the poor to become someone else’s, so they established the police and built prisons. In this way, a few years after the advent of the honest man, there was no longer any talk of robbing or being robbed but only of rich and poor, although they were all nothing but thieves and the only honest thing in the town was that honest man who died immediately of hunger ”.

With this story by Calvin I want to truly wish you everything of the best!
We are now going to have ourselves entombed in this marvellous little office, just me and Casaleggio’s shadow.
Happy New Year to everyone!" Beppe Grillo

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September 15, 2014

Passaparola - The USA, ISIS and the reason for the war in Iraq, by Marcello Foa

The truth about ISIS
13:15 iraq_isis_foa.jpg

"What is Isis and where the heck did it pop out from? Until a few months ago we had not heard of it, now suddenly it is the definition of absolute evil. Where was Isis born, this Islamic organisation whose aim is to establish a caliphate covering a large chunk of the Middle East? The answer is somewhat surprising because in fact Isis was born in Syria, or rather within the scope of the guerrilla war that was being waged in order to topple the Assad regime.

The false spring
Do you remember what happened in the Middle East in recent years? There was a people’s revolution in Egypt in which Mubarak was toppled, and then there was another people’s revolution in Tunisia in which Ben Ali was deposed.
Those were fake people’s revolutions in that they were largely orchestrated from
abroad, as has since been clearly demonstrated. Then there was Libya where the people’s revolution
failed, to the extent that we had to step in so as to overthrow Geddafi, firstly on the urging of Sarkhozy and then with the decisive intervention of who do you think? Well, the NATO planes that bombed Geddaffi’s troops and then the guerrilla fighters that suddenly launched successful attacks until the last remaining soldiers that were loyal to Geddafi were routed? But who were these guerrillas precisely? Libyans against Geddafi? Yes, in certain cases at least, but more importantly there were mercenaries, guerrilla fighters and extremists that grouped together when they realised what the spoils of war could be and what happened in the end was that they managed to overthrow Geddafi.

These days Libya is sinking in a terrible civil war, but then it was Syria’s turn.

The "revolution" in Syria

So what actually happened in Syria? They attempted a coloured revolution, which failed immediately because Assad is a dictator who knows exactly what to do to suppress people’s revolutions. He doesn’t go by half measures and if there is a revolution afoot, he shoots first and asks questions later. Usually this kind of violent, brutal and sudden repression is sufficient to break all resistance however, in Syria the guerrilla war continued on, but why? Well, because who do you think joined forces with the Syrians who were rebelling against Assad? Well, the guerrilla fighters and the extremists, particularly the more integralist and radical faction of Islamist fighters who moved over from Libya to Syria with a couple of weeks’ stopover in Mali. Do you remember the problems in Mali, which were quickly resolved when these forces moved on to Syria where a real war was waged and where the rebels, the majority of which were dangerous Islamic extremists funded by certain regimes in the Gulf, particularly by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and supplied with arms and in some cases even trained by Western Governments, particularly the United States. Well, I suppose some of you may think that this is all mere invention, but actually no, it isn’t! On my Blog I posted a number of Links provided by sources that are beyond suspicion, sources ranging from the American public television service to Harez and from La Stampa to the Times, in which, before the advent of Isis, were reporting on the need for and the actual concrete aid that the Americans were giving to these extremists, yet, notwithstanding all this major military, financial, strategic and organisational aid the Syrian government somehow managed to hold onto power due to the fact the Syrian Army has always been well looked after by Assad and therefore they did not abandon him. Months and even years passed because the war in Syria became extremely protracted, so what did these extremists do next? They turned some of their cannons around, changed direction and went on to attack Iraq, a country that was a friendly towards the United States and that was being funded by the United States.

The unorthodox methods of USA diplomacy

There is a very important aside here which, in my opinion, is almost always overlooked by the bulk of the public and clearly demonstrates one thing, namely that orthodox methods are not always used when it comes to International politics and diplomacy. This game is not always played with open cards, in fact it is very seldom if ever played with open cards and you need to look beyond the propaganda. In this case it is clear that the United States have used forces that are not very far removed and are indeed sometimes deemed to be very similar to those used by Al Qaeda, in other words the organisations that have been fighting since 11 September in an attempt to overthrow a regime that they had considered to be a close ally.

The problem is that when you use such forces, when you give them power, when you teach them determination and teach them the techniques, there is a very high risk that at some point these very forces escape from under your control. In my opinion that is precisely what is happening these days in Iraq. The people who were the good guys when they were attacking Assad’s Syria suddenly became very bad guys when they attacked America’s friend Iraq and this then becomes a somewhat embarrassing situation. So what is the West doing now? They say that they are fighting Isis but up to now their military response has been only partial and rather inferior to the forces they used against Geddafi and other countries. That’s why I’m saying that behind these dangerous games and alchemy there lie some strategic calculations that defy reason and in my opinion also defy calm and reasonable analysis of the situation.

The destabilisation of the Middle East

If I were in a UFO that landed here on Earth and I looked at what is going on in this part of the world I would undoubtedly get the impression that the West, which was the guarantor of world security for 60 years because that security was needed in order not to compromise the crude oil routes and the safety of Israel, in other words with a very cautious attitude, not forgetting that shortly after his election in 2008 Obama went to Cairo where, hosted by Mubarak, he gave his famous speech to pacifist Islam at the Lasar University. The very same Mubarak was abandoned just a few months thereafter and we all know what happened to him. So if was an alien looking at this world I would have to ask myself what the hell was going on? I see that a country such as Egypt, which is a friend of the West, has been totally destabilised. A secular country that has always been held up as the prime example of moderate Islamism, as was Tunisia, has now become a country that is on the verge of being taken over, or at the very least deeply infiltrated by an Islamic extremism that is diametrically opposed to the country that the West had always hoped to see. Then there’s Geddaffi’s Libya. We all know only too well the kind of person that Geddafi was and he most certainly does not deserve our compassion, however, Libya was a stable country that had once again gotten closer to the West and sought its help, but instead they swept it away. Assad’s Syria, albeit with an intransigent regime, a dictatorship run by a dictator, had been respected for many years with the exception of the wars that took place thirty years ago, but they respected Israel’s integrity and not only did the country not hinder but indeed it collaborated with the United States in the war against terrorist after 9/11 and could certainly be considered anything other than a dangerous ally, yet the West attacked this country.

The war in Iraq, propaganda and informationLet’s dig a little deeper. Today’s Iraq is in chaos because today’s Iraq has taken a terrible human toll. A million dead according to official estimates. Although we will never know the true figure, it is estimated that over a period of 10 years a million people have died and one and a half million people have become refugees, these are terrible numbers, absolutely terrible. Afghanistan has not been pacified either! The Taleban against whom we fought are as strong as ever and maybe even stronger, so it would seem that these plans, these attempts to bring democracy, or in theory peace to the world, have had the exact opposite effect, leading only to chaos, desperation, instability, war, and this all on Europe’s doorstep.

Far away from the United States. So, in my opinion, these are strategic considerations that should be developed and at a certain point we should also call the American allies to account, yet this is not happening. I have always been a rather vociferous critic of the way in which the media works and what is emerging is this.... Analysing what has happened during this period we see that the press has yet again been quite happy to take the official line as gospel in their rush to publish news and they have therefore become nothing more that employees of the witch doctors and news manipulators to which even I dedicated a book of mine a number of years ago now, so all the press has become is the flywheel, repeater or megaphone of truth, which we all know is often not so and is not actually the truth at all. Two examples here: Firstly Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. We waged a war because there was supposedly a danger that he would use these weapons, whereas in the end it emerged that there were no such weapons at all! Secondly, a year ago America was on the verge of launching a military attack on Syria because the Assad regime had been accused of using chemical weapons against the country’s children.

What has now emerged, and this is something that some people suspected from the very beginning, is that the Assad regime was not the one using chemical weapons because it was not in their interest to do so since they knew that that could be the straw that would provoke American intervention, but the rebels, the same rebels that now incite and fight for Isis, that provoked that intervention. So the international politics practiced in zones such as the Middle East, Africa and the Near East for a number of years now has unfortunately been based on these techniques which, in my humble opinion, are truly horrendous and morally indefensible. There is perhaps another point that needs to be raised, namely the impact that news and media reports have on the public.

Unfortunately this is not something that is totally surprising to me but makes me bitter time and time again. We see from the surveys, from the chatter on the streets and from our own contacts with people that most people, not knowing what is actually happening and getting their information from spectacular events such as the decapitation that was widely reported in recent days rather than the headlines about Obama’s sensational announcements at the NATO conference, form an instinctive and very superficial opinion, which happens very quickly with everything falling within the same picture frame.

The uncomfortable truth
The truth is that these days anyone seeking information can do so by getting it from sources that are no less authoritative but are decidedly freer and can at the very least raise some doubts. I believe that this time too, just like has happened on other occasions such as Egypt and Tunisia which we mentioned earlier, most members of the public have no idea of what is actually happening or they don’t actually care very much, or above all they believe that the truth is what is being hammered home by the official propaganda. There is a small minority of people who manage to come up with a personal opinion of their own, whether it be right or wrong, or at the very least have some illegitimate doubts, but unfortunately these people are few and far between, a tiny minority, while the vast majority are unfortunately unaffected by this problem, which I believe is a defeat for those who believe that a journalist’s main mission should be to open people’s eyes, perhaps even to expose themselves with a modicum of analytical courage, but at all times to try to help people understand what is really going on around them here in Italy but also in this case elsewhere around the world rather than limiting themselves to a kind of truth that is comfortable, official and repeated by everyone." Marcello Foa - follow on Twitter

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January 31, 2014

#Boldriniacasa Boldrini go home


>>> This evening the M5S spokesperson in the Lower House, Alessandro De Battista will be present at the talk show "Invasioni barbariche" <<<<<<<<<<<<

Ms Boldrini is not up to the job in her parliamentary role and she behaves inappropriately and she’s just been unbelievably lucky. She knows that and everyone knows that. She has two advantages, Napolitano likes her and she obeys orders and, for this regime, those two advantages are more than enough. Ms Boldrini must pack up and leave the Lower House and fast. The position of President of the Lower House is one that guarantees parliamentary debate. She has betrayed her position. The IMU-Bankitalia legal decree has gifted 7.5 billion to the banks but taken from the people of Italy (and Renzi has been preaching for a month now - saying that he wants to make the people of Italy save a billion euro ...) with a subterfuge worthy of a third class rag and bone merchant, he associated the abolition of the second IMU payment with taking away value from the Bankitalia. They could have split up the the two decrees, the M5S would have immediately voted for the abolition of the IMU tax. But that didn’t happen. The M5S raised some points in full accordance with the rules. It acted as "Opposition" which is not to be muddled up with the term "obstructionism" which is close to the hearts of the TV News programmes and the daily papers suitable for toilet paper, that is how nearly all the newspapers have become. Are you not used to an Opposition after decades of mess ups? OK. Well you’ll have to get used to it. In accordance with the regulations, numerous interventions were planned and because of the time they would take, that would have meant the decree would have failed. The so-called "tagliola“ {guillotine}, the procedure that allows for discussion to be terminated and immediately pass to the voting stage, is a procedure present in the regulations of the Senate, but not in those of the Lower House. Ms Boldrini put an end to all discussion without even the pretext of a regulation. She acted on her own initiative and was abusing her powers, she had a vote within a minute so that she could run away through the service door. Never before in the history of the Republic, not even at the time of Pajetta who jumped over the parliamentary benches to talk to his Christian Democrat colleagues or even when there was Tambroni, had this happened. Never before has the Opposition been silenced with a purely personal unilateral action. On Thursday 29 January, democracy died. There has been acceptance of the principle that when the oppositions are disturbing the powers that be, they have to be silenced at any cost. First the banks, then the citizens. The politicians are the servants of the bankers and 7.5 billion is certainly worth a whole legislature and the end of parliamentary confrontation. Boldrini go home.

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{Boldrini go home}

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January 30, 2014

#Impeachment of Napolitano


This morning, 30 January 2014, the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} has presented:

The President of the Republic, the Honourable Giorgio Napolitano, while carrying out his duties, has violated - objectively and subjectively, and using formal and informal means - the values, principles and supreme norms of the Constitution of the Republic. The commission and omission of actions in relation to impeding and disturbing the activity of constitutional organisations, that can be attributed to the work of the current President of the Republic, has determined a substantial modification to the form of the State and the Government of the Italian Republic as set out in the Constitution as it now stands. Below is a list of the main actions and occurrences that make up the crime of violation of the Constitution, as given in article 90 of the Constitution:

1. Expropriation of the legislative function of Parliament and abuse of the emergency “decree laws”
Our Constitution sets out a form of parliamentary government that is based on a solid relationship between the representative houses of parliament and the Government. The absolute abuse of power by the government seen in the use of emergency “decree laws”, the confidence vote in parliament, and the maxi-amendments, makes up a different arrangement that is no longer in line with the supreme principles of the separation of powers. The legislative predominance of the Government, by using legal decrees that are promulgated by the President of the Republic, is in blatant violation of articles 70 and 77 of the Constitution, that is, the norms setting out the primary relevant arrangements (see the law n. 400 dated 1988) as well as numerous rulings of the Constitutional Court (including: rulings number 29 dated 1995, number 22 dated 2012, and number 220 dated 2013).


2. Reform of the Constitution and of the electoral system


3. Failure to exercise the presidential power to request that a law scheduled for promulgation be considered anew.


4. Second election of the President of the Republic


5. Inappropriate use of the power to pardon offenders


6. Relationship with the magistracy: Trial investigating State-mafia negotiations


Thus in accordance with law number 219, dated 5 June 1989, this motion is being presented at the right time and it is aimed at the impeachment of the President of the Republic for the crime of violation of the Constitution.

5 Star MoVement in the Lower House and in the Senate

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January 22, 2014

You run away, we’ll get on with the work


>>> Tomorrow 23 January at 10.30 am (Italian time) the Blog will be exclusively broadcasting in direct streaming, Beppe Grillo’s press conference to the Foreign Press Association in Rome. <<<<<<<<<<<<

The M5S has the defect of consistency, a very serious defect in a country where the mother of the chatterboxes and the provincial bullies is always pregnant. The M5S has said that it is refusing to accept the reimbursement of election expenses. It has done that. It has left to the State, thus to the citizens, 42 million euro. The M5S has said that its parliamentarians would reduce their own salaries. It has done that.The parliamentarian spokespersons have reduced their own salaries by more than half and they have paid this money (which up until now amounts to two and a half million euro) into a fund that helps the small and medium sized companies. The M5S was against the purchase of the F35 fighter jets. It voted against this, whereas the parties, including the turncoat PDexminusL, voted in favour. The M5S wanted the end of the Porcellum law. In May of last year, it voted for the motion put forward by Giachetti of the PDexminusL, the only ones in Parliament. The M5S proposed the motion of no confidence in Ms Cancellieri. It voted for the ousting of Ms Cancellieri, and the parties voted to keep her seated in her armchair, in particular the PDexminusL. This list could go on for days. We take action, we keep our promises. The others just mess around, especially the secretaries of the PDexminusL who change over for every season but who in reality never change. They can never forget their First Love of Arcore. They use him as an example to such an extent that they are cloning him in-house. Who’s running away? Who’s not respecting the referenda? Who disregards the programme they used to present themselves to the citizens? Who does not even consider the popular initiative laws? Who first insults Rodotà and then Prodi thanks to the secret ballot? If the PDexminusL parliamentarians had voted in broad daylight, if they had actually had the courage, their voters would have kicked them out of Parliament. Actions, not bullshit. Without the TV channels that make him out to be a statesman, that interview him, that lick his arse from morning till night, those accusing us of running away would be deleted from human memory within the space of a week. The M5S has another big defect. In Parliament, it’s working, gathering information, and putting forward laws to improve Italy. Just for the SMEs, the M5S has put forward proposals for the abolition of the IRAP tax (not accepted!), the suspension of the IMU property tax for properties used as business premises (not accepted!), the suspension of tax demands issued by Equitalia for those companies that are indebted to SMEs (suspended), against the online falsification of grocery products (under discussion). Dozens of proposed law, hundreds of amendments and motions and denunciations as happened for the golden pensions and the “Save Rome” law. You’re doing the talking, we’ve been taking action and we will do so in the future.

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January 3, 2014

Europe so near and yet so far


Europe. What does your average Italian person know about Europe, the EU, and the ECB, apart from commonplace ideas? That there are some Italians who are in the European Parliament in Brussels? Sure, including Mastella, but no one knows what they’re doing, what they are working on. And they don’t even know who they are. The European Parliament is like a Grand Hotel that puts people up until there’s the first electoral opportunity in Italy, as happened for D'Alema, or it’s a sumptuous cemetery for elephants and for second rate politicians or those that have failed to gain a seat. Communication of he work of European parliamentarians is completely absent. Put your hand up if you can give a brief outline of the work done there last year. There’s never any discussion about Europe, but just about the euro that should represent the overall economy of Europe, but by now, it represents nothing. Europe is a convenient alibi. "Europe is asking us to do this" is a mantra used to cover up any crap, from the Fiscal Compact to balancing the budget in the Constitution. Who is this mythical and distant Europe, that sends us its messages using spokespeople like Napolitano and the pair of parrots: Captain Findus Letta and Renzie? Spit out a name. Who is deciding the why and the wherefore over our heads? We are suffering from a collective hallucination that has transfigured a European Central Bank and some bureaucracy into a European ideal that does not exist. We are governed at a national level by bankers and bureaucrats that use prime ministers as flunkeys and waiters. Decisions taken in Europe have devastating effects on the future of the generations to come, for good or for evil, but no European citizen can interfere, and often they don’t even have the knowledge about what is happening. Europe will be political or it will not be. It will be participatory or it will not be. Europe is not a food-mixer of nations to make them all homogeneous. This is a plan that’s destined to fail. An impossible exercise. We are not the United States of America with heterogeneous populations that are in search of a new fatherland, we are peoples with traditions and civilisations going back thousands of years. This Europe that is so often talked about and so absent, has transformed itself into a modern dictatorship that uses democratic rituals to give itself legitimacy. The 5 Star MoVement will enter Europe in order to change it, to make it democratic, transparent, with decisions that are shared in referenda. Today the EU is a “Club Med” infested with lobbies. The M5S’s manifesto for the European elections has seven points. In the next few weeks we will discuss these. In Europe for Italy, with the M5S!
Print, send out, distribute the "7 Punti per l'Europa“ {7 Points for Europe}.

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December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, mister President


>>> Every day up until Friday L'economia della felicità {The economics of happiness} will be broadcast in live streaming at 9:00 pm on La Cosa <<<<<<<<<<<<

Today is Christmas, fairy-tale-time. Once upon a time there was a king, - that’s what you’ll be saying. No, there was a President of the Republic. In that country the monarchy had not existed for some time. This President was a very old man with the features of a dead king. In spite of his advanced age, his demeanour, was regal and haughty. Though he was not a king, he reigned like a king. He lived in a palace whose sumptuousness surpassed the royal palaces of Europe. As a ruler he appointed his prime ministers, but always with the utmost respect for the institutions of the Republic of which he was the perfect embodiment. The President had always lived in the palaces of the kingdom, oops - the Republic, ever since he was young. His presence in those places dated back to distant years when most of his subjects, oops - citizens, were not even born and a tyrant called Stalin was reigning over all the Russian people, and for some people, he was a true democrat. The old gentleman was a timeless presence. Reassuring. The word of the President was sacred, inviolable. He could not be questioned by magistrates. When this happened, and a conversation he had with a suspect was recorded, the President got the recording destroyed. Like God, it was not acceptable to take his name in vain even within a chamber of parliament. The President had no end-date even though that was established by the Constitution, and he got himself re-elected, for the good of the country. On the occasion of his second re-election he was helped by a gentleman who had been investigated for many crimes, who had been on trial many times, and who was ultimately convicted and later expelled from the Senate. But how could the old President know that? He was almost immortal, but he could not be expected to be omniscient as well, to know what everyone knew. The president believed that he was indispensable, the only bulwark before the collapse of the nation, an indispensable part of the structures. Like a true king, he surrounded himself with a court of shrewdly chosen wise men who were to rewrite the rules. The terms of his continuing in office, he dictated to prime ministers, who were reduced to the level of great chamberlains. The older he got, the more he understood that he was the only one to be able to turn back the self-destructing journey that had been embarked on. Thus he didn’t understand the aversion and even the resentment in relation to himself, felt by many citizens. It’s true that he did not energetically oppose any shameful laws, like the “lodo Alfano” that even a child would have rejected as unconstitutional, and it’s true that he took liberties to act beyond the scope of his role, but it was for the good of the country. Each year, for time immemorial, at New Year, the President has always delivered a speech to the people. This tradition will be repeated perhaps for the final time. In January there’s an impeachment request waiting for him. An unpleasant action in relation to someone who has dedicated their whole life for the nation. An action by a political force that he is perhaps not aware of, a group whose presence he has not noticed. The President, in fact, did not hear the “boom”. The impeachment is an act of love to allow him to enjoy a well earned rest with his family and to pass some peaceful days on the benches situated on the Pincian Hill with some old friends. Who knows if he’ll be grateful. Merry Christmas, mister President.

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December 10, 2013

Open letter to the leaders of the security forces


Open letter to Leonardo Gallitelli, General Commander of the Carabinieri, Alessandro Pansa, Commander of the State Police and Claudio Graziano, Chief of the Army General Staff of the Italian Army.

“I am writing to you as you have responsibility for the security of the country. This is an appeal for Italy. This moment in history that we are experiencing right now, is a very dangerous one. The institutions have been delegitimised. The electoral law has been declared unconstitutional. Parliament, the Government and the President of the Republic are arbitrarily carrying out their functions. It doesn’t matter that some people who are constitutionalists, journalists, or politicians, are saying that’s not the case. These are the facts. This is the common feeling in the nation.Even the parties have been delegitimised by the continual scandals, by the negotiations between the State and the mafia, by the closeness of some of their members with organised crime, by their indifference in relation to the problems of the country, by the unauthorised appropriation of 2.3 billion euro of public financing that was rejected by the people in a referendum. The management of the public resources, of social services, of the health service, of education and of law and order, is in a mess. The economy is collapsing. Rates of unemployment, especially for young people, are reaching intolerable levels. Small and medium sized enterprises are disappearing. The Government is non-existent. It’s only capable of making continual declarations of optimism that are immediately proved wrong by the events happening the following day. The parties have occupied every space, ranging from the economy, to news provision, to the destination of public money to feed the lobbies from where their own members often come. Italy has lost monetary sovereignty, fiscal sovereignty and it’s about to lose its economic sovereignty with the most likely hypothesis being that of strangulation by the recessionary policies of the International Monetary Fund. Most of the citizens are being kept in the dark about the real situation that the country is hurtling into, thanks to a disinformation regime that places Italy in the 70th position on the “freedom of the press” ranking, where it lags behind many States that are considered to be of the Third World. The disturbances that took place yesterday throughout Italy were mostly caused by the exasperation of the people because of their quality of life and the arrogance of a political class that is not doing without any privileges, but is just intent on perpetuating their own existence. Yesterday’s protests could be the beginning of a conflagration or the precursor of future uprisings that could perhaps be uncontrollable. In Turin, a few officers of the State Police and the Finance Police removed their helmets thus allowing themselves to be recognised. And they looked into the eyes of their brothers. It was a great gesture and I hope there are no disciplinary consequences for them. I’m asking you to no longer give protection to this political class that has brought Italy to its knees. I ask you not to provide body guards for their official blue cars or when they go to the supermarket. I ask you not to line up in front of the magnificent buildings representing the power of those who have been tainted with corruption and shady deals. The security forces don’t deserve such a degrading role. The Italian people are on your side. Join with them. In the forthcoming demonstrations, order your lads to take off their helmets and fraternise with the citizens. It’ll be a signal that is revolutionary, peaceful and extreme. And Italy will change. Lift up your hearts.”
Beppe Grillo

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December 6, 2013

148 unauthorised people in Parliament - #tuttiacasa - send them all packing


The 148 centre left deputies that got elected with the “majority premium” that the Constitutional Court has judged to be unconstitutional, have to go home. Their election has not been confirmed and that can no longer happen. This is what’s been said even by Piero Alberto Capotosti, Emeritus President of the Constitutional Court, a role he has held since 2005. Who are these 148 deputies of the PDminusL, Sel and the Democratic Centre that are occupying parliamentary seats without authorisation? Soon we will publish their names and images on the blog. Get the unauthorised ones out of Parliament!

“The problem is serious. Not right now, not yet, because the judgment will come into effect when it’s published in the “Gazzetta ufficiale” {Official Gazette of the Italian Republic}, presumably towards the end of January. But the day after that, those deputies that were elected thanks to the majority premium become illegitimate. The annulment pronounced by the Constitutional Court has retroactive effect. That applies to the day the law declared unconstitutional, came into force. If their election had already been ratified, there would be no problem. But it happened in the Lower Chamber. Thus, once the judgment is published, as the law is illegitimate, it cannot be applied. Let’s say this very clearly: this judgment has an explosive effect. In theory, we should annul the two elections of the President of the Republic, the Confidence votes given to the various government since 2005, and all the laws that have been created by an illegitimate Parliament. But the past can be saved by applying the principle of expended judicial situations. But from the day after the publication of the judgment, this Parliament is deprived of authority because it was elected on the basis of a law declared unconstitutional. Thus it will no longer be able to do anything and this is a dramatic situation." Piero Alberto Capotosti

{send them all packing}

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December 4, 2013

BEYOND - V3DAY: Micah White and Occupy Wall Street


"Hello 5 Star MoVement! Occupy Wall Street is proud of you. This is an historic moment. We are part of an unfolding story of human destiny. The 5 Star Movement is the most important social movement in the world right now. You are the ones who are showing us the way forward. I want to tell you about why the 5 Star Movement is so important. Right now, all of us are born into a very dark historical moment. And we are a chosen people who are chosen to create a new political reality. Our great task is global governance. We face three challenges. They require urgent solutions.
Number one: the financial catastrophe. Global capitalism is ending. Global capitalism cannot solve the problem of distributing resources.
Problem number two: the ecological catastrophe. We are living through the death of the earth and it’s up to us to solve.
Number three – the third problem that we face: that is the spiritual catastrophe, the cultural crisis. The crisis of imagination that is not allowing us to solve the problems that we face.
The 5 Star Movement holds the key – you hold the key to solving these problems! The key is that we must go beyond protest - we must go beyond marching in the streets and start winning elections! To solve the financial catastrophe we must break the stranglehold that money has on politics. In Occupy Wall Street we say “get money out of politics”. We believe in people’s democracy not money politics. To solve the ecological catastrophe we must build a movement that wins elections in every nation on earth. We want the 5 Star Movement to win elections – not just in Italy - but also in America! Because we need a movement that wins in multiple countries in order to pursue a unified agenda. The ecological crisis can only be solved by a unified peoples movement.
Finally – the third solution to the spiritual crisis: we must build a global solidarity network - a global solidarity network that institutes mutual aid in order to kick off a cultural rebirth to this world. I ask you to become messengers of this new human destiny. Occupy Wall Street is watching you. We are learning from you.
In November next year, there will be elections in the United States and we need your encouragement. We’re going to need you guys to tell everyone about the successes that you’re having in Italy. To tell them that it’s possible for an America to win elections. We need a courageous people, a courageous people ready to fight for a new world. Occupy Wall Street is proud of you. Thank you very much.” Micah White, Occupy Wall Street

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December 3, 2013

The Constitutional Court against the people of the Aosta Valley


15 people decide the destiny of a whole region going against the wishes expressed in a referendum. They are the judges of the Constitutional Court: Gaetano Silvestri, Luigi Mazzella, Giuseppe Tesauro, Sabino Cassese, Giuseppe Frigo, Alessandro Criscuolo, Paolo Grossi, Giorgio Lattanzi, Mario Morelli, Aldo Carosi, Sergio Mattarella, Marta Cartabia, Giancarlo Coraggio, Giuliano Amato and Paolo Maria Napolitano. The people of the Aosta Valley decided not to pollute their valley with the pyrogassification plant, but their wishes are worth nothing. In Italy, not even the Autonomous regions with special statute have a minimum of democracy. The people count for more than the 15 people whose average age is 75.

“At 3.30pm on 01 December 2013 when we were busy in the Chamber of the Regional Council, a news release informed us that the Constitutional Court had issued the judgment n. 285 dated 20 November 2013 and had overturned the outcome of the popular referendum that took place on 18 November 2012. For the first time in Italy, here, in the Aosta Valley (VdA), the majority of the citizen of the Aosta Valley had decided to say “no” to incinerators. We used all our energy to fight during the referendum campaign that culminated with Beppe’s address in Aosta’s piazza Chanoux. At that time, the people of the Aosta Valley came together to vote against this incinerator. But the will of the people is worth zero in this country where participative democracy, the 5 Star Movement’s primary objective, is systematically trampled all over. This is a tremendous blow to democracy but also for the autonomy of the Aosta Valley. It has come to pass because of the actions of the majority made up of the Union Valdotaine and its allies, headed up by Stella Alpina who have repeatedly lobbied certain “environments” in Rome and so they’ve set the scene for this unwelcome judgment. We will not give up in the face of this umpteenth imposition from on high and we will mobilise in collaboration with any association, campaign group, party, movement or individual citizen to fight against the incineration of rubbish. The words of Paul Connet on the V3day stage in Genoa, shouted out with all possible passion, will be the cry that allows us to be victors in this battle. We will win the war against the incinerators." Roberto Cognetta and Stefano Ferrero, M5S councillors in the Aosta Valley

PS. No decision has yet been taken in regard to which parliamentary group the European M5S representatives will join. Any news items affirming the opposite are false and without any foundation.

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December 2, 2013

Beppe Grillo’s modest proposal at V3DAY - BEYOND


Today in Genoa, my own city, the 200,000 really affected me. There was an extraordinary popular presence in spite of the cold and the northerly wind. It was an event made possible by 11,464 citizens that made spontaneous donations of 257,767.77 euro. I will never forget this day. A big “thank you” to each and every one of you. Thank you Genoa!

The 7 points of Beppe Grillo’s modest proposal at V3DAY - BEYOND

- Referendum for staying in the euro
- Abolition of the Fiscal Compact
- Adoption of the Eurobonds
- Alliance of the Mediterranean countries for common policies with the aim of creating another currency: Euro 2
- Investment in innovation and new production activities that are excluded from the 3% budget deficit annual limit
- Financing for agricultural activities aimed at consumption within the country
- Abolition of the balanced budget

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{Let’s go BEYOND}

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November 28, 2013

#Cotamente: Cota’s lying - Let’s send them all packing!


“The revelations about the reimbursement of his expenses continue to come in, in relation to Cota the President of the Region of Piedmont. The actual wording of statements made by Cota on 11 January and on 16 April 2013 has appeared on the Internet, even though only for a short time. Cota’s declarations are really amusing: first of all in January, he put on record that “it’s not possible to stay in the position even with just the shadow of a warning of being under investigation". It’s a shame that he’s actually received the warning of being under investigation, and even the notification of the conclusion of investigations that makes one think that a trial is likely to start and he’s not even thinking of doing an about-turn. In April he had a go at providing a better justification: first he said that “I do not receive reimbursement of kilometres in my pay package", when everyone knows that up until 31 December 2012 all regional councillors and the President of the Region (who is also a councillor) got a lump sum of 1,500 euro as a reimbursement of kilometres as well as a reimbursement corresponding to twice the distance from home to the location of their institutional activity. Then he stated that the groups in the council are emanations of the parties and thus they can spend the money for operations on political activity, when the law lays down that it can be spent only on institutional activity. And not for the wedding present (4,000 euro for a silver tray) for Councillor Coppola or for the city councillor Magliano, and not even for christening presents for children living in Piedmont. Furthermore, in strained Italian he declared that the “funds of the groups have already been spent and anyway if they are not utilised they don’t come back again". That’s not true. At the end of the legislature, the money returns to the coffers of the Region of Piedmont. Finally he declared 115 (!) times that receipts attributed to himself do not correspond to his spending because he was not physically present at the place and time when those receipts were issued. It’s a shame that research carried out by the prosecutors discovered from mobile phone records that he was present at that location. You can make a mistake once or twice, but not 115 times. Evidently Cota is lying. Cota is fighting tooth and nail to stay attached to his armchair complaining about the usual attack against the institutions and against democracy by the left wing newspapers and the elusive lobbies (!). People say that he wants to hang on until the European elections when he’s hoping to have a safe position so that he can then resign. So it’s thus necessary to raise the hue and cry to oblige this scandal-ridden council to resign so that there can be elections as soon as possible and then they can all be sent packing.
Saturday 7 December at 2.30 pm in Turin’s Piazza Castello there’s the start of a campaign to collect signatures that will be expanded to the whole Region, ending in January with a great popular demonstration to tell Cota and Bresso, (PD and PDL) that we’ve had enough and we want change. Come along and find us and set up stalls in every town in Piedmont.” M5S Piedmont

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{Cota’s lying}

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November 27, 2013

In memory of Silvio Berlusconi


from an article by Sergio Di Cori Modigliani

“I would be really pleased if I could say that we are about to see the collapse of a regime. But it’s not like that. Not yet.
It’s simply the end of one banal man for all seasons, someone who, in the last two decades, has been of use to both the colossal Anglo-American financiers and to the Soviet KGB, passing by the Vatican State, the Troika, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Arab Emirates, Libya, and the entire international banking system. The world has always been full of people like that.
What’s astounding is that they all end up in exactly the same way. And they also begin in the same way. They are playing a part that they know to be a superficial performance. But as time goes by, they inevitably finish up , in that human, very human condition, a mythomania mixed with omnipotence, and this leads them to convince themselves that the mask thy are wearing corresponds to their true nature. And they end up believing it. When Saddam Hussein, one of the most powerful and rich people on the planet, appeared at his trial in Baghdad in 2004, he pulled out four volumes of paper and indisputable evidence that - according to him - provided documentation of the great service he had provided to the West that were attempting to convict him and sentence him to death. By doing this he thought he would get off scot free. No one listened to him. He ended up hanging from a rope. Just as nobody took any notice of the appeals, the threats, the last minute proposals spurting out from Gaddafi in August 2012. The same thing happened to the Shah of Persia, Reza Pahlevi, a foolish servant of the Texan oil barons, to the dictator Marcos in the Philippines, to Somoza, to Videla in Argentina, to the very rich and very powerful Bettino Craxi, a man that il Corriere della Sera defined at the time as “an untamed lion that never stops roaring" and in the very same pages, just ten days later, it defined Craxi as "the symbol of national shame, fleeing to Africa like a vulgar fugitive": the time needed for the accommodating journalists that had been supporting him to find a much more interesting contract in the pay of new political stars on the horizon. Today to be recycling the gossip aspect, thanks to the latest spicy confessions of Ruby is something that I feel adds a coarse folklore tone that taints the Italian tragedy with that taste of farce that offends the conscience of the thinking citizens of the nation.


As you can see, the regime is standing up solidly. The road is long and we will travel the whole length until we have changed the nation. Good luck everyone.
In memoriam."

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November 24, 2013

Raging populists


Captain Findus Letta has many good points. He’s the nephew of Grand Chamberlain Gianni Letta, Berlusconi’s adviser, step-nephew of Napolitano who appointed him “President of the Council” in a stormy night (together with Tar Head), the professional liar about financing the parties and the electoral law, enjoying a political career since childhood (he has never done anything else in his life), a Christian Democrat battery chicken who shifted to the PDminusL, able to express his thoughts in English (an astounding skill for an Italian politician), an Andreotti-admirer, one of the worst characters of the First Republic, mentor of the alliance with the PDL since even before the elections when he invited people to vote for the PDL rather than for the 5 Star MoVement. This gentleman is losing his head. He knows that the policy of austerity that the ECB is keen on to save the money lent to us by the German banks and by Germany, will mean that we will smash against the wall and break into tiny pieces. He knows that very well. He’s like a convicted man in the arms of death trying to play for time. The explosive public debt and the ratio with the GDP that’s due to break through the 140% mark in 2014 are creating a spark that cannot be doused down with the ridiculous proposals coming from the Letta/Saccomanni duo. Letta-the-Nephew explained that if taxes are not reduced, then Grillo risks getting 51%, immediately after he has increased taxes on petrol and on current accounts. A symbol of coherence and of lucidity. He’s the first example of a premier-coat-rack. Anyone hanging their coats on him, wants just one thing: the maintenance of the “status quo” even at the cost of keeping Kazakh-Alfano and ligrestina-Cancellieri attached to their armchairs thus exposing themselves to being considered real fools. Letta said that “the primaries are the response to raging populism". Finally something that’s true. Sure, we are populists and we recognise true democracy in the will people. Sure, we are raging against these parties that have plundered the country and are now making themselves out to be the saviours. Sure, we are raging populists and when we have the majority, we will delete this political class out of history. Raging populists? I like that!

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{Raging populists}


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November 20, 2013

Motion of no confidence in Minister Cancellieri


Because she didn’t pay the ICI tax on her property Josefa Idem resigned within 10 days. Anna Maria Cancellieri will perhaps never resign. The reason is simple. Ms Cancellieri is part of that world made up of politicians, bankers, institutions, and financiers, that are as tightly woven together as a petrified forest. There’s been no proclamation from Napolitano for this scandal in which a Minister has interfered in relation to detention that came about because of long standing friendship with Ligresti. Not a whisper from Captain Findus Letta. They are afraid of being overwhelmed and they believe that silence will save them, but they are already condemned.

The motion of no confidence in Minister Cancellieri presented by the M5S:
“Given that news items in the daily papers “la Repubblica” and “il Fatto Quotidiano” on 31 October 2013 say that the Office of the Prosecutors of Turin, are in possession of listings of telephone calls that include a number of calls made between the Ligresti family and the Minister of Justice Cancellieri, and with her son, right up to the day of the arrest of Ligresti’s daughter Giulia. On 17 July 2013 the Turin Tribunal ordered the arrest of Salvatore Ligresti, his three offspring and three managers of the company called Fondiaria-SAI (abbreviated to Fonsai) with the accusation of false accounting and market manipulation; for Salvatore Ligresti and the three managers an immediate trial was arranged. So far, the only person involved in the Fonsai investigation to have agreed a plea bargain is the daughter, Giulia Ligresti. This was agreed on 19 September 2013 and she was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. According to the telephone intercepts, Salvatore Ligresti’s partner, Gabriella Fragni, suggested to her brother-in-law Antonio Ligresti “to get in contact with the minister as a final attempt, given that there was no solution being found for the daughter, Giulia”.


A Minister of Justice that allows herself to be influenced in what she does by personal relationships with the Ligresti family - and by the unclear economic relations of her son - and above all - acting with a notable disparity of treatment towards other “non-high-ranking”, detainees and making use of the magistrates that work inside the Ministry, casts an indelible shadow on her institutional position from an ethical, moral and political viewpoint.
For all the reasons outlined above, in line with article 94 of the Constitution and article 115 of the Rules for the Chamber of Deputies; we are expressing a lack of confidence in Minister of Justice, Anna Maria Cancellieri that obliges her to resign.”

PS: “I have never had, nor do I intend to have any contact with Marine Le Pen’s “Front National”. Anyone stating the contrary is lying and knows that they are lying.” Gianroberto Casaleggio

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November 17, 2013

Europe towards Fascism


The financial oligarchies are amusing themselves with governments that are either just accommodating or that they have directly established. In fact the ECB has the power to influence the composition of national governments. These “alchemists of the spread” evoke a new holy war against the "populisms" that are guilty of raising the issue of an economic architecture built over the heads of the citizens, an action that is profoundly anti democratic. Poverty and unemployment are spreading everywhere in Europe together with uncontrolled emigration from Africa and from East of the Schenghen area of which Great Britain is not a member (and it’s looking at new limits to immigration) and the agreement about Schenghen has been suspended in Denmark, an umpteenth example of the collapse of the EU. Greece has been left to die by its European "brothers", sacrificed on the altar of the German and French banks who wanted back their "pound of flesh". This Europe is not based on solidarity. Whoever makes a mistake pays, and keeps on paying to the bitter end. Right up to the plunder of State possessions, with the destruction of the social fabric of basic services like health care. That’s what’s happening to the Greek people, abandoned to their fate as though they had the plague. Italy is becoming a leper colony. Anyone who gets sick is left to their fate. What sort of Europe is this? It seems like those gatherings of mafiosi in which anyone stepping out of line, gets assassinated. Solidarity should have been the top ideal, the first stone in the European edifice. It hasn’t been like that. It’s not like that. Those guaranteeing the “status quo” that is by now intolerable, in Italy are the commanding pair Napolitano and Letta. They are going on with their impassive convictions and are ignoring the world that is collapsing all around. They are indifferent to a monster that is waking up and that will be difficult, almost impossible to get back into its cage if it’s allowed to get stronger. For these fictitious democrats, guardians of their own personal interests, connected with the world of finance and not with the people that they look down on, the bell is tolling. Unfortunately, not just for them. There’s the risk that it’s tolling for democracies. Thanks to these wretches, fascism is on the rise throughout Europe. Yesterday an opinion poll placed Golden Dawn as the top party in Greece with 26%, in France, Marine Le Pen’s National Front has been the top party ever since it was created - with 24%, in Norway the Conservative Party came out top and another party that did well is the Progress Party that once had as an active member Anders Breivik, the man responsible for the killing of 77 people. In Hungary the far right government has drawn up a blacklist of people that are said to have given information to foreign media, against the interests of Hungary. The prime minister, Viktor Orban, has changed the Constitution undermining the independence of the central bank, the autonomy of the magistracy and of the regulator guaranteeing privacy, and has the objective of realising the nationalist ideal of a Greater Hungary. What are the causes of the rise of new fascisms? Who are the ones that are truly responsible? Who has betrayed democracy?

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November 15, 2013

The PD and the art of lying


>>> This evening (Friday 15/11) I’ll be in Potenza in piazza Prefettura to give support to the M5S candidates standing in the regional elections taking place on 17 and 18 November. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa starting at 7:45 pm <<<<<<<<<<<<

If, for the politicians, it’s as normal to lie to the voters as it is to breathe, for the PDminusL-folk, it is even more so. It’s an art. The art of taking people for a ride. The PDminusL politician is structurally untruthful, for him, telling tall stories is the art of the possible, it’s pure politics. He can say everything and the opposite of everything without experiencing even a tiny bit of shame. For how much longer will we have to put up with these small men who haven’t even got the dignity to keep their word once they have agreed something? For how much longer? The government of broad agreements had already been decided on BEFORE the elections, with the blessing of the honorary PDminusL-guy, Giorgio Napolitano. No one ever asked the M5S to participate in the government, as Bersani has publicly admitted. They have taken us for a ride. They have just substituted Monti with Letta, to continue the policy of being at the service of the ECB and the financial powers. They couldn’t say that during the election campaign, nor straight away after the elections. This is why they put on the performance of asking the M5S to support the PDminusL with the help of the regime arse-covering journalists. So as not to have stones thrown at them, but they were just playing for time.

«To think that after 20 years of civil war in Italy, there should be a Bersani-Berlusconi government, just doesn’t make sense. It’s not feasible here to have a super-government like they had in Germany» (Enrico Letta, 8 April 2013)
«In no way is it practicable or credible to have government agreements between ourselves and the berlusconiana right.» (Pier Luigi Bersani, 6 March 2013)
«The super-government is not the response to the problems» (Pier Luigi Bersani, 13 April 2013)
«The super-government would set up the calendar of the worst possible days» (Pierluigi Bersani, 8 April 2013) «If they’re thinking of getting round the problem with majorities in which I would have to stand alongside Berlusconi, they’re making a mistake. If that were the case, then I myself, and I think the whole of the PD, would take a rest. (Pierluigi Bersani, 2 October 2012)
«In Italy it’s not possible that, even in an emergency situation, the major political forces of the centre left and the centre right could form a government together» (Massimo D'Alema, 8 March 2013)
«The PD is united around a clear proposal. We are saying no to the hypothesis of a super-government with the right» (Anna Finocchiaro, 5 March 2013)
«To do things that cannot be understood by the voters, is not useful for Italy nor is it useful for the Italian people. I don’t think that’s the right way of going about things». (Beppe Fioroni, 25 March 2013)
«It’s not possible to come up with the idea of a grand coalition like there is in Germany. There are not the conditions for having Bersani, Letta, Berlusconi and Alfano in the same government» (Dario Franceschini, 23 April 2013)
«We have always excluded the idea of broad agreements and the hypothesis of super-government» (Rosy Bindi, 21 April 2013)
«What’s needed is a government of change that can give a response to the big problems of Italy. No PD-PDL super-government» (Roberto Speranza, 8 April 2013)
«We must not be afraid to stand up to the others, but that does not mean having a government with ministers from the PD and the PDL. The prospect is not a politicization formula like the super-government. It’s that government of change that Italy needs» (Roberto Speranza, 7 April 2013)
«Our voters would not understand an agreement with Berlusconi» (Ivan Scalfarotto, 28 February 2013)
«There’s no stitch-up: if this election were the precursor to a super-government, I’d not support it and neither would the PD» (Cesare Damiano, 18 April 2013)
«The bitter contrasts existing between the political forces make it infeasible to have a super-government with traditional political forces» (Enrico Letta, 29 March 2013)

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November 13, 2013

The spectre of populism


by Paolo Becchi

A spectre is roaming around Europe. It’s not the spectre of Communism that Marx talked about in his Manifesto of the Communist Party. Today, the spectre is something else: populism. Here is the great fear of the existing, invisible powers, (and they too are like spectres in a certain way), the powers that control what Ida Magli defines as the European Dictatorship: the fear that the next time there are elections, alongside the “traditional” parties, others will sneak in - movements that are in open and real opposition to this idea of Europe, to this economic-financial oligarchy that has been called the European Union. And so this is why, once the enemy has been identified, you need to give it a name and fight it. The name is populism and the Italian version of this is the M5S. Lets get a few things clear. “Populism” doesn’t exist. Populists exist. At times they have nothing in common among themselves. And in different manifestations they can give rise to radical protest movements and even reactionary forms of politics. What have the Russian populists “narodniki slavofili,” got in common with the populists of the Iron Guard in Romania? How can you lump all these together into one category: Ghandi’s populism, Jacksonian democracy, and Peronism? This idea of “seeking out populism" has been going on in Europe for at least twenty years.


In Europe, the presence of the M5S in the European Parliament will bring about the discussion of the idea of the Europe that has been created; it will bring about the need for a Europe that has to go back to being a Europe of the people and not of the great financial elites. “Populism” has nothing to do with it. This is what the existing powers are afraid of. And if we don’t have national elections in Italy in the near future, it’s because they are afraid that it’ll be a 5 star contingent stepping up to lead the presidency of Europe when Italy’s turn comes round. The revolution that has started in Italy would immediately spread to the rest of Europe. This is the real reason why there won’t be national elections in Italy. However, there will be the European elections and that’s when the M5S can and must repeat the success it had in the last national elections. So where do we begin for a new idea of Europe? What do we want? What do we not want? At last, the discussion has to get started. It would be great if the discussion were to be inspired by a reflection from one of the greatest philosophers of the second half of the twentieth century. He wrote (***): “One question the Europeans should ask themselves, if I may hazard a suggestion, is how far-reaching they want their union to be. It seems to me that much would be lost if the European Union became a federal union like the United States. Here there is a common language of political discourse and a ready willingness to move from one state to another. Isn’t there a conflict between a large free and open market comprising all of Europe and the individual nation-states, each with its separate political and social institutions, historical memories, and forms and traditions of social policy. Surely these are of great value to the citizens of these countries and give meaning to their life. The large open market including all of Europe is the aim of the large banks and the capitalist business class whose main goal is simply larger profit. The idea of economic growth, onwards and upwards, with no specific end in sight, fits this class perfectly. If they speak about distribution, it is [ al ] most always in terms of trickle down. The long–term result of this — which we already have in the United States — is a civil society awash in a meaningless consumerism of some kind. I can’t believe that that is what you want.Paolo Becchi

(*) U. Eco, Ammazza l’uccellino, {kill the bird} in Id., A passo di gambero {Turning Back the Clock: Hot Wars and Media Populism}
(**) See the rankings analysed by P.-A. Taguieff, L’illusione populista {the populist illusion}
(***) Letter written by Rawls to P. Van Parijs in 1998, published in J. Rawls - P Van Parijs, Three Letters on The Law of Peoples and the European Union, in «Revue de philosophie économique», 8, 2003, pp. 7-20; Italian translation. Dialogo sull’Europa, in «MicroMega», 2, 2012, pp. 197-220).

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November 12, 2013

Quisling, Letta and the new collaborators


Some time ago, Saccomanni, let slip "We need to tell the Italian people the truth". He was referring to the collapse of the economy. Then he stayed silent while waiting to be thrown out of the government. Since then his situation has been on a knife edge every single day. Meanwhile Captain Findus Letta tells his own lies to the Italian people. He’s always shifting the date for our recovery further into the future. Meanwhile the situation in the country is getting worse with daily war bulletins that are true, news about the bad situation for companies and for investments. This double register has by now taken on a dimension that is both grotesque and like a comic strip. We have the destruction of Italy with the lack of economic policy and we have the untruths coming from Letta being propogated by the newspapers and the TV channels. Letta is playing a new character in the Commedia dell’Arte: the Courteous Liar. Each of his announcements has turned out to be as false as a coin with a hole in it, but he is unperturbed and goes on with his poppycock. One minute he can see the recovery coming in 2013, and now he reckons it’ll be a bit later, at the end of 2014. This nauseating theatrical performance by a little man who has been blessed by fate, who has been a politician living on the State ever since he was born (he has never done anything else in his life, eons ago, in 1998 he was the Minister for European Policies in D’Alema’s government) has however some meaning. It looks after the interests of our international creditors, and that’s primarily Germany. It won’t have gone unnoticed that since his election, Captain Findus has spent almost more time abroad than in Italy to make sure he gets brownie points from international bodies. Like “Rigor Montis” before him, Letta represents the guarantee that Italy will honour the debts that the banks have contracted via the ECB and the reimbursement of public bonds as well as interest payments. He’s the newbie Italian version of Quisling, the Norwegian collaborator who served the Nazis during the last world war. He’s leading a puppet government that’s representing the interests of foreign States and not Italian interests. Even though the fund for laid off workers is about to collapse, 350 thousand workers have been without any dole money for nine months. The number of sole traders has plummeted by 400 thousand from 2008 to June 2013. Unemployment is out of control, the public debt is exploding, shops and SMEs are closing down all over the show. The disaster in Italy is like a daily bombardment with one item of bad news followed by one that’s even worse. Quisling Letta has done nothing to help the country. He’s taking orders from abroad. He’s a bankruptcy commissioner that has to protect the interests of the creditors. How much longer can we continue like this? Selling off even our beaches? There are two things that cannot be delayed. Wasteful and useless spending has to be cut and that amounts to about 100 billion euro. However, these massive black holes in State finances cannot be eliminated by the people that are benefiting form them, by the parties and by Letta. This is why they have to be sent packing. This ceiling of 3% that is strangling us, has to be renegotiated with the EU. We have to go above that straight away for investment in productive activity. Our debt has to be restructured. We have to cancel impossible commitments taken on with the Fiscal Compact involving the madness of new taxes for twenty years amounting to 50 billion a year. “Primum vivere” {first live}. We have to put national interests first.

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{Letta is lying}

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October 17, 2013

Public financing for the parties: “everyone gets an equal share” #leggetruffa


“This law is a massive insolent mockery. It’s being heralded by the government propaganda press as "Abolition of public financing", but in fact, it really means: "You will continue to pay as you did before - but even more".
What’s even more serious is that this law officially places the political system into the hands of the great big economic powers, the lobbies, and even criminal associations that are always on the lookout for new profitable channels to use for money laundering. This is how it works:
1 - They are not all equal. There are parties that can sign up to the special register and have access to financing and there are parties or "political movements" that cannot. (Guess who cannot? That’s lucky because we don’t care about money).
2 - It’s still the State paying. As from 2014, the parties will continue to receive from the State 91 million euro next year; 54.6 million euro in 2015; 45.5 million euro in 2016, and about 36.4 million euro in 2017. Added to this, there are donations from the citizens so that everyone gets an equal share".
3 - Citizens can allocate 0.2 per cent of their income tax to the parties. Even in this case, it’s everyone that pays, because the drop in revenues to the State has to be covered by those that don’t "donate 0.2%" via regular taxes. And that’s not all: the State will set up a special fund" that will include all the "donations" that the citizen will be quite careful not to make. Never let it happen that the parties lose out!
4 - The country in the hands of the lobbies: 300 thousand euro a year for individuals and 200 thousand euro a year for organisations. These are the maximum annual amounts for donations. And the penalties if a donation goes above the limit? A fine. If the fine’s not paid, the party will lose the money coming from the 0.2% of income tax (just think how hard that’ll be ...) Parties can donate as much as they like to other parties. Thus the "coalitions" will become “Pacts of Steel” signed via the cheque book.
5 - The benefits spread out to all the parties whose reference point is an already-constituted group in parliament: thus anyone who founds a party today once the elections have happened (any ideas who? we do) or even little teeny weeny parties made up of turncoats, will anyway be guaranteed to get your money.
6 - Transparency and penalties for irregularities? Forget that. They don’t present their accounts? Nothing happens. No verbal or written reports? Nothing! Where will our money for the parties end up? As ever, in the mysterious black hole.
7 - Anyone who makes donations to the parties can benefit from a tax deduction up to 52%. And who pays for the lower value of State revenues? Start to get your wallet out now." M5S in the Lower House

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October 13, 2013

The rights of the majority


It’s good to deal with the rights of the minority. But who deals with the rights of the majority? The political agenda is as tightly woven as a shrimp net. It’s full of formal questions and laws in favour of the minorities. That’s great. No objections there. However, the majority in the country is absent from any measure apart from those relating to castration. They are kept out of every discussion. They are treated as intruders. The rights of the family, of small and medium sized companies, of students, of those people that once upon a time, with a certain amount of pride, were called "workers" that are now reduced to “precarious workers” and new emigrants. They have no voice. Today the majority has less importance than the minorities that are often exploited to hide the country’s problems. Public opinion is treated as a pariah, as a “minus habens” (imbecile} to be educated because, evidently, if he has an opinion that is decidedly at odds with the parties and with those hiding in the background manoeuvring them like marionettes, then "he hasn’t understood properly“.


Anyone who loses their job is lost. For them, the State will not lift a finger, even though they have always paid taxes and contributions, perhaps even for twenty years. In fact, they even reckon they’re lucky if Equitalia doesn’t come knocking on the door with the “redditometro” system for assessing income, to ask them how they have managed to survive with such a low income. If they hang themselves, emigrate or skip a meal, no one is bothered. They’re part of the majority, of those without rights, without a voice, those who keep Italy on its feet, or at least what’s left of it. "Public opinion is everything" Abraham Lincoln

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October 11, 2013

Impeachment of Napolitano?


We have come to the point at which the serious issue represented by the abnormal and worrying behaviour of the President of the Republic is none other than the last link in the involutional spiral gripping the country». That’s what Giorgio Napolitano wrote in 1991 when there was a request to impeach, the then President of the Republic, President Cossiga. It’s certainly true that Napolitano, prudently, sniffed at the idea of having a formal charge against him: but he didn’t hesitate to call for the resignation of the Head of State, noting that «he had totally lost the sense of the appropriate behaviour for the Quirinale Palace» (G. Napolitano, Tutto quello che penso sul “caso Quirinale” {All my thoughts on the issue of the Quirinale Palace}, in «la Repubblica», 29 November 1991). Who knows whether Napolitano still remembers those words. And today, what’s the opinion about the «sense of the appropriate behaviour for the Quirinale Palace»? King George's recent announcements are the indication of a point of no return. The request for an amnesty and a pardon was clear: «a sufficiently broad pardon, for example equal to three years in prison, and an amnesty relating to non-serious crimes». No one has any doubt that the «conditions in prisons» in this country are degrading and disgraceful.


Thus impeachment is the moment when Parliament has a look at the behaviour of the King: he is accused on the basis of the Constitution, he is accused, judged and condemned politically. This is why there is value in his being formally charged and whatever is decided by Parliament, the final judgement belongs to the Constitutional Court. This is the moment when Parliament, the only body that is the direct expression of the people, becomes the one guaranteeing the Constitution, and it is called upon to read and apply the Constitution against the King that has usurped it. Thus this is the moment for Parliament to finally be aware of what has been happening in the last few months. And to accuse the Head of State, before the people, of having violated the Constitution in whose name he has always said he was acting." Paolo Becchi

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October 10, 2013

The crime of clandestinity


“Yesterday saw the passing of the amendment put forward by two 5 Star MoVement spokespersons in the Senate, abolishing the crime of clandestinity. The opinions they expressed in the Justice Committee were solely personal. This wasn’t discussed in the assembly with the other M5S senators. This wasn’t part of the Programme that eight and a half million voters voted for. It has never been subjected to any formal internal verification process. We don’t agree with the content of the amendment nor with the process used to put it forward. We don’t agree with the way it was done because a spokesperson cannot assume the right to make such an important decision in relation to an issue that is of such concern socially, without have prior consultation with people. The M5S did not come into being to have people not under control, like Dr. Strangelove, in Parliament. If we had proposed the abolition of the crime of clandestinity (to be found in countries that are much more civilised than our own - countries like France, Great Britain and the United States) during the election campaign, the M5S would have gained a tiny percentage of votes. To take the place of public opinion, to replace the will of the people, is the regular behaviour of the parties that want to "educate“ the people, but it’s not our way. The M5S and the citizens who are part of it and those that have voted for it, form a single entity. The content of this amendment is an invitation to emigrants from Africa and from the Middle East to set sail for Italy. The message they’ll get will be simply interpreted as saying "Clandestinity is no longer a crime". Lampedusa is close to collapsing and Italy’s not doing too well. How many clandestines can we welcome here if one in eight people here in Italy doesn’t have the money to eat?” Beppe Grillo, Gianroberto Casaleggio

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October 9, 2013

Here no one is stupid


Yesterday the President of the Parties (the one elected by their appointees), Giorgio Napolitano, said that the M5S has an obsession and doesn’t give a toss about the problems of the people and of the country in relation to his proposal about the pardon and amnesty to free up the prisons. The suspicion that this is happening in order to save Berlusconi and loads of white collar workers is legitimate. The Neapolitan tears shed for those who are behind bars are suspicious when they are issuing from someone who was one of the founders of the 1953 political class and who is now in his eighth year as President. The prisons are full because many are not used, because useless and harmful laws like the Fini-Giovanardi law are in operation, and because European and non-European prisoners are not being sent to their own countries to serve their sentences. What have you done about these issues, signor President? With what sense of urgency have you acted in recent years? You have woken up now with a solution that will resolve nothing, because most of those who will be freed from prison will be back inside in a few months. They will steal, they will use threatening behaviour and will be committing the same crimes as before. It’s power to draw in criminals from other countries will be an irresistible attraction: "In Italy you can do anything you want: spread the word!". In July, the M5S put forward a proposal for prison reform. No response has been received. Did you have your holidays in the South Tyrol , signor President? In recent years, the blog has used film evidence, investigations, and interviews to denounce the deaths happening in prisons. Where were you, signor President? The blog has produced a book about the horrors of Italian prisons: "La pena di morte italiana“ {Italian-style death sentence}, violence and crimes without guilty perpetrators in the darkness of the prisons. Have you read this, signor President? Do you happen to know the name of Niki Gatti, the lad who died in prison, signor President? On a number of occasions, the M5S has called for the introduction of the crime of torture that is not yet included in the criminal code, and Italy is the only Western country without this. Were you aware of that, signor President? You know better than anyone that amnesties and pardons solve none of the prison problems and they increase social tensions as can be seen from the 2006 Great Pardon meaning that Mastella didn’t serve time in prison. So why are you doing this, signor President? You should be “super partes” {impartial} and you are not being impartial when you attack the M5S that represents eight and a half million people in Italy, that has given back the money for electoral financing, that has cut the salaries of its own people, that stays in the country and with the people every day, unlike the Palace that you represent, signor President. Yes it’s true. We are obsessed. Obsessed about honesty. And we are not going to enter negotiations about it with anyone. You’re right on this score, signor President. You can rest assured, we will not let up. Here no one is stupid.

PS: Express your thoughts politely. Avoid publicly insulting the Head of State.
PPS. The blog is available for the online election of the spokesperson to lead the M5S group in the region of Abruzzo.

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October 1, 2013

Letta is always lying twice #LettaMente


Enrico Letta is lying twice: "in the method and in the content".

“Given that my friend Enrico Letta is involving me personally today, it seems to me that I need to no longer stay silent as I have done unwillingly in the last few hours, and say a few things. [...] I think that in politics, apart from announcements (for years we’ve been seeing high-sounding announcements about the wish to repeal the Porcellum electoral law), of good or bad intentions, it’s the facts that count. And unfortunately the facts are clear for all to see. Just over four months ago, 100 deputies of nearly all the groups gave Parliament the possibility of moving from words to actions, that is to repeal the Porcellum electoral law, Letta asked the PD to vote against that motion, basically turning the moment into a Confidence vote; the PD acquiesced to that request and the only ones to vote in favour were the Sel, the 5 Star Movement, the PDL deputy Martino, and myself. These are the facts. I would have been so pleased if the facts had been different. Today we wouldn’t have been in these conditions and in this trap. Today [yesterday, editor] Enrico [Letta the nephew, editor], in response to Grillo, explained that the PD was not against him as regards content, but only as regards the method. It makes me smile: it seems that the accusation goes back to 4 months ago when to deal with safety laws would have been an inappropriate acceleration given the start of a programme of institutional reforms. Apart from any judgement about the concept of acceleration, after years of useless chattering about abolishing the Porcellum electoral law, even in this situation, it’s the facts that count. Putting a stop to that initiative has only meant that we now find ourselves in this current situation of impasse. Today everyone’s telling me that there aren’t the right number of people to change the Porcellum electoral law and thus it’s only possible to make some slight corrections (associated with the possible intervention of the Constitutional Court) and thus risk making the current electoral law even worse. I don’t know whether that’s true, but certainly this line of reasoning is OK for today. On 28 May, the conditions for doing this were all there and if it wasn’t done it’s because Letta, Franceschini, Finocchiaro and the PD’s top brass didn’t want to. Consequently, and I fear I’m not wrong, we’ll be going into new elections with this law or with one even worse, without having managed to achieve something that all Italians would expect: that they can chose the people to represent them. And we are the main ones responsible for this situation. This has to be said.” Roberto Giachetti, PD, Vice President of the Lower House - read the whole text

{Letta is lying}

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September 27, 2013

Poker with death


Just as it is for murder mysteries, you have to take a step back to understand what’s happening. Go back to that evening in spring, it wasn’t dark, nor was it stormy, but three people met up to decide on the outcomes for the legislature. Each one of them had something to gain from the game of poker.
For Napolitano it was re-election, and the certainty of the destruction of the tapes of his conversations with Mancino, for Bersani it was the office of the President of the Council for the PDminusL, and for Berlusconi it was the certainty of impunity. On this investigative detail, it’s worth stopping to ponder. Why conclude a pact for the legislature, or even for half the time period for the legislature that was to last long enough to fiddle with the Constitution to turn it upside down as far as the President is concerned and to put limits on the magistracy and to install Captain Findus Letta as President of the EU with a convicted criminal “in pectore”? Napolitano can be accused of everything, but not naivety. It’s highly likely that Berlusconi was given promises that were later not kept, or more probably that were impossible to deliver. In other words, the reassurance that the whole series of trials and appeals would be timed-out because of the Statute of Limitations. In fact that didn’t happen and he was definitively convicted for tax fraud. Otherwise, what was the point in having a government attributed to the President of the Republic, who was never so exposed as in this case? To see him fall so calamitously for a trial and a conviction that was highly likely at that time and in fact happened a few months later? Berlusconi has the frown of someone who’s thinking "Who has cheated me?". The acceleration of the Court of Cassation’s judgment nailed him like a butterfly to the wall. He keeps on fluttering his wings but he can no longer move. He’s finished, and he knows it. However, the other players are not getting on that much better. Barbara Berlusconi asked the PDminusL a reasonable question "If my father is a criminal why are you governing with him?". The response has not yet arrived. The PDminusL like criminals that fight and especially criminals that govern. They have that undeniable fascination relating to winning contracts and armchairs. And the third player, Napolitano? He has lost the match. But he continues to deny that. He’s like those who have always won (or at least drawn) and he cannot accept having lost. Let him get up from the gaming table, and before leaving, turn out the lights in the Presidential Palace. As you already know, what has died is democracy.

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September 20, 2013

The Constitutional Court caught napping


Even a child knows that the Porcellum electoral law is unconstitutional. The Constitutional Court didn’t understand that straight away. It took time. Seven years have gone by and the newly elected president, Gaetano Silvestri has expressed astonished “perplexity": "There are problematic aspects in relation to the majority premium". Is no one scandalised by the fact that it is the party secretaries that appoint the parliamentarians? The Constitutional Court has not lifted a finger, but instead it managed to act with the speed of lightning to stop the abolition of the waste represented by the Provinces and the abolition of the privileges of the golden pensions.
And the lodo Alfano law that was in force from August 2008 to 7 October 2009? THIRTEEN MONTHS! The law "Arrangements for the suspension of criminal trials against people in the top positions in the State“was declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court after more than a year as it is in violation of articles 3 and 138 of the Constitution. What were the judges doing? Having an institutional nap given their advanced age? The “lodo Alfano” that made a few citizens more equal than others as the pigs were in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, should have been blocked in five minutes. Apart from the newly appointed Amato, Bottino Craxi’s treasurer, who are the judges of the Court? Have you ever heard of them? They get 427,416.99 euro a year, that’s more than 35,000 a month. To do what? The citizens have to know.
The Court is made up of 15 people, most of whom were born in the 1930s. Five were chosen by Parliament, so basically, by the parties, five were chosen by the President of the Republic of the time, thus from a direct emanation of the parties, and five were chosen by the magistracy. Thus, you could say that the Court is a political body and not one that offers any sort of guarantee. The Constitution is written really clearly. It’s a document that can be understood by all citizens. A pupil at the middle school in his early teenage years, would know how to interpret it without problems. It has only 139 articles. A popular jury would be more efficient and more on the dot, than the Constitutional Court. You have to think about it.

{we will make them sweat}

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September 19, 2013

Respect #esigorispetto


The system, that jumble of parties, lobbies and interests that are often side by side with shady powers like freemasonry and occasionally fellow travellers with criminal organisations, has not yet realised, or doesn’t want to admit that the 5 Star MoVement is the top Movement in Italy. The only democratic one. The parties are not democratic and that goes for all of them. They have ignored the referendum on the abolition of public financing, they have appointed their representatives in Parliament with the "Porcellum” election law, thus removing the decision from the citizens, and that’s been happening since 2006, for two legislatures thus completely disregarding the current proclamations and presidential itches. For the parties, the Italian people must not have any voice. Nearly nine million Italians voted for the M5S to bring about change. These people deserve respect. They want to change the country democratically. Among them, there are also the 350,000 people that gave their signatures way back in the dim and distant 2007 asking for the Clean Up Parliament popular law, that not one of these so called representatives of the people has even wanted to discuss. Respect, I don’t want to hear the plaintive reprimands of a lady who sits on a high-backed chair and treats our representatives like school children. Who gives her this authority? Ms Boldrini, an object of interior decoration of the Power hasn’t been elected, but appointed by Vendola. Her tiny little party got into Parliament only thanks to the trick of the coalition with the PDminusL, an alliance that was immediately ditched after the elections in an eternal bit of role playing that deprives the citizen of the chance to take any decision. Respect. We insist on respect. The horseflies of the Republic, the wise-men, are debating the Constitution? Who has given them the authoritiy to do so? It’s not set out in our Constitution that a President of the Republic can strip Parliament of its decisions with an extra-parliamentary group with discredited characters of the calibre of Quagliarello and of Violante, the man-who-can’t-remember from Palermo. The M5S, the top group in the country, was not even considered. Among these so-called wise-men, there’s not even the name of one person of the M5S. For me it’s a virtue, but it’s the umpteenth bit of evidence confirming that there’s no limit to the unscrupulousness of the establishment. And what can you say of the RAI, this organism that has been politically modified, one that has prostituted itself to the parties like an old trollop with no shame left? A propaganda tool for people like Casini, Monti, and Renzi that vomits poison onto the M5S at all times? Who authorises these journalists to act undisturbed against the top democratic force in the country? How is it possible to have such a scandal? Tarantola, Gubitosi, the Board of Directors, the directors of the channels? Gentlemen, you are a public service. You are responsible to the country and you are providing disinformation. That is a really serious crime. Respect . We insist on it and we will get it democratically, but implacably. We do not accept lectures from those who place themselves outside democracy.

{we insist on respect}

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September 18, 2013

The secret ballot of the scoundrels - by Paolo Becchi #novotosegreto


“What’s been happening in the last few days in relation to the M5S is truly amazing. After the farce in which the 5 Star spokespeople were suspended from Parliament for going onto the roof of Montecitorio to protest against the rape of the Constitution, here’s the latest: “Watch out for the secret ballot, because the M5S will use this to save Berlusconi while placing the blame on the PD [minusL, editor]. It’s the great parallel actionlabelled Giovanardi: "In the Senate we’ll ask for a secret ballot and the 5 Star MoVement will save Berlusconi and will then blame the others, just as the Northern League and the Italian Social Movement (MSI) saved Craxi and then start shouting insults against the first Republic". You’d have to be imbeciles who’ve spent ages wallowing in mud, to come up with this sort of reasoning, but the M5S is replying with a battle cry: abolish the secret ballot. And then it’s accused of wanting to create its first “ad personam” law. It’s Gasparri’s theorem: "to imagine a change to the “contra personam” regulation, is a great blunder and anyway, we would never agree to it. Gor this reason the discussion is useless and shameful". In reality, the M5S has relaunched one of the fundamental pillars of its political thinking: the abolition of the secret ballot as a guarantee of transparency and publicity of power that Immanuel Kant formulated and expressed thus: “All actions relating to the right of other men are unjust if their maxim is not consistent with publicity".
No one wants to deviate from the regulation just for the Berlusconi case, but the Movement has clearly said that, if there’s a wish to modify the regulation, that can be done. It’s false to say that this is an excuse because anyway there’s no time to do that. Senate regulations can be altered with a resolution passed by an absolute majority of the members of the Senate (art. 167 Senate regulations). Furthermore, one needs to consider the point made by Valerio Onida, who noted that voting on issues of ineligibility is not about “a person” , but about the "regular composition of the Assembly", with the consequence that, for that type of vote a secret ballot would not be the required procedure. Onida, the constitutionalist, has cited a 1993 precedent relating to voting on the requests by magistrates for authorization to proceed with an investigation against a member of parliament, which it seems, had to take place with an open ballot as they were not to be considered voting decisions about “people”. Onida maintains that there is an analogy here and that thus the same rules should apply for voting about ineligibility. In reality, it’s possible to find an even more recent precedent that is even more relevant, as it relates to a hypothesis of ineligibility. In fact, on 6 June 2007, the presidency of the Regulation Committee stated that –considering the request to annul the election of the deputies Bodega and Neri for reasons of ineligibility – that the vote on the proposals put forward by the Election Committee does not relate to the person of the deputy but to the existence or otherwise of a judicial situation that has a bearing on the regularity of the status of the deputy and on the regular composition of the Lower House. Section 2 of article 2 of the Regulation of the Election Committee says that "voting in relation to the verification of powers, ineligibility, incompatibility, and forfeiture is not voting about people in accordance with the meaning given in article 49, section 1, of the Regulation of the Lower House". Having transmitted the opinion to the Lower House, deputy Leone (PDL) drew attention to the need to change the regulation to put voting on ineligibility on an even footing to that on voting about people (just note: evidently, the PDL thought at that time that it was possible to change the regulation without maintaining that it was just a “waste of time”). Given that a change of that type has never been approved, should one not conclude that the open ballot is still valid today for all matters of ineligibility? As you can see, Onida’s thinking is not simply a judicial “abstraction”, but it follows an interpretative line of reasoning that has been followed in the recent past by the very same parliament that today is finding all this to be ridiculous, unthinkable, and simply an M5S provocation.
The political situation is quite different: things are dragging on and on because the PD [minusL, editor] would not manage to survive without the PDL. If you are fond of novels, they are a bit like Don Camillo and the Honourable Peppone: at that time, they made us laugh, but today their heirs just disgust us, two dead people who believe they are still living just because they are arm in arm to impede the change that the country needs. To give a strong signal, one has to start, taking this sad situation as a trigger, and it’s the abolition of the secret ballot, and the imposition of the principle of transparency in the functioning of the democratic institutions.” Paolo Becchi

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September 11, 2013

Shitty Moralists #SonoUnMoralistaDelCazzo


Yesterday in the Lower House, in response to the M5S request to expel the delinquents, there was a cry of "Shitty Moralists!". The PDL and PDminusL appointees were filled with indignation. It’s a paradox that instead of accompanying Berlusconi to the door, Berlusconi, a delinquent who has been definitively convicted, the people appointed by the PDminusL’s local mafia bosses and by the tax fraudster, wanted to throw us out, us, the so called (shitty) moralists. We are proud to be shitty moralists and above all proud that you dislike us. Your time is up. It’s a matter of months and you know it. That’s why you are behaving like any petty thief caught red-handed. Yesterday you were like tuna caught in a net. We are shitty moralists, the ones that have refused the reimbursement of election expenses that have cut their own salaries, that have rejected the official blue cars. We are the shitty moralists that don’t want convicted criminals in Parliament, that keep their word to the voters, the only ones to vote in the Lower House for the end of the Porcellum electoral law. We are the shitty moralists that voted against the purchase of the F35 fighter jets, that have called for the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. We we are the shitty moralists that have asked the RAI to account for the billion euro given to five external companies of which not even the names have been revealed. We are the shitty moralists that want to restore to Parliament its true role that has been expropriated by the government using legal decrees. We are the shitty moralists and we are proud of it. Without these shitty moralists, the PDminusL would have saved Berlusconi, their true leader, one more time, and it’s not certain that they won’t succeed. They are certainly trying in every way possible, with pettifoggers who are permanently on duty. It’s true, we are shitty moralists and we want to make public life, Parliament, every town council, every institution, more moral. We want honesty to be fashionable once more, we want red lights to be respected, we want thieves to end up in jail, we want the Lower and Upper Houses to become respectable places and not brothels of democracy. "These are the Five Star citizens/ Eagle’s eye, stork’s leg/ wolf’s teeth, Spinoso’s moustache/ they scratch the rogue’s sores.". Elections now! Delinquents get out of Parliament!

{I am a shitty moralist}

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September 8, 2013

Watch Out, We're Mad!


“So an old whore-monger that got the mafia to give him protection (see the Dell’Utri judgment), that has bought judges via an intermediary (Vittorio Metta) and who has just been confirmed guilty at a definitive level with the prohibition on holding public office, can continue to be a burden on the public accounts (taking a salary, having messengers, having the protection of the security forces, or for example paying only 1% of the turnover for the TV frequency concessions) even without ever going to the Senate. On the other hand, a dozen M5S parliamentarians, with unblemished records, with all their great political rights in place, who unlike the old whore-monger, are so frequently at their place of work that they even stay for a whole night, so that they can defend the principles they believe in and the ideals of those they represent, might be penalised and made to lose their right to vote.
This is the feeling of politico-social equity displayed by the president of the Lower House, Laura Boldrini. Or, in her words, this is the interpretation that she gives of “institutional decorum“, given that, yesterday after the work of the Chamber, she went to the office of the presidency, saying that the initiative of the 5 Star MoVement (climbing onto the roof of the Lower House), is contrary to every sort of institutional decorum, and that it gave rise to a greater cost, that would thus be extracted from the young people that yesterday afternoon erected a banner above the Chamber of Deputies, saying (just think about it!) “THE CONSTITUTION IS FOR EVERYONE“.
Frankly it’s something that is embarrassing and unacceptable. From an institutional point of view, it’s not “decorous” that a few young people from a 9 million-strong political entity, should hang up a banner that reminds citizens the love that they owe to themselves, to their form of State, and to those who have fought to bring it about. On the other hand, for Ms Boldrini, it is perfectly decorous that there are hundreds of parliamentarians that are trying to change the Constitution without respecting the rules of the Constitution itself. It’s not easy to know whether to laugh or cry.
And how should these young people be penalised? How is it possible to make good the exorbitant costs that this initiative is said to have caused the public purse, now that it has caused this exceedance of the European parameters on the deficit/GDP ratio causing an immediate increase in the “spread” in international markets?
Having delved into the regulations, according to Laura Bottici, the M5S quaestor in the Senate, the only thing that Ms Boldrini can do, in accordance with article 60, comma 4, is for circumstances of exceptional gravity that occur in the Parliament but outside the Chamber, is to propose to the office of the presidency, the application of the sanctions given in comma 3. That is debarment from the activities of the Chamber from two to fifteen days, which is equivalent to barring the 5 Star MoVement from a dozen voting occasions for a maximum of two weeks, thus providing an even greater obstacle to the defence of the Constitution, given that the 5 Star MoVement is the only group that is still worrying about it and given that, on Monday, voting starts on how to change article 138, that is the one that says how to change article 138, without respecting the rules given in article 138. A masterpiece of “breaking and entering” from the true delinquents of democracy.


You don’t know whether to laugh, cry or get angry. It reminds me of the usual dimwit that asks Bud Spencer and Terence Hill “otherwise, what will you do, get mad?”. And they reply “Watch Out, we’re already mad”." Claudio Messora


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August 25, 2013

Institutional stalemate


“This Government – like the previous one - is the consequence of a political operation that was designed and directcted by the President of the Republic. It’s an "anomalous“ Government. In fact, after Monti’s, it’s the second of two presidential governments of a Republic that is only a parliamentary Republic in name only. Letta and his ministerial team are the result of a majority of broad agreements imposed by Napolitano with the intention of reforming the Constitution to make it presidential-style by bringing in a new ad hoc electoral system. And all this without any sort of popular legitimisation. It’s an authoritative about-turn, an authentic betrayal in relation to those who drew up the Constitution that can only be blocked by ending this legislature. And this alone would be a good reason why this legislature should be rapidly brought to an end.
However, let’s be frank. In reality “the broad agreements” have never got off the ground and we are simply getting closer to the conclusion of something that has stayed in its embryonic phase: basically a therapeutic abortion. It’s certainly an "anomaly“ that a court verdict can bring down a legislature, but, once Berlusconi has been sent away from Parliament, it’s difficult to see how his Ministers can still stay in the Government.
Basically, it seems inevitable that this marriage, (wanted by Napolitano) must end in a divorce that is surely not OK for both sides. This is anything but national pacification! Whether or not the the President of the Republic wants to recognise it, a government crisis seems inevitable. The “broad agreements having merely been useful to prolong the country’s suffering. In a normal country, people would have recognised that it was impossible to continue the experience of Government and that elections were needed because it has now become apparent that this Government is the artificial result of a majority that doesn’t correspond to the latest election results.
This was simply confirmed in Letta’s recent statements when he was on a visit to Austria: "I’m leading a broad coalition parliamentary government – and it is based on the trust of both the President of the Republic and Parliament and it will continue to do its work as long as it has the trust of both the President of the Republic and Parliament". What does that mean? It means that only formally is the government a parliamentary Government: the stability and existence of the Government depends on having the support of Napolitano.


And so we have stalemate. The President of the Republic is trying to find every means to block elections and Parliament will not be able to pass an electoral law. And meanwhile the country is on fire.” Paolo Becchi


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August 22, 2013

Each vote - a kick up the backside


The two allies PDL and PDminusL are tearing each other to pieces, like the gangsters in the final scenes of the film "Reservoir Dogs". And perhaps we are finally at the end of the match. They have used every resource against change, against the M5S. They’ve had to re-elect an 88 year old as the President of the Republic, one who’s a guarantor for the “broad agreements”. With Berlusconi they’ve created a “mess-up” in broad daylight, after getting the votes in the general election by saying that they wanted to clean him up and they called all that a "responsible action". The ones who have brought about the collapse of the country are in government and they want to stay there at all costs. The confirmation of Berlusconi’s guilty verdict was perhaps not foreseen, but it has “broken the bank”. There’s the possibility of new elections, of turning over a new page, after twenty years of the country’s darkness and decay. They know that and, all of a sudden, after nearly eight years of inaction in relation to the lousy "Porcellum" electoral law, they are in a great hurry to get it changed. They know that with the "Porcellum” law, there’s a really good chance that the M5S will win the elections and get into government. If it were to happen, the M5S President of the Council, (a person from within the MoVement), would also be in the EU presidency in the year 2014. A scenario to be avoided using all possible means. And thus, these gentlemen that were amusing themselves with changing the Constitution starting by demolishing article 138, so that after that they could then make any useful modification to a new law for electing a president that would bring about an even greater expropriation of Parliament and that would reduce the powers of the magistracy, have just realised that there’s no more time. Now, for the caste, Constitutional reform can wait and what’s needed is a new electoral laws against the M5S that, as people know, is the top Movement in the country, coming above any party when measuring the number of votes. It mustn’t have the chance of winning! The M5S wants to change the electoral laws, but to bring in direct democracy. It wants to bring in a “preference vote”, a commitment to the mandate, the abolition of secret voting, the possibility of the electoral college removing support from an elected member (as happens in some parts of the United States), the obligation to activate an election programme, the automatic exclusion of every politician with a definitive criminal conviction, the use of a referendum to ratify the new electoral law and insertion of this in the Constitution so that it cannot be changed at the whim of the parties to perpetuate their power. These conditions, as well as the immediate abolition of electoral financing, the introduction of a confirmatory referendum and the obligation to discuss the popular initiative laws, are not acceptable to the PDL and the PDminusL. Italy no longer has time for the little games, for the bullshit, for the "four or five things to be done together" that never get done. The M5S wants to do just one thing. To send them all home. We need to have new elections as soon as possible. Each vote is a kick up the backside of the parasites and incompetent people that have destroyed the country. The M5S will change the electoral law when it’s in government. That lot have kept a tight hold on the "Porcellum" law, because whichever way things went, whether the winners were the PDL or the PDminusL, it was the bank that always won. The M5S wants to break the bank. Let’s have elections straight away, without wishing to offend Napolitano who needs to resign as soon as possible.

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August 15, 2013

Change is possible


Today it’s Ferragosto {mid-August festival}. The sun is shining, but the sky looks leaden, grey, washed out, like a smoggy winter’s afternoon in the city. What are those faces? Those grimaces worthy of depressives? Don’t be like that. Don’t get depressed. Change is possible. We are experiencing a nightmare, but the next morning, you wake up from a nightmare. After the night, dawn always comes. These cardboard masks populating our life are destined to fade and even disappear from memory. "Berlusconi who? Letta who? Finocchiaro who? Brunetta who?" that’s what we’ll be saying in a few years’ time. Change is possible. It is possible to build a new supportive Italy, a community of people without privileges. A place where civil rights apply to everyone without distinction. No one must be left behind. A citizen’s income and the right to a roof over your head will be guaranteed by law. Utopia? What would our life be like without a Utopia that can become reality? A miserable place to spend our existence. After the war we just had rubble and destruction, but we pulled ourselves up. And now do we have to be afraid because of a handful of scoundrels that have occupied the State? We will kick them out. Each vote in the next elections is a kick up the backside.
Italy needs renewal, fresh air, new ideas, youth. Change is possible. Change is possible. Participation is possible. We have been excluded from managing the State, like barely-tolerated guests in our own home, by an opinionated and arrogant oligarchy. Now is the time to take back our lives, our homeland, and to try and be happy. It’s strange to hear these words "homeland, happiness". These obscene representatives all dressed up for a party, have made these words unpronounceable, like the words "People", "Honesty", "Duty", "Future".
In the film "Groundhog Day" the protagonist was condemned to live the same day over and over again, as is happening now for the Italian people. Always the same names, the same "national emergencies", the same unresolved problems, for twenty years. They have made us believe that there are no alternatives, but change is possible. This long period of experiencing death throes is no longer tolerable. Napolitano, the guarantor of the “status quo”, should resign. Let’s elect a new President of the Republic and let’s have new elections. Change is possible. We will smile, we will laugh like children when we have the new liberation, just as our grandparents did way back on that distant day of 25 April, at the end of the war. Coming to our screens soon.

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August 14, 2013

How many divisions does Berlusconi have at his disposal?


Who are you protecting? I’m asking you, in the institutions, in the government, in the parties, as well as you yourselves. One thing is certain: not Italy. A man found guilty of tax fraud cannot be an interlocutor for the President of the Republic and the President of the Council, even if Napolitano and Letta Nephew were elected thanks to him. How many divisions does Berlusconi have at his disposal? How many paid hacks are on his payroll? How many PDminusL parliamentarians are subject to his orders, apart from his own employees, (because that’s what they are, people that the PDL got elected)? How many TV channels does he own? How many people can be blackmailed by this man? In this country if you can’t be blackmailed, you can’t be a politician. How many skeletons are there in his cupboards? It’s not possible to grant a pardon, call it what you like: political readiness, clemency. Italy is a parliamentary republic, the people should be sovereign, but they count for nothing. Who are you protecting? Which economic powers? Your precarious future, your defeats, the corrupted people? You have reduced the country to an economic and social desert and you are clinging on to a delinquent for survival. Don’t you at least find that disgusting? Are you not saying one word of support for Judge Esposito attacked by the party and the newspapers of the Master? If Berlusconi is saved, the institutions will die. Napolitano will leave the stage in the worst possible way. My advice is that you all resign right now. The PDminusL’s silence is the silence of accomplices, of slothful people, of those who, more prosaically, don’t want to lose their bread and butter, their armchair, the power that they have assigned to themselves together with their chum in Arcore. The 5 Star MoVement will not stand by and watch. This is certain. We are getting ready for the autumn.

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August 9, 2013

Porcellum and Super-porcellum


Since 2006 the parties have been wanting to change the "Porcellum“ electoral law. Even Calderoli immediately admitted that it was a mess. Years have gone by, governments have gone by from Prodi to Berlusconi to Monti to Letta, and nothing has been done apart from a lot of shouting for the benefit of public opinion. The parties have kept a tight hold on the “Porcellum”. It has allowed them to appoint anyone they wanted. Both Houses of Parliament have been transformed into platoons of obedient soldiers commanded by people like Berlusconi and Bersani. The “Clean Up Parliament” popular law that once more would allow the citizens to have a direct vote for their candidate, has not been considered by anyone, not by the parties nor by the institutions. With 350,000 signatures in December 2007, it was presented to Marini, who at that time was the president of the Senate, and after two parliamentary terms, it has been allowed to lapse. These fraudsters of democracy that have been living off the tax payers for decades have not had the time to discuss a popular law in six years.
The blog has always said that the electoral law was unconstitutional. No one listened to us and just recently, on coming out of hibernation like a bear in spring, the Constitutional Court has noticed that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark”, that the law could be unconstitutional and it will make a statement on this by 3 December 2013. If the Constitutional Court were to declare the "Porcellum" to be illegitimate, we would have a Parliament full of unauthorised people.
All this has the flavour of a farce, of an Italian-style comedy. With magnificent pomp, the Letta government declared that the “first thing to be done" was to have a new electoral law. Then Captain Findus Letta and his mate Berlusconi let it fall into oblivion while inventing for themselves a constitutional reform to bring in presidential-ism that’s not in the Constitution. In fact Italy is a Parliamentary Republic and the President of the Council is appointed by the President of the Republic. The first step for PDL and PDminusL is the distortion of article 138 that places limits on changes to the Constitution, and after that they would have squeezed it dry in order to reinforce their own power. This plan got stopped suddenly with the confirmation of Berlusconi’s criminal conviction and his wish to have new elections. Suddenly, the Nephew of his Uncle has remembered the electoral law and is frightened of losing the next elections and on Violante’s suggestion, he is thinking about having a majority premium to assign on the basis of a second ballot for the two candidates with the most votes. A system of presidential-ism with a trick, a ”super porcellum”. For the M5S the guiding principle is Parliament. Starting in September, it’ll be possible to have an online discussion about a new electoral law with signed up members of M5S.

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August 6, 2013

Napolitano, step down


Napolitano has tried. He has always wanted the “status quo”, political stability. He believed that a government of broad agreements could prevent the collapse of the country. Instead it has had the opposite effect. He took a chance but with two risks. He wanted to stay on for another seven year period and accept a government propped up by Berlusconi who is a defendant in a number of criminal trials and just based on statistical reasoning, was at that time likely to be judged a criminal after a short time. Napolitano has to accept that in both cases the decisions he made have turned out to be badly calculated risks. I’m not interested in raising the matter of the good faith of the President of the Republic, but his decisions have delivered the country into a state of immobility that has lasted months while the economy has been collapsing. Letta’s hundred days have produced a vacuum-packed nothingness at a time when immediate and strong actions were needed to restart the economy, to protect disadvantaged families and to negotiate our position in Europe. Before the government was installed there was a discussion of the need to act in haste, as quickly as possible, because of the urgency of the problems. Since then, we’ve had silence, postponements, announcements and the attempt to change the Constitution for no reason. Napolitano is a gentleman who has been in politics since straight after the war. He’s been in Parliament since 1953, he knows the deputies, senators, and ministers like an elderly primary school teacher knows each of their former pupils. He’s the last of the politicians of the First Republic still in the picture, after the disappearance of Andreotti, Cossiga and so many others. Whether he likes it or not, he’s the true reference point for a government of dwarfs.. Having a change of incumbent in the Quirinale Palace would have brought about a change, a way out of the entrenched situation. But that hasn’t happened. But as Napolitano knows better than others, no one is indispensable. Whether or not he wants it, he is now the guarantor of a political situation that is destined to fail and he has allowed this to happen and has given it his approval. I’m asking him to step down, to hand over the baton to another president who will decide whether to dissolve parliament or suggest a different government scenario, something that is different from the current one that cannot stand up as Napolitano himself would probably admit in private. There are always alternatives, signor President, and today it is necessary to turn the page.

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July 25, 2013

Coup d'état in August


This government’s true objective is the destruction of the constitutional framework so that it can change the rules of the democratic game and ensure that the parties have the State’s power and its feeding trough. In order to change the Constitution without the parliamentary Opposition impeding the process and without the agreement of the citizens who are the true custodians of the Constitution, the parties want to change article 138, the architrave. After that, a Bi-Chamber committee will be set up to review the Constitution with statesmen of the calibre of Berlusconi (or of his servants, it makes no difference) and of D'Alema and of other ringleaders in the PDminusL. This is why the Government of Broad Understanding was created and it is dealing with everything except the problems of country. What does article 138 say?
"Laws amending the Constitution and other constitutional laws shall be adopted by each House after two successive debates at intervals of not less than three months, and shall be approved by an absolute majority of the members of each House in the second voting.
Said laws are submitted to a popular referendum when, within three months of their publication, such request is made by one-fifth of the members of a House or five hundred thousand voters or five Regional Councils. The law submitted to referendum shall not be promulgated if not approved by a majority of valid votes. A referendum shall not be held if the law has been approved in the second voting by each of the Houses by a majority of two-thirds of the members.
Article 138 is the barrier between the Constitution and the parties. This is what stops them make a pig’s ear of it. It lays down that there must be two episodes of voting in the Lower House and a popular referendum to confirm things. The wise men, whose number has gone up from 10 to 40, all drawn from those who are closely aligned with the government, only PDL, PDminusL and scelta civica, no one from the M5S, are all working away to dispossess parliament of the few privileges it has. As Curzio Malaparte says in his book Tecnica di colpo di Stato {Coup d'état techniques}, it is rare that a Coup involves violence, but it usually happens in a way that is seemingly in line with the law, muffled by the so-called institutions. The change to the Constitution that was discussed yesterday for just 55 minutes in the Constitutional Affairs Committee so that it could be hurriedly voted in the Chamber on the first day of August, without even having the possibility of having amendments, with the Italians on holiday and with the press and the State TV channels enslaved and mute, is the announcement of a coup d’état. And a coup d’état has to be fought against, in the name of democracy.


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July 17, 2013

Alfano knew


Mario Giarrusso’s speech in the Senate, addressed to Minister Alfano

"Signor Minister Alfano,
you came here to tell us a big lie. The big lie is that on the evening of 29 May you were looking for a wanted man. That’s not true. This can be seen from the resolutions of the European Parliament dated 18 April 2013, that already focused attention on Kazakhstan and how it is in the habit of hounding the family of members of the political opposition and it gave warning to our country. Kazakhstan had banned the "ALGA“ party, accusing it of extremism. As an example, this ban assigned personal responsibility to Aliat Rusbenkova, the wife of the head of the opposition party, in prison for 7 years for vague and unfounded accusations. The ALGA party was born from the ashes of the party "Democratic Choice for Kazakhstan", the party of signora Shalabayeva’s husband . Thus, signor Minister, Ablyazov was a political exile. The big lie was that a wanted person was being searched for whereas the intentions were clear. When a government hires a plane at 100,000 euro a day and brings it to Rome’s Ciampino airport, they are not expecting a wanted man. In fact you know that someone for whom an international arrest warrant has been issued has to be extradited not expelled! That aircraft could have stayed there for years. That aircraft was not waiting for Ms Shalabayeva’s husband. European countries don’t extradite anyone because the international conventions, European regulations, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union even forbid the extradition of criminals. We’re talking about a little girl and her mother. But not even criminals can be extradited to a country like Kazakhstan.
You, signor minister, come here to tell us that you didn’t know: this is not credible. You say that the police officers have been unfaithful to their role, that’s not the case. The officers acted in the knowledge that they had political backing from the leader of your party, a chum and an associate of the dictator of Kazakhstan who spends his holidays in the villas of Berlusconi’s friends. The men in uniform that defend freedom in this country carried out your orders without understanding or to please you.
You must perform an act of responsibility that will give a fragment of dignity to this country. Your ministry has sullied the name of Italy, it has put at risk a woman and her child. This woman is blameless but in prison: she was wanted for the false accusation made against her husband.
Signor minister, tell me this: in which democratic and civilised country can a mother and her child be handed over to a dictatorship with unparalleled ferociousness? In a document of the Rome Police Office, signora Shalabayeva declared that the girl was to be entrusted to the care of signora Seralieva Venera. Why has that not happened?
Should we believe your words or the facts? The facts are clear, signor minister. You can draw your own conclusions." Mario Giarrusso, M5S in the Senate

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July 14, 2013

We cannot die for Berlin


After February’s national elections, I received official communications by letter or email followed by a telephone conversation with the ambassadors of the major countries. I observed the great curiosity they had for the M5S and their big worries for the future of Italy and the “domino effect” that a crisis in our country could bring about. Only one major country didn’t ask for an official meeting: Germany. I’m convinced that that’s just because they were distracted. In these discussions, I always emphasised the need for Italy to have greater sovereignty in relation to decisions relating to economic, military, and monetary matters. I doubt anyone has missed the point that today’s Italy is ever more similar to Italy in the seventeenth century when the slogan of the time was "Franza o Spagna purché se magna" {Either France or Spain, as long as we can eat}. Substitute “France or Spain” with “Germany or the United States” and we find ourselves in the 21st century. The obsequious pilgrimage, made by those just installed as Italian prime minister (for instance Rigor Montis and Captain Findus Letta) to Mrs Merkel (and even by the eager “little idiot” of Florence), the one whose only credentials are that he won the Ruota della Fortuna {Wheel of Fortune} on TV, bring to mind the need experienced by the great Medieval feudal lords to receive the Pope’s blessing. On their knees, kissing the sacred ring. "Gott mit uns". The economic interests of Germany and Italy have no longer coincided for some time, in fact since we joined the euro, that is in fact the Deutsche Mark in disguise. What’s needed is a mediation, a discussion among equals, to find a way out of the current impasse, and not the continual genuflection of our politicians. We can no longer stay in the euro at these conditions if we want to maintain our system of production. Either we create eurobonds public bonds guaranteed by the ECB, to share out the “country risk” across the whole of the euro area, or our public debt has to be restructured. Basically invested capital has to be frozen or interest payments have to be renegotiated to provide a different time frame. Both these hypotheses are seen by Germany, that holds a large part of our public bonds, like a nettle rash, but tertium non datur {there’s no other solution}. I see no other ways that will allow us to stay in the euro. We cannot die for Berlin, nor can we end up like Greece to please German interests and the ambitions of our politicians. Primum vivere {first we have to live}, with or without the euro.


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July 11, 2013

A mummy is for ever

A mummy is for ever mummia_berlusconi.jpg

The country has been taken hostage because of a person found guilty of tax dodging and sentenced to four years in prison at the second level of judicial proceedings. Yesterday, because of his trial, even Parliament stopped work to show solidarity. The ones that voted for this are the PDL employees appointed by His Master’s Chambers and some of the employees of the PDminusL appointed by a correspondence mechanism, still by the same Master. The Single Party of Impunity that shouts out against corruption and tax dodging and that is indignant if a bar fails to issue a receipt, has as their symbol and Lord Protector (above all protecting himself) an acclaimed tax dodger. Berlusconi, a newbie Samson with a wig instead of a crest, is threatening to cause the death of all the Philistines together with his own death. With the definitive confirmation of his conviction by the Court of Cassation, his lackeys in Parliament and the faithful allies in the PDminusL, more faithful than the most affectionate dog, would disappear like snow in August. Presidents, councillors, directors who have been plonked all over the place in public and semi-public bodies would pack their bags. An upheaval that has never been witnessed since the end of the war. We are at the point of not understanding whether it is he that doesn’t want to be on trial or whether it is his useless chums like Gasparri, Alfano, Santanchè, Brunetta, Bersani, D'Alema, Epifani (PDL or PDminusL it makes no difference) that are hanging on to him at any cost, embalmed like Lenin’s mummy in the Kremlin, on display for the voters rendered silly by the regime’s TV. Vote for the tax dodger, vote for yourself. If Berlusconi dodges taxes and then tears Italy to shreds, why then should the citizen have to pay taxes and respond to the demands of Equitalia, the tax collecting agency? If the stink of the fish comes from its head and no party (Rigor Montis you who wanted to even put a tax on the air, where are you hiding?) or institution is holding its nose, but on the contrary is tolerating it and inviting everyone to breathe in the stench of impunity with deep breaths, why should the tax payer be reduced to poverty with taxes, crazy imposts and tax returns? In a democratic State, if there has to be impunity, let it be for everyone. If there has to be tax dodging, let it be for everyone. The Berlusconi that is in us has to find the way out to tax havens, to undocumented working, to the receipt that is never issued. Every worthwhile tax dodger, and especially one that dodges all taxes, has to be able to have free help from the PDL and the PDminusL. To get more information, telephone Brunetta or Franceschini, on the freefone number of Berlusconi’s place at Arcore.

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Today at the Quirinale Palace


“To the President of the Italian Republic

I asked for this meeting, and I’d like to thank you for the promptness of your response. I wanted to meet you to be able to tell you directly about my worries for the economic, social and political situation of the country, as I’m convinced that urgent and extraordinary measures, equal to those of a war economy, can no longer wait, even one more day.
Italy is en route to catastrophe. Those who are governing the country today are the ones responsible for its destruction they are the same people who have destroyed the economy. This political class is not capable of resolving any problem. They themselves are the problem. The Government of Broad Agreements, that you were strongly in favour of, is just protecting the “status quo” and Berlusconi’s interests. In any other western democracy, Berlusconi would not be allowed to hold any public position, and he certainly wouldn’t be allowed to sit in Parliament. The Nation is a pressure cooker that is about to explode, but for the last few months the Letta Government is amusing itself with postponing the IMU property tax and reducing the sales tax by one percentage point without finding any solution. The figures demonstrating the collapse are visible to anyone who wants to look and they are dramatic. The unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been since 1977, the constant collapse in industrial production that will be at minus three per cent in 2013, the continual rise in the public debt that has reached 2,040 billion euro, the collapse of companies that are closing down at a rate of one a minute, taxation levels that are the highest in Europe, both for companies and for individuals, salaries that are among the lowest in the EU, the collapse of consumption, even food products, and debt levels experienced by families. It’s a disaster like we had at Caporetto and there’s no one at the backup position on the River Piave. They are all in the grand buildings postponing decisions and making announcements. Parliament has been deprived of its functions. The electoral laws dubbed "Porcellum" {pigswill} is unconstitutional and the parliamentarians have been appointed by a handful of party secretaries. The Government is making legal decrees without allowing a minimum of time to scrutinise them and Parliament is approving as commanded. For some time now, we are no longer a parliamentary republic, and we are perhaps not even a democracy.
The public debt is devouring us. We are paying interest on it amounting to about 100 billion euro a year, and that’s growing day by day. Just this year, so as not to go under, we’ll have to sell public bonds to a value of 400 billion euro. State revenues are about 800 billion year, and of that, one euro in every eight goes to pay off the interest on the debt. Our leaders Berlusconi, Monti, and Letta have not managed to put a stop to the spiral of public debt, that is growing at a rate of 110 billion a year. The interest payments on the debt and the fall in tax revenues due to the mass collapse of companies, to unemployment and to the collapse of consumption, represents the certainty of a default soon. There’s no choice. The public debt has to be restructured. The annual interest payments will do away with social expenditure, investment and research. It’s as though we were in “The NeverEnding Story” where “The Nothing” consumes reality. The interest on the debt is eating up the social State. It’s possible to stay within the euro, but only renegotiating the conditions. This can be done either by issuing eurobonds that I believe is essential, or alternatively by restructuring our debt and that would above all have an impact on Germany and France that hold most of the 35% of our public bonds held abroad. We cannot collapse for the sake of the euro. No one can ask us to do this - nor oblige us to. At the end of 2011, 50% of Italian State bonds were held by foreign bank or institutions. Since then, our banks have bought back about 300 billion from abroad and this includes bonds about to become due and then re-issued to the market. They did this thanks to last year’s loan from the ECB, a loan guaranteed by the States, including the Italian State. They did this instead of providing credit to the companies. And it’s come down to 35%. That’s the best way of going bankrupt. When we’ve bought back all the foreign debt and we no longer have any industrial capacity, we will collapse and the EU will stand and watch, as has happened in Greece. Now that we have power to negotiate, we must use it now.
Italy has an absolute need to help the small firms with measures like cutting the Irap tax on production, with taxation on a par with the European average, with services that are efficient and less costly, with the protection of the “Made in Italy” brand to cover only what is actually produced in Italy and with the possible application of import duties on certain products. At the same time there’s an urgent need for bringing in a “citizen’s income”. No one must be left behind. We are worried about the world’s problems when we cannot manage to give assistance to older people and when we are not offering work to our young people who have to emigrate in their hundreds of thousands.
Measures like the citizen's income and the revival of SMEs are possible immediately by cutting the thousand privileges and useless spending. Listing a few.
Cut out the provinces, bring down the maximum for pensions to 5,000 euro, cut out public financing to the parties and the newspapers, return the handling of public concessions to the government, starting with the motorways so that it’s the State coffers that are raking in the profits and not private companies like Benetton, or in cases where this is not possible, re-negotiate the conditions, eliminate political bureaucracy from companies with State ownership (even partial) where thousands of directors are prospering, nationalise Monte dei Paschi di Siena, eliminate every big useless public works project like the Tav in Val di Susa and Expo in Milan, drastically reduce the salaries and benefits paid to parliamentarians and people in every public position, cancel the mission in Afghanistan, stop the purchase of the F35 jets. I could go on and on. These measures cannot be taken by the current political class because they would cut through the branch of the tree that is holding them up.
This Parliament has not been elected by the Italian people, but by the parties and the lobbies. It cannot tackle a situation of national emergency, of a war economy, because it owes its allegiance to its masters and not to the citizens.
Thus I am asking you to force the repeal of the current electoral law as it is unconstitutional, to dissolve Parliament and have elections once more. Autumn is approaching and with it the probable collapse of the economy. The problems will see a transformation from political to social, and they will probably be uncontrollable. There’s no time left. You have willingly carried great responsibility at a time when you could have and maybe should have rejected it. By now, you have become the shield, the lightning rod of the parties that have not known how to govern, how to reform themselves and who can be considered, at best, incompetent. This is not your task, which is to represent the interests of the Italian people." Beppe Grillo

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July 9, 2013

Squinzi, come to Parliament #SquinziInParlamento


by Roberto Fico

"I, too, have received an invitation from the President of the Confindustria Giorgio Squinzi to tonight’s dinner at the association's hospitality suite in via Veneto. Invitations went out to the presidents of both Chambers of Parliament and of all the Parliamentary Committees. According to the letter of invitation, the get-together is aimed at discussing "the main legislative initiatives that are ongoing in consideration of parliament’s determining role". I’ve decided not to take part. For one simple reason. I’m convinced that the change this country needs, has to come about with behaviours that have been voted for coherently and respecting the institutions. I’ve thanked Giorgio Squinzi for the invitation, but I don’t believe that a "cosy dinner“ is the ideal place for discussing future legislation and measures needed to get the country started again. Parliament is the appropriate place. Our two Houses of Parliament must absolutely return to being the constitutional centrality as a legislative body and they must not be reduced to being places for ratifying government decrees. The fact that the presidents of both Chambers have accepted to take part in this gathering truly leaves me perplexed. Topics of specific public interest have to be discussed in the appropriate institutional places, even with the fundamental participation of all the protagonists of the economic and social life of our country, and with maximum transparency. However, I hope that President Squinzi will accept my proposal. Let’s organise a meeting about legislative initiatives that we need in the future, but with a different format. I’m suggesting that we have this meeting in the Parliamentary Committees. At this point, I’m waiting for his reply.” Roberto Fico, M5S, president of the Parliamentary Committee concerned with Radio and Television

{Squinzi, come to Parliament}

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July 7, 2013

Caste conflict


According to Marx, a social class is a set of individuals with the same relationship to the means of production. Class conflict is usually a reference to a conflict between the proletariat on the one hand and the capitalists and the middle classes on the other hand. Class conflict has been replaced by caste conflict, or rather the battle between those who produce wealth and social services and the parasite class, the caste. The comparison is not simple. It’s not as straight forward as it was in the past: proletariat against capital , but its like the leopard’s spots. In fact the castes are everywhere - all around us. They are the cholesterol in the veins and in the arteries of the nation. The castes are united and joined together and they form an immense body, a super social block, that nullifies any push for change. A bulimic rubber wall, that feeds itself with an increase in taxes, in stamp duties, in arbitrary imposts. The State-Caste only talks about taxes, IMU, IVA, IRES, and IRPEF, topics that by now have absorbed every corner of political communications. Blood transfusions from those who produce to those who waste money to keep them alive. The power of the caste does not stem from the control of the means of production, but from the control of the media. Without the daily lies, the caste would be nude and visible in their arrogance and uselessness. Those keeping them alive with massive daily sacrifices would come out into the streets like the people are doing in Egypt’s Tahrir Square and Turkey’s Taksim Square. Everywhere there’s a parasitical class, there there’s a caste that uses its nails and its teeth to defend its privilegesThe political caste, the caste of the newspapers, the caste of the bureaucracy, the caste of the public administration, the caste of the useless entities, the caste of the companies partially owned by the State, the caste of the companies managing concessions, the caste of the golden pensions. Infinite castes that strangle the citizen like a boa constrictor. The Italian castes are like a parasite that kills its host organism, and is indifferent to the fact that that way it is also condemning itself. The battle against the castes is the true political battle: take away the power from those that exercise power to perpetuate themselves and their dominating position. Italy is a petrified forest where nothing must change and if it changes, it’s only an apparent change, to keep up "democratic" appearances and to keep things unaltered. Immobile. Immutable. Anyone who lives in the forest can make their voice heard, a voice that apparently will be welcomed, to make the person feel free, but it will never be listened to.

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July 2, 2013

Today, 2 July 2013


Today, 2 July 2013, the weather is good throughout nearly the whole of Italy, including the islands. Unemployment has reached record levels never seen since records began in 1977. Industrial production has plummeted. Companies are closing down or moving abroad. The public debt has gone up. A few people are committing suicide, but that, by now is just a detail. Meanwhile, the Government is just making announcements and it is taking things one day at a time so that it doesn’t kick the bucket under the careful direction of Napolitano on the Hill, Napolitano who is sending out signs of daily support to the Ministers. Everything in accordance with what is normal. Nothing new. What’s new is worse. We are heading towards economic catastrophe and no one in the government, in the parties, and in the institutions has the courage to stand up and say it and do something about it. With this lot, we will never change. Their only objective is to gain time, like condemned men in death’s embrace. However their time is asymmetric with our time. The more time they gain, the more we lose and the more Italy goes under. Even Fascism had the decency to bring down Mussolini, and indirectly to bring about its own collapse on 25 July 1943, the day of the Great Council. This lot are hanging on like limpets. They are the disease and they also want to be the cure. Not even Fascism or the King would have tolerated an Executive based on the support of Berlusconi. The Italian people are moving towards poverty, towards years of national reconstruction with a guy called Letta, a new Romolus Augustulus, the last insignificant Roman Emperor. The Italian people expressed their wish for change at the national elections in February. The M5S came out first in 50 provinces and second in 42 out of a total of 108, the top party in the whole country. Since that moment, there’s been a constant bombardment from all the media, including the public TV channels (a disgrace!). A constant de-legitimisation by The System that has affected anyone who is a member of M5S or even those who dare to say they are in favour of the M5S. I would not like to be in the shoes of these politicians, or of these paid hacks, when the Italian people understands that it has been deceived. Italian people are described as "good people", but they can become ferocious, as has been seen in history, even recent history. Let Napolitano speak on TV, in the early evening and let him speak to the nation. Let him tell the truth about the state of the economy, about the measures that we’ll have to take, about the enormous sacrifices awaiting us. Let him impose the repeal of the "Porcellum” {pigswill electoral law} , that only the M5S (and a single PDminusL deputy) voted against in the Lower House. And let him dissolve Parliament. This agony cannot last. I’m asking for a meeting with Napolitano.

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June 9, 2013

There are those who voted for the M5S


There are those who voted for the M5S because they believed in miracles
There are those who voted for the M5S because they could no longer put up with being taken for a ride
There are those who voted for the M5S because the PDL and the PDminusL are two sides of the same coin
There are those who voted for the M5S because they are “exited”, “precarious workers”, unemployed, they’ve been thrown out of their homes
There are those who voted for the M5S because they wanted change, any change, the important thing was to turn over a new page, better to have a leap in the dark than an assisted suicide
There are those who voted for the M5S because "Let’s give this a try before the armed revolution"
There are those who voted for the M5S because they didn’t watch TV
There are those who voted for the M5S because the M5S wasn’t stealing, were cutting their own salaries and they were not getting the public financing for the parties and this was a great start
There are those who voted for the M5S because Beppe Grillo went around in a camper without bodyguards and he shared out his own sweat in massive quantities at the gatherings
There are those who voted for the M5S because they had seen people like Floris, Gruber, Vespa and Formigli on TV too many times and they wanted an anti-vomit preparation as soon as possible
There are those who voted for the M5S because of “Monte dei Paschi di Siena”, “Unipol”, and people like Fiorito, Lusi, Tedesco, Penati, Dell'Utri, Cosentino and so on and so forth
There are those who voted for the M5S because Travaglio was a good person
There are those who voted for the M5S because they thought that Scalfari was not a good person
There are those who voted for the M5S to be certain to be able to break free from Napolitano
There are those who voted for the M5S because they wanted social justice with the introduction of a citizen’s income
There are those who voted for the M5S because in Italy there was no freedom of information and Italy was ranked 68th in the world
There are those who voted for the M5S because the big bishops and the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference) attacked them perhaps so as to hang on to the IMU property tax exemptions
There are those who voted for the M5S because they didn’t want to emigrate
There are those who voted for the M5S because only madmen can change history
There are those who voted for the M5S because mud was thrown at the M5S every day by publications like l'Unità and La Repubblica, but also by Il Giornale and Libero, l'Espresso, Panorama, and TV news programmes like Tg3 and Tg4
There are those who voted for the M5S to finally allow Berlusconi to fall into History’s waste bin
There are those who voted for the M5S because the M5S young people have clean faces
There are those who voted for the M5S without even knowing why, just to try it, to see what would happen
There are those who voted for the M5S thinking they were delegating rather than participating
There are those who voted for the M5S because everyone, just everyone was against the M5S: the parties, the news outlets, lobbies, international powers, organised crime connected to politics and, for this very reason, being the only ones seated at the wrong side of the table, they could do it.

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May 31, 2013

The dictatorship that’s on its way


by Paolo Becchi

“But it is actually moving! Sure, one might have expected something from a government that up until now has done nothing but living off the produce of the previous government. One might have expected at least some tiny move towards growth after the austerity measures - that the President of the Court of Accounts has recently said - cost us 230 billion euro. To be sure, we’ve had a teeny bit of European help in the last few days. A bit like the loan shark that has to keep his victim alive as he has no idea what to do with a corpse. So the deficit procedure has been closed down and the eurocrats governing us from Brussels have decided to connect us back up to the oxygen supply. However, our government has much more urgent stuff to deal with and in relation to the economy the only thing it has done is to shift the deadline for paying the IMU property tax to September, just like resit exams, and it’s discussing the possibility of increase the IVA sales tax, just so that consumption will be improved. No, Letta cares not a fig for the millions of unemployed, laid off workers, suicides, young people waiting for their first job, student with disproportionate fees to be paid, small and medium sized companies that are closing down every day. This is a different Italy, that he doesn’t want to see. Therefore, instead of dealing with the relentless economic and social decline of our country, the government has decided to focus on rewriting our Constitution. It has set itself a period of 18 months to eliminate the only solid thing that still exists in Italy. In correspondence with the parties that are melting away (just have a good look at the results of the town council elections and look at the consistent losses even of the party that today reckons it won the elections, even though there is a notable element of abstentionism) there is also a country that is melting away. This is already happening, but there’s the need for the final blow by changing the fundamental rules that were established way back after the end of the Second World War and in preparation for an authoritarian about-turn in our democratic parliamentary institutions. So as we saw yesterday in the Lower House, the PDminusL was internally divided on the need for revising the “porcellum” electoral law, fearful of Berlusconi’s wrath. They aren’t capable of changing the electoral law, but they want to destroy the Constitution. Constitutions don’t grow up like toadstools, but they are the fruit of an upheaval within a country. Our Constitution came into life from the anti-fascist Resistance. The new one seems about to be given life by the threesome made up of “Al Tappone”, the nephew of his uncle and the angelic Alfano. Do we want to let them do this?" Paolo Becchi

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May 28, 2013

I understand you


It’s not right to lay the blame for yesterday’s (lack of) vote for the M5S to the paid hacks that ever since the national elections have been defaming the M5S 24/7 in the newspapers and on all the TV channels that are notorious for being owned by the parties. It’s not right! The results of the local elections are not the result of having badly informed citizens. On the contrary, because people were voting for the towns, close to the everyday reality, people were fully conscious of what they were voting for. It wasn’t a matter of the Italian people making mistakes out of habit or because they are gullible, but these are people who are wholly responsible for the choices they make. Please let’s not blame the journalists or the “talk shows”. They maybe had some effect, but not that much. Just less than 50% didn’t vote. The rest of the voters chose the coalitions of PDL and PDminusL and in part the M5S. I understand those who voted with conviction, for the people convicted at the second level of the court procedures, for tax dodging and those that showed their preference for the people responsible for the ILVA disaster, and for Monte Paschi that have a witness in Penati whose trial got timed out due to the Statute of Limitations. I understand those who kept the bar raised and rewarded the parties that soak up public financing and not those that give back the financing to the State. I understand. Your vote was thought about, pondered about. There are two Italies. The first, let’s call it Italy A, is made up of those who live on politics, 500,000 people, people who have the security of a public salary, 4 million people, pensioners, 19 million people (but take out those who just get a minimum pension which is just derisory). The second, Italy B, made up of independent workers, people laid off work, “precarious workers”, small and medium sized enterprises, students. The first lot are rightly interested in maintaining the status quo. They vote for themselves and then for the country. On our flag it says "We have a family to provide for". In the last few months I haven’t heard about any civil servants, any of those with multiple pensions, or any top directors committing suicide. However, every day there are those who have been turfed out of their homes, bankrupt business people, and unemployed people, who set themselves on fire, throw themselves out of the window or who hang themselves. These two Italies are tied together like Siamese twins like the sand in an egg timer. Italy A cannot live without the taxes from Italy B, but the latter is dying. Every minute, a company is leaving us for ever. Anyway, I understand you, your pension, especially if it’s double or greater than 5,000 euro, is truly important. Your salary allows you to live, whether it comes from public funds or from politics, doesn’t matter. The M5S has made mistakes, who knows how many, but it is the only one in the history of the Republic, to give back 42 million euro to the State, to cut the salaries of the parliamentarians and to channel three quarters of the salaries of the Sicilian regional councillors into micro-enterprises. The Cold Autumn is coming closer and perhaps by then, Italy A will understand that voting for those that reassure them, but who in reality have destroyed the country, is condemning them to a road of no return. I understand. You did what’s right.
PS: I’d like to thank all those who "took a risk" and voted for the M5S, and who as a consequence of these elelctions which saw them putting themselves forward in 199 towns, most for the first time, will have 300 or 400 new councillors, which is double the current number.

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May 24, 2013

Where were you?


>>> Today, Friday 24 May, I’ll be in Viterbo at 5:00 pm and Rome, Piazza del Popolo at 8:30 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa
The final event of the Tour entitled “Tutti a Casa” {Send them all home}, is today 24 May in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Give your support with a donation

22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas, John Kennedy was assassinated. Every American living at that time, remembers where they were when they learned this news. Coming out of the cinema, having lunch, travelling, playing baseball. Kennedy’s murder and the place and circumstances of each individual are connected in an indestructible way. Here with us, at the periphery of the Empire, if this question is asked of the servants of the State permanently at the service of themselves, there’s no reply. "Where were you at the moment when there was the slaughter in Capaci? The murder in via D'Amelio?" "Where were you at the moment when someone caused the disappearance of Borsellino’s little red notebook and comfortably removed all the documents fromTotò Riina‘s apartment, the documents containing the evidence of your collusion with the mafia?". I imagine you were participating in a seminar about justice or delivering a speech in Parliament against the mafia. Or giving outraged interviews. Remember? I bet you don’t. Your memory is frail, so poor when you have to give details to the magistrates who for years have been investigating the negotiations between the State and the mafia. At times when faced with some evidence, you suddenly remember. Honest Italians, who gained hope from the Sicilian judges and saw the chance to turn over a new page, they remember where they were, what they were doing when Falcone and Borsellino were sent to their deaths.
When Falcone left us, I was in my car and I heard about his death on the radio. I even remember which twist on the hillside I was going round. When Borsellino died, I was in France and while I was queueing to buy a baguette, a lady said to me in French "They’ve killed another judge in Italy". In France, the killing of a judge is something that’s unheard of. It means unleashing the force of an implacable State against you. With us, on the other hand, a part of the State covered up, placated, assuaged, hid the evidence, but they no longer remember anything, where they were, what they were doing, what they didn’t do to avoid the elimination of their best men. Everybody should remember, especially the accomplices. "Where were you then? And, above all, where are you now?".

Where were you when Falcone left us? Participate using Twitter: #21annifaero {21 years ago I was}

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May 19, 2013

The M5S is not left wing (and neither is it right wing)


>>> Today, Sunday 19 May, I’ll be in Orbassano, at 5:00 pm and Ivrea at 9:00 pm. Tomorrow, Monday 20 May, I’ll be in Aosta at 8:00 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa.
The final event of the Tour entitled “Tutti a Casa” {Send them all home}, will be on 24 May in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Give your support with a donation

The M5S is not left wing (and neither is it right wing) It’s a Movement of the Italian people. It doesn’t want to have a "shared journey" with anyone who has brought about the ruin of Italy. We don’t want dead weight. PD, Sel or PDL, this side or that, for me they’re all the same.

“What is right wing? What is left wing?" (*)

To be a bit racist is right wing
whereas to let anyone come into Italy is left wing
accelerating the time frame of the Statute of Limitations is right wing
justicialism towards your opponents is left wing.
The clandestine person is left wing
Extreme nationalism is right wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
A great GMO soup is right wing
cement on top of a wheat field is always left wing
all the “talk shows” are run by payrolled journalists,
on the right or on the left ...
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
Shouting “Forza Italia” at football matches
has a slightly right wing flavour
but bringing a canoeist into the government, a bit German,
is a bit more silly than left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

The TAV in the Val di Susa is one sign of the left wing
with truncheons and tear gas they’ve gone towards the right wing
pensioners in the street supporting Berlusconi are a bit right wing
when they’re trade union members they’re also left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
Same sex marriages are a left wing banner
paid prostitutes are more than ever right wing
Monte dei Paschi in company, like having a piss, is left wing
the illicit pot of money is always basically right wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The P2, beautifully sky blue and transparent
is obviously a bit right wing
whereas the bureaucracy that strangles the State is left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

Ideology, ideology
I still don’t believe there is one
it’s a folding screen to dupe the people.
The MoVement is above and beyond that and it talks to the Italian people,
not to the PD-folk nor to the Berlusconi-folk.

But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The thinking of the Confindustria is born on the right
now it has even become OK for the left
no one knows whether corruption has only been right wing
but now it is certainly also left wing.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...
The vigorous clenched fist salute
with the wad of money held up is a gesture of left wing directors
the salute that’s a bit Roman, with an open palm, even though it’s been OK’d
is still a bit fascist.
But what is right wing what is left wing ...

Even the Pope recently
has become a Qualunquismo supporter and a bit of a populist.
he says he’s thinking about the poorest and not about the banks
whether they are right wing or left wing.
The State that has negotiated with the mafia
is a shitty State, for twenty years the same stink on the right
as on the left
The electoral law nicknamed "Porcellum" was delivered from the wombs of the sows on the right
however with help of the left wing boars

Ideology, ideology
I still don’t believe there is one
it’s a folding screen to dupe the people.
The MoVement is above and beyond that and it talks to the Italian people,
not to the PD-folk nor to the Berlusconi-folk.

(*) Freely inspired by "Destra Sinistra" {Right Left} by Giorgio Gaber

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May 17, 2013

Napolitano against the crime of vilipendio


>>> Today, Friday 17 May, I’ll be in Martellago, at 5:00 pm and Vicenza at 8:30 pm. Tomorrow Saturday 18 May I’ll be in Cinisello Balsamo, at 2:00 pm, Brugherio at 4:00 pm, and Imperia at 9:00 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa.
The final event of the Tour entitled “Tutti a Casa” {Send them all home}, will be on 24 May in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Give your support with a donation

While investigations are going on all over Italy into the 22 people that left a comment about Napolitano on this blog, I’ve discovered that the President is in agreement about the abolition of article 278, laying out the crime of “vilipendio” {public insult} against the President of the Republic. He said this at a time you wouldn’t have thought of, in 2009, as revealed by his former spokesperson Pasquale Cascella who said that Napolitano invited "anyone who has the authority to initiate legislation to feel free to propose the abolition", leaving the general public to weigh things up as they see fit "then let it be the citizens that judge what is freedom to criticise and what is not, in relation to institutions that should be kept outside of the political and media mêlée". Strengthened by the reassurance of the President that "in relation to “vilipendio” against the Head of State, it’s up to Parliament to decide", on Monday the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} will lay before the Senate, the proposal to abolish article 278 and on Monday it will do the same in the Lower House. A law associated with the Codice Rocco that protected Mussolini and the King. I’m sure that our initiative will get the unanimous support of both Chambers. Napolitano is on our side. Anyone voting against the abolition of this law is also against the President of the Republic and could get tarnished with the crime of “vilipendio” {public insult}.

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May 12, 2013

The flower of our youth and eternal old age


Detail from “Faust and Mephistopheles" by Eugène Delacroix (1826-27), The Wallace Collection (London)

>>> Tomorrow, Monday 13 May at 7:00 pm, I’ll be in Avellino on via Matteotti. The live broadcast will be on La Cosa! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Yesterday, parading through the tiny streets leading to Brescia’s piazza del Duomo, together but in opposition, there were the flower of our youth and theold ones of the Republic. Crew necked sweater, pullover, tie and glasses round their necks, white hair and the comfy trousers that pensioners like, were side by side with T shirts, rastas, fleeces, untamed beards, the multi-coloured flag of people who are unemployed, students, of precariously employed. The two groups were unmixable - just like oil and water. Non-communicating vessels. Two generation gaps. An abyss. Grandchildren and grandparents. In the eyes of the elderly people that rushed up to the stage to listen to the ravings of an old man (nearly 80 years old) there was amazement and wonder. They didn’t understand the shouts and the anger of the young people. For them, it was normal that someone sentenced to spend four years in prison for tax fraud should publicly attack the magistracy and be accompanied by the Minister for Internal Affairs. A scene like one in South America in the city that saw the slaughter in piazza della Loggia. For the young people, it was an affront, a provocation. For the elderly people it represented normality, that acclaimed every day by the TV stations, their Faustian filter of eternal youth. The consternation in the face of the protest was authentic. By now, society is "divisive" to use a trendy term. On one side, there are those that have a pension, that pay IMU because they have one or two homes, that have been able to provide for a family, that have worked as employees all their life, and often have a bit of money put aside for savings. People that, at 20 years old, when they were starting out in life, knew that they had a future. It all depended on them. On the other side, there are those who literally have nothing. Forced to emigrate. With no work, no home, no income, no family, no hopes. The Drowned and the Saved .
Italy is a world for old people. Its President is the one who has lived the longest in the whole world. He’s been in Parliament for 50 years. A country turned to stone. The young people want to get the story. They have the right to know. The collapse is not their fault. On the stage for the important people, they see those who are responsible for the disaster, the arrogant people, protected by the security forces, who are also young people in uniform who also know they can’t take it any more. In the absence of a pact between the generations there will not be those who are drowned and those who are saved, just those who are drowned. "Ah, if only you’d told me before" - the words of Jannacci.

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May 9, 2013

Al Tappone


In any democratic country, a character like Berlusconi would be in prison or kept well away from any public office. With us, he’s the one holding the balance of power within the Government, he’s the reference point for Napolitano in his double 7-year-term, protected from the Opposition by the PDminusL which is formed in his own image and likeness, defended by the servants that he has appointed to Parliament, defended by the lies of the TV and the newspapers. The guilty verdict that was confirmed on appeal, and the four year custodial sentence for tax fraud involving the TV rights for the Mediaset networks, together with a five year ban on holding public office and a three year ban on holding a directorship would have annihilated any politician in the UK, Germany or the USA. With us this guy gets considered to be a statesman. He makes statements. He puts himself forward as the Father of the Fatherland.
It’s the time of the Conciliation of Captain Findus. Of the Broad Agreements in the light of day between old chums that have been going around with each others for twenty years. Berlusconi is the guarantor of the obscene bond between illegality and democracy. A parasite that would bring about the death of the nation if, like an Aien, he were extracted from its stomach. This is the thinking of those who are doing their best to keep him alive with loving care and with ad hoc appointments like Palma to the Justice Committee in an agreement with the PDminusL. In an old pre-show joke, the actor on the stage, annoyed by the whistles, said "I’m not angry with you making a noise, but I’ve got it in for your neighbour who isn’t beating you up". I’m not angry with Berlusconi but with the people that have in the past and are right now, making him a possibility, with those who are providing him with moral impunity, with political legitimacy. I’m angry at the private sector use of the TV frequencies, with those who are not calling for his immediate resignation from Parliament and who like D'Alema declare "I’m not commenting on judicial happenings".
In Parliament, the 5 Star MoVement will ask for him to be declared ineligible in accordance with the law dated 1957 according to which the owners of a public concession and the legal representatives of a company that conducts business with the State cannot be elected and in accordance with yesterday’s verdict and the ban on holding public office. Let’s see who votes that he is ineligible. I’ll eat my hat if the PDminusL vote for that. Boccia, the PDminusL husband of his PD wife, who have both set up home in Parliament, has declared that the issue of Berlusconi’s ineligibility "Is not a priority for the country but a way of continuing to do propaganda".
Meanwhile there’s a rumour that Berlusconi could be elected a life senator. The solution to each of his problems. A match in a hay stack.

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May 7, 2013

Go, or encirclement


Go is a Chinese board game, going back 2,500 years. It’s the oldest game that is still played. Two players place black stones and white stones on the vacant points at the intersections of a board made up of 19 x 19 lines. The players aim to control an area of the board that is greater than that controlled by their opponent. With this in mind, they place their stones so that they cannot be captured and they create spaces that cannot be invaded. A player can capture his opponents stones if he has completely surrounded them with his own stones and they don’t have internal spaces or "eyes". The 5 Star MoVement is apparently surrounded, its founders, its parliamentarians, those that openly support it, its activists. Anyone saying one word in public is attacked as a heretic, deviant, violent, terrorist, willing author of a blood bath, a mad visionary, an incompetent. Every ill in Italy is attributed to the M5S by the newspapers and TV channels that have shamelessly become a cross between Stalin’s Pravda and “Der Stürmer” during the Nazi era. If you cannot attack the ideas, attack the people (the M5S ideas are being copied by politicians who are proud fellow countrymen starting with Captain Findus Letta, but never put into effect). The sensation of being surrounded, "calpesti e derisi“ {downtrodden and derided} by the Constituted Power that is moving every available lever to destroy the M5S, is something you can actually feel in the air. One that is heavy, and murky and is perhaps announcing serious happenings. While the action of encirclement goes on, anotherencirclement is happening around the Constituted Power. These are the citizens of Italy, whose anger is well known to anyone who’s often in a bar or a public street. The M5S voters are among these people. There are eight and a half million, the top party. Their vote hasn’t even been taken into consideration. A vote considered unauthorised by the triad “Napolitano, PDminusL and PDL”, the secular transposition of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This anger "that gets louder every day" isn’t reaching the ears of the “Undismissables” or perhaps they aren’t afraid of the anger. It’s a matter of time. By Autumn, they will realise that it is they that are on the inside of the circle. Without the chance to escape towards the centre nor towards the outside. The clash will alter from being about economic policy to social policy and it will be uncontrollable. It’s the game of Go, great!

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Captain Findus’s dream book


The Financial Times Editorial dated 5 May 2013 talked about “Captain findus Enrico Letta” and his dream book. The original: "Letta’s dream book"

“Enrico Letta, Italy’s prime minister, is the new hero of the anti-austerians.


Mr Letta’s book of dreams is unlikely to become reality. ." Financial Times Editorial

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May 5, 2013

The voter doesn’t count


The voter doesn’t count. The parties choose who they want to appointment as their parliamentarians. The President of the Republic gets chosen. Even the Opposition gets chosen. Since the “porcellum” {pigswill} electoral law that came into force in 2005, no government (right or left wing) has wanted to get rid of it. The parties are playing the three card trick with the voters. Coalitions are formed with the Sel, Fratelli d'Italia and the Lega as they have such tiny percentages but this saves them from disappearing completely. This fulfills three objectives. The first is to keep some zombie politicians alive. They wouldn’t even get 3%. The second is to make sure there’s a superficial Opposition in Parliament. The third is to prevent the M5S, (the top party in Italy) from governing (at least in these elections, then in the future, let’s see).

“National Elections 2013: Lower House, centre-left coalition, Pierluigi Bersani: 29.5% - 340 seats. Made up thus: PD 25.4% - 292 seats ; Sel 3.2% - 37 seats ; Centro Democratico 0.5% - 6 seats ; others 0.4% - 5 seats.
Centre-right coalition, Silvio Berlusconi: 29.1% - 124 seats. Made up thus: PDL 21.6% - 97 seats; Lega Nord 4.1% - 18 seats; Fratelli d'Italia 2% - 9 seats; other parties with between 0.6% and 0.1% - no seats. MoVimento 5 Stelle, Beppe Grillo: 25.5% - 108 seats. Centre coalition, Mario Monti: 10.5% - 45 seats. Made up thus: Scelta Civica 8.3% - 37 seats ; UDC 1.8% - 8 seats; Fil 0.5% - no seat.
Rivoluzione Civile, Antonio Ingroia: 2.2% - no seat.
Fare per fermare il declino, Oscar Giannino: 1.1% - no seat.
Total for other parties and movements: 1.7% - no seat
The PD (minusL, editor) has the majority premium for the biggest coalition, after that the coalition splits up and reforms as the PD (minusL, editor) and the PDL and the majority premium of more than 100 deputies stays attached to the PD (minusL, editor) even though it has split off from Sel. The PDL has separated itself off from the Lega and from Fratelli d'italia. What’s the point in getting a majority premium as a coalition if the coalition’s not there? Doesn’t it seem to you that it’s undermining the democratic result? In reality, the majority premium* should be for the M5S, that has the majority as the top individual party since the coalitions are not there any more. Furthermore some parties would not have been in parliament because they got below the 5% threshold as individual parties outside a coalition - like the Lega and Fratelli d'italia.
The situation in the Upper House is similiar:
Upper House, centre-left coalition, Pierluigi Bersani: 31.6% - 123 seats. Made up thus: PD 27.4% - 105 seats; Sel 3% - 7 seats ; Centro Democratico 0.5% - no seat; Lista Crocetta 0.4% - 1 seat.
Centre-right coalition, Silvio Berlusconi: 30.6% - 117 seats. Made up thus: PDL 22.3% - 98 seats; Lega Nord 4.3% - 17 seats; Fratelli d'Italia 1.9% no seat; Grande Sud 0.4% - 1 seat.
MoVimento 5 Stelle, Beppe Grillo: 23.8% - 54 seats.” Aniello D., Roma

*: The votes of the Italians living abroad and those resident in Valle d'Aosta are not considered when carrying out the calculation to determine how the majority premium is allocated.

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April 23, 2013

'Quirinarie' - Numbers of votes in the elections for the President of the Republic

rodota-presidente.jpg From the front page of the 'International Herald Tribune 22 April 2013

On 15 April, 48,292 people were called to take part in the elections for a 5 Star MoVement candidate for the position of President of the Republic. The proceedings of the two voting sessions were monitored by the international certification company, DNV Business Assurance.
The number of votes was 28,518, and these are the names receiving the votes:
- Gabanelli Milena Jole: 5,796
- Strada Luigi detto Gino: 4,938
- Rodota' Stefano: 4,677
- Zagrebelsky Gustavo: 4,335
- Imposimato Ferdinando: 2,476
- Bonino Emma: 2,200
- Caselli Gian Carlo: 1,761
- Prodi Romano: 1,394
- Fo Dario: 941

After Milena Gabanelli and Gino Strada stepped aside, Stefano Rodotà accepted to be a candidate and he was the candidate that the 5 Star MoVement voted for.
In the six rounds of voting for the President of the Republic, Rodotà got these votes: 240, 230, 250, 213, 210, 217. The number of 5 Star parliamentarians is 163.

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April 21, 2013

King George II


“First of all let’s try and summarise what has happened in the last few months. The 5 Star MoVement’s electoral success went far beyond any realistic prediction: 163 parliamentarians for a new political entity, just in itself, that is a victory. The MoVement wanted to get to work seriously in Parliament but this has not been possible. There was an attempt to oblige them to give a “confidence” vote to a Bersani-led government and looking back on that, it would have implied the strangulation of the MoVement itself. The PD was already on the edge of the abyss and the MoVement would have ended up in the abyss together with the PD. This is why the decision not to accept the agreement, a fictitious agreement anyway as it was aimed only at fulfilling the interests of the PD, was one that can be deemed completely reasonable. All the same, it should have been possible to start to get going and do constructive work in Parliament but instead there was the wish to impede the activity of what is the heart of our democracy. And so a movement that aims at having direct democracy, found itself championing the very representative democracy betrayed by the other parties. The crisis was continuing and it was closing in on itself. The government was in office but the Parliament was paralysed. Everyone was waiting for the new President of the Republic and the appointment of a new person to form a government. In the voting for the President of the Republic, the MoVement voted with its heart, and with its head, putting forward the names of three people, a woman, Milena Gabanelli, a man, Gino Strada, from the world of ordinary citizens, and an internationally known legal expert, Stefano Rodotà. In the end, after the first two candidates stepped aside, the third, one of the most authoritative legal brains in our country and even though he maintains his independence (at one time he was an independent of the left wing) he has always been part of the left wing. It seemed almost natural that a so-called left wing party could come to an agreement to support this man. A man with this level of intellect in legal affairs would anyway have been a guarantor for everyone and he would have carried out his role “super partes” {impartially}, that is something that is fundamental for a President of the Republic. But instead, they offered the people of Italy an indecent spectacle and let’s even say this; it was devastating for those people who were sent to the slaughter: first Marini and then Prodi. At that point there was no alternative but to witness the complete collapse, the melt-down of a party, the Democratic Party (PD), that right from its inception was run through with latent contradictions. In this desert there was no other way forward and in order to bring back together what was left of the “party-ocracy” the choice was to go back and get King George. But what happened during the vote yesterday evening? Provoking everyone’s indignation yesterday, Beppe Grillo talked of a "coup d'état, that took place furtively, making use of institutional mechanisms".


The parties in their death throes, have received life-giving blood, but they’ll just have a few more months of life, maybe even a year, no more than that, because the virus of the MoVement has already infected their bodies and it’s no longer possible to eradicate it." Paolo Becchi

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April 19, 2013

Why not, Bersani? #RodotàPerchéNo


>>> Today, Friday 19 April, at 12 noon, I’ll be in Manzano, at 6:00pm in Tolmezzo and at 9:00pm in Udine. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Why is Bersani showing such an inflexibile refusal to vote for Rodotà? That’s a good question. It’s a question with no answer, to be listed with those like “who are we?”, “where are we going?” “is there intelligent life on other planets and within the PDminusL?” Last night, the glorious remnants of the "squadrone" (copyright on Italian term: Bersani) {squadron} met up to weigh up a set of possible candidates. It’s been said that they considered people ranging from D'Alema to Amato, from Mattarella to a restored-to-life -Marini, to Prodi. The only ones excluded were Renzi, the phantom mayor of Florence, because of his age, Berlusconi because he’s officially in another party and Stefano Rodotà for unknown reasons, perhaps because he’s not corruptible. A mortal sin in politics. His CV is completely respectable:
He has taught in the universities of Macerata, Genoa and Rome, where he was professor of civil law and he has already been given the title of emeritus professor. He has lectured in many European universities, as well as in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Australia and India The professor has been invited to All Souls College Oxford and the Stanford School of Law. He has taught in the faculty of jurisprudence at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne He collaborates with the Collège de France. Laurea honoris causa at the Université Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 and of the University of Macerata. He has written and edited numerous academic publications, that have been translated into English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Too well-educated? Too independent? Too honest? Too popular? Too much like the president of everyone? Too dangerous for Berlusconi’s trials? Too intransigent in relation to scandals like MPS? I would like a response from Bersani. I don’t understand him. I can’t get my head round why his party is not voting for Rodotà. He comes from Bersani’s political persuasion. He’s a person of the utmost integrity. If he were to get the votes from the PD, the SEL and the M5S at the fourth round of voting, then he would have the majority needed in order to be elected. Why not? Bersani has to explain this to the country. Why not? If there’s no reason, then it means there are reasons that he cannot admit to. Why not, Bersani?

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April 18, 2013

Capranica - the last stand


>>> Today, Thursday 18 April, at 12 noon, I’ll be in Grado, at 6:00pm in Trieste and at 9:00pm in Gorizia. >>> Tomorrow, Friday 19 April, at 12 noon, I’ll be in Manzano, at 6:00pm in Tolmezzo and at 9:00pm in Udine. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa! <<<<<<<<<<<<

These spring days remind me of another April, of April 1945. The end of a long war and the wish for reconstruction. The country, as it was then, is in pieces. However, there is a difference that’s between comedy and tragedy. No one after 25 April risked going around the streets in a fez and a black shirt. The fascists disappeared or changed sides. The twenty year period of Mussolini’s rule ended in the worst possible way, but after the war, at least no one remaining from The Grand Council of Fascism put themselves forward as candidates. There was no stitch up between Togliatti and Dino Grandi. The people responsible didn’t pass themselves off as the saviours of the nation as happens with Berlusconi, Bersani and D'Alema. The nation took note of the disaster that fascism had led to and it turned the page. Yesterday evening in Rome, the Capranica theatre, reminded me of another theatre, Milan’s Lirico theatre, where Mussolini gave his final speechon 16 December 1944 to re-consolidate what was left of the black shirts. Capranica is the final blast of the stitch up. Gargamel chased the smurfs present in the theatre to convince them to vote for the former Christian Democrat, Marini, the PDL’s candidate, instead of Rodotà, who has been put forward by the Italians in a plebiscite. Marini represents the status quo, the guarantee of a Bersani government, the "friend of the jaguar" that wants to use his tongue to lick the spots off the psycho dwarf. The appointment of a Minister of Justice who’s not hostile to Berlusconi and perhaps the placing of the latter as a life senator next year. No one has explained to Bersani that Italy has changed, that it no longer wants under the counter agreements with the psycho dwarf as has happened in the last twenty years. The country wants to definitively remove the shroud in which it has been wrapped by the gang-leaders of the PDL and the PDminusL. The war is over, give yourselves up! Deliver us from your presence for ever and ever. We are worn out.

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April 17, 2013

Bersani and the Berlusconi-elections


>>> Today, Wednesday 17 April, at 5:00pm, I’ll be in Maniago and at 9:00pm in Pordenone, piazza XX settembre. >>> Tomorrow, Thursday 18 April, at 12 noon, I’ll be in Grado, at 6:00pm in Trieste and at 9:00pm in Gorizia. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa! <<<<<<<<<<<<

Someone has told me about a comment in l'Espresso about the election of the President of the Republic:
"Here, what’s at stake is the survival of the Italian Republic. The PD has responsibilities. Elect a monster and this nation will fall." Comment from emadeca.
Bersani has ignored the names put forward by the 5 Star MoVement for one simple reason. Gargamel has already decided. He has held the Berlusconi-elections. There were two voters: himself and the psycho-dwarf, during an intimate conversation. Transparency and sharing, these are the PDminusL’s buzzwords. Two names were chosen: D'Alema and Amato. Two characters to give judicial guarantees as opposed to a person guaranteeing the institutions. The President of the Republic is the head of the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura {High Council of Judges and Prosecutors} he has influence over it and he can affect how it behaves. Berlusconi wants a guarantor for his trials. D'Alema, the prince of stitch-ups, and Amato, Craxi’s former treasurer, are ideal candidates. After the occupation of the Milan courthouse by his parliamentarians, he would also like to occupy the Quirinale Palace. From his point of view, it’s a legitimate objective, for Bersani it’s the suicide of the Republic and he would be the one and only one responsible for that. Up until now, this gentleman has just asked us to vote for a Bersani government so he can do his own thing. He has not replied to the request to renounce the 46 million euro in electoral financing (the M5S has renounced 42 million euro), he hasn't batted an eyelid in relation to a joint proposal about Berlusconi’s ineligibility as a candidate, nor to the idea of the law on conflict of interests. He wanted everything in exchange for nothing so as to survive himself. The M5S has put forward the names of some candidates after consulting tens of thousands of signed up members. It has voted for people like Gabanelli, Strada, Rodota', Zagrebelsky, and Imposimato. The PDminusL has consulted (and is still consulting) only Berlusconi to come up with the names of D'Alema, Amato, and Violante as the spare wheel or a last minute stitch-up president. A seven year period with them would consign Italy not just into economic collapse but also into the dissolution of a unified State. It’s worth knowing that in advance. Each person must accept his own responsibilities.

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April 16, 2013

Heraclitus and the wise men of democracy - Dario Fo


The ten wise men at work

>>> Today, Tuesday 16 April, at 12 noon, I’ll be in Zoppola, at 4:00pm in Sequals and at 8:00pm in Longarone, Vajont. Tomorrow, Wednesday 17 April at 5:00pm, I’ll be in Maniago and at 9:00pm in Pordenone, piazza XX settembre. Follow the live broadcasts on La Cosa! <<<<<<<<<<<<

"Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher in the fifth century BCE and the author of the “unity of opposites”, said: “What you leave is important as a memorial for those who come after you, but when you are getting near the end of your life, take care to give the best of yourself to those you leave behind”.
Evidently Giorgio Napolitano, who is a man of culture and of letters, is keeping in mind Heraclitus’ advice and has committed himself to thinking up a great final gesture. That is, he chose, among so many worthwhile men, ten wise men to come up with extraordinary proposals so that our earth can be brought out of the abyss into which it has fallen. in this situation, there are three weighty political groupings that are lining up to form a coalition able to govern.


At this point the wise men chorused: “Now that we have come to the conclusion, we are asking for the reformation of the ineligibility of the parliamentarians to be submitted to an independent judge”. “What what?? - came the voice from outside - do you want to restore the virginity to anyone among those elected to parliament who is subject to judicial investigations or who has already been subject to a criminal conviction?
Yes. But it’s not up to us to decide.”
Well who then?
It’ll be a judge who is not within our group of wise men”.
Elected by whom?”.
By us of course. Otherwise, what are we doing here, wanking? Ooops, sorry, wonking, winking .... you choose. That’s it!”.

P.S.We do admit that we have invented one or two tiny ideas just like that, but we can assure you that all the rest, even the most useless statements, are authentic expressions of the ten wise men, who are thus demonstrating their utmost capacity for foolishness.
On the other hand, why should one think otherwise? As Machiavelli said: are we or are we not, a country of madmen with criminal tendencies? Dario Fo

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First Gabanelli, second Strada, third Rodotà #Presidente5Stelle


The voting for the nine candidates for the office of the President of the Republic has finished. Here’s the complete list in order of the number of votes. I’d like to thank those who voted. Remember that the voters had to be signed up members of the 5 Star MoVement as of 31 December 2012 and registered with digitalised ID.

1. Gabanelli Milena Jole
2. Strada Luigi detto Gino
3. Rodota' Stefano
4. Zagrebelsky Gustavo
5. Imposimato Ferdinando
6. Bonino Emma
7. Caselli Gian Carlo
8. Prodi Romano
9. Fo Dario

P.S. From today, Tuesday 16 April, I’ll be in Friuli Venezia Giulia for the 5 Star MoVement’s election campaign for the presidency of the Region. The candidate for the position of spokesperson president for the M5S is Saverio Galluccio. The direct streaming of all the events will be broadcast on La Cosa.

Participate in the discussion on Twitter: #Presidente5Stelle

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April 14, 2013

Dum Romae consulitur, Saguntum expugnatur


Image: "The Final Day of Sagunto in 219BC" by Francisco Domingo Marques

Going on without fear, and without shame, is the dance of the political parties to avoid making any decisions and to maintain positions of privilege and of impunity. The country needs laws and it needs reforms, but Parliament is paralysed. It has been like that for years, since the time when parliamentarians became the emanation of the party secretaries, employees and at best functionaries. The government makes laws by shooting out legal decrees on which it demands a confidence vote, readily agreed to by the party lackeys who press the buttons as directed. In this instance, an unforeseen variable has come to play: the 5 Star MoVement, that wants to return Parliament, and thus the Italian people, to its central role. Thus the M5S has to be deactivated. Imagine the horror on the face of the Mask of Wax, (already prepared for Madame Tussauds) if there was the presentation of laws on ineligibility, on the conflict of interests, on corruption, one after the other. His mask would melt together with his allies, the PDminusL-folk. Parliament has to remain a mockup, a non-place, and this is why the Parliamentary Committees are not being activated. The laws urgently needed to relaunch the economy, the new electoral laws, the measure to support the unemployed are staying in the filing cabinets. The clock has to stay stopped. It’s a continual procrastination, an oppressive postponement of decision-making. To avoid any law that is unwelcome to these scoundrels, there’s an invocation of the need for a Government BEFORE the Parliamentary Committees. That’s false. Italy is a Parliamentary Republic without a Parliament. To deactivate the M5S, the Parliamentary Committees will be set up AFTER the election of the President of the Republic, AFTER the new cycle of consultations, AFTER the vote of Confidence in the new government, thus, if one is optimistic in July, BEFORE the closure of the Lower and Upper Houses for the holidays. Then “extrema ratio”, {the last possible solution} there could be a dissolution of Parliament with new elections without any reform having been started. The economy won’t wait and by that time we could have gone bust with the irreversible destruction of those small and medium sized companies that are still, miraculously, keeping Italy on its feet, but then there’ll be no one left. While they’re discussing armchairs in Rome, Italy’s burning. Dum Romae consulitur, Saguntum expugnatur {While discussions are happening in Rome, Sagunto is wiped out}

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April 12, 2013

5 Star President of the Republic #iorivotoilmiopresidente


Yesterday’s vote for the President of the Republic was subjected to a hacker attack. In the presence of the certifying agency, an external intrusion was discovered during the voting and we managed to determine the way that the attack was brought about. Thus we decided to annul yesterday’s vote and repeat it today with new levels of security. We apologise for the inconvenience and we are asking you to repeat the voting. Thanks for your patience.
The conditions for voting are the same as they were yesterday. Today until 9:00 pm, the members of the 5 Star MoVement who signed up by 31 December 2012 and who sent in their digitalised ID documents, can put forward the name of a person they would like as their candidate for the office of the President of the Republic. On Monday 15 April, there’ll be voting on the top ten candidates to choose the name that will be put forward by the M5S parliamentary group. Those that have the right to put forward the name of the next President of the Republic will get an email with the instructions after 11:00 am this morning.
Those authorised to vote can vote here

.Note from the certifying agency

Participate in the discussion on Twitter: #iorivotoilmiopresidente
{I’m revoting for my President}

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April 11, 2013

5 Star President of the Republic #iovotoilmiopresidente


Today, Thursday 11 April 2013, the members of the 5 Star MoVement who signed up by 31 December 2012 and who sent in their digitalised ID documents, have got until 9:00 pm to put forward the name of a person they would like as their candidate for the office of the President of the Republic. After that, on Monday 15 April, there’ll be another round of voting on the top ten candidates to choose the name that will be put forward by the M5S parliamentary group. Those that have the right to put forward the name of the next President of the Republic will get an email with the instructions after 10:00 am this morning. Bersani and Berlusconi, the Bed & Breakfast couple, are deciding on the name of the President of the mess up in the secret rooms, thus excluding any popular participation, while the M5S is setting up a public and democratic consultation with its members. Of the two, who has "a deficit of internal democracy"?
Those authorised to vote can vote here.

{I’m voting for my President}

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April 10, 2013

Fanatical moralism


"Too many fanatical moralists". To whom is Napolitano referring with these words? "... certain campaigns that would like to be moralizers but who in fact in their fanaticism, show themselves to be negative influences, destroying politics “. Who is the President of the Republic getting at? The word "moral" relates to what is in accordance with the principles of what is just and honest. Thus it refers to those who act with honesty and correctness. In fact, in positive terms, one talks about "moral behaviour " as opposed to "immoral“ behaviour. However, fanaticism refers to "exasperation of religious feeling or of political or philosophical belief (that can lead to intolerance)". Thus the two words together indicate someone that, at any cost, wants to apply the principles of what is just and honest, and if they don’t reach their objective could burst into intolerance (in relation to those who are unjust and dishonest, editor). Napolitano is certainly not referring to the PDL that exercises its fanaticism only in the occupation of the Milan Tribunal "with a handful of parliamentarians“. And nor is he referring to the PDminusL and its fanatical attraction for the Monte dei Paschi di Siena. After all sorts of reflections I’ve arrived at the conclusion that our President is referring to the 5 Star MoVement and I thanks him for that. In fact, the M5S wants to moralise about public life without giving in to any compromise. And this is the authentic message of the “pro tempore” tenant of the Quirinale Palace aimed at us. What better Viaticum and compliment? Thank you President! I assure you that I won’t delude you. The M5S will lead to an excess of morality in politics. The work awaiting us is enormous. Immorality is everywhere. Your blessing is a comfort to us.

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April 9, 2013

The leaders of the coup #CommissioniSubito


The coup d'état started years ago. A coup d’état happening in the light of day to delegitimize Parliament and strip it of its meaning. Italy is no longer a Parliamentary Republic, as laid down in the Constitution, but it is a Republic of Parties. The parties have substituted democracy. The will of the people has become a joke. The delegitimization of Parliament has come about in two steps. The Government, that should govern, has in fact substituted the parliamentary activity and it is making laws using legal decrees. provisional measures that have the force of law, that should be adopted ONLY in extraordinary situations if the Government has a need or urgency, in accordance with the what is laid down in art. 77 of the Constitution. The second step came with the direct appointment of the parliamentarians by the party secretaries thanks to the "Porcellum” {pigswill law}. The parties have occupied Parliament with cardboard cut-outs and they have taken away its legislative function. If this not is a coup, then what is?
The situation has got worse since the "non-no-confidence- vote" in Rigor Montis, who is "not resigned" (in fact he’s still in office ...). Since mid-December, Parliament definitively entered a state of coma, and by now its encephalogram is flat. An early (unnecessary) dissolution of both Houses of Parliament, new elections and four months later the Parliamentary Committees have still not been formed. These are the Committees that have the task of examining draft laws. There’s no impediment that may be constitutional or otherwise stopping their formation, but the parties don’t want them. The reason is simple. In Parliament there’s a new arrival, something unforeseen, the M5S that wants to get moving as soon as possible with a series of laws that for the PDL and the PDminusL are like garlic for the vampires. A law on conflict of interests, an anti corruption law, the application of the law on ineligibility, a law to have retroactive effect already for this parliamentary term to remove the public financing of the parties, and so on and so forth
The reason (unfounded) given for not setting up the Committees is that there’s no Government. A PDL-PDminusL-invented- whopper. Thanks to this poppycock, we could be getting into the Guinness World Records. Or a Parliament blocked until the formation of the next Government at the end of May (after the appointment of the President of the Republic), with Italy from December 2012 to June 2013 without an effective Parliament (and then after June we’ve got the summer and the 40 day closure of both Houses for the holiday). Or an even worse possibility: new elections in June with a Parliament that would only start its activity at the end of 2013. A year of blockage. The 5 Star MoVement wants a fully active Parliament right now. The country is collapsing and legislative activity is blocked. This is suicide. We want parliamentary Committees now or appoint a commissioner to be in charge of the administration of each of the parties. Parliament must return to being sovereign.

#CommissioniSubito {Committees now}: participate in the discussion on Twitter:

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April 3, 2013

Why did you vote for M5S?


Why did you vote for the 5 Star MoVement?
To have a government with the old parties?
To vote in Parliament for the least worst?
To discuss the PDminusL’s programme when the M5S’s programme is the exact opposite?
To share out the top jobs starting with the leader of the Lower and Upper Houses?
To authorise the expropriation of Parliament that even after a whole month has still not appointed people to serve on the Committees?
To go ahead with the TAV, the Gronda and Bersani’s incinerators?
To give legitimacy to a leadership class that has brought the country to its knees?
To sweep MPS under the PDminusL’s carpet. To bury the biggest financial scandal in the history of the Republic?
To delegate someone to your position - standing at the window to see what the effect is?
To keep the electoral financing to the parties?
To provide direct and indirect contributions to the propaganda newspapers that are infecting the country?
To keep the lid on the secret about who has made use of the Fiscal Shield?
To create no anti corruption law?
To create no “conflict of interests” law?
To participate in non-parliamentary meetings with 10 wise men who are a part of the problem?
To not send them all home?
To keep an indecent public TV channel paid for with the taxes of the Italian people, controlled by the parties and making a loss of 250 million euro?
To allow entry into the Milan tribunal of the Republic by PDL parliamentarians to defend Berlusconi, an unheard of action that has not been sanctioned by the institutions?
To see each day the usual faces of the party bright sparks that have brought the country to its knees?
If you voted for the M5S for just one of these reasons, then you made a mistake when you voted. I’m sorry.
Next time, vote for a party.

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March 31, 2013

Parliament and the nannies watching over democracy


Yesterday President Napolitano confirmed our position in relation to Parliament and the Government. Basically he stated that a government (that has never lost a vote of confidence ....) is in office, even though it’s limited to dealing with day to day affairs, and it’s operating in collaboration with Parliament, in fact only with the prior consent of Parliament. For example the Special Committee is examining a legislative measure concerning the economy, designed to unblock payments to companies amounting to 40 billion euro with the contribution of all the political groupings, including the M5S, as an expression of Parliament and not, as has happened in the last few years, by means of imperious actions from the Government with one decree after another. In fact, in this phase, in order to issue an urgent decree that isn’t about day to day affairs, the government has to ask Parliament for authorization. Right now, it’s the best possible solution in a country that has experienced a series of governments that have imposed their policies on successive Parliaments that have been emptied of any authority or meaning, even thanks to the "Porcellum” {pigswill electoral law} that has transformed parliamentarians into “appointees”, and thus “yes men”. Parliament’s centrality needs to be restored. In order to do that, it’s urgent that the Committees are set up to examine proposed laws. More than a month has passed since the election, and the Committees have still not been set up. The result is a slowing down of legislative activity that could right now be dealing with topics like the new electoral law, conflict of interests, citizen incomes, the law on corruption, and the abolition of the IRAP regional tax on production.
Who is opposed to these Committees? Why’s that? For weeks now, the M5S has been proposing that they be created immediately, but this idea has fallen on the deaf ears of the parties and of the institutions. The country doesn’t need mythical negotiators or facilitators of the calibre of Violante, the great master of messups, just to name one, to operate as a group of wise men. It doesn’t need any "nannies watching over democracy", but it needs to get Parliament functioning better and it needs that fast.


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March 28, 2013

Parliament is sovereign - #SiPuòFare - It can be done


Parliament is sovereign, or at least it should be. Instead, for some time now, it has been a place where there are no representatives of the people, just people appointed by the parties, and the laws, in the form of decrees, are issued instead by the Government, and subsequently converted under the threat of a confidence vote. In Parliament there’s an army of voiceless tin soldiers, apart from the parliamentarians of the 5 Star MoVement. There’s been a silent subversion of the institutions against the very spirit of the Constitution: "art. 76. The exercise of the legislative function may not be delegated to the Government unless principles and criteria have been established and then only for a limited time and for specified purposes., art.77. The Government may not, without an enabling act from the Houses, issue a decree having force of law." If Italy is without a government (in reality the Monti government is in office) it still has a Parliament that can already operate to change the country. It’s not necessary to have a government for a new electoral law or to get moving with the urgent measures for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or to cut the Provinces. Parliament can discuss and approve things, starting from tomorrow if it really wants to. People are conveying the idea that without a Government the country is immobile, frozen, at the mercy of the spread, of the agencies, but there’s silence in relation to the fact that laws for reform can be discussed and approved without the need for a government in office. In fact, quite the opposite, any decision-making process and any actions are slowed down by shifting “sine die” the setting up of the Committees for no reason, unless it’s so that the the top jobs in the Committees can be assigned to those who failed to get a government position. It can be highlighted that in recent days the failure to reach an agreement with the PDminusL, the best friend of Berlusconi, would prevent the removal of Berlusconi from the political scene. If that’s the case, I’m inviting the so-called Opposition to hold a vote in the House on Berlusconi's ineligibility, the approval of a law on the conflict of interests whose absence so animated Violante in the Lower House, the abolition of the Gasparri law, the renegotiation of the national frequencies that were so generously conceded to Berlusconi by D'Alema in 1999. SI PUO' FARE! {IT CAN BE DONE} (but you will never do it). Parliament must take back its central role in the life of the Republic.

Participate in the discussion on Twitter: #SiPuòFare! {It can be done}

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March 26, 2013

Pigswill law from the previous Parliamentary session


Roberta Lombardi, M5S’s leader in the Lower House, at 8:00 pm yesterday delivered a video report on the day’s happenings in the corridors of power. It involved all sorts of meetings. She also reveals the pigswill law that was thought up at the end of the previous Parliamentary session. The transcript of her report follows.

“Yesterday at 5:00 pm there was a group leaders meeting with three points to be approved quickly either because of legal deadlines or just because they were urgent. Given that the Committees have not yet got off the ground because the parties are still negotiating who will serve on them, a special Committee has to be set up. The most important document is the Government’s report to Parliament about the relaxation of budget constraints and the revision (to make them more negative) of the public finance balances, for a future legal decree that thus makes available more money to add to the public debt so that the Public Authorities can pay out the money they owe to companies.
This amounts to 40 billion euro: 20 billion for 2013 and 20 billion for 2014. There’s a need for a legal decree to relax the Stability Pact as that is urgent. While we are absolutely in favour of paying what is owed to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), there are two points in Grilli’s account that have not convinced us.
The first: "some of the payments to the companies will immediately flow into the credit system [..] while on one side this reduces the impact on the economic system, it contributes to reducing tensions within the credit system [...] it’s expected that there’ll be a lowering of the interest rate to customers and a reduction in the tensions around the availability of credit. " That is: the citizens, commit to 40 billion euro of public debt, of which a part (nobody knows how much) will go directly to the banks and from this generous, umpteenth gift we are expecting that they will start to loan out money and provide cash for Italian SMEs. The experience of recent years has made us cautious about the effects on the real economy of providing cash to the banks. The other point: "the steps that are planned involve the payment of a percentage of debts relating to investment expenditure of about 0.5 percentage points of GDP, so the planned level of net indebtedness for the year 2013 should be about 2.9% of GDP, and that would keep within the budget restrictions imposed at a European level.". As a figure for net indebtedness, 2.9% of GDP is below the famous 3% for the deficit/GDP ratio. That means that with this legal decree, approved by the Council of Ministers, presented to a special Committee that will then have 3 or 4 days to carry out the preliminary evaluation, then presented to the House for a speedy vote, we will have made use of all the possible indebtedness available to create the basis for growth in 2013 and 2014. This is a decree hurriedly and secretly put together at the end of the previous Parliamentary session in the usual way of doing politics, to produce a pigswill law.
We have expressed our opposition. This issue must be presented to the House and it must follow a normal route. We are asking president Boldrini to set up the permanent Committees and to allow this to be debated in a public session of the Lower House so that everyone can understand what is happening with the citizens’ money.” Roberta Lombardi, M5S leader/spokesperson in the Lower House

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March 17, 2013

D'Alema President of the Republic?


The positions of leader of the Lower House and the Senate have been sorted out, they’ll last for one parliamentary term which is expected to be brief. The PDminusL has played the only card they had left, they played the "fig leaf". Franceschini and Ms Finocchiaro weren’t digestible by anyone, not even the party members. Boldrini and Grasso are thus continuing to follow the line already established by Doria and Ambrosoli. It’s fantastic! The PDminusL parliamentarians didn’t manage to come up with a candidate. They have no trust in themselves, especially inthemselves. They know they are unpresentable and so they always have to present someone else. They are in need of a bit of compassionate conservatism.
Now we’ve got another two positions: the President of the Council and the President of the Republic, both fundamental for Italy’s future. The President of the Republic in fact, stays in power for seven years (a period that stretches across more than one parliamentary term) and he has the powers of a monarch.
The PDL’s candidate and the one suppported by a part (a big part?) of the PDminusL is Massimo D'Alema. That’s not official, or even unofficial, but it’s very plausible. Don’t you believe that? Even I didn’t believe it. Super Maxipowers for D'Alema?
Article 87 of the Constitution gives the President the command of the Armed Forces, the power to preside over the “Consiglio superiore della magistratura” {Council of Magistrates} (also given by article 104), the power to pardon offenders and to commute criminal penalties. Article 88 allows him to dissolve both Houses of Parliament. According to article 90, he is not responsible for his actions while he is carrying out his functions, apart from high treason or an attack on the Constitution. He can choose five life senators and distort the will of the voters. According to article 92, the President appoints the President of the Council of Ministers. He can (article 126) dissolve the Regional Council and remove the President of the Junta. Furthermore, he can appoint a third of the members of the Constitutional Court (article 135). Finally, according to article 278 of the criminal code, he’s like an other-worldly being: “Anyone who offends the honour or the prestige of the President of the Republic is punished with imprisonment for a period of one to five years.
The candidature of D'Alema would be inadmissible for the general public. A match in a hay stack. The country would not be able to stand seven years of mess ups. To prevent trouble, an early denial, even an outraged one for the "unfounded rumours", would be very welcome.

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March 6, 2013

Technocrat governments do not exist, just political ones


“The M5S will not give support to a “confidence vote” for a technocrat government, and it’s never said it would. There’s no such thing as a technocrat government in the natural world, but just political governments supported by parliamentary majorities. The Monti government was the most political government since the second world war. Nobody before that had ever raised the issue of the Italian Constitution’s article 18 in defence of workers. The technocrat President of the Council is an enormous fig leaf so as to hide the real government responsibilities of the PDL and the PDminusL." Beppe Grillo

“I have never spoken about supporting a technocrat government. The only solution that we propose is a 5 Star MoVement government that immediately puts into effect the first 20 points of the electoral programme and after that, all the other points. Our programme is clear and it has been announced in all the town centres and in direct streaming online. Yesterday in the press conference we stated things clearly without room for doubt. Get used to those who say “yes” to mean “yes” and “no” to mean “no” without the need for interpretation. We’ll need to spend a few days getting things ready, so we parliamentarians need you to leave us space to do our work. We are guaranteeing coherence, we will keep the boat moving forwards, our revolution is cultural, peaceful and democratic and we will not stop it. Our only sense of responsibility is to the voters that have given us a mandate to put this cultural revolution into effect and it is already happening in spite of the resistance of those that are attached to armchairs and privileges." Vito Crimi, spokesperson leader of the M5S in the Senate

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March 1, 2013

The PD’s Cattle Market


In the last few days, a cattle market has been in progress. The M5S is seeing a continuous stream of offers to head up the Lower House, commissions and even Ministries. The PDminusL has already done its back-room work to identify the M5S people for the various positions giving them the appropriate media exposure in its newspapers and TV channels. It’s the usual sluttish way of doing politics. However, to put it into effect, there have to be the people who are willing to sell themselves. And the M5S, its elected representatives, its activists, and its voters are not for sale. Bersani is not in the picture and he doesn’t realise that. The little games are over and when the abyss of Monte dei Paschi di Siena opens up, it’s possible that even the memory of the PDminusL will no longer be there. Renzi whose only credential is to have already been a professional politician without any worthwhile result is now putting himself forward as a candidate for the position of premier. But didn’t he lose the primaries? These people have faces like their backsides. To get him elected "Bersani and Errani are convinced that they have the definite support of many 5 Star senators. They reckon that they have done their research and identified the right people." In other words the PDminusL leaders are behaving like vulgar enticers. Is this politics? Buying and selling? State one thing the day before and contradict that the day after for post electoral convenience? The M5S is made up of responsible people that want a radical change of public morale, It’s impossible to stop it, especially with the usual political games. The M5S will vote in Parliament for each law that corresponds to its manifesto. It will not form alliances. This commitment: “The 5 Star MoVement parliamentarians will not form associations with other parties or coalitions or groups except for voting on the points it agrees with” is in the Code of behaviour for elected spokespersons of the 5 Star MoVement in Parliament. It’s been signed by all the candidates and made public to voters before the elections. These rules were known to everyone, including the politburo of the PDminus. If the PDminusL wants to transform the Lower House and the Senate into a Vietnam, the M5S is certainly not going to stand still and watch.


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February 27, 2013

Bersani, dead man talking


Bersani is a political stalker. For days he has been harassing the M5S with indecent proposals instead of resigning as anyone else would do in his position. He’s even managed to lose while winning. He has even done worse than poor Waterloo Veltroni. Bersani has spent the last few months thinking up exquisitely political opinions, including:
"Web Fascists, come here and tell us we’re zombies"
"With Grillo we’ll end up like Greece"
"Lenin is no match for Grillo"
"You’re a useless autocrat"
"Grillo is leading people outside democracy"
"Grillo is leading to disaster"
"Grillo wants to govern on top of the rubble"
"Grillo is taking people for a ride"
"Inside the 5 Star movement there’s not much democracy
"Grillo makes promises like Berlusconi"
"Grillo says things that are unknown to all the democracies"
"Grillo? He can take us out of Europe"
That’s enough with just one man in charge. Let’s look into each other’s eyes. The Internet is not enough"
"If Grillo wins, the country will be in a mess"
"We are the top party by a very wide margin and this means that we are understood. Because unlike that one there who shouts, we look at each other eye to eye and we hold primaries. We are in the midst of the people."
"Indecent, a male chauvinist like Berlusconi"
"Coming from Grillo there’s populism that can become dangerous"
Now this failed stain removing operator has the cheek to ask us for our support: "I know they used to tell us to 'go home'. Now they're in parliament too. Italy is also their country. Let's see what they want to do for their country and the country of their offspring."
In the last twenty years the PD has been in government for at least 10 years and in the last 18 months it has been in the super-government with the PDL voting for any rubbish from Rigor Montis. Hand shakes and daily hugs between Alfano and Bersani in the Lower House, do you remember?
The M5S will not support any “confidence vote” for the PD (nor for the others). In parliament it will vote for the laws that are in accordance with its programme irrespective of who proposes them. If Bersani wants to propose the abolition of public contributions to the parties starting from these elections, we’ll back that enthusiastically (the M5S has turned down the 100 million euro due to them). If he wants to insert into the timetable the introduction of a citizen’s income we’ll vote for that with passion.

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February 21, 2013

The parties are using "copy and paste"


>>>Today, 21 February at 5:00 pm, I’m in Rieti’s piazza victory Emanuele and then at 9:00 pm, I’m in Viterbo’s piazza Verdi. Tomorrow, 22 February at 6:00 pm I’m in piazza San Giovanni in Rome! Follow the live broadcasts on La Cosa! >>>

The parties are unashamedly copying the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}. They are even embarrassing when they say that "they want to come out from the darkness“ (Gargamel 17 February in piazza del Duomo) or when they proclaim that "no one will be left behind" (PDminusL). These are slogans taken word for word from the M5S manifesto. As well as the slogans, they’re even copying the programme, like the psycho dwarf who said (hold onto your hats) that politics is about being passionate rather than about money, that his parliamentarians (his - as they have been selected by him personally) will lower their salaries and will only serve two terms of office.
The parties are using "cut and paste" but there’s one M5S slogan they haven’t made use of "Let’s send them all home" because it’s very difficult to turn round and give yourself a boot up the backside. The word "antipolitics" has been deleted, it has been absorbed point by point by the parties and thus has become noble politics, in the highest possible meaning of the term. The prostitutes on the rebound use unfamiliar words like honesty, participation, civil society. They chew the words in public like chewing gum, then in private they spit them out. However, when it’s a question of money, they don’t compromise. No one refuses money. They all want the election contributions, all of them, the PDL, the PDminusL, Rigor Montis or Ingroia the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner .
In relation to money they’re certainly not copying us. How much are we talking about? 91 million euro a year for the Lower House, the Senate, the regional councils and the European Parliament, that’s equal to 455 million over the five year period. The M5S has already refused the reimbursement of election expenses for the regional elections where it had a presence (the only one to do so), the most recent time was in Sicily, and it has been said many times already that it will not ask for the reimbursement of election expenses nor of contributions for political activity. Expenses have been entirely covered by voluntary contributions that up until now amount to about 516,000 euro coming from 12,593 donors (Thank you!) with an average of 41 euro, and anyway this money will all be accounted for. The M5S will take every action to ensure that the contributions that would have been destined for the M5S are held in the coffers of the tax authorities.
According to current predictions, the M5S is likely to have the right to about 100 million euro in relation to its presence in Parliament. It is not going to take that money. This is a true "spending review".
The M5S is also not going to accept the millions of euro in regional contributions for Lombardy, Lazio and Molise. On the other hand, Ambrosoli and Zingaretti have decided to keep the contributions, unlike Carcano, Barillari and Federico who are candidates for the position of M5S spokesperson in Lombardy, in Lazio and in Molise.
Parties, copy this too!

PS. There’ll be connections from Piazza San Giovanni in Rome to the cities throughout Italy that are following the streaming of the event. If the square near you is broadcasting images in live streaming, fill in this form to get the connection.


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February 14, 2013

5 Star workers


Watch Marco Piazza speaking in the Council Chamber on the topic of BredaMenariniBus (05:47)

>>>Today, 14 February, at 5:30 pm I’m in Susa’s piazza della Repubblica. Tomorrow, 15 February, at 5:00 pm I’m in Ivrea’s Piazza Ottinetti, and at 9:00 pm I’m in Novara’s piazza Martiri. Follow the live broadcasts on La Cosa! >>>

“The PD is annoyed that we are committed to saving the company that we feel is really important and strategic for our city of Bologna but also for our country. We’re talking about BredaMenariniBus. Rita Ghedini, the PD’s candidate, said that it’s a serious issue (so is it something we cannot deal with seriously?) and she adds: "It strikes me that someone is affected by the election campaign schizophrenia." I would like to point out that we have been concerned with the issue of BredaMenariniBus in Bologna for many months, well before the election campaign. The records show dates in 2012, for instance there’s our questionin “Question Time” in November. I would like to point out to the member of the Senate, Ms Ghedini that we are working alongside many other workers and companies that are experiencing difficult times such as Verlicchi, ATC sosta, the Town Hall’s employees, the workers of the city’s theatre, the doctors and professionals in the Maggiore Hospital, the temporary workers in the schools and so on. Is it suggested that we should suspend these activities during an election campaign? In order to save BredaMenariniBus and to save our country today, we need all the "positive" forces to collaborate for a good outcome. Things that are of no use at all and that are not helping the issue include: worrying about putting up flags, marking out territory, and sending "memos to the FIOM Trade Union" that is simply doing its job. I would like to ask Ms Ghedini to put aside the anxieties that have recently been mounting up in relation to the 5 Star MoVement, and continue to do her part to get this strategic company moving once more. This is a critical moment. It is important to unite our energies. There’s no time to waste. We are up for it. If you want, we can work together to save Breda, otherwise, you can bicker among yourselves." Marco Piazza, M5S, regional councillor in Bologna

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January 24, 2013

All-encompassing well known faces


The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} is the only one to have put forward candidates living in their own constituencies and that has not placed a headline grabbing face of a presumed leader at the top of each list to dupe people into voting for them and then to actually elect candidates chosen in accordance with the old system of the Cencelli manual, as has been done by various people like Berlusconi for the Senate and Fini, Vendola and Ingroia for the Lower House. Out of respect for the voters, a candidate should put himself forward in just a single constituency. This is a disgusting thing to do. People are voting for the dominantwell known face of a person who is used to bring about the election of the second and the third person in the list (a way of taking the voters for a ride in accordance with the Porcellum {pig-like law}). It was taken for granted for the so-called old parties, but in no way was it for those trumpeting change like “Rivoluzione Civile” {Civil Revolution} that seems like an association created ad hoc for the elections. The parties forming it, PRC, Verdi, Rifondazione Communist and IDV and de Magistris‘s so-called “arancioni” have placed their own men in the lists, including some left over from the First Republic like Diliberto, covered up with the fig leaf of Ingroia. They have come together to get into Parliament and to get the reimbursement of election expenses that they have never renounced. Objectives that with their tiny percentages would have been a mirage. And they even have the cheek to say that the M5S is only protesting and is not coming up with proposals. Change the music. Scratch the revolution and you’ll discover the little parties.

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January 13, 2013

Bureaucracy v democracy


“Dung beetles" by Escher

In Italy we have a deficit of democracy and an excess of bureaucracy. And that’s not by chance. The more prolific is bureaucracy, the less room there is for democracy. In fact, in dictatorships, bureaucracy is used to justify every iniquity of the State. As anyone who has had to tackle this thousand-headed Hydra knows, with the increase of bureaucracy, there’s the decrease of the rights of the citizens. Bureaucracy feeds on itself. It’s bulimic. It reproduces itself. It loves complexity and it hides behind it and justifies itself. It’s devoted to the service of the System, but at times it gets away and becomes stronger than any power.
"Bureaucracy: Organisation of the State in which administrative activity is carried out. It is entrusted to bodies that act in accordance with the rules (translation into English from the Hoepli Italian language dictionary)". A Minister cannot even shift a pot plant in his office without the agreement of the bureaucracy in accordance with the regulations. He can call into question a political party or even a State institution, but not the bureaucracy. With its enormous plethora of codes, codicils, procedures, paragraphs, clauses, exceptions, methods and so on and so madly forth, it is invulnerable. In its actions, the bureaucracy is immune from committing an error. If caught red-handed, it denies, postpones, appeals, plays for time and calls on its immense resources. The ordinary citizen has to devote half his life to have the possibility of winning if he mounts a challenge. So its better to emigrate or come to an arrangement.
Simplification, efficiency, computerisation, and fixed response times are the enemies of bureaucracy. They are the antidotes, but, in Italy, they have been defeated for some time. In fact, adding insult to injury, the current “Great Civil Servant” uses these for his own purposes while he’s explaining the successes achieved when delivering seminars about the modernisation of the State. These are seminars that are unfailingly attended by Ministers of Development and of Simplification together with the supply chain companies that are nominally interested in the tendering procedures but not in the results. Bureaucracy is the Italian space shield against the participation of citizens in public life. The less they understand, the lower their ability to get their rights recognised and the more they become subservient. Like the young Renzo Tramaglino faced with the corrupt lawyer Azzeccagarbugli in Manzoni’s novel “The Betrothed”. The excess of bureaucracy holds back development, it makes the companies flee abroad, it absorbs an enormous amount of our time and it makes justice less equal for everyone. However, for the powerful people, there’s always a short cut, a way of interpreting things, an amnesty or a distraction. The cost of Italian bureaucracy is enormous. Because of the bureaucracy, investment in Italy is avoided like the plague by any foreign companies that might consider it. In order to participate in the national elections, the M5S has been battling with the bureaucracy for months, and the battles are much fiercer than with the parties, the mafias, the media and the various lobbies. Bureaucracy is like a cement shroud. It is wrapped round the country and has procedures interpreted by invisible civil servants that are never accountable to anyone for the work they perform.
"Who were those people? What were they talking about? Under whose authority were they? And yet K, was living in a State based on the rule of law. There was peace everywhere. All the laws were operational. Who dared to attack him in his own home? He was always inclined to take things nonchalantly, to only believe in the worst when it actually happened, not to worry about the future, even when it was up close and menacing. But now, this didn’t seem right. The whole thing could have been considered a joke, a nasty joke.... ". Franz Kafka, The Trial.

PS. The Tsunami Tour is suspended for tomorrow Monday 14 January, to await the decisions from the Viminal Palace.


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January 6, 2013

War and peace


In the period since the end of the second world war, foreign policy has been the reason for electoral clashes between the right wing and the left wing, between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines and in the worst case which is unfortunately the most common, in accordance with the interests of foreign powers. Little has changed in almost seventy years, considering the clash over Trieste (was it Italian or was it Tito’s?), the invasion of Hungary blessed by the Italian communist party, the missiles in Cuba, the Six Day War between Israel and Egypt, Vietnam, the first and the second war in Iraq. Ideologies and the backrooms of the parties have won out over the national interests and the truth of any happenings and consequently this has led to a lack of credibility in Italy. Untrustworthy, servile and turncoat. Who can place their trust in a Nation that repudiates war in its Constitution, signs a solemn peace treaty with Libya and then drops bombs on it a few months later? Who can believe in the good faith of a State that occupied Iraq on the pretext of weapons of mass destruction that never existed except in Bush’s imagination, and has attacked Afghanistan without any reason and is still keeping troops there? Was bombing Serbia part of a peace-making action by post communist Italians?
After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, NATO has lost its original meaning as a counterweight to the Soviet block, the old empire of evil in Reagan’s thinking. After that, since 1989, Italy has been transformed from a strategic base to a foreign operator at the service of NATO. Enrolled in all the wars, but always with the alibi of a peace-keeping mission. The typical excuse is "If we are part of NATO we have to participate in every war declared as such by NATO. " That’s false. That’s an objection that is contradicted by events. Germany, that is in NATO, did not get into the war against Libya. Article 11 of the Constitution says: ""Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means for the settlement of international disputes; Italy agrees, on conditions of equality with other States, to the limitations of sovereignty that may be necessary to a world order ensuring peace and justice among the Nations. Italy promotes and encourages international organisations furthering such ends." Our foreign policy must stick strictly to the Constitution. Never again are there to be wars favouring the interests of other powers. Never again is there to be a war unless for defence. Our soldiers have to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, where the USA has been negotiating the end of hostilities with the Taliban for more than a year though our news media are not reporting that news. Our soldiers have to be withdrawn from Iraq and from every theatre of war. Our foreign policy must be peace-making, preventing religious or ethnic massacres, reinforcing the United Nations and those wearing blue helmets. Where was the United Nations during the Rwanda genocide or the slaughter at Srebrenica? Collecting daisies from those imposing a veto? And why is it that in the United Nations some are more equal than others and can block a humanitarian intervention? And where are the i blue helmets when Palestine suffers bombing every so often? Intervening to protect the most vulnerable, to avoid massacres, to step between the opposing sides in a war and to provide assistance to civilians: this is the spirit of our Constitution, this must be the basis of our foreign policy.

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January 1, 2013

In the name of God, go!


They all have to go and it doesn’t matter where. To the Barbados islands, to the brother-in-law’s Monte Carlo apartment, to an old people’s home, to the father-in-law’s print shop in Rome, to the Vatican to pray for the Vatican Bank, to Europe in place of Van Rompuy, to the Bocconi university to teach unwitting students, to a court to exercise their profession, to one of their legal firms to rake in millions of euro. They all have to go. No one can put up with them any more. They don’t understand. They believe themselves to be untouchables because they are guaranteeing the economic interests of the cement lobbies, of the cooperatives, of the concessionaries, of the ECB, of the international banks, of the foreign States. They are living in a separate world, made up of TV studios, of journalists lying down, of institutional meetings trying to dissect nothing times nothing (nothing squared) with the ritual of a group photo, surrounded by waiters, servants, butlers and lovers. Honourable people that have been dishonoured. Shameless, shit-faced, unpunished-guys, faces to be forgotten if you want to get back a fraction of serenity. They have the faces of the people who are responsible for the economic and social destruction, that get themselves face lifts, their smiles tightly stretched into a grimace, they have the solemn gait of men of power who reckon they are statesmen in a tin. They bounce back again, like new virgins, innocent, and pure just as though they were not guilty of the teeniest weeniest little error. They are the ones who have dismantled the economy, the information system, the justice system, the education system, the network of production units, the State itself. Maintained in their privileged positions for decades, paid from the taxes of the Italian people, with the music of annuities that have never been given up, with “ad personam” laws, with laws designed for the parties, for the friends, for the concessionaires, and for the mafia organisations. Parasites, flees, bloodsuckers, ticks. Viruses that make out they are miracle medicines while they are infecting the body of the Nation, safe in the knowledge that they are protected by the wicked cover ups from the media and trusting in the short memories of the Italian people. They all have to go. They’re not wanted in Parliament even by the mildest Italian person, the most tolerant, the one furthest removed from politics. Italy is suffering from an overdose of people like Bindi, finsih, Cicchitto, Berlusconi, Monti, Bersani, Fini, Alfano, Casini, Maroni and the hundreds of their peers that insist on imposing their presence. They don’t understand that they are like Ceausescu on the balcony, Mussolini dressed as a German soldier in the truck travelling to Switzerland, Hitler in the Berlin bunker giving orders to divisions that no longer existed. It’s a matter of time, but their political adventure has finished. The bell for 2013 has already rung. The recreation at the expense of generations of Italians has finished. "ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money. Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? which of you have not barter'd your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress'd, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. In the name of God, go! (*)"

(*) From the speech by Oliver Cromwell to the English Parliament in 1653

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December 26, 2012

Musical chairs


Danse Macabre by sullen-skrewt

"The music’s over and the voters are going home ... " The dance of the eternal debutants is about to start around the musical chairs. There are ever fewer places and ever more hopefuls. When the music stops at the end of February, whoever is able, will throw themself onto the nearest chair. It was Napolitano that got the dancing started when Parliament was dissolved early. The President is unhappy that he’s still the one who has to appoint the next President of the Council. His unhappiness is widely shared with the Italian people. If it weren’t for the early elections, in the Spring, the M5S would have taken part in the election of the new President of the Republic. It would have been Napolitano’s successor choosing the new President of the Council and the music would have immediately changed. Tried and tested liars are moving like lunatics around the chairs arranged in a circle. Each of them is sacrificing themself in order to save the Italian people. A few are singing with Pomicino’s former assistant, whose stage name is Rigor Mortis, "Together we have saved Italy from the disaster. Now the political system has to be renewed." No one laughs at this nonsense coming from the renewal people. They even take seriously Casini and Fini who, as everyone knows, have been in politics from birth.


In a dance of the skeletons, in a “danse macabre“ with the definitive burial of those who have brought the country to the disaster point and who now say they want to save it without the tiniest trace of shame. "To the chairs, to the chairs!!!" They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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December 23, 2012

We are coming!


*** Watch the direct streaming of the “Massacre Tour" ("Firma Day") ***

At the Grand Hotel Italia there are those who come and go but almost all of them stay put. It’s a fantastic place. It’s located right in the centre of Rome, in piazza Montecitorio. Those who’ve been there even for a short time, cannot do without it. It’s like a drug for which there is no antidote. Whoever goes in finds themself suspended between the sky and the earth. They are illuminated with a new light. Their voice is propagated across the whole country by a myriad of obsequious microphones. It doesn’t might what they say or even how they express themselves. People look at them with new TV eyes and admire them. Whether they are male or female, they know this. They know that they have risen to become new deities to be feared and adored, just as Mercury or Diana once were. The Grand Hotel is Eden, the Terrestrial Paradise where magic changes frogs into princes, whores into stateswomen, illiterate people into legal eagles and mafia guys into senators. Who wouldn’t want to be part of this? It’s the fulfilment of a dream, it’s winning the lottery, it’s the most sought-after social position, it’s the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. There are those who would kill their mother or force their sister into prostitution to get a seat in parliament. Inside the Golden Palace, protected by thoughtful guardians who are concerned for the safety of the elected representatives, life goes on with bars, waiters, nineteenth century armchairs, bronze busts, monumental staircases, tapestries, rococo furniture, corridors draped in damask and a Chamber where the greatest effort required is to press a button to vote in accordance with the wishes of the party and where, at times, the guests have to stand up and with a trembling voice, deliver a fiery speech that has been written by a modern scribe occupying the press offices on the upper floors. In the casual meetings there’s an abundant use of titles like "Honourable“, "Director", "Undersecretary" and "Minister". In their faces you can see the shining satisfaction of those who have achieved the unachievable. You can enter the Palace only if you have a recommendation. Your name has to be in a list of individually chosen ones, chosen by those who manage the great baroque building transformed into a brothel of democracy. It’s a closed list. It always includes a few hundred names of people that have gained experience in a number of legislatures in the Palace (and thus have also gained the right to an annuity) and they have also developed a blind faith in the cause. There are only a few new places available. Those can only be accessed with money. An appointed position can be negotiated for one or two million euro, and a package of votes numbering no fewer than ten thousand, and love at first sight or even with closed eyes, for the brothel keepers. In this deconsecrated place of democracy, a place that is isolated from civil society, a place occupied by the New Suitors, at the end February, through the front door there’ll be the entry of the Citizens of the M5S, and in the Chamber they will be addressed as "Citizens". They will be there together with millions of Italian people who will see things with their own eyes, who will put forward proposals with their own words, who will vote with their own hands using the Internet. We are coming. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

See where all the SIGNATURE COLLECTION POINTS are located.

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December 19, 2012

The parties’ Beresina disaster


The dissolution of Parliament will take place after Christmas, perhaps after New Year, and probably on the night of the Epiphany. There’ll be elections half way through February, some say at the end of February, but it could be in March on Rigor Montis’s birthday to celebrate the man who is so well loved by the ECB and slightly less loved by the Italian people. For the national elections there’s complete chaos and it’s all taking place under the watchful eye of Napolitano, 87 years old, though he doesn’t look it. It seems like the Beresina retreat.
There are two official reasons for this farce, a bit like Totòtruffa. They’re both false. No confidence and the spread. There has been no “no confidence motion” against the Monti government. This guy announced his resignation (as though he were an employee and not the President of the Council) with Napolitano’s agreement. They both must have failed to carefully read the Constitution as it makes it OBLIGATORY to have lost the confidence of both houses of parliament for parliament to be dissolved. ARTICLE. 94 "Each House .... withdraws its confidence through a reasoned motion voted on by roll-call. An opposing vote by one or both the Houses against a Government proposal does not entail the obligation to resign. A motion of no-confidence must be signed by at least one-tenth of the members of the House and cannot be debated earlier than three days from its presentation." If Monti wants to resign he’s obliged to go to Parliament and ask whether they have confidence in him (and he knows they would say “yes”). He cannot show “no confidence” in himself. But who does he think he is? Napolitano cannot dissolve Parliament because Monti is sulking. Here it’s like being at nursery school. The rush to move towards elections after Rigor Montis’s personal resignation is due to the massive worry that the Head of State has concerning the spread. But the spread has never had such good health as it’s had since Monti’s announcement of his departure. Monti is the spread!
Bringing forward the elections has one single objective: to reduce the power of the M5S. To oblige it to have a mad race against time to collect the signatures that have to be authenticated by a public official and certified by the Local Authorities throughout Italy and by the Consulates abroad with the risk that errors creep in. The M5S could not have started collecting signatures earlier because no one knew what electoral law was to be operational for the elections. And reducing the number of signatures thanks to Ms Cancellieri does not reduce the time frames. Another reason to bring forward the elections: to have one moment of voting for both the regional and the national elections. This nullifies the possibility of a Sicily-effect, as Sicily is where the M5S got the top result. If there were a victory for the M5S in the regional elections in Lazio or Lombardy that would have attracted more votes to the M5S at a national level. I’m not going to die even if they kill me.
The collection of signatures is continuing next weekend with the second "Firma Day“ {Signature Day} that would be more appropriately named "Massacre Tour". I’ll be coming by camper on Thursday 20 December : 17.30 Reggio Calabria. Friday 21 December: 10.00 Vibo Valentia/ 12.00 Catanzaro/ 16.00 Crotone/ 20.00 Cosenza. Saturday 22 December:11.00 Taranto/ 13.30 Matera/ 16.00 Potenza/ 19.30 Bari/ 21.30 Molfetta. Sunday 23 December:10.00 Foggia/ 11.30 Termoli/ 13.00 Vasto/ 15.00 Pescara/ 19.30 Spoleto/ 21.00 Terni. See you in Parliament. Inside or outside. It’ll be a pleasure.
See where all the SIGNATURE COLLECTION POINTS are located.

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December 18, 2012

Italian Primary Buffoonery


The PDminusL has decided to let the citizens make their voice heard in relation to the electoral lists. It’s a novel idea (I wondered who they copied the idea from ...) and it was explained by Bersani thus: "The PDminusL has created a procedure that is unprecedented in Italy and in Europe (and even on Saturn, editor). We have set up a mechanism (!?) that will produce strong representation by women to such an extent that has never been seen in Italy and perhaps even in Europe". Crikey, this guy is spending his time following what is happening with the M5S - where there is an absolute majority of women being put forward for the national elections. Bersani is a limpet of democracy. Thus, after the voting for the M5S parliamentary candidates, we see the inauguration of the PDminusL’s Primary Buffoonery. The Primary Buffoonery will have a "moderate number“ of aspiring parliamentarians, that is 10%, chosen by the man himself: Gargamel Bersani. Unforgettable names will be our companions even in the next legislature, never again without Rosy Bindi, Anna Finocchiaro, Franco Marini, Giorgio Merlo, Maria Pia Garavaglia, and Beppe Fioroni. The guy dreaming up the "procedures" and the "mechanisms“ (at a cost of two euro) that makes us the envy of all Europe will also have the right to appoint the leaders of the lists (that’s certainly 54 parliamentarians). As well as the people elected thanks to the parties, the existing parliamentarians can take part (and they in turn were originally "appointed" by the party, editor), and others taking part are those collecting signatures (5% of the signed up members in the regions) as well as those who are to be selected by the leadership in the provinces. The triumph of the “made in Bettola” direct democracy.
The definitive voting figures for the M5S’s parliamentary candidates. Of the list leaders, 55% are women. 20,252 people voted for the lists out of 31,612 who had the right to vote as they had signed up to the M5S before 30/9/2012 using digitalised ID documents. There were in fact 94,836 potential votes (three preferences per voter) and the votes actually cast for the lists were 57,272. Up to this moment, the overall number of signed up members of the M5S is 255,339. It’s the first time in the world that citizens have been elected online and without any preference being given by the party or the movement in a way that is absolutely free. It cost nothing to vote, not even a single euro, and the M5S will not take the contributions for the elections that right now could be estimated at 100 MILLION EURO. In the future there’ll even be online voting for candidates in the regional elections, as has just happened for Lombardy where it has been confirmed that 66% of the list leaders have gone to women. The M5S has opened up a new route for democratic participation. In the future, with the gradual increase in digitalised identity for voters, it can only grow and get more established.

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December 16, 2012

Fifty shades of grey



The spectrum of the political offering is really vast. It ranges from the unconditional support of a new government of “Rigor Mortis of Gargamel” (it’s Monti who is the true winner of the PDminusL’s primaries), to the respect for Monti’s Agenda by Azzurro Caltagirone and the Free and Beautiful Montezemolo, to the external support for Monti by the Mad Rabbit number 2 (the first rabbit was Forlani, also nicknamed “the bib”), to the invocation of Monti as the leader of the PDL by the jaundiced psycho-dwarf who has offered to take a step back having been roundly insulted by the EU.
Rigor Montis is like Figaro, everyone’s looking for him, everyone wants him to do a hair cut and shave for the whole country. Ms Merkel and Mr Hollande have welcomed him with shouts of jubilation. In fact he’s the only one that can continue to clean out the hundreds of billions of euros worth of our State bonds from their banks. He’s a trusted bankruptcy receiver. The only ones that would not want Rigor Montis at the door (better a death in the house) are the Italians. To get him to accept the situation they founded the Single Party with fifty shades of grey. You have complete freedom to vote for who you want, but he’s always the winner. The voters are treated like the "dear inferiors" subject to Fantozzi’s office manager "You must vote dear inferiors. It’s democracy. It’s the freedom for us to keep on doing what the hell we like.
After the extra-parliamentary resignation of Monti who did not go to parliament where he would NOT have failed a confidence vote, there was widespread terror about the spreading of the spread, but the spread has stayed at more or less the same values and has revealed to us an irrefutable truth: the spread is Rigor Montis. If one is for all (Monti) and all are for one (still Monti), why has Napolitano brought forward the elections? There’s no reason. In fact there seems to be a standing ovation for the man with the Grey Notebook, an ovation without conditions, plebiscitary with all his Great Electors of today and tomorrow. And so dear Head of State why are we having elections while the snow is falling? Interrupting the operation of the legislature, with all the possible consequences, if we are in the hands of a man like Monti who is so virtuous and just and observant and well liked by every party, one who is the creator of the Italian record-breaking public debt of all time amounting to 2,000 billion euro? In the elections there’ll be just two choices: Rigor Montis with all the parties in the various shades of grey and the M5S. See you in Parliament, (either inside or outside). It’ll be a pleasure.

ITINERARY for FIRMA DAY: Sunday 16 December, starting at 9.00 am, I’ll be in Bolzano, Trento, Rovereto, Trieste and Udine. Updates concerning the time and place will be available in real time on Twitter and Facebook. A direct streaming video will accompany the whole trip.

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December 9, 2012

We are us and you are just nothing!


With the resignation of Rigor Montis the country’s dark mirror has smashed into a thousand pieces and each Italian can see the dissolution of the State in the fragment that’s nearest to them. A leap in the dark. It’s still not Caporetto, it’s still not like 08 September for Badoglio, but it’s something pretty similar. Any one who can, should get into the life boats. When he had the possibility, Monti didn’t speak to the citizens, to the general public to get free from the control of the parties. He has shown himself to have had the courage of Don Abbondio in Manzoni’s novel “The Betrothed “. And now he’s paying the consequences. The image of “montism” that will stay in the memory of Italians will be the photo published on Twitter with Casini, Bersani and Alfano in palazzo Chigi, seated in velvet armchairs, laughing and sipping tea with the lanky and proud Monti behind them. They seem to be saying: “Look at us. We are us and you are just nothing!“ The participation of the people in the fundamental decisions of the Nation was first flushed down the toilet by the parties and after that by the technical guys. The will of the Italians has become a variable that is independent of the logic of the System. Despised, and labelled "populism". I wrote an open letter to Monti on 24 November 2011, and I haven’t even had a comment:
" You, on your own, or even with a team of professors and of technical people, can do very little without the support of the general public. The honeymoon that you are experiencing, due to the “liberation from Berlusconi” rather than to yourself, could reveal itself to be very short. Your success will be determined by your actions and by the consensus that these actions have in the real country, the country of the movements and the associations, and certainly not that of the parties, that are by now a simulacrum of democracy. Thus, allow me, also for the people that are following me, that by now from a numerical viewpoint, are the fifth or the sixth electoral force, to give you a few suggestions. The first is to respect the will of the people that expresses the wish to abandon nuclear, for public water or to avoid the useless destruction of the Val di Susa. The second is straight away to give examples of cuts to useless costs before any tax on the first home, on the patrimony, or increase in sales tax. The Italian people have the highest taxes in Europe and at the same time, enormous tax evasion. It means that it’s always the same people that pay and it’s possible that only on their shoulders will fall the burden of the so-called "risanamento" {recovery}. You are lucky in two ways. The first, as I have written, is that you are following on from a wretch. The second is that you have wide margins for manoeuvring. Wherever you glance you could operate savings and cuts at zero cost. Cut the provinces, the electoral financing, the public financing of publishing. Put a stop to the great useless public works like the TAV, “la Gronda” in Genoa, the Expo in Milan. You know better than I do that they are of no use. The economy is not developed with cement. Bring back the motorway concessions under state management, it is right that if there is a gain of billions of euro, that it remains with the State and that it is not destined for Benetton and associates. You studied with the Jesuits, but, staying on the topic of religious orders, you should renew yourself along the lines of the Franciscans. Peel off your relations with the world that appointed you and turn directly to the Italian people. If you cannot do that, I advise you to leave the position. To repeat the same errors and the vileness of the politicians that preceded you would not do you honour."
Monti’s annus horribilis is leaving behind disastrous consequences. A country on its last legs and none of the structural, institutional, industrial, electoral, or social problems even with a tiniest chance of being resolved. Rubble. Emptiness into which the people who are responsible for the destruction of the country, the Siamese twins of the PDL and the PDminusL, and the extreme right that has already started presenting its lists in half of Italy. Those who are the cause of the disaster are crying for themselves. Monti, when you leave at least turn out the light. The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} is in a race against time to present its lists. From April, we’ve gone to March and now to February. And then? Will Napolitano call the elections next month on the feast of the Epiphany when the good witch (the Befana) will come with her broken slippers? They do what they want. Watch out for the anger of the Italians. See you (in any case) in Parliament! It’ll be a pleasure.

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November 29, 2012

Coup d'état Italian-style


What’s happening in Italy is a progressive coup d'état. The end of democracy one step at a time, to get the citizens ready for change. Gentle and soft like Gaber’s shampoo. The first step was Calderoli’s porcata law that ALL the parties wanted and made use of in spite of the fact that the PDminusL pretended they didn’t want it. Parliamentarians have become "appointees", like the knights of old. They’re appointed by the 5 party secretaries. No longer preferences of the voters, but with absolute liberality, friends, lovers, wives, in laws, trusted lawyers, mates that have to find a way of avoiding prison. The second mini-coup came with the appointment of Rigor Montis(forced into Parliament as a life senator for unknown merits) and becoming President of the Council without the preceding government losing a no confidence motion in Parliament. That’s something that’s never happened before. A worrying precedent. And now the third mini-coup. No one knows when there will be voting or when election day will be, or what electoral law will be applicable, what the constituencies will be, whether there will be premiums or mini-premiums and who will decide. Zilch at only a few months to go before the elections, while Napolitano at the end of his term of office, is extending his prerogative to guarantee the Republic to supervise the next legislature. The next president has to be Monti, no coalition must win no political government must lead the nation, the electoral law that Calderoli is brewing up in his role as legislator, an extreme joke to take the Italians for a ride, has to be designed to exclude every possibility of a win for the M5S and it must put forward once more the warmed up soup of the PDL coalition with the PDminusL, the UDC and with the newbie SEL. A massive government of the parties in which who’s governing is another, a so-called "technical guy" (but what sort of technical?) chosen by the ECB. A man trusted by International finance who is turning the Italian economy into a desert of the Tartars. What needs saying, what needs to be shouted out, even in International settings, and I will do this, is that Italy is no longer a democracy but a party-ocracy affiliated to the international economic powers. Those who have brought the country to destruction, display themselves on TV and give interviews to newspapers putting themselves forward, without embarrassment, without shame, as the novelty that is making progress, instead of disappearing from circulation! They laugh in the TV studios with Franti’s laugh, these people who are responsible for unemployment, for the selling off of the country, for corruption (no law has ever arrived), for the mafia (with whom the State has negotiated), for the conflict of interests (no law has ever arrived), for the public debt which they have used to ruin Italy and fill the pockets of the lobbies, for the destruction of the companies, for an inhuman tax burden and for the lowest wages in Europe. You cannot be both the illness and the cure. Where have you been in the last 20/30/40 years? With your backsides in the sun thanks to the money of the Italian people! And you don’t want to shift from there at any cost, even turning the electoral law upside down during the run up to elections. Not even Stalin or Mao were brazen like you, changing the rules of the game at the last minute, stating that it’s for democracy. See you (in any case) in Parliament! It’ll be a pleasure.

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November 22, 2012

Not in my name


Not in my name will the tiniest drop of national sovereignty be given up
Not in my name will the social State be torn to pieces
Not in my name will the parties that have destroyed Italy get to recycle themselves as the saviours of the nation
Not in my name will the newspapers that have perfected the art of lying, receive a single euro of public financing
Not in my name will there still be “golden pensions”
Not in my name will there be public financing to the parties
Not in my name will we stay in the euro without a popular consultation
Not in my name will small and medium sized enterprises be destroyed
Not in my name will State concessionaries continue to profit from public goods
Not in my name will they do Great Useless Public Works getting the citizens into debt
Not in my name will anyone who has made a career of politics stay in his position after having ruined the Italian economy
Not in my name will the big chains destroy local commerce
Not in my name will a single incinerator be constructed
Not in my name will political refugees be treated like cattle
Not in my name will Italy participate in other people’s wars like in Afghanistan or Libya
Not in my name will high level public functionaries receive salaries like nabobs
Not in my name will false accounting still be permitted
Not in my name will Italy not have an anti-corruption law
Not in my name will Italy not have a law against the conflict of interests
Not in my name will someone be elected to the office of the President of the Council without having popular legitimacy
Not in my name will it be possible for the parties that are going to benefit, to change electoral laws but this must be done by means of a referendum
Not in my name will Equitalia still exist
Not in my name will the RAI still be managed by the parties
Not in my name will Italy be drained of its resources to buy our public debt from the French and German banks
Not in my name will finance be a substitute for politics
Not in my name will it be possible to mortgage your first home for unpaid taxes or make it subject to local tax
Not in my name will the cementification of Italy still go on
Not in my name will it be possible for someone to be left behind

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Israel moving towards catastrophe - Moni Ovadia


Presentation by Moni Ovadia:
“Heartfelt greetings to all the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog. I’ve already been able to participate on the blog before, and at that time I showed a short film. I’m really happy to be able to come back again.
Naturally, we all understand that this situation in the Middle East, is a catastrophe. There are two levels. First of all, there’s the the situation of the innocent civilians. I have friends in this turmoil: in fact, just this morning I received a message from a friend of mine in Israel saying that a missile went within a hair’s breadth of the house where his little nephew lives and fortunately the toddler was not hurt. I’ve had other messages ... It must be really horribly to be there with the bombs falling all around you. There have been 5 civilian victims .
What’s happening to the Israelis is shocking, because civilian deaths are always shocking, however for the Palestinian people its 10, 100, or a 1000 times worse.
Basically, the Israelis have somewhere to flee to, they have a structure, the iron dome that can protect them. The Palestinian people have nothing like that. They have mounds of rubble on top of more rubble. They are suffering in a shocking way: whole families are being wiped out by a single bombing episode. The bombing is meant to be targeted. But there is no targeted bombing. In the end, the true victims are the civilians, above all, the old people, the women and the children.


But Netanyahu and Lieberman don’t have the inkling of an intention to change their policy. Let’s hope that there’s a glimmer of hope in Israeli societyand that in the forthcoming elections they will change their policies The policies are obviously bad for the Palestinian people, who are suffering what they are suffering, by now it’s an endless calvary. But they are also bad for the Israelis because, like this, there’s no future for Israel!" Moni Ovadia

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November 13, 2012

Great Fear

Presentation by Paolo Becchi, Professor of the Philosophy of Law in the Faculty of Jurisprudence at the University of Genoa

“The forthcoming national elections will be crucial because the outcome will decide not just the “see saw” between the parliamentary majority and the opposition, but the fundamental political clash that is taking place: the one between the “Third Republic” that started off with Napolitano’s “18 Brumaire” and the only authentic “revolutionary” force in the country: the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}. Whether or not they want to, this time the voters will be exercising “constituent” power. Whatever the outcome of the vote, they will be rewriting our Constitution. With the next election, what will be determined is the relationship between parliament and the government, the future of the idea of a “political party”, the position of Italy in Europe and in the monetary union. And yet, the exercise of the vote can always be “manipulated” in some way. And the discussions of recent months – and, in particular, those taking place this week – about the modification of electoral laws that are revealing what is truly in the balance: how to prevent the rise of the 5 Star MoVement that, after the vote in Sicily, has established itself as the only political force able to resist the consecration of the “Third Republic”. The recent statements of the President of the Senate, Schifani are a prime example: "I’m busy working on the electoral law for the citizens. I’m doing all I can as it’s what so many people are asking for. We will get there. Otherwise Grillo will get not just 30%, but 80%".


This was perfectly explained by Casini: "We will be swept away [...]. If we leave the law as it is there’ll be nothing easier than that those who get 30% of the vote to actually get 55% of the seats." After the “trickery of the Euro”, here we have the “trickery of the electoral system ”. Of electoral “trickery” we have illustrious precedents in our political history: from the Acerbo law in 1923 to the 1953 law that brought in the majority premium of 65%. Today, however, for the first time the mechanism of the “majority premium ” is being used in a “negative” sense to prevent the Italian people from using their vote to express their disgust with the whole political system. The idea is to domesticate the elections, in fact, to supply a predetermined outcome: to supply a government that - whether or not it is led by Monti - will continue on the path of bloodletting that it has already begun." Paolo Becchi

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November 12, 2012

Captain Ahab and political correctness


Our language, our freedom of expression, is threatened, castrated by a new puritanism, by a form of suffocating "political correctness" that nullifies truth and kills any exchange of views. A "linguistic Lourdes" that sweetens and transforms words, substituting reality, placed like a shroud over the living body of society. The truth, when it is being expressed simply and brutally, has become an outrage against public decency, against good manners, an affront to democracy as a “fait accompli”, an affront to the establishment (may it be always praised...) In this swampy calm, nothing must bring disturbance. Any cry of indignation is a threat, any opinion is an offence against the rules of etiquette, against conventions, against a category. In its multiple and diverse forms, the System, protected by its very shield of respectability, by a decade-long varnish of shit that doesn’t stink but that merely "can be sensed with the nose“, makes use of political correctness to dock tongues, to label, to isolate anyone who is considered to be different from itself.
“Bad and unluckiness disappear with a dive into the waters of euphemism. Who is Captain Ahab? He is one who has an incorrect attitude in relation to whales. We are not having a fiasco, we are just succeeding to a lesser extent than predicted. We are not drug addicts, we are making excessive use of narcotics. We are not paralysed, but quadriplegic. A corpse is called a “non-living person” and consequently, a fat corpse is a non-living person carrying extra weight." (*)
Truth is even offensive when metaphors and circumlocutions are used to express it. If truth is offensive, then metaphor is wholly offensive if referred to sexual matters. Giordano Bruno would not have been burned at the stake in Campo dè Fiori with a muzzle over his mouth, but he would have been analysed for all his intolerable deviations, for his heretical pronouncements in infinite talk shows and off air with naive innocents but still being recorded.
In "Politics and the English Language“ Orwell wrote: If you simplify your [language], you are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy. You cannot speak any of the necessary dialects, and when you make a stupid remark its stupidity will be obvious, even to yourself. Political language is understood to make lies seem to be true and every wickedness to be respectable, and to give the appearance of truth to thin air.” What’s happened is that truth has become insult. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

(*) From "La cultura del piagnisteo. La saga del politicamente corretto. Robert Hughes"

PS: I have proposed no one as candidate for the position of mayor of Rome for the M5S. Anyone who says differently is not speaking the truth. The spokesperson for the mayor, will be chosen as has happened up until now, by those members of the M5S that live in that territory.

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November 10, 2012

There’s something rotten in Brussels


The euro is the finger, but the EU is the moon, its hidden part, of which we know little or nothing. An Italian knows more about the debates in the American Senate than the decisions taken in Brussels. Perhaps because there’s not much to be said about a place that seems more like a Club Med resort a gentle place of exile for those like Mastella, who failed in national elections. The annulment of European politics, replaced in fact by a European banking union, is not what was envisaged by the founding fathers Adenauer, De Gasperi, Monnet and Schuman. Europe is not a bank, but the sum total of people and civilisations going back thousands of years. Before the euro we should have created the foundations of common rules, for example policies relating to Defence and to tax. We have gone from the Europe of Julius Caesar and Charlemagne to the Europe of the “spread”.
When needed, parties in Italy use the EU as an alibi, as for The TAV in the Val di Susa, that in fact no one in Europe wants any more, or they ignore the EU completely, as happens for false accounting, the anti corruption law (that we have been asked to create since 1999), conflict of interests, the election of people with criminal convictions to Parliament and for all the disgusting rubbish for which we are "downtrodden and derided". The power of the EU is to apply sanctions: if you don’t put the directives into effect, you pay the fine. If, for example, directives relating to the environment are not put into effect, the (blameless) Italian citizen pays a really hefty fine. Italy is made to pay fines every year amounting to hundreds of millions of euro because of fraud to the detriment of the EU. Top record breaker. Fining the blameless citizen (in the end, he’s the one paying the taxes) because of the inefficiencies and corruption of the political class is like beating an exhausted donkey at the grindstone. The slogan "God wishes it" of the Crusades, has been substituted by the parties with "Europe wishes it", even when Europe wants nothing at all, as is the case with the incinerators that have sprung up like mushrooms (species: amanita phalloides) in Italy, and renamed "thermovalorizors" by the PDminusL-folk who like to pay attention to appearances. European money is a myth and non-existent. European funding is a great way of taking us for a ride. Each year we send off to the EU about 12 billion euro, and if all goes well we get back 9 billion that mainly goes to the regions where the mafia have the greatest presence: Campania, Calabria and Sicily. The difference is 3 billion and that goes elsewhere. It’s Italy that finances the EU, not the other way round. And now, in the face of the coup d'état involving the current change to the electoral law and to the ceiling of 42.5% for the majority premium aimed to prevent the possible victory of the M5S and to bring about a Monti bis, the EU is staying silent. Who knows, perhaps they will fine us for parking in Montecitorio. In 2003, the Venice Commission declared that "the fundamental elements of electoral law, especially those covering the electoral system per se, the composition of electoral commissions and the drawing of constituency boundaries must not be changed within one year of elections, or the rules should be legitimised at a Constitutional level or in a text higher in status than ordinary law ". There’s something rotten in Brussels. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

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November 9, 2012

Pigs without wings - Senator Elio Lannutti

Presentation by Elio Lannutti, independent senator with Italia dei Valori

"Ciao to all friends of Beppe Grillo’s Blog and good luck! I really believe that the force of change is going to be stronger than the resistance of the established power groups.
My name is Elio Lannutti, and I’m the President of Adusbef {Association of Clients of Financial Institutions}. Beppe Grillo contributed the preface to one of my books: “La Repubblica della Banche” {Republic of Banks}, I took part in the first V Day, the one about cleaning up parliament, collecting the 350,000 signatures that since then have gone unheeded. Beppe Grillo has even come to the Committee for Constitutional Affairs to draw attention to the inaction on that law, but nothing has happened. I’m an independent senator with Italia dei Valori and above all I have taken part with Beppe Grillo in so many general assemblies of shareholders, from Torino to Telecom, so many shareholders meetings where there was an action against “tronchetto dell’infelicità” (Beppe Grillo’s nickname for Marco Tronchetti Provera).
This lot are taking action against Beppe Grillo, and with the increase up to 42.5% there’s an “anti Grillo” action. It’s not possible to have an “Anti Grillo” law! Laws are made to promote governability, in the interests of the country, but not against Grillo.
I’ve felt fear when I’ve heard things with my own ears, (then the inconvenient things have been removed from the minutes of the meetings). I’m not a member of the Committee for Constitutional Affairs, however every senator can attend all committees and I went along to listen. There were senators that once said: “We were thinking of increasing the lowest limit for access to parliament from 4% to 5% when began this law for, let’s say, creating an “anti Grillo” block”, These were the actual words. “Currently however the percentage vote for Grillo is around 30% we have to get equipped to make it as difficult as possible for Grillo to get into government”, because if we still have this electoral law the MoVimento 5 Stelle will become the top party, with the majority premium, it’ll get to govern the country! Thus this is the situation.


There’s a climate of fear, of terror in relation to the “clean lists”, with the possibility of having a “clean Parliament”! With the possibility, as Beppe Grillo says: "See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.“ It’s not just a wish, but it will be a reality with the elections in April. I often tell my colleagues, that Beppe Grillo will cause the exodus, using Fornero’s way of speaking, of 80% of the current Parliament.
What Cesa says is not true. He says that we have placed a threshold because the Constitutional Court itself is working on the majority premium of the "Porcellum" and you cannot have a bonus of 25%. Cesa says “There has to be a cap.”
As far as I know, the Constitutional Court has established no limits. Monti is encouraging the parties to find an agreement saying “Don’t force me to intervene, because our initiative is technically possible but it’s not politically desirable..” Here there’s either a wish to eliminate the appointed people in Parliament (thus the law nicknamed the “porcellum”), or bring in a reform tailor made to suit the current political caste. I don’t know whether Monti will intervene but if he does he shouldn’t do so to reconstitute the alliance that came up with the “Porcellum”, but to offer the same possibilities and opportunities to the new formations that have not yet had a presence in Parliament."

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November 8, 2012

We are the majority - by Michael Moore

“Congratulations everyone!! This country has truly changed, and I believe there will be no going back. Hate lost today. That is amazing in and of itself. And all the women who were elected tonight! A total rebuke of neanderthal attitudes.

Now the real work begins. Millions of us must come together to insist that President Obama and the Democrats stand up and fight and, if the House doesn't want to play ball, do a massive "end run" around them. Likewise, we have to have Obama's back. As he is blocked and attacked by the Right, we need to be there with him. We are the majority. Let's act like it.

And please Mr. President, make the banks and Wall Street pay. You're the boss, not them. Lead the fight to get money out of politics - the spending on this election is shameful and dangerous. Don't wait til 2014 to bring the troops home - bring 'em home now. Stop the drone strikes on civilians. End the senseless war on drugs. Act like a mother***** when it comes to climate change - ignore the nuts and fix this now. Take the profit motive out of things that any civilized country would say, "this is for the common good." Make higher educational affordable for everyone and don't send 22-year olds out into the world already in debt. Order a moratorium on home foreclosures and evictions. There are ways to create good-paying jobs - I have some ideas, if you've got a minute. Make your second term historical!

Finally thanks to the Occupy movement who, a year ago, set the tone of this election heart with "the 1% vs. everybody else" - and inspired Obama and his campaign to realize that there was huge popular sentiment against what the wealthy have done. And that led to Romney's ""47%" remarks which was the beginning of the end of his campaign. Thank you Mother Jones for releasing that secret tape and thank you to the minimum wage worker who did the secret taping. Thank you Sandra Fluke for enduing the insults hurled at you and becoming an important grass-roots leader. Thank you Todd Akin for... well, for just being you. Thank you CEOs of Chrysler and GM for coming out forcefully against a Republican candidate, saying he lived in "an alternate universe" when he lied about Jeep. Thank you for Governor Cristie for being the final nail in the coffin.

And thank you Mother Nature, in all your horrific damage you caused last week, you became, ironically, the undoing of a Party that didn't believe in you or your climate changing powers. Perhaps they'll believe now.” Michael Moore

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November 2, 2012

What happened in Sicily

Two crosses and history is made!
"What happened in Sicily? There’s just one fundamental political fact. It’s the one that some people were fearing, others were expecting, another group of others were pooh-poohing: now there’s a new political force that is serious about what it’s doing. It’s new because it’s beyond any “classical” party logic based on the right-centre-left divisions. This opposition movement has risen from the crisis in this logic, the logic of the party model, this movement is the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}. As of today, this movement is the top political entity in Sicily: 15 seats compared to 14 for the PD and 12 for the PDL. With this Movement a new way of doing politics has come into being. It starts with the needs of the people and it tries to offer practical concrete solutions and not stuff that’s imposed from above, but the outcome of discussion and public debate. The MoVement is thus aiming to present a new image of democracy in our country: no longer one founded on the idea of representation and delegating to the parties, but the direct participation of the citizens in public life. Participation that goes through a new form of communication (blogs, Twitter, etc.), avoiding traditional institutions like the press and the TV that the other parties depend on. It is this fresh fusion of the “original” concept of democracy and the revolution in forms of communication, that for the first time, makes it possible to have authentic participation of the citizen in politics. This is how the MoVement is demonstrating that it is profoundly rooted in the territory and at the same time it knows no boundaries, no parochialism, no clientele. The vote in Sicily is confirmation of that. The Movement has “broken through” in the cities (Palermo, with 43,000 votes compared to 26,000 for the PD, and also in Messina, Agrigento and Caltanisetta). And what are the newly elected people doing? They are talking to the citizens, trying to respond to their questions, while those of the other parties are experimenting with the possible standing of the “iron pact” between the PD and the UDC for the forthcoming national elections. There’s an abyss separating the old and the new politics. The MoVement is definitively closing the account with “politics as a profession” with delegation, with “making a living from politics”: the MoVement’s politician is a citizen like the others. A citizen who uses the knowledge derived from his profession in society, for a brief time in his life, and places himself at the service of other citizens, and then goes back to his previous occupations. Finally, he lives for politics, for the citizens. With his roots in the region, but without the limits that are felt by local and localist government, the 5 Star MoVement has truly started to act seriously. And after Sicily, there’ll be the elections in Lombardy and Lazio that will probably precede the national elections. And after the regional elections, in preparation for the national elections the MoVement will have to have internal discussions and work out a new and original solution. The fundamental problem for our country: the position of Italy in Europe and the destiny of the single currency. While all the political parties (if you exclude what’s left of the Lega) are “aligned” with the Government position of “Europeanism” to the bitter end, the MoVement can - and must - give Italian politics a new “jolt”. The elections in Sicily are a new beginning. Ce n’est qu’un debut, continuons le combat!" Paolo Becchi

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November 1, 2012

Antonio Di Pietro President of the Republic


Antonio Di Pietro has made mistakes. He has included in his party people like De Gregorio and Scilipoti who are not presentable. Perhaps for tactical reasons, he has avoided taking a clear stand on issues like the TAV high speed train line and on the G8. But he is the only one in parliament who has been fighting berlusconism. He has done this with guns blazing, with a hotch-potch group kept together just because of his stubbornness and obstinancy. He’s always been isolated, badly supported by PDminusL-folk and hated by all the others. At times he has confused politics with realpolitik and he has tried to find an impossible compromise with parties that are corrupt and on their way out. He has put too much trust in people close to him, in nobodies who exploited his popularity to uncritically go along with everything he asks for. Perhaps he was aware of rearing piranhas and sharks that he thought he could keep under control but now are showing him their teeth. However, in these long years of mess ups stitched together by the PDL and the PDminusL, without him, the last glimmer of light in Parliament would have already been extinguished. The Lower House would have been no different from the deaf and grey chamber evoked by Benito Mussolini or from the current morgue of democracy run by Rigor Montis. His "Dear president who is not present“ addressed to the psycho dwarf and the attacks on the servants of berlusconism are the only flames of light that deserve to be remembered in the worst Parliament since the Unification of Italy, a filthy place peopled with convicted criminals and P2-ists,and by those who have declared themselves to be the enemies of democracy. It could be that Tonino has promoted referenda for his own purposes, but if we have been able to vote against the nuclear option, against Casini, Bossi, Fini and Berlusconi, we owe it to him. It was he that collected and certified the necessary signatures. Just for this we should thank him. The “Lodo Alfano”, that even a child would have declared unconstitutional, but not the President of the Republic, was criticised and opposed by Di Pietro alone in the midst of silence from folk like Bersani and D’Alema and with the backing of folk like Cicchitto and Gasparri. The man is irascible. He listens to no one. But he’s honest. When he’s had to face up to the judgement of a tribunal, he’s done so without hesitation and he has always come out with a clean bill of health. How many people in Parliament can say the same? Who can throw the first stone? Nobody. In 2013 Napolitano will be out of office. For now, that’s the only bit of good news that’s a certainty. My hope is that the next President of the Republic is Antonio Di Pietro, the only one who has kept a straight back in a Parliament of pygmies. Touché!

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October 24, 2012

At the crossroads

reworking of photo by fotoantologia.it

After 25 April 1945, the prevailing idea was "reconstruction". After the war, although Italy had been destroyed, there was the will to start over again and to change everything. There was a sense of solidarity, people helped each other, as often happens with those that have survived an earthquake or a tsunami. Poor, but beautiful. People were aware of having lived through an enormous disaster, an incomparable tragic piece of history in which Italy played all the parts, the good, the bad and the ugly. Italians wanted to put the past behind them. To delete that for ever. We got rid of the Savoys, the worst Dynasty in Europe, fascism was dead and buried, the new rules of the game were rewrittenin the form of the Constitution. Every possible thing became possible. Not everything was perfect. We didn’t suddenly walk into a Garden of Eden. But over a period of a few years we became one of the leading industrial powers. Men like Olivetti, Mattei and Ferrari got established. Made in Italy became an international brand. Our grandparents and great grandparents were perfectly "aware" of the need for radical change, this is why their efforts were successful.
Today’s Italy is littered with rubbish just as Berlin was in Roberto Rossellini’s "Germania anno zero" {Germany Year Zero} The rubble exists, but only apparently. What’s invisible is the moral rubble in politics, in industry, and in the social, human, and environmental spheres. It’s everywhere, like a metastasis that has been ignored for too long. The scalpels of the magistracy make incisions and remove elements, but it’s like being faced by a monster with a thousand heads. Every day sees the arrest of people in the institutions, episodes of corruption, kickbacks and bribes. It’s raining shit and suddenly they’ve opened up the cataracts of the Second Republic We have got used to the "stink of moral compromise, to indifference, to contiguity and thus to being complicit", as Borsellino said, and we cannot believe in the possibility of a different world. We have been hypnotised by words like "spread", "public debt“, and "stability pact" being repeated over and over again like a mantra. We are at the crossroads, we, the nation, we the people. No one will decide for us. No one will help us. There won’t be a war coming to help us to free us from the worst political class in the West. Either we start over again on our own or we are condemned to an unstoppable decline. We need to be aware of this. We are at the crossroads and no one can feel excluded.

Sicily Special: Today, Wednesday 24 October, I’ll be in Catania (diretta streaming) all day.
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Two crosses on the ballot sheet and History is made!

The fishermen of Sciacca

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October 23, 2012

Sicilians throughout the world, listen to me!

Photo by Pierluigi Stefanizzi

Sicilians throughout the world, wherever you are in Toronto in Canada, Little Italy in New York, in Alice Springs in the centre of the Australian desert or in the thousand lands of South America, listen to me. I need your help. Sicily needs your help and Italy that has often been your wicked stepmother and forced you to leave your island, even Italy needs you. You can do a lot, you can change everything because at least once in the course of history, everything can truly change. The trains of real change go past few times in a lifetime. One of these rare rare trains is running across Sicily right now, from Messina to Palermo, from Termini Imerese to Cefalù. You can see this train going past, when you look into the eyes of the Sicilian youngsters and you see they are at last believing in the possibility of creating development and wealth in their island, without the need to emigrate. You can see it when you see the tears of some of the old folk who have given me a hug as though I were one of their sons. And you can see it in the squares that are so improbably full, the squares where there’s the rekindling of a spark of hope for good governance, hope for freedom from the blackmailing of local Mafia bosses. Wherever you are, phone home, send an email, spread the news among your friends and relatives in Sicily. Freedom of information in Italy is classified in the lowest positions in the world, at the 61st position after Haiti, Samoa, and Guyana. The TV channels and the newspapers are propaganda tools of the parties and the lobbies. They are the final barrier of a predatory and voracious political class that has produced guys like Cuffaro and Lombardo. Connect to the Internet, that is hardly in existence in Sicily, watch the direct streaming videos on Ustream and Youtube. Listen to the young men and women of MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} and to their spokesperson Giancarlo Cancelleri. Read the programme and then call up people you know and explain that their vote at the forthcoming regional elections on 28 October is important both for them and for you, because tomorrow you could choose whether to return from your new places of residence to the island of light in the centre of the Mediterranean the island that you have left. How many are there of you throughout the world? Millions, tens of millions? Your power is enormous. The word that you are spreading has to reach all corners of the world from one Pole to the other. A roar that has never before been heard. If Sicily changes, Italy changes. And then, perhaps, Europe changes. Don’t leave your lads isolated.

Sicily Special: Today, Tuesday 23 October, at 6:00pm I’ll be in Niscemi (direct streaming) and at 9:00pm, I’ll be in Gela (direct streaming)
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Two crosses on the ballot sheet and History is made!

The fishermen of Sciacca

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October 14, 2012

The elections and the rules of the game


Napolitano (who doesn’t sleep at night) and the parties want to change the rules of the electoral game on the fly, a moment before the end of the legislature after ignoring the issue since 2006. When you have to go, you have to go. There are two obvious objectives. To make sure that the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} can’t get into government, if it happens to be victorious, thanks to the current majority premium. To create another Monti bis law with the parties providing the chorus of white voices, castrated of any power, but able to maintain all the privileges and protection for the caste. The parliamentarians are pressing buttons in Parliament to approve the wishes of the ECB (may it always be praised) and to "give up parts of our national sovereignty to Europe so that we can grow" (Napolitano’s words), emptying out Italy like a larva.
This behaviour is even condemned by the EU itself. In the document called "Code of good practice in electoral matters" published in Strasbourg on 23 May 2003, the “European Commission for Democracy through Law” laid down “Regulatory levels and stability of electoral law” at point 2b, saying that "stability of some of the more specific rules of electoral law, especially those covering the electoral system per se, the composition of electoral commissions and the drawing of constituency boundaries must not be changed within one year of elections, or the rules should be legitimised at a Constitutional level or in a text higher in status than ordinary law ".
The scope of the rule is clarified in articles 63, 64 e 65 of the "Explanatory Report" of the "Guidelines" of the document: "Stability of the law is crucial to credibility of the electoral process, which is itself vital to consolidating democracy. Rules which change frequently – and especially rules which are complicated – may confuse voters. Above all, voters may conclude, rightly or wrongly, that electoral law is simply a tool in the hands of the powerful, and that their own votes have little weight in deciding the results of elections. It is not so much changing voting systems which is a bad thing – they can always be changed for the better – as changing them frequently or just before (within one year of) elections. Even when no manipulation is intended, changes will seem to be dictated by immediate party political interests.". Furthermore, if the electoral law should happen to be disgracefully approved shortly before the elections, Italy would certainly be subjected to condemnation by the EU, as has happened recently for Bulgaria for the same reason.
In future, the Constitution should ensure that every alteration to the electoral laws should be subject to a referendum, not to the interests of the parties. See you (in any case) in Parliament! It’ll be a pleasure.
Read the Council of Europe’s Code of good practice in electoral matters

PS: Thanks go to Marino Mastrangeli bringing this to our attention in the M5S Forum

Sicily Special: Today, 14 October, at 6:00pm I’m in Vittoria and at 9:00pm I’m in Ragusa.
Tomorrow, Monday 15 October, at 6:00pm I’ll be in Modica and at 9:00pm, I’ll be in Siracusa
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Opportunity for Sicilians


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September 30, 2012

An anaconda’s stomach


Anyone who is shouting out "Forza Grillo!“ {come on Grillo!}, just as once upon a time people shouted out "Long live Zapata or Pancho Villa" has not understood that it is only he himself that is the one to bring about a possible change. Those people mustn’t vote for the 5 Star MoVement, but for themselves and if they risk nothing, if they are just playing the one who is lurking in the land of politics while hanging around waiting for the winner to emerge, Italy will still be the country that has been turned to stone over the last 150 years. And as citizens, those people will never have the value of one, but zero. Zero is the number identifying those who stay at the window looking out, those who do not make a commitment to the society that they live in.
As Ennio Flaiano said, people in Italy are always keen to run to the aid of the victor. Thus here, millions of fascists became Christian Democrats and Communists in the course of a single night in April 1945, once the war had been lost. It’s a country without guilt, a country that never puts itself on trial, that even won the Second World War after 08 September, but if it hadn’t been for the presence of the Allies, it would now have a statue of “il duce” in every one of Italy’s squares. A country that goes off and bombs Gaddafi’s Libya straight after signing a peace agreement. A female country, that loves the strong man, whether he’s called Craxi, Berlusconi or Mussolini, but it’s a country that then hangs them from their feet at the first tempest. It’s a peninsular of partiality, of familisms, of favours given and received, of cliques, of freemasonry, of mafias. A magic circle formed by those who live on Power and by those who survive with the crumbs thrown to them under the table. Millions of people have been participating in State banquets for decades, as though it were a restaurant that provides free meals.
The Italian in Italy lives like a tourist, as though he were abroad, as though the street where he lives, the city where he was born, didn’t belong to him. He lives in a separate world, with indifference, sometimes with the haughtiness of an observer who never gets involved. He believes in miracles that at times do happen in this strange country. And he confides in Divine Providence while ferociously criticising the Institutions seated in armchairs while he’s following the talk shows with the usual people and it is to these people that he delegates his life. He also delegates it to the same old rhymes that no longer get sung. This country has swallowed everything, it has swallowed racist laws, fascism, the P2, the pacts between the State and the mafia, the slaughters, the deaths of its heroes from Borsellino to Ambrosoli. It has the stomach of an anaconda that can swallow a crocodile. No one can help the country. Nothing can change it. Nothing can save it. Unless it changes itself first.

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September 16, 2012

Seeking Italian democracy which is so precious


There are one, a hundred a thousand democracies. There’s the "traditional" Martin Schultz-style democracy that you don’t discuss and you don’t change. There’s the democracy of the "appointed ones" chosen by a handful of party secretaries in Parliament, democratically subtracted from the will of the people. There’s the democracy that is sculpted in the name of the party, so that there are no doubts about its internal, external and tangential democracy, as for example with the DEMOCRATIC Party. The biggest party (in terms of numbers - let’s be clear) that has ever existed in Italy was the Christian DEMOCRATIC Party and its heir is the Union of Christian and Centre DEMOCRATS (UDC) led by Cuffaro and they use the word “democratic” or “democrats” to put people off the scent. So basically, the word “democratic” is like salt. It’s best to put a bit in the main dishes and then if the food is disgusting, it’s best to have lots to hide the flavour. That taste of rotten, of being taken for a ride, of the people who while they are saying one thing, are doing exactly the opposite. in Italy the will of the people is negated by the parties. Even the results of the referenda, like the ones for the abolition of public financing and against nuclear power, have been ignored. The "Clean up Parliament" proposal for a popular law, like the one for a maximum of two terms of office, and the one for the direct election of candidates with no previous convictions, has been hanging around in the cellars of the Senate for five years. Is this democracy?
However it has to be said that the issue of participative direct democracy , democracy without adjectives, has finally been tackled by the parties and by the democratic journalists. Better late that never. The first (and only) defendant is the 5 Star MoVement (M5S) that for weeks has been accused of a lack of democracy (and by some it is accused even of fascism). Really the M5S is subversive, it wants to bring in the referendum propositional without quorum, the direct election of candidates, the obligation to have a discussion of the popular laws with non-secret voting in Parliament, the obligation to have confirmation by a referendum inserted into the Constitution, for each change to the electoral laws, the abolition of public financing of parties. They’ll say that this is smoke in your eyes to avoid talking about the lack of "internal democracy". Let’s talk about this. The lists of candidates for the regional and local elections have been drawn up autonomously in the appropriate areas. The programme has been decided by them. The voting in the council is always done with complete freedom. The supervisors of democracy, the journalists with illustrious names rightly point out that it’s possible and necessary to do better. They are shouting about democratic centralism that they are so so so familiar with. And the platform, the candidates, the policies .... ? There’s a democratic deficit , a principle that is evident in “ducismo”, an intolerable centralisation. The M5S cannot draw back from debate.
For the forthcoming national elections, the candidates of the M5S will be selected online and the programme will be discussed and completed using the Internet. Transparently. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

PS. On 22 September there’s a public meeting in Parma and I’m going to be present. It’s in piazza della Pace and it’ll start at 2:00 pm and finish at 6:00 pm. The topic to be discussed is "Dies Iren -the end of the incinerators".

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August 30, 2012

The multicoloured mayors


The mayors are entering the fray They feel like leaders. Their fellow citizens elected them to be public administrators, but they, obviously, don’t give a toss, given that they have been called by the forces of destiny, by the predestination of the great and by their boundless ego ready for more demanding positions. It’s all a blossoming of mayors in camper, in the conference, on TV, in party gatherings. Multicoloured, in orange, but also in a PDminusL-style faded red, or in withered violet. Publicised lists and formidable programmes, Prêt-à-Porter autumn/winter, they are jumping up all over. Those who have elected them and who pay them their salary are dumbfounded, they’re adding insult to injury. The mayors want to bring experience and skills (never) demonstrated in the municipalities into Parliament. They feel that they are undervalued, they are all potential prime ministers, from De Magistris to Renzi to Pisapia. Bersani must feel like Caesar on the Ides of March, with the followers of Maramaldo ("Vile men, you are killing a man who is already dead!" - they can’t be called zombies -) in place of Brutus. The mayors should just take an interest in their municipality and take care of it until the end of their term of office. Municipalities are not trampolines or launch pads for their political careers. Are you kidding? They break your balls to get themselves elected and then they don’t look after the town or city full time? They are taking us for a ride. Anyone managing a complex city like Florence shouldn’t even have the time to go to the toilet. If they want to do something else, they should wait until their term of office has finished.
So let’s discuss the successes of the mayors, and in particular, the debts that the various administrations have accumulated in recent years. At the end of 2011 the classification of the most indebted cities had Milan at the top with 3,931 million euro (you have read that accurately, nearly FOUR BILLION EURO), then Turin with 3,200, Naples 1,589, Genoa 1,328, Rome 1,149, Catania 522, Florence 495, Verona 409 and Palermo 338. Any good mayor, under the burden of such a debt, like a good head of the family, should not be able to sleep at night. When the debt of a town increases, local taxes go up as do the charges for public services, like public transport in Milan, and there’s a reduction in the provision of services to the people. A town can go into a spin, and end up bankrupt and have to be controlled by an external administrator as happened in Parma and just recently in Alessandria. In 2013, it could happen to the most indebted cities. The only resource before the crack is to auction off the town’s possessions (or rather the possessions of the citizens) as is happening in Turin. Once the mayor is elected, the rest is forgotten. If a company goes bankrupt, the owner ends up in prison. If a town goes bankrupt, the mayor ends up in Parliament and, perhaps, even becomes a Minister.

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August 28, 2012

Senators for Life, practically eternal


Napolitano can appoint new senators for life. Another four to be precise. Today there are five. The maximum number of five life senators present in the Senate or five appointed by each President of the Republic is controversial. Since the time of the war, each one has done a bit as he has seen fit. After the appointment of Rigor Montis for unknown merits and acquired parliamentary immunity, according to rumours, the ones in “pole position” are: Eugenio Scalfari (the one that did the negotiations), Boss(ol)i (the one that was keen to use the Italian flag "to wipe his bum"), Gianni Letta (The twenty year carer of the P2 man carrying card number 1816, Berlusconi), Emanuele Macaluso (a member of Napolitano’s "meliorist wing") and Margherita Hack (the only one worthy of mention). The five current life senators, apart from Rigor Montis, are the statute-barred Andreotti (93 years), Emilio Colombo (92 years), Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (as a former President of the Republic) (92 years), and Rita Levi Montalcini (103 years). In the next legislature, they’ll be joined by Napolitano who compared to them is just a youngster (87 years old). Among the set of candidates for the position of life senator, the two most credible ones are Macaluso and Scalfari, both aged 88. Life senators never die, or at least they die much later.
In the Senate, a few votes can determine the outcome of a confidence vote or the approval of a non-constitutional law. It’s already happened. The life senators can make the difference. It’s already happened. In theory, the composition of Parliament, should only be decided by the sovereign people. It’s not like that. The practice of appointing life senators is not controlled by any democratic system. It’s a promotion with feudal and baronial, characteristics just like in the time of the vavasour's vassals and the vavasours. By divine right. The current president can influence the legislatures that are to come after his term of office as President, without being accountable to anyone, by appointing whoever he wants. The life senator has that position "for outstanding patriotic merits in the social, scientific, artistic or literary field"", the very image of Andreotti! If we want to honour those who have "done great things for the nation" it’s possible to give them decorations, even really high ones, but the democratic life of the nation must be decided only by the electorate each with a vote that has an equal value to that of Napolitano or of any other President of the Republic that has preceded him.

Note: Cossiga offered to appoint Montanelli as a life senator but he refused so as to safeguard his independence. He said: "It wasn’t a gesture of exhibitionism, but a concrete way of saying what I think: a journalist must keep power at a safe distance."

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