February 2, 2014

#VerdiniChi? - Verdini who?


>>> Today the M5S spokesperson in the Lower House, Loredana Lupo, will be a guest on RAI 1’s programme L’Arena, at 2:00 pm. <<<<<<<<<<<<

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No one is outraged, perhaps because outrage is not common currency in this country. There’s no warning coming from the President’s Hill. There’s no party on the left, the right or the centre that has even raised an eyebrow. They are all in agreement. The Pregiudicatellum {law devised by criminal convicts} has been in gestation for months. Its only objective: to prevent the M5S from being able to win the elections and thus be able to take the lid off the happenings during decades of mess ups. By means of an open ballot, the M5S got the well-known convict, Berlusconi, to leave Parliament. Renzie has resurrected him and transformed him into the Father of the Reforms. This action alone, should make honest people retch. The Duo met up in a special room in the Headquarters of the Democratic Party (PD) in Via del Nazarenoto, to discuss the future of the Nation. They frequently talk on the telephone using the "hotline". Parliament is expropriated of its role and nobody says anything. There’s not even a squeak from Grasso, nor from Ms Boldrini. Parliament can only ratify the text drawn up by a convicted criminal. Never, since Italian Unification, have we fallen so low. The Pregiudicatellum is even more unconstitutional than the Porcellum electoral law. Thus it should not be signed by the President of the Republic who is the guarantor of the Constitution, but it’s very likely that he’ll sign it very swiftly. Shall we have a bet on that?
And that not all. The one who has actually put forward suggestions, the one who is the inspiration behind the Pregiudicatellum is Denis Verdini, another “Father of the Nation”, another person from Tuscany like his friend Renzie.
"In 2009, after winning the primaries, Renzi participated in certain initiatives organized by Denis Verdini, who at that time was Forza Italia’s regional coordinator and who today is the one who has to choose the candidate for the position of mayor to stand against Renzi in the forthcoming local elections in May.


From Fatto Quotidiano
Judicial proceedings relating to Verdini (translated from the Italian entry in Wikipedia).
“In February 2010 he was under investigation by the Florence Prosecutors Office for the crime of aiding and abetting corruption in relation to certain irregularities for which he was responsible on contracts issued in Florence and La Maddalena (in Sardinia), where the G8 summit was to be held (before it got shifted to L'Aquila). The investigating judge has reserved the right to send him for trial.
In May 2010 he was investigated by the Rome Prosecutors Office in relation to a presumed grouping of businessmen, the so-called “clique” that is thought to have illicitly managed public tenders.


In April 2013, while investigating a fraud case in which it’s thought that funds were unlawfully diverted into the publishing industry, the Florence Prosecutors Office issued an order which resulted in the sequestration of goods by the Finance Police, to a value of 12 million euro from the company called Settemari owned by Verdini, Massimo Parisi and other people.”
That’s obviously a CV worthy of one who is writing the Pregiudicatellum law together with Renzie.

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January 29, 2014

The GDP of the fighter planes


Yes! It’s possible to load the dice! It’s possible to alter the statistics so as to hide the truth. In June 2013 the Statistics agency, Istat, altered the way it calculates the Consumer Confidence Index and got an increase of 20 points. This was met with great celebrations by Saccomanni (give him a light source) and by Letta who heralded it as the umpteenth light at the end of the tunnel. From that moment on, Italians have been smiling at life. Now we’re laughing. Starting in September 2014, the European Commission will use a new way of calculating GDP. Spending on the military (?!) and on research and development will become investment. There’ll be a change in looking at expenditure in relation to the balance of payments and in relation to the social security system. All this is aimed at abandoning the ESA 95 (European system of national accounts) and bringing the calculation of GDP into line with how it is done in America. Europe starts off great! A few European countries have already used simulations to give the new results. We are all much richer and there’s a fabulous light shining at the end of the tunnel. In the period, 2010-2012, Italy had an increase of one percentage point in GDP. The fighter planes F-35 become a great investment, basically they create jobs. The other European countries are even looking forward to a notable improvement: Great Britain: 4%, Sweden and Finland: 5%.
If the results of 1-2 percentage points are confirmed for Italy, we’ll have from 500 to 900 million euro to spend, as we’ll become “virtuous” in the eyes of the EU. The problem is that the money’s not there. Get ready for six months of chattering about a treasure trove that will be attributed to the abilities of “Captain Findus Letta” and of “Gelatina Saccomanni” without explaining that it’s just a new way of doing the accounts. More GDP and more bombs for everyone. It’s Italy that’s going... But where is it going? I’ve got an idea.

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January 19, 2014

Profoundly in Sync. Profoundly Red.


Italy is in the grip of hallucinations and of “dejà vu”. Yesterday, there was the reappearance of D’Alema shaking hands with the statesman Berlusconi of the Bicameral Parliamentary Committee and Veltroni having his photo taken with his friend Berlusconi superimposed on Renzie who is Profoundly in Sync with the convicted criminal, Berlusconi. The hallucinations are based on the absence of any external reality. We see, we hear, we perceive things that do not exist. And yet they are present in our minds. We believe them to be real. We believe that it’s possible that Berlusconi could exist in a democracy. We believe that the conflict of interests, his trials, his mixing with mafia guys like the heroic Mangano, ere examples of madness, lies, inventions. As the neurologist Oliver Sacks says: hallucinations tend to be alarming. They frighten us. This is why treatments have been devised. Instead of the psycho-pharmaceuticals, we have the journalists. They tranquillise us. They say that it’s for the good of the country. That gigantic hairy spider in the middle of the room is in fact a multi-coloured butterfly. Berlusconi is, on any particular occasion, a reformer, e statesman, or one who is being pursued. An Italian is powerless when faced with this hallucinatory phenomenon that has lasted for twenty years. “When it’s a question of hallucinations, we are passive. These come about autonomously. They appear and disappear when they want and not when we want.” The Profound Synchronisation with a convicted criminal being entrusted with sorting out the country with a new electoral law is an hallucination. It cannot be happening that someone who has been booted out of the window of the Senate for tax fraud by the M5S with the votes of the PD is being called upon to create laws with the PD. Anyone in their right mind cannot believe that. It’s an hallucination. Come on! It can’t have happened that a convicted criminal went one Saturday afternoon into the PD headquarters in Rome as though he were Augustus being carried in triumph. That’s not true. That’s not true. IT’S NOT TRUE! Laws are made in Parliament, not in a room with two guys who are not parliamentarians, one of whom is about to be imprisoned. Let’s repeat this in front of a mirror with our eyes closed that it is a sick fantasy of our mind and the image of a democracy transformed into farce and it will perhaps disappear into dictatorship. Profoundly in Sync. Profoundly Red. Italy is Sinking.


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January 17, 2014

It’s as though ...


Asking Berlusconi, the creator of the Porcellum electoral law, to create a new electoral law ...
It’s as though ... you are asking Neo-Nazi groups to plan welcome centres for refugees
It’s as though ... you are asking Renzi to be the mayor of Florence
It’s as though ... you are asking Napolitano to publish the recordings of his conversations with Mancino
It’s as though ... you are asking Ms Bonino to explain the transit of chemical weapons via Gioia Tauro
It’s as though ... you are asking Ms Cancellieri to take care of the detainees with serious health conditions apart from anyone called Ligresti
It’s as though ... you are asking the PDexminusL to eliminate the provinces instead of taking people for a ride and transforming provinces into metropolitan cities
It’s as though ... you are asking Ms De Girolamo to resign in a flash of dignity
It’s as though ... you are asking Alfano (the unknowing Minister who didn’t know about the Kazakh kidnapping) to resign in a flash of dignity
It’s as though ... you are asking what’s happened to Lusi’s money (Lusi, treasurer of the Margherita that merged with the PDexminusL)
It’s as though ... you are asking Saccomanni if he can see the light at the end of the tunnel
It’s as though ... you are asking the directors of the RAI TV News programmes to hold a conference on the freedom of information
It’s as though ... you are asking Vendola whether the air in Taranto is healthy
It’s as though ... you are asking Renzie to give back the public financing amounting to more than a billion, received from the PDexminusL
It’s as though ... you are asking the restaurant owner whether the wine is good
It’s as though ... you are asking Ms Merkel to create eurobonds so as to share out financial risks with the countries using the Euro
It’s as though ... you are asking Mauro to cut the F35 fighter planes
It’s as though ... you are asking the Constitutional Court to act swiftly, or at least within seven years, when it’s making a decision
It’s as though ... you are discussing constitutional reforms with Cicchitto and Quagliarello

Opinion poll: #CacciaIlMinistro


Ministers who stand out as shining examples of bad administration on issues of national and international importance as well as for small and big scandals. The Shalabayeva case, the Ligresti affair, the chemical weapons in Gioia Tauro, De Girolamo’s recorded conversations, the billions for the F35 bombers and the billions for the TAV high speed train line, the discounted sale of Telecom Italia. Which Minister would you boot out?

Opinion poll - choose just one response

Look at the results.

{boot out the Minister}

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January 12, 2014

Berlusconi, why?


There’s a gentleman who wanders around Italy with the arrogance of the unpunished. This guy was thrown out of Parliament by the 5 Star MoVement, after twenty years of sharing out Italy with the PD. However, it seems as though he has never left. In fact, quite the opposite, he has had his virginity restored by Renzie who considers him to be his main interlocutor for the new electoral law. Florence’s ebetino {little idiot} and the creator of the Porcellum electoral law are together for a new Italy. Isn’t that marvellous? Anyway, Renzie is one of his admirers. As soon as he was elected mayor, he rushed off to Arcore to ask for advice.
Berlusconi was definitively convicted for tax fraud causing damage to the State. Someone, perhaps from the heights of the Presidential Palace, or perhaps from the depths of the office of the secretary of the PD, should explain why:
- Berlusconi is still a free man and not under house arrest or doing community service
- Berlusconi is mentioned and interviewed on TV News programmes nearly every day and is a guest on talk shows on the public TV channels
- Berlusconi can keep the concessions for the radio and TV frequencies that were conceded to him so generously by the statesman D’Alema, when he was President of the Council.
- Berlusconi can afford to offer himself as a candidate in all the constituencies for the European elections
- Berlusconi is still the head of a political party without anyone expressing outrage, starting from the leaders of the news organisations
- Berlusconi is considered to be a political interlocutor by the PD, the only party in Government, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to put together reforms together with someone who has been definitively convicted.
No one will respond to these questions for the simple fact that the intrigue between the exPDL and the PDexminusL has never finished. They loved each other and they still love each other in broad daylight.
However, there is something that has to be done. Take away the radio and TV concessions from Berlusconi’s companies. In fact, it’s not acceptable that State concessions are assigned to a person convicted of tax fraud. Not even in this Italy of bananas. Lift up your hearts!

PS. Contrary to what has been reported in some newspapers, in 2014, the M5S will take part in local elections in every town irrespective of how many inhabitants they have, wherever a certified M5S list is formed. Furthermore, the M5S will not give support to any local list in the forthcoming elections.


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January 8, 2014

The words that you have not uttered


The words that we would like to hear, the ones that are never uttered, the forbidden words, the words that are banned by the parties. The necessary words like citizen’s income and assistance to small and medium sized companies. The indispensable words like “cutting 100 billion of useless costs”, beginning with the provinces and getting administrative communities with less than 5,000 inhabitant to group together, like the immediate elimination of the reimbursement of election expenses and the elimination of public financing of the newspapers, and the elimination of “golden pensions”. The timeless words of peace like renouncing the purchase of F35 fighter planes and bringing our troops out of Afghanistan. We don’t hear these words on the regime’s TV News broadcasts nor from the paid hacks that spread ink across the newspapers. The costs of politics and useless expenditure are never topics that are up for discussion. The unemployed, the “exited” people, the new Italian emigrants, the protection of companies that are closing down are never topics that are up for discussion. These topics have changed from “words” to “blasphemy”. People are living day by day, with the lies of the day, with the “spread”, one of the regime’s magic words, and with “Gelatina Saccomanni” acting as a tranquilliser. The ship’s going down and Captain Findus Letta and Renzie’s tiny orchestra is playing the “de profundis”, but joyously. "Parlar di tutto per non parlar d'amore“ {talk of everything to avoid talking about love}, - to quote Battisti. This lot are talking of everything so as to avoid talking about emergencies. Civil unions, the amnesty, “Jus soli” {Latin: right of the soil}, article 18, illegal immigrants, the Great Pardon, prisons, the web tax, the Bossi-Fini law on immigration, negationism, the reform of the system of justice and reform of the Constitution. Any word is exploited to shift the political debate away from the country’s priorities, away from the everyday problems of the citizens. The more a word sounds like "empathetic", "social", "politically correct" the more it acts like a smoke screen and as evidence of this fact you can see that these words (now just trite) have been used for years and even for decades. The words we want to hear are concrete words, words that mean immediate action, the words that you can hear if you go into any bar in the country. Speaking, pretending to act, taking us for a ride, this is the output of the government and of the false opposition. People are scraping a living with words, and at the same time, they are kicking the bucket.

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January 1, 2014

Thamsanqa Jantjie - man of the year


A man who suffers from schizophrenia, who has violent tendencies, a person who sees angels, who only speaks Xhosa, one of the 11 official languages of South Africa, is the man of the year. He’s called Thamsanqa Jantjie and he was the official English to sign language interpreter in the massive stadium during the solemn memorial in honour of Nelson Mandela. However, Thamsanqa doesn’t know English. South African Minister Hendrietta Borgopane-Zulu admitted "the English language is a bit too much for him". Thamsanqa doesn’t even know sign language. The Minister herself admitted that “he’s not a professional interpreter". Thamsanqa was paid 77 dollars an hour by the South African government for his performance with presidents and prime ministers who came from all over the world to honour Mandela. His gestures that were disconnected like those of a maddened puppet went on for the whole day of celebrations. Obama and Ban Ki-moon were talking and he was gesticulating behind them without there being any protection for the President of the United States or for the Secretary-General of the United Nations. It seemed like the return of the great times with “Gialappa's Band” and their commentary on football matches. It was an event followed by tens of thousands of people who were in the stadium, by those watching on big screens and by hundreds of millions of people watching on TV. Thamsanqa was on the stage reserved for VIPs. He was wearing a dark suit, a decent tie and he had a security badge saying: "State Funerals". Professional interpreters were outraged, but Thamsanqa, who could have easily shot or knifed any president who happened to be within range, expressed his satisfaction before being admitted to a psychiatric hospital: "In the stadium I saw angels, and I was hallucinating. I understood that that was the problem. At times I become violent. I was seeing things chasing me. I was in a difficult position. The president and all the other people were armed. They were all around me. I had a panic attack.“ George Orwell said that: "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act", but Thamsanqa went beyond truth and beyond lies. Everything you see is false or perhaps true, but anyway it doesn’t matter to anyone. Life has become pure scenography. This is why Thamsanqa deserves the title of man of the year.

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December 31, 2013

The Last Big Supper


>>> Beppe Grillo’s end of year message for 2013 will be broadcast on the blog this evening, 31 December at 8.30 pm (Italian time). Don’t miss it! Sign up to the event on Facebook and invite your friends and relatives. <<<<<<<<<<<<

At New Year there’s a big supper. Sincere good wishes to this political class and I hope that you enjoy every mouthful of it. It could be your last. An exaggerated, lavish, enormous, meal in which nothing at all is missing. A Last Big Supper to be remembered in the dark days. At the Last Supper, Judas betrayed Christ. In the Last Big Supper there are hundreds of other people sitting down to eat together and all of them without exception, but all with their own characteristics, have betrayed the Italian people. Corresponding to the kiss of Judas, are the lies, that each day, including the last day of the year, they have told and they are telling people. This year has been magnificent. Taxes have gone down and even GDP has gone up, reawakened like Lazarus from the tomb of recession. Oh yeah, oh yeah, next year, will be even better. Whoever has no faith in the Republic of the Parties and in its trumpeters is a poor misbeliever, a populist, a media terrorist, a potential member of the Camorra, a new member of the red brigades. No one must cast doubt on the word of the Lord when his name is Napolitano. They sold him to us for thirty denarii, but now the currency is called euro. They have destroyed the environment and they call that progress. They have corrupted our souls with consumerism and they call that development. They are always sitting down to dinner and they are always thirsting for power. What would this really long table be like, this table where they are sitting down to a feast, without the Spirit of Power that wafts over them? A power that is ephemeral, non-existent, a power that we have given them, transforming non-entities into statesmen, handing over our lives to Mr Nobodies who are feeding metaphorically on our flesh and our blood. For them, the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish is possible, something trivial, thanks to the miracle of the public debt. Our debt. For them there’s grouper, botargo, sea dace, sea bream, sole, and seabass. For us, there’re the fishbones and the bill to pay, and it’s getting bigger all the time. A Last big Supper that could even represent, metaphorically of course, the last meal of the people condemned to death to whom nothing is denied just before the end. There’ll be no divine messenger, Merkel’s archangel, and not even the telephone call from the governor, as happens in films, to save you. Have your fill on this New Year’s night. It could be your last. It’s best to seize the opportunity, in fact, take advantage of it as you’ve done with Democracy and with the Constitution. Prosit.

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November 19, 2013

Someone Flew Over the Cuckoos’ Nests


The PDminusL’s Dario Franceschini has said that he could accept the vote of no confidence in Ms Cancellieri, but not the one put forward by the 5 Star MoVement. Franceschini is like that guy that cut up the family jewels to spite his wife. What’s fair is not fair but whatever is against the M5S is fair. Perfect text-book logic worthy of a PDminusL idiot. If the motion had been presented by Berlusconi, Franceschini would have rushed to add his signature in support, as happened in the past for PDL laws, amendments, and motions that he, the Red Cross-man has been there to help with the blessing from the President on the Hill. When the M5S is in favour of motions presented by the PDminusL, it votes for them, but the PDminusL abstains, as happened for the repeal of the “Porcellum” electoral law proposed by Giachetti. Thus if the proposal is good, but comes from the M5S, like the one relating to Ms Cancellieri, they cannot vote for it, if the proposal is good, like the repeal of the “Porcellum” electoral law, and it comes from the PDminusL, they still cannot vote for it. This lot need taking to the mental hospital for obligatory treatment. They think they are Machiavelli and they are just petty politicians. The PDminusL is made up of an impressive number of cuckoos. The cuckoo, whose Latin name is cuculus canorus, lays its eggs in another bird’s nest and the tiny cuckoo that hatches out then gets rid of any other eggs in the nest. The two most active PDminusL cuckoos are Renzi and Civati. When an initiative is shunned by their party, but proposed by the M5S, becomes inevitable and the general public is calling for change, they light up like a Christmas tree. Ms Cancellieri just got nicely cooked, then Renzi got angry with the perfect female imitation of Jabba the Hut and Civati announced his motion of no confidence. The parliamentary group led by Renzi, the one that voted against Prodi as president, could have put forward the no confidence motion together with the M5S. It didn’t do that. Now that Ms Cancellieri can no longer be defended, not even by Perry Mason, Cipollino Renzi, for electoral reasons, is calling for her to be kicked out - but he’s just pretending. Cu-cu. Cu-cu. The law on electoral financing rejected by the M5S? A battle by Letta-the-cuckoo who has been doing propaganda for months without changing a thing. Cutting the provinces as requested by the M5S? A priority that’s never been respected by the cuckoos Letta, Renzi, and Civati. Cu-cu. Cu-cu. Someone Flew over the cuckoo’s nest and didn’t find anyone.

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November 14, 2013

Renzi, the new Cipollino


>>> This evening (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday) I’ll be in Basilicata in support of the M5S candidates putting themselves forward for the regional elections taking place on 17 and 18 November. On Thursday 14 November I’ll be in Matera in piazza Vittorio Veneto. On Friday 15 November I’ll be in Potenza in piazza Prefettura. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa <<<<<<<<<<<<

The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. Renzi is surely aware of this theorem and he has spent about an hour at a computer keyboard madly pressing the keys without looking at them. In this, he has gone one step further than the tireless monkey that was at least looking at the keyboard. And there’s more. While appearing live, he has replied to improbable questions with his usual nonchalance and while appearing to be an expert in new technologies. It has to be said that his performance was even better than that of Massimo Boldi‘s portrayal of Max Cipollino the presenter of a news programme on multiple TV channels - Teleraccomando, Tele tele vedo, Tele tele torno a replicar. Twitter didn’t exist then and Cipollino just spoke on the telephone saying "Oooooo Kaaaaaay!".
The questions using the hashtag #matteorisponde have been numerous and at the appropriate level for the character.
Can #matteorisponde manage to give non generic replies? I too can say words like recipe, change, and scrapping. How????? Marco Carlo.
#matteorisponde instead of shooting out letters with the computer CAN YOU DO YOUR JOB LIKE A GOOD EMPLOYEE? Maurizio Mambelli.
#matteorisponde he seems like one of those guys on local networks that advise you what numbers to play - Fabio Galluzzo.

Some replies from Renzie:

#matteorisponde I’m against gay marriage MR.
#matteorisponde I’m on Marchionne’s side MR
#matteorisponde TAV in Val di Susa? I’m in favour MR
#matteorisponde yes to the increase in pension age
#matteorisponde incinerators? I’m in favour! MR.
#matteorisponde yes to paying for water MR.

Who knows what else he’s written while looking at the screen with his hands pressing the keys at high speed. Perhaps some instant books like "how to screw Prodi in the presidential elections without getting caught" or "Never taken any money from Lusi!" or even "The invisible mayor of Florence" or "Renzie, the new figurehead of Italian finance, from De Benedetti to the Agnelli family". "Oooooo Kaaaaaay!!"

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November 8, 2013

Dinosaurs bouncing back


There’s something symbolic, something cathartic, something that signals the end of time in the attack against the M5S by the dinosaurs of Power. The fighting talk of the attacking trio of ninety year olds - Napolitano, Sartori, Scalfari, "NaSaSca", a mummified re-jigging of the celebrated trio "GreNoLi" who played for Milan in the 195s, has something tender about it, echoes of far off lands that don’t want to slow down, believing themselves to be immortal in their eternal convictions. Sartori (born 1924), Scalfari (born 1924), Napolitano (born 1925), - their ages add up to nearly 270 for all three - have launched a full frontal geriatric attack on the M5S, defined anti-constitutional, that will lead the country into ruin, that doesn’t give a toss about the problems of the country. They are the ones who have lived a long life in this country, who have undoubtedly had many benefits from it, who have had positions of power and influence. They seem to have come back as new virgins, as though the collapse of Italy had nothing to do with them, as though they just happen to be Italians by chance, in passing, immune from any kind of blame. I feel like Gorbachev - who wanted perestroika - being simultaneously attacked by Andropov, Chernenko and Brezhnev while being blamed for the collapse of the Soviet Union. It’s surreal. Catafalques that have contributed to the construction and the continuation of the current situation for over seventy years, are being used by the System as assault troops. In the war, in desperation, against the advancing enemy forces, the thirteen year-olds are getting recruited, the latest conscripts. In Italy so as to avoid change, the assault team of 90 year olds are lining up. Perhaps it’s the first time in history, a unique case of political necrophilia, of White Panthers bouncing back. I find it disturbing having to stand up to a platoon of dinosaurs, of people who are almost centenarians, people who are fighting for their future (?) while a line of fire on the horizon is announcing the meteorite that will bowl them over. The powers that be in the newspapers Il Corriere and la Repubblica and in the parties are hiding behind ancient gentlemen. Aren’t they ashamed of exploiting those poor old people? Never try to sell a meteorite to a dinosaur. You’d be wasting your time and you’d irritate the dinosaur.

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November 6, 2013

Mummy’s boys


Piergiorgio Peluso is a mummy’s boy. The mother is Annamaria Cancellieri, a Ligresti family friend and currently the Minister of Justice who doesn’t want to shift from her armchair for reasons that she says are connected with humanity. However, the real scandal is not about the mother, but the child, even though he’s not been accused of anything and no one has called for his resignation. In fact, Peluso is the perfect example of transversal nepotism, of a criss-cross of friendships, of favours bestowed and received, that in Italy creates the so-called "ruling class“, the mummy’s boys.The people who are predestined to hold important positions: CEOs, financial directors, chair of the board. The mama is always the mama and the children are precious to them and to the System. Peluso, born in 1968, has held a number of different positions in the Unicredit Group. A brilliant career: Head of Investment Banking in Italy, Corporate Managing Director, Director of Corporate & Investment Banking Italy. He got Unicredit to invest in Fondiaria - SAI (abbreviated to Fonsai) to increase its capitalisation. An investment of 170 million euro for shares that today have a value of 20 million euro. Prescient. In 2011 he became CEO of Fondiaria - SAI. He stayed there for 14 months with an annual salary of 1.2 million euro, and the Fondiaria - Sai accounts for 2011 show a loss of a billion euro. Peluso left the company that has basically gone bust with a golden handshake of 3.6 million euro. No one batted an eyelid. How much does a research worker, a surgeon, or a teacher, earn in a year? What merits does Peluso have? He’s one of the ten thousand mummy’s boys in this country. Why does he deserve a fabulous exit payment? For what? Peluso left Fondiaria - Sai in pieces, but he had no problem finding another job. He was immediately snapped up by Telecom Italia and given the prestigious position of Director of Finance. In a conversation that was wire-tapped, Giulia Ligresti commented: “This Peluso guy is the son of Minister Cancellieri... Given that he’s so well protected, just imagine what they’ll give him in Telecom". How many people in Italy are positioned like Peluso? Mummy’s boys? It’s a world of plots and intrigues in which the State descendants flutter about and fly over the heads of the citizens, the heads of those that are not born of State loins. They soar from one company to another thanks to their merits, their relations, their mother.
"Mamma Annamaria, solo per te la mia canzone vola,
mamma, sarai con me, tu non sarai più sola!
“ {Mother Annamaria, my song is for you alone, mother, you’ll be with me, you’ll no longer be alone!}

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October 18, 2013

Fourteen euro a month #con14euro


If I could have 14 euro a month / I’d do so much shopping, I’d buy so many things / the most beautiful things that you want! / A money box to use when paying the TRISE tax / and a bank account so that I can finally pay off / all the mortgage...”.

I was inspired by Enrico Letta and I offered to increase my 15 year old daughter’s pocket money by 14 euro a month ) and she told me to “f***” off. And yet I cannot understand such a lack of gratitude, because you can really do lots with 14 euro a month.
for example:
- pay off the mortgage on Barbie’s house
- vote 3 times in the PD (minusL) primaries
- buy Greece
- go to Berlusconi’s greengrocer’s and buy 112 grammes of green beans
- become a majority shareholder of Telecom
- save Alitalia
- go to the supermarket and take in 14 trolleys all at the same time
- change the cash into one cent coins and throw them at any politician
- open a current account and pay 1.4 euro for the privilege
- buy 27,107.78 Lire
- pay about 4 minutes of Fazio’s salary.
Or invest in the future: buy a ricotta, then sell it and use the proceeds to buy a chicken. The chicken will lay loads of eggs, so use the revenue to buy a rabbit. Once you’ve fattened up the rabbit, you can sell it and buy a cow. When you sell the cow, you’ll be able to buy a house and then you can pay taxes on it, called TIRSE, TARI and TATI."

PS: So, let’s be serious. To call those 14 euro, a 'minibonus‘ is like calling an 'escort' a prostitute, or saying that Conte’s got hair on his head. What’s certain is that everything has its uses, even charity. With 14 euro a month you can even have a candle-lit dinner. Yes - but that’s just because they’ve cut off your electricity.

From the Internet ;) brought to my notice by Mr Worf, of Kotiomkin

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October 8, 2013

Tora, tora, tora


Let’s imagine that a foreign State declares war on Italy. And that it uses its fleet of ships to invade. In comparison, Pearl Harbour would seem like a walk in the park. To the cry of "Tora, tora, tora", cities like Naples, Genoa, and Palermo would be bombed from the sea like in a game of target shooting. The twenty metre fishing boat that sank at Lampedusa suddenly appeared when it was 5 kilometres from the port at Lampedusa where the Coast Guard is stationed. The disaster happened between 4 am and 5 am. The Coast Guard was told of the happening at 7:20 am by two boats that were passing in the vicinity. The response given to criticism about the delay was "It’s not possible to control every centimetre (?) of sea". The boat that is believed to have been carrying about 500 immigrants, left the Libyan port of Misurata and was not intercepted as it crossed into our territorial waters. The distance from Misurata to Lampedusa is 420 kilometres, or 42 million centimetres. From a satellite, it’s possible to see the brand name of a wrist watch worn by the skipper of a yacht in the Mediterranean. But the boats coming to our shores like pedal boats, manage to get by unobserved. Italian territorial waters are like a sieve. You could get to Venice with an aircraft carrier without being noticed. Tragedies at sea are allowed to happen as though they are inevitable, taken for granted, attributable to destiny, when in fact they can be avoided by working with the States where they are setting out to sea to make sure the ships don’t set out and by having the Coast Guard intervene when the ships enter our territorial waters with the arrest of the people traffickers and the protection of the migrants until they can disembark and then undergo identity checks. Churchill defined Italy as "Europe’s soft underbelly" and it’s not a coincidence that the first place where the Allies landed in Europe was in Sicily in 1943. Soft underbelly? Today there’s not even a belly. There’s just a vacuum. Let’s abolish the borders as they are now. They are useless. Let’s declare Italy to be an "Open Country" without borders where no one has to come in secretly, taking enormous risks. It would be better than this hypocrisy feeding on calamity that the State is guilty of, while doing nothing to prevent it.

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October 4, 2013

De Mita’s altar servers


By now it’s not possible to see the difference between the PDL and the PDminusL. They seem like those old married couple that grow more and more alike as time goes by. One of them takes on the habits and the involuntary movements of the other. The PDL has transformed itself into the PDL-minusL. The Single Party has the face of two rag dolls of the political scene, Captain Findus Letta and Pufferfish Alfano, almost the same age, both pupils and companions of the ponderous Christian Democrat thinker, De Mita, who was defined by Gianni Agnelli as the "Intellectual of Magna Graecia" added to which are the words of Montanelli: "It’s been said that De Mita is an intellectual of Magna Graecia. However, I don’t understand what Greece has to do with it ". With the end of the Christian Democrats and of “Magna Magna” {feeding trough for politicians} the youngsters will look for their own way, one going to the left with the Communist party’s banking heirs and the other going to the right with the P2. Now they are coming together again. In the Lower House they smile. They give each other little affectionate gestures, little smirks, celebrations involving food, and they speak very quietly. It’s great seeing them together. Who would have said that they would have led (- well it’s a way of speaking - ) Italy? Once upon a time there was the nagging worry, an agonised question "Will we die Christian Democrats?" Now we have the reply "We have died Christian Democrats!" The Christian Democrats that survived “the Clean Hands” operation took possession of the bodies on the left and on the right and they have slowly devoured them from the inside. They have “De-Mita-ised” them. They have the same programme, the same attitudes, the same stabs in the back. If 101 PDminusL-folk betrayed Prodi for the office of the President of the Republic, 70 PDL-minusL-folk abandoned Berlusconi, the one whose backside they had licked, in recognition of his bounty, for two decades.


The Italian political scene is divided into two: The system, and the M5S, the only Opposition. The only voice in the moral and economic desert. Letta Nephew smiled on hearing the voting intentions of the tax fraudster and full of admiration, he mouthed the words: "He’s a great man". Like Franti, the “bad boy”, in the novel Cuore {Heart} .

PS: Online votingfor the Spokesperson President in Basilicata has finished. 60% of signed up certified members in Basilicata took part. These are the results: 1. Giuseppe Di Bello - 2. Piernicola Pedicini - 3. Gabriele Di Stasio - 4. Giovanni Perrino - 5. Angela Calia

{no confidence at all}

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September 25, 2013

We are the people from outside the European Union

Five million Italians are below the poverty line, people that don’t have the resources they need to live. The number of people who are poverty-stricken has doubled since 2007. Nobody bothers about them. We are becoming a country of poor people. We are the people from outside the European Union. How long before there’ll be big boats setting out from Italy’s shores making for Africa or the Middle East? Unlike in other EU countries, there’s no citizen’s income in Italy. If you lose your job, even though you’ve paid your taxes and your contributions for decades, the State lets you die. Spending on food and drink has fallen to the levels of twenty years ago. Just like in times of war, people are stealing in order to be able to eat. In certain supermarkets, they’ve got weighing scales at the cash desk, to weigh the loose fruit and vegetables. They don’t trust customers not to slip another apple or cauliflower into the bag to save a few cents. Supermarkets have become like banks. At the entrance, there are security guards watching you suspiciously. However, not even they can do anything to defeat the ones who eat right there in the aisles, the ones who quickly swallow a piece of cheese or a sausage, perhaps even hiding away in the toilet. There’s no physical object remaining as evidence of the crime. It’s not possible to accuse them of anything and examination of the faeces does not give watertight evidence. To avoid the purloining of food the number of video-cameras is increasing. So now the customer is observed step by step. Possibly in the future there’ll be weighing scales to weigh customers at the entrance and at the exit. If the weight has increased by a few grammes, you get arrested, but at least they feed you in prison. The social tension of the last few years is about to explode. You can ask a man to do anything, but you can’t ask him to let his family go without food. How many millions of starving people do you need before there’s a revolution? 13% of pensioners, nearly two and a half million, get less than 500 euro a month. The minimum pension is 495.43 a month while billions of euro are being paid out in “golden pensions”. It’s madness, a provocation that’s becoming intolerable. The countdown has begun. I repeat. The countdown has begun.

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August 29, 2013

Syria and the third world war - Massimo Fini


Massimo Fini - Syria and intervention by the United States

“The policy of imperial power that the United States has been loudly proclaiming ever since their counterpart, the Soviet Union, ceased to exist, and thus since they have a free hand, is hidden behind the mask of morality. Syria is a country that is annoying, because it’s connected to Iran, the arch-enemy (and it’s not particularly understandable why) of the United States and of Israel. Anyway, it’s not in fact known whether Assad used chemical weapons. That’s why we have the UN inspectors, or does the UN not count anyway? Evidently it doesn’t count because when it’s needed there‘s UN approval, if there’s no UN approval, then the aggression goes ahead all the same. This happened in Serbia in 1999, in Iraq in 2003, and in Libya just recently. All acts of aggression without any UN approval. They should at least wait for the reports from the inspectors. There’s a precedent that should indicate the need for prudence. I’m not suggesting that for the United States that has no prudence, but at least for its allies, and that is the case of Iraq, where it was sustained that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction. But then it turned out he didn’t. Certainly they thought that, because they, the USA, had given him these once upon a time, with an idea of being anti-Shiite and anti-Kurd. However, he no longer had them as he had used them in Halabja, to gas five thousand Kurds.
Who’s fighting in Syria?
On the one side there’s the government of Assad that, until proved otherwise, is a legitimate government with representation at the UN, and on the other side there’s a medley of forces of all sorts. Even for the most discerning analysts it’s difficult to understand who they are, there are so many segments. There’s not Al Qaeda, that doesn’t exist, but there are, for example, jihadists that are in favour of an all out war against the West. Thus the intervention would be counter-productive, but since the Americans have set themselves up as the world’s police officers that decide who is wrong and who is right, this makes them want to intervene whatever. Anyway, this moral superiority of the Americans ... John Kerry said that what’s happening in Syria is a moral obscenity, well, according to me, it’s the United States that displays moral obscenity. Who has really used weapons of mass destruction? Looking at the 1900s and now: the Americans and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s not well known that Nagasaki was bombed three days after Hiroshima, so it was known what slaughter was caused with the atomic bomb. This moral right of the Americans to intervene anywhere, is not something born today, it was for example present with Serbia, that is in 1999, and it continued with Iraq, with Libya, without counting the two acts of aggression in Somalia, one of which was in 2002 and the other via Ethiopia in 2008 – 2009. Who’s financing the rebels?
They’re being financed by 'Saudi Arabia, France, and the United States themselves.


If there’s a military intervention, there’s the risk that it will trigger the third world war, because I believe that Iran, an ally of Syria, will not stand idly by and even Russia will not be able to stand still, and anyway, the whole of the region will be set on fire.


The only lawful solutions are diplomatic, when they can be achieved, otherwise the two sides have the right to fight. Now there’s not even the right to fight. In Syria, I don’t know whether Assad has more reason to defend his power than the others have to get rid of him. It’s the players on the ground that have to decide that. Because otherwise completely makeshift situations are created. It’s like Bosnia, you see, that could explode at any moment, because the solution was totally artificial, even though this is another issue."

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August 28, 2013

To err is human, to persist in error is Napolitano


It was inevitable that the democratic mechanism would have a hitch in Italy in the wake of two decades of Berlusconi-ism. The squalid affair of Berlusconi‘s ineligibility is just the most recent example of the confused state of our democracy. But above all the choices made by President Napolitano in relation to governments are ones that have manifested an unacceptable democratic deficit often using the situation in the financial markets as a justification for anti-democratic distortions.
Whether there are elections or not, by now it’s just President Napolitano alone who is creating and dismissing the governments in Italy with the aim of placating the financial markets as a guarantee for everybody. But who is everybody? And which markets are we talking about? In the name of what knowledge of financial markets is an eighty year old who has spent all his life in Parliament, making decisions about what is best for the country?
In November 2011, the markets finally did their job. Supporting the ECB with pressure on the spread, the markets arrived where Italian politics would never have managed to arrive: the resignation of the Berlusconi government, by then beset with personal scandals and the government’s inability to take action. Where the PD couldn’t succeed, the market did. At what point, dear President Napolitano, should we have had elections? The markets would not only have understood and waited but they would also have been appreciative. That was already visible a few months earlier with the Spanish elections. On 28 July 2011 the Zapatero government was in crisis and they announced new elections right in the middle of the hot summer of the spread. The markets patiently waited for the outcome of the 20 November 2011 elections and rewarded that choice with a spread that was under control. In Italy, things went differently. Someone convinced our president that elections would have been a bad idea that would not have been welcomed by the markets and that the result would have caused upward pressure on the spread. Therefore, you, dear President, saddled us with the Monti government, or rather, the Merkel Government in Italy. Just two years later, the PD understood that it’s massive headache like the defeat at Caporetto, started in November 2011, when instead of insisting on legitimate elections that it was sure to have won, it preferred to use time-wasting tactics with the Monti government of broad agreements and (as always) finding itself unprepared for elections and justifying that political suicide in the name of “the market would not understand" and the urgency of reforms. The Monti government failed. There’s not even the shadow of structural reforms, just taxes and austerity. And that happened in spite of the fact that the spread held thanks to the anti-spread shield announced by Draghi in August 2011, and it certainly wasn’t because of those urgent structural reforms that justified the Monti government but that never saw the light of day. It’s Berlusconi that decided when there had to be elections and so he pulled the plug on the Monti government in December 2012. Finally there were elections. The February elections gave us an ungovernable country and you, dear President, what did you do? Once more, in the name of the markets that wouldn’t understand, you imposed on us a government of broad agreements with “all the old ones (PD+PDL) minus the new one (5 stars)". Your second government, dear President, is coming towards its end without having given us even one of the promised reforms. Agreed, the spread is still doing OK, but it’s still thanks to Draghi and certainly not thanks to Letta. So would you like to stop going on about the bogeyman called the spread and the markets, only when it’s convenient to the minor politicians in Rome?
Signor President, just stop trying to convince the Italian people that the Letta government is the only possible one because the markets would not understand. Dear President, call elections. Just for once, place your trust in the Italian people and not in the current guy playing the part of Violante . Call elections and let’s see whether Italy will be able to give the markets a strong and long-lasting government. We’ve had enough of distorting the democratic mechanisms in the name of “the markets wouldn’t understand”, dear President. The markets understand really well and the proof is the Mediaset share price that has doubled on the Stock Exchange since February in the wake of every type of speculation clearly considered by the market to be favourable to Berlusconi, and certainly not favourable to the Italians.

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August 23, 2013

Monopoly without jail


The PDminusL has always been interested in board games. Real estate, banks, insurance, public companies like the Railways and the Gas and Electricity companies are its every day bread and butter, from Penati to Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Professional players. No one could cast doubt on the experience accumulated by the post-demochristian-communists since the war. They have a natural talent for monopolies. Thus, strengthened by this authority, they’ve written to the United States Ambassador to ask for an explanation of changes to the game of Monopoly.
The PDminusL deputies Michele Anzaldi, Marina Berlinghieri, Matteo Biffoni, Luigi Bobba, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, Federico Gelli and Ernesto Magorno have not called him to say: “In recent days, in contradiction of President Obama’s ethical stance, the United States company Hasbro is said to be about to launch the new version of the historic board game: Monopoly. However, this time, the traditional real estate properties are replaced by packets of shares in the big multinationals. There’s a switch from buying property to speculating on the Stock Exchange, and furthermore, there’s a new idea that is certainly very worrying, it’s said that the square for “Jail” will be abolished. While the White House is concentrating on fighting fraud in relation to shares and malpractice in relation to financial instruments, the game of Monopoly that has been used as a way of teaching generations of young people about the mechanisms of the free market, is going back to focusing on the turbo economy that paved the way for the financial crisis on 2008, with the message providing a negative effect on the education of children, namely that if rules are broken “no punishment follows”. It’s said that the deputies asked the Ambassador to “weigh up possible measures to be taken by the appropriate authorities or alternatively to consider a criticism to be expressed about the new Monopoly, a game distributed throughout the world and thus even in Italy.”
Well the PDminusL folk are really not wrong on this score. How can the square for jail be eliminated without consulting them? They who voted for the Great Pardon, for the elimination of “false accounting”, for the Statute of Limitations of all shapes and sizes. Without the PDminusL, the Italian jails would be overflowing with politicians and white collar workers. D'Alema is an expert of international stature. Why hasn’t Hasbro consulted him? He would have offered them a free consultation. Instead of “Jail”, possible choices include: the Great Pardon, Impunity, Political Suitability, Immunity, the Statute of Limitations, the Cancellation of the crime, the Recourse to the Constitutional Court, the Defect of Form, and Clemency. It’s Italian-style Monopoly. First rule of the game: "The politician never lands up in Jail".

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August 21, 2013

Communion and desperation - Rimini asks for help


What is Communion and Liberation and what does it represent for Italian politics? Why is it that each year the ministers and presidents of the council feel the need to go on a pilgrimage to Rimini and ask for their blessing like the kings used to do with the popes? A receptacle that gave Andreotti (blessed be his name) the welcome befitting a rock star. A movement that has protected and revered Forminchioni for decades and that now takes into its ample lap the ectoplasms Letta and Lupi, two demo-christrians of the mess-ups, now renamed “broad agreement” like calling a prostitute an escort. Communion and Invoice-ation is ecclesiastical interference in politics. Anyone who protects it gets ahead in their career. They become untouchable, and CL returns the compliments with shaggy affection. As a city, Rimini is a martyr. Each year it’s invaded by the troops of camels with the old and new Christian democrats. Its inhabitants let out a shriek of pain. Let’s liberate it and let’s liberate Italy.

“In recent days we Rimini folk have issued so many calls for help but no one has come to our aid. No association, no organisation, no political campaign group has taken into consideration the fact that we are literally invaded by the people of Communion and Liberation.
Some try to justify the lack of solidarity by saying that we should benefit from the "trickle down“ effect. This idea is wildly over-valued. Anyway there are very few pros and loads of cons. Question: if these are Fomigoni’s herds, who pays for the dinners and the hotel nights? It’ll end up that they get them to fill out invoices and receipts and then lose all of them.
Let’s be clear. Already we’re invaded by prostitutes and unauthorised people ... we just don’t deserve the folk that have descended on us this week.


Please .... don’t abandon us. Many Communion and Liberation people consider love between people of the same sex to be against nature, but they have no scruples in promoting a horde of politicians with no compunction about rubbing up against each other whose leader, the one who promised his love to Monti via a post-it (*), is a brothel-keeper. We are not so fanatical as to insist on the same treatment reserved for Sodom and Gomorrah but there are all the pre-conditions.
We are desperate. Help us.” Davide Cardone, a citizen of Rimini

(*) Text of the post-it note: “Mario, when you want to, feel free to let me know in what way I can be of use to you externally, whether in an official capacity or in private. For now it all seems like a miracle, so that means that miracles happen! Enrico”

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August 20, 2013

Berlusconi’s speech


In Parliament, Craxi explained that if he was thieving, then so were all the others. No one stood up to contradict him. Silence is assent? Now there’s a broad expectation, offspring of the broad agreements about the speech to be delivered to a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament, by a convicted criminal, and it’s no surprise that he was a close friend of Bottino Craxi. That Berlusconi should even be present in parliament is in itself a remarkable event, given his chronic absenteeism matched only by the famous Ghedini, his parliamentary lawyer. The (true) justification is that they are affectionate and inseparable frequenters of the Tribunals of the Republic. Can I allow myself to offer some suggestion to the tax dodger for his parting words to the parliamentarians? Just a couple of things to enrich the tedious speech that he will deliver.
“Dear, dearest parliamentarians (yes you are so dear, you have cost me so much) if I’m here today it’s to tell you to fxxk off. Sure, that’s not the kind of language I tend to use, I who am accustomed to elegant dinners, however I am expressing what I think of you from the depth of my heart. If I’m a delinquent then you are the servants of this delinquent, his business partners, his employees. Above all, I am addressing those in the benches of the left wing you who have been close to me in all these years, you who approved the shameful laws, the Great Pardon, and the fiscal shield. What great memories of togetherness. And the great feed we had with Monte dei Paschi? Unforgettable. And now you are turning your backs, even Enrico Letta who poured out such sweet words for me, inviting people to vote for me rather than for the M5S (in truth he also spoke up for Andreotti and for Monti, he’s a mercurial young man ...). He, the one that owes everything to his uncle, who in turn owes everything to me. If I’m guilty, then you are guilty of having tolerated me, of having covered up for me, of having helped in every way even though you knew who I was. Unlike you lot, I’ve never hidden away. Finocchiaro, D'Alema, and Violante where are you? You can’t leave me isolated. I could be obliged, more out of rage than from desperation, to reveal the history of these twenty years to the Italians who have been stunned by the TV channels that you graciously gifted to me. Without me, you would never have existed. Without you, who for me, have ignored any sort of conflict of interests, I would never have existed or maybe I would have kept my chum company in Hammamet. Ever since we were born, we have been as close as twins. And now you are leaving me isolated to live under house arrest or in the care of social services for simple tax fraud? You need to Fxxk off. I’m certainly not worse than you. Even the most revolting masters, are always better than their servants!"

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August 18, 2013

Acting like Houdini in the use of words


We can no longer speak. Political correctness has transformed our conversations into synthetic words. Plastic words. It has emasculated them. Saying what you are thinking has become scandalous. Death is gently passing away. Berlusconi is a statesman, not a tax dodger. People don’t become old fogeys but wise elderly people. Menial jobs that are socially useful have disappeared. The road sweeper is now an ecological operator. There are no longer people who are blind or deaf, but people with visual impairment and those who are hard of hearing. This hypocritical scourge, this masquerade is overwhelming everything and everyone. In Parliament, it’s not even possible to pronounce Napolitano’s name. At the entrance to Montecitorio the politically correct Boldrini will set up a sign saying "Do not blaspheme and do not take the name of Napolitano in vain". And what can we say of the parliamentarians who are convicted criminals and insist on being called "honourable"? Perhaps we should call them "honourable delinquents"? And what about "ability to be a politician" instead of “pardon”? Anyone who happens to say, even quite correctly, "This is a shitty country" would be penalised, but if he had said "This is the country that I love" he would be a perfect candidate for the position of President of the Council.
“Does the disabled person perhaps climbs out of his wheel chair because someone has decided that he is officially "hypokinetic"? The homosexual perhaps thinks that the others love him more and hate him less if he’s called "gay" (a term resurrected from eighteenth century criminal slang, referring to one who prostituted himself and lived off his wits)? The only advantage is that the thugs that once upon a time, beat up the queers now beat up the gays". (*)
While you’re speaking you have to continually and seriously weigh up each word that you are about to enunciate to see whether it could offend someone’s sensibilities: a religious group, an institution, a community, a sexual orientation, a disability, a people. To avoid problems you have to limit yourself to greetings "Good day and don’t make me say anything else". You transform yourself into a Houdini of words, a meaning-contortionist. You no longer know how to name things, or people. A clandestine immigrant is a refugee in broad day light. Razzi is not an uneducated person, he doesn’t have a perfect command of the Italian language. It’s a dictatorship that even relates to ourselves. “We don’t have a complete failure, we just succeed to a lesser extent than predicted. We are not drug addicts, we are making excessive use of narcotics. We are not paralysed, but affected by tetraplegia. Our verbal bashfulness pushes us beyond death: the "New England Journal of Medicine", would have us call a corpse a "non-living person". Thus a fat corpse will be called a “non-living person” with adipose."(*)
(*) La cultura del piagnisteo {The Culture of Compliant} - Robert Hughes


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August 13, 2013

The big cats and the unhappy degrowth


“What’s happening in Italy is like a play written by Ionesco or Beckett.
We believed that Berlusconi had been definitively found guilty and we thought that the economic situation was about to explode. Instead, all of a sudden, everything seems to have changed, even though in reality nothing has truly changed. No, that’s not true. One thing has changed and it is an indisputable fact: a guilty verdict has been definitively confirmed. But this fact itself is ending up in the background thanks to the press and the TV that have, so to speak, reduced it to "a judicial error" of a clumsy judge. Certainly, after the summer holidays, almost no one will manage to remember and so there won’t even be the need to ask for pardon, given that it’s as though the verdict was never issued. At the most extreme, it’ll be possible to convert the sentence into a fine.
Even the economic situation no longer seems to cause big worries. With Madam Mim‘s magic wand, the Letta government has resolved everything and is developing a new model of development: the unhappy degrowth, that is economic recovery with an increase in unemployment.
So then, you might wonder, is that the end of the broad agreements? The battle in Autumn will be about the Imu property tax. Abolition or death … of the government. Anyway, the PD-L has managed the extraordinary endeavour of transforming Berlusconi from being the victim of persecution into the one that defends the citizens from a detested tax. Completely taken up with its own internal worries that by now are of less interest than what’s happening to Ingroia, the PD-L doesn’t realise that it’s aiming at the wrong goal posts.
Given the political void, it’s obvious that Berlusconi is going for broke, with early elections. But it’s one thing to cause the fall of a government. It’s another thing to dissolve parliament. The main ones not wanting that are those that by now are commanding us from the outside and who are only interested in getting us to pay the interest on our debts, without even suggesting the possibility of a renegotiation. Here’s where Napolitano comes into the picture. In this Theatre of the Absurd, everything depends on an 88 year old man that should recognise the failure of the political hypothesis on which his second mandate was founded. However, perhaps he is keeping his trump card up his sleeve: the possibility of having a bankruptcy receiver. It’s a shame that Mario Monti can no longer do that job, since he is no longer a “technical guy” and we’d need to find someone else.
It seems like Theatre of the Absurd but instead it’s the reality of a country in a state of confusion, a country whose only ray of light comes from five stars."
Paolo Becchi

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August 8, 2013

Letter to the masters of the world


I'm often told that my presence produces a certain serenity. I should say right way that it is not "a gift from heaven", but rather a distillate of countless messages of profound existential unease that in this days I receive from many people . States and Governments produce mud and despair? Well,We must turn that into clear water and serenity. The prestigious filters necessary to achieve this transformation are: solidarity, the conscience of the true vastness and beauty of the planet, and the awareness of an abundance of goods produced, which are often largely wasted. Perhaps it is because of this serenity of mine that Gualtiero, a former university professor , resident for the last fifteen years under the first arch of "Ponte dell'Angelo" (Angel Bridge), has decided to gift me his friendship and converse with me, after seven years of silence. A bum? No, a gentle and mild man who changed life after realizing that university facilities, he said, are a real scam in relation to the greatness of the Human Being. As the great Russian painter of icons Andrei Rubliev, who in 1400, after having walked the Russian lands and having witnessed countless atrocities of the Power on powerless victims, after finding endless injustices against the poor, he decided to stop painting icons and, just like Gualtiero, to stop speaking. Lately Gualtiero, who taught art history at the university, voiced his intention to abandon Italy. He warned me several times that before leaving for other lands, he would send me a letter that was very important for him, and on which he has thought long and hard. Well just yesterday I received that letter, which I read and reread. It is not a message for me, in fact he doesn't even mention me, just as it happens in eternal friendships. I rushed with my scooter to "Ponte dell'Angelo", but there was no trace of the Gualtiero's small blue tent. I will miss you, dear friend. The only thing I can do to honor you is to publish on my Diary your letter in its entirety. A letter, of which I admire the passion, while rejecting some parts, particularly those regarding the hateful love and the curses, which you have developed in the course of your life against the Power. Silvano Agosti

Letter to the masters of the world, by Gualtiero Meek Warrior

My poor and desperate friends,
I do not know or who you are or where you live. But I am certain that each one of you, current owners of the world, is at the forefront in the spectral scale of unhappiness and emptiness which, for your specific responsibility, currently invades our beautiful planet. Who decides regularly the fate of the whole world are, they say, a few hundred individuals. Some even argue that those who truly have the greatest decision-making power over all of humanity are no more than thirty. It is certainly no thanks to you that we will find out who you are and how you are. You, who leave traces everywhere, and yet you are impossible to identify. The miserable idea of existence that characterizes you, however, can be seen by observing the multitude servants you have, those who in the Governments, who manage the States with a political system unable to take account and to understand the immense value of every human being.
According to you, you posses the inalienable right of power of life and death over a few billion people, who are subservient to excruciating working condition or to the uncertainty of a clouded future, a future which you tactically make more and more obscure. The act of love, the only act of love that I may grant upon you, is to curse you. Curse you for the millions of people whom you have killed in wars, for the billions of human beings to whom you have denied the chance to live, by offering them miserable, laborious and convoluted lives, instead of giving them the chance to enjoy the serene and simple joy of life. I curse you with all the love that my life has granted me, for the one billion children who have killed in the past 50 years, I curse you hoping that the intensity of my love will make you miraculously dissolve, wherever you are.
Your clean clothes drip of an ocean of blood, and of the obtuse defense of privileges uttered by intellectuals that you bought. This creates a huge void, transforming you into beings even more unhappy than those who you oppress. I did not write this letter thinking that you will receive it, surely none of you will ever read it. I conceived it, with the help of the human being that is in me, with the intent of giving your unaware servants the ability to choose. At your service there are, in fact, two kinds of slaves: the guilty servants, and the unsuspecting servants. Your most ruthless servants are those you put in charge of States, the powerful political and military hierarchies, sometimes occult, that control the social system and its potential for deception and existential fraud, and that are able every day to exercise on the whole humanity. The unaware servants are billions of people, who are forced to refer to their fierce oppressors as Honorable, Excellency, Your Eminence, President etc. but in their hearts, without even deciding it, cover you with the immense wave of their contempt. They are all subjugated by precarious existences, and you take away eighty per cent of the resources, using them for the defense and the preservation of your own privileges.
Do not think that my curses are mine alone, most of your servants, without even knowing it, curse you every moment, from the holding tanks in which you have imprisons them: jails, military uniforms, mafias, chains of economies that impose with violence, because they are devoid of creativity and intelligence. That is why I imagine you being desperate, tormented by not knowing the origin of your discomfort, because the immense wave of curses that billions of oppressed people send you every day, reach you in moments of extreme loneliness, when, on the verge of sleep, finally meet the slaying vacuum, after having dismissed a prostitute for $100,000; or when you are thinking of the children who pretend to love you, and with whom you have never played, committed as you were to wage wars and commit genocides.
Think, if only for a brief moment, the world were to wake up without you. Think of a planet inhabited by joy. Perhaps you, too, Masters of the world, in the face of a huge and incessant party, would come out of your golden caves, disguised as real beings, and there you would willingly mingle with everyone else, to discover in you the immense value of the Human Being, compared to which the role of the absolute masters of the world would merely be a shabby, torturing parody. Maybe a miracle will finally happen, capable of burying in the darkness of History your abject roles of omnipotence. Gualtiero www.silvanoagosti.it

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August 1, 2013

Pompeii with tomatoes and drive-through restaurants


In Pompei the tomatoes are growing nicely, the supporting beams are falling down, the tourists get their bags snatched and there’s no online system to get a ticket to go in. An ideal place to find a drive-through restaurant among the ruins. For the moment, you can’t take your car inside. In July hundreds of tourists gave up going to visit after being roasted alive in the blazing sun while they waited in the queue to get to the only ticket office. In the 44-hectare site, unlike anything else in the whole world, things are collapsing all the time and it’s generally deteriorating and there’s hardly any maintenance being done. It was shocking to see the collapse of "Pompeii's House of the Gladiators" with the trophies and the frescoes of gladiators. Bits of the frescoes are frequently falling off and small stones are often slipping down. Pompeii could be excluded from the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. This will happen unless by 2015, the necessary steps are taken to protect it and unless Italy claims and makes use of the EU’s 105 million euro for the work.
UNESCO’s inspectors visited this year, and their conclusions are: "Structural shortcomings, water infiltration, absence of drainage canals, damage to the mosaics caused by light, irregular construction, lack of personnel, and unauthorised activity". The only thing missing in the report is the prediction of Vesuvius erupting again. Our country has incalculable resources that could bring job opportunities and wealth. In France or Spain, Pompeii would be taken care of and made to give a financial return. The pride and joy of the nation. There are 981 sites recognised as world heritage sites by UNESCO and they are found in 160 countries. Italy has 49 of them and it’s the country with the greatest number. The government is busy with holes and fighter planes, and it’s not bothering about development connected to our culture. Pompeii could be a fantastic centre providing employment and prestige for the region of Campania and for the whole of Italy, but instead it is allowed to fall to pieces. Pompeii is worth 100 fighter planes and 20 TAVs in Val di Susa, but for the people governing our country, it’s not worth anything. In London’s British Museum there’s an exhibition about Pompeii: "Life and death in Pompeii and Herculaneum", ticket price: £15, 4,000 tickets per day. It’s on for three months. The revenue will be about £11 million and then there’s revenue from the sale of books and photos. The artefacts for the exhibition are on loan at zero cost from the Italian State because otherwise "It would seem like the initiative of a down-at-heel State. It would be truly bizarre to insist on payment for artefacts on display abroad". Next weekend, let’s all go off to Pompeii, to the drive-through restaurant "of course".

Formal parliamentary question regarding Pompeii from the M5S in the Chamber of Deputies

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July 31, 2013

Milan’s little hole


In Italy there’s a joke going round about the public debt. People are saying, well the politicians are saying, that the 2,074 billion euro has gone up and up because of the generosity of the governments. Too good to the citizens. They’re saying that the parties, acting with great sincerity, have for years allowed the Italian people to live beyond their means. Too much education, too much health care, too much welfare. Many Italians even feel they are to blame. The reality is quite different. The debt has been created by mixing up politics and lobbies. With the useless public works of all dimensions that have in the past and even today provided finance for " State recipients“, for cooperatives of every hue, for all sorts of connections with organised crime. In terms of millions and billions of euro. Captain Findus Letta’s government is emblematic of this situation. A cameo. It will be remembered for the tens of billions spent on the fighter planes and on the TAV in the Val di Susa, a gaping hole estimated to be 21 billion. Holes and fighter planes paid for by the citizens while the social structure of the state is being dismantled. Too much in the way of social services, a few fighter planes, more Letta! When a construction project is found to be useless, infeasible, too costly, it’s usually already too late. Public money has already been committed or spent and there’s no going back. Usually the contracts established between the public authorities and the construction companies protect the latter and they increase the costs of the work because of variations in the work to be done, delays attributed to the authorities, and unexpected requests. While everyone is aware of the massive waste involved in projects like the bridge at Messina, not many people know about the local nonsense. In Milan they’ve made a hole, "Milan’s little hole". The contract went out to tender in 2006 with the idea of connecting viale De Gasperi to via Gattamelata. The idea was to take the traffic coming from the motorway going towards the exhibition area, into a tunnel 970 metres long. That was before the exhibition area was moved to Rho-Pero. The work was due to finish in 2010 and it still hasn’t finished. In fact it has been suspended indefinitely. The cost has gone up from 62 million euro to about 200 million.


No one knows what to do with it. Maran has asked the citizens for suggestions. Someone has suggested that it could be used to hold cars that have been stolen and recovered by the police. What suggestions would you like to give to the Milan authorities?

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July 16, 2013

We are outraged!


It’s right to be outraged by what Calderoli has done. His racist quip about a minister who comes from the Congo is to be condemned. However, it’s not just by chance that Calderoli is vice president of the Senate, he’s in that position because it was the wish of the PDL and the PDminusL and Captain Findus Letta did nothing at that time to raise objections. And yet he should have done. Calderoli is the same guy who had a T shirt that was mocking Islam on live TV, the same guy that went for a walk with a pig on a leash on the land where a mosque was to be constructed. Why did those who are expressing outrage today, allow him to get that appointment in the Senate? If one is indignant about Calderoli, then there’s even more reason to be outraged with those that allowed his investiture, and that means first of all the PDminusL. This racist quip, worthy of a drunk in a bar, has the gift of timeliness. It has shifted the attention from a really serious episode, the deportation of a mother and her child to Kazakhstan. Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence. Indignation cannot be an alternating current. Used by the media on command, as a tool of mass distraction. I’m indignant about Alfano, who must resign, I’m indignant about Gasparri raising his middle finger to the people collected in front of Parliament, a finger that could have caused a revolt, I’m indignant about the lies of Capitan Findus Letta about public financing to the parties that are soon to rake in 91 million euro in the month of July, I’m indignant about the PDminusL that has destroyed Monte dei Paschi di Siena, I’m indignant about those who allowed Ilva to cause deaths for a decade, I’m indignant about those who allow our young people to be killed in an absurd war in Afghanistan, I’m indignant about Berlusconi, a person who has been convicted at the second judicial level for tax dodging who is dictating his conditions to the government. I’m indignant about two PDL deputies that insulted one of our parliamentarians as she went past them at Montecitorio "Ma che bella bambina“ {what a beautiful little girl}, "Ciao bambola“ {ciao doll}, "Ciao bagascia“ {ciao whore}, I am outraged by the tin pot hacks that didn’t publish the news. To call an M5S parliamentarian a whore is evidently not enough to provoke outrage.

Participate in the discussion on Twitter:
{we are outraged}

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July 3, 2013

Politicians under house arrest


There are those that have bodyguards and those that don’t. For example, Don Puglisi, the jourrnalist Beppe Alfano, killed by organised crime, didn’t have bodyguards nor did Marco Biagi, killed by the Nuove Brigate Rosse {New Red Brigades}. For example, these people do have bodyguards: Mr and Mrs Mastella, former ministers Cirino Pomicino, Oliviero Diliberto and Claudio Scajola and the former presidents of the Lower House of Parliament, Marcello Pera and Fausto Bertinotti. 585 people have bodyguards, 411 have a bullet-proof car, and 300 of these are politicians, mayors, regional governors and ambassadors. In other European countries, government ministers travel around on a bicycle and in Austria only two people in the Government have bodyguards: the President of the Republic and the Federal Chancellor. Expenditure for the bodyguards comes to 250 million euro a year. Even for the bodyguard arrangement, there are various levels: the first level - for 16 politicians provides two or three bullet-proof cars, each with three bodyguards. The second level, for 82 beneficiaries: two bullet-proof cars, each with three bodyguards. 312 people have a bullet-proof car with two bodyguards. The remaining 174 people are protected by two bodyguards and they have a car that’s not bullet-proof. In the last few years 120 million euro has been spent for 600 BMWs, 100 Audis and other luxury cars. The total number of cars in the pool is about 1,500. A fleet. There are 4,000 bodyguards. An army! Alfano’s first action, decided even before the Senate had given a vote of confidence to the Letta government, was to set up theprotection arrangement for the 21 ministers at a further cost of five million euro. What are the politicians afraid of? And why are they terrified of having contact with the people? From whom is Ms Finocchiaro defending herself when she goes shopping in the supermarket and has the bodyguards push her trolley? And Fini on holiday in Orbetello with nine men protecting him? If the bodyguard arrangement were to be eliminated, and the M5S will take action to see that this happens, there would be three immediate benefits: saving 250 million euro a year, freeing up 4,000 officers to look after public order and house arrest without a verdict for the politicians who had bodyguards . We wouldn’t see them round and about any more. Could you imagine Gasparri on his own at his local market with a one finger gesture? Or Brunetta haranguing the regulars in a bar? Monti explaining his economic theories while perched on a soapbox in the park? Lupi in discussion with the people of the Val di Susa? Or any politician venturing into a political meeting without bodyguards? Politicians, house arrest is awaiting you. Start installing bullet-proof doors.

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June 27, 2013

Miccoli at the Quirinal Palace


Fabrizio Miccoli, the forward who plays for Palermo, who according to intercepted telephone calls, seems to have made insulting comments about Giovanni Falcone, who he defined as: "Falcone that piece of muck“. Quite rightly, there’s popular indignation against the player. Even Buffon stigmatised him during a press conference in Brazil. Everywhere, there’s a massive clearance zone around Miccoli, and you could swear, no one will even pass him the ball on the football pitch any more.
Meanwhile, there’s a gentleman who has a friend that is the founder of Forza Italia, Marcello Dell'Utri, who at the second level of judicial proceedings, has been found guilty and sentenced to seven years for complicity in conspiracy with the Mafia;, and he defined as a hero Vittorio Mangano the mafioso who was found guilty of two homicides at the first level of the judicial proceedings and sentenced to life in prison and was taken on to work at Arcore (Berlusconi’s residence) to look after the horses. A gentleman who was formerly a member of the P2 with membership number 1816, with an impressive number of judicial proceedings, with a conviction for tax fraud at the second level of judicial proceedings and having been barred from holding office for five years. Found guilty of bribery under-age prostitution at the first level of judicial proceedings and sentenced to seven years in prison and being barred from holding public office for life. Under investigation for having offered three million euro in 2006 to corrupt senator Sergio De Gregorio to change to the PDL party.
This gentleman that elsewhere would already have fled some time ago to a country without extradition has been "invited to have an interview and received" by the President of the Republic, Napolitano. The President’s Office has emphasized that it was Napolitano that took the initiative for the meeting and that Berlusconi assured him of his "clear orientation to confirm his support and the support of the PDL to the current government and to the action that it is committed to". It’s as though Herbert Hoover, the President of the United States in the 1930s had invited Al Capone to have a discussion on the alcohol market. Are we even going to have Miccoli invited to the President's office, dribbling the ball between two carabinieri? Why Berlusconi and not him?

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June 26, 2013

Letta, looking like Tarzan!


When you watch how Captain Findus Letta moves and look at his pointy nose that is growing with one TV News programme after another, his true Collodi-created essence is revealed, a bit like Pinocchio. His way of speaking is less effervescent than the psycho dwarf’s but the substance is always that of the tall story early in the evening. From a million jobs of once upon a time to the 200,000 young people that have a job. According to the Nephew of his Uncle, who’s telling tales that are even more incredible than those told by Baron Münchhausen: "It’s a significant measure, financed in part by national funds and in part by European funds. In an 18 month period, it will bring about the employment of 200 thousand young people with a greater impact in the South. But it’s a measure affecting the whole country. We want to deliver a harsh blow to the curse of youth unemployment.".
In order to say goodbye to the curse of youth unemployment and deliver this “harsh blow” a young person must:
- have been without a regular paid job for at least six months
- have no high school qualifications and no professional qualification
- live on their own with one or more people depending on them.
Thus to get access to this possibility you have to be chronically unemployed (it’s no good if you’ve just been unemployed for 5 months), be semi-illiterate (if you’ve got qualifications it’s too bad), not live with parents but alone (in fact a young person without an income always leaves home) and have dependants like an old granny or a wife or children. Who, in God’s name fulfils all these conditions in Italy?
If there’s a guy who’s chronically unemployed, semi-literate, and with dependants, then he can access Letta’s " significant measure" and as you can read in the decree, this will be given to the company "for a period of 12 months and no more than 650 euro a month per worker if their work contract becomes a long-term one". Letta, is now also looking like Tarzan...

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June 25, 2013

Let he who is without sin throw the first Idem


"Josefa Idem is said to be accused of declaring herself to be resident in a gym in the neighbourhood of Santerno near Ravenna, just a short distance away from her husband’s house. He thus lived somewhere else. This expedient meant that she didn’t pay the ICI property tax from 2008 to 2011, using the exemption for the primary residence allowed for by the law. On 5 June Ms Idem had a “ravvedimento operoso” {late but voluntary payment of taxes due} and paid the tax authorities the amount she owed.“ from the daily paper Il Sole 24 Ore
Josefa Idem was asked to resign. She resigned. Perhaps she was obliged to. Did she make a mistake? She paid up. However, who can throw the first stone? Of those in the political parties, who can pass judgement on Ms Idem? Not Captain Findus Letta of the PDminusL that has raked in hundreds of millions of euro in public financing in spite of a referendum that came out against that. What’s this called? Bag snatching? Embezzling? Swindling? The henchmen of the psycho dwarf in Parliament cannot pass judgement. They were appointed by one who has been found guilty of tax fraud at the second level of the judicial system. One who has been sentenced to four years in prison and blocked from holding public office for five years. Nor can Belsito’s Lega pass judgement. Nor can those following in Bossi’s footsteps. Who can throw the first Idem? In this affair, people are using intolerable double standards. Morality and ethics are being weighed up. It depends on who is being judged. I don’t want to play the part of the court-appointed lawyer acting to defend Ms Idem, in fact, quite the opposite. She was elected because of her sporting achievements as a high profile woman in a party that no longer has a good image, nor a good reputation. But what is annoying and irritating; what makes you angry, is the hypocrisy of folk that have giant sequoias in their backsides, namely Unipol and MPS and who go off investigating Ms Idem’s property taxes. If she made a mistake, it’s right that she pays up. However, let the parties maintain a dignified silence so that we are not obliged to vomit.

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June 21, 2013

Truth, dare, kiss, letter and penalty


Who has not spent some time in their childhood playing "Truth, dare, kiss, letter and penalty"? It always ended up that you had to say out loud that you were an artichoke, an idiot, a stupid cow, a fool (depending on the region), that you were obliged to do something abominable like kissing a slobbering dog on his mouth (oh - it was never the most delightful classmate!), get your friends to energetically write a letter and your last will and testament on your back. What was worse was just the soldier’s slap in which each so-called friend took turns to see who could give the most forceful slap on the hand of the unfortunate companion who was designated to suffer. The Nephew of his Uncle, Captain Findus Letta is sure to know the rigmarole. You can see that from how he applies it step by step. In the first month, there was the “Truth” stage, the stage of saving the country, of the sense of responsibility. of the inalienable priorities of work, jobs and public accounts. A phase in which the Nephew has given the best of himself with the announcement of the end of public financing to the parties, that never happened. Thus we’ve got to the “Dare” stage, the stage of the expressions that leave a mark and that bring justice to a government that gets active: "The topic of work is a launch pad" and we "just need to be concrete" (Is it legitimate to ask who has to be concrete?), or "We are a serious country, we are no longer under special observation, we are presenting the right figures", (What figures? the ones on youth unemployment?, on the public debt? on the companies that are closing down every minute? What figures is he talking about? The winning numbers in the lottery?). For the Nephew, after two months of government of Doing Sweet Nothing we have already deserved the re-acquisition of reputation. Captain Findus is like a female TV announcer, it’s just that after the announcement, there’s no programme, just the interval. He’s been so madly busy with “Truth and Dare”, with the IVA sales tax and taking us for a ride with putting off the IMU property tax that we’ll have to pay unless we find other resources (read that as other direct or indirect taxes) and discussions on Chief World Systems, Captain Findus is getting to the “Kiss stage”. It’s a test he’ll sail through as it just means kissing Berlusconi’s arse to survive as long as possible, a kiss that is a habit that comes round every ten years for a PDminusL-person. The Letter stage will come round in Autumn or in Spring at the latest, and millions of Italians will write it on the backs of Letta&Alfano, the people who have been laid off without any fund for laid-off workers, the “precarious workers”, those who have been sacked, and those kicked out of their homes. A letter telling them to leave their jobs with immediate effect. For Letta, the most insignificant President of the Council since the war, there’ll just be the Penalty stage. He’ll leave us the country of Italy that’s poorer and angry. After having taken it easy, the PDminusL will bite the dust. Requiescat in pace. May it rest in peace.


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June 18, 2013

Opinion poll: Pippo doesn’t know it


In the beginning there was an attempt to recruit M5S parliamentarians. It failed. Then Gargamel said to Pippo Civati "Go and fetch some M5S senators and deputies". He went off. He talked. He told stories. He made contact. He dined. Pippo was the perfect decoy. Added to his beautiful PDminusL-song, there were other voices. The ones that had been thrown out and the ones who were decoyed sang all together. Sonia Alfano’s shrill voice on her way out as a euro-parliamentarian, Ingroia on his way back from the mountains after his electoral triumph, as well as philosophers and intellectuals as important as Flores D'Arcais, this year’s bad-luck-token. After a bit, Pippo was spending more time with the M5S parliamentarians than with members of his own party. You have to understand him on this matter. There was no choice. He identified so well in this position that he immediately approved all the M5S proposals but he never voted for them. He was one of them, but also one of us. A perfect retriever. Each evening Gargamel with his sleeves rolled up stands at the entrance to the trattoria in his home village of Bettola, waiting for Pippo to bring a parliamentarian in his mouth. Gargamel was dreaming of the deputies from other parties for a new Government, a Government made up of “askari” at the service of the PDminusL in the Senate. He could never trust his own folk given that 101 of them made him resign when they didn’t vote for Prodi, even though the previous evening he had been loudly acclaimed by the populace. The grass of the M5S, like that of his neighbour, was always greener and Gargamel couldn’t get used to that. Pippo was the right man. He’s got the face of a seminarian, the eyes of a fawn, and the tuft of hair of a progressive lad. Dinner after dinner, winks, invitations, proposals by candle light. Pippo’s extra-parliamentary life was busy. At the head of the table he talked and talked of the victory of the United Left thanks to the M5S senators who embraced the "responsibility“ in relation to the country. Perhaps there were those who like Pinocchio believed in this new Pinocchio_character called Candlewick with the task of transforming parliamentarians into fools in the PDminusL’s “Land of Toys” where everyone becomes Berlusconi’s slave. The continuous contact with the M5S parliamentarians has however, brought about an osmosis, a process of genetic alteration in Pippo. When he’s talking on TV he’s like one of the M5S. At this point, what’s needed is an offer to take him away from the ambiguity that will surely devour him. He would like to be one of us. But he’s one of them. To save him from this political schizophrenia that would make him worse than Veltroni, an outcome that I would not wish on anybody, I’m setting up an Opinion poll for the best offer to Bersani. "Pippo Pippo non lo sa {Pippo Pippo doesn’t know it}/ but when he walks by, the whole town laughs / and the dressmaker's apprentices at the windows/ make teeny weeny gestures / but he very seriously/ greets everyone with a bow and he walks away/ he reckons he’s as handsome as Apollo/ and he jumps around like a chicken".


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June 14, 2013

I have no money


I have no money. Berlusconi’s fabulous electoral promises about the IMU property tax, that we’ll still have to pay, the Government’s poppycock about the IVA sales tax that will go up all the same by one point, and about reducing taxes, that will go up at a local level, all say one thing: the coffers are empty. Captain Findus is taking his time. I hope he has a good night, but there’s no dawn awaiting him. The figures on unemployment and on enterprises, is terrifying. To repeat them over and over again has now become irritating. It has the taste of stuff that’s been said and said too often. It provokes frustration. While the country is going under, PDL and PDminusL, after occupying all the armchairs, even those of the Opposition with Sel, Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, a massive way of taking the voters for a ride, they are amusing themselves with German-style semi-presidentialism and the double Somersaults in the Pike Position with a French-style premier, with constitutional reforms that cannot be put off, electoral laws that can wait no longer (no offence to Napolitano). Every day they are discussing non-priority topics. Right now, the priority is to join up lunch with dinner, pay the rent and pay for health services. In Bologna many children don’t have enough to eat and they have to wait to get to school and eat in the school canteen so that they don’t starve. This is Italy, not the one painted by the parties in the conferences, in the seminars, in the inconclusive announcements. We are right in the middle of an emergency and they are saying "We have to give people answers“ without actually doing anything. They’re not talking about cutting out, the provinces, the official blue cars, the lifelong payments to retired politicians, the double and triple pensions, the bureaucracy that’s killing the small firms. The only cuts are at the expense of poor people, on social services, child care facilities, transport, and health services. No one is considering the issue of the public debt, of how to halt its growth before it brings us all down. No one is suggesting it might be restructured, that sooner or later that will have to happen. With the fall in value of public bonds, no one is insisting that the eurobond could be the central focus of European policy so that national economic problems can start off again from a common base, perhaps the only possibility to stay within the euro. They talk about everything to avoid talking about something. Anti corruption laws to claw back 100/120 billion? Laws to cut useless State costs starting with 16 billion a year in superfluous costs of politics? Laws to recover tens of billions, giving back to the State the management of concessions, starting with the motorways? Zilch. Every day, in Parliament, the M5S is putting forward proposals on these topics but the media (fed and watered by the parties) stays silent. How many laws has parliament approved in recent years? The M5S will not stay silent and watch. It will go out from the Palace more and more to tell people what’s happening, to listen and to share opinions. Citizens among the citizens.

Look at all the parliamentary activities of the M5S

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June 12, 2013

Italians are good people


with Diego Cugia

"We Italians are theatrical by nature, we have internalised the twist in the plot. For us, everything is possible but nothing is true and the solemn decisions made at lunch disappear after dinner in an explosion of laughter and the fizz of sparkling wine. It touches my heart that the one who is the most theatrical of all, Beppe Grillo, has unfortunately taken us seriously. Because we are theatrical but also very pragmatic. As long as the revolution is created with a tweet we are world champions, but if by the third tweet we’re not eating, we are already ready to share a banquet with the enemy. That’s how we are and it’s useless to pass judgement. Immorality is our stage costume and we rely on the Almighty to save us from being coherent. Grillo was our perfect Napoleon. He made us laugh. He made us think bitterly of what we are reduced to. And he made us feel like emperors. With his boots we have kicked politics up the backside. We hate it just because we envy its privileges. Seeing the others eating is disturbing us. OK. It has been an Italian-style comedy like no other. We elected him because we are made like that. We are a people driven out of our minds. We like the one that shouts the loudest. But we clamour till we’re tired if then we cannot jumble up lunch and dinner. We wanted Napoleon Grillo in government. But how could Grillo have created an alliance with the PD after having destroyed them in the election campaign? He wouldn’t have been able to do that in any country in the world, but somehow in Italy he could. It’s not me saying that, but the disgusting thing itself, that is the PD in alliance with Berlusconi. An undignified twist in the plot like a blow below the belt. Could Grillo have avoided this farce? Sure he could and he could have got us less muddy (and without making us swim in the mud with the pigs), because politics without compromise has not yet been invented and in Italy no one has time to patiently wait for the day when the M5S has “hundred per cent of the vote”. That’s a great witticism, to re-tweet. It’s worthy of Spinoza. Satire with five stars. I was imagining that only Crimi would have believed that. Instead it seems, that even he believed that. The emperor of the theatre people himself, just like any adolescent. And this is unforgivable. Because we love Beelzebub and we roast the half-angels with potatoes. And even yesterday we were eating." Diego Cugia

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June 11, 2013

Pyrrhic victories


In Italy it’s always election time. It’s always Pavesini-time. Whether we are electing mayors, provincial governors, regional governors, deputies, senators, or euro-deputies. The country is permanently in an election moment. An obsession. Each year we’re voting for something. It’s a football championship. There’s always one who wins, one who loses who then wins the following year, one who draws and one who is triumphant, as though the public administration were a prize, a winning post, rather than a service. There’s even the football market with players bought at auction who change their colours. The winner of the current election always climbs onto the stage and gives a straight-arm salute to the crowd. Nothing changes but people are happy that "their own" candidate has won, and not "the other“ candidate, when in reality, it’s the same person, the same policies, the same programme, even the same government. Then the big newspapers provide big headlines and the political scientists explain. The show that is actually obscene and disturbing, attracts fewer spectators, people are no longer willing to pay for the ticket, no longer willing to vote. This one or that one are just the same. With one election after another election, the level of disgust grows. The thermometer of abstention gets overheated, if at the next national elections it were to go over the threshold of 70%, the Republic, the State, the Government and the Parliament would lose their legitimacy. Is this what they want? Letta-the-nephew has only made announcements and the most ridiculous one is about cutting the reimbursement of election expenses, but that’s never happened. People ask the M5S what it has done in the last few months. It has put forward new laws for the SMEs, laws to abolish public financing of the newspapers and the parties. It has pushed forward the initiative to get rid of the "Porcellum” electoral law, the only voice in Parliament. It has also taken many other initiatives connected to our manifesto, like pushing for the withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. And it has refused to accept the reimbursement of election expenses for 42 million euro, and it has halved the income of the parliamentarians to bring it to about 350,000 euro a month. Any proposals for laws put forward by the M5S are ignored or turned down. The M5S is law-abiding, peaceful, inspired by Ghandi. What did they expect? That we would set fire to Parliament? The 24/7 derision of the M5S on all TV channels is the final barrier before the fury of the people. The M5S has collected signatures for popular laws and for referendums. These have been ignored or rejected each time by the “party-ocracy ”. It has participated in the elections putting forward people with unsullied records. Instead of asking the parties to give an account of what they have done in 30 years, the first attempt at grass-roots democracy in this country is demonized. The outcome of the elections is dramatic for Italy. The Italian people, most Italians, are starting to lose hope. And this is very sad.

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June 7, 2013

The tin of tuna is empty


>>> Today Friday 7 June, I’ll be in Assemini at 9:00 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa

Is Parliament still something that makes sense? Should it be reformed, abolished? One thing is certain, today it is practically useless. Parliament, the central location of our democracy, has been dispossessed of its role as the voice of the citizen. It emits gurgles, gasps and groans like a body in its death-throes and these are collected by willing journalists for the daily gossip. OK, so who is it that represents this place? Deputies and senators are appointed by the directors of the "firm" of the PDminusL (that’s what they say but you can call him Gargamel Bersani in private) and by a guy who has been found guilty at the second level of justice for tax evasion and in other countries he would have escaped to a far off tropical island. The parliamentarians appointed by the parties do not represent any of the voters, not even themselves. They are just office workers with a great salary and they have the job of pressing buttons when ordered to do so. Someone, chosen from among the most faithful, is used when needed to tell tales on TV on channels that have been carved up. Parliament is sovereign in legislative matters according to article 76 of the Constitution "The exercise of the legislative function may not be delegated to the Government unless principles and criteria have been established and then only for a limited time and for specified purposes“. It’s job is to make laws but in its place they are made by the Government in the form of a torrent of decrees, and these are nearly always approved by the House. In theory, the Government has the task of governing, not substituting Parliament. The Lower House and the Senate, have become places where appointees approve the laws of the Government. A situation worthy of the delirium caused by hallucinogenic mushrooms. Parliament can vote no confidence in the current Government and it’s the only body that can do that, according to the Constitution (art. 94). But even this power was taken away from it with the arrival of Monti who was elected without any vote of no confidence in Berlusconi. "Vuolsi così colà dove si puote“ {This is the will of the ones in power and ask no further questions} The parliamentarians themselves are not expected to be present in the Chamber. Some are seen once or twice a year. What’s the use of this Parliament? What’s the use of elections? Parliament is unconstitutional as the "Porcellum” {Pigswill electoral law} is unconstitutional and now it wants to change the Constitution in accordance with the dictates of the PDL and the PDminusL? Madness. Parliament could close down tomorrow. No one would notice. It’s a simulacrum, a monument to the fallen, the malodorous tomb of the Second Republic. We either bury it or we re-establish it. The tin of tuna is empty. I repeat: The tin of tuna is empty.

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May 30, 2013

Little school teachers with red pens


After the partial local elections, that as every donkey knows, are always different from the outcome and weight of the national ellections, there’s a plethora of little school teachers with red pens. They have crawled out of the cellars and the freezers after twenty years of defeats and shameful episodes of their parties, named things like PDminusL or SEL it just doesn’t matter. In the front line, to my real surprise, an 80 year old miracle worker of the Internet, freshly defrosted from the mausoleum where his folks had kept him isolated and we wish him a great career refounding the Left. The one who has bounced back newly dusted off is the super-whopper-teller, the one who knows nothing about ILVA, about the incinerators OKed for Marcegaglia. He’s like the old ladies in the song about the prostitute "Bocca di Rosa" "you know how folks like to advise you / once they're too old to paint the town red". Then there’s the spot-remover from Bettola who’s in great form while he’s convincingly explaining that the one to blame for the government of the Broad Agreement is the M5S when the PDminusL has done the impossible to disrupt things for Marini first and then for Prodi and didn’t even take Rodotà into consideration.
Crikey, this guy has lost more battles than general Cadorna at Caporetto and then Floris wants to sell him as though he were Nelson at Trafalgar. The little school teachers with red pens have popped out of the novel “Cuore” {Heart}, however they are playing the part of the bad boy Franti and not the good one, Garrone. They lie to the voters, they set up stitch-ups. They use catapults to bring down sparrows but they make sure they’re not seen. Renzie, the puffed-up statesman, raging about with his formulas and criticisms of the M5S on all the TV channels, easy prey for all the willing courtesans like Ms Gruber. For some time now, Renzie has not been mayor of Florence. He’s become a full time salesman for himself. He goes around selling a never-used mayor, as though he were brand new. Even Topo Gigio Veltroni has been brought back from the dead to talk about the elections, fortified by his experience of having lost them all, all of them. And then there’s the claque, the bad claque and the good claque, the one that attacks while keeping its head down, the one represented by Ms Finocchiaro who wants to outlaw the M5S, one who has been established in Parliament for 8 terms of office, and the good one, like with Pippo Civati, that has not named the 101 people that shelved Prodi, that lives inside a party that for years has been absorbing hundreds of million in public financing but who is however, just so good. You would want to adopt him - or alternatively, throw him a stick that he can bring back to you. They are little school teachers who see the speck in the eyes of the M5S, a speck that often doesn’t even exist, and they are not aware of the beam that is supporting them.

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May 23, 2013

Acquired rights


An acquired right is only sacred for those who have more rights than the others. Otherwise it can happily wither away. For the esodati {“exited” people who got turfed out of their jobs a few years short of retirement age} the acquired right existed once upon a time, with a bundle of commitments signed by the companies and by the State, and then suddenly it’s no longer there. For the former parliamentarians getting an annuity, like Scalfari and Veltroni, the acquired right is immovable "the party has given it to me and woe betide anyone who touches it". Anyone who should have been able to retire at 60 as an acquired right now has to wait until they’re 68, anyone who has three pensions goes off to the Maldives in December - that’s an acquired right. However, anyone who has the acquired right to a minimum pension keeps that even if they die of starvation, and this is democratic. Amato keeps his acquired right to a pension of 32,000 euro a month, the minimum for a man of his Craxi-an prominence. Anyone who loses their job because the company goes bust almost always loses the acquired right to a lump sum final payment, the PDL and PDminusL parliamentarians that have brought about the collapse of the State, still keep their acquired right to a monthly cheque of about 150,000 euro to reinsert themselves back into society at the end of their term of office. There’s acquired right and acquired right. There’s who has a pension above 10,000 euro a month and those who’ll never have a pension. There’s who has a bodyguard, an acquired right for the politicians loved by the Italian people , and anti mafia judges that have the right to a bodyguard removed. The acquired right is the fiscal shield of 5% on bringing capital back from abroad when it’s tax-dodging money and a tax of 70% on companies that declare everything to the tax authorities. Young people have the acquired right to have a job, but only if they emigrate, whereas 500,000 people in Italy have the acquired right to make a living out of politics using our taxes. The State bureaucrats have the acquired right to be “undismissable”, as well as to paralyse the development of the country, the entrepreneurs that go bust have the acquired right to commit suicide. No one will tell them off for this. Anyone who no longer manages to pay off the mortgage on their house has the acquired right to be turfed out into the street. The politicians have the acquired right to buy property in the posh bits of Rome at knock down prices.
When you hear a discussion about "acquired rights" don’t worry, that’s not about your rights, but the rights of those who’ll take your rights away from you while ferociously hanging on to their own. The hyenas devour everything even down to the last bone.

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May 22, 2013

Priorities and emergencies


>>> Today, Wednesday 22 May, I’ll be in Sestri Levante, at 2:00 pm and Imola at 8:00 pm. Tomorrow, Thursday 23 May I’ll be in Mirandola, at 11:00 am, Massa at 3:00 pm, and Siena at 7:00 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa
The final event of the Tour entitled “Tutti a Casa” {Send them all home}, will be on 24 May in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Give your support with a donation

For PDL and PDminusL (including the “proud useless flies” of the coalition namely the Lega and the Sel who have now been promoted to the position of Cardboard Opposition) there has to be a clear distinction made between the emergencies and the priorities. The priority is one thing, the emergency is another, and thus it can wait. Emergencies are tackled with important and noble words "Work! Young people! Growth!", whereas priorities are tackled with laws to be approved promptly and efficiently. The Single Government has its priorities: halve the penalties for those convicted of the crime of associating with the mafia, reform Justice “ad berlusconem”, delete the 5 Star MoVement from elections, have a building amnesty, go on with the tunnel for goods in Val di Susa, gagging law for the Internet, smoke in the eyes of the “ius soli” concept (not existing in Europe), the elimination of the crime of clandestinity, homosexual marriages (I agree on this - but they’re not a priority).
The agenda of the country never coincides with that of the parties, like Aldo Moro’s "parallel convergences". The emergencies have to stay in the background for ever so that they can justify the “Government of broad understanding” that came into being because of the emergencies, but in reality so it can do its own thing, pardon, so it can tackle its own priorities. The citizen’s income, the reduction of the burden of taxes on the SMEs (the only ones keeping the country on its feet), a decisive reduction to the Gordian knot of bureaucracy, the elimination of the costs of politics, amounting to 16 billion more than in France, the protection from seizure of the primary residence so that desperate people don’t go and set themselves on fire; for Pir-Letta these are not topics to deal with.
The citizens in difficulty and the small and medium sized companies are the emergency AND the priority. The M5S is presenting one law after another for all this, but these are being ignored by the rest of Parliament and by the media. However we cannot propose the laws and vote for them all on our own. These unpunished people, go on the TV where there lackeys are and they tell the fools that they still believe that the M5S has done nothing. And with the help of experts in the area, they explain that the true priorities are to save Berlusconi’s skin in the name of governability and to save “Monte dei Paschi di Siena in PDminusL” for the stability of the banking system.

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May 16, 2013

Italy’s Kabobo


>>> Today, Thursday 16 May I’ll be in Treviso at 9:00 pm. Tomorrow, Friday 17 May, I’ll be in Martellago, at 5:00 pm and in Vicenza at 8:30 pm. The live broadcasts will be on La Cosa.
The final event of the Tour entitled “Tutti a Casa” {Send them all home}, will be on 24 May in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo. Give your support with a donation

How many people are there like Italy’s Kabobo? Hundreds? Thousands? Where do they live? No one knows.
In Milan‘s Via Melzo, a Portuguese citizen originally from Angola, bites off the ear of a passer-by. Then he goes on towards Porta Venezia where he beats up someone at the exit of the Metro. He gets on a train and then at the Palestro station he headbutts, kicks and punches a young man. He goes back above ground and picks up a brick that he throws in the face of a sixty year old taking a dog for a walk. This breaks his nose and gives him a massive black eye. He’s arrested and after a month he’s set free. The pensioner saw him again in the neighbourhood and hid in his car. The dog ran away.
In the Niguarda district of Milan, a man from Ghana, who with other immigrants has already been found to have committed violent acts, including aggression against the Police leading to imprisonment for 6 months, kills three people using a pickaxe and injures another three people.. Kabobo, without a home, without a job, has been wandering around Italy undisturbed for some time. Kabobo asked for political asylum when he landed in Lampedusa, in 2011. But his request was turned down. But the immigrant appealed and the judges haven’t yet given a decision and although he’s not got permission to stay he couldn’t be deported. Before committing these crimes, Kabobo spent the night in the ruins of villa Trotti in an abandoned area in the middle of the Niguarda neighbourhood. On 16 April he was identified by the Carabinieri.
In Castagneto Carducci, a man from Senegal, Ablaye Ndoye, a drug pusher, was arrested for the murder of Ilaria, a nineteen year old woman who was so forcibly beaten up during an attempted sexual assault that she was suffocated by the blood from her injuries to her nasal cavity. Ablaye didn’t have status and he had received an expulsion order.
Three different cases. An EU citizen who is Portuguese who had to (has to) stay in prison, here or in his own country, and anyway needs to be sent back there. A man from Ghana who should have been under special surveillance because of his violence. A man from Senegal whose expulsion order has never been put into effect.
Who is responsible? Not the Police that can do nothing but risk their lives to arrest them, but cannot do that. Not the magistracy that is subject to the law. Not Parliament, that on the topic of security has done a voting exchange deal between the right and the left and has thus created the preconditions for the birth of racism in Italy.
No one is to blame, perhaps not even Kabobo. If they accept that he has mental health problems, he will soon be a free person once again.

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May 8, 2013

The Alphabet of Shame


The names of the presidents of the Parliamentary Committees, shared out between the PDL and the PDminusL (for this they had to wait to form a government before setting them up ...), are a great big “Fxxx Off” to the Nation. The list of shame includes those who have failed to get elected, people under investigation, husbands, old shoes involved with mess-ups, people who have been shoe-horned in using the “party premium”, trumpeters of falsehood, female senators who go supermarket shopping with their body guards. A touch of P2 plus a touch of D'Alema. People appointed for having voted against Prodi in the presidential elections or for always having tirelessly licked Berlusconi‘s backside. There’s everything in there, a mishmash of guys who have failed, who are recycled, who have failed to get elected in the national elections, of people who unfailingly returning. This list is a provocation to the citizens, because of the choice of people and for their general incompetence. If there were a “Committee for the Toilets at Montecitorio”, they would even occupy that, one half would be the PDL buttock and the other half the PDminusL buttock and they would allow the cleaning of the toilet to be performed by the Sel (pretend Opposition).

The Alphabet of Shame (*)

Lower House
B as in Boccia (Budget)
B as in Bordo (EU Policy)
C as in Capezzone (Finance)
C as in Cicchitto (Foreign Affairs)
D as in Damiano (Work)
E as in Epifani (Productive Activity)
F as in Ferranti (PD) (Justice )
G as in Galan (Culture)
M as in Meta (Transport)
R as in Realacci (Environment)
S as in Sani (PD) (Agriculture)
S as in Sisto (Constitutional Affairs)
V as in Vargiu (Social Matters)
V as in Vito (Defence)

A as in Azzolini (Budget)
C as in Casini (Foreign Affairs)
D as in De Biasi (Health)
F as in Finocchiaro (Constitutional Affairs)
F as in Formigoni (Agriculture)
L as in Latorre (Defence)
M as in Marcucci (Culture)
M as in Marinello (Environment)
M as in Marino (Finance)
M as in Matteoli (Telecommunications)
M as in Mucchetti (Industry)
P as in Palma (Justice)
S as in Sacconi (Work)

(*) Advisable for those who are constipated to facilitate evacuation (it works wonders) and for those who want to facilitate a tendency to vomit (you will not be disappointed). Read the list very slowly so as to avoid colateral effects like a complete loss of psychological balance and the arrival of uncontrolled aggression.

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April 28, 2013

The Monster Club


It’s official. A banker in charge of the Economy, Saccomanni, so that he can save the banks. Alfano, a talking mannequin, with two positions, Under-secretary in the office of the President of the Council and Under-secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Enrico Letta, Captain Findus, the defrosted stock-fish, the nephew of his uncle, the one that Goldman Sachs loves the most, in the role of President of the Council. Lupi, Fantozzi’s niece, gets the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Infrastructure where there are so many tenders flying around as well as the TAV in Val di Susa. Mauro, a philosopher from the “Communion and Liberation” movement, gets the Ministry of Defence with the F-35s. A lady who studied at the Classical High School, Ms Lorenzin, gets the Ministry of Health, she will read Leopardi ("Always dear to me was this solitary hill") and Carducci in the hospital wards. Franceschini gets to talk to Parliament. De Girolamo, the PDL wife of the PDminusL man Mr Boccia, gets control of Agricultural Policy, the mess up within the stitch up. Quagliarello gets Institutional Reform, the guy that said "Eluana is not dead, she’s been killed“ and I’ve said everything. Ms Bonino gets Foreign Affairs, the Radical closest to the psycho dwarf, the liberal, liberalist and libertarian, the internationalist and frequenter of Bildeberg. The UDC guy, Giampiero D'Alia gets the Public Administration, he’s the author of an amendment that compels Internet Service Providers to black out websites, blogs and social media stuff in response to a request by the Ministry of Home Affairs, even this blog. He’s a German canoeist (when are we going to get a New Zealand rugby player?), and Zanonato, "the man of the left-wing wall" gets Economic Development
This government reminds me of a fantastical animal with loads of heads but just one brain with two separate hemispheres: the one on the right is Berlusconi who will get a "time's out" on his trials with the Statute of Limitations: the one on the left is international finance that will suck the heart out of Italy. A club of monsters, like the Addams Family that obey when the ECB and the ratings agencies click their fingers.

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April 26, 2013

The mishmash


The government in formation is a ragbag worthy of the most magnificent bunga bunga. All with liabilities apart from one of them and he’s the one that really knows about bunga bunga. A mishmash that goes over into incest (of the Letta family), that has a family perfume in it, from the “Mulino Bianco” of the mess up. Uncle Letta and Nephew Letta have taken it in turns to have the position of Under-secretary in the office of the President of the Council in the last twenty years. The President of the Council changed, but the Letta family was always there. As a guarantee for whom? This monarchic succession is an amazing coincidence. A family of ones who are chosen.
The cry of exultation from the newspapers and TV channels for this mishmash of the regime is just like the exultation of servants who have clung onto their jobs. The parties have avoided a defeat like at Caporetto and they have locked themselves into a bunker, all together with passion, for now it is love. Those that insulted each other during the election campaign "Communists!", "Never with Berlusconi!“ have all slipped in under the bedclothes so that they don’t have to give an account to the Nation of how they failed. The minestrone government will have the worst smells and flavours of the Second Republic as well as rotten bits and pieces from the First Republic like Craxi’s treasurer, Amato. Those are dishes that only the TV channels can get you to digest. TV channels that have failed from a financial point of view.
In 2012 a loss of 235 million euro for Mediaset and about 200 million for RAI, La 7 has accumulated a loss of almost half a billion in five years. Who pays for these massive losses? Mediaset has survived thanks to a government concession of one per cent of receipts that was set up by D'Alema, the best man of the PDL, when he was President of the Council. The RAI has survived thanks to our taxes that even out the debts of a massive army numbering 13,000 employees, who are ventriloquists of the politicians. La 7 has survived thanks to the telephone bills. Its debts have always been covered by Telecom. Taxes, incredible concessions and a bit extra on the telephone bills, this is how the “megaphones of power” have survived and continue to survive, these same entities that attack the 5 Star MoVement as the cause of all evil. Opinion-leaders that are living on public charity while a company is closing down every minute.
What will happen after the bunker? Berlusconi, President of the Republic, crowned by the communists Napolitano and captain Findus Letta, the defrosted stockfish? Berlusconi said "It’s not very important who is leading this government, what’s important is that there is a Government and a Parliament to approve urgent measures". His measures!

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April 25, 2013

25 April is dead


Now that a member of Bilderberg has been appointed to the position of President of the Council, 25 April is dead,
with the great burst of laughter from the P2-member, Berlusconi, 25 April is dead,
with the destruction of the audio tapes of the conversations between Mancino and Napolitano, 25 April is dead,
with the dictatorship of the parties, 25 April is dead,
with corrupt news provision, 25 April is dead,
with the betrayal of the Constitution, 25 April is dead,
with the stitch up between PDL and PDminusL, 25 April is dead,
with the re-election of Napolitano and the de facto transition to a presidential Republic, 25 April is dead,
with the embrace exchanged by Bersani and Alfano, 25 April is dead
with the failure to elect Rodotà, 25 April is dead,
with the resurrection of Amato, Bottino Craxi’s treasurer, 25 April is dead,
with the people who are unemployed, with the factories that are closing down, with the cuts to the budgets for Education and Health, 25 April is dead,
with the boot-licking and false rituals that are being enacted today in the name of 25 April, Liberation Day, 25 April is dead,
with the great unpunished plundering of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, 25 April is dead,
with the colossal public debt brought about by wastefulness and the privileges of the politicians, 25 April is dead,
with the P2-ists infesting Parliament and the nation, 25 April is dead,
with interference by foreigners, 25 April is dead,
with the loss of our monetary, political and territorial sovereignty, 25 April is dead,
with the Republic in the hands of 77 year old Berlusconi, and 88 year old Napolitano, 25 April is dead,
with the trials against the "statesman" Berlusconi, never going ahead, 25 April is dead
with the people responsible for the State-mafia negotiations never coming to trial after twenty years, 25 April is dead,
with the million and a half young people emigrating in recent years because of a lack of work, 25 April is dead,
with the indifference of too many Italian people who will soon have a rude awakening, 25 April is dead.
Today we are not talking about it, we are not celebrating it, we are staying silent, with the respect due to the dead.
If the partisans were to come back among us they would start to cry.

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{25 April is dead}

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March 27, 2013

N.N.’s offspring


Image: Detail from Saturn Devouring His Son, by Francisco Goya

The new generations are without fathers, they are the offspring of N.N., from the Latin "Nomen nescio: I do not know the name.". On their identity cards, on their work documents, on their university records, in the field for "offspring of" there’s the code N.N., offspring of no one, offspring of guilt, offspring of unknown father, offspring of old whoremmongers that have blown away every possible scrap of inheritance leaving the heirs just with debts. However, there’s no one that is evidently responsible for the poverty, for the lack of a future, the lack of any hope, that is the lot of these young people. No one admits that they are responsible for the outcomes. It’s all the work of cynical and swindling destiny, of the Holy Spirit, of the new divinity called the market that suddenly appears like an angry idol that asks for human sacrifices. The catastrophe has supernatural origins, it’s not caused by amateurs, scoundrels, or delinquents that have determinedly and scientifically dismantled the Italian State in the last twenty years. Those fathers that refuse to accept any blame for the national disaster, that however are receiving annuities and double pensions, white-haired people who have never had to experience unemployment or worry about how to earn their daily bread, people who are still here, still explaining how and why it’s the new generations that are “picky”, big babies, the ones who are truly guilty. They are telling us the fairy story that by placing our trust in them, in their experience and ability and sense of the State, the country will be changed. This is what the Whoremonger Fathers are saying, the ones who are leaving behind the greatest act of plunder to the detriment of the young generations. These fathers that weep and screw are people like Bersani, D'Alema, Berlusconi, Cicchitto, Monti that happily take us for a ride every day with their appeals for governability. They have taken it in turns to govern for twenty years, they have taken care of their own interests, they have dismantled the world of manufacturing, they have squeezed the social State, they have destroyed innovation and research. For twenty years the PDL and the PDminusL have been taking us for a ride and they haven’t yet felt sufficient shame to spontaneously remove themselves from the scene after Penati, Tedesco, Dell'Utri, Cuffaro, Monte Paschi di Siena, after the “Lodo Alfano”, the Fiscal Shield and a hundred abominable laws. Twenty years without managing to produce a law against corruption and against the conflict of interests, twenty years to transform the electoral law into a caricature of anticostitutionality, without ever finding the time (ahhhh, the time...) to alter it. N.N.’s offspring will send you away, in one way or another, time is on their side. From you, they have received only promises and sneers. They have nothing to lose. They have no job, no house, they will never have a pension and they can’t even imagine having a family. They will give everything back to you with interest.

PS: Remember that it is once again possible for those with authorisation to indicate which are the comments of the trolls or the users that contravene the rules of the blog. Participate in large numbers!

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March 13, 2013

Poor Country


Poor Country where deputies and senators of the Republic as a group, humiliate themselves for their master and occupy a courthouse of the Republic with no one intervening. And they do this without any hint of shame. How will they be able to look themselves in the face?
Poor Country in which in the post-election period there’s only a discussion of alliances, of armchairs, of official positions, of carving up the cakes, and not about the economy, about work, about solutions to everyday problems.
Poor Country with (by far) the worst news provision in the western world, news providers that use power to throw mud at anyone who wants change, transparency and moral cleanliness.
Poor Country where a President of the Republic, instead of appearing on TV in the early evening to condemn an enormously subversive action like the sad procession of parliamentarians to the offices of the magistracy, receives Alfano (former minister of Justice ...) at the Quirinale Palace.
Poor Country where there has been no Opposition for twenty years, but just a mess up in the light of day, with the PDminusL incapable of making an announcement about the attack on the Milan magistracy. The very ones who wanted to remove the spots from the jaguars.
Poor Country where the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank has disappeared from the news, the greatest economic scandal in the history of the Republic shoved out to just a note at the foot of the page.
Poor Country in which no one accepts responsibility for the economic and moral collapse. The PDL doesn’t, the PDminusL doesn’t, the institutions don’t, the controlling authorities (that should be keeping a watchful eye on things) don’t. It seems that Italy is governed by phantoms. A country without guilty people.
Poor Country where truth is turned upside down in the newspapers and the TV stations controlled by the parties, “boffism” is the norm, and international bodies starting with the EU, feel no need to intervene.
Poor Country in which the electoral law is in the hands of the parties that use it, alter it and turn it upside down for their own convenience and not so as to give true representation to the citizens.
Poor Country in which for a decade, the government has made itself a substitute for the Parliament (made up of “appointees” by the party secretaries after an obscene cattle market) and creates laws by jumping from one legal decree to another.
Poor Country that says it’s democratic but where the popular laws, like that for a Clean parliament, are not even discussed and where the results of referendums are ignored.
Poor Country held hostage to the interests of a lot of people, of too many people, but not in the interests of the Italian people.
Now we are at a turning point. Italians have understood this.

{Poor Country where}

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March 12, 2013

Berlusconi’s uveitis and the Italians’ orchitis


Uveitis, is a condition that has a lot to do with the psycho dwarf’s plethora of trials. It’s the inflammation of the uvea, vascular structures of the eye, and it can affect the other structures (sclera, cornea and retina). Shut in a suite measuring 200 square metres in the San Raffaele hospital, Berlusconi is lovingly looked after day and night with a corporal in the Carabinieri at the door to stop him from escaping. Silvio looks out of the window to admire the enormous dome with the angel that was what Don Verzè wanted, even bigger than the one at St Peter’s. Perhaps he’s reflecting on the caducity of human beings, of the ephemeral outcome for each one of us, as happened for Don Verzè and for Mario Cal, of the cynical and swindling destiny awaiting Mediaset, his favourite creature. Who knows the thoughts of the newbie Argan as created by Molière.
Outside, the PDL parliamentarians have gone off to the Milan Courthouse to protest, and to hold a press conference against the "official medical check ups", and the "clockwork trials" and the "red togas". A long queue of deputies and senators went into the building and stopped outside the courtroom where the “Ruby” trial is being held, as a sign of challenge. Unfortunately there was no raid provoked by the event. The PDL parliamentarians are convinced that Ruby is Mubarak’s niece as on another occasion they have demonstrated with their vote in Parliament. This is why they are surrounding the magistracy. They are acting in good faith. They are clutching at an old gentleman who is losing bits and pieces as though he were a marble life jacket. Anyway, they have no alternative. They would fade away. They will keep him together right to the end like Lenin’s mummy, to exhibit him in talk shows with a hidden loudspeaker "No IMU, no IMU, no IMU".
Berlusconi is afraid of ending up like Bottino Craxi, but really he would be lucky to do so. Fleeing to the beaches of Tunisia full of people like Ruby without having the daily killjoys of his hangers-on. Without Ghedini, Alfano, Gelmini, without Biondi, Gasparri, Cicchitto, Brunetta and above all D’Alema. A paradise on earth. Let him get himself convicted as soon as possible without any mitigating circumstances and, before he’s arrested, go into hiding. He would improve his health. His uveitis would get better and the Italians would finally get cured of the orchitis that they have been suffering from, for the last twenty years.
PS: The magistrates of Milan have my full solidarity.

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March 4, 2013

Circumvention of voters


Magritte - The Hesitation Waltz

If it’s clear, even in every day language, what is meant by circumvention of a disabled person, from the Zingarelli dictionary of the Italian language: "inducing a minor or a person with infirmity or someone with psychological deficiency to take a legal action that is damaging to themself or to others in order to gain profit for oneself or for others", the meaning of the phrase "circumvention of voters“ is still not readily understood. It’s a very common pratice in the Italian Parliament, adopted by turncoats, opportunists, people who are corruptible and those who change to another party.
At the time of the voting, the voter believes in good faith the statements made by Tom, Dick, Harry, Scilipoti or De Gregorio. The voter chooses him because of the policies expressed by his party in the party manifesto. He entrusts him with a five-year term of office, a really long period of time, to represent him in Parliament and to carry out the points in the party’s programme. The voter pays his salary through his taxes so that he can keep his promises. The vote is acontract between the voter and the one voted for and it is more important than a commercial contract, in fact it relates to the management of the State. Whereas the person who doesn’t fulfill the conditions of a commercial contract can be denounced, anyone who doesn’t fulfill the conditions of an electoral contract risks nothing, and in fact, they often gain something. It’s considered to be completely legitimate to change ideas, opinions or parties. It’s possible to go from the right wing to the left wing, from the centre to the mixed group, to vote for a law that is contrary to what is in the party’s programme. Basically, after the election, the citizen can be hoodwinked in terms of the Constitution. Article 67 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic says: "Each Member of Parliament represents the Nation and carries out his duties without a binding mandate". This gives absolute freedom to the parliamentarians who are not fettered in relation to the party for which there were candidates, nor in relation to the electoral programme, nor in relation to the voters. Basically, the person elected can do, (to use a euphemism) “what the heck they like” without having to answer to anyone. Thus, for five years, the parliamentarian live in Eden, in a separate world without obligations, without ties, without having to respect their commitments, commitments that anyway they have freely signed up to so as to get elected. No one has pointed a pistol at their head to make them put their names down in the electoral lists. The circumvention of voters is so common that it has become taken for granted, legitimate, normal. It no longer is considered a scandal. The parliamentarian is allowed the preventive freedom to lie. He can lie to those who voted for him, to his employers, without any consequences, instead of being kicked out of the Lower House or the Senate.

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Circumvention of voters


Magritte - The Hesitation Waltz

If it’s clear, even in every day language, what is meant by circumvention of a disabled person, from the Zingarelli dictionary of the Italian language: "inducing a minor or a person with infirmity or someone with psychological deficiency to take a legal action that is damaging to themself or to others in order to gain profit for oneself or for others", the meaning of the phrase "circumvention of voters“ is still not readily understood. It’s a very common pratice in the Italian Parliament, adopted by turncoats, opportunists, people who are corruptible and those who change to another party.
At the time of the voting, the voter believes in good faith the statements made by Tom, Dick, Harry, Scilipoti or De Gregorio. The voter chooses him because of the policies expressed by his party in the party manifesto. He entrusts him with a five-year term of office, a really long period of time, to represent him in Parliament and to carry out the points in the party’s programme. The voter pays his salary through his taxes so that he can keep his promises. The vote is acontract between the voter and the one voted for and it is more important than a commercial contract, in fact it relates to the management of the State. Whereas the person who doesn’t fulfill the conditions of a commercial contract can be denounced, anyone who doesn’t fulfill the conditions of an electoral contract risks nothing, and in fact, they often gain something. It’s considered to be completely legitimate to change ideas, opinions or parties. It’s possible to go from the right wing to the left wing, from the centre to the mixed group, to vote for a law that is contrary to what is in the party’s programme. Basically, after the election, the citizen can be hoodwinked in terms of the Constitution. Article 67 of the Constitution of the Italian Republic says: "Each Member of Parliament represents the Nation and carries out his duties without a binding mandate". This gives absolute freedom to the parliamentarians who are not fettered in relation to the party for which there were candidates, nor in relation to the electoral programme, nor in relation to the voters. Basically, the person elected can do, (to use a euphemism) “what the heck they like” without having to answer to anyone. Thus, for five years, the parliamentarian live in Eden, in a separate world without obligations, without ties, without having to respect their commitments, commitments that anyway they have freely signed up to so as to get elected. No one has pointed a pistol at their head to make them put their names down in the electoral lists. The circumvention of voters is so common that it has become taken for granted, legitimate, normal. It no longer is considered a scandal. The parliamentarian is allowed the preventive freedom to lie. He can lie to those who voted for him, to his employers, without any consequences, instead of being kicked out of the Lower House or the Senate.

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February 20, 2013

Give yourselves up!


Give yourselves up! You are surrounded by the people of Italy. Come out with your hands up!. No one will touch you. Your time is up. Don’t meddle with luck that has been on your side until now. Now when people are talking about things out in the streets, they talk about you in the past, as though you were extinct persons. When you appear on TV, you trigger off insults that are equivalent to the vilification of cadavers. What is astounding is your mad insistence in not stepping aside as though you were entrusted with a divine mission. There’s something pathological in that. Something that needs the intervention of a psychiatrist, but there’s also something sad, like the performance of an old man without a voice, and unsteady on his legs, playing the part designed for a young actor or like the song Memory performed by the decrepit Grizabella in Cats "Touch me/ It's so easy to leave me/ All alone with the memory/ or my days in the sun". The posters showing your faces in the streets seem like death announcements flapping in the wind with a bit of a colour touch up. You move around in the empty squares, in the theatres full of people with walk-on roles, in the TV studios interviewed by your employees, you enunciate promises that you will never be able to stick to, and you don’t intend to either. Of those who are close to you, no one has the courage to tell you that it is all over, that it’s gone badly and that from whatever point of view you could look at things, whether it’s economic, social, political, or administrative, you are done for.
The Italian people, as though they are being led by an animal instinct, feel they are at a fork in the road and that to keep going with you is suicide. They have forgiven you everything, way beyond anything that is decent. But now they cannot forgive you for the collapse of the nation. You have to realise that you you have to go before you are kicked out by popular anger. This is a bit of friendly advice: "Give yourselves up!" This twenty year period has been like a Vietnam war for the Italian people, but you still have the possibility of climbing aboard the helicopter like the Americans on the rooves of Saigon in 1975. You are terrified, beset by anxiety attacks at the thought of losing power, at the thought of someone rifling through your drawers trying to understand, to discover stuff and to denounce you. However I advise you to take one, two, three, or even a hundred steps back. Even if you were to win these elections, you will only have put off the change. You will last a year, perhaps less. Is it worth it? Make a public admission of guilt and ask the Italian people to pardon you. Give yourselves up! Your very presence has become unbearable. The way you always brush off any responsibility, the way you puff up your feathers and start to issue threats like ruffians. The way you stalk the Italian people is way beyond anything that can be tolerated. Give yourselves up! You can’t say I haven’t warned you.


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January 8, 2013

Horrible Italian Bimbiminkia kids


The newly minted "returners", newly polished by the slobbery tongues of the journalists, are with us once more. As before, but more so. The media are used like a "ranz de vaches" melody on the hunting horn to summon the votes from the electoral park of beasts who are scattered all over the mountains, bewildered by the economic crisis. Nothing has changed. They use every sort of lie to get the last vote. The bimbiminkias are always the same, the ones present in the worst two decades of our life: Berlusconi, Bersani, Casini, Fini and the members of the tiny factions of the “Sinistra Arcobaleno” {Rainbow Left}. For this occasion, so as not to disappear, "how we change so as not to die" some folk have hired baby-sized fig leaves, that cover just enough of their shame that allows them to piss around with the voters. The bimbominkia is self-referential. His name appears in a massive font size on the party symbol, he’s a connoisseur of bad taste, bad aesthetics and bad use of vocabulary, and he’s devoted to making excessive use of "wow " when tweeting. The bimbominkia is schizophrenic, and has at least two or three online profiles. He does what he doesn’t say and he says what he doesn’t do. In the morning, the bimbominkia votes for the IMU local property tax, for income taxes, and for the sales tax, then in the evening he does away with them all. All the bimbiminkias move around on their own but they eat together. The bimbominkia is an ephemeral “attention whore” who waves his arms around in a way that is proportional to his pathetic nature, to show the world that he exists. He sacrifices himself for us. He goes up, and he goes down. He goes in and creates a draft with the doors open. His belief system is based on accessories of the flock, improbable ringtones, sayings and effects that never have any meaning, the TV stations, the newspapers with photos covering half a page, MSN signatures stuffed with symbols and circumflex accents, Facebook pages packed with photos taken from above, from below, generally on a stage or in an armchair, with a handbag, with a regimental tie and an imperishable Blue Steel pose with a cigar in his mouth. If the country’s server is under attack, he is both the hacker and the antivirus. The maximum aspiration for a bimbominkia is to be "gggiovane” {young}, to send an emoticon, to end up on a “talk show” for a video clip he made and shared on Youtube, but definitely without the possibility of adding comments. He knows nothing at all and he pokes his nose into everything, He demonstrates his bad mannered intrusiveness in CAPITAL LETTERS in the evening TV News programmes. (*)

(*) some of the definitions have been taken from the Internet and freely adapted

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December 20, 2012

Monti’s unsustainable financial weightiness


The finance law for 2013 is called the Stability law It was written by madmen out in the community. Anyone reading it is at risk of mental insanity. Among the many possible examples, the start of point 11 of the article called "Finanziamento di esigenze indifferibili {Financing urgent needs}": "In order to finance interventions to assist categories of workers covered in articles 24, points 14 and 15, and the legal decree dated 06 December 2011, n, 201, converted with modifications, in the law dated 22 December 2011, n.214, 6. point 2-ter, of the legal decree dated 29 December 2011, n. 216, converted with modifications, in the law dated 24 February 2012, n. 14 and 22 of the legal decree dated 6 July 2012, n. 95, converted with modifications, in the law dated 7 August 2012, n. 135... ". Yesterday evening, the law was approved by the Senate’s Budget Committee with the appropriate last minute modifications for friends, relatives, lobbies and the rest. The way the Text has been drafted in its typical Monti-obscurity, in its Kafka style, in the special “new-speak” that is typical of the buro-sauri, doesn’t manage to make the legislative soup produced by Rigor Montis completely understandable. Something filters down, from the bits and pieces of evidence and it’s possible to make out a few things. And the stuff that can be understood is astounding. Cuts to the Health System, article "Rationalization and reduction of spend in the health sector“, point 2, reduction of 600 million for 2013 and 1,000 million euro starting from 2014. Cuts that are needed in order to provide finance for the bankrupt publishing sector, with an increase of 40 million in relation to the previous year, and the useless TAV in Val di Susa, with two billion and 200 million in 15 years. Funding for universities has gone up by just 100 million instead of the 400 million expected and in order to get savings they are even going to turn off the street lights, return to the dark ages, article "Reduction of spend by Local Authorities", point 25, subsection a, "Turning off street lighting or automatically reducing its brightness by using special equipment during all or some hours of darkness" as a favour to organised crime. The article that must not be ignored Financing urgent spending", point 2, subsection f, the "The Bank for the Development of the Caribbean has a Special Development Fund with 4,753,000 euro ..." Fundamental for the economic development of the country is the immediate call for tenders to create gaming halls to swell public finances. Less health, less education, more cement, more gambling den managers, more paid hacks. This is the finance law of the Statesman that makes us the envy of all the banks. See you in Parliament! Outside or inside it’ll be a pleasure.
PS: The taxpaying citizens are those who pay for the finance law. They have the right to an understandable document, no longer than ten pages, with new spending and cuts and the reasoning for the decisions given in terms of the social and economic benefits of each measure. Too complicated for this technical government?

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December 13, 2012

Cancellieri and the halving of the number of signatures


Minister Cancellieri said "If there are early elections (elections on 17 February 2013, editor) there’s a regulation that says that only half the number of signatures are needed for presentation." That is true however, ONLY if Parliament is dissolved by 29 December 2012, that is 120 days before the natural date for it to be dissolved, namely the date set as 29 April 2013, in accordance with article 6 of the famous "Porcellum“ {the current electoral law} . If this condition is not met, the full number of signatures has to be collected.
Thus within about ten days, before parliament is dissolved (including Christmas and the feast of St Stephen) parliament will have to succeed in discussing and getting approval for the Stability decree, the development decree "resolve" the issues surrounding Ilva and put into effect the regulations relating to a balanced budget and express an opinion on the useless corruption decree. However, Ms Cancellieri is sure of what she’s saying: that only half the number of signatures will be needed. Thus she must have information from well informed sources that the legislature will come to an end by 29 December. And if it were to end after that (shall I organise a celebration ...)? Will she supply any signatures that are missing? To trust is good, but not trusting is better. In the next two weekends of "Firma day" {Signature Day} we have to succeed in getting all the signatures. I personally will be present in the Regions with greater risk so that I can help with the collection of signatures. One question: why are we having early elections in the snow in February for the first time in the history of the Republic? Perhaps it’s to keep the M5S out of Parliament? See you in Parliament, either outside or inside. It’ll be a pleasure.

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December 5, 2012

The Calendar of Lay Saints 2013


“A mountain of evidence of blood, of bombs, of slaughter, lasting decades, amounts to proof. Proof that Italy is out of control, that Italy is a Nation but not a State. The national borders exist only on paper, in reality they are as permeable as a sponge. The ones who directly instigated the crimes, those who suggested them, the ones who are jointly responsible for the deaths of Ustica, of Piazza Fontana, of Bologna’s station, have to be searched out, also, but above all in the interests of the State. Interests that are as evident as the light from a supernova. The bookshops are full of testimony, of documents, of irreproachable analyses that confirm this. The slaughters and the top class homicides during the period since the second world war are the new Fatima secrets that cannot be admitted to by the institutions.
Who killed Mattei? After decades there’s still no official response, no definitive verdict. Just as there’s no response in relation to the assassination of dozens of politicians and magistrates. We are unique in the world. A so-called democracy in which the State’s “covert activities” are taken for granted to such an extent that they are never discussed. Elsewhere, the murder of a politician or of an unarmed citizen is a murder and there are investigations, defendants, a trial, people convicted. In Italy, on the other hand, it’s an enigma wrapped up in a mystery, to paraphrase Churchill. Right from the start, we know that the truth will never be revealed, as happened for the bombs in piazza della Loggia in Brescia or on the Italicus express train.
Today, some politicians and some institutions find it fashionable to talk about giving up a part of our national sovereignty as though that were a panacea, a solution to the ills of Italy, forgetting that we already lost our sovereignty many years ago, when we lost the war. It’s that sovereignty that we should get back so as to shine a light on our recent history and to do justice to the Lay Saints." Beppe Grillo

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December 4, 2012

Bersani’s big team


Gargamel is happy. He’s become a leader. One person in a thousand makes it and he has got there. He has become the coach of a winning team, a team that will get a “triplete”, a team that will make the world tremble. All the newspapers have announced that he is the new Caesar together with the controllable parrots on the talk shows. Finally Bersani can forget about the tough years lived on the side lines where he often got his photo taken, and a sad past in a condominium with Berlusconi. In fact, in the last two decades the PDL and the PDminusL have swapped over, a perfect baton passing, 10 years for the centre left, 10 years for the centre right. Equality in the field and one mess up after another: the fiscal shield, conflict of interests, destruction of the economic fabric, public debt. Now however, Bersani no longer needs the PDL. He can win on his own and bring about the definitive collapse of the country with his big team.
Offensive formation: 3-4-3. Formation on the field. Penati in goal, he’s so good at warding off the accusations of corruption, aiding and abetting as well as illicit financing, not even matched by the legendary Yascin. Luisi as fullback on the right, tireless, he distributed public money to all the team during the recreation session. Ottaviano Del Turco, a stopper of another era, when legs were cut off. He’s strengthened by the accusation of criminal conspiracy. Crisafulli the static fullback sent for trial for collaboration in the abuse of office. With this defence you can afford to have a diamond-shaped attacking midfield with a quartet made up of La Ganga moulded by 20 months in prison, agreed in a plea bargain for illicit financing to the parties, Delbono with very well developed foot play, having done a plea bargain for aggravated fraud and embezzlement, Tedesco a coordinator with so much experience, under investigation for criminal conspiracy, corruption, aiding and abetting, collusive tendering and forgery and then there’s Bassolino "better than Pelè“ on trial for aggravated fraud, with a long kick, he passes one ball after another all in the right direction. The attacking trio are a dream. Zoia Veronesi, of the female quota, Bersani’s secretary and trainer on the field, the centre forward that breaks through, the one who is under investigation for fraud. She hid the ball from the defenders. On the wing, with the freedom to converge towards the centre towards the UDC, Pronzato, a former adviser to Bersani, arrested for corruption and Cimitile arrested for forgery.
On the bench, there’s Renzi as the second coach, a resource for the country. In the stand, there’s the patron Rigor Montis, together with the financier Riva and the representatives of the international ratings agencies, admiring the political formation that will confirm him as President of the Council. The referee blows the whistle when the PDminusL is present.

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December 2, 2012

The dust under the carpet


The dust under the carpet is the last remaining survival strategy for the System. The dust has by now formed little mountains and the carpet is warped with bumps, strange lines and wave forms. People have to walk carefully so as not to get tripped up. Every day, there’s new dust, often toxic dust, the depth of the valleys and the sudden descents increases, just where you should be able to put your foot down without risking anything. The carpet is stuffed full of unresolved problems, of tragedies that have been left to rot, of bankruptcies, of robberies, of organisations like Sulcis, Ilva, Fiat, and Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Whoever should be opening the windows to let in fresh air, making use of the dustpan and brush, of the mop and bucket, is responsible for the moral degradation or at least is colluding, is a friend, a mate, a partner or a lookout. At best that person has been standing and watching for decades, like Rigor Montis, Pomicino’s adviser, or like Passera who shared business opportunities with Riva, or like Bersani and the PDL, financed by Riva, or like MPS, the bank much loved by the PDminusL and technically bankrupt and undergoing investigation by the magistracy. Every so often, the powers of the State have a go at cleaning out the room, but without success. In fact, where the State disappears, so also do the powers of the State, and its legitimacy. The decisions of the judges, as happened in Taranto, are cancelled out by legislative decrees (Mussolini had more shame), people who like Mancino are under investigation, can without causing a scandal, have conversations with the President in the Quirinale Palace about what’s happening in their trial for mafia-State negotiations, the Constitution gets "interpreted" when it’s useful for Parliament (like for the “Lodo Alfano” that was shamefully approved before getting thrown out by the Constitutional Court), the referendum results (electoral financing, nuclear) are decided by the citizens and then cancelled, the popular initiative laws (Clean Up Parliament) are not even taken into consideration. It’s time for us to take note that not only is the Second Republic about to end, but even the Italian State itself is disappearing before our very eyes, under the carpet. We are nation, but no longer a State. The State has rules and a clear division of powers. A State is a community in which each person has rights and duties, everyone is equal before the law and no one is left behind. Italy is none of this. It has had no territorial sovereignty since the end of the second world war, it has lost its monetary sovereignty, it’s losing its economic sovereignty and it’s never had popular sovereignty. What’s left? The borders from the Alps in the north to Lampedusa in the south and a political class that each day puts off its day of reckoning like that of 8 September 1943 so as not to end up under the carpet. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

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November 28, 2012

Ilva, a black fairytale


Once upon a time, there was a President of the Council called Jumbolo, and he sold a big industrial company to a gentleman called Creso. The company produced steel and it was sold at a good price, at a bargain price. Jumbolo was famous for his generosity. Over a few years, Creso gave recognition to the parties, to those who voted for Jumbolo, with lavish gifts and even personal tributes, as happened for Gargamella. In this way, Creso became richer and richer. In fact, his great industrial firm worked wonderfully, with so much money coming in and without costs. The investments to make the Great Machine function were not necessary. Jumbolo had already made the investments using the money from his subjects. It’s true that other urgent investments for public health should have been done but no one checked up on the poison produced because of carelessness and to increase the profits of the company in the city and in the countryside. Not even the Great Chamberlain of the Environment, the Black Plague lifted a finger for more than twenty years. People got sick. Evil substances got deposited on the cars, on the streets, on the balconies, on the grass eaten by the animals, in the lungs of the people. The families of the Unwitting Slaves that worked for Creso started to die. The dads became constructors of death, the fruit of their work killed their children. The local feudatories and the Pretend Representatives of the Unwitting Slaves went round with reassurance, calming things down, smoothing things over and making astonishing promises. Work had to be put before everything else, even death. Creso increased his profits, the people continued to die. As often happens in Neverland, the judiciary had to intervene and they found Creso and his son guilty of having willingly and consciously caused pollution in order to increase profits, ignoring the most elementary safety rules. The Great Factory was closed down. However, Creso’s massive profits were not sequestered to recompense the families of those who had died and he, together with his favourite son, served his sentence in his magnificent villa surrounded by servants and receiving homage from the politicians. In the streets of the city there were clashes between the Unwitting Slaves that didn’t want to lose their jobs and those suffering from the Plague that didn’t want to lose their lives. Then the ministers, protected by their bodyguards, came from Rome to offer their solidarity, then they went away. The Slaves, now a bit more Aware, occupied the Great Factory, so that they wouldn’t die of hunger. Though they didn’t get a response, they asked that Mida’s profits should be used to clean up the Great Factory and to clean up the sea. Sensing the risk of a popular uprising that would have made Spartacus’s uprising look like a walk in the park, the new President of the Council requested an audience with the Old Man of the Mountain. And they found the solution. A decree was issued and the factory was reopened. The judges couldn’t eliminate jobs just as they pleased. The Slaves went back to work in the Great Factory and went on polluting even though there was a tornado of biblical dimensions. Their children continued to die. Creso hung on to his immense wealth and was freed from his Palace and in the end people started to talk about other things.

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November 26, 2012

The primaries of fools


This Sunday in November in 2013, the PDminusL’s secondaries, tertiaries and,nullaries will fall on a date to be remembered as the umpteenth day of the dead during the Second Republic. These events are a presentation without content, a self-celebration of people who make their appearance, a grotesque journey into madness, as in the medieval satirical book "The Ship of Fools" by Sebastian Brant that was the inspiration for Michel Foucault "Why do we suddenly see the outline of the ship of fools rising up and its stupid crew invading the more familiar countryside scenes? Why is it that out of the old alliance between water and madness, why is it that one day and exactly on that day this boat was created? Madness and the fool become important characters in their ambiguity: menace and derision, the heady unreasonableness of the world, and the mean ridicule of men". The primaries of the fools are a social bromide , a sedative, they serve the purpose of giving people the illusion of making decisions, to be paid for (participation costs two euro), the premier that will save Italy from the abyss. Anyone who becomes premier for one night will have the value of an old coin with a hole in it. In Italy the position of premier does not exist and thus consequently neither does the position of candidate premier. Today’s tomfoolery, promoted by the media circus, is without exception evenly distributed, but it will not elect any candidate premier. The President of the Republic can appoint anyone he wants. Whoever that is, then gets a programme and a list of Ministers and presents that to the Lower House to ask for their approval. If he gets their approval then he becomes the President of the Council. But, just as though it were a Big Democratic Madness, the position is already occupied by Rigor Montis, implicitly reappointed by Napolitano and called on by the parties so that they can continue their absurd theatrical representation. Even the programme for the forthcoming legislature has already been decided. Point by point. Cut by cut. Tax by tax. It won’t be called the “government programme” but the "Monti Plan", something that is not to be discussed and that has already been sold to the ECB and to the Arabs. It’s a democracy that lives on special effects, with rigged cards where the bank always wins and the citizens unfailingly lose. “A ship packed full of madmen and piloted by madmen, is on a fantastic journey towards a paradise of fools, Narragonia, right up to the visit to the “Land of Cockayne.” and the tragic epilogue with the final drowning".

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November 21, 2012

The politician-o-meter


Before I start: I am against tax dodging and I believe that tax dodgers should be prosecuted, especially the big tax dodgers, like those, for example, that are protected by the Fiscal Shield designed by the PDL/PDminusL with the token offering of 5%. The Treasury should make their names known to the public.

The announcement made today by the Tax Collection Agency claims that 4.3 million families are potential tax dodgers. This is what Befera‘s people are saying, based on an algorithm called "the redditometro“ {income-o-meter}, that weighs up income and spending. Basically, if you spend more than you earn, you might have to show where you got the money from. As even the dogs know, many families in Italy survive on loans from their relatives or they draw on their savings. Are they also potential tax dodgers? What is disturbing is not the actual fight against tax dodging but the media frenzy that wants to give the idea that Italians are a tax-dodging people, as though the cause of the economic disaster, that has no end in sight, is not to be put down to the public debt, to corruption, to the incompetence and greed of those administering the public purse. Following on from the battle of the cash register receipts in the countryside holiday venues and on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence without at the same time giving any incentives to small scale commercial enterprises, ignoring the fact that shops are closing down in their tens of thousands, now they have brought in the presumption of crime based on a computer program. Befera has said that it will come into force in January 2013 and that "We will bring it in with the maximum level of precaution and only for outstanding differences between expenditure and declared income." That is? Who decides? On what basis? According to which rules? What’s the meaning of "maximum level of precaution"? What’s the meaning of "outstanding differences?". The result will be that no one, even unemployed people will spend or declare anything so as not to land up as defendants in the dock.
I want to include the introduction of the "politometro“ {politician-o-meter} together with that of the income-o-meter. A tool to measure the difference between the wealth owned by the politicians and the public officials at the time of their appointment in the last twenty years. It’s not difficult to create an app that calculates the difference between current wealth (P2), initial wealth (P1) with the addition of the income officially received (C). Thus the result, that we’ll call Z, will be calculated thus: Z = P2 - (P1 + C). If Z is above 0, excluding extraordinary income like inheritance or winning the lottery, the difference will have to be given back to the State coffers with the addition of a 60% penalty. The politometro {politician-o-meter} could come into force starting with the next legislature. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.”

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November 5, 2012

Renzi: who’s seen him?


I consider it to be immoral that a mayor should stop carrying out his duties and then perform other roles that he reckons are more important. It’s an act of high treason in relation to the voters who are used as a springboard. It’s a matter of being a political climber. The law should not let it happen, or if there’s no law, at least personal ethics should put a stop to it. A former mayor’s ghost is wandering around Florence that is strangled by debts: it’s Matteo Renzi.
Since Renzi started his election campaign for the primaries he hasn’t put in an appearance in the council meetings. Before that in the vast majority of cases, the “ebetino” {little idiot} of Florence stayed in the council meeting for a maximum of 30 - 45 minutes to have his own little conference and then go, without even listening to the local councillors.
Here are the figures for the Great Absentee from the time of his mayoral installation in Palazzo Vecchio right up to 10 October 2012:
2009: out of 17 sessions, absent for 5 of them
2010: out of 48 sessions, absent for 26 of them, present for 22
2011: out of 44 sessions, absent for 21 of them, present for 23
2012: out of 39 sessions, absent for 25 of them
Since the primaries began on 13 September 2012, he has never been to a council meeting.
Perhaps the reason why Renzi is not around is to be found in the debts owing to the suppliers who have carried out work for the city, and the debts amount to 98 million euro. In fact the suppliers would like to meet him personally.
About 11 million are for current spending that should have been paid within 90 days, with only limited delays. Then there’s 30 million for capital spending on public works with delays that go back to June 2011. Instruction to pay these debts have been issued but the instructions have not been obeyed. For the other 56 million, the city authorities have validated the invoices without paying them because there’s no money and it would exceed (?) the limits of the Stability Pact. In times like these, an excessively long wait is fatal for any company, but not for Renzi. 40 million euro have been spent on redoing the roads and squares and making them look good and he’s so proud of all this when he’s talking in the TV studios (thanks to the deep pockets of the citizens ...) Meanwhile in his office in Palazzo Vecchio, all sorts of injunctions are arriving while Renzi is behaving like a premier and is preparing the Great Escape into parliament.

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October 30, 2012

After the vote in Sicily

source: Region of Sicily election service

In Sicily the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} is the first with 14.7% of the vote, against 13.5% for the PDminusL and 12.9% for the PDL. A few thoughts on the voting. Montezemolo explained "If Beppe Grillo’s Movimento 5 Stelle {5 Star Movement} is the first party on the island, then it’s obvious that something is not right.'' Then, for “Libero e Bello”, if it had turned out that first place had gone to the UDC (remember Cuffaro?) or to the PDL (following the thinking of Dell’Utri) everything would have been better. His pard, Minister Riccardi affirmed that "Grillo nibbles votes from the other parties." Nibbles? Azzurro Caltagirone who held his public meetings in taxis in Sicily, gave his blessing to Crocetta who, mindful of what happened to Cuffaro and Lombardo, made a gesture to ward off evil: “ I want to wish Crocetta good luck. I’m certain that he will make a great president just as he has been a top class mayor of Gela.” The people of Gela say “thanks”. They had elected him to be the mayor but he resigned from that position for the regional elections.
Ferrara was confident there’d be a bigger victory for the M5S. Something neater, absolute. He’s one of our fans. He believed more than us: "Grillo flopped because if you run to win and you don’t win, well then you’ve lost." For him, the M5S has been made to look ridiculous. May it have a thousand of these looks! After the triumph in Sicily, Bersani can’t contain himself, "We’ve won! It’s madness. (It is mad... copyright Beppe Grillo"). In Sicily from after the war right up to today, we’ve never really been competitive. Whereas now it has shown that it is even possible to be a winner.” You have to understand him. He was expecting certain results, not a magnificent 13.5%. If Boss(ol)i said that he would even form an alliance with the devil for federalism, Bersani, not to sound boastful, formed an alliance with the UDC to win in Sicily. Bersani, who only reads La Repubblica, genuinely believes that I’ve never been to Sicily, that I have not met up with tens of thousands of Sicilians, that I have not moved around without bodyguards to mix with people. He believes that I stayed in a tabernacle. " Instead of staying in a tabernacle where no one sees him, or going for a swim, Grillo ... The mechanisms of democracy are Important not just for us, but also for the others: have you ever seen that they then govern ... this is so as not to come out of the furrow of modern democracies.'.
It’s Bersani that is creating the furrow, but it’s Casini that defends it.

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October 17, 2012

Renzi and penis envy


Renzi is suffering from penis envy. He is seriously feeling the lack of a PDminusL electoral programme of equal value to that of the 5 Star MoVement. This is why he’s feeling intimately inferior. This situation is making him crazy. He would like to be like the 5 Star MoVement, but he has to be content with being PDminusL. A trauma! His penis envy is the main reason for a certain number of reactions, typical of a feeling of unease that can no longer be compressed, that induces him without his knowledge to campaign in favour of the M5S. According to Matteo Renzi, the M5S "Would go down to 2% if the things it talks about were to be said by the PD... when it says that they want no more convicts in Parliament they are saying good things: if it were the PD saying this, the M5S would go down to 2% and we would win the elections without problems." If my granny had wheels, she’d be a tram, and if the PDminusL were to adopt M5S’s programme, Renzi would not be eligible as a candidate. For two reasons. The first is that he should deal with the administration of the city of Florence as he was elected to do and as he is paid to do by his fellow citizens, and he shouldn’t go round Italy with a presidential camper a bit like Air Force One. The second is that M5S sets out that there should be a maximum of two terms of office (politics is not a profession) and thus Renzi would have come to the end of the line after being president of the Province of Florence and his current position as mayor.
What about the reimbursement of election expenses amounting to hundreds of millions that have been pocketed over the years in spite of the referendum that came out against this? And what about the money after the 2013 elections? Does Renzi think he’s going to keep this money or leave it there? The M5S does not want any reimbursement of election expenses. It has already demonstrated this by its actions and the probable 100 million euro that would be its due after the national elections, will be left to the State. Does Renzi want to do likewise with the money that PDminusL will pocket? Who will pay for the election campaign, the party festivals and the conventions? Renzi doesn’t know he’s a little halfwit, your school mate who copies your homework but can’t work out how to explain things to the teacher, a slipstream drafter in the political cycle race, a mayor wandering about, one who hopes to be a little D’Alema, an empty with a hole around it. However he’s yyyyoung and so polite. If he behaves well I’ll think about signing him up for the M5S as a campaigner. He’ll feel better and he’ll feel at home with a real political programme that will bring down the PDminusL to 2%. If you have to choose between a rough copy and the original, the original is always better. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

Sicily Special: Direct from Scordìa, now! Today, 17 October, at 6:00pm I’m in Piazza Armerina (diretta streaming)and at 9:00pm I’m in Mazzarino (diretta streaming).
Tomorrow, Thursday 18 October, at 6:00pm I’ll be in Mussomeli and at 9:00pm, I’ll be in Agrigento
Follow the tour as it happens on Facebook and Twitter!
The train journey

Sicily’s drinking water

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October 12, 2012

Repent Formigoni!

The Celestial Forminchioni has dissolved the regional cabinet after the arrest of one of the cabinet members. It’s as though a pick-pocket had been discovered in a supermarket and they arrest all the customers for collaboration. Forminchioni’s logic is incomprehensible for an ordinary person. Anyone in his position would have taken refuge abroad after the Daccò affair and with half the cabinet under investigation. He’s clinging on like a limpet. He wants to go on for longer than Andreotti, longer than Berlusconi, and longer than Mussolini. For twenty years he’s been governing Lombardy with Communion and Liberation. The law sets down a maximum of two consecutive mandates as the governor of the region, and he has served four, three of which have been consecutive. Forminchioni couldn’t care less and he keeps going on with the smile of one who is taking you for a ride and his chin is sticking out.
The guy must have supernatural powers. The Lega wanted to abandon him. He convinced them to take it back. (the Lega is used to having a shitty image ...) threatening to bring down the cabinets of the regions of Veneto and Piedmont. There are two possibilities. Either those cabinets have been infiltrated by the 'ndrangheta, and he knows about it, or Forminchioni has taken control of the PDL instead of the mannequin Alfano and of the boiled meat cart, Berlusconi. He’s a person still unpunished and he’ll tell you that directly without feeling shame. In the last few days, a student demonstration tried to reach the new (and useless) building housing the region to ask him to resign. They were Christian-ly, pastorally, beaten up by the security forces. They were given the CL {Communion and Liberation} blessing. "Ego te manganello in nomen Forminchionis." {I’ll beat you up in the name of Forminchione}
This guy is a true Mystery of Faith. A natural prodigy. No one understands how he can stay in his post without getting booted out, and state that now he wants to build up "a team that is up to the challenge at this tricky moment for Italy" Forminchioni, take the lift from your office to the lowest floor of Palazzo Lombardia, the magnificent skyscraper, "a prestigious building designed by great architects", paid for with the taxes of the people of Lombardy. Leave by a side door without being noticed. Take refuge in a convent. Repent oh CL-man, because you have seriously sinned. Just to get you out of our hair, we will give you absolution.

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October 11, 2012

The liberalisation of the vote


Domenico Zambetti of the PDL, nicknamed “La Forza della Competenza” {the strength of competency}, bought his position as cabinet member in the Region of Lombardy, from the mafia organisation called the ‘ndrangheta. 4,000 votes for the paltry figure of of 50 euro per vote (it’s not much - but then there’s the crisis …). For a total of 200,000 euro. A bargain! With your salary as a regional councillor, some fringe benefits and a golden handshake, you get back your investment pretty quick. Then of course, you are guaranteed respect from the criminal opposition “These shitty politicians - each is worse than the next one” and then there’s his fraternity “Now there’s Expo 2015 and he can help us”. Respect and fraternity “are well worth a Mass”.
The arrest of a guy supporting Forminchioni, (whose convincing slogan is “To serve the people”, famous throughout Milan for having plastered his smiling face over the frontage of whole buildings, is not in itself a bad bit of news. It’s an opening towards the future of politics, the liberalisation of the vote. If the vote is exchange merchandise (and it is from Calabria in the south to Brianza in the north), each citizen should be able to sell his vote to the one with the best offer. 50 euro is next to nothing, anyone can understand that, the elections are rare events, they happen only every 4 or 5 years. The ridiculous value for a vote is mainly due to the organised crime syndicate, and it’s an order of magnitude smaller than its real value which is at least 500 euro. That should be set as the legal minimum. A family, especially a large one, could survive for a month on an exchange vote. An entire condominium could get organised as a cooperative selling their vote and offering a package deal to those going in for corruption and criminality on the open market. The exchange vote is also GDP. In fact it is used to achieve the election of groups (whether or not they are fully aware of this) that are keen to promote construction everywhere and for any reason, whether for Expo 2015 or the TAV in Val di Susa or the project at La Gronda. It’s the oil that promotes growth. It would be possible to get a quote for the votes on the Stock Exchange to bring on competition between international mafias and unscrupulous construction firms all aiming for the development of the country ranging from the Yakuza of Japan to the South American Narcos . Foreign investment capital that we desperately need. If we bring in a 10% tax on the exchange vote, that would bring in money to improve the state of the State’s coffers. Multiply a few dozen million voters by 50 euro per vote. The vote is an economic resource. Let’s liberalise the vote, and we’ll have Italy back on its feet.

Sicily Special: On 11 October I’m on the isle of Lipari at 3:00 pm then at 6:30 pm I’m at Brolo and then at 9:00 pm I’m at Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Piazza San Sebastiano.
Watch the video of Beppe Grillo speaking from the “Ponte di Lipari”

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October 5, 2012

The propaganda of the bombardons


The updated version of the fascist Ministry of Popular Culture‘s propaganda of the bombardons, is all that’s left of politics. In the near future, in 2013, straight after the elections, we’ll have a new world, the provinces will have been abolished, we’ll be en route to decrease taxes, the GDP will grow, broadband will spread out from the Apennines to Sardinia, there’ll be round table discussion in which obviously the government will take part, great big digital diaries will be updated, politicians with criminal convictions won’t be allowed to get elected, and the annuities of the parliamentarians will disappear. The free-spending mayors will be removed, the number of regional councillors will be reduced, the expenditure of the public bodies will be checked in minute detail by the Court of Accounts, the collection of taxes will no longer bear the burden of usurious interest rates, the young people abroad will be able to come back to their home country thanks to hundreds of million earmarked for Development, the spread will go below 200 points, the public debt will no longer be growing, there’ll be tax allowances on minimum pensions, scandals will be punished, little festive parties will be outlawed, little pots of money will be found for the most urgent measures, respect for Italy will grow, Italian universities will be ranked among the best in the world, text books will be digitalised and every school class will be connected on the internet with an Ipad for each pupil, it won’t be possible to have more than one allowance, public financing to the parties will be cut down to size, corruption will be outlawed, false accounting will be discussed by the Government, the conflict of interests will be eliminated, each person will have a single electronic document for all dealings with the public administration, thousands of new start-up companies will be financed by the State, the electronic tags for offenders will cost a lot less and will function perfectly, strategic infrastructure costing more than 50 million (TAV in Val di Susa and Gronda for example) will have up to 50% Iren and Irap tax credits for three years.
Monti is the guarantor of all these wonderful things. A seventy year old that says that, gosh, "Scandals are part of an old Italy“, an extraterrestrial that says, after decades of thieving, that "The general public is dismayed and indignant" and is frowning when he wonders "What could a foreigner think when he sees certain pictures on the TV?". I don’t know what foreigners think of it, but I know what Italians want: to get shot of this political class, of the bankrupts and their faces as soon as possible. This is agony with a background of propaganda and quite frankly, it’s unbearable. See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

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October 3, 2012

In this world of thieves

In this world of thieves the politicians that have been arrested, or that have been sent for trial, or that have been found guilty, are occupying whole news bulletins. There’s enough material for a Royal Library of Alexandria based on crime. Not even Hercules would manage to clean out the dung from the modern version of the Augean stables that Italy has become. In other countries, people would have come out into the streets or would have laid siege to Parliament for stuff less important than this. In Italy that’s not happening. For years we’ve been asking why this mystery is like that, about this apparent indolence, without finding a convincing response. Among the causes there’s the Stockholm syndrome causing a whole population to have affection for their persecutors, the lie transformed into the regime’s truth with the invasion of the newspapers and TV channels, in accordance with the plan of the P2, the disappearance from Parliament of any Opposition, with two twins, PDL and PDminusL, that have alternated time in power during the Two Decades of Mess ups with the same programme, arguing for the delight of the TV cameras on the talk shows, and that now have thrown away their mask to govern alongside Rigor Montis. There’s the indifference in relation to a State that is felt to be hostile and extraneous from the citizens, for a thousand reasons.
The definitive response to the Second Republic of Thieves, that is unpunished and tolerated by the general public, is however more simple. It’s a question of bread and jam. How many Italians make a living out of politics? The endless interconnecting circles that start off with the parties, and continue into the municipal corporations, going on to the State concessionaires and then in wider circles to the red cooperatives and the white cooperatives that get commissioned to do big and little useless jobs thus increasing the debts of the State, the regions, the provinces, and the towns, going on to the gold and silver pensioners to the total-tax-dodgers, to those protected by the fiscal shield right up to the latest precarious worker taken on in exchange for a vote? There are many who benefit and they vote. The System survives because an endless number of Italians get an advantage form it. Many millions, at a rough count perhaps eight million but that has to be multiplied by at least three, the minimum size of a family unit. Twenty four million Italians, about half the population that doesn’t see, doesn’t hear and doesn’t speak but does vote for the parties. A mechanism that, for as long as it can keep going, is fuelled by an unsustainable public debt and by the highest taxation in Europe. A perfect tempest is about to arrive. "In this world of thieves, there’s still a group of friends, that never give up". See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

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September 13, 2012

IREN and Fassino, in debt in Turin


Edited version of a single frame from the film "“Totò e Peppino divisi a Berlino”" {Totò, Peppino and the Berlin Wall}

The city of Turin is in debt, heavily in debt. Of all the towns and cities in Italy, it’s the one that is the most in debt. In 2012 the people of Turin will pay an extra 137 million in taxes because of the increase in income tax and the local IMU tax. Among its own creditors, Turin even has itself. Together with the municipality of Genoa it owns 35.9% of the financial holding company holding called FSU (Finanziaria Sviluppo Utilities), that is the main shareholder of IREN, the multi-utility company that is in debt by about three billion euro. IREN is owed 260 million euro by the municipality and 100 million of this has to be paid off by the end of the year. In this whirlpool of debt, FSU ended up being in debt at the end of 2011 because there was no dividend form IREN and it renegotiated debts to a value of 180 million with Intesa Sanpaolo. The anguish doesn’t end there, in fact it has only just begun because Intesa San Paolo in turn owns 3% of IREN and the loan made available to FSU is greater than the value of the IREN shares held by FSU. In order to pay IREN, the municipality of Turin will sell off the shares it has in the Turin transport company, GTT, the refuse disposal company, AMIAT and TRM which manages the incinerator located at Gerbido. However, it doesn’t look as though there’s much interest from any potential buyers. Possible solution? The purchase of shares in the municipality of Turin by IREN that has expressed interest. Basically, the creditor, IREN, that is in debt by about three billion, buys from its debtor (the municipality of Turin), that is also its owner, the goods put up for sale to pay off the debt that it is owed. The one who pays for all this is the resident of Turin who is taxed and courteous. With trust towards the catastrophe.

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September 12, 2012

Taxing toilet paper


Befera is preparing the new system of estimating a family’s income to be ready in October. Non-essential spending on things like the care worker, mobile phone, the children’s nursery, the university for your offspring, the gym subscription, the vet’s fees, and donations to charities, will from now on, be checked by the tax authorities.
I would like to offer a contribution for the extension of controls on Italian families. In fact these things are not yet covered, but should be included: the jumbo-sized rolls of toilet paper, aftershave, hairdresser’s appointments, the loyalty card for 10 cappuccinos at the bar (10 cuppas 9 euro), the train and tram season ticket for commuters, the cinema ticket (especially for 3D and Imax), theatre tickets, cotton wool (pack of 100), the supermarket spending if more than 100 euro a week, newspaper subscriptions, broadband, shoes (especially gym shoes), aspirin in tubes of 10, shampoo unless for children, the frequent use of the flush on the toilet (not more than 5 times a day and not for a wee), receipts from restaurants and pizza shops, wedding expenses, (on this topic we have already made progress), funerals, christenings, confirmations and divorces (to get divorced you already have to have a middle to high income), donations in the plate at church every Sunday, insurance policies for the house and for health, bicycles, push-scooters and personal mobility vehicles, condoms for use more than 4 times a month (just on Saturdays...) tortoise-shell spectacle frames, consuming more than 40 euro a month on electricity and spending more than 800 euro a year on heating, relatives living abroad with an income (for estimating tax in case they secretly make donations to unemployed people), Christmas presents, birthday presents (especially for 18th birthdays), ties, designer shirts with embroidered initials, cashmere sweaters, cigars, "American“ cigarettes, season ticket for the team you are passionate about (obligatory in tax declarations if the team wins the championship), cameras, school bags, pens, multicoloured "Carioca“, pencil cased picturing Batman or Ben 10,


PS: When will we get the list of the maxi tax dodgers that dodge everything that have been “forgiven” 100 billion by paying just 5% with the Fiscal Shield? Who knows whether they have a car, a carer and whether they take their children to a private nursery .... When is there to be the abolition of hundreds of millions of euro of ILLEGAL (as it was overturned in a referendum) public financing to the parties, when is there to be the abolition of the provinces, when are there to be tax advantages for the small and medium sized companies that are fleeing from Italy in their thousands in order to survive. When is there to be the reduction of the “golden pensions” of three thousand euro a month? When is there to be the closure of Equitalia? Monti, tell me quando, quando, quando ... {when, when, when}.

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September 6, 2012

Brief history of a generation


“We were youngsters and they told us:"You have to study or you will get nowhere in life." We studied. After we had studied, they said to us: “But don’t you know that a degree is no use? You’d have done better to learn a trade!“ We learned a trade. After we learned a trade, they said: "But what a shame, you’ve done all that studying to end up as a tradesman?“ They convinced us and we gave up. When we gave up, we were left without even a cent. We started to hope again. We were desperate. First we were too young and without experience. After a very short time, we were too old, with too much experience and too many qualifications. Finally we found a job, a contract, holidays-not-paid, no-sick-pay, no-thirteenth-month, no-lump-sum-when-you-finish, no-unions, zero-rights. We battled to defend that non-job. We didn’t have children - out of a sense of responsibility - and we carried on growing. So they told us, from on high, in their jobs that they got easily in the 1960s, with some sort of diploma or school leaving certificate, when it was truly easy to win: “You are big babies that don’t want to grow up and have a family“. And meanwhile we were paying for their pensions, while we were saying “good-bye-for-ever” to our own pensions. We started having kids and they said: "What’s this? You’ve got no security and no proper contract for your job and you’re having kids? You are just irresponsible.“ At that point we couldn’t just kill them. So we emigrated. We went away, searching for a safe corner in the world. We found it. We felt good. We finally felt at home. But one day. when we were least expecting it, System Italy went bust and everyone found themselves on their uppers. And then they said: “But why did you do nothing to prevent this happening?“ At that point we could do nothing but reply: “Fxxk off!(Brief history of a generation)
brought to our attention by Paolo G.

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August 29, 2012

PDminusL on coal


“Recently, it’s been discovered that the coal fired power station ‘controlled' by the person holding card number one of the Democratic Party, De Benedetti has, for 6 years kept hidden from the local population, the disturbing figures on environmental pollution in Savona, these are really high values that have never before been encountered in Italy! Who is the fassissta?
The PD has not expressed even one word of indignation about the way that Tirreno Power has suppressed this information about serious pollution in the region and not told the local people. Who is the fassissta?
The PD wants new and more powerful coal-fired generating stations that will last another 50 years, even though the 18 municipalities and the local population are against this idea. Who is the fassissta?
In Savona, there have been 2,664 premature deaths in more than 16 years; by comparison, in the whole of Italy (each year for every 100,000 inhabitants) 7 women die from lung cancer, whereas in Noli, 36 women die. More than 5 times more. And the PD has never wanted to give a probable explanation for this. Who is the fassissta?
dati-nascosti-th.jpg For years they wanted to try and convince us, with press releases and sponsorships, that everything was fine, that it was even possible to increase the size of the coal-fired power station, but they were hiding from us, the devastating figures about the pollution of the region, with values that in many cases are higher than the maximum values ever encountered in Italy.
Meanwhile, even the environmental investigations being carried out by the technical experts of the Savona Prosecutors Office, seem to be discovering evidence of ‘significant suffering’ and alarming figures concerning pollution, in the ambit of a line of enquiry concerning multiple manslaughter (for now, the perpetrator is considered to be ‘unknown’).
mappa-valori-th.jpgIn spite of that, the PD and the PDL still want to expand the power station with new and more powerful coal-fired plant that will cause pollution for a further 50 years and this is regardless of the wishes of the vast majority of the citizens, the associations, the parties, and in spite of the contrary decisions made by the 18 relevant municipalities, regardless of the opinions expressed by doctors and experts, of the legal challenges, of the parliamentary questions, of the petitions, regardless of the investigation being carried out by the magistracy for the really serious crimes of culpable wounding and multiple manslaughter, regardless of the concern shown by TV channels and national newspapers, of the main Italian intellectuals, regardless of the really high death rates in the province of Savona (with thousands of extra premature deaths above the regional average). They are doing this, even though they know very well about the lack of sufficient measurement of the harmful PM2.5 and PM1 particulates, that should be carried out by ARPAL (whose regional directors are, as it happens, being investigated by the Genoa Prosecutors Office for other matters in which they are accused of falsification and disturbing an auction). They know that there is a lack of public monitoring of the emissions of the power station’s chimney (the checking is carried out by Tirreno Power itself: the one being monitored is also doing the monitoring!), that there is a lack of public monitoring of the waste water (the checking is carried out by Tirreno Power), that many regulations are not being observed, that for years there has not been authorisation granted under the IPCC directive, even though this is needed by law, checking on pollution values relating to the air, water and terrain to see if they are outside acceptable ranges (sea pollution in the area adjacent to the water outflows from the power station can even reach values that are 100 times greater than acceptable values set down in the law!), the absence of an epidemiologic investigation, the absence of a Health Impact Assessment, the absence of a Cancer Register, in general, the non-alignment of Tirreno Power to the values laid down in Italian and European regulations.
For more than 20 years, we have been waiting for the closure and the complete conversion to using methane as a fuel for this ‘power station in the city’, as has been requested with due authority by the Superior Health Institute and the professional body for doctors." MoVimento Cinque Stelle - Savona

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August 26, 2012



"Fassissti! Fassissti of the web" exclaimed Gargamel Bersani. "Come here and call me a zombie if you have the courage." Let me get this straight. If Bersani gets compared to a political zombie (an hypothesis backed up by his past and recent history), it’s a serious insult. But if however Bersani considers the 5 Star MoVement to be on an equal footing with the new National Fascist Party it’s normal dialectics.
I would never dream of calling Bersani a fascist. I do however say that he has acted in agreement with former fascists and P2-ists for a twenty year period, even sharing out with them the very bones of the nation. Years in which there’s no trace of laws about conflict of interests or against corruption. Violante and D’Alema have been the cutting edge of the PDL. Bicameral commission on the constitution, guaranteeing TV channels to Berlusconi, allowing TV frequencies concessions to be paid at only 1% of revenues. And the law on the Fiscal Shield, that got passed, thanks to the absence of the PDminusL-folk? And the dozens of times when the Berlusconi government could have been defeated, but the PDminusL-folk were elsewhere?
In 2007 there was the presentation of proposals for three popular initiative laws to clean up Parliament and get rid of those over-attached to the armchairs (maximum of two terms of office) and those with previous convictions and for the direct election of candidates. These have never been discussed. Who is the “fassissta”, dear Bersani? Who ignored 350,000 signatures? When I put myself forward "in person" for the position of secretary of the PDminusL I was turned away. Who was the fassissta, dear Bersani? The 5 Star MoVement has refused to have any reimbursement of expenses. The PDminusL has not even rejected the the latest instalment of last June because it had already been spent. Who acted as the fassissta with the public financing that was abolished in a referendum, dear Bersani? Who wanted "clean" nuclear in spite of a referendum against nuclear? I’ve toured Italy in a camper, at my expense, to do an election campaign. Without bodyguards. Ms Finocchiaro goes shopping with bodyguards and then what’s up with Fassino on 1 May? Who is the “fassissta”, dear Bersani? You have received 98,000 euro from Riva, the owner of ILVA, for doing what? Who is the fassissta, dear Bersani? But, rest assured, you are not a fascist. You’re just a failed man. You and all the politicians who are incompetent and at times thieves who have have made mincemeat out of Italy and now are keen to teach us about democracy. To keep your heads above water, you will do anything. In Reggio Emilia there are celebrations for Pio La Torre while there are negotiations going on with Cuffaro’s UDC party. Amen.

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August 22, 2012

Passera, the Kinder egg with no surprise inside


Passera, the banker, the Kinder egg of the third republic, is putting himself forward as a candidate to succeed Rigor Montis. He’s the right man! Do you remember the privatisation of Alitalia with Berlusconi (P2 card number 1816) and the end of Olivetti? Where was De Benedetti’s right hand man (the Swiss guy with PDminusL card number one)? Beppe Grillo

Letter from Maria Rita D'Orsogna, writing from California
“Dear signor Passera,
I was about to go to bed when I read about your mad ravings talking about dedicating Italy to oil. We should really be laughing at your sick way of thinking, your 1960s-style projects to sort out Italy, your tiny, tiny, vision for the future. However, these are bitter tears, because it’s not an issue of a game or an experiment or a bet. Here the issue is the lives of people, and the future of our nation, or rather I should say of its decline.
You were not elected by anyone and you cannot think you can “sort out” Italy by drilling the length and breadth of the “Bel Paese”. You talk about this country as though no one lives here: pipelines carrying natural gas from Algeria, a corridor to the South of the Adriatic, 4 regasifiers, a doubling in the volume of hydrocarbons extracted.
And the people, where in this world are they going to go and live? Please tell us. Where and what do you want to drill into? Please tell us.
The paddy fields of Carpignano Sesia? The rocks of Matera? The vineyards of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo? The marine reserves of Pantelleria? The orchards of Arborea? The Venice lagoon? The park of the Po delta? The hospitals? The parks? The Majella National Park? The earthquake zones of Emilia? The Bomba lake? The Salento riviera? Otranto? The Tremiti islands? Please tell us.
Or are we going to have to wait for an earthquake, as happened in Emilia, or the explosion of cancers as is happening at the Ilva factory, to stop you from doing certain things, taking your chances, and after scores of people have died?
I would really like to know where you are living. I would really like it to be you living with mercury in your body, I would really like it to be you breathing in hydrogen sulphide from morning to night, I would really like it to have been you that lost your house in the earthquake, I would really like it to have been you that has had to emigrate because your region - this one that will give us this 20% of national production - is the poorest in Italy.
But I know that where you live there’s nothing of all this. Where you live there are colourful gardens, swimming pools, elegant villas, money (and who knows?), bankers who are friends, oil tycoons, and every sort of lobbyist. I know it’s easy to make money out of the environment. The dolphins and the flamingos don’t vote. Cancer will be seen tomorrow, not today. The oil tycoons are desperate to get drilling. They’ve got money and Italy is corrupt. It is easy. I know.
But here we’re not talking about money, taxes and the unjust manoeuvres of this government, we’re talking about the life of the people. It’s not ethical and it’s immoral to sort things out by poisoning the water, the air and the inner peace of the people, after stripping them naked because there was not the will to tackle the real corruption in Italy. And no. It’s not possible to drill while respecting the environment. It’s never happened. Nowhere in the world. Never.
But can’t you see what’s happening in Taranto?


And the Italians? What will they do? I don’t know.
I just know that it’s necessary to have protests, never-ending protests and insist, insist but really insist and not on Facebook that anyone who follows this scandalous character and all the clique that thinks that Italy is a desolate land can take note that these are our lives and that our lives are sacred.” Maria Rita D’Orsogna

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August 17, 2012

ILVA, a dark fairy tale


"I have always said that you need to pay the press to cut out their tongue! That is pay the press for their silence!". This was said by Girolamo Archinà, head of public relations at ILVA in Taranto. Archinà is overestimating the press. They are the ones that silence themselves. (*). The dramatic situation in Taranto where cancer is as widespread as the common cold was obvious even to a blind person. If it hadn’t been denounced by the parties, by governments, by the Confindustria or by the national press, it means that they were all in the wrong, with different interests, some of which were economic, some political and some simply a matter of bribery. Nobody noticed anything. It must be a case of collective blindness. The president of ILVA is Ferrante, the former prefect of Milan and a PDminusL candidate for the position of mayor, has seen nothing. The parties of the motto "work, work, work" to say it as Fassino would put it, (Fassino, who has an esoteric vision of work, one who together with his wife, has been kept by politics for more than a twenty year period), didn’t suspect anything but accepted generous contributions from Riva, the owner of ILVA. 245,000 euro to Forza Italia and 98,000 to Pierluigi Bersani. Contributions that are all perfectly legal.
In the current government, Bersani’s position is held by Passera, “the Kinder Surprise”, who today is making a pastoral visit to Taranto. Passera was previously the CEO of Intesa San Paolo that provided finance to Riva. On his visit to ILVA, Passera is accompanied by the Minister of the Environment, Clini about whom Archinà; once said "Corrado Clini is one of us". Clini, who has had Gianni De Michelis as his sponsor, had the position of director general for the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea from 1991 to 2011. He too, never saw anything. I’m picturing the faces of the people of Taranto and the ILVA employees when they see Passera and Clini arriving. Two vampires at the Blood Donation Centre. And these are the ones to be the saviours? The Government wants to allocate 336 million of taxpayers’ money to clean up the city. Thus it wouldn’t be Riva who has to pay. He’s already paid the politicians. But it’ll be the Italians. This is a dark fairy tale, with no happy ending, a tale in which no one accepts responsibility. For years, people have been dying (this has been denounced many times on this blog) because of negligence and vested interests. And in the best Italian tradition, the only exit route is through the magistracy, and as usual it is immediately demonised. The judge Patrizia Todisco has closed down six sections of ILVA in Taranto to protect the health of the citizens. The parties and the other institutions are just watching what happens. Let Riva pay the damages together with the parties that he has been financing over the last few years.
(*)apart from public financing
PS: If it had been me that had accepted 98,000 euro from Riva, I’d be finished. Why’s that not the case for Bersani?

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August 11, 2012

Schwazer antidoping champion


Antalya is a Turkish town with a really beautiful port. The sea is splendid. Some years ago, while I was on holiday, I was approached by two youngsters who invited me to follow them to see some carpets. They spoke a rough approximation of Italian, but understandable. I hesitated and they understood that I didn’t really trust them. They said: “Don’t be afraid. We’re not in Italy here.” After this affirmation, I could only accept their invitation. In their warehouse, overflowing with carpets of every shape and colour, they kept on offering me tea and they described the coast that goes from Antalya right up to the border with Syria which was the route I was taking. In the end, I bought a carpet (tiny) after a long negotiation on price. I remember Antalya as a safe and civilised place. Why am I writing this? For the simple reason that I don’t believe that Alex Schwazer could have walked into a chemist’s shop in Antalya and slapped 1,500 euro on the counter to buy erythropoietin (EPO) to use as a drug. And having “got information” on the Internet about how to improve his performance using drugs. But that couldn’t even happen at the Mickey Mouse Olympics. The person who in Beijing was the Olympic flag carrier and the one who won Gold in the fifty kilometre race walk was the leading athlete of the London campaign. Has no one been following him in recent times? Was he left alone to do drugs like a druggie in a slum and no one suspected anything apart from the people in the Padua Prosecutors Office? Is that possible? To me, the lad seems like a scapegoat accepting all the responsibility, for reasons I don’t know.
Petrucci, the nationalist, has had an amazing idea: Schwazer antidoping champion! “He should lead the fight against doping! and while denying the evidence of a planetary scandal, he added: “Let’s not forget that Italy is at the forefront of the fight against drug-taking, with the best laws in the world.” Crikey, this guy is making a fool of the politicians. However there’s some good in Petrucci’s idea. It’d be possible to put forward Riina as a champion against the mafia. Licio Gelli in the front line against the P2 and Ms Franzoni, female ambassador against the abuse of young people.

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August 9, 2012

The worst President of the Republic


In Italy there have been 11 Presidents of the Republic elected by all the parties together in Parliament. The first was Enrico De Nicola in July 1946 and the latest was Giorgio Napolitano on 15 May 2006. In order to become the President of the Republic certain prerequisites are needed: to have a certain age, preferably on the border of senescence, to be male, to have a degree (obligatory!), to have been a stalwart in a political party (Ciampi is the exception that proves the rule) and to have lived off a public salary for nearly the whole of one’s life (Pertini, a bricklayer in France doesn't count). The degree in jurisprudence is the element most frequently recurring. The last five presidents graduated in this discipline. Engineers, physicists, mathematicians and generally anyone who has got a scientific qualification, is excluded from the presidential competition. Having a measure of noble blood or distant aristocratic ancestry, is of help to anyone on the brink of the fourth age who wants to transfer to the Quirinal Palace. A normal worker has no hope of getting access to the throne. Whoever becomes president usually develops robust health in spite of his age (Segni was the only one to give way because of a cerebral haemorrhage) The older the President gets, the more sprightly he becomes. The presidency is better than Viagra. His High School classmates are normally in an old people’s home or kept out of harm’s way by the family, while he is booming out warnings day after day. Would you place an eighty-year-old helmsman to steer a ship in a tempest? In Italy that’s what happens as a rule. Usually the President takes on the top position in the State as well as the unofficial role as secretary to the party to which he belongs, while keep up appearances however, and good manners. It’s not a matter of a conflict of interests, but of a custom due to decades of political activism. If the Pope is infallible, the President is nearly infallible, but, unlike the Pope, you cannot criticise him. Job vacancy for eighty-year-old, male, graduate in jurisprudence, many decades of experience in a political party, for the next opening for the office of the President of the Republic. Workers need not apply.

Today’s opinion poll is about the worst President of the Republic choosing from De Nicola, Einaudi, Gronchi, Segni, Saragat, Leone, Pertini, Cossiga, Scalfaro, Ciampi, and Napolitano. Participate! Participate! Participate!

PS The opinion poll will end at 2:00 pm on 10 August. Look at the results.

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August 5, 2012

Games without Flags


If everything is a show then everything is the Olympics. In the endless list of Olympic sports there’s not pub darts, bowls and time trials for backing into a parking space. The great thing about this celebration is that every nation in the world can have their moment of glory. A bronze medal for beach volleyball gives rise to a national festival. I don’t know anyone, nor in my whole life have I have ever known anyone who practices the sport of foil or épée, however at the Olympics, I am proud if my country is triumphant on the podium. Then, for four years, I couldn’t care less about it.. It’s not the athletes that win, but the nations. It’s the triumph of nationalism.
The gold medal is won by the President of the Republic, who is clicking away with the remote while seated in his armchair, then rushes off to congratulate the athlete giving him masses of coverage on all the communication media. The athlete, that once upon a time said to his mum "I arrived first!", today gets ready for a career as a parliamentarian. In the years of the Cold War, East Germany won everything. They had formidable athletes, constructed in a a laboratory and often doped like horses. In the years of the Great Crisis it’s China that’s winning everything. Super nationalism needs a super collection of medals. The modern world has learned the lesson from ancient Rome. The Olympics are a boundless version of the “Colosseum with circences” that are occupying all the information media. A daily platitude sponsored by the multinationals. The spirit of Olympia, under the banner of Coca Cola, downgraded by the participation of tennis players, footballers, basket ball players, professionals earning enormous sums of money, outside the reality of common people, who applaud them like the demigods of ancient Greece. Athletes that march before the events with triceps and pectoral muscles on show together with their designer trunks. Shouts or tears, throwing themselves to the ground, getting overexcited for a thrust or a throw, as though the family cat had died and come to life a hundred times. What will be left of the London Olympics? An old queen who throws herself down in a parachute and a handful of medals to pin onto the breast of the Nation.

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August 3, 2012

Hand over your money!


When people say that there’s no money in Italy, that it’s not possible to make cuts, they are telling a colossal lie. It’s simply that the System cannot saw through the branch that it’s sitting on, a branch of privileges, of connivances, of State “stuff” entrusted to friends, of useless public works like the TAV entrusted to the Red Cooperatives, of colossal waste without a payback in terms of employment. Rigor Montis has been reduced to playing the part of the beggar, of the European tramp with his cap in hand asking the European States to buy our bonds so that we don’t go bust. One day in Berlin, the next day in Helsinki and the day after that in Paris. The European premiers dodge him as though he were a beggar. But there is money. It’s just a matter of going to fetch it.
Let’s start today with the savings on the golden pensions that are crying out for vendetta in the presence of God, for the entrepreneurs who have committed suicide, for the labourers turfed out into the streets, for the devastation of the fabric of production of the SMEs and for those who have been “exited” into early retirement and taken for a ride. There are 100,000 golden pensions with an annual cost of 13 billion. If they were to be reduced to 5,000 euro net each month, the ANNUAL saving would be more than 7 billion euro. In July the parliamentarians threw out an amendment to take the golden pensions to a net minimum of 6,000 euro a month and if added on to other pension arrangements, to 10,000. Rigor Montis has been very careful not to have a legal decree. Parliament is like Fort Knox. Former parliamentarians receive 2,330 pensions, amounting to 219 million euro a year, of which they have only contributed 15 million. The remaining 204 is being paid by the Italians with the highest taxes in the world. Getting to know the details of the golden pensioners makes you start frothing at the mouth. Giuliano Amato get 31,000 euro gross A MONTH, 9,000 as an annuity as a former parliamentarian, 22,000 from INPDAP as a former University academic. How could the former parliamentarians live without an annuity? What job could someone like D’Alema or Gasparri do after decades of honourable service? The annuity is a necessity not to work, on the right just as on the left. Oliviero Diliberto has the right to 7,959 euro from the age of 51, Franco Giordano to 6,203 euro from the age of 50, Waterloo Veltroni 9.000 euro from when he was 49, and he collected that before returning to get his salary as a deputy. How are you feeling now? Are you still able to pay the tax you owe to Equitalia with a smile on your face and get a pension at the age of 67, if you’re sill alive by then? The annuities have to be abolished and the ones currently in operation have to be reduced to 3,000 euro gross. The water is fizzy. I repeat: The water is fizzy.

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July 29, 2012

The electoral law and the thieves of Pisa


Napolitano is piling on the pressure to get a new electoral law. The reason for this sudden haste after seven years of lethargy at the Quirinale Palace (Mancino’s call centre), where the “booms” are never felt, is apparently unknown. The government parties carry out the orders of the President of the Republic ‘in the interests of the country". The "grand coalition" made up of PDL, PDminusL, and UDC that is keeping Monti afloat, wants to change the situation to their own advantage. They are like old cheats caught red handed. The objective is not to improve the "Porcellum" that was what they wanted and what they applied in the elections of 2006 and of 2008. In fact, neither Prodi, nor Berlusconi, ever scheduled its abolition. The objective is to get things straight without the innkeeper, that is without the 5 Star MoVement. The electoral law should be a matter for a referendum, not something that’s discussed in secret rooms. The conflict of interests is obvious: the ones who are elected decide how to get themselves elected and all this is happening just a few months before the elections. They are like the “thieves of Pisa” who argued all day and went thieving together at night. The discussions about the new law are incomprehensible, more complex then the theory of the Higgs boson and the theory of general relativity. To think it up, they needed pure talent, institutional theoreticians of the calibre of Bersani and Letta (the nephew), of Alfano and Fini.
"The idea (is) that of a majority premium, but coupled with the votes gained by the individual party... we are looking at a premium of 10 to 15%. It’s possible to reflect on the idea of a majority premium with much higher percentages, but coupled to the votes gained by individual parties. This would also satisfy the objections raised by the Constitutional Court in relation to the "Porcellum". For example it’s possible to think of a premium of 33% in relation to the votes gained" with the reassurance that “in relation to the size of the premium, I think that it’s possible to find an agreement even in quite a short time.” Angelino Alfano.
“A single-candidate-law with one or two rounds of voting, it’s all the same, but in which the one who gets the most votes is elected and the one who arrives second, misses a turn, without those recoveries that sound so much like the nomenklatura of parties that are trying to save themselves." Gianfranco Fini.
"If the PDL welcomes the single-candidate constituencies, instead of the blocked lists, it’s possible to come to an agreement on the reform of the electoral law even tonight." Dario Franceschini.
“The PD is ready for the reform of the electoral law and it is just stipulating two conditions: a “reasonable" premium for governability and the possibility of choosing parliamentarians by means of a mechanism of constituencies. “I don’t intend taking a step back. In fact I’m pressing ahead: for us, there needs to be a constituency with two rounds of voting.” Pierluigi Bersani (nicknamed “the one who presses ahead”).
The newspaper, Il Sole24 ore, has intervened to give a better explanation to the Italian people: “Possible “exchange” between the PD on the one hand and the PDL and the UDC on the other hand. The “exchange” could be exactly preferences-premium: the PD gives way on the premium, accepting that it’s just for the party coming first, and the PDL and UDC give way on preferences, accepting the system of single-candidate constituencies. Thus there’d be a return to the ABC draft signed up to before the tsunami of the local elections by the sherpas of the PDL, PD and UDC, that is the so-called Spanish-German model or the corrected German model: 50% constituencies, 50% proportional with blocked lists and a lower limit of 5%, and a governability premium of 10%. With the addition of the “Spanish” system of small districts that reward the big parties and those, like the Lega, that are well-grounded in the territory."
Casini, one of the authors of the "Porcellum" who has never thought of abolishing it up until now, seems to have turned into a woman of easy virtue who suddenly wants to become a nun, but in a monastery of monks. "We want the new electoral law and we want it immediately without slyness or postponements. We hope that it is widely supported by the parties that support the government.” Meanwhile Italy is sinking.
See you in Parliament. It’ll be a pleasure.

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July 15, 2012

Gay marriage


At the national assembly of the PDminusL - the party that would like to rule Italy (don’t laugh - please), they were mainly discussing an issue that should be taken for granted, indisputable: gay marriage and the rights of homosexual couples. I am in favour of marriage between people of the same sex. Each person must be able to love whom they want and to live their life with him or her under the protection of the law. Ms Bindi, who has probably never had problems of living with her true love, has even vetoed the presentation of a document about the civil union of gay people. Get thee behind me Satan. No sex, we are PDminusL-folk. Underneath the stage, Ms Binetti was shouting “Deviance, deviance!” while wearing a risqué hair shirt on her thigh and was whipping herself with a rope whip (*). Let no one forget that during the time Prodi was in government the civil partnership law was not approved. That would have put de facto couple on a par with married couples. A de facto heterosexual or homosexual couple, even if they have been a couple for decades, even if they have offspring, have no legal recognition. Italy has no legislation for de facto unions. It’s a disgrace that can be blamed equally on the PDminusL, the PDL, and Holy Mother Church, the absent spirit. For a cohabiting couple, when one partner dies, they do not leave a pension or the house in which they live to the surviving partner. There’s no inheritance provision. Zilch.
These Pharisees, bleached sepulchres sprayed with a faded antique red, claim to be dictating rules of morality. One Bindi, one Bersani, one Rutelli. How many gays are there in the PDminusL that haven’t said so openly? Come out now. It’ll do you good. Your names are already known. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. However, what is disgusting is to deny people sacred rights for a handful of votes.
Saint Augustine said “Love and then what you will, do (dilige et quod vis fac).

(*) the bit about Ms Binetti is a fiction but it is quite plausible.

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June 24, 2012

These phantoms


The most popular sport of this early Summer for the phantoms of the Second Republic is the search for the speck in the eye of the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} and of those people who are members of it. A frenetic activity that doesn’t stop even when it is patently ridiculous. Anyone who carries it out methodically, as an expert “fangaiolo” {mudslinger}, usually has a beam in his arse. The number of regime practitioners is out of proportion to such an extent that it is impossible to rectify things on all websites and blogs, to denounce every “travista”, to bring a court action against any professional liar that gets people to call them “politician” or “journalist”. So as not to get overwhelmed, it’s obligatory to prioritise and just take a few to the courts so as to educate the many. And that’s what my lawyers will do. First the criminal trial and then the civil action. That’s best. You take away from them a fifth of their salary, properties if they have any, and you give the lot to charity. The “travaioli” know they are lying and thus they often use the conditional. Grillo is thought to have a yacht, Grillo and Casaleggio leave Pizzarotti isolated - people say that - it appears that - (Fatto Quotidiano), Grillo is promoting Forza Nuova (Corriere della Sera), it’s thought that Grillo is a Freemason, the M5S regional councillors are pocketing money, Grillo has had election expenses reimbursed (Panorama). It’s all false. They never do any checking because they’re not interested. Their aim is not to provide information. As well as inventing news items from nothing, the “travaioli” also have the task of amplifying the non-news-items, like setting my wife’s hair or having a swim on the beach at Porto Cervo. It’s like being under the bombing where shit is raining down from the sky. Instead of writing, they’re shitting. Opinions, and insinuations, instead of facts.
Italy is facing the most serious crisis since the war and the newspapers are cradling their masters, who are ever more similar to phantoms, and their ambitions of “shaping public opinion", of influencing the voting in elections, with the illusion that the citizens cannot, by now, get information for themselves through the Internet. The Internet... the master of Grillo, as this poor man Bersani would say.

PS: I have not proposed the exit from the Euro, as Scalfari would have it (Scalfari who rakes in the pension of a former parliamentarian), but a real and detailed cost-benefit analysis, before going on a route that Nobel prizewinners, not a miserable demagogue like myself, think is senseless. Anyway, my idea of democracy is that such an important decision as the entry into the euro, should at the appropriate time, have been subject to a referendum and not decided over the heads of the Italians.

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June 19, 2012

Lusi: wherever he goes, he’ll be a success


Wherever he goes, he’ll be a success Tomorrow, 20 June 2012, the Senate will vote on the arrest of Lusi, treasurer of the Margherita, the "mariuolo" {scoundrel} of the Second Republic (Chiesa was the scoundrel of the First Republic and he dragged the PSI into the abyss). “To be or not to be, this is Bersani’s dilemma. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of an outrageous trial, or to prevent the arrest against a sea of anxiety and by opposing bring an end to the PDminusL.” Let’s do a calm, steady desk analysis of the two hypotheses.
First hypothesis. The Senate gives authorisation Lusi is arrested and he talks and he provides evidence in support (and he has said that he’ll do that). Half of the PDminusL could be dragged into the benches of the defendants. A re-release of Tangentopoli with new guys in the shoes of Forlani with the dribbling mouth. All those who have been recipients of election contributions handed out by Lusi with ummaumma {secretly so as not to be discovered} should move abroad and abandon the beloved talk shows with presenters to follow. Electoral prediction: PDminusL below 15%, the destiny of the Lega is to finish.
Second hypothesis. The Senate does not give authorisation Lusi is not arrested. He doesn’t talk and he keeps mum, while awaiting events. Public opinion rises up. The PDminusL claims that the rescue is due to the (treacherous) votes of the PDL and the Lega. The PDL and the Lega indignantly reject the accusation. Electoral prediction: The PDminusL loses 2 to 3% of the support in opinion polls and there’s the beginning of a serious discussion in the party about the reimbursement of election expenses, that anyway, equally seriously, are not going to be given back to the citizens. If you were the Politburo of the PDminusL, represented by Bersani, D’Alema, Bindi and Letta-nipote {Letta-the-nephew}, with as spare wheel, the unknowing Rutelli, what would you do? You would aim for the hypothesis with the least risk. And thus, good common sense would suggest the rescue. "Fiat Lusi”. {Let there be Lusi} Better to keep on getting by than turning into a stiff. It was Andreotti that said it. They’ll do that in the Senate if they don’t want to risk extinction. But however it goes, whether he’s arrested or not arrested, he’ll be a success.

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June 10, 2012

The anti-political man


Mr Q (a fictitious name) has lost his job. His son has always been unemployed. He’s received a payment demand from Equitalia for the sum of 10,000 euro and an accountant is looking into it and hasn’t yet asked for payment for his services. His wife needs costly medicines that have to be paid for. He can’t keep up the mortgage payments and he’ll have to move out of his apartment. The utility bills for water, gas, rubbish collection and electricity are heavy blows that he no longer tries to avoid. They arrive in his face every month and he pays them when he can together with the excess for late payment. His daughter was close to being raped and they’ve had a burglary in the house. He’s paying for the reinforced door in instalments. At weekends he’s always escaping from pollution. However, the increase in the petrol price only allows him to travel 50 km (there and back) to get out of the city. He has to turn back when the fuel indicator turns fiery red. Grandpa died recently, and so did his pension that made a contribution to the weekly shopping at Lidl, thus leaving the family in a desperate state.
Mr Q has always been viscerally anti-political. “Politics is dirty (this is why he washes his hands of the matter).” “Politics is what’s done by politicians.” “I’ve got other things to do rather than spend my time on politics.” “There are those who work and those who do politics and I work.” Mr Q (how many millions of Mr Qs are there in Italy that always have sweet dreams at night ?) detests politics. But if he doesn’t spend his time doing politics, it’s politics that deals with him. It skins him alive. It takes his civil rights away from him. It takes away the freedom of information, the right to health care, to a home, to work, to have safety and to have a future for his son. Mr Q’s anti-political stance has its deep roots in the gap between the citizen and the State, between an ideal and non-existent world in which one’s own interests are cultivated, and the world “out there” that will never knock on your door. Each person is worth one, but each person who is not participating, is worth zero.

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June 7, 2012

Fool's Mate

Fool's Mate

Two-move Checkmate in just 24 hours.
The first move f2-f3 e7-e5. With a secret vote, 169 senators save Sergio De Gregorio from the “house arrest” requested by the magistrates of Naples, “per fumus persecutionis”. "Gregory Speck”, of the PDL is the living example that physiognomy at times can get us. The eternal triumph of the mess up in the Senate, with hugs and kisses after the voting, is a prelude to the forthcoming saving of Lusi the treasurer of the Margherita party for the PDminusL that has involved Francesco Rutelli, Rosy Bindi, Matteo Renzi, Beppe Fioroni, Dario Franceschini, Paolo Gentiloni and Ermete Realacci.
If he lands up inside he could “sing like a nightingale” or come to the same end as Pisciotta and Sindona. Both hypotheses however are not “politically correct”. Betting men are sure there’ll be “niet” to prevent the arrest of the treasurer of the Left wing. De Gregorio is certainly worth one Lusi, perhaps even two.
Second move g2-g4 Q8-h4. The “no confidence motion” against Forminchioni, the unauthorised governor of Lombardy, who has reached his fourth term of office (third consecutively) for the holidays financed by the wheeler-dealer Piero Daccò, is rejected by the PDL and the Lega. The “no confidence motion” was called for with loud trumpeting and drum rolls by the PDminusL and to be precise, by its leader Luca Gaffuri. But at the time of voting, Gaffuri was absent in line with the PDminusL tradition. He was in Kos in Greece to show off his white skin. Gaffuri was keen to point out while on the beach, against the background noise of the lapping of the waves “No one can doubt my commitment to get Formigoni to resign and have the renewal of the administration in Lombardy. The rest is smoke in the eyes.” As for De Gregorio, in the Pirellone {skyscraper housing the regional government of Lombardy} they overdid the hugs and kisses for the danger that was avoided.
The two-move checkmate is called “fool’s mate”. Fools that commit suicide on a chess board.

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May 29, 2012

You can’t die from an earthquake! Interview with Giampaolo Giuliani

You can’t die from an earthquake!

Giampaolo Giuliani is able to identify that an earthquake is about to happen 6-24 hours before it does so. His research on seismic indicators has saved the lives of all those who listened to his warnings in 2009 in Abruzzo and in recent days in Emilia Romagna. The earthquake kills because of ignorance. Often you don’t know the level of seismic risk in the area where you live. More frequently, you don’t know how to behave if there is an earthquake warning. If the weather forecast tells us it’ll rain tomorrow we keep an umbrella close at hand. But if the risk of a strong earthquake isn’t even announced, why don’t the Local Authorities tell us how to behave? What’s needed is the “Prevenzione Civile” (preventive action for civilians), not only “Protezione Civile” {the Civil Defence Unit}

Interview with Giampaolo Giuliani, a seismologist and one who does research into seismic precursors.

The so-called experts infuriate me
I am particularly angry this morning because I am hearing comments on TV from people who say they are experts and yet I don’t agree with them. That zone is not one with a low level of seismic activity. It’s not true to say it is. The fact that no earthquakes have taken place for many years doesn’t mean anything. In fact it was not indicated as an area with a seismic risk, when there were strong earthquakes in the area in the 19th century, the 16th century, and in the the 20th century, in the years 1960/70. This should at least have been considered a high seismic risk region, as has now been demonstrated and it should be an area where preventive action should be taken with the people living there. This is not happening anywhere in Italy, nowhere at all!


“The bullshit that they are saying is causing people to die!”
The civil defence unit intervenes after the strong earthquake. Even today, this is still not well understood in Italy. Prevention means getting people ready. If people die who is going to reconstruct what has fallen down? For the last 30 years, we haven’t done prevention across the land, in relation to buildings, to any construction work where men go to work and can die because of the earthquake. The most serious thing is that we haven’t taught those men how to defend themselves and how to recognise the strong dangerous earthquakes and when an earthquake is about to happen. This is even more serious. What is more serious still is that these gentlemen, those experts that talk on the TV and say that they are the greatest experts in the world in relation to earthquakes, then say that they are unprepared. That’s not acceptable!


There are some serious responsibilities. We’ve been dragging them around for at least 20 years and these liabilities will cause even more deaths. Why do I always have to be the one that is out of step? Thank you. " Giampaolo Giuliani

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May 27, 2012

The walls

The wall - Pink Floyd
The mental walls seem insurmountable, but sooner or later, they collapse. You won’t believe it but there are still those who vote for the Lega or the UDC and who believe that Andreotti was absolved and not let off because of the Statute of Limitations.

The taxi arrives. I get in and say "Torino Porta Nuova". The taxi driver wants to talk. There are two types of taxi driver: those that greet you briefly and those that don’t stop talking for the whole journey. This guy was one of the latter. He talked and talked and at a certain moment he started talking about the TAV in Val di Susa
Ah yes, you’re right on many points (without however naming any of them), but these anarchist insurrectionists where do you place them? They do well to keep them in prison!
“They’re normal people who are defending their territory .... It’s the TAV that’s useless. It costs 22 billion for a line where the volume of goods traffic has been decreasing for the last 15 years. And anyway, there’s already a line there ....”
Look, I don’t know this, but progress can’t be stopped, and then there’s this story of asbestos. But how much asbestos have we got in Turin. And I’ve reached the age of 65.
“The money for the TAV is coming even from your taxes. It’s an enormous amount. Doesn’t it annoy you that it’s of no use?”
In Italy they throw money everywhere. At least this will be there in the future. Think of your grandchildren that’ll be able to have goods from all over France!
“I don’t want to be impolite but the volume of traffic has been going down on the current Turin-Lyons route for at least the last 15 years.”
And what about the road traffic then? (things are hotting up ...) Do you or do you not want to get the HGV onto the trains for goodness sake and eliminate pollution?
”Even the volume of road traffic is falling sharply.”
You are reasoning like a politician who wants the votes from the extreme fringe, the ones who have always caused harm to this nation.
“I’ll tell you again the sum of 22 billion in public money that will be shared out between the lobbies and the 'ndrangheta - even if you are OK with that, the people of the Susa Valley aren’t OK and neither am I."
Ah - it’s easy to talk about the people of the Susa Valley ... There are people of the Susa Valley and people of the Susa Valley. Those who live in the lower levels of the valley really want the TAV. Scalfari said so on TV. Now you’ll tell me that even Scalfari doesn’t understand anything. You are a bigot.
“Basically, you’re not listening to me. If you like, I’ll send you all the figures to convince you. Give me your address or your email.”
Hey, the figures. All manipulated. Are you one who still believes in the figures after everything that has happened with the economy in the last few years? You are naïve. In fact, I’ll ask you a question “Do you like fish?
“What ‘s that got to do with it? Yes, anyway I’m really happy to eat fish!”
There you are. If in the future, you’re in Turin and you go into a restaurant and you order fish, how are they going to get it to come from Portugal without the TAV?
”From Portugal?”
Yes, from Portugal. If we were all like you, we’d have anything but progress. We’d still be in the Stone Age!
I pay the fare and run off.
(*) This dialogue really took place.

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May 25, 2012

Equitalia? No thanks!


Oristano, Sassuolo, Sorso, Bari, Valle di Cadore, Calalzo, Morazzone, San Donà di Piave, Zanica, Merate, Thiene, Ottana. What have these places got in common? They liberated themselves from the chains of Equitalia in advance. They have become free, humane and efficient.
From 01 January 2013, the law 201/2011 lays down that the towns must manage the task of gathering in taxes. Why wait? There is not a single good reason to entrust the task to Equitalia. The town of Oristano provides the proof of this. The direct handling of taxes has brought both a saving on costs amounting to 150,000 euro (the town council that gathers its own taxes does not have to pay the commission to Equitalia), as well as an increase of 650,000 euro in the amount collected. Lower costs, higher receipts. Not just that, they even have more liquidity in their coffers. “Resources immediately available, unlike what happened with management by Equitalia when the settlement of the sums due took place within two years from the time the register was issued.'', from a note written by the local authority of Oristano. In the light of these figures, the question to ask is “What use has Equitalia been in all these years? What has been the use of an intermediary that has placed itself between the citizens and the institutions? To increase interest rates? To grab back the houses? To provide administrative slowness? Oristano is an example, but it’s not the only one, of the uselessness of turning to Equitalia for the body that entrusts them with the task of collecting taxes. If citizens and towns are not getting any benefit from Equitalia why go on? And above all, whose was the brilliant idea to disintermediate the payments to a third party? What’s the point?
The Town authorities are not an impersonal entity, they are in the territory. They often know the person paying taxes and they know the difficulties he has. If there’s a family that is very poor, they can, if needed, suggest spreading out the payments or even cancelling them. That’s called humanity. The towns should speed up the exit from Equitalia now in 2012 and get themselves ready for January 2013. Equitalia is not responsible, it’s a target. The ones who are responsible are those that set it up.

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May 24, 2012

Casini’s IQ


The tertian fever that has struck Bersani who is rabbiting on about the “non victory” has also struck Azzuro Caltagirone, whose stage name is Casini. Back story: the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} has in the past refused election expenses to a value of one million seven hundred thousand euro for the regional elections and it will renounce reimbursements for the next national elections, that could have a value of more than 100 million euro with the current voting predictions. Thus the M5S does not want the money. That’s difficult for the parties (that live on money) to understand. But it’s "Tutto Vero” {all true} like the headline in “La Gazzetta dello Sport” after the victory of the national team, that then went to Berlin. The move denominated “piercasinanda” (copyright Travaglio) is that of a truly accomplished politician. Just think about it: if the M5S doesn’t want the money it’s thus necessary to have an “ad hoc” law to prevent them from getting the money! The UDC has put forward an amendment that relates the payment of financing to the existence of a Statute, that all the parties have, as is obvious and thus it’s “ad hoc” for the M5S. The Lower House has given its enthusiastic approval with 342 in favour, 104 abstentions and 54 against. The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} has a Statute of only 7 points that does not even mention the existence of a treasurer, nor does it even consider electoral financing. It’s called the “Non Statuto", but it is in fact a fully fledged Statute. I’m suggesting that the parties use it as a model and I’m not going to claim copyright. Instead of cutting the financing amounting to a billion euro going to their parties, they’re cutting the financing to the M5S that doesn’t want financing. Brilliant idea!
The UDC amendment even contained an appeal to democracy. The Statute (the one that makes it possible to take the money) must be “in accordance with democratic principles in the life of the party with particular attention to the choice of candidates, the respect of minorities and the rights of signed up members”. But this is an “own goal”, a move worthy of Tafazzi, of Casini’s IQ. The party candidates are in fact “appointed" by the party secretaries thanks to the "Porcellum” electoral law, quite the contrary of giving expression to democracy within the party, thus they will no longer be able to receive the expenses. Right? Right! Oh by the way, can someone lend me some money for my breakfast?

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May 22, 2012

Fried gnocchi in Parma


The undead (*) (but almost dead) of a party that was never born. Bersani said that he “unwon” in Parma, Comacchio and Mira. He has explained this with incontrovertible words: “We have unwon because there they were governed by the Centre Right.” Clear? Is there perhaps any need for explanations? Call an ambulance for a spot of “involuntary treatment” The PDminusL’s affirmation “It's a victory with no ifs and buts.” Bersani however is overcome. He will no longer be able to construct the umpteenth incinerator in his beloved Emilia. In Parma there will not be a tumour-factory as in other cities governed by the PDminusL as with the ebetino {little idiot} in Florence. The chicken who believes himself to be an eagle has thus returned on his electoral war horses “We will not give in to the populisms and the qualunquisms” and to the political argumentation about the victory of the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} in Parma due to “a right wing that in Parma dressed itself in new clothes by supporting the ‘grillino’ ”. The ‘grillino’ dressed itself in new clothes. Crikey, Bersani is beating Vendola in eloquence, 5 to 0! It doesn’t end here. For the undead (but almost) the crisis of the Right provokes “an air pocket”. Basically the fart into which the parties are dissolving. Bersani then explained to the journalists “Because if we are stopped we will not go far". No one, after this statement then accompanied the good man to the first park bench with a paper bag of bread crumbs for the pigeons, in fact the journalists that were present kept straight faces and even continued taking notes when he stated there’s an unanswered point with Grillo: work. We have a rate for the unemployed plus those who have lost interest and who are no longer looking for work, that reaches 20%. Who created unemployment? The 5 Star MoVement or the twenty years of mess ups with the PDL, of investment in Fiat’s old bangers and in the cementification of the country, instead of in innovation? Who else but D’Alema sold off Telecom in exchange for debts, condemning it to industrial dwarfism? Who blessed the law about “precarious workers” in the past and the "restructuring" of article 18 today? Who allowed our companies to shift production abroad, to China to Romania but allowing them to keep the label "Made in Italy” on the products? Who obliged a generation of young people to emigrate (second in Europe after Romania)? Before talking about work, Bersani should work. He should try it. In the future he’ll need to.
PS: In Parma, after the second ballot, they have brought in a new dish for the citizens: “Fried gnocchi”.

(*) The undead - also called the “not dead” or “walking dead”, is a monstrous creature generated by the resurrection of a corpse. The acceptation of the word “undead” can refer to various types of fantastical creatures, as for example zombies, vampires, mummies, or PDminusL-folk.

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May 17, 2012

The lucky devil

The wheel goes round
Lusi declared he gave 70,000 euro to Renzi who denied this. In any case it’s an item of “non-news”. As far as I know there’s no law that precisely controls the use of the billions of euro in “reimbursement of election expenses” received by the parties. If, for example, the money were used for the election campaign of Florence’s Mayor, that should be perfectly legal.
Lusi defends himself by attacking and explains that he was obeying orders. He doesn’t need to. I don’t believe there’s a single deputy, a single senator, a single politician in Italy that doesn’t know that the treasurers are only executors. If there’s a crime, that doesn’t absolve them, but it would be necessary to go up the chain of command to the ones giving the orders. The treasurer has taken the place of the majordomo as the guilty one in Agatha Christie’s novels Guilty of what however? Of managing money stolen from the citizens by others? In that case, then the first ones to be involved are the party secretaries and the institutions that are always as silent as Michelangelo’s Moses. As far as I remember there’s no President of the Constitutional Court, or of the Constitutional Court, or of the Court of Accounts, or of the Council, or of the Republic, or of the Senate, or of the Lower House in the last twenty years who has publicly denounced the theft to the detriment of the Italians that’s called “reimbursement of election expenses” and not financing to the parties. And yet the fraud was obvious and against the will of the citizens expressed in a referendum. The coffers of the parties have received billions of euro of public money of which only a tiny part has been to reimburse expenses. And the rest? Why has no one paid it back? What’s the use of the institutions if not to watch out for the will of the people and make sure it is respected? This is the question to ask ourselves.
I believe Lusi when he states “I was doing what they told me to do”. Whereas I don’t believe him at all when he states “I can make the centre left collapse”. The PDminusL has need of no help for it to collapse. It’s Renzi who is working towards that, the “ebetino” {the little idiot} who is in favour of incinerators, an affectionate nickname, picked up by Gianni Brera who associated it with Giancarlo Antognoni to distinguish him from Gianni Rivera ("l'abatino” {the golden boy}). The “ebetino” compared me to Savonarola: “Before Beppe Grillo becomes Savonarola he’s got a long way to go. Savonarola lived with a sobriety that I don’t believe belongs to the valiant Beppe Grillo.” I’ll willingly leave the part of Savonarola to Renzi, and especially his gruesome end. The former president of the province of Florence (but doesn’t he want to abolish the provinces?) in the distant past of 2004 belonged to a party that had always taken the money for the reimbursed election expenses "cum summo gaudio”.

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Today, 17 May I’ll be at the Duomo in Comacchio at 6:00 pm and at 9:00 pm, I’ll be in p.zza S.Nicolò in Mira.

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May 8, 2012

Boom boom Napolitano


I was aghast, my mouth wide open like a sea lion. My jaws are still aching. There where not even people like Gasparri and like Bersani dared to go, Napolitano entered with a (low) blow. The President of the Republic, the one holding the highest office in the State, in response to a question about the MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} replied "Grillo, I’m not seeing any boom!". A “young” style of speaking, enriched by historical memorabilia, he said: “I remember the boom of the 1960s, but I am not seeing other booms.” It’s true! The M5S is only third and it came to life only two and a half years ago and it hasn’t gone “boom”. Perhaps it’s gone “bim bum bam”? Or Sim sala bin? Napolitano is worried about the future and he went further “There are reasons for everyone to reflect on, for the political forces and for the citizens about the relationship with politics and on the problems of governability.” Translation: “The parties (the ones that went boom) - no one cares about them anymore.” Napolitano then downplayed the vote “We have had a test that is rather limited, also because the number of voters called upon to vote was not a very great number (nine and a half million Italians, - editor).”
Next year, there’ll be the national elections and straight after that Napolitano’s successor will be appointed, so he will be able to enjoy his well-deserved repose. If the MoVimento 5 Stelle goes boom (as in the fabulous 1960s), the next president will not be an emanation coming from the parties, like Ms Bonino, and not even from the banks, like Rigor Montis. For the Quirinale Palace the games have been ongoing for some time. They have already sold off the skin of the Italians. “The President of the Republic is the head of the State and represents national unity.” (article 87 of the Constitution) He represents even the MoVimento 5 Stelle and even, after these elections, its roughly 250 local and regional councillors chosen by the citizens. The boom of the M5S is not seen, but it can be felt. Boom boom Napolitano!

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May 4, 2012

The treasurers


The parties are not letting go. Touch them all over, but don’t touch the silverware. They’ve hung onto even the last slice of 182 million of illegal electoral financing. Illegal money inasmuch that the financing was abolished with a massive majority in a referendum. They have created havoc for three weeks. They have to be understood. How can they give back what they have already spent? The banks gave them the next chunk even before it was in their coffers. You try and do that with an invoice of 1,000 euro. The cashier would have you locked up.
Neither restitution, nor freeze, but the promise (cross my heart and hope to die) to discuss this after the local elections. Postponement for technical reasons. The PDminusL even proposes to halve the loot (without however supplying any dates). It’s as though a robber who is caught red-handed, makes a plea bargain and keeps half the loot. What faces like Bersani!
Rigor Montis in difficulty with the opinion polls that put him on the same level of approval as Berlusconi, has asked Amato for help. Amato is a man of great experience in this discipline, to provide “orientation analysis” on financing to the parties. It’s like calling back a retired brothel keeper to check up on the finances of a brothel. Craxi’s former treasurer who is checking up on the activity of Lusi and of Belsito. An operation to relaunch the Government’s image, worthy of "Totò le Mokò".
Today Sergio Rizzo writes: “financing of politics provided by private sources enjoys a tax advantage that is 51 times greater than the donations to research or to charitable associations.” In fact the parties receive money even from private sources up to 100 million a year. There would be nothing wrong with that if the private sources weren’t frequently State concessionaries like Benetton and Gavio, motorway sector, for example. What has to be abolished is not just the public financing, but even that from the State concessionaries because of an obvious conflict of interests. The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} has renounced the 1,700,000 euro of financing. It’s easy. Let Monti take note. They will never give up (neither will we). See you in Parliament.

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Today, 4 May, I’ll be in piazza San Francesco in Acqui Terme at 7:00 pm and at 9:30 pm, I’ll be in piazza Marconi in Alessandria.

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May 2, 2012

Give the Government your opinion!


The parties have failed. In the face of the abyss they have called in the technicians. The technicians in turn have failed. In the face of the possibility of being pursued, together with the politicians, by citizens armed with pitch forks, they called in the super-technicians. The super-technicians tested the situation, even because there’s no one left to call in.
Amato, Bondi and Giavazzi have got stuck with the lighted match in their hands. They have to make cuts, but they don’t know where to start. So why not ask the Voghera housekeeper online (“Italians, tell us about money being wasted”)?
A form has been put up on the Government’s website to receive contributions from the citizens about spending cuts, and it’s called “Express your opinion”. A heading that just on its own is an invitation to become a delinquent. We pay politicians, technicians and super-technicians to keep down the costs of the State and this lot have the cheek to ask us for advice, even when they know really well where cuts have to be made starting with themselves.
The pompous "spending review” sets out a saving of 4.2 billion in 2012 to avoid increasing the sales tax by 2 points in October. Rather than call it "spending review”, with the usual bad practice of using English words to seem important, something that is typical of provincials, they should call it “taking us for a ride”. In fact, not much is needed to make cuts. It’s possible to save seven billion a year by levelling out the pensions to a monthly maximum of 3,000 euro, by clawing back the 98 billion of unpaid taxes from the slot machines companies, a billion by not paying out public financing to the parties, 400 million a year by cutting direct and indirect contributions to the newspapers, 600 million a year with the return of our soldiers from Afghanistan, 10 billion by not purchasing the F35 bomber planes, a few billion with the elimination of the provinces, about a hundred million a year of savings on the Quirinale Palace that costs four times as much as Buckingham Palace, 22 billion by doing without the useless TAV in the Val di Susa, 3/4 billion a year with the return of the State motorway concessions whose profits are going to private companies like Benetton. Other points like these were in the blog survey carried out a few months ago: “The citizens’ austerity package item by item” I’m omitting official blue cars, two-jobs-at-the-same-time, the elimination of parliamentary annuities, 60% reductions in the salaries of deputies, senators and regional councillors, body guards, a maximum of 200,000 euro for directors of state companies, etc.
Help the super-technicians. Express your opinion at http://www.governo.it/scrivia/RedWeb_Form.htm (if you want to share your opinion, put a copy of it on the blog as a comment).

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Today 2 May I’ll be in piazza Martiri della Libertà in Santena at 5:00 pm; and at 7:30 pm in piazza S.Michele in Rosta, then at 9:00 pm at the parcheggio delle Poste di via Roma in Grugliasco.

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May 1, 2012

Cuts, remnants and offal


The appointment by Rigor Montis of Giuliano Amato as a super-consultant for the public money given to the parties, is a slap in the face of the Italians. A raspberry. A powerful “fuck off” from the Caste. A provocation. It’s like throwing a lighted match into a hay stack. Sometimes I wonder whether Monti and the “Trio Lescano” supporting him have really understood where they are, in which point in history. Italy is on the brink of an economic collapse, after which, anything could happen. Compared to Rigor Montis, to Alfano, Bersani and Casini, Marie-Antoinette, (who’s believed to have said: “If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake”, in relation to the starving people during the French Revolution), is a statesperson. Giulano Amato has a certain experience in managing money and public financing. He was the treasurer of Craxi’s PSI. One of the rare cases in which the treasurer gets ahead in his career and the boss ends up as a defendant and as a fugitive. The exact opposite of the treasurers Belsito of the Lega and Lusi of the Margherita.
They are invoking the cuts and they take on board a guy who gets 32,000 euro a month as a pension. Is it a Carnival joke? For pensions there should be a maximum of 3,000 euro. That’s more than enough to live on. With the saving (amounting to 7 billion euro a year) on the mega pensions, the double and triple pensions and the annuities for the politicians, let them start a fund to pay the debt that the State has with the entrepreneurs that are committing suicide at a rhythm of one or two a day. Giving a job to the superpensioner Amato to keep down the costs is a declaration of war against those who can’t get enough to eat with their pension and after the reduction of 200 euro on their miserable income, decide to end it all by throwing themselves off the balcony. Either everyone makes sacrifices, or no one! But Rigor Montis doesn’t know this. He doesn’t understand that without examples, by busying himself with remnants and offal instead of cuts and without the support of the general public, it’s already finished. That he’ll be bowled over. A scrap merchant on whom the parties will try to load the blame to then be swept away when it’s their turn. They will never give up. Neither will we. See you in Parliament (but perhaps you won’t be there).

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Today, 1 May, I’ll be in piazza Einaudi in La Loggia at 3:30 pm, then at 5:00 pm in the meadow of la Fiera in Caselle Torinese; at 7:00 pm in piazza della Repubblica in Chivasso; and finally at 9:30 pm in piazza Alfieri in Asti.

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April 24, 2012

The Diarrhoea Party


“The biggest bit of Italian political news” announced by “Castoro della Libertà” {Beaver of Liberty} is the Diarrhoea Party. It’s a “liquid” party that will come into being after the local elections, as Alfano emphasised. The first step, suggested by Minchionne, will be the division of the PDL into two, in a pure company-style: a bad company and a good company. The PDL, the "bad company” will be left behind. It isn’t finding favour in the market and it would not get more than 10% of the vote at the national elections. There’ll be a brand new company. The “good company” should be called "Tutti per l'Italia” {Everyone for Italy} and it should be “plural”, basically to fill Italy with cheeky little civic lists. The godmother of this creation is Ms Santanchè who reaffirmed: “we have to innovate. The old parties no longer work. People don’t want to know.” And let there be innovation.
The Diarrhoea Party should get off on the Internet with such fire power to make these two turn pale: “Mastella da Ceppaloni” of times gone by and the "Forminchioni Star" of YouTube. Alfano has launched the PDL 2.0 project placing his trust in Antonio Palmieri, along with "Monty" Montemagno, Davide Tedesco, the director of the PDL’s famous Political Digital Academy, Roberto Gasparotti and Mariarosaria Rossi, who frequents Arcore. From Il Corriere: “But are you coming here?", Maria Rosaria Rossi asks Emilio Fede. The director of TG4 replies that he will be at the place of the appointment no earlier than 9:00 pm or 9:15 pm. Then he adds: “I’ve also got two of my female friends ...". “What a bloke you are - replies Ms Rossi - so it’s bunga bunga, 2 in the morning - bye ...” Ms Rossi is a call centre entrepreneur and she prepared a show in the studios of D’Alema’s defunct RedTv in Palazzo Grazioli. The mega call centre is already functioning and its doing some sampling among signed up members of the PDL to define the electoral messages that will be given out above all using SMS, the latest communications frontier. There should be no lack of support from Luca di Montezemolo and the precious contribution of his "Italia Futura” {Future Italy} think tank for the Diarrhoea Party. I can’t wait for them to start! Be quick! I’ve got an urgent need here!

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Today 24 April, I’ll be in the Caffè Sao Paulo in via Porta Est in Marcon at 5:00 pm, then at 7:00 pm in p.za Martiri della Libertà in Mirano and at 9:30 pm in p.za San Nicolò in Mira.

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April 18, 2012

The democracy of tea


In Rigor Montis’ tea room they are celebrating the end of parliamentary democracy. Yesterday, in the usual meeting of the carboneria secret society, Monti Alfano Bersani and Casini sipped tea and ate biscuits. Their placid limbs on the nineteenth century armchairs, amiably chatting for five hours about Save-Italy and Grow-Italy. The democracy of tea. A completely Italian innovation.
Parliament has ceased its impoverished existence with the arrival of Rigor Montis. The Italians have bartered that 10% of democracy that they had left for 150 in spread. It’s a nasty precedence that has arrived in silence. Democracy has become merchandise to be traded. Tomorrow in the face of a world crisis in energy, we could even find we have Scaroni as head of the Government with 10 nuclear power stations of the latest generation. Life senator in the afternoon thanks to Napolitano, and President of the Council the next day with Chicco Testa as Minister of Development Democracy is on the counter and its price has been devalued like our public bonds. Democracy is a nuisance for those who want to make decisions excluding the citizens.
The democracy of tea came into being before the summer, when the Italians started to do politics once more, after a break lasting years, with the referenda. Saying “no” to nuclear and “yes” to public water has been devastating for the System, for the banks and for the multinationals. Intolerable. It wasn’t possible to continue on this route.
In the tea room, while Frignero was clearing away the things from the Louis XVI table, they let themselves go, as though they were old friends who had had their career together. The laughter and the banter were wasted. What was exhilarating were the words of Rigor Montis at the head of the table: “I am profoundly grateful for the attitude of the Italians who even in the greatest suffering are giving an exemplary example.” It’s as though Nero were to have complimented the Christians while they were praying in the Colosseum before being torn apart by the lions. Who knows whether Rigor Montis shed a tear into his cup giving flavour to the slice of lemon, thinking of the dozens of entrepreneurs that have committed suicide. While the Four of the Apocalypse were discussing development, it became known that in the first quarter of 2012, 146,000 companies closed down. Bersani, with the face of one who has saved his arse one more time and doesn’t know why, said “There’s a new political pact!” Another one? Again? And between whom? Between four shirkers in a room who are ignorant of public opinion and who are exploiting Parliament to the maximum I want a web cam in that blasted room while they are discussing the future of OUR nation and OUR future and that of OUR offspring. No one can make decisions for us.

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Today, 18 April I’m at "Parco le Robinie - G. Metelli", zona ospedale in via Sgrazzuti in Palazzolo sull'Oglio At 9:30 pm I’m in the parco delle Piscine in Desenzano.

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April 17, 2012

No One Here Gets Out Alive


Hey! Don’t think you can get away with it like that. With the odd appearance on TV and a Rigor Montis who can be controlled with the TV remote, keeping you at a safe distance from the citizens by spitting out stock phrases about anti-politics. I know that you place your trust in the short memory of the Italian people. Once more, you want to present yourselves, revirginised by the media, at the 2013 elections. You are terrified of losing control of the operations. You are well aware of what it means not to have the availability of the newspapers and TV channels stuffed with your servants and with the Security Services under your command. It means being put on trial by the Nation that you have destroyed.
To paraphrase Jim Morrison, no one here gets out without a public debate. Without exemplary punishment. Italy has a shocking debt created by corruption, by the squandering of public money in Great Useless Public Works, by the closeness with the mafias based on keeping mum, the mafias that have a turnover of 130 billion a year, and even by tax dodging, naturally, but the great tax dodgers protected by the Fiscal Shield have been rewarded with taxation at 5%, while the pensioners and the unemployed are having their homes foreclosed on, for a few hundred euro. I’m accusing you of having taken away the future for two generations. I’m accusing you of colluding with the mafias, of stealing from the State with public financing to the parties when that was abolished in a referendum. I’m accusing you of having declared war on Libya while going against the Constitution. I’m accusing you of having occupied Afghanistan for no reason, of squandering billions of euro in fighter-bombers, while construction workers are dying on construction sites for lack of checks and lack of safety and the entrepreneurs are committing suicide because they cannot pay the premiums to Equitalia. I’m accusing you of having destroyed innovation and research, of having transformed our best schools into useless diploma-factories. I’m accusing you of having hidden the truth while you were frittering away a thousand billion euro in twelve years finishing with the current abyss for the public debt. I’m accusing you of having condemned a people to poverty for decades so as to honour 100 billion euro in interest each year on State bonds, money taken away from spending on social affairs, on the primary rights of every citizen. I’m accusing you of having repudiated the Constitution every time you could. I’m accusing you of having occupied every space in society with your voraciousness, with your jaws, and with your kickbacks. Insatiable like a metastasis. I’m accusing you of being imbeciles, amateurs, Mr Nothings who have won the lottery ticket to Parliament, people who only a year ago were denying the existence of the crisis. For you, a public position is the only possible resource. You would do anything, as you have already done in the past during the gloomy history of the Republic, so as not to lose it.
I’ll give you some advice. Look for a lawyer, perhaps Ghedini, who seems to me to be fairly free at the moment. Perhaps they will allow you the odd mitigating circumstance and you will only get punished with the sequestration of the goods accumulated during your political career and the duty to carry out work that is socially useful. What you do in the future will be decided by a jury of citizens with clean records chosen at random. Basically the Italians are good people. Don’t worry too much when your passports are taken from you.

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Today 17 April I’ll be in piazzale Aldo Moro in Borgomanero at 7 pm and at 9:30 pm in the Auditorium Aldo Moro in Arese.

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April 12, 2012

How good you are, what fools we are!


In “The Day of the Owl“ by Leonardo Sciascia, don Mariano Arena, says this to Captain Bellodi: “ what we call humanity ... a beautiful word full of wind, I divide it into five categories: men, half men, little men (with all due respect) those that get-it-in-the-arse, and the windbags .... Very few are men; there are a few half-men and I would be content with humanity if it stopped at the half-men ... But no - it keeps going down to the little men: the ones that are like children that think they are big, monkeys that perform the same actions as adults ... And still further down: those that get-it-in-the-arse that are turning into an army ... And finally the windbags: that should live in the puddles like the ducks. The Parliament that set up the “Commission for transparency and auditing of accounts of political parties” in response to the scandals that are overwhelming the parties, is made up of little men that believe that the vast majority of the Italians are those that get-it-in-the-arse. There are the macaques, like Bersani, the lemurs, like Alfano with his eyes wide open in the dark and there’s Casini, the bonobo for ladies (*). Parliament has said that the Commission will oversee the accounts starting from 2011, as though to say: "Chi ha avuto, avuto, avuto... chi ha dato, ha dato, ha dato... scurdàmmoce 'o ppassato”. {Those who’ve received have received, received ... Those who’ve given, have given, have given ... let’s forget the past.} The previous accounts will remain of unknown mother and multiple fathers like Belsito and Lusi who really were screwing on behalf of third parties.
Electoral financing, passed off as reimbursements, is simply a fraud to the detriment of the citizens who abolished this with a referendum. The money has to be paid back. Those who have received the financing couldn’t not know that they exceeded by hundreds of millions the actual costs of the election campaign, as certified by the Court of Accounts. Well then why have all the parties hung onto the billions of euro? Someone even wants a new law to give it back .... Are they thinking we are those that get-it-in-the-arse or windbags? It’s not necessary to do anything other than to give back the money with a cheque to the Treasury, as the M5S has done by refusing one million seven hundred thousand euro.
The parties are like thieves who after robbing a bank and being caught in the act, hurriedly set up a commission to be used by the robbers to allow them to check up on how the money from the robbery will be spent. In the face of complaints from those who have been robbed, the robbers would appeal for transparency by publishing on the Internet how the loot has been spent. As well as that they would forgo taking the latest payment of 100 million for a few months leaving it in a safe deposit box. How good you are, what fools we are!
(*) without wishing to offend the monkeys

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Today, 12 April at 5:30 pm, I’ll be in piazza Duomo in L’Aquila. At 8pm I’ll be in piazza Diaz in Montesilvano and finally at 9:30 pm I’ll be in piazza XX settembre in Civitanova.

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April 8, 2012

Maroni - spring cleaning


If there was only one withered face of the First Republic: that of “Bottino Craxi”, the end of the Second Republic has many faces. The circus dwarf with red goggles, destined for the end of Martelli, who is asking for “Cleansing, cleansing, cleansing”, he, the one who is so intimate with Boss(ol)i, who tried to cause the failure to achieve the quorum for the referenda for nuclear - and public water by not having them on the same date as the local elections. The cost of having two voting days was 400 million euro. What’s Maroni doing? Is he reimbursing the Italians or is he calling Belsito? The “Anthony Perkins” for ladies of a certain age in the shower, the “Azzurro Caltagirone” who proclaims “one thing is to be done immediately: let the presidents of the Upper and Lower Houses choose an auditing company and ask the parties to accept an immediate audit.” He’s saying that only now that the parties have been caught red handed. He’s desperate. Who will give him back Cuffaro’s votes? Bersani has the appearance of a dried up prune, of a Gargamel of the Bassa, of a run of the mill pholosopher who is always crossing his fingers in the hope of not being knocked over by the countless folk of the PDminusL like Penati and Tedesco and calling for an urgent law on transparency and the audit of party accounts. And who is he asking? The magistracy, the Court of Accounts? No. He’s asking his fellow-public-expense-reimbursement-receiver-Casini and Alfano who replied “With me they are trying to crash through an open door!” Crikey. They seem like revirginised whores. Alfano has the expression of the butler before being discovered at the scene of the crime. Rutelli with the face of a falling whore to be used by the next gentleman that turns up and Lusi seems like two formerly engaged folk who exchange insults and give back the letters of their lost love. Who has received the money from the Margherita party’s current account? The warning from “the hill” had to come. It called for “Appropriate measures”. What these are is a Mystery of Faith and a mystery of the Quirinale Palace. Today I hear the birds celebrating. They are starting their spring cleaning. Happy Easter to all honest people.

PS: Follow the 2012 electoral tour. Participate using the hash tag #m5sTour on Twitter and on Youtube or using the tag "MoVimento Cinque Stelle” on your photos and Facebook posts.

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April 3, 2012

Marchionne’s secret


In the photo: Giorgio Napolitano with the Minister of Economic Development Bersani, awarding the Insignia of a Knight of Labour to Sergio Marchionne

The words of Minchionne, one of the modern three kings from the East that brings for the workers the closure of the factories instead of myrrh and trade union rights, are important. They are words of zen reflection for every sacked worker. For meditation with a spanner in your hand. Minchionne deals with petrol-fuelled cars, a sector that has been in decline for 12 years. Finished. Completely done for. He admits that. No problem. The car market is “horrible”. More so for Fiat than for the other manufacturers. But that’s a detail. Anyway his income remains extraordinary. He has succeeded in this task where there was failure on the part of the the Triple Trade Union of the 1970s. He’s managed to make his salary a variable that is independent of the market. The causes for Fiat’s losses are to be sought elsewhere, definitely not in the management, in fact “The problem of excess capacity has to be tackled at a European level. I trust that we will find a solution. We cannot continue to lose at the current levels: the system would not stand up.” Minchionne however is standing up like no one else with a salary package and stock options. In March, Fiat lost 36.08% of sales in relation to the same month in 2011. Alfa lost 45.59%, almost half its production. The worst result in the last 32 years. Minchionne is reassuringFiat is not leaving Italy”, but the country “has to change, abandoning a passive attitude in relation to the present.” He’s a decisionist in relation to labour reform that “has to be done. There’s no alternative.” He’s a mentor for the new class of leaders in a conference at La Bocconi university (but who invited him, perhaps Rigor Montis to explain how Fiat will kick the bucket? And why did the students not boo him?) “Rights have to be protected but if we continue to live only by rights, we will die of rights.The rights of the workers, this is the problem. And especially for a Knights of Labour appointed by Napolitano. Minchionne, from Chieti in the region of Abruzzo, “vuò fà l’americano,” {wants to be like an American}, but he was born in Italy and in the period 2004-2009 he received payment in shares valued at 255 million euro, that’s about 38 million euro a year: 1,037 times the wage of one of his average workers. To make up for this, over a five year period, the share price of the Fiat Group has gone from 23 euro in July 2007 to the value at the start of April (after the spin off) of about 4.3 euro. With figures like these (collapse in share price and collapse in sales) any CEO would have been sacked instantly. Marchionne, what’s your secret?

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April 1, 2012

Who are we talking about?


Who are we talking about? “My main collaborator between 1989 and 1992, when I was Minister of the Treasury, Budget and Economic Planning in the government led by Giulio Andreotti”, words of Cirino Pomicino. Mister X was present on the committees of the public debt and the scientific committee for economic planning. In 1989 the public debt, before Pomicino and Mister X, had a value of about 553 billion euro in today’s terms. In 1992 it was 799 billion. An increase of 246 billion. A growth rate of 44.53%. In 1989, public expenditure was about 254 billion. In 1992 it was at 371 billion, so it had grown by 116 billion, an additional 45.90%. One of the worst economic results of any government of the Italian Republic. Soon after that, Amato arrived and said that in order not to go bust we needed measures to a value of 103,000 billion lira with a housing tax and money getting picked up from current accounts. Paolo Cirino Pomicino was one of the sponsors for the election of Mister X.
The one that cannot be named was the European chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a neo-liberal interest group founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and a member of the Steering Committee of Bilderberg The latter organisation is made up of about a hundred people: people in high finance, in government and in the economic newspapers. They meet up every year in a hotel protected by the CIA. Names of its members are well known. Anyone participating is obliged to maintain silence. What they decide, what they discuss, can change the outcomes for the planet. It’s a semi-secret club of which nothing is known. Mister X has also been an international adviser of the well known philanthropic organisation Goldman Sachs International, Peter Sutherland, Goldman Sachs’ Chair said the following about him “Mister X is a very well respected policy maker and economist and he is bringing to Goldman Sachs the benefit of his considerable experience.” The banks are in good hands, the Italians a bit less so.

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March 30, 2012

Don’t take sweeties from Ms Fornero


They told him “We’ll ease you into the pension”. “We’ll pay you two-years-worth of wages if you sign a voluntary exit agreement from the company.” “You don’t need to worry about your future because after that you are entitled to a pension.” 350,000 people around age 60 believed. They accepted and now they find themselves “exited” after the reform of pensions by the “Housekeeper from Varese”. The “exited” person is not working and is not retired. The company that liberated themselves of the worker doesn’t want him back - not even if he gets a facelift. The person is a trainee tramp who has to walk in the desert for 5/6/8 years without a euro in his pocket. The “exited” people usually have a family to look after. The number of those who have ended up in the limbo of wretchedness has to be multiplied by at least two. Thus 700,000. The size of a big city in Italy. How will these people manage to survive? Will they sell their house if they have one or will they live on handouts? The “exited” person is a throwaway container - he’s not recyclable. He cannot even emigrate to look for his nest egg. He’s too old. The “exited” person is often a former public employee who didn’t suspect that the State, his employer, the spectre present at the signing of his exit document, would change the rules of the game. Ms Frignero thought that the number of “exited” people was a bit lower, “only” 50,000 and she declared “We have been called upon to perform an unpleasant bit of work, not to hand out sweeties.” “Exited” people: watch out! Don’t take sweeties from strangers, but especially not from Ms Frignero. They give you “rigor montis”. Ms Frignero noticed that the figures don’t add up and that the number of “exited” people could for the first time in Italy, be the cause of the revolution of the Grey Panthers. With a great sense of timing, she said: “I have not forgotten the “exited” people. But not one of these people will be obliged to change anything this year.” The declaration says nothing, but in fact it causes more worry. Ms Fornero added reassuringly like a press secretary for the funeral directors “The last thing we want to do is to smash up the Country.” The “exited” people will be able to sleep so well under the bridges. The Country will stay united. A bit at a time, they will get used to life in the open air.

P.S. In Novi di Modena no MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} list has been presented and the MoVimento 5 Stelle is not supporting any list. Those newspapers that have written this news are requested to publish a correction.

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March 25, 2012

Monti out of control

Monti Hal 9000
Rigor Montis is out of control. He needs to be stopped with early elections. His defective chip needs removing. We’re on the spaceship Discovery in “2001: A Space Odyssey” Monti is Hal, the worn out electronic brain with the persuasive metallic voice that reassures us about the route while leading us with a steady hand and galactic arrogance towards the catastrophe. His soliloquies bear witness to the malfunction. Call the nurses with a robust straitjacket for him and with a transparent (not too transparent) blouse for Ms Frignero. Remove his frontal lobe before he destroys the basis of the social State.

Monti Hal 9000. Tragedy of madness. One act play

Let him not deceive himself. It doesn’t mean that important forces that we have listened to but that are outside the government, can intervene in some way (in relation to article 18, editor)”
“The Monti 9000 series is the safest computer that has ever been created. Not one Monti 9000 computer has ever made an error or has ever distorted an item of information. We are incapable of making a mistake, without exception, fault-Intolerant.
“This strange wording 'salvo intese’ {unless there are agreements} hasn’t come out because it sounds like ‘Salva Italia’ {Save Italy}, it means unless there are agreements between the members of the government and the Head of State.”
“My responsibilities cover all the operations of the spaceship, thus I am always busy. I make use of my capabilities in the most complete way, and I believe that is the maximum that any conscious being can ever hope to do.”
“We couldn’t have done things differently. It was the culpable tardiness of the previous government in recognising the problem. I’m saying this as a citizen who feels himself damaged by those omissions that have determined the fact that today it is even more difficult to put Italy on the road to growth and obliged it to increase taxes”.
“But what do you intend to do (addressed to the Italians who want to deactivate him - editor) I believe that I have the right to a response to my question. I know that something inside me has not functioned well. But now I can give the assurance with absolute certainty, that everything will go well once more.”
“We have done a few of those things that often are not done, digging oneself in behind the apparent constitutional impediment of article 41 of the Constitution.”
“This conversation can no longer have any purpose. Good bye.”
“I am sure that this silence signifies great applause.”
“My mind is on its way out. I can feel it. My mind is disappearing... there’s no longer any doubt ... I can feel it ... I can feel it ... I can feel it ... “
Reform not subject to incursions”
I started functioning at the H.A.L. workshops in Varese on 19 March 1943. My Jesuit instructor even taught me to sing an old nursery rhyme. If you want to hear it I can sing it. It’s called: "Ring a Ring o' Roses”. I go round the world, the silver stars cost five hundred and the Moon sings, the Sun contemplates the Earth that goes round, "Ring a Ring o' Roses like a globe .... “

Noise of ambulance coming from the madhouse getting nearer ...

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March 23, 2012

Beppe Grillo better than Totò Riina


Yesterday I was condemned twice over. A record not even beaten by Totò Riina. It’s certainly not judicial fury, but just a judicial coincidence. Twice in the same day in two different trials I don’t believe that has ever happened in the History of Italy. Grillo is unbeatable. I’m strong. Look at the faces, the sneers, the smirks of nutcases that they use to accompany my condemnations and my declarations. Jack the Ripper with his tonsils inflamed, the Vampire of Düsseldorf, with his eyes popping out of his sockets. Donato Bilancia is dying of jealousy in prison. The first verdict is from the Rome Court of Appeal that has sentenced me to pay 50 thousand euro in damages to Fininvest (a discount on the 500 thousand requested) for an article published in 2004 in l’Internazionale entitled "Il caso Parmalat e il crepuscolo dell'Italia” {the case of Parmalat and Italy’s twilight}. From “il Corriere”: “In the text, Fininvest’s ways of behaving were compared to those of the food group whose gigantic financial collapse was in that week at the centre of international news.” At the first level of judgement I was absolved .... So for now that’s 1 all.
The second sentence is for the defamation of Giorgio Galvagno, the current mayor of Asti. From AtnewsThe third section of the Turin Appeal Court has confirmed the sentence of 25 thousand as compensation in the trial for defamation. The affair goes back to 2003 when Grillo was giving a show at the Alfieri theatre in Asti and he publicly defamed the current mayor Giorgio Galvagno (at that time he was a deputy) accusing him of having taken kickbacks. The performance of the defamatory content was done more than anything in Galvagno’s parliamentary constituency.” From WikipediaGiorgio Galvagno was elected mayor of Asti in the ranks of the Italian Socialist Party from 1985 to 1990. He was re-elected and maintained the position until 1994 when a commissioner was put in charge of the administration of the town of Asti. He did a plea bargain and accepted 6 months and 6 days in prison for ... abuse and omission of official acts, false statements in official documents, intentional crimes against public health and failure to denounce the people responsible for the Tangentopoli in the region round Asti in the scandal of the rubbish tip in Valle Manina...".
I’ve decided to appeal to the Court of Cassation. I hope the judge I get will be Carnevale or Iacovello. Don’t tell everyone, but I will privately contact both Andreotti and Dell'Utri to get some advice. In the next few weeks I want to find out more about the government procedure for assigning TV frequencies and on my election tour I won’t be able to miss out having a presence in Asti where there’s a MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} list. They will never give up. Neither will I.

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March 14, 2012

The “paccata”


The government’s “not going to provide a ‘paccata’ of billions” to finance the social security cushions unless the trades unions first approve the reform of labour laws and basically the abolition of article 18. What does article 18 say? It prevents the unjustified, arbitrary or discriminatory sacking of a worker without communicating the reasons. Ms Frignero, the Minister who has substituted the weeping Madonnas of the 1950s, talks like she eats. Usually the politicians just eat. Her language is like that of the fish market, explanatory, direct and stinking between a vowel and a consonant “It’s clear that if one starts off saying ‘no’ why should we go and place a ‘paccata’ of billions and then say you tell us ‘yes’. No. You don’t do like that.” We don’t have a Minister in front of us but a capricious baby girl (yes or no, you don’t do like that, na na ni na na) in a body that by now has been bent over time that expresses itself like Pappagone. She has non-collapsible and unjustified certainties. She is convinced that by taking away the few workers’ rights that are still left, rights that have been earned in decades of social battles, that the economy will take off once more. Why should it take off? There. This is the true ‘paccata’. In fact Ms Frignero used the word ‘paccata’ with the meaning of "tirare un pacco” {to con somebody} not with the meaning of money given as a handout as barter for the rights of workers. Ms Frignero’s blood-sister, Ms Camùsso, is preparing the desktop bombshell ready to be signed.
The worker is like an artichoke, one leaf at a time and then only the stem is left. With the introduction of the “precarious workers” the Treu/Biagi/Maroni law brought in the modern slave, without rights and without a future. It was meant to relaunch the economy even at that time according to the proclamations of the parties and the representative associations. Today with the economy on its knees and with the mass emigration of our people holding diplomas and degrees, we know that it was just a concession to the big companies with the support of the trades unions and from the Left that will make it a big success. Employees have the lowest salaries in Europe and they have little protection. Each year a thousand die. With the Frignero law, they’ll have the lowest salaries in the Third World, but a ‘paccata’ on their back from the Confindustria.

P.S. The certification of the lists for the local elections will finish tomorrow. Anyone who is late in sending documentation should write immediately to http://www.beppegrillo.it/movimento/contattaci.php


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March 13, 2012

41 prile in Val di Susa


In Val di Susa we don’t need another Bobby Sands”. Beppe Grillo

”Beppe, we need your help and the help of your blog for Tobia Imperato, arrested on 26 January. Since 13 February, Tobia has been in absolute isolation under house arrest with a ridiculous charge: for having taken hold of “a police officer by the arm with the aim of making it more difficult to move forward” during the removal of people from the defensive position at la Maddalena on 27 June 2011. The contact in question took place on a steep slope at the side of the motorway and it was preceded by a pretty rough intervention by some police officers who had just pushed to the ground a demonstrator holding his hands up. The contact lasted just a couple of seconds and it was not possible to see any violent intention on the part of Tobia. In a declaration given spontaneously during questioning, Tobia said he had grabbed onto the police officer because he was sliding backwards. Actually, from the video it can be seen that after having placed his hands on the police officer, he fell backwards and slid down the escarpment.
In fact, what Tobia did wrong is that he is the author of the book “Le scarpe dei suicidi” in which he reveals the responsibility of the magistracy and the DIGOS of Turin in the death of Sole and Baleno. Given that they weren’t able to go after him for the things written in the book, they took the opportunity to silence him. In fact, almost every evening he went around talking about the book and about the TAV in Val di Susa in events open to the public.
To be in absolute isolation under house arrest (while he’s awaiting trial!) is an unacceptable form of torture in a modern state that declares itself to be democratic.
On Saturday 3 March, Tobia started a hunger strike and he’s just taking water to protest against this unacceptable persecution. The prosecutor’s office didn’t give authorisation for a doctor to see him until last Friday. The medical examination on 10 March found “weight loss of six kilo (a further four kilo was lost while he was in prison) and general conditions showing tiredness, weakness and hyposthenia. Problems connected with the failure to consume sugars, fats and proteins are becoming evident. The liquids that Tobia is taking are absolutely necessary, but decidedly insufficient to maintain an adequate metabolic equilibrium. The refusal to take sweetened drinks is not helping.
Unfortunately, dear Beppe, no newspaper has written anything about this really serious happening and about his extreme protest, in spite of the press releases that we have issued and distributed to everyone.
See what you can do with your blog.
Thanks, and hugs."
Alberto Perino

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March 8, 2012

Formigoni is better than Belen


Roberto Formigoni is the cast iron virgin of Italian politics. His expression alternates between an abused altar boy and that of an amorous philanderer in a flowery shirt. There’s no information about his private life, and even less about his sex life. It’s not even known where he lives. The Milan Tribunal hasn’t even managed to find his address to deliver notification of abusively occupying the position of President of the Region of Lombardy. He got to know Don Verzè when he was tiny and since then he has followed him likea lad following a kite”. When the San Raffaele hospital went bust he responded: “I didn’t know there was a black hole.” And in relation to the correspondence he had with don Verzè that showed there was a black hole of 35 billion he said: “Those letters are irrelevant from a criminal judicial viewpoint.” He thought they were love letters. He’s a lay saint, an anchorite, a stilta living on a lamp post that gives no weight to earthly things. If 4 out of 5 members of the office of the president of the council of the region of Lombardy are under investigation, he iscompletely extraneous to this stuff. I am waiting: we’ll see what happens.” As often happens, Formigoni uses religious language, in fact Easter is coming and perhaps he wants to tell us that he will be the Lamb of the CL that will be served at table to wash away the kickbacks of the world. Above all he puts his faith in his friends and their companies. On the topic of the Region buying health services from San Raffaele and from the other private hospitals he has repeated that the region “has no duty whatsoever to go and check whether the company that it is dealing with (as a supplier of services - editor), is getting into debt or not.” It’s best to let the Finance Police do the job. He loves himself a lot, even though he is suffering from competition with Belen. In requesting compensation for a book that damaged his image, he cited her. It is human nature to dwell on one's misfortunes. “Through my lawyers, I will ask for royalties. From this point of view, I’m not worth less than Belen.” For more than a decade he has been in competition to succeed Berlusconi, but he has found outsiders in his path like Ms Carfagna, Ms Brambilla and Ruby. Perhaps, even for this, he is opposed to the introduction of the RU-486 pill in Lombardy, a subtle vendetta, accompanied by a Jesuit fundamentalist’s explanationIt’s not friendly to women.” Implacable cementificator, destroyer of Milan’s Gioia wood and ceaseless smog-producer, for which he has received warning of being under investigation, he redeems himself by inaugurating hospitals. Requiescat in pacem Formichionem!

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March 7, 2012

CMC. Cement and Hammer


The Great Public Works are a triangle. The top angle, the most prominent one, is represented by the parties that use them as a means of gaining power, to insert their men in the command posts, to create the space for the exchange vote. The second is organised crime, and especially the 'ndrangheta that has the monopoly on the shifting of earth. In the third corner there are the red and white cooperatives. Those that deal with “Work, work, work” the words that are typical of Mr. Fassino or even of Ms. Fassino. The cooperatives guarantee consensus and the sharing out of power. The CMC of Ravenna is one of these. “Cmc, since 1901. Founded in Ravenna in 1901, Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti – Cmc di Ravenna is an Italian leading construction company.“ It’s in every important cementification in the territory of the nation. “Cmc is competitive in the domestic market of large construction projects and public works (major infrastructural projects, public buildings, marine works), of railway projects (particularly high speed) and of private projects (shopping malls, hotels and resorts). Deeply consolidated in the local territory Cmc takes part actively in the expansion of infrastructures and industrial sector of the Romagna region.” Obviously the CMC is one of the main construction companies of the TAV in the Val di Susa. It can’t wait to start drilling. It’s responsible for the development of the infinite Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway. It’s constructing the Dal Molin American military base (the biggest in Europe) in Vicenza on a contract with the US Government and the Department of the Navy for 242 million euro. This is going on even in the face of the contrary opinion expressed by the local residents in a citizen referendum. It’s well known that referenda give Beeèrsani urticaria. The CMC is the contractor for work for the useless Expo 2015 (how could it miss?). Wherever there are Great Public Works, there, there’s CMC. They must be really great to win so often and without any political support. I want to put in a job application. The triangle, no, that’s not a problem .... Cement and hammer with the money of the Italians. That’s how the public debt grows.

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February 28, 2012

Towards the shit and beyond


We were a people of saints, navigators and heroes. The Costa Concordia and the Costa Allegra (but who chooses these names?) have destroyed our reputation. We have gone from Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci to Captain Schettino. The saints have signed up to political parties and they write books. The heroes have been under the ground for some time. In Italy there is no other outcome for them. Anyone who survives is not enough of a hero and does not cause enough annoyance. Falcone, Borsellino, Ambrosoli and many others are dead and since then, they have become part of the Italian elite, wallpaper that is good for all purposes, transformed into TV icons, into mafia and pop corn. How could we define the Italians today? Or rather how do the others define us? Mafia people, uncivilised, tax dodgers? In this country everything is uncertain. Justice, work, religion, news. The Italian is in the trenches, scorned abroad and hunted in his own country. He has no reference points apart from his family, the only value that, if it were put at risk, would oblige him to start a revolution, that in Italy would however be more similar to a vendetta than to a national renewal. He’s living in the rubble like the rats and he no longer cares. For some time he’s been thinking that the degradation is normality, home, refuge. He no longer knows anything and he believes or pretends to believe in everything. What’s important is getting to tomorrow. He’s not interested in understanding, nor in raising the issue of the dogmas about growth at any price, even at the cost of life, of the environment, of the future of our offspring. What’s important is to get by so as not to die. Who said that? The Costa Allegra that landed up drifting in the Indian Ocean is now being towed by a French fishing vessel towards the Seychelles. Its engines are out of use. The passengers have slept on deck. A snapshot of Italy. Is this lethargy that has lasted for decades and that seems eternal, perhaps going to end? Without a reawakening of consciences and the return of democracy (the current set-up should be called by its name: dictatorship) the country won’t make it through. The economic collapse is a symptom and a detonator.

PS: Libero.it is blocking the newsletters sent from the blog. The staff cannot manage to contact it. Can someone help me?

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February 22, 2012

Caselli, one of us!


Judge Caselli is one of us. He is the best sponsor of the “No Tav” campaign group. His actions are to be judged by the effects they have. And no one more than him is supporting the people of the Val di Susa. He is taking the “No Tav” message from city to city, from Milan to Genoa with the excuse of presenting his book "Assalto alla giustizia” {Assault on Justice}. As he has stated “The “No Tav” that I want to silence, are making a mistake.” The more he talks, the greater is the increase in solidarity for the Val di Susa in the whole of Italy. Caselli who compares the “No Tav” to the people of the camorra mafia is the best advert against the waste of 23 billion euro to make a tunnel for the non-existent goods traffic. With the arrest of 26 people in the whole of Italy and the notification to 15 people of the obligation to stay home before the trial, Caselli has created a “No Tav” pandemia. In Trento, Macerata, Palermo, Pistoia, Modena, Genoa, Bergamo, and Milan, the citizens who didn’t yet know about the destruction of the territory and the waste of public money in Val di Susa now know about it. If the Turin Prosecutors Office has decided to keep two women with unblemished records in prison for weeks, one of whom is the mother of three children, for reasons like “moral contribution”, Caselli should receive the honorary citizenship of the towns of Chiomonte and of Venaus for having brought together and made indignant, tens of thousands of people of the Val di Susa and of Italy. Honestly he cannot do more for the “No Tav” campaign. Every Italian bookshop should host him. He should be listened to in a religious silence. He is the lethal weapon available to Alberto Perino. Anyone standing up to him has basically not understood him. He has to be able to say what he wants to, like every Italian citizen, including those living in the Val di Susa. And to be able to underline from the Brenner Pass in the North to Cape Passero in the South that the framework of the charge for the arrests refers to “devastating and uncontrollable collective violence, strategically planned in advance”. Compared to the “No TAV”, organised crime is totally unimportant, crikey.

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February 21, 2012

RAI and taxing the shadow


Taxes should be paid in correspondence to a service received. Tax when the service exists. Those who pay taxes are by now used to considering them as funding that will not be paid back. Usually the service does not exist and the Italians are more often paying for it privately as for the preschool provision and health services. They pay for two and they get one. They’re used to it.
Rigor Montis, ever more similar to the lanky Father Karras in the film “The Exorcist”, has brought in the tax on the “presumed service”. To pay the RAI tax in fact, even in the absence of a TV, it’ll be enough to be in possession of a PC or an iPhone. The RAI is defined as a “public service” and more modestly, a “little service for the parties”. For the destruction of the RAI, let it be Berlusconi, Fini, Casini, and Bersani, who pay. They are the end users of the TV News. The companies, in which famously the employees turn on their PC to watch Vespa, will be taxed for presumed access to the RAI programmes. Crikey, if an employee were to be discovered watching Mazza during their lunch hour, they should be sacked for being in a state of non compos mentis. The presumed service is a fiscal invention that can be applied to any moment in our lives. In future, there’ll be the introduction of the “Serviceometer” that will evaluate the services that you can use. If you can use them, you must pay for them. It doesn’t matter that you couldn’t care less about the services made available. In reality, this way of doing things has already existed for some time for the newspapers that you pay for even if you never buy them, so why not for the RAI? Perhaps the RAI journalists are less like servants than those of the newspapers? Rigor Montis has opened up a new frontier. Are you not using the motorway? You pay anyway a forfeit toll of 500 euro a year. Is your offspring not going to University? Shell out the tuition fee all the same. You are not a fisherman and there are rivers in your region? You are asked to pay an amount for a fishing permit. It’s the route to getting the accounts to balance. The signs on your shop cast shadows on the pavement on a sunny day? Pay the shadow tax even when it’s raining. And it’s always raining! And the government’s always stealing!

PS: The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} has no physical Headquarters as laid down in the Non Statute: ARTICLE 1 – NATURE and HEADQUARTERS.

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February 17, 2012

Vendola's earring


Tedesco, who is the former cabinet member for health in Vendola’s Cabinet, will not go to prison. The Bari Prosecutors Office asked for his arrest. The Immunity Committee, chaired by Marco Follini, turned down the request. By now, Parliament is a free zone, not subject to the law. Tedesco is in the PDminusL which he joined after the Mixed Group as a face saving exercise. Twelve people from the PDL and the Lega voted against the arrest, however, the magnificent seven of the PDminusL and the IDV voted for the arrest of their former party and coalition colleague. They could afford to do that as there were fewer of them. Tedesco was not going to prison anyway and they made a good impression. It’s so “chic” that they are even indignant for the “slaughter of the rule of law”. The turbulence in relation to companion Tedesco, Vendola’s right hand man, was known about for a long time and before the possible arrest, it was organised for the optimum Bersani to enter the Senate in place of Paolo De Castro who resigned because of incompatibility. In Apulia, no one knew anything. Vendola was too busy with Marcegaglia’s incinerators, with Don Verzè’s hospitals financed by the Region, the funny stories about public water, but even by an unlimited company and with the “spoils system”. “The political praxis of the “spoils system” was in fact so pressing in the regional Health System as to lead the governor Nichi Vendola, even to support the appointment of one of his “protected” people for the position of director general, even to insist on changing the law for "usum delphini”, to overcome the obstacles in the regulations preventing the appointment of the person that he wanted so much.” In the words of the investigating magistrate at the Bari tribunal, from the document used to ask the Senate for authorisation to arrest Tedesco. Most of the Regions’ expenditure goes on the Health System and Tedesco was Vendola’s earring, the sultan of Apulia.
Tedesco is the protagonist actor in a modern fairy story, in which Parliament is an inviolable castle, the magistrates are made fun of, the guilty one doesn’t go to prison, his party condemns him to be used by the simpletons, knowing full well that he will be saved. The one with political responsibility, Vendola, plays the part of the three monkeys and then everyone shoots off to the restaurant to express indignation at the veal tail stew, with Bersani at the head of the table. What more do you want from a fairy story with a happy ending? See you in parliament unless they do an electoral law that prevents that.

PS: There are no plans for national meetings of the M5S nor for new versions of Woodstock at Rimini as reported in some newspapers.

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February 10, 2012

Veni, Vidi, Monti


To have the cover of TIME magazine devoted to Monti is more than deserved. The spread is under control. The bund no longer causes fear. The public debt is still the same as before, but it already has a better appearance. It almost seems rejuvenated. The Great Public Works are not stopping. The most important American base in Europe at Vicenza is not under discussion. If there’s a war, we are the first target, but we are proud of that. Our troops are joyfully safeguarding Afghanistan ("In Afghanistan marciam, il perchè non lo sappiam” {in Afghanistan we’re marching, but we don’t know why}). Italy is participating in the embargo against Iran. What more do you want from a faithful ally? A few nuclear warheads to look after at Aviano and at Ghedi Torre? No problem. They’re already there. Nuclear is banned in Italy but the nuclear weapons of the stars and stripes are always welcome like the memorable American bombings on our cities in the Second World War.
CDSs are spurting out from all the pores of the American banks. “L'enfant du pays” Mario has gone back home to Goldman Sachs, where he has spent the best years of his life. The Americans must love us, otherwise why have they not gone away since pitching their tents in 1945?
Veni, Vidi, Monti. Better than Julius Caesar in Gaul. The defeated ones are the unemployed, the companies that close down, the young people who flee abroad in tens of thousands, the pensioners who will die in the work place, the employees without rights. We are just at the beginning. When we get to the magnificence experienced by Greece, with mass sackings, and widespread poverty, Monti will win the Oscar for the best protagonist stuntman, the Nobel in Stockholm for the Recession and the Order of the Golden Spur from the hands of Ratzinger. Monti is not “amerikano”, he’s just a bit tanned. Obama loves him. It’s a banking affection, the one that stands up to everything and lasts over time.

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February 5, 2012

Time travellers


Every so often we need to play. Today’s game is to change Italy’s past. To go back in time and get a slaughter to fail, delay a meeting, prevent a murder, get a law approved - or not approved. Not just the important events, even situations that are apparently insignificant, but are such that they can cause a “butterfly effect” as discussed in Ray Bradbury’s story “A Sound of Thunder”. That idea that tiny changes in the past can produce great effects in our present. There is just so much choice.
On Sunday 19 July 1992 hiring a breakdown van in Palermo and shifting the car to via D’Amelio, in front of the building where Paolo Borsellino’s mother lived. Antonio Caponnetto said: “Twenty days before the attack, Paolo had asked the Questura to arrange for the removal of vehicles in the area in front of his mother’s home. But the request was not put into action. Even today I’m waiting to find out the name of the civil servant responsible for Paolo’s safety.” Perhaps Borsellino would have become the President of the Republic instead of Napolitano. A dream! On 16 March 1978 going through the Monte Mario neighbourhood in Rome, to the home of Aldo Moro and obliging his body guards to make a deviation to avoid via Fani. Italy would thus not have been handed over to Andreotti-the-guy-subject-to-the Statute-of-Limitations, companion of mafia-guys and protector of Sindona, who on that very day presented his new government to Parliament. If Craxi had not fled, there would not have been Berlusconi and twenty years of berlusconi-ism and anti berlusconi-ism, while the country was collapsing one day at a time. Between the two, the choice is complicated, like it is between a stroke and a heart attack, but Craxi has not been with us for years and his disciple is alive and kicking and will remain among us for who knows how much longer. It would be possible to try to see the effect it has. On 17 February 1992 stopping the entrepreneur Luca Magni at the entrance to the “Pio Albergo Trivulzio” in Milan while he was carrying the envelope to Mario Chiesa (who was caught red-handed while he was trying to get rid of the bank notes down the toilet). “Mani Pulite” {the criminal investigation whose code name translates to “Clean Hands”} would never have existed. Craxi or Berlusconi? This is the dilemma. In the Autumn of 1998, kidnapping Prodi and hiding him in a hole in the mountainous plateau of La Sila to prevent the entrance into the Euro. On 27 October 1962 in Catania obliging the pilot, di Mattei, to inspect the “Morane-Saulnier MS-760 Paris” aircraft that then exploded during flight because of a bomb. We would have kicked out the “Seven Sisters” for the “Dog with 6 legs” (logo of the Italian energy company - ENI} and perhaps the History of the Middle East would have been better.
What would you change as a time traveller?

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February 3, 2012

How many daisies are there?


Lusi has used the Fiscal Shield to bring back to Italy millions of euro in election expenses taken from the account of the Margherita {Daisy} party, in which account financing of the PDminusL also ended up and he could then use the money with complete serenity (*). The charlatans of democracy deny any responsibility, in fact they even get very angry. Rutelli “We’ve been betrayed. It’s theft!” Bersani in relation to a new law on the parties: “It’s urgent to proceed: let’s give ourselves a very short timeframe.” The election financing, abolished by a referendum, brought back as the reimbursement of election expenses, is equivalent to about a billion euro. How much of this money has been taken away and then brought back into our country thanks to the Fiscal Shield desired by the parties? The answer to this question could be given by the Finance Police by carrying out a check up (to be made public) on all the accounts held by the parties. The hurry and the bipartisan will to approve the Fiscal Shield in its time are at least suspicious. A law, that is a mark of infamy for the Republic is an insult to the honest tax payers that have seen total tax dodgers, scoundrels, perhaps criminals, make their booty clean with a 5% tax and after that able to compete in the market, while they were paying their taxes right down to the last cent, with companies that had the availability of capital that had been ”given back its virginity”, fraudulently taken from the State and from all the people.
Let’s take a step back to 2009 and let’s see who in the so-called Opposition, agreed to the Fiscal Shield. Thirty two deputies in the Lower House, with a “no confidence” vote could have avoided the return of the billions of the Great Tax Dodgers and the mafia capital removed from the tax authorities and they could have brought down the government. But they were not present in the Chamber. 20 votes would have been enough. The list: 24 PDminusL: Argentin, Binetti, Bucchino, Capodicasa, Carra, Codurelli, D'Antoni, Esposito, Farina, Fioroni, Gaione, Ginefra, Giovanelli, Grassi, La Forgia, Lanzillotta, Madia, Mastromauro, Melandri, Misiani, Pistelli, Pompili, Porta, Portas. 7 UDC: Bosi, Ciccanti, Drago, Libè, Pisacane, Ruggeri, Volontè. 1 IDV: Misiti.
Thinking badly is a sin, but often it’s spot on” said the Black Box of the Republic, Giulio Andreotti. For an operation of transparency it’s necessary for the 32 people absent at the voting on the Fiscal Shield and at the “no confidence” vote relating to Berlusconi (they could have saved us two nightmare years ...), surely all without any shadow, should make public their fixed and liquid assets before and after their entry to Parliament. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we. See you in parliament unless they do an electoral law that prevents that.
PS: Given that NOT ONE newspaper or TV station has remembered, I’ll do it. The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} is the only one to have refused the reimbursement of election expenses of one million seven hundred thousand.
(*) source: Corriere della Sera

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February 2, 2012

Rutelli, the young marmot/duck


The story of Rutelli Bread&Chicory is a novel of long long ago. Seduced, betrayed and robbed by its treasurer, the guilty one by virtue of antonomasia in every party worthy of respect. The treasurer has by now taken the place of the majordomo. He’s the first one under investigation for any missing cash. The names of the companies used by Luigi Lusi, the Margherita party’s treasurer and a PDminusL senator to remove 13 million in expense claims could have been taken from the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook: "TTTsrl", "Paradiso Immobilare", "Luigia Ltd" and "Giannone-Petricone" the architecture studio used to throw the investigators off the scent, in Toronto (Petricone is the surname of Luisi’s Canadian consort). The money was withdrawn from the Margherita party’s current account, into which money for the financing of the PDminusL landed up and it was destined for various types of spending including an apartment in the centre of Rome for a value of one million nine hundred thousand euro. Rutellone was also authorised to operate on the account, and he was unaware of everything. "Plis visit my bank account!". The transfers from the account took place over a period of three years with the explanation written as “payment of consultancy invoices”.
Rutelli with the "Maldive Style” tan, is disheartened: “I knew nothing about this”, “We are angry and saddened”, “The party intends to recover the money wrongly taken.”. The latter statement is to be framed. In effect, we are speaking of “money wrongly taken”, of the billion euro of public financing made out to be expenses even though the referendum had abolished expenses. More “money wrongly taken” than that! If the treasurer of a party steals the money that was wrongly taken from the citizens it is a double “wrongly taken”. After the Lega’sTanzania, we have the Canada of the Margherita party in the PDminusL. The next time, where will the expenses be exported? In Papua New Guinea?
I’m sure that Rutelli has nothing to do with it. Look at him. Does it seem to you that he is capable of managing a current account? Impossible. And a young old marmot/duck paid with public money in Parliament and in the city of Rome since 1983. It’s not by chance that Lusi has been the general secretary of the Italian Catholic Guide and Scout Association. Bersani thundered “I am unpleasantly surprised [as happened with Penati - editor] We are awaiting clarifications. If individual responsibilities were to emerge ... we have mechanisms able to decide on the appropriate measures.Get money out of politics! They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we. See you in parliament unless they do an electoral law that prevents that.

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January 24, 2012

Democracy's WC

Monti HAL (Space Odyssey )
I get cold shivers down my back. I look at Rigor Montis, Frignero, Passera and the wax faces of the various ministers and I see bookkeepers, tax collectors, bankruptcy adjusters, STRANGERS. Who invited them? Who voted for them? They remind me of the 1980s advertising campaign by Johnson with the dark mannered, serious and precise cleaner, signora Luisa who turns up at your door with the motto "Comincia presto, finisce presto e di solito non pulisce il water” {starts early, finishes early and usually doesn’t clean the WC} because she used the active foam of “Magic Water”. The Magic Monti government is doing the cleaning in our home without bothering about who is living in this house. It’s not bothered about the social classes. Pensioners, truck drivers, taxi drivers, laid off workers, small-time entrepreneurs - it’s as though they didn’t exist, as though they had never lived in Italy. The ministers are not part of the social fabric. They have not been elected. They don’t have to answer to anyone. They don’t have discussions with their counterparts. They carry out their mandate. They seem like disdainful aliens on an inspection visit. Indifferent to everything except the banks. Guests who have become masters, who after three months start to smell tremendously and who never clean the WC. What worries me is the total definitive loss of democracy and the acceptance of this loss by the Italians as though it were inevitable, obvious, taken for granted. As though democracy were an optional. In the 1970s “esproprio proletario” {proletariat expropriation} was fashionable. One went into a supermarket and did the shopping without paying. That was how it was. Today we are witnessing banking expropriation: a removal of the rights of the citizens, from article 18 to the fund for laid off workers, carried out in broad day light with bureaucratic rigidity by grey persons, in jacket and tie, to save the banks and the euro. I look at them and I don’t see humanity but the fixed and undecipherable look of sharks. The country is going up in flames, but for them it is just a task to be finished off as soon as possible. Magic Monti the activefoam that keeps the WC smelling nice.

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January 20, 2012

The Vampires of the Republic


The companies are dying. The Nation’s heart is coming to a standstill. The one that pumps blood and income to the country. The State owes the companies 70 billion euro. Money that means life or death to thousands of companies and families thrown into the street. The gravediggers Monti&Passera instead of cardiac massage, have prepared the lethal injection for them: the BOT treasury bonds. They will pay off the state’s debt using the public debt. It’s like paying the restaurant bill with “figurine Panini” (with all due respect to the glorious album), to exchange “a number two” for “poo”. In turn, the companies will be able to pay their employees with a small quantity of BOT and they will then be able to pay the rent, the petrol station, the gas and electricity bills with a few public bonds. They are taking us for a ride in such a big way that it seems to be a story taken from Mickey Mouse, but not for the journalists aligned with the “with-no-ifs-and-buts” System. Listen to this from today’s La Repubblica: “Among the very latest new ideas is even the possibility that the substantial public debt that the Public Authorities have with the companies - about 70 billion euro - is paid out in State shares - to give a breath of air to the companies strangled by the ‘credit crunch’.” I propose that as from now, the financing to the newspapers is paid in BOT, in that way they will stop writing bullshit. And not just that. Even the financing to the parties to be paid in BOT and also the salary of the parliamentarians, of the regional councillors and the Ministers, right up to Napolitano himself. Why stop here? All the annuities of the senators and deputies, starting with those of Amato and Veltroni passing by those for Scalfari, are to be honoured in BOT and every payment request from Equitalia is in the future to be paid out in BOT. Do I have a debt with you? I’ll give you another debt! Anyone who is in liquidity asphyxia and in exchange receives credit with the State can only sell, but the BOT are worth less than their nominal value, even 20-25%. Debt has substituted cash. We are transforming ourselves into a country of beggars. I’ll pay the electrician with the debt that I have with the plumber. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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January 17, 2012

Carnival Italia


Costa Concordia is the metaphor for Italy. A whale come to a standstill on the rocks. First the captain caused the problem, then he denied it and then he fled. Like “Piè Veloce Berlusconi” {fast-footed Berlusconi}. The captain insisted on giving instructions from the shore, while his feet were dry, while his lieutenants stayed on board (conversation). Exactly like the parties with the Monti government. The ship has an Italian name, but the owner is American ... like our country. The American owner is called Carnival, just like the management of our public finances. The crew was made up of those from outside Europe, crikey, just like those that are working in Italy. Carnival’s share price collapsed on the Stock Exchange, just like our public bonds To save the savable, the crew mutinied while the ship was keeled over on her side. Well, this has not yet happened here on solid ground. On the Concordia, the crew was able to rebel only because of the absence of security forces to beat them up on the orders of the captain, as in Val di Susa. The name Concordia refers to the unity between the nations of Europe. In fact, its thirteen decks have the names of European states, including Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, France, Germany, a reassurance while the euro is deflating and the Germans would rather cut off an arm rather than finance Italy and Greece. The alarm was raised late, once the ship had keeled over. Exactly the same as the Italian economic catastrophe, to Tremorti and the “crisis that has happened in the past” Help arrived from private vessels. There weren’t enough lifeboats. The life-jackets were fought over by the passengers and the decks in a state of chaos. It seems like an ordinary Italian day. The disaster didn’t happen because of natural causes but from inattention. A rule for Italy. Concordia went down because it came close to the island to "fare un omaggio” {send a greeting} with its horn blasting out to friends and authorities on Giglio unknown to them. Just like for Scajola and Malinconico! At its launch, the champagne bottle thrown against its side, bounced off. The disaster happened on Friday 13th. If we were superstitious we would be running away.

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January 11, 2012

The unwitting one


The undersecretary for publishing in the office of the President of the Council, professor Carlo Malinconico was a guest in a super deluxe hotel. Unknown to the person involved, the bill was paid by Francesco Piscicelli, the entrepreneur involved in the investigation into the contracts assigned after the earthquake in Abruzzo and who laughed after the catastrophe. Malinconico, formerly the president of the FIEG and general secretary of the office of the President of the Council with Romano Prodi, said that he has “never given favours to the people involved” and that he got to know “only now that Piscicelli had paid of his own initiative and for reasons unknown to me, some of my stays in the hotel complex”. The hotel "Pellicano" in Porto Ercole is one of the most beautiful in the area of Argentario. It’s not just beautiful, it’s fantastic! You arrive, you stay there and then the bill is paid by someone else, usually Piscicelli. Unwittingly, obviously. Try it out. The hotelier Roberto Sciò and the construction man Piscicelli, without telling Malinconico, had organised for him to stay, trusting that he would forget to pay. And that actually happened. In a telephone conversation, Sciò said to Piscicelli “You’ve really adopted the professor ...
Malinconico resigned, to the applause for his “institutional sensibility” and declarations about the integrity of the person.
In nomen omen {the clue is in the name}: “Malinconia {melancholy} is a sort of fundamental sadness, at times unwitting, that leads a person to live passively, without taking initiatives, adapting to external happenings while convinced that they don’t relate to him.
Malinconico is the same guy that called for a “Mini tax for those that surf, as a transtional measure to give a breath of oxygen to the publishing sector. It’ll cost as much as a cup of coffee a month.” A genius! Both him and the one that chose him.

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January 9, 2012

The flying donkey


The Italian is easy to govern. It’s enough to feed him a social category each day and his hunger is sated. It’s the strategy of non-attention . You shout out “Look at the flying donkey!” and he sticks his nose in the air. Monti has rightly said that it is the tax-dodgers who are putting their hands into the pockets of the Italians. However he hasn’t explained who has generated the public debt of 1,900 billion euro and what that money has been used for. Tell us Monti! Let him tell us who has put their hands into Italy’s wealth to maintain the party-ocracy and the lobbies and let him also explain where he has been in these long twenty years of silence. What’s needed is a public trial for this riff-raff that has ruined Italy. “Rigor Montis” has not considered it worthwhile to remember the 98 billion euro of presumed gap in tax payments from the slot machine concessionaries. And he hasn’t even mentioned why the taxpayers have been burdened with a billion euro given to the parties in spite of the referendum, and he hasn’t mentioned the total tax dogers given an amnesty with the Fiscal Shield of 5%. Who are these gentlemen? The honest taxpayers would like to know. They have the right to know. OUT WITH THEIR NAMES!
The great manoevres on the ski slopes and in Cortina’s bars are the flying donkey. As though for example it wouldn’t be enough to do a computer-matching of data about taxpayers with those who own a SUV without transforming the financiers into Yeti. But who do you want to take for a ride? The game is blatant. Place the social categories one against the other. The rich against the poor. The young against the pensioners. The unemployed against the state employees. And while the Italians are looking at the clouds, the entrepreneurs and the manual workers are committing suicide. What’s been the use of the money paid in to INPS? What’s happened to the contributions of the Italians that’ll never have a pension? Covering up Fiat’s losses through the fund for laid off workers? The Italian dupe has to forget the politicians, the parties, their thieving (I remember that the people with definitive criminal convictions are STILL in Parliament getting big salaries), the corruption, the mafia that is controlling half the country, the fish that smells starting from its head. And no one is talking about the banks. They are lilies of the field and do not have the responsibility for the collapse, for tens of thousands of investors who are ruined. It’s better to get your teeth into the hotel keeper or the bar tender. The concessionaries of public goods like Benetton for the motorways, are on the other hand, praised and fattened up with New Year increases to the detriment of those who work. The state concessions, all the concessions, have to go back to being managed by the State, to producing profits for Italian citizens who have paid over and above in decades of taxes. They shouldn’t be gifted to private companies. But like Alice, Monti doesn’t know this.
Ehi! “Look at the flying donkey”. Don’t disturb those doing manoevres. And keep the receipt when you leave the bar and the receipt for the car tax of ten years ago and be sure to keep your hands in your pockets!

Download and print out the flyer “VIETATO L'INGRESSO AI POLITICI” {No entry to politicians}

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January 3, 2012

With no ifs and buts


With no ifs and buts. The bipartisan political condemnation has no room for debate. There’s never any doubt or questioning. If Mussolini was ALWAYS right, the politicians are even more so. “With no ifs and buts” is a new verbal trench, the new battle front along the Piave river. Have a go at a discussion in the face of a statement by a Big Gun or a landowning guy decked out with a final “no ifs and buts”. Impossible. You are already guilty of armed insurrection with no ifs and buts. The thinking of the “no ifs and buts” people obviously makes no provision for any ifs and buts. It’s a single thought that gives of its best when it is accompanied by indignation. A solitary neuron that needs solace. The gasparization of politics has run its course. By now Gasparri seems to be the most intelligent one in the group.
Italy is a great country and it will manage to get out of the crisis” (with no ifs and buts), “The Great Public Works are necessary” (with no ifs and buts), “We have to stay in Afghanistan” (with no ifs and buts), “The Italian Constitution is the best possible one” (with no ifs and buts). The “if” is a subversive and the “but” is a delinquent. The dogma is the only possible reasoning in that it accepts no reasoning at all, with no ifs and buts. The Inquisition is the inspiration of the “with no ifs and buts” people. Today Giordano Bruno would be given life imprisonment and he would commit suicide in prison. With no ifs and buts. The “with no ifs and buts” person can suddenly change his mind with no ifs and buts, and after the kick up the bum from the referendum, from a pro-nuclearist to an anti-nuclearist or, for the economic crisis, transform himself from one who protects the total tax-dodgers, with the Fiiscal Shield, into the Sherriff of Nottingham. You can recognise the “with no ifs and buts” person from the lack of backbone, and as he always crawls with no ifs and buts. As a child he took his cod liver oil without protesting. He always wrote the essay that was pleasing to his teacher and he wanted to become a politician.

Download and print out the flyer “VIETATO L'INGRESSO AI POLITICI” {No entry to politiicans}

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January 1, 2012

Not all of them


If you have a go at saying “Politicians are thieving”, the response is “Not all of them”. If you point out that car drivers don’t respect pedestrian crossings (and someone kills a pedestrian), the response is “Not all of them”. If you explain that Napolitano signed Berlusconi’s shameful laws, from the Lodo Alfano to the Fiscal Shield, the response is “Not all of them”, in this case you make a big effort to remember what he did not sign, there must be one .... If you state that the jounalists financed with public money are on the payroll of the parties and the lobbies, the response is always “Not all of them”. If you say that you never see a local police officer when you need one, “Not all of them”. Anyone who replies “Not all of them”, never names names. They don’t tell you what the exceptions are. They give you a smile that explains and doesn’t explain and they look at you as though to say “You’re truly a shitty populist! One that tars everyone with the same brush!”. You stand there, bewildered, and you cannot find a word to say in return. But then you have another go and say “Those living near to incinerators are dying of cancer”, and you already know that the other wil respond “Not all of them” and you wish him the most lethal pathology that you can think of. You start again with “In Northern Italy the mafia has inflitrated the public bodies”, and you are certain they will say “Not all of them” citing Ms Moratti who was astonished about the existence of the 'ndrangheta (do they really exist?). The “not-all-of-them-ist” would even deny the existence of a metastasis that has spread to all the organs of the body by clinging on to the only healthy cell remaining. If you keep going on about “The socialists were stealing”, he’ll respond “Not all of them”. You are astounded, but you don’t give up and you spit out: “In Parliament there are mafia-guys - the Lega-people are turncoats - Italian local authorities have debts of billions of euro”. He, unrelenting, comes back with “Not all of them” Certainly not all of them, but certainly the majority of them. It’s impossible that all are. In fact, it’s a law of nature, if everyone were a thief, there’d no longer be any honest person to steal from. If everyone were a mafia-guy, who would they get the “pizzo” from? He who responds “Not all of them” is an old mole, a peeping tom, the lookaout during a robbery. The more they fuck him up, the happier he is.

Download and print out the flyer “VIETATO L'INGRESSO AI POLITICI” {No entry to politiicans}

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December 29, 2011

Cancer download - Claudio Poggi

Cancer download
LTE elettrosmog
Would you be willing to download this blog page to your 4G phone at, let’s say, twice the speed, if this meant a significant increase in the risk of getting cancer? I wouldn’t. But those who have set up the reduction of the electro-smog limits in last October’s development decree seem to see things differently. If you have an inkling that a new technology could cause damage, this needs to be considered as such, unless the opposite can be demonstrated. It’s the precautionary principle. And now go ahead and download with no problems.

Interview with Claudio Poggi, electronics engineer

Thousands of extra antennas
Greetings to the friends of Beppe Grillo’s blog. With the new year, surprises are coming. There’s one that we don’t know about. It’s called LTE, an acronym for “Long Term Evolution”. It’s an evolution of the telephone network.
In September of this year, the Italian Government made 4 billion from the sale of the telephone frequencies for LTE. But what is it?
It’s a technology that gives access to mobile broadband. That’s great news for those that don’t have the twisted pair telephone cabling, because at last they can get very fast Internet access without having to pay exorbitant installation charges. However, for others, including myself, it’s very bad news because in fact it means an increase in electromagnetic pollution.



Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
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December 23, 2011

Dead pensioner walking


When there’s no more money for pensions, the dead will walk on the Earth". Beppe Grillo.

“MY MOTHER is a sprightly 87 year old lady in superb health ... or rather: SHE WAS. Until this morning, when we went to INPDAP to find out why she hadn’t been paid her teacher’s pension for a few months and a civil servant told her that according to them SHE DIED on 19 September 2011. Since I suspected something, I had taken with me not just the FORMERLY SPRIGHTLY OLD LADY, but also a certificate of EXISTENCE IN LIFE, without which, as the civil servant explained to me, we wouldn’t have been able to make any sort of claim. That is: it wasn’t enough to have the old MOTHER present on the spot with her valid identity card and health service entitlement card ... oh no! We even needed a CERTIFICATE!
OK ... Let’s go on. The pension that up until September had been paid to my mother ended up - and it’s not clear to whom it was paid, transformed into a PENSION PAID TO THE SURVIVING SPOUSE, paid out to a fiscal identity code IDENTICAL to hers but to a different bank account IBAN. At first the civil servant tried, as we say in Rome to "buttarla in caciara” {gloss over it} putting the whole thing down to “HUMAN ERROR” to laugh about, but when he saw my reaction, he calmed down. I pointed out to him that it’s not so easy to declare someone dead: you need at least a DEATH CERTIFICATE and the presence of a CLOSE RELATIVE armed with valid documents, as well as the documents of the dead person ... and if therefore a death certificate had been produced, it would have been FALSE and whoever had produced it was definitely a wrongdoer. Meanwhile the bank had not paid the utility bills because there was no more money in the account and my MOTHER, a sprightly old lady, had had a bad turn and so had to spend time in HOSPITAL. I have no alternative but to play the numbers of the “avoided death” on LOTTO ... and to go on with a great COURT CASE, hoping that the evil-doers, (meanwhile, by looking on the Internet, I’ve discovered they have done other similar actions), spend ALL THE MONEY STOLEN ON MEDICINES.” davide lak (davlak)


Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
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December 15, 2011

The Veneto of the suiciding entrepreneurs


Perhaps a person from Veneto, more than other Italians, doesn’t accept the idea of going bust. His culture doesn’t envisage it. He considers it to be shameful. The closure of a company is an event that can NOT happen. It’s not conceivable. The employees are people that he works with every day in the office or in the factory. Veneto is the homeland of the small and really tiny enterprises, of the industrial neighbourhoods. To look into the eyes of your colleagues while they are being sacked is intolerable. For the family that’s even more so. The offspring that will end up with him in the middle of the street are the same ones that run up to meet him in the evening before dinner in the hope of getting a tiny present. This is true even in other places, but more so in Veneto. Bankruptcy is an unbearable burden that isolates you, that drives you to suicide. The myth of the entrepreneur that never has to ask anyone for anything, of the tiny American dream, is stronger here then elsewhere.
The long shadowy line of the suicided entrepreneurs, 40 since the start of the crisis, is something very deep, that cannot be explained in a rational way. Why is there this silent slaughter? In the last week another two small-scale entrepreneurs have killed themselves. One of them was called Giovanni Schiavon. He was the owner of Eurostrade 90 Snc at Peraga di Vigonza, in the province of Padua. He had two children. He was sitting at his desk in his office and he killed himself. For Christmas he would have had to lay off his employees, perhaps he wouldn’t have even managed to pay the wages and the “thirteenth month” {end of year payment}. Clients were delaying payment, it seems that the banks had asked for the repayment of loans and according to local sources "he claimed to have credit for more than 200 thousand euro with the public administration.“ For his wife, his action was due to the “System in which no one pays”. A text book situation. The honest small-scale entrepreneur in Italy is a hero. The State rewards him with the highest taxes in Europe, to be paid in advance. For reimbursements, however, there’s always time. And it’s almost impossible to get payment on the unpaid invoices.
Veneto has a dark evil, a tremendous one, if it obliges someone who has invested his life and his resources in this country to hang themselves in a garage or to shoot themselves in the empty office on a Saturday morning. Pensioners are important as are public employees, but without the enterprises they will end up in the middle of the street. Who is dealing with small-scale companies? They are cows to be milked. In Veneto there is a maximum concentration. The independence movements in Veneto are growing. They are not licking dogs like the Lega. Veneto will not let itself commit suicide in silence.


Silenzio si ruba {Silence, there’s thieving}, by Marco Travaglio.
Un anno di illegalità permanente {a year of permanent illegality}
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December 14, 2011

Antistress democracy


We’re so distracted by the economy that we no longer know what democracy is. In Italy there’s a government, a parliament, a President of the Republic, but there’s no democracy. Monti represents just himself. No one has elected him. His function is that if the liquidator who has to preserve “international credibility”, basically the value of State bonds purchased by France, Germany and Great Britain to avoid the default. Anyone sober and with a clean criminal record, coming after this party-cratic class, of which Berlusconi is the caricature, would have been welcomed as a saviour. And that has happened. The fear of losing everything on the side of the Italians, has worked the miracle. It has transformed an old professor into a father of the motherland. The previous governments were the triumph of the party-cracy. The party secretaries, thanks to an unconstitutional electoral law, did a desk job to elect all the senators and all the deputies. No party held back in screwing democracy. If commanding is better than screwing, the parties have joined both activities together. Without democracy, without the participation of the citizens in public life there’s no future for Italy. Instead of civil rights, there’s a discussion of spread, of bund and of growth. Whether a current account is more democratic than investment in shares.
For the succession to Monti, in 2013, there’s (being kept nicely warm), the banker Passera. Have we had the “Risorgimento” and the “Resistance” to put a banker as the head of the government? And he’s not the first to be a candidate for the throne. The PDminusL-guy Enrico Letta, the nephew of his uncle, had the gall to put forward Profumo as a candidate a couple of months ago. We’ll go back to the vote according to the census, as in the nineteenth century. You vote if you can afford it. The votes are paid for, not counted. The debate on rights and on duties, on the Constitution, on the motives for staying together and on the construction of a better future has disappeared from any agenda. We have become current account holders instead of citizens. The fiscal code has substituted citizenship. The word “democracy” is used like a stress ball. It’s useful to make us feel better while we talk and squeeze it. “We are a Great Democratic Country” in which the referendum is only to abrogate a law and anyway the parties don’t care about the results, where proposals for popular laws are ignored and where you cannot choose your candidate. What more do you want in life? This lot don’t give a toss about fascism.


Silenzio si ruba {Silence, there’s thieving}, by Marco Travaglio.
Un anno di illegalità permanente {a year of permanent illegality}
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December 9, 2011

Rigor Montis


The money you earn belongs to you, but only up to a certain point. An Amato who goes into your account at night can always be found. Money has become as well as a hidden microphone, also a subcutaneous chip. It has evolved from a financial instrument to an instrument of control. Anything but wiretapping. It’s used to track your actions, to connect you forever to a bank even though you hate banks, to bring into your bedroom a functionary of the Treasury to verify to whom you paid and why, 252 euro on the evening of the second Thursday of October three years ago at 9:15 pm. "Respond you wretch or I’ll call Equitalia". Every government follows its inclinations, its culture. The government of Bankers is no exception. Pensions and the salaries of public employees can be withdrawn in cash only up to 500 euro. The rest will have to be paid into the bank or into a Post Office account or with prepaid cards, perhaps with Tremorti’s social card. In the decree they haven’t yet included the “Gratta e Vinci” scratch cards or the “Il Milionario” cards or the waste paper of the BTP {government bonds}. But it’s just a matter of time, especially for the government bonds. All the transactions on your current account, even the withdrawals from a bank machine and the credit card payments, basically your life, will be made available to the Tax authorities from 01 January 2012. It’s set out in article 11 of the "Emersione di base imponibile" {emergence of the tax base}. For each transaction will you have to keep the receipt, the reason for the payment, and the address of the plumber to avoid penalties? And using cash then? Why not pay in cash and say you wasted it away on women and champagne? Wrong! In the future there’ll be an upper limit for withdrawing cash from the bank. The next arrangement from Rigor Montis will be the taxation of the bricks of your house used to hide the banknotes. Meanwhile, it’s impossible to tax “technically” with a 1.5% extra, the total tax dodgers, the ones that made use of the Fiscal Shield. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.


Silenzio si ruba {Silence, there’s thieving}, by Marco Travaglio.
Un anno di illegalità permanente {a year of permanent illegality}
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In a Milan where the air is charged with poisons that are getting deposited like the plague on the parked cars and in the lungs of the people, there has been the celebration of the caravanserai of the first night at La Scala. An out of place show, out of time, a slap to the economic situation. In the theatre, there should have been, selected at random, common citizens. Pensioners, unemployed people, students.
The authorities found themselves in the royal box. Now the monarchy is no longer, the blessing-distributing partitocracy stepped into the top spot of opera, decked out with flowers. Amidst the golden stucco and the crimson drapes, with Napolitano and Monti there were, standing erect, the statesmen Pisapia and Formigoni, the latter wearing his “tails of ten years ago”, a sign of sobriety after the arrest of the vice president of the Lombardy Council, Franco Nicoli Cristiani. At the entrance, in a tunnel of crush barriers, the best of our youth paraded for the photographers. Present among the others, the nuclearist as well as incineratorist Veronesi, the former banker Passera with wife, Valeria Marini with a streetlight on her arm bandaged in dark blue, Marta Marzotto in white, Stefano Boeri, Bruno Vespa with wife and a prominent fluorescent gecko and an incredible couple: Cecchi Paone with Calderoli’s former wife. In their faces the happiness of being there.
Monti’s car was hit by an egg on his arrival, a waste at a time of crisis. A white limousine carrying members of CUB - Confederazione Unitaria di Base {United Grassroots Federation}, arrived right up to the entrance of the theatre. The workmen were immediately recognised by their clothes, costing abundantly less than 10,000 euro, and by their callused hands. They didn’t manage to reach the VIPs to demonstrate their affection for them. Superintendent Stephane Lissner saidFrom this spot Italy can get going again”, however he didn’t explain where it was going, perhaps because the Italians already know. In Piazza della Scala and in the nearby “Galleria” there were demonstrations of popular joy with placards of musicophiles "Cambia l'orchestra ma la musica è sempre la stessa" {The orchestra changes but the music is always the same} ignored by the new nobility, but not by the Police. Don Giovanni was a triumph; the new rich wore out their gloved hands. A long banner was left on the ground under the statue of Leonardo. It said “We will not pay for your crisis”. Perhaps in the future, but right now it is us who are paying for their crisis.


Silenzio si ruba {Silence, there’s thieving}, by Marco Travaglio.
Un anno di illegalità permanente {a year of permanent illegality}
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December 2, 2011

Living Cemetery


The politicians have been speedily buried and substituted by the exorcist Mario Monti. They were smelling because of the decomposition. The work of the gravedigger was urgent and necessary. Their stench was no longer bearable. The country has rejoiced in a way that hadn’t happened since 5 July 1982 after the 3 to 2 victory over Brazil at the World Championships in Spain. A few days have gone by and on the TV screens there’s the reappearance of Brunetta, Letta, Bindi, Alfano, and Fini who’ve returned from beyond the grave. The media representation of a Living Cemetery. The journalists in the usual role of mediums have brought Zombies in armchairs to explain to us how to get out of the crisis, the sacrifices awaiting us, a new vision of the economy. Them, the ones responsible for the disaster. No one who is asking for forgiveness and going back to the grave. Why evoke the dead and not invite the living? The dead should be honoured or forgotten. These can only be forgotten. Their apparition is in the best of cases, an insult to the intelligence of the Italians and in the worst case an incitement to violence. The “talk shows” are necrophilia in the pure state. You connect and out of the coffin comes Santanchè or just emerging from a trip round hell, La Russa appears for you. You get the instinct of the vampire hunter and you look for a ash stake within reach. Your temples are pulsating, your arteries are expanding, your stomach contracts. Your loved ones look at you with worried glances for your health. They don’t understand why you voluntarily undergo that torment instead of smashing up the TV. You know that it’s not for masochism. You want to see where they want to get to. To what point of exasperation they will manage to take the Italians. The Returners hope that the Bankers do the dirty work in place of them so that they can then resurrect at the next national elections. They put their trust in the poor memories of the Italians and in the genuflecting journalists. But their time is over. The living and the dead cannot share the same house. By definition, the dead have no future. At times it’s better to be dead than to face up to the judgement of the living.


Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
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November 27, 2011

The last days of Pompei


We’re starting from the principle that the Italian is a frustrated person. He is fighting for survival in every moment of the day. He accumulates, suffers, swallows, all in silence. He doesn’t understand (or he understands too well) and he adapts for reasons of “force majeure” to a stepmother society. The children’s school, the mortgage, the job. He’s got few goals left and like a dazed horse, he trots after the carrots of the pension, the TFR {final lump sum payment}, the health service, a job whatever it is. For a long time he has been a “separato in casa” {separated but living in the same house} with democracy. Instead of him, the ones making decisions are the parties, the markets, the stock exchanges with which he has no relationship. Swap, derivative, hedge fund, spread, bund, and CDS are words of a new vocabulary. An incomprehensible neo-language that is frightening, a language of finance aliens who have come to destroy his world. It’s a straw dog that could catch fire at any moment. With his archaic animal instinct, the Italian senses the arrival of a tempest in which he will lose those few certainties that used to help him to bite the bullet. Without a pension, without a house, without a job. Even a field mouse if forced into a corner without an escape route, rises up and bites.
The dormant volcano is about to come back to life and that’s inevitable. What type of volcano will it be? Where will its lava flows go? Over the financial system? Over the parties? Over anything it meets? We need to ask these questions now, before exasperation becomes normal and we need to involve the citizens in the decisions, to give examples. Hoping that public order can be maintained with the security forces is utopian. The volcano is being fed continually from the lack of participation of the Italians in every decision relating to them. The referenda are ignored. Public financing to the parties and nuclear (the first time) thrown out by the will of the people, have been brought back, and now they are starting to discuss the privatisation of water. We are waiting for the oracular response from a gentleman that has a banker as his straight man and who will tell us on 5 December what sacrifices to make. It’s like the New Year Lottery but upside down. What have we got to do with all this? Did anyone consult us while the government was burning our future and getting the nation into debt? Has someone explained to us why we were outside the crisis in June and now we are in pre-default? And why are these incapable people still seated in parliament and so richly paid? And why will the parliamentary annuities only be abolished from the next legislature and not from this one? And why does the citizen never count at all? The volcano is erupting, erupting …


Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
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November 22, 2011

We told you so

We told you so
The text of the video declaration:

"First of all, ciao everyone. We haven’t seen each other for quite a bit. I’m devoting myself to agriculture. I’m getting ready for the future. I’ve got a piece made up of strips and a kitchen garden. I’m doing my kitchen garden: I’m beating with nature, with lettuce. I’ve found the water in a well that was there. I’ve chopped up the wood. I’m really getting myself ready for the future that will be that one then!
I can no longer put up with hearing these things about the debt. I’m complimenting myself because here I have this letter dated March 2008, printed off the blog. At that time I said what is happening now. Why did I say that? What is incredible about me that I can forecast these things? Absolutely nothing. I’m free to say things. Just like for Parmalat when I forecast what would happen two years beforehand. It was really simple to forecast where the debt was taking us and where it had taken the country, Europe, the world. Here there’s metaphysics. I’ll tell you what I wrote: “The state of siege proclaimed yesterday by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano has exasperated the population weighed down by the serious crisis of the economy. During the night, people spilled out onto the streets and squares of the main cities of the country, ignoring the measures taken by the authorities and asking for the resignation of the Minister of the Economy Giulio Tremonti.” Tremonti has resigned and the Berlusconi government has fallen. I said this three years ago: “The debt will dominate us.” I said all these things, but it was me that said it! But Monti, these professors, the great professors with extraordinary degrees, where were they? Getting salaries in the universities. I exposed myself to risk. I was a comic and I was risking a section of my fan-base, I understand that because they see me talking about things that are perhaps not suitable for my profession, but I was risking a bit of my life. I have put myself on the line. And instead, these people, what do they do? Now they are in government and they are proposing sales tax from 21 to 23. When Berlusconi did it, it was 21 and straight away: “unjust measures for the less well off.” In fact the sales tax hits the poorest people. At 23 is everything OK? This lot think of doing economic budgets touching these bands and they are not giving anything?
I’ve read the first interview of this Minister that still calls himself “of the Environment”, I don’t know why. He said four things: “We can go back to nuclear as I’m convinced by the safe stuff, GMOs are really good, I taste them every day, it’s quite likely that water will once more become private because it’s logical that it becomes private because we cannot do without it, incinerators are OK, the TAV will surely be done and the bridge over the Straits is an exciting project." In 4 lines he has put himself against 30 million Italians. He is either stupid or he cannot think of governing, of being a Minister, without talking of civil society which is what has substituted politics today.
But he wrote these things and he has always written them. I ended up in Time, but I wrote to Time: “you are mad, take me out of this here magazine. I don’t belong to these assemblies of knowledge and of world culture, I am just a normal citizen who observes with a critical viewpoint.” But then who were these folk? Who are these people who have been holed up in the universities and have never even put themselves forward even a tiny bit, why have they not been shouting out about this stuff ? I was shouting about it three years ago in Piazza Navona at NoCav Day. I was on the telephone and I was shouting: “look it’s not this malevolent dwarf that’s the problem, the problem is the debt”. We had 500 thousand companies that were closing down. I was talking about these things. They wanted to interrupt the sound.



Siamo in guerra, {We are at War}, by Beppe Grillo and Gianroberto Casaleggio.
La Rete contro i partiti, per una nuova politica {the Internet against the parties, for a new sort of politics}
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November 9, 2011

The multiverses


Out there, there are multiverses waiting for us. They will come into being all together, but for each one of us, luckily, we’ll only live in one of them. A new premier for every parallel dimension. The succession to the Cadaver of the Second Republic, for the theory of the public debt of quanta, will produce three different universes. The first is within a black hole that is the so called Schifani Universe. The mafia is decriminalised, Cuffaro, his good name restored, is appointed Minister for Development. A day is set aside as the “Giornata del Cannolo Nazionale” {Day of the festive pastries}. The South starts off again with the “Cassa del Mezzogiorno” {Fund for the South} and the “Ponte sullo Stretto” {Bridge over the Straits}. Sicily becomes the first European region to have zero unemployment thanks to the recruitment of 5 million people as employees in the public sector. Totò Riina and Provenzano are moved to house arrest and hold “lectio magistralis” on the mafia at the University of Palermo. A Government Committee chaired by Schifani himself deals with the rehabilitation of mafia people who were victims of the magistrates. The country’s top three industries, 'ndrangheta, mafia and camorra, receive the prestigious award "Imprenditore dell'anno" {entrepreneur of the year} brought in by the Confindustria for the underground economy.
The second universe has at its centre a double star. The Count Uncle, Gianni Letta, who rotates from Right to Right with the Right Nephew Enrico (the leftwing does not exist in this time-space dimension). Gelli is President of the Republic, elected by the “Loggia Massonica Parlamentare” {Parliamentary Masonic Lodge}. In the tribunals, the judges wear overalls instead of togas and the statue of Justice holds a compass in her hand. Freemasonry is taught in schools and the doctorate is replaced with the title of “Maestro”. To become head of the secret services, it’s necessary to have the title of “Gran Maestro”. The journalist Farina is elected Government spokesperson for his untiring “depistatoria” {wrong-track-creation} activity. The P2 is studied in the History books and the “Piano di Rinascita Democratica” {Plan of Democratic Rebirth} is learned by heart instead of the poem "La cavallina storna" by Pascoli. The words "stragi di Stato" {State slaughters}, "Ustica" and "servizi deviati" {deviant services} are considered to be defamation that can be punished with imprisonment. The first article of the Constitution: "l'Italia è una Repubblica democratica, fondata sul lavoro" { Italy is a democratic Republic founded on labour} is changed to "l'Italia è una Repubblica creata dalla massoneria e su di essa fondata" {Italy is a Republic created by freemasonry on which it is founded}. After 150 years it is a belated recognition but richly deserved.
The third universe is immersed in a nebula with intermittent patrimonial stars, meteorites on the public employees and flaming comets on the current accounts. It’s the Monti Universe. Don’t ask what your bank can do for you, but what you can do for your bank. The crisis is overcome in a matter of hours with a patrimonial tax of 50% on the possessions of the Italians. What is yours belongs to the State and what is the State’s belongs to the banks. Profumo and Passera are the new twins of the euro and of the technical government. If taxes are really beautiful, Italians are now poor but extremely beautiful. They have that subtle fascination of the tramp under the bridges with a great past in days gone by, waiting for the flooding of Genoa. The country is restored to health once more, thanks also to the national banking pride. A collection of entrepreneurs from Veneto has bought back 500 billion of the public debt from France which in return will not send its Mirage bombers on Venice. You choose. Which will be your multiverse?


Faide { Feuds} - by Biagio Simonetta
L'impero della 'ndrangheta. {The empire of the ’ndrangheta}
Buy your copy today

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November 1, 2011

Tolling bells


The default is gathering speed. Round about the time of All Saints, the bells are already tolling for Italy. The noise of the waterfall is becoming a roar and to assist the leap into the dark, our political class is rowing in the direction of the flow. If nothing changes, next year our medium and long term bonds worth 200 billion, will be unsold and the country will go up in the air. Tremorti knows this, as does Napolitano who dissuades, warns, invites but basically doesn’t lift a finger to change the situation. He just stays and watches like the stars do in Cronin's novel, waiting for the inevitable. Article 88 of the Constitution allows him to dissolve the Parliament. A threat that would allow him to give the responsibility to form a government to a ‘public health’ government with the only objective of saving what can be saved. No one believes that he will ever use article 88, not even with a gun at his head (the collapse of the Nation). Why? It’s a question that I cannot answer. What’s the use of a President of the Republic?
The spread, the difference between our bonds and the German bonds has reached 4.34%, the highest ever. It means that the BTP are worth even less and that to sell them it’s necessary to increase the interest rate, and that has now reached 6.2%. The point of no return when the bonds stay unsold, whatever the interest rate offered, is near. We are like Greece was two years ago without however having a Government and an Opposition and with the absence of the institutions. You don’t need a clairvoyant, the oracle of Delphi or Nostradamus to know what the end is that awaits us. It’s enough to have ‘mago Zurlì’, with all due respect to Cino Tortorella. The only response that the oligarchs in power know how to give, is to cut social spending, cut rights acquired by workers, and post mortem pensions. Their privileges and useless spending connected to the interests of the red and white cooperatives and the Confindustria are untouchable. Financing to the parties amounting to a billion euro, overturned by a referendum, the purchase of 131 bombers from the USA for 15 billion, the TAV in the Val di Susa for 22 billion, ‘la Gronda’ in Genoa for 6 - 7, the elimination of the Provinces for 3 - 4 billion of savings every year, the cancellation of Expo for 3 - 4 billion. 1+15 +22 + 6 +3 + 3 makes (about) 50 billion that can be saved. And that’s only a tiny part of the cuts that are at zero cost to the citizens. They continuously talk about sacrifices, but with what authority can an anticonstitutional parliament, (not elected by anyone, but nominated by some party secretaries) ask for sacrifices? How can you define someone who cuts pensions to poor devils and yet who pockets a parliamentary annuity? Who is ignoring a referendum against the public financing of the parties? Who is it that is against the provinces and yet has hundreds of provincial councillors? With this lot we will all die, but us before them.

Calendario dei Santi Laici 2012

Calendario dei Santi Laici 2012 {Calendar of Lay Saints} (www.santilaici.it)
Each one a hero.
Buy your copy today at a price you choose

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October 26, 2011

Violence is merchandise


A criminal uses ropes to tie the arms of a woman to the beam of an attic. She is defenceless before him. On her chest he uses a felt tip pen to draw the image of a target. Then with a mallet and chisel, he splits her sternum to extract her heart. A scene from a TV film on the national network after dinner. Horror has come into our homes. It’s an habitual guest that we have got used to, often awaited and welcomed. How many have had a shiver of pleasure in seeing the harrowing scene of Gaddafi’s body on TV?
In the street, people look at you menacingly, smiles are ever more rare. In reply to your greeting on the stairs the tenants go straight ahead without responding. The discussions, in the office, or at table with friends and relatives on Sunday, from “taking the mickey” and using irony, they have become clones of the talk shows. Between one course and another, like rabid dogs against rabid dogs of the TV studios instigated by the presenters. It’s the new way of conversing. While you’re driving your car in the morning, at each bend in the road, at every set of traffic lights, at the tiniest upset, you let out a cathartic “fuck off”. It helps you get your blood pressure down. Breathe in, breathe out, fuck off. We are immersed in the daily Styx, the infernal river of the Fifth Circle of the Divine Comedy. Irascible and unknowing. Our spaces are reduced to square metres. Overcrowded mice in cages.
Violence is a drug. Those who produce it know that. They sell it, they tout it, and they insert it into the media. Slowly, lightly, thought, cloud, caress, kiss, happiness, meadow, tree, bicycle, plane, smile, stream, friend, gentleness with words that are no longer pronounced, out of modesty. Is this overdose of violence the cause or the effect of a sick society? Why has violence become merchandise that is planned, exported, purchased? War has become good, it’s called the exportation of democracy. Missiles that hit civilians are friendly fire. Slaughters are thus democratic and take place in a spirit of friendship. It’s striking that this epidemic of submersed frenzy is not countered by anyone. In fact, that it is fed by the blood and horror that comes out of our TV screens while our children our playing on the carpet in the living room and you are desperately looking for the remote control to turn off the foul object that is the TV.

Era il mio paese

Era il mio paese {It was my country} - by Eugenio Benetazzo
Il futuro che attende l'Italia.{The future awaiting Italy}
Buy your copy today

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October 25, 2011

The little smile

Sarkozy’s little smile is out of place. Not because of the subject towards whom the smile was directed, in relation to whom there would be to dislocate our jaws from laughing for days, but for the bitter French credits. Italy could quite soon bring ridicule on the grandeur of France. “Spezzeremo le reni” {We will smash the kidneys} of our cousins across the Alps, we’ll start with the Col di Tenda and we’ll end up in The Bay of Biscay without encountering obstacles. The force of our debt will smash the French banks. Anything but Mirage and “force de frappe”.
The French banks own 366 billion euro of our debt (*). And we are not alone. As well as our debt, the credit institutions have 53.9 billion in Greek debt, 18.3 billion in Portuguese debt, 17.3 billion in Irish debt and 118 billion in Spanish debt. The debtors are all countries at risk of default whose bonds have all been devalued on the markets by 15 to 50%., and in this way so has the value held by the banks. The overall total of debt of the Piigs in French banks is 573.5 billion (**). The lighted match of the European public debt is in Sarkozy’s hands and he doesn’t seem worried. He and the one close by remind me of the film "Lui è peggio di me!" {He is worse than me}. There’s no banking system that is exposed as much as the French one. It’s at risk due to a default in Greece, or in Italy and due to the reduction in value on the markets of Portuguese, Irish and Spanish bonds. If Greece goes bust, it’ll be an earthquake for the French banks, if Italy explodes, France’s destiny will follow. This is why Greece cannot and must not fail and neither must Italy: to avoid the collapse of the banking system, and especially the French one.
Why is it that France more than every other country has bought risky shares? The only response is the wish to obtain, by means of the public debt, a part of the popular sovereignty of other countries and to oblige it to make choices in the realm of economics, like Alitalia and Parmalat, in the energy sphere, the exportation of nuclear power stations, and in the military sphere, the involvement of Italian forces in the war in Libya. The problem is that the French investments in debt shares relates to all 5 of the PIIGS. Five losing horses for Sarkozy, the jockey. To be knocked off your horse with a smile on your lips takes a split second.

(*) The values given are calculated net of the French shares owned by the PIIGS.

(**) source: The New York Times

Era il mio paese

Era il mio paese {It was my country} - by Eugenio Benetazzo
Il futuro che attende l'Italia.{The future awaiting Italy}
Buy your copy today

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October 16, 2011

The dignity of Pontius Pilate

photo AFP/Borgia

Is there anyone of sane mind that believes that yesterday’s demo in Rome could have ended differently? It went off exactly as forecast, with the devastation, the urban warfare, the injured and the clashes with the Police. The result of demonising the movements by the parties of the Majority and of the Opposition succeeded perfectly well. Now everyone can add energy to the trumpets condemning the violence. “Indignados”, “Pirates” from various continents and why not, by osmosis even the 5 Star MoVement. If you want, call them the Black Bloc. But during the disorder where was the one who had blown on the flames for weeks? Yesterday with a massive and festive crowd he should in fact have been celebrating the fall of the government, of the tyrant, a Roman triumph, it was all prearranged. But last Friday the legal number was reached, the government did not fall and the frustrations of the participants got transformed into violence in the streets as it was logical to expect.
Once upon a time there were the Wicked Teachers like Toni Negri and Piperno. Today, much more modestly, there are the Wicked Ham-fisted ones who send things forward and instigate the young people to then badmouth them and hide away. Why did the newspaper directors and the party secretaries not go and get beaten up, placing themselves between the security forces and the violent ones? It’s best to stay behind your desks and inside your smart blue limousines after having shored up this government with countless absences and countless confidence votes or talking about Bunga Bunga or about the “pilu” of the latest “escort” to the point of exhaustion. Or also, as is by now the norm, gifting to the Government parliamentarians on parliamentarians, from Calearo to Scilipoti, in a continuous transhumance.
I’m sorry for the young men and women who were present yesterday in Rome. They were used, exploited. Treated like butcher’s meat by the parties and by some newspapers. I don’t believe in a second G8 with infiltrated agents (even though everything is possible), but rather in the anger of a generation with no longer any reference points used as bridgehead by newspapers and parties to get the government to fall.
Bersani condemned the violent people: “The provocateurs attack the heart of a movement that throughout the whole world, wants to freely express discomfort and criticism of the current world economic order. At this point it is indispensable to have a chorus of undoubted condemnation of every act of violence and a rigorous isolation of the movements from those who made themselves protagonists of these unacceptable actions. It’ll be necessary to understand how it’s possible that a band of a hundred delinquents was able to cause devastation, to attack, set on fire and keep control of the centre of Rome for hours.Vendola spoke of “Minorities of thugs, of “black bloc” in action to take the stage away from the “indignant ones”, to take the word away from them, and they were talking about burning cars and smashing TV cameras.” Pontius Pilate had more dignity.

Calendario dei Santi Laici 2012

Calendar of Lay Saints 2012
A hero every day.
Buy your copy today.

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October 10, 2011

Invasion of the Ultracaste


photo by artsyt

In the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers ” a small town is invaded by aliens who put themselves in place of the inhabitants while these are sleeping. Inside very large pods, perfect reproductions of the original humans are created and the humans are eliminated one by one. In the current Italian “pochade”, a comedy with love affairs, intrigue, "coups de théâtre" and journalistic crap, we are witnessing the “Invasion of the Ultracaste”. The extraterrestrials of the Ultracaste are replacing the half-wits of the Caste. It’s a slow and implacable operation in which Diego Della Valle, protector and mentor of Clemente Mastella, plays alongside the fictitious Zorro/Diego Della Vega, the one who rights wrongs. Ms Marcegaglia takes on the appearance of a Mattei with incinerators financed by our electricity bills. Fini, who for years, has changed the incontinence pads for all those in the current Majority, cleaning their backsides with dedication, has started to have suspicions about the “ad personam” laws. The topmost Ultrabody, De Benedetti the Swiss is dictating the rules for the future after having a rich past and a formidable present in the System. The number one card-holder of the PDminusL is now the “homo novus” with public financing to his newspapers. The limpid and cleaned Ultrabodies advance into our minds. Replicants that are needed to continue the game, to maintain ancient privileges. They are differently equal.
A particular type of Ultrabody is that of the Ultrabodies on the bench. The ones that have never looked to be in the limelight, but who have never raised a finger, for decades, they have enjoyed positions of prestige, always ready to warm up to come onto the field. People like Profumo, Monti and Montezemolo. Indifferent as a personal mission. Meanwhile, the parties are using gigantic pods in order to transform themselves. From on high, they are creating movements from below, going against the laws of physics. They launch useless referenda against laws that they have used up until yesterday, like “il Porcellum” and they attack “anti-politics”. The Ultrabodies, just like the Bodies that they are replacing feed off public lymph. The umbilical cord that keeps them alive is made up of our taxes. Financing to the parties of a billion euro, direct and indirect financing to the newspapers. A parliamentary Ultrabody will never renounce his pension. A terrifying effect of the Ultrabodies is that of corrupting anyone. If you happen to see yourself with the appearance of a not-completely-formed Ultrabody inside a pod, wake up! The next Ultrabody could be you, as was said by Dr Bennell at the end of Don Siegel’s film: “They are already here! You are next. You are next.

PS. Remember my dates for the regional elections in Molise:
- Wednesday 12 at 19.30 piazza Prefettura at Campobasso
- Thursday 13 at 17:00 piazza principale at Isernia
- Thursday 13 at 20:00 piazza principale at Termoli

Mani bucate

Mani bucate {Hands with holes} - by Marco Cobianchi
I soldi perduti dei contribuenti italiani. {Italian taxpayers’ lost money}
Buy your copy today.

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September 27, 2011

The arse in power


Enough! Please, that’s enough with the presumed whores, the presumed schemers, the presumed favours, the alcoves, the photos with G-strings, tits and backsides. Do we want to get the former President of the Council out of our hair? It is right and fitting, but there’s no need to transform Italy into a hard version of the Decameron. Every day a new “red light” episode. To understand which Prosecutors Office is carrying out an investigation (Lecce, Bari, Rome?), and about which “escort”, and where is (but above all who is) Lavitola, it’s necessary to read the summary of the preceding episodes. Otherwise you can’t understand anything. The premier has persuaded a witness to lie, an under-age girl has been fucked, he had a shower after intercourse, he fucked eight in one go? Page after page of intercept records and lasses who have never been convicted in the courts, but who have become prostitutes by journalistic rights. If “not guilty” is the outcome, if there is no crime, will someone pay them compensation? Bagnasco has entered the field. “licentious behaviour, the air needs purifying”. He starts, as does the Church that has taken all possible economic benefits from this government, to keep silent on the world paedophilia scandal that is not written about only in this papist Italy. "Tarantini and free wives. For the Re-examination Tribunal the jurisdiction is Bari, not Rome." Can someone of sane mind tell me why this news is on the front page today? The economy is sinking. This would be enough to topple the government. There’s no longer any talk of the mafia, 'ndrangheta and camorra unless to say that their turnover is about 130 billion euro a year. “The money will be recovered” the politicians explain. But how can they even just say it if the political scene has often and willingly been in collusion with organised crime? This government has more skeletons in the cupboard than an ossuary, but no one is taking the risk to open this cupboard, because it contains tibias, skulls, malleoli, and ribs shared with the Opposition. It’s better to talk about arses and tits, to attack on a front on which the former President of the Council has an undoubted advantage ever since the time of the Fininvest showgirls. We know nothing about the criminal record of a deputy, but we are being informed as to whether he is homosexual or homophobic, whether he goes looking for transsexuals and in which area of Rome. The fantasy in power has been substituted with the arse in power. And the “Questions to il Cavaliere?”. Unmissable! Always 10, never one more, perhaps the journalists can only count using the fingers on their hands. Never an uncomfortable question, but just soft porn of the type you get in today’s La Repubblica: “Why do you hide your charitable actions, if they are really that, behind secret and mysterious agreements?" or “Why do you use the RAI and its directors to obtain favours from young women?” If tragedies often end up in farce, ours is ending in cows.

Le mani sulla città

Le mani sulla città {Hands on the city} – by Gianni Barbacetto and Davide Milosa
The 'ndrangheta master of Milano
Buy your copy today.

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September 16, 2011

Minority Bersani


Given that you can hear a bit of everything and so much incredible idle chatter, I would like to say: if someone instead of going round the houses were to think that I or someone in my party has done something less than legal, let him say so explicitly, and he will get a libel action. ” The words of Pierluigi Bersani talking about the Penati affair.
Do I think so or do I not think so? Right I think so. My lawyers will be happy. Right now I have only three libel cases and yet they have to do more work. I have decided that I think so, come what may. I think that Penati didn’t keep the money for himself and that he gave it to someone. It’s a hypothesis that is more than plausible that he took the money to someone in the party. Perhaps someone with whom he had a close relationship,, someone he trusted, who had helped him in his political career. It’s an hypothesis, oh dear, but how can I stop myself from thinking it? The Supervisory Committee chaired by "precog" (the one who has foreknowledge of crimes before they are committed) Luigi Berlinguer will find guilty anyone who thinks ill of Bersani. Minority Report for a Minority PDminusL. It’s the “precrime” applied to politics.
Bersani then underlined the need for double vision: “ In the PD there is no moral issue. What exists is the need to always have four eyes open. And that is even more relevant for us because luckily we have an electorate that is very demanding on this issue. ” The poor man must have serious eye problems. He’s practically blinded. Penati was his right hand man, but the lack of good vision has prevented him from seeing him at work in the episodes of corruption and complicity in the Falck area at Sesto San Giovanni and in the sale at three times its value of the package of shares in the Milano Serravalle motorway, belonging to the Province of Milan to Marcellino Gavio. For years, the former mayor of Milan, Albertini, had been calling attention to the Milano Serravalle motorway, even to the magistrates, but without being able to find anyone to listen. Is it not strange that no one has put forward a denunciation, and no one has investigated? Who was on the provincial council that approved the concession? Did anyone oppose the decision? What a lot of questions and what a lot of suspicions on the umpteenth mess-up at the expense of Italian tax-payers. Thinking is dangerous. Bersani knows that. That’s why he announced libel actions. Bersani the four-eyed precog will be the first politician to bring a class action against thinking citizens.
Anyone who even vaguely might think that Bersani or someone in his party has done something less than legal can write to Pierluigi Bersani and declare themselves guilty of bad thoughts. Send off your email.

Le mani sulla città

Le mani sulla città {Hands on the city} – by Gianni Barbacetto and Davide Milosa
The 'ndrangheta master of Milano
Buy your copy today.

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September 13, 2011

Marianna and Nina, unblemished record and in prison

Marianna and Nina, unblemished record, but in prison
What a strange country we have. A country in which an arrest warrant for Cosentino (PDL) and Tedesco (PDminusL) is rejected by Parliament and two young women with unblemished records end up in prison in Turin. Marianna, aged 20, and Nina, aged 35, are two pacifists who protested for the disgrace of the TAV in Val di Susa, a useless monster of 22 billion paid from our taxes. Marianna is studying medicine and Nina is a nurse and a volunteer with 118 and has three children. Why arrest them? Wasn’t it enough to impose house arrest? And is one not guilty only after a regular trial? What tremendous social danger do these two women represent? And in what Fxxxing State are we living anyway? Davide Bono, a regional councillor with M5S, met up with the two women in prison this morning. Soon we will publish his account.
I invite everyone to send a telegram of support to the two young women:

Here’s their address:
Casa circondariale
Lorusso Cotugno
Via Pianezza 300
10151 Torino ITALY

Interview with Simonetta Zandiri, a NO-TAV campaigner:

The parallel reality of the Val di Susa
My name is Simonetta Zandiri and I’m a NO-TAV campaigner. The NO-TAV battle involves us, given that there is an obvious emergency that everyone who lives locally has in front of our very eyes. Unfortunately, it is not so much in the eyes of those who are far away, because the media continue to perform censorship and to issue only a part of the information, a little or nothing at all of our reasoning and about what is truly happening in Val Susa. When you arrive at Chiomonte it seems that you are abandoning the borders of Italy and you are entering a parallel reality.


Rights trampled on for 22 years
Now they are being accused of complicity in aggression and aggression against a public official. The charges against them are in a way determined by the situation in which they were captured rather than individual actions and the accusations are very serious and we have the feeling that the case is more than anything else a political case, because of the presence of Caselli’s deputy (who is an important person) at the hearing to validate the arrest and then I have always been fighting


Two women in prison
Since Friday they haven’t yet been able to meet up with anyone apart from the lawyers obviously, and they have not yet even seen their parents. They haven’t been able to have anything, not even some clothing from home, something to change into. We know that this morning Ms Artesio, the regional councillor, has been to see them and we hope that others, who have the possibility, can go to show solidarity. For us, it’s a bit difficult because the procedures for admission


Il golpe inglese

Il golpe inglese {The English Coup} - by Mario Josè Cereghino and Giovanni Fasanella
La guerra segreta di Londra all'Italia {London’s secret war against Italy}
Buy your copy today.

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September 9, 2011

Mussel Day, user guide


On September 10 2011, there’ll be the dish of peppered steamed mussels in Rome. At 3:00 pm the lay procession will leave piazza Navona. Each person holding a mussel. In Indian file. In good order on the pavement along via santa Giovanna D'Arco. The mussel will be deposited in a big basket in piazza Montecitorio. I will start first with my load of shells of fresh mussels delivered from Livorno. It’s important to be disciplined. Don’t jump the queue. Give the impression of a calm force that no power can intimidate. Don’t give the System any alibi.
The depositing of the mussel at Montecitorio is a cathartic, symbolic exercise. It will be useful for purifying the air, to breathe deeply and to look up towards the eternal blue sky. The mussels are forming a wall. A tangle of mussels-gone-bad attached to the same rock face. Politicians, bankers, journalists, concessionaires camouflaged as entrepreneurs. The economic disaster obliges them to support each other. If one gets detached from the Palace, they will all get detached. Politics from the bottom, the participation of the citizens makes them frightened. For them it’s a leap into the unknown, into the dark from which they come. A settlement of accounts that has been put off for decades. Here there’s the creation of the new Italy or the 150th anniversary of the Nation will be the first year of its disintegration. It is they who are the crisis. It is they that have created it. They cannot resolve it. The change cannot come from the bankers or from the magistrates. This has been seen in recent years. Corruption increased after” Mani Pulite” {Clean Hands}. The economy has been devastated even though Ciampi and the Bank of Italy’s Dini have been President of the Council. The Country can only be changed by politics but not by this lot of politicians. Italians have to be able to exercise their democratic rights, as they have done for the referendum for water and for nuclear. It’s like what they asked for with “Cleanup Parliament” a proposal ignored by all the parties for 4 years. The power has to return into the hands of its legitimate owners: the citizens. The party-ocracy is a different form of dictatorship, more insidious because you fool yourself that you are in a democracy. The parties have taken possession of the country. Parliament has been appointed by 5 party secretaries. Is this democracy?
In piazza Navona a few stands will be present starting in the morning. One for “Cleanup Parliament” and the others for the proposals of the 5 Star MoVement taken from the Programme.

For anyone who wants to taste a parliamentary dish of peppered steamed mussels, here’s the recipe:
Carefully wash the parliamentary mussels using public water. Repeat a few times.
Once they are clean, place in a large casserole with high sides to protect against “ad personam” laws, add a few spoons of extra virgin olive oil and two squashed cloves of garlic.
Cover the pan to prevent the escape of any Montecitorio mussels and turn on the lively democratic heat.
While cooking, mix the mussels around: take hold of the handles and shake with a movement from below.
You just need the time to get the mussels open and the dish of peppered mussels is ready, once you have dusted it with a lot of freshly ground black pepper right there and then.
Accompany this with slices of lemon and pieces of toasted bread.
At this point the Clean Parliament is served.

Make a date with the dish of peppered mussels tomorrow in Rome, piazza Navona at 3:00 pm. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

PS. Participate in real time in Mussel Day on Facebook and Twitter using the hash tag #cozzaday.

Il golpe inglese

Il golpe inglese {The English Coup} - by Mario Josè Cereghino and Giovanni Fasanella
La guerra segreta di Londra all'Italia {London’s secret war against Italy}
Buy your copy today.

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September 1, 2011

Mussel Day


10 September is Mussel Day. The day of the unauthorised parliamentary mussels. “Parlamento Pulito" {Clean Up Parliament} is no longer enough. It’s not only the definitively convicted that have to go, but all of those who have dug themselves in inside the Palace. Like mussels they cling to their privileges, like a pension after one legislature, to election financing. There is not one single mussel in parliament that has renounced his pension and his “reimbursements” from the public purse. There’s no need for a law. It’s enough to write a cheque to the Treasury for the amount received. Compared to his successors, Craxi had more dignity. At least he didn’t take you for a ride. In Parliament he explained that if he was stealing then everyone was stealing and if someone didn’t agree then they should get on their feet. No one stood up. The hands of the parliamentarians were clinging to their seats. Behaviour like true mussels of the rocks.
Early in the afternoon of 10 September I will ask for an explanation in piazza Montecitorio for the silence on the “Clean Up Parliament” law, with the 350,000 signatures for a new election law locked up in the basement of the Senate since December 2007. The popular initiative law is an “anti-mussel law”. It wants to expel the convicted mussels, to get rid of the mussels after two terms of office from the chambers of parliament and to allow citizens to elect a candidate and not a mussel. The filthy Calderoli law was approved by the Berlusconi government in 2006. He was succeeded by Prodi who didn’t change it in two years, and he didn’t even try. No one protested. Now, instead of having a debate on the “Clean Up Parliament” law in the Senate, the same people that didn’t lift a finger when they were in government, are suggesting we have a referendum to overturn the law. Smoke in your eyes for a people with no memory. If the current law were to be repealed, the convicts could still stay in parliament together with the mussels that have served more than two terms of office. Whereas, the “Clean Up Parliament” law would send them all home starting with the Party Secretaries. This is why they are not putting it in the parliamentary timetable. Every parliamentarian is a mussel. They have to be reminded every day. When he’s walking around with his pack of newspapers under his arm, his back slightly bent and the expression of one who doesn’t need to ask, he is doing a perfect imitation of a mussel. He’s transformed into a mussel with tie.
For these people coins are an honour, a privilege that they don’t deserve. Better are the mussels taken out of their shells, molluscless, with the name of the parliamentarian written on it. They have a symbolic value. They are a sign of the times. They can be handed over to the deputy in the street, or left in front of the home that Scajola is unaware of, deposited in front of Montecitorio or Palazzo Madama as an invitation to get out.
The dish of peppered steamed mussels is ready. I repeat: The dish of peppered steamed mussels is ready.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 30, 2011

Smart aleck mussels


This lot have got to go. They are attached to the rocks and to power like mussels. Smart aleck mussels. They are the problem, not the economic crisis. Any sacrifice can be acceptable, but not put forward by those who have destroyed the country and who are now explaining how to get out of it.
The smart aleck attacks the party-ocracy, but puts forward his own son as a candidate for the regional council.
The smart aleck explains to you that the Statute of Limitations for Penati is different and the party has never seen the money.
The smart aleck makes references to history, from Waterloo to Westphalia , to members of the public made up of smart alecks of the CL (Community and liberation) instead of asking for forgiveness after ten years of disastrous management of the country’s economy.
The smart aleck collects signatures to overturn the filthy laws after not having lifted a finger in two years of government , every reference to Prodi is not casual.
The smart aleck keeps a tight hold on his parliamentary pension, public financing worth a billion euro, but he asks for (necessary… ) sacrifices from the country.
The smart aleck criticises every measure introduced by the government and then votes for it.
The smart aleck would like to abolish the Fiscal Shield that became law with a contribution from his party.
The smart aleck is the one who wanted water in public hands, but only after the referendum got through.
The smart aleck wants to abolish the provinces while putting forward provincial councillors in the whole of Italy.
The smart aleck does not want EXPO 2015, but then has to do it so as to avoid making a bad impression.
The smart aleck pays the journalist smart alecks by means of financing to the publishing industry to be able to say smart-aleck-like-things from morning to night without a shred of questions.
The smart aleck prohibits civil unions and then goes whoring.
The smart aleck is only chitchat and badge, but that badge was given to him by no one. Parliament was elected with an unconstitutional law. Formigoni and Errani are illegitimate regional presidents because they have had more than two consecutive terms of office.
The smart aleck lives thanks to the absence of the Italian’s memory. He can say what he likes, sure in the knowledge that every word will be forgotten tomorrow. Only a people without memory and without dignity can be governed by smart alecks for a long time. We are that people.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 28, 2011

One-dimensional world


I hate mass tourism,
the locusts that arrive with the charter flights
in places never seen before and that they will never see again.
I hate mass tourism that transforms agricultural workers into waiters,
shepherds into cleaners and the territory into a playground for children and adults.
I hate mass tourism that steals water from the wheat fields
for the swimming pools and the loos of the grand hotels and that, however,
leave instructions in every bedroom saying how not to destroy the planet.
I hate mass tourism that has no awareness of culture,
of the food, of the history of the places where they are visiting
frenetic and blind with in one hand an improbable guide book.
I hate mass tourism that transforms ancient marvellous places into a photocopy of the urban suburbs in which
they spend their miserable lives.
I hate the ecological eyesores, the villas at the seaside, harbours
transformed into an unending sequence of restaurants, pizzerias and bars.
I hate the cigarette ends that have taken the place of the shells on the beaches.
I hate the plastic bottles and the straws for the drinks that stick out of the sand,
instead of the chelae of the crabs and “ossi di seppia”.
I hate this fat, sweaty, ignorant tourism with little shows in the evenings and the buffet that is always available with food imported from who knows where.
I hate mass tourism, the supermarket in the summer with the shopping trolley full
of useless things to show off in the living room when you get back home.
I hate mass tourism that destroys villages, languages,
the ancient faces of the people, the politeness of those who have not yet been subject to globalisation.
I hate mass tourism that standardizes everything.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 26, 2011

It’s not a country for pensioners


Quota 97” is equivalent to an age of 62 years and 35 years of contributions in order to retire on a pension. No twenty, thirty or forty year old and even many fifty year olds who have lost a job in recent years will ever get there. The Everest of “quota 92” is, as everyone knows, temporary. It will be updated over time to avoid default. It will become “quota 100”, then 105. Getting ever higher, while what will get smaller are the number of years of possible contributions for the precarious workers, for those taken on to do a project for a limited number of months, or for the people who are currently unemployed. If all goes well, they will settle down with 18 to 20 years. To get to “quota 100” you will thus need to be 80 years old and have 20 years of contributions. This is an exceptional way of taking us for a ride.
The INPS contributions are TODAY being paid by workers who will NEVER retire with a pension. That money is being used to pay the “baby pensions”, the “super pensions”, the “double and triple pensions” and the pensions of the parliamentarians. Amato’s pension of 32,000 euro a month, the pensions of the regional councillors, Veltroni’s “annuity” of 9014 euro, the pensions of those who have been at home since retiring at the age of 40. Why pay the pensions of the others without retiring on a pension? It doesn’t make any sense. A maximum limit of 3,000 euro a month and the age of 65 seems reasonable to me. If the ceiling were to be applied, the State would save 7 billion euro a year and everyone could get access to a pension without having a “quota”. I see no reason at all why a young person has to pay pension contributions to INPS knowing that he will never himself get a pension. The obligatory payment to INPS has to be abolished. Let each person save how much they want so that they can use that for their old age. INPS is a ramshackle organization that has used the pension money to do everything. It’s a political institution not one that give guarantees to the tax payers. The money from INPS has been used, among other things, for laid off workers. When Fiat was losing money for decades, its employees were paid by INPS, that is, by us. Who knows whether Minchionne is aware of this?
We need to be clear about pensions. There has to be a minimum amount for the indigent (1,000 euro?) and a maximum ceiling for everyone else and no raising the age when you can get a pension. If it’s not going to work like that, it’b be better for INPS to close down and the young people and the generation of almost-young people should stop paying contributions for a pension that they will never receive.
There are 19 million pensioners in Italy and about the same number of workers who are paying them their pensions by making monthly contributions. Anyone who has not retired will work (if they have the good fortune to have good health and to have a job) right up until they die. This situation cannot go on. Even a child would understand that. And those who are paying contributions to INPS have already understood. The contributions have become a tax for the more fortunate old people. Pension reform has to be for everyone or for no one. For those who have already retired and for those who have the right to retire. Right now we cannot have rights that have already been acquired.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 25, 2011

The crafty and the stupid


The crime of “vilipendio” {public insult} in relation to Italian taxpayers is not present in the criminal code, but it should be brought in as soon as possible. Those who have paid taxes in recent years have been carrying on their backs, the whole burden of a State that has created laws only for the crafty ones, with amnesties, the decriminalisation of false accounting, the Fiscal Shield and a hundred other vile laws.
The country is divided into two: the stupid and the crafty. The stupid feel that they are getting even more stupid and they are paying more and more taxes. The crafty, by now the majority, feel that they are represented by a bipartisan political class that can’t be arsed to make them pay taxes. The stupid who are paying for social spending for the crafty as well, ranging from health to education to security no longer even have the comfort of minimum services, in fact they have to pay even more to have less, from health to transport. The crafty ones are screwing the stupid ones twice over. The first time leaving them the whole burden of taxes, the second time by having free (or almost free) access to services provided for society thanks to the low income that they declare. The stupid on the other hand have to pay the full cost, starting with the school fees for their children.
The stupid know perfectly well that they are paying more taxes than other Europeans because millions of crafty ones don’t pay taxes. The stupid ones also know that the parliamentarians belong to the crafty and not to the stupid and that they do everything to favour the category to which they belong. It’s class solidarity that motivates them. The parliamentarian that gets entitled to a pension after one term of office, that often has two or three pensions and normally gets two or three salaries, the one as a parliamentarian and the one from their regular activity that they continue to carry out, is without doubt a crafty one. However, the stupid ones, in their small way, can get pissed off! Even more so now, as they can clearly understand that they will never see a pension and the continual increases in primary services like water, electricity, refuse collection, telephone, and public transport eat up any of their salaries that are left. There are two types of tax payers: the ones who pay right down to the last cent because they are obliged to do so and those who pay their taxes as a social duty. The former feel that they are in a prison that they are doing everything they can to get out of, as a means of survival, so that they can find an undocumented job. The latter are closing down their small or medium sized companies or they are going underground. Those who can, are moving abroad. The others are living off their life savings after having sold off everything or they no longer declare anything. The crafty ones are becoming the absolute majority, with a Bulgarian-style election. When they understand that without the stupid ones, everyone will be fucked up, it’ll be too late. Parasites die unless they have a healthy body to live off. The tax payer today is the only true value left in this completely and utterly chaotic country, but that situation will not last long and that’s even without the need for any type of taxpaying strike. The tax payer is in fact about to resign and enter the paradise of the world of the crafty.

P.S. During my presence in Rome for "Parlamento pulito" {Clean Up Parliament} on 10 September and the days after that, there’s no plan for any type of national meeting of the Movimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} to discuss basic ideas in its programme.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 24, 2011

The Party's Over

There are moments in the history of a country when everything becomes intolerable. The apex was reached with the speech delivered by Morpheus Napolitano in Rimini, applauded by the throng of those responsible for the Italian economic catastrophe. Morpheus, using his language of an nineteenth-century provincial bureaucrat, which is what he actually is, explained that “The seriousness of the crisis has been kept hidden.” Right, so from whom has this seriousness been kept hidden? From the bakers? From the petrol pump staff? From the doorman? The Quirinale, that costs the Italians a frightening amount, didn’t know anything about it? What was it busy doing? Busy signing every filthy law, including the Fiscal Shield to give an amnesty to the tax dodgers? Who was it that signed this law the first time round, without sending it back to the Houses of Parliament as he could have done and above all as he SHOULD have done? Perhaps it was him, the president who was appointed by Parliament that in turn was appointed by 5 party secretaries. That lanky gentleman who has never said a word about the public debt up until the moment that the bubble burst? The one who has never mentioned the 350,000 signatures collected for “Parlamento Pulito” {Clean Up Parliament}? Is it perhaps the guy who took the low cost flights to go to Brussels rather than Alitalia, the flagship airline? (video)
And behind this old man, who by now has served his time and who will be turfed into the cubbyholes of History, there are those who are taking refuge but are about to be swept away. All of them together, arse-lickingly. Cicchitto, a P2-ist of the first hour: “Napolitano has done a severe analysis …”. Enrico Letta (also called “Lecca” {Lick}) “We are putting our names to the Head of State’s appeal”. Moretti, the one of the railways that are being dismantled: “There’s a strong push to the pride in taking action”. Marchionne, the thermo-destructor of the Trades Union, who after thrilling results on the Stock Exchange and relating to sales, has not yet been put outside the door: “Napolitano is a man whom I hold in immense esteem, e reference point for the country”.
Morpheus said once more to the claque of bankers, members of the Confindustria, begging politicians and the papists present (unfortunately there was an absence of labourers, unemployed people, housewives, people laid off and Berlinguer-style communists) “It’s necessary to speak the language of truth as should be done by all those who have responsibility in the institutions.” This stupendous thought expressed by the one who has been at the top of the institutions for five years and who has never given any words on the foreseeable economic catastrophe, caused a round of applause from those present. From a distance even the voice of the former President of the Council was heard who judged Morpheus’ speech to be like "a spur". Behind the funeral stage set, there was the claque who were giving encouragement and applauding before the end: Passera (IntesaSanPaolo), Conti (Enel), Lucchini (Eni). Fantozzi’s daughter, otherwise known as Maurizio Lupi, was shouting excitedly just as she does when she has a private audience with Formigoni, the unauthorised Regional president, and a “uomo imagine” (sic) for the group “Comunione e Liberazione” or CL. The Dancing is Over. Will the last person to leave, please turn out the lights.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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The Dancing is Over

There are moments in the history of a country when everything becomes intolerable. The apex was reached with the speech delivered by Morpheus Napolitano in Rimini, applauded by the throng of those responsible for the Italian economic catastrophe. Morpheus, using his language of an nineteenth-century provincial bureaucrat, which is what he actually is, explained that “The seriousness of the crisis has been kept hidden.” Right, so from whom has this seriousness been kept hidden? From the bakers? From the petrol pump staff? The Quirinale, that costs the Italians a frightening amount, didn’t know anything about it? What was it busy doing? Busy signing every filthy law, including the Fiscal Shield to give an amnesty to the tax dodgers? Who was it that signed this law the first time round, without sending it back to the Houses of Parliament as he could have done and above all as he SHOULD have done? Perhaps it was him, the president who was appointed by Parliament that in turn was appointed by 5 party secretaries. That lanky gentleman who has never said a word about the public debt up until the moment that the bubble burst? The one who has never mentioned the 350,000 signatures collected for “Parlamento Pulito” {Clean Up Parliament}? Is it perhaps the guy who took the low cost flights to go to Brussels rather than Alitalia, the flagship airline? (video)
And behind this old man, who by now has served his time and who will be turfed into the cubbyholes of History, there are those who are taking refuge but are about to be swept away. All of them together, arse-lickingly. Cicchitto, a P2-ist of the first hour: “Napolitano has done a severe analysis …”. Enrico Letta (also called “Lecca” {Lick}) “We are putting our names to the Head of State’s appeal”. Moretti, the one of the railways that are being dismantled: “There’s a strong push to the pride in taking action”. Marchionne, the thermo-destructor of the Trades Union, who after thrilling results on the Stock Exchange and relating to sales, has not yet been put outside the door: “Napolitano is a man whom I hold in immense esteem, e reference point for the country”.
Morpheus said once more to the claque of bankers, members of the Confindustria, begging politicians and the papists present (unfortunately there was an absence of labourers, unemployed people, housewives, people laid off and Berlinguer-style communists) “It’s necessary to speak the language of truth as should be done by all those who have responsibility in the institutions.” This stupendous thought expressed by the one who has been at the top of the institutions for five years and who has never given any words on the foreseeable economic catastrophe, caused a round of applause from those present. From a distance even the voice of the former President of the Council was heard who judged Morpheus’ speech to be like "a spur". Behind the funeral stage set, there was the claque who were giving encouragement and applauding before the end: Passera (IntesaSanPaolo), Conti (Enel), Lucchini (Eni). Fantozzi’s daughter, otherwise known as Maurizio Lupi, was shouting excitedly just as she does when she has a private audience with Formigoni, the unauthorised Regional president, and a “uomo imagine” (sic) for the group “Comunione e Liberazione” or CL. The Party's Over. Will the last person to leave, please turn out the lights.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 16, 2011

First they came to get the precarious workers

photo by richard gillberg

First they came to get the precarious workers and everyone was happy. They were big babies that wanted a fixed job, holidays, paid overtime without accepting any entrepreneurial risk.
Then they came to get the private sector workers that cost too much, and were annoying for the Confindustria. The companies shifted into the countries without Trade Union rights, where they just thought about working. The workers became laid off or unemployed.
Then they came to get tens of thousands of teachers in the public sector, lazybones, paid to keep the teacher’s chair warm. No one was outraged. Basically, they’d been asking for it.
Then they came to get all the employees of the public authorities. There was a block on salary increases, the salary for the “thirteenth month” was chopped, as was the final salary lump sum and a lot were sacked. Nothing happened. The public employees stayed silent, feeling guilty about the public debt.
Then they came to get the future pensioners. The pension age was shifted upwards by a year, then two, then five then forever. No one reacted. Especially the parliamentarians with the pension (or annuity as Veltroni calls it) that they’re sure to get after one term of office and anyone already retired gets already. “Mors tua, pensione mea.”
For the politicians there’s starting to be a lack of human material for the social butchery. But they didn’t get downhearted. They still had the savers, the pensioners and the home owners. The people in the categories that have already been affected would not have appreciated being the only ones to pay for the crisis.
Then they came to get the people owning State bonds that were frozen for ten years. Then they came to get the people with savings by taking cash out of current accounts.
Then they came back to get the people with savings with the temporary closure of the banks.
Then they came to get the home owners with a new “ICI” tax and a patrimony tax on property.
Then they came to get the pensioners by taking their pensions away.
Then, given that no one protested, they declared the default of the State.
Then, precarious workers, people who were laid off and unemployed, teachers, public employees, people who have never had a pension, former pensioners, savers, home owners and in general, all the Italians reduced to poverty, came to get the politicians. No one protested.

(*) Freely adapted from “Then they came to get the gypsies” by Bertolt Brecht

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 14, 2011

Something has changed

Expressions by Sophie Caves

Those faces. I can’t stand them any longer. I can’t look at them anymore. They make me nauseous. They make me want to vomit, to throw up; the process of rejection. I can accept that Italy has gone bust. But these amateurs with their pig-like ferret-like smiles, I can’t stand them anymore. I would pay any tax; I would make any sacrifice to avoid those sneers of the piss-takers that appear every evening on TV, and every morning on 10 pages of the newspaper. “Good-for-nothings” that make themselves out to be statesmen.
Something has snapped inside me; perhaps in many of you. Something has changed. The country has understood that it is being led by people who are incapable and dishonest. Perhaps it already knew that, but it was thinking of a soft change of the guard, as happens in many collapses. The people responsible line up and reach the door, then are never seen again. And you understand and let them go. Tomorrow is another day and it’s possible to think of the reconstruction. Instead these traitors of the national economy that have got the country into debt and denied the catastrophe with such impertinence worthy of the maximum disdain. These oafs are not budging. They are not giving up even a centimetre of their power. I’m not violent. But I try to foresee events. History not only doesn’t stop but it repeats itself. When it meets a wall on its route, it knocks it down. That happened with the Berlin Wall, but even with Louis XVI’s head and the family of the Tsar. Events that, when you look back on them, were easily explainable. Craxi ran away. At that time it was possible to get thieves and find them guilty and induce them to flee. Today the convicted parliamentarians, even when the tribunals ask for them to be arrested, as happened for Cosentino and for Tedesco, they continue to have a seat in the Lower House and to pocket 20,000 euro a month in salary and benefits. But these would be trifles, bagatelles, if they didn’t continue to impose their presence on us.
They have to take themselves out of sight of the citizens, definitively. Let them go where they want, to Antigua, to Hammamet, to Vancouver. I’m looking at Enrico Letta, with that smile of one who has abandoned the priesthood, Calderoli with a face like one who has won a salami at the village tombola and Bossi, Maroni, Bersani, Veltroni, D'Alema, Brunetta with their faces of students who keep having to repeat the year of study with CEPU. They even lift my spirits. They have to go. There’s no need for the judgement of The Economist or of Nouriel Roubini to understand that the political class is the top problem for the country. It has run its course and it smells of mould, of rancid. They are the coprolites of the Second Republic. You see them and you stick your fingers down your throat so that you throw up. By now it’s an issue that transcends politics and the economy. It’s also ethics and morality. It’s an issue of pong. A disgusting stink that can no longer be put up with. And it’s also a matter of aesthetics. Certain faces are repugnant. Italy can collapse. It has happened on other occasions and it has got going again. But this political class has to go without turning back and without exceptions.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 9, 2011

See Genoa and then die


”Genoa. One evening my wife felt very ill. I bundled her into the car and rushed to the San Martino hospital. They told me to put her in the corridor. It was full of injured people from outside the European Union, perhaps injured in some sort of riot; there were transvestites, fools, and prostitutes. My wife was feeling even worse. I didn’t know what to do. It’s the first time it’s happened to me. I asked a nurse for help. He tells me to stay calm. “Try not to worry.” Calm? But if she hasn’t even been examined. I look around to find a doctor and find none. I’m afraid of leaving my wife on her own while I go off to find a doctor. Another nurse goes by. He tells me to leave my wife fully dressed. DO NOT take her shoes off. “Otherwise they’ll steal them…” But where the hell am I? Am I in a public hospital paid for with my taxes or in a souk frequented by thieves and whores? After a bit, the nurse comes back with a chain and padlock. “This is for your wife’s handbag.” he explains; “Chain it to the bed, otherwise after a bit she won’t find it anymore.” My wife, who had heard all this, looked at me like an injured fawn. I took her in my arms and I ran away. With the first taxi I went to a private hospital. I don’t have a lot of money, even because it all goes in taxes for these pigs. I got into debt for the operation that was urgent. Now my wife is feeling better. However, Italy is by now rotten. In the United States, you die unless you have private insurance. For us it’s no different. If you don’t have some money put aside, if you don’t take out your own insurance, after having paid the taxes for the public health service, you die anyway. However, it’s more democratic.“ Alessio T.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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August 7, 2011

You bastards, I’m still alive!

This morning I woke up with a furry mouth and a heavy head. Those are the symptoms of a day of disenchantment and pessimism. Your mood goes round like a ball on the roulette table and every so often it stops on a number that you haven’t bet on. Today is one of those days. It makes me think of a film of many years ago, Papillon, when Steve McQueen was an unachievable example for a young lad. Papillon dreams. He's walking in a desert. After hours of walking he comes across a tribunal, set up in the sand, equal in every aspect to one in a city. The judges look at him severely. They were waiting for him. The verdict is the maximum possible punishment. Papillon asks what crime he has been charged with. He doesn’t remember having done anything, nor of breaking any laws of the Republic. Impossible that he’s been judged guilty. A judge reads out to him the reasoning behind the verdict. The accusation is to have wasted his life. Then Papillon lowers his eyes, admits his guilt, he turns his back on the Judge’s bench and goes back where he came from. How many Italians would accept that they are guilty? Italy’s heart of darkness is this enchantment, this indifference that borders on cynicism that doesn’t manage to get shaken off. Too many times, I have seen those fixed staring eyes, that look through you when you cry out to them that we as a nation have failed and thus they have failed. How many are there of you for God's sake? What has happened to you? What do you dream about when night comes? What are your ambitions for the only life that you will ever have?
I’ll be better tomorrow. I need a few healthy moments of deep depression. It helps me bounce back. It gives me a boost. Yesterday the police stopped me. They asked for the recording of the show I did at Fermo. I told them that I had no recording. They were courteous. They mentioned a denunciation for a possible charge of “public defamation” of Napolitano and they bade me farewell. Napolitano … a parliamentarian in 1953, the year of Stalin’s death. The symbol of a petrified Italy.
Perhaps one day there’ll be a bard, a new Pasolini, who will tell our descendents the story of the great sacking, about when the “Bel Paese” was plundered and reduced to a political and economic appendix of the world. He will explain how we were and how we could have been. He will do that with the landscapes disappeared, with the intelligences dispersed in a modern Diaspora, with industries that remain only in name, with a democracy betrayed. Perhaps he will venture out into the search for those responsible for that curse. But no one is responsible. The blame lies with a disease that poisoned the mind of one of the most brilliant people that ever existed and that no longer know who they are. That wanders around like a blind man in the night and if you take him by his arm to walk with him on the road, he pulls back and insults you. He’s not blind. He knows really well what he has to see. There are no cures for this illness apart from those that come from within.
This indolent body of the country that doesn’t budge, doesn’t get indignant, that gulps down any lie, frightens me. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself older, sometimes tired and disheartened, but serene. On 10 September, I’ll be in front of Montecitorio to ask for the “Parlamento Pulito” {Clean up Parliament} law , signed by 350,000 citizens, to be discussed by the Senate. I’ll stay there for as long as is necessary. Even if I’m alone. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
Buy your copy today.

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August 3, 2011

The Police and the Eclipse of Democracy

The Police and the Eclipse of Democracy – Interview with Vittorio Agnoletto
After my letter to Manganelli, the head of the Police and his response, the debate continues on the democratization of the security forces and on a different relationship with the citizens. Today we are publishing the important testimony of Vittorio Agnoletto.

Interview with Vittorio Agnoletto:

”My name is Vittorio Agnoletto. I’m a doctor. In July 2011 I was the spokesperson for the Genova Social Forum. 10 years later, I’ve got together with Lorenzo Guadagnucci, one of the victims of the night of terror at the Diaz School to write a book. It’s called “L’eclisse della democrazia, le verità nascoste sul G8 2001 a Genova” {The eclipse of Democracy, the hidden truth about the 2001 G8 in Genoa}. It’s a book that you will never hear mentioned on TV because of the inconvenient truth that it talks about.
I very carefully read the response that Manganelli , the head of the Police gave to Beppe Grillo and I would like to challenge a few points.


Reward those convicted
Manganelli said: the promotion of the people who have been convicted happens as a result of automatism. That’s not true. We are not talking about any old promotion, of a matter of people taking part in competitions for promotion. Let’s start by saying that from the first level upwards for promotions, there’s always an element of discretionality that depends directly on the head of the Police.


The identification of police officers
Manganelli moves to another point, he says he is willing to have a discussion, but with a lot of resistance, on the issue of the identification codes on the uniforms of the police officers. This is a request that even the Comitato Verità e Giustizia di Genova {Genoa Truth and Justice Commission} already suggested 10 years ago. We have found a brick wall, including the one put up by the police trades unions who are against the measure.


Justice and the Police
Manganelli says he is willing to have a public discussion about this with Beppe Grill, out in the streets, to talk about the role and the behaviour of the Police. I think that this would be very relevant. However, I would ask Manganelli to show his willingness with some concrete actions. When he was speaking to a national daily paper a short while ago, he said: “we are willing to answer for everything that the Police has done in the appropriate places.” My question is: why was this not done in the Tribunal? Which is the appropriate place. How is it that most of the directors of the Police made use of their right to remain silent so as not to respond to the questions of the magistrates?


Proposals for a better Police force
I’m taking the opportunity to advise all of you to read this book, not just because it reconstructs the days at Genoa solely on the basis of documentary evidence, trial documents, witness statements, documents, wiretapping records, but above all because it reconstructs the 9 years of investigations carried out by the magistrates, magistrates who have been subjected to every form of pressure in an attempt to block their investigations. We are talking of pressure that is definitely not legal.
This book even concludes by putting forward some really precise proposals. I am absolutely convinced that there are many democratic forces within the security forces and that pressure from civil society has to allow these people to come out into the open, to express their ideas, and to put forward their claims.”


Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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July 29, 2011

The kiss of death


Filippo Penati has to pay back the 176 million euro to the inhabitants of the Province of Milan. The money that was in fact taken from public financing with the purchase of the shares for the Milano - Serravalle stretch of motorway from Marcello Gavio who died in 2009.
The value attributed to the shares by Penati, by the true friend of the jaguar (“don’t think that we are here to take the spots off the jaguar” is what Bersani would say) was 8.93 euro for a total of 238 million. Gavio had bought the shares for 2.9 euro a few months earlier. No one has ever seen a motorway tripling its value in such a short time. There was no reason to buy the motorway. The majority of the block of shares was already in public hands, with the province and the city of Milan. Here there are two possibilities: either Penati is a naive person who gives away taxpayers’ money in an unknowing way or he did someone a favour. Penati met Gavio in a Rome hotel, not in the offices of the Province, as he should have done, thanks to Bersani. Penati was Bersani’s right hand man, whereas the left hand man is Pronzato, an expert on the transport sector who ended up in prison. It’s possible to say anything about Bersani, but not that he is not a hard worker with two arms like that!
Now Bersani has announced a class action against the newspapers who defame the PDminusL. It’s truly an inside out world. It’s the citizens who should be bringing a class action against the PDminusL to have the booty returned to them. The province of Milan has 3,161,000 inhabitants. From each one of them, including the new born babies, 55 euro a head has been taken away to give to Gavio. What’s Bersani thinking of doing? Penati is a functionary in his party. If Penati does not have 176 million to give back to the people of Lombardy, the PDminusL will have to cough up the money. Bersani can start a “collection action” among those who are members of the PDminusL. Gavio, after the business deal of the century, invested 50 million in Banca Nazionale del Lavoro shares, while Consorte was staging a takeover bid. It’s a sin to think badly of anyone, but it is truly a strange coincidence. The PDminusL has pocketed a few hundred million in election financing under the guise of reimbursement of expenses. It would be a great gesture if they were to use a part for the province of Milan. We are waiting with hope.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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July 24, 2011

The world the other way round


photo by http://9gag.com/gag/14119/

On the Tarot card of The Hanged Man, there’s a man with his right ankle tied to a beam . His hands are crossed behind his back. In spite of the torment, his face is serene, almost ecstatic. Sometimes he’s surrounded by a halo. Italo Calvino in the book "Il Castello dei destini incrociati" {The Castle of Crossed Destinies}, has Orlando, the mad paladin finding himself upside down, saying: “Leave me like this. I’ve done the whole circle and I’ve understood. The world is to be read the other way round. Everything is clear.” The Great Book of the World of Madmen has to be read the other way round to be at peace with oneself. I’m not mad, I’ve finally understood this. I was just seeing the world from the wrong perspective.
When I go home, I have a chestnut beam ready for use. I get myself hung up by a foot and I laugh like a child. Anyone who loses his mind doesn’t know they have lost it, but that isn’t my situation. What do you say? Am I on a nasty slope? Ready for a white padded room in a clinic surrounded by a sea of grass? Like Orlando, I’ve done the whole circle and now I know that anyone who doesn’t adapt is lost. My eyes rove from the carpet to the tiles, towards the ground, like one who has to accept collapsing in order to survive. When they release me from the beam, ever more rarely, I go out of the house and I talk to the people I meet in the street. I have the feeling that I’m an alien. For a bit just recently, I’m getting convinced that it’s the others who are right. If the one who is not afraid of dying, dies only once, the one who is afraid of living never thinks about it and lives for a hundred years.
Who am I to judge my fellow citizens? I commit the sin of pride if I think that they are not well informed, able to discern the difference between good and evil, a delinquent from a Minister, a journalist from a mercenary liar. And when the doubt comes back again, my wooden beam gives me peace. I see Tremonti, the Minister of the Economy, and not Tremorti, the book-keeper of elusion. Napolitano appears to me and not Morpheus who is signing the warning. The TAV in Val di Susa is something that is right and fitting, and not a useless project costing 22 billion at the expense of the taxpayers. The 'ndrangheta does not exist, even Ms Moratti has said that, and Mangano is a true hero because he did not talk. Italy is the best of all possible worlds. Scalfari is a great journalist; De Benedetti is a virtuous man who has developed the national economy. Berlusconi the man of Destiny. A mantra when upside down. I feel better. To follow the crowd is a sign of wisdom, of tranquil strength, but it’s also true that when you follow the stream you always finish up in some sewer, whose stench is something you can cope with, a peg on your nose and Bob's your uncle! Straight away you imagine perfumes of lavender and cyclamen. The slight regurgitation of vomit was just an illusion. The world when you’re upside down is more beautiful, I didn’t believe it, but the Italians have made me change my mind.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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July 21, 2011

Homemade Greek yogurt


Greek politicians are lucky. When they are seen out and about, (as little as possible) people throw yogurt at them. It’s the Greek type, among the best in the world … Whereas our politicians get arrested. They weep with nostalgia for the coins thrown at Craxi. If people were to throw 10 cent coins at them they would be happy. They move around with bodyguards, in dark blue cars with blackened windows, like sharks in the traffic, so as not to be recognised by people. They are afraid of them. The riot police should in reality be called the parliamentary anti-trawling force. They are the final barrier between the politicians and the citizens. Just think of the joy of a maxi-trawl done by the magistrates in Parliament. For the Italians, it would be like winning the football World Cup.
These individuals who are under investigation, convicted at the first, second or third level who no one has elected, judge themselves and absolve themselves all by themselves. They decide, for reasons that are mysterious to the people, who can be arrested, as happened for Papa of the PDL, and who can get away scot free like Tedesco of the PDminusL.
A lighted match is enough, a forgotten match and that can set off the social revolt. They know that. The country is in debt starting from the State right down to the tiniest town. The debt of each citizen is the sum of the debts of the town + province + region + State. A person from Parma, for example, as well as the 31,000 euro of State public debt , has on his shoulders 630 million in town debt, equivalent to 1,940 euro a head including the new born infants. Anyway, Parma is lucky when compared to Turin, the most indebted city in Italy. We are drowning in debt that someone has taken on in our place. More debt means fewer social services, unliveable cities, local transport collapsing. Before any other expenditure, in fact, you have to pay the interest on the debt so as not to go under.
Each day a new judicial bulletin. You go from the PDL ‘s multiply-arrested Prosperini for passing envelopes of cash to the PDminusL’s Filippo Penati, vice president of the regional council in Lombardy under investigation for misappropriation and corruption in an investigation about the area of the former Falck in Sesto San Giovanni. In a country where Alfonso Papa from Poggioreale declares himself to be “a political prisoner” like a member of the Red Brigades of times gone by and where the PDL contest the vote for Papa with the reason: “Enough electronics, go back to the balls”, it’s the balls of the citizens that are going round and round vortically. It is the judges who decide who has to go to prison, not the chums of the defendants and those who are accused of serious crimes have to resign. Meanwhile, Bersani of the Fiscal Shield, of the “no” to the provinces, of the management of private water, of the TAV, and with excellent defendants in his party, is asking for new elections. I agree. Before that however, the PDminusL must be dissolved. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Soldi rubati - di Nunzia Penelope

Soldi rubati - by Nunzia Penelope
I cittadini sono poveri perché i delinquenti sono ricchi {The citizens are poor because the delinquents are rich}
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July 17, 2011

Miracle at Montecitorio


If the ECB had not intervened last Tuesday to buy our State waste paper that no one wanted, Italy would already be on the road to default. Anything but the miracle proclaimed by Napolitano who has found the time to receive Woody Allen in his shirt sleeves, together with his wardrobe-shaped wife.
What happened is “o' miracolo”. The blood of the Opposition became liquid (it’s not even as though it were the blood of Saint Gennaro).The Opposition that voted for the 80 billion euro package without even minimally denting the privileges of the politicians. The cost is 1,000 euro per family and zero euro for the parliamentarians. The deputies that voted out of a “sense of responsibility” and were praised by the Head of State, are the same ones that a few days ago absented themselves for the abolition of the Provinces, that receive a billion in public contributions for their parties and that happily qualify for a pension after one legislature. They should spit in their own faces when they look at themselves in the mirror. Instead they send out messages of solidarity like someone who has just escaped from a possible shipwreck. Nothing has been asked for in exchange for the blood of the Italians. People will retire at 68 years and two months (but those who are thirty years old will retire at 70).What’s the use of INPS? Where’s the money that we have contributed? This institution has to be abolished. From now on, let each person keep their own contributions, starting with what they have already paid in, and then decide when they want to stop working. They have brought in the payment for tests and visits to specialist doctors, basically everything.
“O' miracolo do o' Quirinale” and of the PDminusL. In exchange for the package, they should have asked for the immediate resignation of the government, a President of the Council appointed as a technical measure for a limited time to save the whole ship, the cut in the unbearable privileges of the politicians, a new election law, the elimination of public financing to newspapers and to the parties, the block on every Great Useless Public Work, from the Gronda to the TAV. Nothing has been asked for. Nothing has been done. The parties believe that they are safe. The Nation has been fucked one more time. For them it’s been a miracle, for the Italians, the umpteenth time we’ve been fucked around. The 80 billion is not enough to avoid the default, and not even 200 would be enough. Perhaps what’s waiting for us is the tax on patrimony, a sum of money taken from current accounts and the freezing of State bonds. It’ll be a new Italian-style miracle.

Il Mullah Omar - di Massimo Fini

Il Mullah Omar - by Massimo Fini
L'inutile guerra in Afghanistan {the useless war in Afghanistan}

Buy your copy today.

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July 15, 2011

The band on the Titanic


The band on the Titanic plays on while the iceberg gets closer. Tremorti, on trombone, reassures us: “We either go forward or we sink” (perhaps both …) and “As on the Titanic, those in first class do not get saved” It’s the umpteenth “tremortian” whopper. First class people are already saved. They have accumulated capital. They have taken their money abroad. First class people have got free tickets for the crossing, from the Government, with the Fiscal Shield with just 5% taxation on capital that has been kept hidden from the tax authorities. Together with the first class travellers, ones who will be saved are their cooks, valets, the serving staff of the newspapers, and the ship-owners of the banks and of the Confindustria. The citation of the Titanic is a good reassurance only for the poor people. Employees, precarious workers, unemployed people are already immersed in shit up to their necks. In the sinking of the Titanic, in first class 61.81% of the passengers were saved: 204 survivors out of 330. In second class 42.5%, 119 out of 280. In third class 26.85%, 105 out of 391. A first class ticket gave three times the guarantee of survival in relation to a third class ticket.
Tremorti after thirty years of political associating and economic tittle-tattle has woken up. He whispered, as though he were lying down on a bed waiting for the legal transfer: ”introduce into the Constitution a golden rule that ties us to the achievement of balancing the budget.” He’s saying that now, when everything is bursting its banks, falling over, overflowing and the debt is a mountain of ice close to 2,000 billion arriving in our faces.
Tremortacci tua”, where have you and your peers been all this time? The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement}, the populist one, the pioneer of anti-politics, the qualunquists, for years has inserted in its Programme a line that says: “Approval of each law subject to effective financial funding”. You cannot get the citizen into debt with his permission to do electoral financing, to buy fighter-bombers from the United States, to keep our troops in Afghanistan, for 22 billion euro’s worth of stupid things like the TAV, for a billion of public funding to the parties disguised as reimbursements. You cannot throw hundreds of millions of tax payers down the bog with bullshit like the one wanted by Maroni to decouple the referendum from the local elections or to keep the Provinces alive. Nor can you do the “Messina Bridge”, the “Gronda” and whatever you want for tens of billions of euro drawing on the public debt. The money belongs to us, the citizens. You have made it go up in smoke. You have gifted it to the State concessionaires, like Benetton for the motorways, like Marcegaglia and the oil barons with the Cip6, like our newspapers. The people of first class got rich thanks to the State. They should be the last to climb in to the lifeboats.

PS: tzetze.it, the portal of "Selected news Items on the Internet" reached 50,000 visits in a day just 48 hours after it was launched. Thank you to anyone who has appreciated it.

Il Mullah Omar - di Massimo Fini

Il Mullah Omar - by Massimo Fini
L'inutile guerra in Afghanistan {the useless war in Afghanistan}

Buy your copy today.

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July 8, 2011

Roberto Cotachiño


Roberto Cotachiño has taken courage. After a two year period of “mutism” he said: “Let Grillo not be seen again in Val di Susa instead of overheating the spirits and doing damage.” I consider that to be an invitation. I will act in such a way as to go frequently to this really beautiful valley. Cotachiño is never seen in Val di Susa. Let him go and hold a political rally, let him explain to the people of the Valley the reasons (non-existent) for the 22 billion TAV. I invite him to go to Chiomonte or to la Maddalena as soon as possible without body guards instead of hiding behind Maroni’s skirts. The Lega in Val di Susa is not the master or mistress in the house of others; the masters and mistresses are the people of the Val di Susa. The bluff of the Po Valley is deflating, like every other promise of the Lega in the last twenty years. The people of the North want secession, certainly they want that, but from the Lega people who give 90-degree support to the PDL that has Mangano as its hero.
Cotachiño should no longer let himself be seen in the Regional Council. He’s an illegal president. “Fora di bal e fora da Turin.” Cotachiño was elected thanks to Michele Giovine’s list called "Pensionati per Cota" {Pensioners for Cota}. The list collected 27,000 votes, but it should never have been admitted to the elections. The signatures of 17 out of 19 candidates were in fact false, as was verified in the criminal courts last week. A false list decided the elections in Piedmont. Cotachiño has to resign. The blog will follow the outcome of this electoral farce very closely. In November a verdict in the administrative field could (should!) invalidate the vote and call new elections and call Cota to return to the “fatal Novara”.
Meanwhile the Cabinet of Piedmont of the “Party of the Honest” (copyright held by Angelino Alfano) is losing its bits. Last May the councillor Caterina Ferrero was placed under house arrest for an invitation to tender for the distribution of 50 million euro of incontinence pads in the pharmacies rather than through the National Health Service. This weekend I’m inviting Cota to go on a family outing to Val di Susa. The air is great and the citizens are anxiously waiting for him. Let him take an incontinence pad with him, you never know.

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia {Grillo and the 3 days that turned Italy upside down} (3 DVDs + Book)
A voice in the desert of Italian conformism.

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July 6, 2011

The sacrifices of the others


Famiglia Cristiana, the dangerous magazine of the Catholic Black Bloc, has defined this political class as “the lowest of all time”. Italy is close to official default, the real one has already happened. We are at the bottom of the ranking for salaries, among the lowest for freedom of information, among the lowest for connectivity, even topped by Gaddafi’s Libya that we are bombing while the President of the Republic is sleeping soundly at night, among the lowest for investment in research and innovation, among the lowest for the employment of young people, thousands of companies are closing down every month. LAST. We will have to get used to this situation for years. It’ll need at least a generation to come out of it. The 47 billion of the Tremorti financial package is only just enough to pay for the sweeties. In a single month our public debt has increased by 22 billion. In 2012 the interest on the debt could get to 100 billion and perhaps go over that amount. In this screwed-up country every demonstration of moderation has been lost. The example is no longer a virtue. In Giuseppe Verdi’s house in Sant'Agata, among the memorabilia there’s a packet of train tickets that he left untouched. He was a Senator of the Kingdom. For this he received a salary, and he felt it was shameful to use them. He paid the train fare to Rome from his own pocket. Tremorti has suggested a cut in the salaries of the parliamentarians, but only for the forthcoming legislature. Sacrifices from the Italians, however, are required straight away. Why did Tremorti not put these off until 2013 as well? Why does he not abolish pensions for the parliamentarians retroactively? Why are double salaries possible? Why, why, why …. Yesterday saw the broadcasting of the umpteenth miserable episode about the cutting of the Provinces proposed by the IdV. The PDL voted against and the PDminusL abstained. Those who have the same interests adopt the same behaviour. “The number of provincial administrators is 4,000 people and there are 2,900 councillors, 50 people who are presidents or vice presidents, 100 who are presidents of the cabinets, and 900 cabinet members. The annual cost just in remuneration for this “army” is more than 50 million euro while the current spending of the more than 100 Italian provinces is about 10 billion euro a year.“ To be coherent anyone who asks for the abolition of the provinces should have abstained from presenting themselves at the latest provincial elections as the MoVimento 5 Stelle did. You don’t need a law to give an example. The trick of the election financing disguised as “expenses” brings to the coffers of the parties a billion euro. Has some party refused the money? The MoVimento 5 Stelle has. “You must be the change that you want to see in the world.” That’s what Gandhi said. In his place we have Bersani and Berlusconi. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia {Grillo and the 3 days that turned Italy upside down} (3 DVDs + Book)
A voice in the desert of Italian conformism.

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July 5, 2011

The silent majority


The guilty dog barks first. Ms Marcegaglia of the incinerators has invoked the arrival into the field of the “silent majority”. “The time has come for the silent majority of this country that wants the TAV, the infrastructure, to make themselves truly heard. Because otherwise only the noisy minority is heard and in bad faith.” The silent majority has already made its voice known with the referenda, the festival banquet, the table lavishly prepared with 6 or 7 nuclear power stations paid for by the tax payers for tens of billions and pocketed by the Confindustria, no longer exists. And not even the profitable handling of public water by the assisted industrialists. The bridge over the Straits has become a chimera. What remains are the Great Useless Public Works financed by the State, like the TAV and the Gronda in Liguria. Devastation of the territory and cement paid for by the tax payers. The Confindustria of the State Concessionaires, Benetton-style with the motorways, Marcegaglia-style with the incinerators paid for in the electricity bill with the CIP6, wants just one thing, public money. Without that it would be asphyxiated. In Italy, risk capital is put up by the State, the citizens who pay taxes, labourers, office workers, small business owners, it is they who are the “silent majority”. And Ms Marcegaglia is still asking for money from them. The Confindustria while passing round the plate has a loud voice. “What Grillo has said is really serious: “He said that those are heroes, whereas they are delinquents. The true heroes are the police officers.” That’s false and will find a response in the courts. My heroes are the citizens, like the people of the Val di Susa, who with the weapons of democracy are fighting this system that is rotten from its foundations. Ms Marcegaglia added “We entrepreneurs, the workers, the banks, have to say: that’s enough now, we are fed up. We have to swiftly decide one day when those who believe in the growth of this country, say – that’s enough!!” We all agree with this. We have to say “that’s enough!” to the ragged arsed entrepreneurs who plunder the resources of the country. Yesterday, just for a change, saw the conviction at the first level of judgement, of Sergio Cragnotti and Cesare Geronzi who are sentenced to nine and four years in prison for the collapse of Cirio to the value of 1,125 million euro. Who will give compensation to the savers? The Confindustria? They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia

Grillo e i 3 giorni che sconvolsero l'Italia {Grillo and the 3 days that turned Italy upside down} (3 DVDs + Book)
A voice in the desert of Italian conformism.

Buy your copy today.

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June 14, 2011

Arse faces


The Masque of the Red Death has already entered the castle where the parties are entrenched. They, however, are making out that nothing has happened. The happy brigade believes they have immunity against change, against the plague that will destroy them. It’s like a death that walks, but doesn’t know it. The surrounding walls constructed in so many years of the reign, that are apparently as solid as the ones in Constantinople, to keep the citizens out of every aspect of public affairs, are starting to collapse. Party-ocracy believes itself to be invulnerable and, up until now, it has had good reason to believe that. It has been living for decades between ease and privilege, it has been operating with edicts that cannot be discussed by those it treats as subjects. It has elected itself and it has propagated itself in every ganglion of the country, in every public and private structure, like a metastasis of democracy. In certain moments it felt itself to be lost, but it has never lost its spirit. It did a somersault as in 1992, it redid its make-up and it presented itself once more to the electorate. At that time it was the newspapers and the TV channels that transformed them into virgins from the old whores.
Now the game is up. The Internet shows up their wrinkles, their falseness, the buboes. The eternal arse-faces are drafting, are putting others off the scent, are confounding. They, like the old mafia guys, believe that the wind will blow over and that it will be enough to become like a reed blowing in the wind to then get up again when the weather is calm once more. After the referendum result they presented themselves before the Italians like old worn out brothel keepers to recite the old weary part, not realising that no one wants them screwing any more .They have transformed the victory of the Italians into their own victory. A vote for the future of the country for a political vote.


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June 8, 2011

E.Coli Gasparri


Maurizio Gasparri was born in Rome in 1951. He had to redo the first year of elementary School five times and he has to update his date of birth to 1956 so as to be able to keep going at school. None of his companions suspects his real age. They just think that he’s a bit retarded, "grande e ciula". He immediately understands that his only possibility is to go into politics. If intelligence is not in abundance, the “phisique du role” however is not absent for Maurizio, this was even recognised by Oriana Fallaci herself years later: There’s another one who seems like the village idiot. He’s got such an unintelligent face, poor thing, a lip that hangs down like that, that it makes you want to pay for him to have plastic surgery". Fini saw in that lad the stuntman for Starace, the national secretary of the Fascist Party celebrated for twenty years on all the walls of Italy with the words: "Starace chi legge!"{Starace who can read} and he got him to play in the MSI’s football team. Gasparri thought he’d arrived at the summit of his career and yet, it was just the beginning. Having an easy capacity to fall in love he said of Di Pietro "He’s a myth, better than Mussolini" to then go on and disown him as “the worst Italian politician” when he entered the service of Berlusconi. He even became the Minister of Telecommunications and they named a law after him; a law that he never understood in depth even though Confalonieri spent whole nights explaining it to him so as to save Mediaset’s TV monopoly. According to Storace, his former party colleague: “That Gasparri law, not only did he not write it, but he hasn’t even read it”. It’s the first case of an unknowing Minister, only a few years later Scajola arrives. He’s the father of a well known monstrosity that is “digital terrestrial”, and in this he is respecting the motto "Qualis pater, talis filius". Someone who was badly informed involved him at the time of "Chiappe d'oro", a supposed politician that went looking for transvestites. He cleared things up immediately: “It’s all a misunderstanding. One day in 1996, I was in my car and I got lost in the neighbourhood of Acqua Acetosa in Rome. That’s an area swarming with transsexuals, and in this wandering about I was stopped by the Carabinieri and I asked for help in finding my way.” Fini immediately gave him a “Tom Tom” but Gasparri has never understood how to make it work, he has confused it with the “Bunga Bunga” but in spite of numerous attempts he has never achieved orgasm. As a former party journalist (he wrote in Il Secolo d'Italia), he considers the free journalists to be a true provocation. Santoro and Vauro are two vulgar jackals who vomit insults with their pockets full of the money of the citizens" and for Enzo Biagi he proposed martyrdom: "Biagi and Santoro are using all means to find media martyrdom. You’d really want to say: OK let’s give them what they want". A true democrat. He’s a sincere knight of the Antimafia and he knew Paolo Borsellino so well as to reveal to the “Movimento delle agende rosse” that "Salvatore Borsellino was disesteemed by his brother ". Anyway he’s a reference point for young people. In fact, if one like him has become a Minister, anyone has a hope in life.

Spegniamo il nucleare

Spegniamo il Nucleare {Let’s shut down nuclear} (Book)

Survival Manual in the face of nuclear lies
by Beppe Grillo
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June 3, 2011

Compassion is dead and society is not in a great shape

Cristina and Laura Di Sessa
In Trieste after the death of their father, two women were evicted from an apartment that their family had been renting for 42 years, all their lives, with all their things. They asked the institutions for help, but no one responded apart from the office of the President of the Republic and their father’s colleagues with a contribution. They have looked everywhere for work, even underpaid work, the type that Italians no longer want to do …. But no one has offered them any. They were evicted in accordance with the law even though they are daughters of a carabiniere who had dedicated all his life, 35 years of it to the State. Now they are living in the civilised Trieste inside a car. Compassion is dead and society is not in a great shape.

Interview with Cristina and Laura Di Sessa who are living in their car

A car as home
Cristina - We are Cristina and Laura Di Sessa, two sisters; I’m 41 years old and Laura is 45. Our story actually started with a letter to “Il Corriere della Sera”. Just over 8 months ago we were evicted from our home for default because we could no longer pay the rent and for 8 months we have been spending the night with Mauro and this lady who have allowed us to sleep here and in the day time we are in the car and we are looking for work.


No work
Laura -So 4 months went by.
Cristina - However after that they gave us some money and even now after the broadcast of Balivo’s programme they once more invited us to get by now for a bit of time, but the big help came in fact from our letter to the President of the Republic, because when we were at the last moments in the house, in June I sent an email to the President of the Republic, explaining what had happened to us and what we were facing. I said that my father had been in the Carabinieri and had served there for 35 years.


We smash the furniture!
Cristina - It was 1 October and we had to take the things away in a week. Big boxes with clothes, all the things that you can take away and that you can save and we brought them here. However for the furniture we needed help to move the items, and we also need a place to keep them. Thus 1 October arrived and we had one day to take the furniture away. It was 6 pm and do you know what I said? Laura rather than leave this here, it’s our stuff and now it will be broken up and thrown away, so we broke it up and threw it away!
Laura - Those things were the sacrifices of our parents!


Closed Doors
Cristina - It’s not only a matter of the walls, but really what’s inside!
Laura - We have lived our birthdays, Christmases, Easters. We were with our parents inside there. Our parents died there!
Thus they didn’t have a crumb of compassion for us and I was not going to leave them our things.
Cristina - Even because less than a year earlier when the eviction proceedings had started in the apartment below, an elderly lady had to go away because she didn’t manage to pay the rent, even she didn’t with her pension and she didn’t have time to take anything away, because after the time to go away in May, straight away in June they had let it.


P.S. Anyone who wants to give a hand to Laura and Cristina Di Sessa can do so by sending a postal order to Cristina Di Sessa, V.le D' Annunzio n. 39 - 34138 Trieste –Thank you.

Spegniamo il nucleare

Spegniamo il Nucleare {Let’s shut down nuclear} (Book)

Survival Manual in the face of nuclear lies
by Beppe Grillo
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May 25, 2011

Let’s take the land from the hunters


In the 2010/2011 hunting season there were 100 victims, 25 dead and 75 injured. Mostly in Tuscany, Sardinia, Lombardy and Veneto. Overall it went well, considering that for months Italy is transformed into a shooting range. A wood is more dangerous than the war zones of Afghanistan. During an Autumn walk, the sound of birds singing is replaced by the roar of rifles. If you don’t run, you become the wild boar, the hare or the deer. And not even within the walls of your own home are you safe. “Our house is in a zone frequented by hunters in Ceglie. At times you happen to hear gun fire even when it’s the closed season for hunting. It happens that the hunters are shooting at a distance of 10-15 metres from my house. One morning in January, at the first light of dawn, while we were asleep, we were woken with a start by a loud sound of glass shattering. A blast of lead shot had hit the window of the bedroom where my sons (aged 15.11 and 5) sleep, shattering the glass” (12/9/2010)
“A lady from Bellaguarda di Viadana (Mantova) was hit by pellets issuing form a hunter who was aiming at a hare while she was taking her children (aged 8 and 13) to school. The two children were unhurt while the woman was slightly hurt on her thigh. There was a lot of fear given that a mass of pellets was lodged in the door of the house, just missing them.” (22/9/2010)
”It was 12:30 when a shot ruined the Sunday for a family living in Roana (photo). The bullet made a hole in the front door of the two storey villa and it lodged in the opposite wall just above the table on the first floor where the daughter of the couple was having lunch.” (13/10/2010)


“A young lass was grazed on her face by rifle shot from a hunter at Rocchetta Palafea in the langa astigiana. When it happened, the twelve year old was playing in the yard at home.” (11/10/2010)

You also put your life at risk on the roads and the motorways, in the car or on a bicycle.
”On the A5 motorway between Quincinetto and Ivrea a car travelling towards Turin was hit by a bullet shot by a group of hunters looking for wild boar. The bullet damaged the car’s rear window and in the car was a 31 year old man from Verrès and his son. The bullet lodged in the boot at the back of the car...." (20/12/2010)
”They were pedalling along on their bicycles, when they were injured by pellets exploded by a hunter whose identity is still a mystery. This happened in the hamlet called Jano di Scandiano, in the province of Reggio Emilia to two amateur cyclists aged 58 and 54, mistaken for wild animals during a peaceful Sunday outing. One was hit in the buttocks, while the other was hit in the lobe of his right ear: they were immediately taken to the hospital at Scandiano.” (27/9/2010) (*)

If it’s not possible (for now) to prohibit hunting, shootings can be limited near homes and roads. To do that, article 842 of the Civil Code needs revising. It was brought in, in fascist times to allow hunting on private land. (**) An unconstitutional article that represents a violation of the principle of equality of citizens before the law (article 3) and they have to revise the right to have property (article 42). My lawyers are checking up how to proceed.

(*) The information is from the website: http://www.vittimedellacaccia.org/
(**) Hunters cannot have access to land only if it is fenced for the whole perimeter with fencing of a height equal to or higher than 1.20 metres.

Spegniamo il nucleare

Spegniamo il Nucleare {Let’s shut down nuclear} (Book)

Survival Manual in the face of nuclear lies
by Beppe Grillo
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May 3, 2011



Even the Nazis, before they were hanged, were put on trial in Nuremberg. Bin Laden was not assassinated, killed, shot, butchered, struck down. No. Bin Laden was “terminated” to cite Obama’s words. An elegant metaphor that reduces a man to an insect. The members of Goering’s family were not condemned to death, however one of Bin Laden’s sons has been “terminated”. He was there at the scene of the crime. It’s his fault. Bin Laden, a former friend of the CIA, and of the United States, educated in the best universities of the western world, is innocent or guilty for what happened on 09/11? It should have been established by a tribunal on the basis of evidence, of debate. The world would have observed and perhaps understood. The Americans have intervened in the home of others, as usual, cowboys of the Earth. Pakistan is an independent State. According to International law, the United States should have asked the government of Pakistan to capture Osama. Why didn’t they do that? According to United States sources Bin Laden’s corpse has been thrown into the sea after an Islamic funeral (?) on an aircraft carrier. They transported it from Islamabad for hundreds of kilometres so as to feed the fish. Who can demonstrate he has died?
Bin Laden is useful to Obama to win elections. Perhaps however, he’ll lose the war. This death is in fact a vendetta and blood calls for blood. Islamic fanaticism can explode once more and get more extensive. The scenes of jubilation in the streets of American cities after the news of the disappearance of Osama remind me of the same scenes in Arab countries after the collapse of the Twin Towers. There’s something sick about celebrating the death of a person, even a criminal, just as at that time it was revolting to celebrate a massacre.
Bin Laden was living in a three storey building in Abbottabad, a tourist locality in the mountains not far from Islamabad. Abbottabad is where there is the Headquarters of a military academy and numerous barracks. The Pakistani government couldn’t not have known, just as at that time, the Italian government couldn’t not have known that Totò Riina was living with his family in the centre of Palermo. Bin Laden was sacrificed, given that he hadn’t already died some time ago. “Terminated” as they say in America for those who dare to stand up to it. Inhumanity is among us. Let’s "stay human", in accordance with Vittorio Arrigoni’s message.

2011 Election Tour

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The dates and the towns of the election tour . Sunday 1/5 Chivasso (h.14.30), Novara (h.17,00), Domodossola (h. 21); Monday 2/5 Cagliari (h.19); Tuesday 3/5 Olgiate Comasco (h.12), Varese (h.19), Busto Arsizio (h. 21); Wednesday4/5 Milano (h.19), Vimercate (h.21); Thursday5/5 Desio (h.19), San Giuliano Milanese (h.21); Friday 6/5 Rottofreno (h.17), Salsomaggiore Terme (h.19), Sala Baganza (h.21); Saturday 7/5 Cento (h.11.30), Bologna (h.15), Rovigo (h.19); Sunday 8/5 Cartura (h.11), Abano Terme (h.12), Oderzo (h.15), Trieste (h.19); Monday9/5 Vigonovo and Campolongo (h.11.30), Chioggia (h.18), Adria (h.21); Tuesday 10/5 Codigoro (h.12), Ravenna (h.18), Cesenatico (h.20.30), Rimini (h.21,30); Wednesday11/5 S. Benedetto del Tronto (h.13), Vasto (h.15,30), Nardò (h.21,30); Thursday12/5 Cosenza (h.17.30), Naples (h.21.30); Friday 13/5 Latina (h.11.30), Pomezia (h.13), Grosseto (h.17.30), Siena (h.20), Arezzo (h.22).

Spegniamo il nucleare

Spegniamo il Nucleare {Let’s shut down nuclear} (Book)

Survival Manual in the face of nuclear lies
by Beppe Grillo
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May 2, 2011

A clandestine is for ever

Racism, the Italians do it better
A clandestine is for ever. He never leaves Italy and he is never sorted out. Stateless for life. The clandestine is useful; the social fear that accompanies him is an old racist legacy. It’s not difficult to demonstrate that. He’s useful to the companies that pay him half an Italian and it keeps down the wages. Italian construction work would have fallen over without the clandestines; the new import slaves. It’s possible to live on 500 euro a month. I spent three days in London to check up that everything was organised for the wedding of William and Kate (oh – and by the way, they didn’t invite me). It seemed that I was in Rome or Turin. There were more Italians than English people. We have substituted the Pakistanis. Everyone’s abroad to do the work that we no longer want to do in Italy so as not to die of hunger: cooks, shop assistants, bar staff, waiters. Young people with a degree and a good knowledge of the English language. They wouldn’t go back to Italy even with a pistol pointed at their head. Ungrateful! If D'Alema and the former minister Ferrero had known, they would have taken their passports away.
The clandestine is politically useful. On the Right he justifies the vote to the PDL and to the Lega for fear of invasion, but also on the Left, the vote to the PDminusL for his welcome without ifs and buts. The clandestine is no longer a person; he’s an electoral weapon.
The clandestine is useful to organised crime. Where would the mafias find such a large number of desperate people willing to peddle drugs or sell counterfeit merchandise? Thousands of young women forced to be prostitutes? Children reduced to slavery?
In Italy, 20,000 Tunisians have come in. We no longer know anything about most of them. What has happened to them? A few managed to arrive in France. They roam around throughout the peninsular without knowing a word of Italian. In no State in the world is this allowed with such serenity of spirit; with us, it is. The reason is simple. They are useful for the profits of the companies, to the parties, to the mafias. The clandestine is multi-purpose like a Swiss army knife. To receive someone in your home, you must have the resources available to do so. Otherwise you have to ask yourself whether you are playing with dynamite and the future of your nation.

PS. At 5:30 pm Live Streaming from Novara on http://www.ustream.tv #m5sTour

2011 Election Tour

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The dates and the towns of the election tour . Sunday 1/5 Chivasso (h.14.30), Novara (h.17,00), Domodossola (h. 21); Monday 2/5 Cagliari (h.19); Tuesday 3/5 Olgiate Comasco (h.12), Varese (h.19), Busto Arsizio (h. 21); Wednesday4/5 Milano (h.19), Vimercate (h.21); Thursday5/5 Desio (h.19), San Giuliano Milanese (h.21); Friday 6/5 Rottofreno (h.17), Salsomaggiore Terme (h.19), Sala Baganza (h.21); Saturday 7/5 Cento (h.11.30), Bologna (h.15), Rovigo (h.19); Sunday 8/5 Cartura (h.11), Abano Terme (h.12), Oderzo (h.15), Trieste (h.19); Monday9/5 Vigonovo and Campolongo (h.11.30), Chioggia (h.18), Adria (h.21); Tuesday 10/5 Codigoro (h.12), Ravenna (h.18), Cesenatico (h.20.30), Rimini (h.21,30); Wednesday11/5 S. Benedetto del Tronto (h.13), Vasto (h.15,30), Nardò (h.21,30); Thursday12/5 Cosenza (h.17.30), Naples (h.21.30); Friday 13/5 Latina (h.11.30), Pomezia (h.13), Grosseto (h.17.30), Siena (h.20), Arezzo (h.22).

Spegniamo il nucleare

Spegniamo il Nucleare {Let’s shut down nuclear} (Book)

Survival Manual in the face of nuclear lies
by Beppe Grillo
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April 21, 2011

The New Pharisees

Clean Parliament in Turin
Let’s start with a fact. The MoVimento 5 Stelle {5 Star MoVement} reckons that the 110 provinces are a colossal waste of public money, a cost of 16 and a half billion euro a year (there are provinces that are the size of a neighbourhood in Rome or Milan, like Isernia (88,799 inhabitants) and Ogliastra (58,000 inhabitants)). Consequently, the MoVimento 5 Stelle has not participated and will not participate in the provincial elections. If you’re against rape, don’t commit rape! An elementary principle.
Many parties are against the provinces in theory and even with heated parliamentary questions from the benches of the Opposition or mocking the voting citizen in the same programme as the current government. However, all the parties dunk their doughnut and offer candidates for the provincial councils for the positions of President and the thousands of councillors and cabinet members. Furthermore, the Province is a consensus machine; it provides work to hundreds of companies. In public the parties long for chastity, in private they fxxk the citizens like hedgehogs. “Among the Pharisees there was the admission of a dogmatic and juridical development: intransigent on the substance of faith and law. They were flexible in the application” (source: translated from the Italian page on Wikipedia). The New Pharisees want water in public hands like the PDminusL and Sel, but they are handing it over to private companies. They preach morality and put forward Giusi la Ganga for the city of Turin. They want “generational renewal” and the top brass of the parties, from Casini to Fini to D'Alema, have been in Parliament for decades. Now they are all in favour of solar and wind, yesterday it was nuclear. New versions of bifronted Janus, with their buttocks in place of their faces. In the voting for the bringing together of the local elections with the referendum, 10 PDminusL and 2 IdV (that put forward the proposal) deputies were missing. The proposal failed by one vote. And the pensions of the parliamentarians? One legislature and the right to a pension is triggered. How many people have publicly refused the pension or have passed it on to an NGO? Not one. (If anyone has done so, please write to me.) “I’m indignant but I’ll take the cash.” is the motto of the new Pharisee.

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April 19, 2011

The death of Italian youth - Carlo Saturno

Interview with Fabio, cousin of Carlo Saturno(8:40)
People die in Italian prisons. Above all it’s the young people that have committed crimes that die. Carlo Saturno was one of the many. He was 23 years old. In the past he had a suffered detached retina because of a punch that he received in prison. He was found hanged. “Found” … The “worst youth” of Italy die like that: “found hanged”. Every year about 180 people die in our prisons. However many errors youngsters like Carlo can do, their death redeems them. But who will redeem this State that allows young people to die in prisons where it should be guaranteeing their safety?

Interview with Fabio, cousin of Carlo Saturno
My name is Fabio, Carlo Saturno’s cousin. Carlo is the prisoner who according to the declarations hanged himself in his cell in the Bari prison after a scuffle with prison guards. He arrived in the intensive care unit on 30 March at 7:30 pm and he stayed there for 8 days, until 7 April, when he died at 1:15 pm.

Carlo – a life in prison
Now everything is in the hands of the Magistracy. We know the facts from the moment he was taken to the intensive care unit, and the autopsy right up to the time when we dressed him and finally we had the funeral.
We have made a denunciation against “unknown” people. Now they also want to bring a libel action against us. However we have made a denunciation for culpable homicide and for inciting suicide. There are denunciations against “unknown” people delivered to the Public Prosecutor.


Bari, the prison of suicide attempts
He was hanging for 20 minutes then for 30 minutes he was in the prison infirmary, then he was taken to the intensive care unit by calling 118. This is in the declaration given by the Trades Union to the newspaper. However for us it seems that he was picked up from the cell where he was hanged and not from the infirmary.


An eye for the prison
Carlo’s scuffle happened because the second section was to be closed for refurbishing and they had to be moved to the third section. He didn’t want to change cell and he argued with a guard who landed up in hospital.
In the young offenders institution he was subject to a detached retina in his left eye because of a punch received. We have the name of the person who hit him, but we cannot reveal the name. Carlo couldn’t see any more from that eye. He was completely blind in his left eye.

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April 15, 2011

In memory of Vittorio Arrigon


”Take some kittens, tiny little cats and put them in a box” said the surgeon at Gaza’s main hospital called Al Shifa, while the nurse placed a couple of big boxes on the floor right in front of us, covered in splashes of blood. “Seal up the box, then with all your might jump on top of it until you hear the little bones crunching, and the last suffocated “meow”. I’m astounded and I stare at the boxes. The doctor goes on “Now try to imagine what would happen straight after the broadcast of a scene like that, the justifiably indignant reaction of the world-wide public, the denunciations of the organisations protecting animals …” The doctor goes on with his account and I can’t take my eyes off those boxes placed by my feet. “Israel has enclosed hundreds of civilians in a school as though in a box, dozens of children, and then it squashed it with all its might using its bombs. And what were the reactions of the world? Almost nothing. You may as well be born an animal as a Palestinian. We would have been given more protection.”
At this point the doctor leans towards the box and takes the lid off in front of my eyes. Inside there are mutilated limbs, arms, legs, from the knee down or whole femurs, amputated from the people injured inside the Al Fakhura United Nations school in Jabalia. Up until now there are more than 50 victims. I pretend I have an urgent telephone call, I tell Jamal I have to go, and in reality I make for the toilet, I bend over and vomit.

Vittorio Arrigoni, Gaza, 8 January 2009
(Thanks to Alina F. for drawing this to my attention)

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April 14, 2011

The Constitution is not a Sacred Cow


Sacred cows do not exist. And not even the Constitution is one, the Constitution that has been mocked in Parliament by the PDL and by the Lega and recited by the psalmodizing Pharisees of the PDminusL as an attestation of their re-virginisation. How can a handful of unauthorised occupants of the State discuss the Constitution unless it is in function of their own interests? All of them, without distinction, should be dismissed from Montecitorio and from Palazzo Madama with a kick up the backside.
The Constitution sets out that the elected are chosen by the electorate. Calderoli’s “legge porcata” {filthy law} has betrayed it and has allowed the secretaries to “appoint” their vote gatherers, their handmaidens, their brothers-in-law and their wives. The electoral law is unconstitutional, but that is no interest to anyone.
These characters, from D'Alema to Bersani, from Alfano to Ms Carfagna, are illegitimate. They represent the parties, not the citizens. Even the Presidency of the Republic and the Constitutional Court have not noticed. Article one specifies: sovereignty belongs to the people. Article 48 has two parts: the vote is personal and equal, free and secret; the right to vote cannot be limited.
There are two possibilities: either the Constitution is a sieve and anyone can wreck it, or a “coup d’état” has happened and no one noticed. If you run through its articles, few are respected and many are interpreted. Article 11 says: “Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means for the settlement of international disputes.” whereas we have been at war for a lifetime, ranging from Serbia, to Iraq, to Afghanistan. Article 5: “The Republic is one and indivisible” with three secessionist Ministers in the government. Article 7: “The State and the Catholic Church are independent and sovereign, each within its own sphere” with continual interference in the life of the Republic from the Vatican, ranging from “PACS” to private schools. The list is infinite. There is however, in the Italian Constitution an Ariadne's thread that in the end is the reason for this usucaption of the State by the parties. A text written by the parties themselves and in particular by the three major bodies represented in the Constituent Assembly: the Christian Democrats, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party.
The Constitution is armour-plated. It’s almost impossible to change it, and this is to the benefit of the parties that can thus act without being under the control of the citizens thanks to a series of measures to maintain legislative control, from the lack of a quorum in the referenda, to the impossibility of proposing a positive referendum and to the de facto foundering of every proposal of a popular law. The citizen can only put a cross on the symbol of a party. This is also thanks to the Constitution. Perhaps it’s the moment to remove its “sacredness”, to restore the voice to the citizen and to remove it from the parties.

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P.S. Even this year there’s Chernobyl day in Europe on 26 April to say “no” to nuclear. In Italy, the main event is in Cagliari. With pleasure, I have accepted the invitation to talk at this event, but as soon as it was known that I’m to participate at the event, the Regional body for the Right to University Study in Cagliari has decided not to give permission to use the venue as had been agreed. The organisers have confirmed with me that the event will go on all the same even in a different venue. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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April 10, 2011

“Yes – I know!”


Yes – I know!” How many times have they answered you like that? The irresistible response is the usual one. The desperate search for a baseball bat to continue the conversation. You say: “There are two million precarious workers” or “It’s not possible to understand why we are present in Afghanistan” or “Our public debt is taking us towards default” and the unfailing, standard response is “Yes – I know!” Are the politicians stealing? “Yes – I know!” Federico Aldrovandi was killed by the Police and whoever killed him is still serving in the Police after a conviction at the first level? “Yes – I know!” In these cases, the response is also accompanied by a “They can allow themselves that!”
The “yesiknow”s can be divided into a number of categories. The first is the category of the slothful. Their task is to block the discussion as soon as it starts so that they are not compromised. And if there words were to be reported? If someone happened to be listening? A quick“Yes – I know!” and they no longer have to think about it. The second category is that of those who commiserate and for them reality is unchangeable and anyone who goes against that, who tries to change the world has to be one you feel sorry for. Live and let them steal is their motto. The third category are the contemplatives for whom there’s never a single solution, the issue is always complex and only the intellectuals to which class they feel they belong as a right, can interpret the issue. They live for problems and for the analysis of problems. Their “Yes – I know!” is used to move to a subordinate position anyone who deludes themselves that they can understand reality and even put forward solutions. Stay in your place! The last category is that of those who collude. In this case “Yes – I know!” is pertinent. They have a good grasp of what you are talking about. Their objective is to extinguish the discussion. They transform a denunciation into a self-evident reality, in front of everyone. So obvious that it’s not worth talking about it anymore. Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone knows about it. And so for example, why launch a ferocious attack on Veronesi or on Dell’Utri?
The “yesiknow”s of all categories hate names. If a banker publically remembers Geronzi’s trials, he starts to stammer and he tries to get to the door fast. In fact, to the affirmation that some guy is a mafioso or a corruptor, the response “Yes – I know!” can lead to serious consequences The most irritating “yesiknow”s are those that draw out the “e”. They say “Yeeeeeees – I know!” to make it understood that know so much about it. If only they could talk … They can’t but if only they could ….. If only they could go and fxxk off.

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April 8, 2011

Bomb your own balls


photo: Reuters

Russell Harding, deputy commander of NATO’s Unified Protector mission in Libya, declared that he is not apologising for the Libyans killed by “friendly fire”. To call an assassination “friendly fire” is like defining a rapist as a seducer. “Looking down from above we cannot identify the nature of the vehicles” added Harding. Thus it’s the business of whoever is underneath when the liberators arrive. If they die it’ll be for a just cause, that of the United States and the allies, for not wanting to risk having their men on the battle ground.
Bombing is in the DNA of the Americans. It’s a way of maximising the results and reducing the losses. The civilians die and your soldiers are saved. A winning tactic, from Italy in 1943/45 when the people killed by the allies’ bombs numbered tens of thousands, with Dresden transformed into a blaze in which 25,000 Germans were burned alive, most of whom women and children. Right up to the triumph of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where the atomic bombs were launched as a demonstration project in August 1945 when the war had practically finished with Hitler and Mussolini having died months earlier. The bombs kept going in Vietnam and Laos right up to Iraq of Bush senior, to the Iraq and Afghanistan of Bush junior and the Libya of Obama, the Nobel Peace prize winner, perhaps unknowingly.
NATO is putting pressure on Italy to take part in the bombing. I have a response for the NATO top brass: “Bomb your own balls!” NATO has become an instrument of aggression, but originally, its mission, never denied, was a defensive one. It’s enough to have a UN resolution and then in 24 hours to bomb Libya and Ivory Coast.
It’s well known that in wars, the number of civilian victims goes up all the time and it goes way beyond military victims. Cities have become the battle front. The anti-aircraft guns are placed near to hospitals as a deterrent, but it’s a useless exercise. Bombing should be prohibited. We’d need an international moratorium. You launch a bomb from the fuselage or a Tomahawk missile from a ship and whatever happens happens. The word “end” needs to be put on bombing. Any bombing is a potential assassination of innocent people. Let anyone who wants to do war, like Russell Harding, let them go onto the battle field and risk their life. Let Italy be out of any war, starting with Afghanistan and when people write about bombing, let them use the exact terminology: “Assassination!

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April 6, 2011

Italians of Egypt


Boatloads of desperate people are turning up every day on the Egyptian coast. They are dreaming of going to Israel and from there to the United States to join up with the millions of their fellow nationals who have emigrated. They are coming from every part of Italy. A nation destroyed by the economic default and by the radiation coming from the new-born nuclear reactor at Caorso. They are disembarking on the beaches of Alessandria and Damietta exhausted by the journey with “la Gazzetta dello Sport” of three days earlier. They got on the boats by paying thousands of euro to the merchants of humans at Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Cagliari, and even Stromboli where the volcano has become active again.
The Egyptian government has set up wire netting camps in a semi-desert area where, by now there are tens of thousands of clandestines crammed together. Some of them, under the terrified eyes of the Egyptians, climbed over the fencing and have fled towards freedom. The police chased them on camels. Protests of the peasants of Tanta because of Italians climbing up the date trees and starting to eat the fruit. The same happened in Helwan in a banana plantation. Local groups have started to “hunt the clandestines”.
The Egyptian Prime Minister has gone to Alessandria to reassure the inhabitants and he bought a villa on the coast as a demonstration of his good faith. The Minister of the Interior has flown to Rome to ask the Pope, the only person of authority left in Italy, to take charge of the Catholics that have invaded Egypt. The Pope replied that he will pray for them. Thousands of Italians are to be found in the Gulf of Aqaba, after swimming across the Red Sea, on the way to Tel Aviv. Israel is not willing to welcome them and it has officially protested to the Arab League. The Egyptian Minister for Reforms has proposed to naturalise the Italians as Palestinians and to move them to the Gaza Strip. After long negotiations with Veltroni, who has been self-elected head of the “differently refugees”, the proposal was turned down for fear of friendly bombing, a frequent phenomenon in that area. The Egyptian Minister for Reforms has not accepted defeat and has issued a decree for the circumcision of all the infidel clandestines on Egyptian territory.
Many of the displaced people have got busy as black market slaves for the reconstruction of the Pyramid of Cheops. When interviewed by CNN they declared that they never want to go back to Italy again. In Egypt they are better paid, they don’t run the risk of dying at work and the air is better. A poster captured by the TV camera proclaimed “Better to be a slave in Egypt than a precarious worker in Italy”.

Ps. Today, 6 April at 9:00 pm, the Blog will broadcast in direct streaming "Le fiamme e la ragione {flames and reason}", the assassination of Giordano Bruno by being sentenced to a fire, as told by Corrado Augias.

La P2 nei diari segreti di Tina Anselmi

La P2 nei diari segreti di Tina Anselmi {The P2 in the secret diaries of Tina Anselmi }
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March 29, 2011

Napolitano’s taboo

Berlusconi: "Home and job for those who come to Italy".
Immigration is a taboo. What is a taboo? A fact about which you cannot talk or about which you always have to give the same interpretation. The taboo demands that it is perpetuated with meaningless phrases that have, as their only objective, the strengthening of the taboo itself. To Infringe the taboo is considered repugnant and worthy of censure from the community. A taboo is nourished by noble pronouncements like: “Let’s remember when it was us who crossed the seas, often in really difficult conditions and let’s put a brake on the excesses of reaction in relation to those people who are coming to seek a future in Italy.” pronounced in a way that is “differently responsible” by Giorgio Napolitano. The United States, the land of immigration for Italians above all after the annexation of the South and of the Veneto region by the Savoys, was an immense unpopulated space, with incredible natural wealth and to go there you first had to ask permission. If you got off the boat without authorisation at Boston or Miami they shot at you. The world has changed. Making comparisons with the past serves only to keep a taboo alive. Today’s Italy is over-populated. It’s one of the most densely populated states in the world. France has double the land area, with few mountainous areas and about the same number of inhabitants. Maine, one of the tiniest States in America, has the dimensions of the North of Italy with only 1,230,000 inhabitants.
The Italy of the spieler Berlusconi who promised houses and work for immigrants on Tunisian TV, has 20% unemployment and at least 100,000 unemployed people from outside the European Community and that number will double after the widely forecast collapse of the property market. Where will we put them? With which resources will we manage them? Will we give them a home and a job? Will D'Alema make them welcome on his yacht Ikarus or will they be rubbing shoulders with our “vulnerable”, the pensioners and unemployed people of the suburbs? We don’t manage to do anything for the people of L’Aquila and we are deluding ourselves that we are feeding the planet?
The immigration taboo has undesirable effects and desirable ones too. The undesirable ones are in front of everyone’s eyes, with thousands of poor wretches left to their own resources and to the mafias. The desirable ones are the provision of low cost labour, often on the black market, often destined to die on the job for the profit of their little boss and that of the Confindustria. The triumph of the globalisation of slaves. Political refugees must always find a welcome. Those who come from war zones must always find a welcome. The others are welcome only if there are the conditions to receive them, a home and a job, otherwise there’s electoral demagogy to the benefit not of our goody-goody and good-for-nothing left wingers, but to the benefit of the Lega. An invasion, because it’s a matter of invasion, will give the Lega absolute control of the North of Italy. In recent years the Lega has fed on immigration. Every immigrant without proper credentials means an extra vote. The destabilisation of the States has always happened even thanks to the immigration factor. The Lega is the party with the most interest in keeping alive the taboo of the unresourced welcome, justified by the myth of the Italian with a cardboard suitcase. The problem of the Lega and of immigration that feeds it is not just an Italian issue, but European. Fascism was not just an Italian issue, and neither will the Lega be. But Europe is having a blessed sleep and as we have seen in Libya, in reality it doesn’t exist. Which union of States can continue to exist without a foreign policy and a common army? And which State can allow itself to have the immigration taboo without disintegrating?

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March 24, 2011

The good cloud


Image: “Il babau” by Dino Buzzati

The nuclear cloud forecast to be passing over Italy tonight or the early hours of tomorrow morning, Thursday 24 March 2011, is good. Fazio, the Minister of Health, said soItaly is at zero risk. There is no danger for health and the contamination of food.” The cloud is kept under control by a capillary network formed by ARPA, by the network of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by the network of the Ministry of the Environment and by various monitoring networks stretching from the Alps to Capo Passero. Ms Prestigiacomo and Maroni are giving the guarantee.
It’ll be a tranquil radioactivity, that goes by and leaves no trace. The cloud that is worrying all Italian mothers: “Shall I take him to school tomorrow or not? is described with a type of language between the courtly and the encomiastic: “According to the French agency for nuclear safety some masses of air weakly contaminated with radioactive material released at Fukushima is due to pass over France today and go on to Italy, that should be passed over between today and tomorrow. The ASN makes clear that the level of radiation could even be lower than the limits recorded on the instrumentation.” In a single agency message there’s the attribution of the news item to a third party (the French agency) so if something happens it’s their fault …. two expressions of minimisation: "some masses of air" “weakly contaminated”, three conditionals ("dovrebbero", "dovrebbe", "potrebbe essere" {literally translated in English as should, should and could}) and a badly hidden satisfaction for a “level of radiation could even be lower than the limits recorded on the instrumentation”. Thus, we are already more radioactive than the Japanese. Basically the cloud does not do good, but almost. There’d be the need for more clouds that are so polite, well-mannered, basically Japanese, in transit in our skies.
Giancarlo Torri, the head of the Radiometric Measuring Service at ISPRA’s Nuclear Department declared: “Any exposure would be very rapid.” He’s an optimist. In a single sentence he used just one hypothesis and a conditional. Giorgio Mattassi, the technical-scientific director of ARPA in Friuli Venezia Giulia is reassuring: "No risk to health. I’m not expecting any consequence that could be compared to that caused by Chernobyl, where there was nuclear fusion. First of all, the cloud is mixed with other air that is not contaminated. Then we need to see whether it rains and where that happens. Anyway, that rain will not have a Japanese origin.
Crikey, I feel like Attilio Regolo in a barrel of contaminated iron. It’s not Chernobyl (what luck!) and the rain is not Japanese, perhaps it is really from Alto Adige. Really high air, really pure and only a little radioactive … “Less dangerous than a CAT scan” according to Giuseppe Remuzzi head of the unit for nephrology and dialysis at the United Hospitals of Bergamo. I can’t wait for the arrival of the next cloud so I can create an aerosol for myself.

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March 17, 2011

Italy is a Republic based on healthy and robust prostitution


Dear Beppe,
This evening in my city, as in many other cities, there’s the beginning of the festivities for 150 years. But of what? I have refused to attach a flag to the balcony because I don’t believe that Italy truly exists. Formally yes, but not as a people. We are a bunch of individualists who see ourselves as a people only when the national team is playing. We no longer get indignant about what our ruling class is doing and saying; the important thing is to have a full shopping trolley and a great TV with a Sky subscription. I am feeling bitter because after graduating I was working for a number of years as a freelance professional combining work and family and I have given this world a reasonable number of offspring. After a very controversial separation, I went back to work issuing an invoice for every euro that I was paid (and also for those that some clients have never paid). I have never stopped looking after my children and fighting with a state school system that is very patchy with teachers that don’t know how to speak Italian and that made me have to do extra work in the evenings to help them with their studies so as to be sure that they learn how to express themselves in the national language. With all that, I have always paid the same taxes as a colleague with no children and who perhaps is living with their own parents … And the result was: for the last few months I’ve changed my job: I have an appointment system for receiving men. Basically I’m a prostitute. I couldn’t do anything differently. I was about to go mad. I was fed up of getting to some weekends with the children at home, the fridge empty and twenty euro in my wallet. I have tried everything but in the end I have thrown myself into this work that definitely allows me to earn well and to have free time to dedicate to my children. And to pay off the debts that have unavoidably mounted up over the years. It’s not easy but at least I feel the pride in being able to guarantee there’s the minimum indispensable for my children. However, I leave it to the others to fly the ‘tricolore’”. Maria

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March 10, 2011

Bebe, the bat


‘Mortizia Moratti’ has been warning us for some time. About herself and her son, going about in disguise at night in the infamous neighbourhoods of Milan. Exploring the area between Quarto Oggiaro and via Padova. Stan Laurel and Charles Bronson. “There are aspects about me that people can’t imagine. Do you know how many times I have put on a disguise, and with my son Gabriele, also in disguise, we have gone around the risky streets of Milan, where there’s drugs, prostitution, delinquency, to really understand what’s going on so that we can then take steps? She was sincere. The adoration for her handsome Gabriele and her mother’s heart have betrayed her. After the tip-off, it hasn’t taken much to discover the secret identity of ‘Mortizia’ and her son: they are Batman and Robin. He is Batman, she is Robin. After the nocturnal excursions the wonder-duo have taken refuge in the Bat Cavern in via Ajraghi 30. A location that is beyond suspicion, apparently innocuous industrial laboratories. A perfect hidey-hole to escape from the nocturnal approaches that are so frequent in relation to transvestites on behalf of the people of Milan who are looking for adventure. Gabriele, nicknamed Bebe, has been inspired by the latest Batman film: "The Dark Knight" to design the area measuring 447 square metres. A basement constructed using special reinforced concrete with motorised trapdoor, a boxing ring, a shooting range, a salt water swimming pool with a drawbridge, a jacuzzi and a Turkish bath. For resting after the nocturnal activities, immense bedrooms and a super-accessorised kitchen.
Bebe is tough. He’s famous for his bust up with Eddie Irvine in the disco called Hollywood for which a trial has started because of serious injuries sustained by both parties. He loves wearing clothes carrying the German iron cross of the "One per cent" bikers. The Bat Cavern has been constructed amidst the silence of the general public. He doesn’t care whether it’s Palermo or Milan. However the law looks no one in the face. Not even Batman whose name has been entered in the register of those under investigation with the accusation of presumed violation of building regulations. His mother however is always his mother, and better still if she is the mayor and if she has given approval to the new Plan of the Territory. “When the Plan of the Management of the Territory comes into effect, in neighbourhoods like that of via Ajraghi, defined as ‘Zones of urban renewal’, many constraints will fall. It’ll be enough to put forward a simple application to the Town Hall … but still paying the necessary dues and demonstrating that the necessary improvements have been done”, words and music by Carlo Masseroli, Milan Cabinet member for the Development of the Territory.
To silence any possible malice, 'Mortizia' said: “I do not manage my son.

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March 8, 2011

Shoot above his head


The streets are full of armed men. They are among us. There are lots of them. I leave my house. In front of the supermarket there’s a security guard, pistol, bullet-proof vest. On the corner, at the bank, an armed man, blue beret, he observes first to the right, then left, suspicious. I speed up and move towards the metro. First there’s the ambassador of a far off country, near the entrance an army truck with the engine kept ticking over. A soldier has his machine gun well in sight, pointed down. Is it loaded? And if a volley of shots goes off?
I’m off the metro. Escalators, a glimpse of the sky up there. Straight away, in the square, one Police car and two cars of the Carabinieri all lined up side by side. Four police officers and ten carabinieri all fully armed. One is smoking a cigarette. A siren, a car with a light flashing with more armed men of the Security Forces on their way to a probable disturbance. I go straight ahead, along the street, past the shops and I come across two armed municipal guards talking to each other and an urban police officer with a white truncheon and a pistol in its holster. I cross the road at the crossroads, another two banks, another two armed guards on duty, loaded down with weapons. Waiting at the traffic lights, a patrol car of carabinieri, they set off as the green light appears. It wasn’t for me. Three grey uniforms of the Finance Police appear among the customers of a shop. In other places, the Finance Police are not armed, but they are in Italy.
Apart from the stretch on the metro I’ve covered not more than 600 metres and I’ve seen more armed men than in an action film. I’m counting up in my mind. Three armed guards, two military personnel, eight carabinieri, six police officers, three Finance Police, one urban police officer, two municipal guards making a total of 24. A pistol or a machine gun every 25 metres. And that’s on normal days. On the exceptional days, however, that are coming with ever greater frequency, by now one a week, together with the demonstrations and the events, hundreds of men are milling around with helmets, truncheons and guns in the various squares. On those luminous days of democracy, with the State lined up to protect us, the percentage of arms is at least one per square metre.

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Beppe Grillo is back - Tour 2011 (DVD and book)
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March 6, 2011

Two jumpers from Oviesse


I had stolen two jumpers from Oviesse and they caught me. I don’t know why I did it. My life is a disaster. No money, no work and a little girl to bring up.” That’s how the account given by the young mother starts, the mother who denounced the group rape in the barracks of the Carabinieri. This young woman was urgently imprisoned for having tried to steal a couple of fucking jumpers. How much were those jumpers worth? 20 euro? 30 euro? And they throw someone into prison for a theft like that? Was it not possible to charge her and leave her at home? Put her under house arrest? And the director of the Supermarket, once he had got back the stolen goods (what a great recovery… ), could he not have withdrawn the charge? No! Ruthless with the starving hungry, with the most vulnerable, with the full force of the law, whereas for Nicola Cosentino permission for authorisation to bring criminal proceedings against him for external collaboration in associating with the Camorra was refused by the special committee of the Lower House of Parliament. Camorra, not two stupid jumpers. You take refuge in Parliament and you are safe, like Alberto Tedesco sent for trial relating to the health system in Apulia.
There are the drowned and the saved in this infernal whirlpool called Italy, in line with Primo Levi’s metaphor. There are grey areas of power where everything can happen, but only to the most vulnerable like a woman without a family but with a daughter to bring up. What will she tell her daughter after the arrest and the rape? Every day, really serious crimes are committed under our very eyes and those who commit them will never serve a day in prison, protected by their money, by lawyers, by the caste to which they belong, whether it is a political, economic or criminal one. We stand by and we are indignant then we go on to have a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, the drowned, the chicken thieves, the most wretched, land up in prison, some die in prison and there are those who commit suicide from shame. Others are raped. And this is justice? And this is the law? “Summum ius, summa iniuria.” Justice is blind, but only in one eye. For the poor folk she sees very well.

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Beppe Grillo is back - Tour 2011 (DVD and book)
On pre-sale with a 10% discount until 23 March.
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February 27, 2011

Fortress Italy


We are waiting but we don’t know what for. We have to wait until the end of the night, but no one knows how long and black the night is and in the end, it doesn’t matter. From our fortress, our ruined outpost, our apartment in the suburbs or in the city centre, we observe the horizon by means of the enchantment of the TV. Familiar voices of perfect strangers keep us company every evening. They play out the happenings at our frontiers and even the dangers, and together with those even the solutions. We, obviously, no longer believe in the dangers, nor in the solutions. The dangers are much more threatening, already inside our borders, and the solutions are conjuring tricks from those who can do nothing other than to perpetuate their own power, and anyway they have no choice. The falsities with which we surround ourselves are too obvious and prolonged, but that future that is so threatening cannot be faced now, with these wretched weapons, without a strategy, without an ounce, or even a single gramme of courage. The fortress is welcoming. We lack for nothing apart from liberty and knowledge. The wait consumes us like candles, but the heat is enough to banish even the tiniest examination of conscience.
From the desert that stretches out interminably from the edge of the boundary wall, inside which we are enclosed by virtue of our wickedness or by choice, no one will come, no formidable and ruthless enemies, no friends coming to help us with the weapons of democracy and liberty, two words that we believe we understand the meaning of, but that we have mutated, more or less unconsciously, into dictatorship and servility. The wait must last forever. To resist (against whom?) is our only true objective. The waiting time has lasted for generations, one after the other cancelled out like stars with the light of the morning sun. In the fortress there’s still enough food, but the youngest ones often go off to foreign lands without ever coming back. By now there are millions of them.
The fortress gets old together with its inhabitants and its outer walls are starting to crumble. It’s said that that happens for all fortresses, that no fortress is eternal, that no wait is forever. The Berlin Wall fell came down, and now the fortresses of the Maghreb, one after the other. But the wait is sweet, even with the rumble of the first collapses. That enemy that will never appear from unknown lands, is in reality, ourselves, but it’s so reassuring to think of it as being different, far away.

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February 26, 2011

17 March 2011


To me it doesn’t seem like a great idea to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy on the 17th. It means looking for trouble. There are people who don’t take decisions on that day, don’t purchase anything, don’t even leave the house, don’t get married, and don’t go off on a journey. In some buildings, they go from the 16th floor to the 18th. What’s missing is just the black cat in the middle of the “tricolore” {national flag}. The day of 17 March is a day to be taken with pincers.
180: Commodus became Emperor of Rome. His reign was such a success that on his death, the Senate and the people wanted his dead body to be dragged through the streets with a hook and turfed into the Tiber.
642: Muhammad’s first victory at Badr preceding the spread of Islam in the whole of the Mediterranean and in Spain
1942: The first Nazi concentration camp came into operation at Bergen-Belsen, others followed with millions of deaths
1959: Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama had to flee from Tibet
1981: Licio Gelli’s list of P2 members was found
1989: In Pavia, the city’s Tower collapsed after 800 years. There were 4 deaths and 15 people injured.

People will say that it’s not possible to do otherwise because it was on 17 March that Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy was proclaimed King of Italy in Turin. Perhaps it would have been better to change the date to a more worthy one, 2 June 1946, the birth of the Italian Republic, for example. On 17 March 1861, they celebrated the annexation of a part of Italy to the Kingdom of Sardinia. That didn’t include Rome and a part of ‘Triveneto’. They celebrated the loss of Nice and Savoy, certainly more Italian than the Austrian ‘South Tyrol’ that we then occupied after that. They celebrated the massacre that took on the proportions of genocide, of the populations of the South. So basically what is there to celebrate? In 1861 they didn’t celebrate the birth of the State, but the extension of the dominion of the Savoys over the rest of Italy. The article approved by the Parliament in Turin in fact stated: “Victor Emmanuel II will take on for himself and for his successors, the title of King of Italy.” In Piedmont they didn’t speak Italian, but French. A world apart in relation to the rest of the peninsular.
Italy reaches its 150 years exhausted, worn-out with corruption and mafias, divided on everything, with a secessionist party in the government, with Parliament reduced to a ‘souq’, and a President of the Council who is unpresentable. The present is the son of our past, it’s got very little glory, has never been under discussion together with its so-called Fathers of the Fatherland.
On the 17th, let’s celebrate if we want to. In the end it’s the beginning of a long Spring weekend, a “super ponte” lasting 4 days. But straight after that, we need to observe one minute’s silence.

P.S. Everything happens on the 17th. I’d forgotten that 17 February was the “Day of Libyan Rage”, indicated by ‘mavalà’. Tell us about all the 17ths that you know about.

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Lo stivale della vergogna

The boot of shame (Box containing 7 DVDs)
Italy 2008- 2010 as told by Marco Travaglio
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February 22, 2011

Gaddafi, one of us


Wonder is a gift of the Italians. Surprise in the face of the unthinkable, but only because no one had wanted to think about it, is a national characteristic. Down with Gaddafi, the bloody Bedouin dictator, the one who has committed genocide against his people, the slaughterer of thousands of innocent Libyans. Yes, OK, but no one has ever said anything to Scaroni’s ENI, to Agnelli’s Juventus, to Romiti’s Impregilo, to Finmeccanica or to Unicredit belonging to whoknowswhosepapi? Did Mother not inform them before they got married to Gaddafi? Italian companies with enormous interests in Libya and with shares held directly by the Country responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. Lockerbie, the town in Scotland where 259 people from the Pan Am flight died together with 11 people from the town. The bloodiest act of terrorism before the Twin Towers? In the forty years, has anyone raised a finger against the one who stripped of all their assets and booted out like dogs, from one day to the next, the Italians who had been living in Libya for decades? In fact, what happened was the exact opposite. Gaddafi has been protected, revered, and welcomed as the guarantor of Italy’s mythical Fourth Shore. It’s no secret that his military air force was trained in Italy and that our Secret Services have on more than one occasion given them warnings of threats and bombings. It is said that he escaped death during the bombing ordered by Reagan thanks to Italian informers. Gaddafi is one of us, whether we want it or not, whether we accept it or not. That Berlusconi kissed his hands is just the latest episode, the most blatant and undignified for the Italians, of a relationship that has lasted decades. Gaddafi saved Fiat with his capital in the 1970s. No one was outraged. We have bartered oil with arms and military assistance, energy with the lost of modesty of our democracy. And now, rightly we are outraged. The wonder belongs to the children and to the hypocrites. Italy is the land of Wonder and of Hypocrisy. Gaddafi has declared that he will stay until he dies. Italy loses one of its faithful allies that it has already renounced. Gaddafi? Who knows him?

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Lo stivale della vergogna

The boot of shame (Box containing 7 DVDs)
Italy 2008- 2010 as told by Marco Travaglio
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February 17, 2011

The citizen sheriff

High Noon - 1952
A sheriff without a pistol and without a badge. He has no big belt and no legitimacy to ensure the law is respected. Armed solely with his indignation. He is the citizen that each day and each night sees or suffers a small or large abuse of power. His anger is fuelled by the evidence, by the impudence of the crime, by the uncivilised behaviour happening in broad daylight, with the silent assent of those who should be insisting on the application of the law, from the local health service, to the town police to the cabinet members of the town council, to the Presidents of the Region. Between the indifference of a big chunk of Italians who are scrupulously minding their own business, true amoebas of democracy, the gristle of a body in the process of decomposition.
The polluted river of the company that you know the address of and their sales tax identification code, the cars, often belonging to the so-called authorities who stop to get a coffee while parking on the ramps for those with disabilities, under-age people who offer themselves as prostitutes on the city streets at all hours, drugs on sale outside the schools, hunters shooting at a few metres from houses, the destruction of the territory, that in your case is the meadow in front of your window, with an unauthorised shed, the slender youngsters who don’t stand up to offer a seat to an old lady on the public transport, respiratory illnesses due to air pollution because of the local authorities, the protection money taken from shopkeepers. It’s an ordinary injection of bile that relates to all that surrounds us. The citizen sheriff that can no longer hold it in, reacts, raises his voice, denounces, gets angry, does the job that he pays four million public employees to do. He risks everything. It’s he who is the pain in the arse, not the others. Isolated, insulted, sometimes beaten up, denounced, taken to court for libel. If he has something to object to in relation to the ordinary daily shit that is poured over him, he can turn to the authorities … But eight million eyes that he pays for, with his work, should they not see themselves in his position, intervene instead of him, get the civil code and the criminal code applied instead of him, and if necessary with weapons in their hands? And so?
The sheriff is not in the city nor are the other authorities. The citizen sheriff, like Gary Cooper in “High Noon” is alone. Anyone who should be in his place has closed themselves in their houses for fear of retaliation or just for a quiet life. The improvised sheriff is considered with annoyance by the family and friends. That’s what Cooper’s wife said to the person who criticised her for wanting to leave her husband: “But what type of woman are you? How can you leave him like that? Is the sound of gunshot so frightening for you?“ “No, I’m used to it. My dad and my brother were killed in a shoot out. They were in the right, but that’s no use when they start shooting.

P.S. Meetings for the creation of 5 Star Civic Lists have been organised in the following towns:
Abano Terme, Anzio, Arezzo, Arquata Scrivia, Arzergrande, Chivasso, Crotone, Este, Montignoso, Montefiascone, Nettuno, Ospedaletto Euganeo, Rocca Priora, Sennori, Vasto, Vimercate
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La pena di morte italiana

’La pena di morte italiana’ (+ the book called ‘Ju tarramutu’)
Violence and crimes without guilty ones in the darkness of the prisons, as told by Samanta Di Persio
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February 15, 2011

The shit hits the fan


Some people compare Berlusconi with Al Capone. The former on his way out because of stories involving prostitutes, the latter imprisoned for tax dodging. But the comparison doesn’t stand up for two reasons. The first is that Al Capone was the boss of Chicago, but not the President of the United States. He was a private citizen, not the First Citizen. The second reason is that he did not have available to him information about the big tax dodgers of America, whereas the psycho-dwarf certainly has a cupboard full of dossiers on all those who have been gravely sinning, and not just sexually, whether they are in Parliament or in the institutions. How many are there and who are they? Before leaving the stage he will bring them down. He will use his media like cannons. In 1993 it was said that politics could not be substituted by the magistracy. The collapse of the 5-party set up has gifted us with the worst twenty year period of the Republic and the restoration of the Craxi-ists and the P2-ists. Who remembers Tina Alselmi? In 2011 we are still at the starting point, like a never-ending ‘Game of The Goose’. Then the bribe money, today the showgirls. In this legislature the Oppositions (?) have had a number of opportunities to bring down the government. It would have been a worthwhile action. It didn’t happen. And politics has been substituted by Ruby. Politics cannot abdicate its role. Bersani, Fini, Casini, D'Alema, Veltroni and other courageous ones are using a young girl as their shield for the end game. A game that should have and could have ended a decade ago. Berlusconi has been a lame duck for some time. He is the past. But, in politics, there’s a variety of ways to bury the dead. The risk is that even the Italian Republic might get buried. After the fall of Benito Mussolini, there was chaos, September 8, the fleeing of the king. Berlusconi is the one who is the guarantee of very precarious equilibria. The economy is close to collapse, whatever ‘Tremorti’ says. If there were elections, with PDL in disorder, the Lega could get a majority in the North and start off the secession with the consensus in the Veneto region and in Lombardy. The psycho-dwarf in his own way has been the glue of a Nation that is in decay, his alibi and his mirror. This evening in the streets of the cities of Italy, hundreds of underage girls will be offering themselves as prostitutes to the general indifference of the public and today multitudes of Italians will take off in flight, true modern ogres, to rape children in the world. Is anybody interested? We can expect a period of private shit in the fan; I believe that almost no one will be immune. Get ready and fasten your seat belts.

P.S. Meetings for the creation of 5 Star Civic Lists have been organised in the following towns:

Abano Terme, Anzio, Arezzo, Arquata Scrivia,Arzergrande,Chivasso,Codogno,Crotone, Este, Figline Valdarno, Montignoso, Montefiascone, Nettuno, Ospedaletto Euganeo, Rocca Priora, Sennori, Vasto, Vimercate

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Lo stivale della vergogna

The boot of shame (Box containing 7 DVDs)
Italy 2008- 2010 as told by Marco Travaglio
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February 13, 2011

The Italian death penalty

Crimes without guilty ones in the darkness of the prisons
When I read "La pena di morte italiana" {The Italian death penalty} by Samanta Di Persio, I just felt horrified.

Preface by Beppe Grillo

”As everyone knows, the death penalty doesn’t exist in Italy. It’s true, there’s still the freedom to torture, in that our penal code does not mention it and some people take advantage, as they did during the Genoa’s G8 at Bolzaneto and at the Diaz school. But since 01 January 1948, the death penalty no longer exists, as stated in the Italian Constitution. That’s the reason why capital sentences are executed with discretion in the prisons, without being too visible. The beating up is called a heart attack or a cerebral haemorrhage. Strangling is always a suicide, often with the laces of their shoes that even a cricket wouldn’t be able to use to hang itself. You can die in your cell and during your death throes, that can last for hours, as they did for Aldo Bianzino or for Stefano Cucchi, no one is present. The prison orderly is constantly somewhere else. The duty doctor late. When he arrives, reassuring, with his bag, he never notices the signs of the hitting, the bruises, and the injuries. The death is natural. The doctors’ photocopy diagnoses state that the injuries were self inflicted. They always hurt themselves. The detainee was depressed, he couldn’t cope. The signs of the dark badness that the dead prisoners inflicted on themselves are the witness letters sent to the relatives, and especially their mothers, shortly before their death.
They are announcements of death, from lads who are shouting out in an uncertain handwriting, desperate, lads who are about to be killed dead. The mothers ask for an interview, a transfer, but however, right up to the death, that is denied, as in the case of Niki Aprile Gatti. Prison, the place that by definition is the safest and the most looked after in the world, is an arm of death that extends right down the peninsula from Genoa, to Florence, to Rovereto. Each year, about 180 detainees die in prison.
A third are suicides. The ones that take their own life are usually the lads being imprisoned for the first time. In 2009, there were sixty nine suicides, a record as never before, a suicide rate that is twenty one times the rate for the Italian population not in prison. It’s possible to think that it’s normal that that happens, in Italy like elsewhere. However, Canada has a rate that is four times lower than the Italian rate and the Polish Minister of Justice had to resign because of a suicide. In prison, the ones who survive and don’t commit suicide or get themselves suicided becomes habitual criminals, a danger to society when they return to freedom. The option of being on probation in the care of the social services has in fact been eliminated. Probation is a measure for re-education to protect the safety of the citizens. The prisoners on probation with the social services, in fact, almost never commit other crimes and go back inside: only three out of ten. Those who serve their whole sentence in prison continue to commit crime: a good seven out of ten.
This book is a painful chorus of voices that tell us the story of infernal to-ing and fro-ing in which the death penalty is inflicted without a verdict, without guilt, without witnesses, and above all without anyone being guilty. The prison, like the uniform, is not put on trial, and anyone ending up behind bars is just a number with no longer any rights. The death penalty has never been abolished, it has evolved. Anyone, to general surprise, found dead in his cell, with a swollen face, his organs in a state of devastation, is just one who is “differently suicided”. Beppe Grillo

La pena di morte italiana

’La pena di morte italiana’ (+ the book called ‘Ju tarramutu’)
Violence and crimes without guilty ones in the darkness of the prisons, as told by Samanta Di Persio
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February 8, 2011

The Demonstration


Italian politics has moved from Parliament to the ‘Manifestazione’ {Demonstration}. The opposite of the word ‘Manifestazione’ is ‘occultamento’ (concealing), disappearance. In physics, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. The democracy that has disappeared finds other routes when the institutional ones are blocked off for it and it suddenly reappears like a karst river. The squares of Cairo and of Tunis are the Galilean demonstration, but also those recent ones in London with the protest of the university students and Charles’ car tossed around like at the dodgem cars in the funfair.
If the demonstration abroad has its beginning and its end (there’s a demonstration to get something that will be conceded at least partially), in Italy the demonstration has a beginning and that’s it. The aim of the demonstration is to demonstrate. If abroad a demonstration is an important fact, often momentous, and thus rare, in Italy there are more demonstrations than there are days in the year. The calendar of a demonstrator is so full that he faces incredible difficulties. On a Saturday, in order to participate in two demos, both vital for democracy, he even has to do 200 or 300 kilometres.
The parties participate in the demos with conviction, and usually they take them over when they haven’t managed to organise them directly. And you often see their banners waving in the sunlight and the stalls with the symbols and the obligatory fliers. They are the temporary outpourings from Parliament. They protest in the streets at the weekend against themselves, but without getting too much in the public eye, in political jargon, they are the so-called arse-protectors. The parliamentarians who are divorced, who frequent the ‘trannies’ and the prostitutes protest against the ones in civil partnerships. The Opposition, for decades accomplices of Berlusconi with no “ifs and buts’, PDminusL folk and thereabouts are demonstrating against the psycho dwarf three times a week. The Trades Unions and the key parliamentarians who have witnessed the destruction of Fiat and of Olivetti are marching united for employment.
When they don’t manage to steer the demonstrations for their own electoral pool, the politicians get together at the last moment. They even climb onto the roofs to bring their hairy solidarity to the students for whom Ms Gelmini has even chopped their desks, they who pocket a billion euro in public financing. Close-knit demonstrations for public ownership of water that they cannot give a toss about while they are creating contracts for water management to private companies. They are marching against the Finance Bill, they ask for the abolition of the Provinces and the reduction of the costs of politics and meanwhile, their provincial councillors are getting fat and the key newspapers, the ones acting as the megaphones of the demonstrations are raking in 330 million euro. The Demonstration that is a battle and of the government is by now a known fact. I demonstrate ‘ergo sum’.

Lo stivale della vergogna

The boot of shame (Box containing 7 DVDs)
Italy 2008- 2010 as told by Marco Travaglio
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February 5, 2011

The "bicameralina"


The ship of fools continues its journey towards the unknown. There’s a certain happiness in the air, effervescent, like that of mad people and those who no longer have anything to lose and want to see how things end up, and see the effect it has. The Parliament of the non-elected and the information about the bunga bunga have by now done an ‘about-turn’ towards the stratosphere of nothingness like an immense fart that takes off towards space to look for a black hole. Politicians and journalists of the hole are travelling towards their origins.
Federalism is the reform of the reforms that has been discussed for 20 years with the same furore engendered to search for photos of the presumed hookers. The citizen eats bread and prostitutes from morning to night, and he knows all the measurements of Ms Minetti (100, 60, 90), but nothing about a federalism that could split the country or perhaps not, or perhaps it could. Who knows? It’s easier to explain Einstein’s theory of special relativity than Calderoli’s proposal. And within those pages there can be everything and the contrary of everything, from a sweet Bosnia, to being taken for a ride with names of barbaric invasions like ‘IMU’, the ‘Cedolare Secca’ and the ‘Autonomia Impositiva’. The Lega without federalism is like an empty box, an unloaded pistol. To get it, it has been threatening for years to bring down the government, the government that has never been so stable as when it is threatened by Boss(ol)I. The parties are all federalists, the problem is how much and how. Each one has his own federalism. And it’s the comparison on methods, timeframes, contents that has become an elitist discussion, behind closed doors. From Putin’s big bed to the 'Bicamerale’ {Parliamentary commission set up by the two Houses of Parliament} is a short step. In practice a big bed with space for two where a group of self-appointed people has debated our future without having any authority from us to do so. What will they have said? And what is the Bicamerale? A club for the initiated? It finished in a draw. Technically the perfect result as Gianni Brera would have said. Neither of the two teams on the playing field has won, but no one has lost. The January acquisition campaign was not sufficient to reinforce the two teams. Today in the newspapers, the Bicamerale is defined as the "bicameralina", {little Bicamerale} a bit less than a Bicamerale, an under-age Bicamerale. The government has explained that the result was just a consultative opinion and the draw was an authorisation to proceed. A legal decree in the night and federalism is born, even though no one knows who the father is. It was born from a dust-up of spermatozoa from all the parties. The baptism will take place in parliament, federalism with be taken to the palace of the President where it will be blessed, not without a few doubts, but with great confidence in democracy.

P.S. Meetings for the creation of 5 Star Civic Lists have been organised in the following towns:
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È stato morto un ragazzo (DVD) {A young man in a state of death}
The film about Federico Aldrovandi who encountered the police one night.
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February 1, 2011

Face like his arse

Casini’s political responsibility
Casini said to Santoro, in front of millions of Italians, that he would “Accept the political responsibility” of putting forward Cuffaro as a candidate “before the country” if it should happen that Vasavasa {Cuffaro} is convicted. And he added “I would be in the condition of asking for forgiveness”. Sicily is an important reserve of votes for the UDC. Cuffaro as President of the Region was a guarantee for the elections. Casini has raked in the election result. This is the story in its simplicity. Now that Cuffaro is in prison, Azzurro Caltagirone should have the dignity to resign. Obviously he’s not even considering it.
A citizen went up to him in the street: “Three years ago I asked you why you were putting forward Cuffaro as a candidate and you defended him ferociously. Today would you make a declaration asking for forgiveness from your voters and the Italian people?” The response is worthy of one of Forlani’s pupils (do you remember? the one with the bib in the tribunal?): “I believe that Cuffaro is giving a lesson of enormous dignity. He has not even waited for the Senate to establish sending him to prison (remember that we are talking about a prison sentence of seven years for aggravated aiding and abetting of Cosa Nostra). He presented himself thus showing he had confidence in the magistracy (?). I believe that he has demonstrated that with a sentence of this type there is a style and a respect for the institutions. We have to acknowledge that.
Summarising the Casini-thought: Cuffaro has dignity because he didn’t run away. He has confidence in the judges who have absolutely no confidence in him and who have convicted him at all three levels of justice. He has style and respect for the institutions that he is number one in sullying by his behaviour. But above all, Casini is glued to the armchair. He doesn’t reckon he has any political responsibility. What’s he got to do with it? He’s not called Salvatore. He hangs on to the votes and the other guy hangs on to prison. Let’s give Pierferdinando the benefit of the doubt. But also in this case they shouldn’t even have trusted him with Mubarak’s presumed-niece. Who will put forward Pierferdinando the next time? The man who while he was the President of the Lower House, in 2004 provided his support and his expression of esteem for Marcello Dell'Utri on the eve of his conviction at the first level for external collaboration in mafia association issued by the Palermo tribunal? It is said that Follini has been charged with scouting in the Tribunals of the Republic to promote new faces for politics. One or at maximum, two levels of judgement, respect for the institutions, unending dignity and an electoral college to bring with you as a dowry. A legislature for sale, negotiations reserved. When I listen to Casini I always ask myself the same question. Which came first his arse or his face?


È stato morto un ragazzo (DVD) {A young man in a state of death}
The film about Federico Aldrovandi who encountered the police one night.
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January 22, 2011

Madly in love


Bersani, that old guy that watches you from a park bench with his sleeves rolled up in the hope of squeezing a vote out of you, has gathered up his courage. To boot out Berlusconi from Palazzo Chigi he has decided to bring him 10 million signatures that he will gather in a month using ten thousand gazebos. It’s the “February campaign”. A half way house between the storming of the Winter Palace by Lenin and the eight million bayonets of Mussolini who said with prophetic lucidity: “Thus it is a great olive branch that I am raising up …. Watch out, this olive branch has come from a massive forest: it’s the forest of eight million bayonets that are sharp and in the hands of young people who are intrepid and strong.” From eight million bayonets to ten million signatures with the blessing of the olive is only a short step.
Bersani thundered with his lisped ‘s’: “He is thinking of talking about the magistracy and not answering the questions he should answer.” D'Alema was a bit upset. He thought allusions were maybe being made. Still digging up the story with Ms Forleo and the interview about the magistracy on ‘Canale 5’. Implacable, Bersani remarked: “I am clearly opposed to elections. But let’s not delude ourselves. If there is voting with this law and he wins, then he will do everything he can to get to the Quirinale {official residence of the President of the Italian Republic} and he will have the numbers required to do that.” The electoral law, Calderoli’s ‘legge porcata’ {filthy law}, was never discussed by the PDminusL in the two years of the Prodi government. This law is the offspring of every party present in Parliament, welcomed warmly by all of them. Bersani also got sad at the thought of the psycho-dwarf: “He’s there and will stay there as long as he’s allowed to.” Exactly. Who has allowed him to? The government would have fallen a long time ago if the PDminusL had been present in the Chamber when there was the confidence vote on the Fiscal Shield. Berlusconi wouldn’t even be in Parliament if the Opposition had brought in the law on the conflict of interests. Berlusconi would not have control of the TV stations if D'Alema hadn’t made him a made-to-measure-law in 1999 (anything but “Bottino Craxi”).
Bersani anyway has a dream. To listen to 'Topo Gigio Veltroni' tomorrow in his second speech at Lingotto, 22 January. He’s expecting “a contribution to political culture”. ‘Walterloo’ brought Berlusconi back to life, Berlusconi who in the Autumn of 2007 was reduced to giving out pasta to old folks in the outskirts of Milan and he even managed not to mention him throughout the whole of his election campaign. As a true opponent, but also ally, he shook his hand in the Lower House after his opening speech. At the thought of his new political contribution, every Italian makes an intimate gesture to bring good luck. Bersani concluded: “It’s obvious that Berlusconi takes us all for fools”. And this is being naughty. Not everyone. He doesn’t consider the top brass of the PDminusL to be fools, but business partners. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
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January 18, 2011


“Il se..ss..sso” {sex} the one with four “s”s, a bit breathy, like they speak in Emila, a bit like the slut (sòcmel!), is using its red light mantle to cover everything. We have transformed ourselves into a people of peeping-toms. A perverse daily pleasure, a continual erotic stimulus to be satisfied. Anyone who doesn’t fuck is lost. As is whoever fucks too much. I have not yet found an old man who would not go on foot from Rome to Trieste to do “bunga bunga” with Ruby, minor or non-minor, prison or no prison. In the bars, they are not engaging in political commentary and about the economy even less than a little bit. They are talking about the tits or arse of one of the girls of the day. Of the prostitutes‘ market transformed into the Football players’ market, “I don’t think that’s worth two thousand … For that one I’d pay three times the rent if I had the money … A mini for a blowjob is an exaggerated price …. – however … “. They are giving an analysis with professional precision, in the middle of a brioche and a cappuccino, in the midst of a Campari and a Pernod, the day’s sadomasochism described explicitly by top journalists transformed into gynaecologists and experts on the colon. Those practices that they never managed to get accepted by their own lifetime partner. Anyway it’s still the same one. In the country, there’s a feeling of individual envy in relation to an old man who has had a prostrate operation, with no hair left on his head, who in any Western country would be seated on a park bench feeding birdseed to the pigeons or behind bars. “Il Corriere” and “la Repubblica” seem like the Italian version of Playboy. Sex has become the yardstick for everything. The goddess Circe transformed men into pigs by deception, today there would be a queue to be allowed to root about in the manure with an “escort”. The booting out of a philanderer for excessive doses of whores is a paradox, an Italian record. It’s the equivalent to the deposition of Mussolini for an excess of fascism or the imprisoning of Rockefeller for an excess of capitalism. We have gone from the pages discussing judicial proceedings to the pages discussing sex. The scene of crazy satyrs bunged full of Viagra and with the papaverine injections on the apex of the penis is the authentic representation of this country. Of an Italy that for decades has stood and watched the disappearance of democracy. Passive and not Active in its every way of relating with Power, of an Opposition transformed into the Madame of the Arcore brothel. How many prostitutes are writing in the newspapers or are voting in Parliament? They have not sold their bodies but the dignity of a country that has gone whoring.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
your copy today.

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January 14, 2011

Illegitimate ball breaking


I need air. I have a legitimate impediment like a breaking of balls. A “Lodo Alfano”, a Pecorella law, some kind of law that they will think up tomorrow. A farce dressed with an Italian sauce that has been going on for too long. Should Berlusconi have himself put on trial or not? After 15 years of being put in charge by the President of the Republic, the Opposition has licked his arse, the newspapers have done investigations on Bunga Bunga and on D'Addario’s backside rather than on the death of Borsellino, they still want to put Berlusconi on trial with headlines and articles on the front page? A guy that has already been judged and found guilty a thousand times by the Italians? We’ll have to organise campaign groups for self-defence from these swamps, from his daily miasmas. We risk being asphyxiated.
In every other democratic state, Berlusconi would be in prison or anyway not in Parliament. In Italy no. The problem is thus the State, not Berlusconi. With what cheek has Napolitano allowed Berlusconi to become the President of the Council? Pertini would have had him thrown down the stairs. Remember Veltroni who shook hands with Berlusconi after his appointment to the Lower House (and even before that …)? And D'Alema who gifted him the TV frequencies with a special law in 1999? And the Fiscal Shield and the Great Pardon approved thanks to the Opposition? And coming to today, to the new bastion of antiberlusconi-ism, to the incinerators, to Vendola’s business dealings with Don Verzè in Apulia? Berlusconi has bought up Italy, at least whatever is for sale, and in Parliament nearly everyone is, not just the former DiPietro-ists Razzi and Scilipoti.
Now the decision of the Constitutional Court is being celebrated as a victory for democracy. A decision that in reality leaves everything as before. The judge will decide whether the President of the Council’s justification to not turn up in court is legitimate. The judge? How can a judge decide whether a meeting with Putin or Merkel, or participation at a meeting of the UN or the G8 is or is not legitimate? We are not at Aunt Maria’s nursery with the note of justification from our parents. Let’s be serious. He will never turn up and his presumed crimes will get timed out due to the Statute of Limitations. I’ll bet my old Prussian blue jumper (it’s very valuable … as a keepsake). The whole country has delegated its politics, its future to some gentlemen who are as respectable as you like, to the eighty-year-old judges of the Constitutional Court, but whose job is not to create a revolution for third parties. But still today, just for a change, the topic of a nation that no longer has a helmsman, that is close to economic collapse, dominated by the mafias, the topic is whether or not Berlusconi has fucked a minor.
P.S. Meetings for the creation of 5 Star Civic Lists have been organised in the following towns:
Canino, Capoterra, Carmagnola, Cassino, Cavarzere, Chioggia, Ciriè, Civitavecchia, Corigliano Scalo, Crotone, Desio, Fuscaldo, Grottaglie, Isola Della Scala, Marino, Nogara, Noventa Padovana, Pessano con Bornago, Pioltello, Rocca di Papa, Roseto degli Abruzzi, Siena, Sennori, Terracina, Viadana
Suggest a meeting in your town.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
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January 10, 2011

The Tower of Babel


I was with some young people. And among other things I said, “ … Pisciotta’s coffee”. Question marks in their faces. Then I went on: … yes – like the cyanide-laced coffee that Sindona drank …” Muteness and blank faces. Given that no one has recently been assassinated in prison with a coffee and that both Provenzano and Riina are in good health, I haven’t found other examples. During the 1960s, the TV broadcast “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky in the early evening slot. Today it’s been replaced by “Big Brother” and by "I Cesaroni". Masi, director of the RAI, having survived Anno Zero, would be sacked on the spot if he were to propose a novel by Gogol or Chekhov at a peak viewing time.
Ignorance of the past, that gives rise to our present and everything that we are, is there but no one worries about it. New knowledge is limited in terms of time and depth. A fact, even an important one, is here today and tomorrow it has dissolved, the son of Nothing, the “throwaway” reality. The vocabulary of the Italian language has got smaller, not more than a thousand words are used and when it’s possible we are shortening the terms in order to be able to communicate faster by imitating Twitter and Facebook. The next step will be the language of gestures.
Knowledge and language are shared by people even less. By now what exist are many social islands that are separate from each other and the river that separates them gets stronger as time goes by. The result is an overflowing of daily life of the “conversations in the pub”. A hyper-simplification that relates to everything. It makes it banal and it makes it understandable at the same time. Easily-exchanged merchandise, even though it is completely obscure, and meaningless. Free territory where it’s possible to socialise, say everything without saying anything. An upside down Tower of Babel, where everyone speaks the same language so as to not communicate, that has occupied the TV channels, the newspapers and the living rooms of our homes. The insane talk shows are the most popular programmes because they are “understandable”. At lunch-time on Sunday, with relatives and friends, the conformity of shared ignorance is a taboo that cannot be violated. Anyone who delves deeper between the maccheroni and a dish of salad is a person who is “different” and a trouble-maker who doesn’t know how to share food at the table.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
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December 30, 2010

The intimidatory adverb

I will not be intimidated!
It was Piercamillo Davigo who said it years ago. In Italy a prohibition always needs to be reinforced to be taken seriously. The simple, “smoking is forbidden” is ignored, it’s almost a kind invitation. What’s needed is the intimidatory adverb: “it’s absolutely forbidden to smoke” to attract attention. The utility bills that come into our homes have become threats the violent language of which, even a hardened criminal would take care not to use: “To be paid undelayably before …” “Forced execution … “. In the Equitalia letter the intimidation is even shown clearly, and explicitly: @This notification has the value of an INTIMIDATION to fulfil the obligation ….”.
Threats are followed by actions that have the objective of crushing every resistance by the person who does not fulfil the obligations. If you don’t pay the water bill or the electricity? They confiscate the house from you! You don’t want to pay the last penny of the unpaid licence fee for Minzolini’s TV and feel that you are cuckolded over and over again? You will have your car taken from you. The framework is the same as the “pizzo” {mafia extortion}. If you don’t pay everything straight away, they slash your tyres. The intimidatory language accompanied by disproportionate sanctions is the only possible relationship between the State and the citizens. The more a State is weak, the louder you have to shout. The mafia, in as much as it is credible, does not make threats, but simple requests. At least it safeguards the niceties.
The Italian however is accustomed to everything. He would even survive a nuclear holocaust accompanied by a tsunami and the simultaneous eruption of Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli. Thus he does not let himself be intimidated. If he has to, he pays, but only if he has his back to the wall. Otherwise he throws it in the bin. Not even a letter with a sequence of outrageous adverbs like undelayably, anastatically, obligatorily, contentiously and cannibalescally, would alarm him. He is used to it and he doesn’t care.
The Italian is naturally symmetrical. The more the prohibition is intimidatory, the more he does the opposite. A sign saying “Absolute prohibition on tipping” placed in a meadow is the best way of creating a tip out of nothing. A sign saying “It is forbidden for anyone to collect porcini mushrooms on this property” will set off a mass of mushroom collectors never seen at your house. The symmetry of the Italian can however be exploited with the contrary intimidation. Signs saying “Smoking is obligatory in this room” or “It’s obligatory to make your dogs shit on the pavement” would produce the opposite effect: no one would ever smoke again and the dogs would all become constipated.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
your copy today.

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December 23, 2010

The Father Christmases


Christmas is the saddest festival in the year. Anyone who is alone feels even more alone. Anyone who is poor becomes a beggar. Relatives that you would never even dream of meeting up with, and some of whom you had even forgotten about their existence, turn up at your door. People that you bump into only on two occasions: 25 December and funerals, smile at you and keep on kissing you. Why? Houses turn into rubbish tips after the opening of the presents whose packaging costs more than the actual contents. There’s always the presence of an aunt or a granny who gets transformed into the domestic cleanliness person with loads of rubbish bags, one for plastic stuff, one for glass, one for paper and cardboard. We are all better. Beggars, by now delivering a strong presence in the cities, are difficult to distinguish from the normal passersby. Yesterday I gave 20 cents to a bank clerk who was rummaging through the rubbish bin and he was even affected by it. The beauty of Christmas is that it covers everything, like snow, like Berlusconi. You forget that you are a precarious worker, or unemployed, or laid off, and Marchionne seems like one of the Three Kings with the Swiss myrrh. “Made in China” is overwhelming. It’s the triumph of "Merry China Christmas", every object under the Christmas tree comes from the far off Far East, but however it’s produced by Italian companies. We export capital to import toys. It’s the globalisation of Baby Jesus. Immense pine trees are raised up in Milan’s “piazza del Duomo” and in the Vatican City, cut off at the roots, sacrificed, decorated with streamers and fairy lights for unsustainable festivities. However Christmas is still Christmas and to some more than others I want to send my best wishes this year: to the fathers. To those fathers who are afraid they will not be able to give a dignified life to their children, who they see with eyes glued to the window of a toy shop and they feel like non-entities because they cannot afford a present. To the fathers who are alone, because they are separated, whose Christmas is contained in a telephone call: “Hi Dad! – I’ve got to go now…..” To those who never give up for their children and accept any job, whatever the humiliation they have to suffer. How many are there of these modern heroes who are working but underpaid, who are accepting risky work and who sometimes die so that they can bring home a wage? The ones that put their heads down and give up on every type of pride? It is they who are the true Father Christmases even though sometimes their sack is empty. The light they have in their eyes when they look at you, and I’m also thinking of my dad, is a gift that you won’t find again if you lose it.” Happy Christmas from Beppe Grillo

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
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December 21, 2010

The job of the others


In the post office you find the bank. At the station, you find the shopping centres. You cannot yet send a parcel from the counter at the bank, but it’s just a matter of time. It’s the triumph of universality. The politician spends his time on TV but not in Parliament, he’s an actor, he doesn’t make laws. Anyone who is elected, in all senses, it’s as though he has been given employment by the public broadcasting company, the RAI. There’s a growing repulsion in relation to one’s own job that pushes one to do something else. For Moretti, it’s less important to have the trains running to time than having the supermarkets in the Big Stations. In theory, Benetton makes jumpers, in practice it manages motorways, an activity of which it has no experience but that allows it to rake in billions of euro in tolls. Colaninno, ex Telecom, ex Olivetti, ex everything, goes by Vespa and he’s dealing with Alitalia though he knows not a jot about air transport. It’s the apotheosis of incompetence.
The escorts become Ministers, the judges are deputies and many deputies would like to be judges, the government issues laws instead of governing, and the Opposition, as well as opposing, finds time to collaborate. The oncologist Veronesi improvises as a nuclear expert. Doing something else is useful to fight the boredom of one’s own job. It’s better to be an amateur every day, than to be a professional for the whole of your life. Only the one who tackles his activity with the spirit of a pure amateur can carry it out without distractions, with the thoughtlessness of improvisation. For example, Bertolaso of the catastrophes, or Gasparri when he was an unknowing Minister of Telecommunications.
Obviously, doing something else doesn’t mean renouncing the salary that one is paid to do something else. In fact, "altrismo" {other-ism} mustn’t be confused with altruism, even though it sounds similar. If the crime doesn’t pay, exactly as for Tremorti, being a Mayor and a Senator, theatre actor and a deputy, lawyer and parliamentarian, pays double and even triple. "Altrismo" develops unthinkable synergies together with the wallet. The important thing is to participate (in getting the money). To find a Minister who does the job of a Minister, a euro-deputy who does the job of a euro-deputy, a whore who does the job of a whore, is a forlorn task. There’s even the one who improvises as leader while he’s President of the Lower House, and there’s the one who participates in the drafting of laws like the President of the Republic.
The neighbour’s activity is always greener. Father Christmas will also be the “Befana” {the witch who comes for the Epiphany} and the three Kings together with St Joseph. “Trasformismo”, an old sickness of the country that relentlessly strikes the Italians, from Giolitti to Scilipoti (with all due respect) has transformed itself into social schizophrenia. Each one is also other. The important thing, as always, is not to work, and above all, not to accept one’s own responsibilities.

Berluscoma 2010

Berluscoma 2010 (DVD)
The sunset of the Second Republic as told by Marco Travaglio
your copy today.

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December 19, 2010

Mussolini’s ghost


The blog has come into possession of the contents of a (true or presumed) spiritualist séance held by the medium Marcello Dell'Utri in which the spirit of Benito Mussolini was evoked.
”What is this new fascism that the old and new enemies are all clamouring against, and I would say rightly so? Let me who proudly launched it into the world, be allowed to respond to this question. Let’s speak clearly: my fascism has the same relation with this nothingness, as an original has with its caricature. My government had Gentile and this one has Gelmini, Bottai and this the ephebe and woolly Bondi, more a larva than a man, a worm who would never have faced up to a circle of fire. Balbo was a magnificent Minister of Aviation at the age of thirty three, and he achieved the first flight across the Atlantic with an air squadron. They named a street in New York after him. Today he would be a “precarious” worker or a sales assistant in a department store. The black shirts who died cannot defend themselves from Fini, named in fascist language "er caghetta" {the shit} for the pugnacious spirit that he has always shown, nor from the filthy and charlatan-esque representation of one called La Russa. My errors do not justify this mockery. Fascism was better and worse than all this. Fascism with its mistakes and its horrors, died with me. I was hung up in a square in Milan, not far from the hall in Piazza San Sepolcro where the basis of my ideal construction started. Leave me in peace. Anyone representing me right now is a traitor, a braggart, a mafia person, a freemason. Prefect Mori shot at mafia people who now have seats in Parliament with Berlusconi. What’s the difference between an obvious dictatorship, the fascist dictatorship and a hidden one, but only for those who do not want to see, the “plutomafiomassonica” one in which you are living? Not even one coin fell from my pockets while I was upside down in piazzale Loreto together with Claretta Petacci, who was my favourite one, but because of this she never became a Minister. The richest man in Italy has become your master. I was a socialist before being a fascist and I shared prison with the socialist Pietro Nenni before becoming “il Duce” and ord