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October 30, 2005

Thank you Naples!


Thank you to all of you (120,000, 150,000, 200,000?) who were there last night in Piazza Dante in Naples for the white night.
You were absolutely marvellous, for a moment you made me feel like Maradona.
You are the true image of Italy, beautiful, full of joy, clean.
Thank you thank you Belin, I am moved.

PS Have you by any chance found my travelling bag with my clean underwear in it?

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Our Employee Prime Minister


Stefano Benni has sent me these reflections:

"President Silvio didn’t want the war in Iraq but Bush didn’t listen to him.
President Silvio wanted to boost the economy but the business world didn’t put their trust in him.
President Silvio didn’t want laws for individual people but someone made the laws in secret.
President Silvio didn’t want to disturb the unity of Italy but the Lega did it anyway.
President Silvio wanted a seat at the United Nations Security Council but Japan managed to get in ahead.
President Silvio wanted a democratic information system, but instead the press and the TV channels have finished up in the hands of the communists.
President Silvio wanted to eliminate the mafia but the mafia is having a resurgence.
President Silvio wanted to create a dialogue but the opposition didn’t want to.
President Silvio didn’t want Tremonti any more, but Tremonti has come back.
President Silvio wanted to restore the good image of Italy in the world, but the world is wicked and rejects us.
President Silvio didn’t want to avoid being tried but the trials have avoided him.
President Silvio wanted to cut out the parasites, but without his knowing, ICI (property tax) has been removed from the Vatican buildings.
President Silvio didn’t want to buy any more companies, but his brother and his daughter have done this without telling him.
President Silvio didn’t want Previti to go and offer money to the lawyers, but Previti went all the same.
President Silvio didn’t want the war in Iraq but his agents invented Nigergate.
President Silvio didn’t want the war in Iraq but his petrol pump distributor threatened him.
President Silvio didn’t want to be a candidate another time, but they made him do it.
President Silvio didn’t want to take money from the pockets of the Italians but someone did 3 finance laws in a month. The Prime Minister is either a hypocrite or he counts for nothing.”

From Stefano Benni (the wolf) .

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October 29, 2005

The supertelephone


Telecom Italia has just announced the Supertelefono hi-tech that will work on landlines and mobile networks.

This Supertelefono will be available in 2006 and is “the result of the group working at the forefront of innovation.”

The Supertelefono will have Uma technology inside and will integrate protocols of the mobile networks like GSM and GPRS with wi-fi.

A wi-fi mobile Supertelefono! The first in the world.

I’m proud of this country and I can’t wait to try out this Supertelefono.

OK let’s see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

The mobile phone world is divided into operators like Vodafone and Verizon and producers of mobile phones like Motorola and Nokia.

Guess what the producers are doing right now?

They are developing Voip technology on their mobiles.

This means that the mobile network operators will find themselves completely missing out and we will be connecting our mobiles to the Internet in wi-fi paying little or nothing, just as we can do right now using applications like SKYPE.

However if the Supertelefono will save Telecom I’ll be happy because it really needs saving.

From the beginning of 2005, its shares have lost 23.8%, and from a historical perspective, from the moment the tree of infelicity came in in 2001, it has lost 35% with respect to the index of European telephones and it has lost 46% with respect to the Italian Stock Exchange

For now, I’ll make do with my Voip wi-fi phone as it allows me to phone at a distance of up to 100 metres from my PC using SKYPE and I’m saving.

PS. Olimpia, the company controlling Telecom, is keeping the value of its Telecom shares in its portfolio at 4.63 Euro. I am just a comedian and I can’t quite understand how it’s possible that Olimpia is valuing its participation in Telecom at double the market value.

Thank goodness that it’s Fazio controlling things. Otherwise we’d definitely have been worried.

Source: Time, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera

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October 28, 2005

Appealing to the Marines


In 2005, the homicide of a representative of the State in a polling station can happen in only 2 countries: Iraq and Italy.

But as always, Italy is more advanced, even ahead of Iraq. Here in fact we kill them even after they are dead.

Fortugno has been killed twice. First by a Luger 9x19, second time by the questions, inferences about the ASL of Locri, grey zones where the “almost honest” are thought to live

In live TV on the RAI, Fortugno’s widow was asked what she thought of the whispers relating to contacts that her husband may have had with men close to the 'ndragheta.

In an editorial by Sergio Romano,the good old Corriere has compared Fortugno to the case of Salvo Lima, Andreotti’s contact in Sicily, killed by the mafia.

But Ciampi was present at Fortugno’s funeral and he wouldn’t have come if he was anything but certain of his honesty.

The UN must protect us at the next elections. We’ve got American occupation troops almost everywhere: Aviano, Napoli, Ghe di Torre, Sardegna, ...

Next April, we want a marine in every Polling Station.

P.S. Tomorrow evening I’ll be with the Neapolitans in Naples for the white night in Piazza Dante at 10:00pm.

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October 27, 2005

Arsenic Chickens


I know, I shouldn’t watch TV, but on Sunday I was at home and the TV was on and I listened to it. Paolo Brosio on “Linea Verde” was visiting a chicken farm.

His aim was to reassure us about the meat from chickens.

He didn’t succeed.

The checks carried out are done by the producer. We have reached the moment of the auto-certification of chickens.

The space in which these poor animals move is almost inexistent, and yet the law fixes the limit as three animals per square metre.

And what do these chickens eat? The reply given was for 80% they eat grain.

And the other 20%? It contains perhaps arsenic, antibiotics, fish, and animal flour?

The avian flu virus, H5N1, is us. We have created it with the meat industry, with putting animal life and merchandise on the same footing, with thousands of chickens packed together and destined to live only 3 months, swallowing antibiotics so they don’t get ill, with their beaks clipped so that they don’t hurt the other chickens. Mad animals.

We eat arsenic and antibiotics and we produce disease.

In a recent interview, Tiziano Terzani said that we are devouring the world , that we are no longer respecting life.

In the film “War of the Worlds” the aliens want to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants, but they are killed off by a virus.

Perhaps we are the aliens and the virus is camouflaged as Brosio who does counter-information for the RAI.

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October 26, 2005

Fresh Chestnuts


Alitalia is not in a good state and not just today. Now that our employee Maroni (his name translates to “Chestnuts”) has highlighted the causes can we have greater trust for the future of our flag-carrying airline.

Our employee, Maroni says: Competition laws have been a contribution to the destruction of our capital assets. This has favoured the entrance of the low cost airlines. While Air France and Lufthansa have from 75% to 80% of their market internal to their countries, Alitalia has hardly 50% internal even though the State is the major shareholder.”

Maroni, you’re right! This is the problem: that the State is the shareholder. The same State that pays mind-boggling figures to the directors of Alitalia and that has put the brakes on development and the creation of alliances in recent years.

It’s our fate to have a Roman statist League now. One that doesn’t talk of the true problems of Alitalia, that protects Fazio and Fiorani, that allies itself with AN (but didn’t Bossi want to go and drag them out house by house?), that supports the construction of the bridge across to Sicily and votes against the judges.
But what story are you going to tell Pontida next time?

Coming back to Alitalia: long live low cost airlines! They allow us to travel at costs that are low and honest. Everyone knows that Alitalia has unbelievable prices on the Milan/Rome route, enough to take us to New York or Moscow.

I’m giving you (for Maroni too) Ryanair’s classification of the 2005 revenues and costs per seat (pax) and the net margins of some European airlines. Alitalia shows a loss, the others (low cost or not) have profits.

PS Thanks to you, I’m convinced of the validity of low cost.

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October 25, 2005

The middle finger of power

"I don’t remember this gesture"

photo: Repubblica

I understand that our kids are asking the reasons of Moratti's reform (Education Minister) to our employees that are barricading themselves inside in Parliament holding up middle fingers.
I would like to bring my total solidarity to our friends and say I envy them and wish I could have been there.

Keep going! Beppe Grillo.

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Bill, the fish that believes everything


Photo: Boccalone, Largemouth Bass (in Italian associated with naivety)

Bill Gates has been in Milan to sell his stuff at the computer fair called SMAU and he gave an incredible interview.

Interviewer: “Don’t you think that Europe and particularly Italy are a bit behind? The Italian economy is still based on tiny companies, so it doesn’t seem to be in an ideal situation for the development of technology and for doing research. How do you see our future? What should we do? And what can Microsoft do?
Every time that you come to Italy, you come to Milan, the city of Leonardo, whom you hold in high esteem. The capital of scientific culture in Italy. Now it also seems to be capital of the Italian crisis.

Bill Gates : "Crisis? What crisis?".

Interviewer: “You don’t think there is one?”

Bill Gates : “No. To start with I love Milan. And I find it very beautiful, as I do Rome and other cities that I also know as a tourist. You’re talking about a crisis. Many countries, not only Italy, have to grab this moment and move really fast to change. If this doesn’t happen in Milan, the rest of Italy won’t do it. The business leaders are here , it’s up to them to plan out the reforms, the future. I’m convinced that the Italian business leaders are really good. I have just been meeting with the men from Capitalia, and I’m working with Telecom to test new technologies….”

Interviewer : “Some countries, not just China, have brought in restrictions. Does this policy threaten the development of the Internet? Does it have to change in the future?

Bill Gates : There have always been restrictions. Newspapers aren’t allowed to copy the work of others. In Germany Nazi propaganda is forbidden. In most countries pornography and paedophilia are forbidden. Everyone has a certain level of restriction, even the United States of America, where on the whole we are fairly liberal, but we do have limits which are hopefully useful. The new operating system, Windows Vista, for example, will allow parents to prevent their children from having access to certain websites.”

Poor old Bill, he has been informed about Italy by Geronzi and by the tree of unhappiness, and he, in good faith believes it all.
He knows nothing about China and in fact is talking of something else.

Let’s help him .
Let’s send information to the email of Microsoft Italia:, telling them of our opinion of the crisis in Italy and about the repressionin China in relation to the Internet. That way he’ll get informed.

PS: Windows is celebrating its 20 th birthday. Windows is proprietary software owned by Microsoft and its diffusion has made Gates rich.
But proprietary software won’t last another 20 years, maybe not even 10.
The alternative is
open source, that is software made available over the Internet for free. One of these is called Linux . Use it instead of Windows just as I have decided to do.

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The cathodic masturbator


Once upon a time, the real powerful people had enemies in Richelieu, Trotsky, and Bakunin and admitted their fear in places like Versailles or in Red Square.

In today’s world, the seven enemies of the dwarf carrier of fears are the Guzzanti brothers, Dandini, Gnocchi, Celentano, Vergassola and Bertolino, and they go to Bruno Vespa to admit their fears.

How sad to think of him at home swapping channels on the TV: “Guzzanti I’ll make you pay for this!” or “Watch out Bertolino, watch out!” with Veronica who soothes: “Calm down, I’ll make you a nice hot cup of tea.”
See what he’s obliged to do so that he can take part in the next showing of Rockpolitick.

But his problem isn’t enemies but friends. To give him a hand, I’ll list seven of them: Casini, Dell’Utri, La Loggia, Letta, Previti, Cuffaro, Bondi.

Then I feel really hurt because I’ve been excluded from the list.
What sort of image problem is he causing me, who has been behind him for years, that I’ve spent so much f… ing effort, that I talk so badly of him? That I call him Dorian Gray. I’m consulting my lawyer to weigh up whether or not to sue him for damages to my image.

PS: Corriere della Sera has dedicated the first three pages to the frenzy about comedians, a world record of contra-information.
So now it’s all clear.
This is simply an excuse for the government and the media not to talk about real problems.
Of recession, mafia, swindling electoral laws, the sentencing of Previti, Fazio, Fiorani etc. etc. etc.

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October 23, 2005

Words, words, words…


I’m publishing this letter from Norberto Lenzi, a Bologna judge.

Politics teaches us that there are men that talk and men that do. Berlusconi has explained to us that he is signed up by right to the latter category without even telling us whether there are others. Within the magistrature, it was the same. Except that today the “men that do” are obliged to be inactive while there’s a free playing field for the” men that talk”.

The pages of the newspapers are full of “astounding” statements from Pietro Grasso, the new antimafia prosecutor. But (apart from the fact that Grasso shouldn’t have been there after all that has been done against Caselli, all the colleagues for solidarity and for dignity, should have taken back their applications) what did he say?

The fact that Provenzano (mafia boss) is still at large has been facilitated by supporting people from within politics, businesses and police forces.

But that there has been collusion between mafia, politicians, free masons, and financial institutions has been historically verified and even Rotary accepts this.

The problem is another: names. If you name an important person, or even a middle-ranking person, all hell is let loose.

On a number of occasions, I have heard Grassi talk about these issues at conferences. He used strong words and violent tones. He said things that if they had been said by Caselli would have resulted in slaughter. For Grassi, there was no reaction. There’s a reason for this.

The smoke of genericness is like a hail of blank bullets. Have you ever heard Grasso naming anyone? Have you ever heard his predecessor Piero Vigna, (a great chatterer) pronouncing the name “Andreotti” during the long years of the mafia trial, his subject?

Evidently, there is continuation in the institutions, and paraphrasing Dante, we can say that today has taken one from the other Piero, the glory of the mafia, but unfortunately, the person who will “the one and the other defecate in the nest” is not yet born.

Why then do we get these alarmed reactions to Grasso’s usual talk?

There’s nothing to fear. When asked to name names, he replied that he has already done so and that he has courageously named the mayor of Villabate, who obtained a false document for Provenzano, a carabiniere who became an assessor and an officer in the Guardia di Finanza [Finance Police] who acted as a mole. Is this earth shattering?

If these were the type of men who have been protecting Provenzano’s ability to stay unarrested, then he would have been in prison long ago.

Thus, gentlemen of politics and of finance, stay calm, because (as Celentano would say) Grasso is slow. And Caselli is the rock!

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The truth makes us free


The best way of denying the truth is to calmly affirm the contrary. A tiny fib is immediately discovered, but a massive whopping lie, declared in a sombre tone with a booming voice is really believable.
If it is then discovered, it’s sufficient to deny it and accuse the others of factiousness.

And the citizen will believe that you, the professional liar, are really a good person. In fact we cannot even think that it’s possible to lie in such a grand way and get away with it.

In Italy bare-face denial of the truth is part of the professional toolkit of managers and politicians.

I’ll give you some examples, and if you want to provide others, then please feel free to do so.

Have you seen the advertisements for Capitalia? Two armies are facing up to each other in battle and a moment before the massacre happens, there’s a sound and a light. It’s Geronzi. They all become good people, thanks to the leading Italian Bank for financing the exportation of arms. What a marvel.

So that the country disintegrates, the devolution law is passed in the Lower Chamber, thanks to the nationalist votes of the AN. On this occasion the AN parliamentarians are led by the employee La Russa and are all sporting charming three-colour handkerchiefs (like the Italian flag). Who knows what their electors are thinking.

From the beginning of the year, Telecom Italia has lost 19.5% on the stock market following their merge with Tim. They have debts of 45,000,000,000 Euro. But they are graced by so many blessings and honours and are asked to give interviews explaining the main schemes for the future of the country.

In comparison to them, Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda was merely a baby.

But I continue to think that it is immoral to lie, and that it is particularly serious for those holding public office.

When everyone thinks like that, things will change.

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October 22, 2005

The dance of quack quack


Five years ago the Olive Tree {center left coalition} proposed modifications to the electoral law.

Berlusconi, our employee dwarf carrier of referendums, reacted (listen to the audio) by calling it antidemocratic and appealed to Ciampi.

The Olive Tree drew it up and nothing was done about it.

Five years later, the Pole {center right coalition} proposed modifications to the electoral law.

Prodi reacted by calling it antidemocratic and appealed to Ciampi.

The Pole didn’t bat an eyelid and approved it in the Lower Chamber.

It seems like the dance of quack quack.
And the citizens?
They count for less than zero.

The elections are the tool used for us to take on employees for a short-term project.

This is my suggestion: in the next legislature let’s say that a law that is the result of a referendum can be changed only by another referendum.
I hope that some employees are listening to me, and also that all the employers are listening.

Saturday 22 October at 10 am I’ll be in Parco di Nervi, by the “vasca delle tartarughe” [tortoise basin] of Villa Gropallo, to greet the volunteers in the “Friends of the Parks of Nervi” who are working for the restoration and re-valuing of Nervi’s Parks Their most recent activity has been the restoration of 160 benches.

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October 20, 2005

Che’s Daughter


Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che, sent me this letter for the blog.

”Che, a man of our time.

To talk of Che Guevara is to talk of values known to all in any part of the world and in any time frame. However it’s possible that more than ever right now we need to feel him near to ourselves. The world is living very difficult moments, of violence, of death, of worries about the future. There is no security in the time that remains for us. We have abused our planet so much that we don’t know whether tomorrow we will wake up to enormous waves covering our homes, or if the droughts will be so intense and long-lasting that our species will not survive.

It was 40 years ago that Che asked us to focus our attention on PEACE. He talked about this and poverty and disease and the desperation of millions of people. And today how can we talk about PEACE if we cannot prevent 830 million people in the world from starving, people from carrying or suffering from AIDS, (of whom 26 million live in Africa)? How can we permit 325 million children not to have the opportunity to go to school, that 11 million children under the age of 5 die from diseases that are preventable?

How is it possible that we can talk of terrorism, because 2 buildings in a country are attacked and not when children are dying of hunger every day in most parts of the world?

How is it possible that we accept a war that destroys a country in the Middle East and yet we are not able to insist that we fight famine, misery and disease in what is called the third world?

For this I say that today, more than ever, we need to feel that Che Guevara is close to us. His example of being a man who fights against injustice in any part of the world, who asks for solidarity, who insists on gentleness and respect for human beings. It is possible that we don’t understand something, or that we don’t accept something, however we cannot judge nor can we condemn without knowing the evidence and for this reason it is important to have respect for everything that we don’t know, it is a basic principle to be able to live together.

Che left us important things, simple things. Disgracefully we hardly put them into practice and many of them we just forget. “ … To be essentially human to get as close as possible to the best of what it is to be human, to purify the best of the human by means of work, study, exercising continuous solidarity with the people and with the peoples of all the world, develop to the full our sensibility so that we feel anguished when any person is assassinated in any part of the world and to feel enthusiastic when somewhere in the world a new flag of freedom is raised up.

He requires us not only to become more sensitive, it’s not sufficient to recognise how much evil has been committed, it is imperative that we dedicate our lives, if necessary, to resolve these injustices. Only in this way can we bring about his dream for a world that is better and more just for all.
Let’s fight together, hasta la victoria siempre.”

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October 19, 2005

Parmalat: from Princes (as Bond-holders) to Frogs (as Share-holders)

principe rospo.jpg

As from 6 October, the Bond-holders of Parmalat are no longer Bond-holders. Thus a bitter affair has reached the moment of being squeezed by a boa constrictor. It is only partly similar to the situation of the company Argentina. In fact in that case, the investors could accept an exchange and receive other bonds.
But in the case of Parmalat, the bond-holders have had no option but to become share-holders.

Today we see that the new Parmalat shares are quoted at around 2.6-2.7 euro.

This means that those who held the three types of bond quoted in Italy recover a measly 15%, while most of the investments on the so-called Euromarket can bring home about 33% of the nominal value; on top, they receive some warrants, which for many are little more than a wink.

But beware: even those who never wanted to risk investing in shares, now find that they have them in their hands. It’s a radical difference that obliges a rethink. For the former Parmalat bond-holders, a new story has started.

If they don’t want to hold shares as a matter of principle, it’s logical that they will sell the Parmalat shares that they have already received or will shortly receive. And it’s absolutely unforecastable whether it’s better to do that now, in a month or in a year. If however, they prefer to have a few shares in their portfolio, they can even hang on to the Parmalat shares. But these are choices that are independent of having been in the past a bond-holder of this infamous company of Collecchio. Bonds and shares are anyway, two very different beasts.

For those who want a deeper understanding of the question, there is an Internet page at the University of Turin:

There’s also an Excel file that can be downloaded and used to see the correct number of shares to be allocated for the Parmalat bonds held:

PS: Yesterday evening on the radio programme Zapping, one of our citizens, who follows this blog, correctly defined Berlusconi as our employee. The employee Forbice who was presenting the programme, had difficulty with this definition. Strange, in the end his employer who pays him his salary at the RAI, said the right word: employee!

Please can you all say it too, the appropriate word for the RAI and for the various media: employee.
Words can change the world.

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October 18, 2005

The Beagle Boys


Our managers, our employees in Parliament, make money, money, money.

But how much do they make?

More than all the others.

In Europe we are, in this classification, definitely in the top position.

What are we grumbling about? Do we want to start querying one of the few top classifications that we hold (together with the public debt)?

If they were paid according to what they deliver they wouldn’t even be able to live in social housing projects and get their weekly shopping at the discount stores.

Alitalia is mortgaging the fleet and Cimoli has a salary of 2.284.500,00 euro per year, or 190.375,00 euro per month. (The major European airlines have no debts and their CEOs earn much less.)

Telecom has debts of 45,000,000,000 Euro and its managers are the best paid in Europe.

Those Italians who serve in the national Parliament and in the European Parliament are paid more than equivalent politicians from other countries.

Why are they paid so much?

Perhaps it’s because, going round and round in circles, they are always the same people, the same clan that governs and does what the f...k  they want and divides the booty, responsible to power and not to the shareholders and the citizens.

Friends I am studying your replies. It’s like reading Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”  - 800 pages from front to back! As soon as I’ve read them all, I’ll publish the most significant.

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October 17, 2005

Testing Direct Democracy

red mask.jpg

Yesterday, on a beautiful October day, 4,300,000 Italians paid to be allowed to vote for their candidate for the coalition of parties referred to as the Union. It’s an extraordinary result. A tiny example of direct democracy, certainly partial, with many contra-indications.
But it’s a step forward.

It’s exactly the opposite of the tricksters law (which as you remember, annulled a decision we took in the 1993 referendum) which annulled the direct choice of a candidate and delegated that to the parties.
To oblige an Italian to pay, to line up to vote and not go out for a run  in the country, you’ve got to take them to breaking point.
The vote was not for the Olive party but against the Pole.
This is a foretaste of when the people will send the government off home at the next national elections.

I’m feeling a sensation of exhaustion. I can’t wait till this legislature finishes. I’m counting down the days a bit like when doing military service.
They know they have lost and they continue to think how to bother to get out of it. To create tricks. To think of everything.
I believe that after the elections we will get to know things that you humans haven’t yet seen…..
This period makes me think of the Republic of Salò, with Mussolini who wrote laws, gave orders, sent out decrees. A person who was anyway external to the real country.

These employees of the majority coalition seem like the characters in the story by Edgar Allan Poe: “The Mask of the Red Death”, in which Prince Prospero and his court take refuge in a castle to escape from the plague that spreads death in the country.
Arrogant, mocking, self-satisfied. Isolated.

If every night , we had a programme like yesterday’s Report they’d all be off home in a fortnight.

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October 16, 2005

The Italian mortgage journey


Alitalia is negotiating a mortgage of 485,000,000 Euro on its aircraft with an American finance institution.

Do you remember last year’s re-launch plan?

The plan that had the active participation of Minister Maroni together with the taxes of the citizens that was going to keep the company alive?

Well, it can’t have been much use, but they should give us back our money.

Nowhere is it written that we have to pay taxes for Alitalia debts.

However the mortgage is not enough, it’s also necessary to have an addition of capital of 1,200,000,000 Euro supplied by Banca Intesa (do the current account holders know?) and by Deutsche Bank.

However, let’s not complain too much, the creative finance of this government has produced an avant-garde initiative: the mortgage.

We can mortgage houses, monuments, Ministries, blue cars,{official cars} all the property of the state, the Coliseum, the Duomo of Milan, the Tower of Pisa, the beaches, the major roads, the police stations of the Carabinierei, the tribunals.

We will get rich without have to deny ourselves anything.

But what is our most precious possession? That which the government increases day by day according to the word given to its electors?

The public debt!

Very few have a debt like ours. Do we want to leave it there and not take advantage of it? Let’s mortgage it. Let’s imagine that they give us only 20/30% (and that’s not much) and let’s restore Italy back to health.

If, then, the investors were too diffident and didn’t want to provide a mortgage, the government could hand over the credit to the public debt to some international criminal organisation that could in the future take advantage of the citizens of Italy, at its convenience.

However, considering that I’m just a comedian, I’ve got this doubt: if to save Alitalia it’s necessary to mortgage its whole fleet and if we cut by 40% the contribution for artists, where do they find the 3,880,000,000 Euro for the Messina Bridge?

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October 15, 2005

His Master’s Voice

la voce del padrone.jpg

I’ve read in the media that this is a contra-information blog. I’ve said this myself in fact. But I don’t like this word any more.
Contra-information is what they do, the good old media, headed by the TV channels. We (I plus you with your comments) are creating information, or at least we are trying to.
There is no difference between reality and information;
the reality is what you know.
For these reasons, I feel that the more important battle is between information and contra-information, between the possibility to make free choices and that of being hypnotised, induced to make a choice.
I believed that we are all in agreement that the contra-information must not  be at the service of economic interests.
But it is.
Who are the owners of corrieredellaseralastampamediaset?
You who read the newspapers and watch the TV? Or those that possess them?
Do you believe that il Corriere can say exactly how things are about Tronchetti and about Telecom Italia or that la Stampa is objective about the future of Fiat or that the Mediaset channels tell us the truth about the judicial proceedings of the dwarf carrier of interests (the play on words is in the speech of Follini who gave in his notice today)?
Given that no sane person believes that the media are telling us the truth, on those rare occasions when it happens we don’t take any notice.
From this I deduce that the contra-information in Italy is the winner.
It has won because information is ignored.
What has won are the interest of individuals, of groups, of the party.
Any information that is contrary to these interests is annulled by the majority of citizens who don’t even take it into consideration.
For example: In last Sunday’s Corriere della Sera Franco Battiato denounced electoral fraud in favour of il Polo in the last elections in Catania:
Votes bought and sold. Tricks. A friend of mine who is a painter was given a form that was already completed. Naturally, Scapagnini protested, they accused him of being a trickster and he reacted. Others perhaps have accepted the situation. The left knows these things, but who knows why do they not say”.
In a normal country, there should be an investigation.
Here we read this information lightly, distractedly and we turn the page.

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October 14, 2005

Clean Up Parliament! (Episode Five)


The Clean Up Parliament! Initiative has collected 49,000 Euro so far. I have asked 2 big international publications to publish information about this campaign, but they refused for “editorial” reasons after “careful consideration” which took them a long time. I’ll make known the names after the publication of the appeal. In fact I’m not going to stop, and I’m in contact with other international magazines. I will find one in this world.

I mailed information about the Clean Up Parliament! campaign and a CD to the President of the European Commission, Barroso and Hans Peter Hartvig replied on his behalf. He said that he can’t comment because the question relates to the Italian Parliament.

Barroso gets someone else to reply to say that he cannot comment, well what sort of reply is that?
You request something from someone, and he asks someone else to reply saying that he cannot reply.
But are they normal?

As you have seen, our employees have approved their electoral law and have thus abolished what we voted for in a referendum.
You have probably surpassed the world record for comments with over 3,000 comments for Parliament- Gambling Den.
A clear signal for those that want to understand, and I mean also those on the left, that the country is tired of these politics.
If there’s enough time over this weekend I’ll read all your comments and I’ll report 10 of them in the Blog next Tuesday.

Anybody wanting to participate financially to Clean up Parliament! can make a payment to the following current account:
Account name: Beppe Grillo
ABI Code: 05018
CAB Code: 12100
account number: 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
Reason for payment: Clean up Parliament

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October 13, 2005

A bridge costing 3,880,000,000 Euro to save 20 minutes


The contract for 3,880,000,000 Euro for the Messina Bridge has been awarded to the company Impregilo just a few days after the criticism regarding the majority law on the part of Montezemolo and his lunch date with our employee Casini. Is it an extraordinary mechanism of cause and effect?

Attacking the Messina Bridge is like attacking the Red Cross. This is plain even to an idiot who is completely useless, even though he is useful to the interests of someone.

After the ad hoc laws, we now have the ad hoc construction work.

The bridge is of no use to the Italians, including those from Reggio and from Messina, divided by nature for a million years.  To go from Salerno to Reggio Calabria, it takes 48 hours. Then the bridge will allow you to save 20 minutes to get to Sicily.

The country has other priorities that are real. Motorways and railways are in an abysmal state.

The 3,880,000,000 Euro are ours. Why should we spend them for a useless construction? Our employees, incapable of managing our public debt, before spending the money for the bridge should explain how we will get a return on the money, and explain the utility, the environmental impact and the do-ability.

A 3,000 metre bridge with an aerodynamic profile, has never been constructed up to now.
There’s no guarantee that it will stand up, especially if you consider that it’s in a zone of major seismic activity (remember the Messina earthquake?) and with incredibly strong currents.

On this point refer to the interview with the Professor of architectural construction, Massimo Majowiecki. Some of his conclusions are given here.

“The Delegations of Superintendence of ANAS {Roads}, of FF.SS {railways} and the Ministry of Public

Works, in July 1995 conclude: “ that the Progetto di Massima Definitivo {the final project plan} presented in December 1992, even given the undoubted value of the information supplied, it is not yet possible to indicate which project is definitely the one to be developed into a construction project, to be translated into the building of a bridge and a global passage across.”
In present conditions, the technical uncertainties stil remain….”

But the bridge will create jobs and contracts and will get the approval of the Confindustria {employers’ organisation} and of the Unions. Perhaps it would be better to get them to dig holes and fill them in again. It’s a useless activity, but at least it wouldn’t cause harm.

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October 12, 2005

Parliament- Gambling Den


Yesterday a shameful happening took place in the Lower Chamber during the voting for the new electoral law proposed by the Berlusconi Governemnt.
The same Berlusconi, who by the way, has been defined as “electoral ‘coup d’étât’ person” by Le Monde.
Our employees in the Majority Coalition want this law to be approved at all costs. They hope to change the electoral rules and thus win the next election. This is contrary to the will of the Italian people who voted in a referendum in 1993 for the current electoral system.

Voting took place in secret so as to guarantee the independence of the politicians. But Minister Calderoli has stated that the secrecy of the voting was a joke, as he has been to check the print outs in the computer offices and so could find out straight away who had been cheating.

A swindling law approved by cheats. Otherwise what sort of swindling law would it be?

Here’s my suggestion to the members of the Opposition:
Resign from all the institutional positions and abandon the pigsty that Parliament has become.

Every day, more than 100,000 people come to this blog.There are people who are more intelligent than me, are much better prepared than I am, with more imagination, and more knowledge than me.I’ve been struggling to think of every way to prevent the approval and realisation of this swindling law, now I ask for your help.

I’m asking you for your ideas and suggestions to stop this abomination.
Perhaps one of you can do it.

Source: Le Monde, l’Unità

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October 11, 2005

The human chicken


Three ducks have died from bird flu and thousands of turkeys have been slaughtered in Turkey.
On the TV News these facts have been given precedence over the 30,000 dead in Pakistan’s earthquake.

We can keep our feathers unruffled because we’ve been told as much by the experts who have been put in place by the dwarf who is a providence-carrier (see post of 23August 2005 – where you’ll notice that this is a reference to Berlusconi). We can be calm because the reserve of anti-virals in Italy is at a level that is one eightieth of that of France.

Oh yes! This is self-control!

What is bird flu? Now we can catch the virus from chickens instead of from a great f...? The reason is in the great and mysterious phenomenon of evolution: humans are evolving towards the chickens.

No – on the contrary.
We need to be optimistic.
“Everything’s fine”, terrible expression!
“No need to worry” another terrible expression!

The chicken-human is born, the average westerner who lives a low-cost life and is content to find savings. “With 30 Euro I’ll take you to 8000 metres.”
With less than the price of a chicken we can take a plane to America, as long as it doesn’t disintegrate on landing because its undercarriage is really a scooter.

Are we humans or chickens????
A chicken knows that it costs very little and it doesn’t even try to fly.
A human who is at peace flying at the price of a chicken is more chicken than a chicken.
Behold the reason why viruses start to find a way of passing from chickens to humans.

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Global hell

source: la Repubblica delle Donne

I’ve received an email from Iceland, from the environmental campaign group They explain how even this most beautiful island is becoming subject to planetary madness.
A part of the biggest glacier in Europe, the Vatnajokull, will disappear to make way for the construction of the Karahnjukar dam. This will bury one of the few remaining paradises on this planet once 150 metres of water flow into place on top of it.

The dam will be used to produce electricity. The electricity will produce aluminium .

For the following 50 years the Icelandic Government will sell the electricity to Alcoa, a multinational aluminium producer.

Alcoa closes 2 production units in the United States and moves to Iceland. This reduces their costs. Iceland is allowed to increase its pollution by 10% under the Kyoto Agreement.

Aluminium production is massively polluting and also one of the causes of the greenhouse effect.

Summing up:
- a terrestrial paradise will be destroyed
- global pollution will be continued
- the people of Iceland will be punished for not having polluted up to now (the virtuous are allowed to import pollution from elsewhere)
- Alcoa is the winner

But who else would Alcoa want as its best ally if not an Italian company?
In fact Impregilo is participating in this tomfoolery by constructing the dam and according to the association Savingiceland it is using intimidation against the ecologists and it is oppressing its own employees.

According to la Repubblica delle Donne Impregilo is also involved in scandals involving kick-backs in Lesotho.

Long live Italy, the Italy that works, the Italy that exports!

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October 10, 2005

DTT: the information pesticide


The “Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) has arrived” advertisement is a trick and it’s paid for with our money.

It’s not true that it has arrived on earth, it’s always been there: below ground, it’s been born dead, or perhaps it’s never been born.

DTT, (acronym curiously similar to that of DDT), was born after the Constitutional Court’s 2002 decree 466 which established that no-one could own more than two television channels. So that this decree could not be implemented, (Am I the only one who thinks this way?) the Government passed the Gasparri law “ad televisionem” (he doesn’t know!)

To use DTT you need a decoder or set-top box and public money has been set aside to pay for this.
DTT is being publicised with public money.
Whose money? Ours! And who gets the money?
Perhaps those who manufacture the set-top boxes and the owners of the television channels, who are buying football games, the only thing that DTT seems to be useful for.

There’s talk of the “digital divide”, a term used by the mouthful at conferences, meaning that there is a gap between those who have access to information through the Internet and those who don’t.
Instead of investing in a technologabortion, we should be investing in the Internet, in ADSL, and in Wifi.
The Internet has millions of sites, is interactive and allows choice. You can do everything using the Internet. Are you telling me that DTT will be able to compete with the Internet?

Oh yes! DTT will compete with the Internet in Italy; in fact it will beat it hands down. But only in Italy where we are already ahead on this road.
In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, we are at position 44 in the world for the spread and use of the Internet and computers, the last among the industrialised countries.

People like Confalonieri, Stanca, Gasparri, Tronchetti slow down the progress of our country. They are robbing us of our future.
Last in innovation, but first in ditìtì (DTT).

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October 07, 2005

USA Bomber

According to the report to be found at, in Italy there are 90 United States B61 nuclear weapons. 40 are in the base at Ghedi Torre in the Province of Brescia and 50 are
in the base at Aviano in the Province of Pordenone.

This is all visible in the photos.

Hans M. Kristensen / Natural Resources Defense Council, 2005

Hans M. Kristensen / Natural Resources Defense Council, 2005

Hans M. Kristensen / Natural Resources Defense Council, 2005

We are discussing Pm10 and nuclear power stations and yet we are keeping nuclear bombs in the house.
Instead of doing “le targhe alterne” (each car with a specific number plate can only be on the road on alternate days), let’s do “le bombe alterne”. On even days they keep the bombs and on odd days Bush has them.

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New Orleans – Baghdad



New Orleans Soldiers in the streets defend the property of the people who have survived.
Baghdad Soldiers in the streets defend American interests
Images of Baghdad and New Orleans are the same.
Only the people change. Blacks in the United States, middle Eastern in Iraq. The whites are never there.
It seems that it was not possible to establish public order in New Orleans because most of the soldiers were in Iraq.

I’m struggling to understand, what’s the purpose of having soldiers?
To defend private property, even when it doesn’t belong to us?
Or to defend people?

Bush asks for an investigation

For years it’s been common knowledge that this sort of disaster could happen.

Who failed to sign at Kyoto, who has done nothing for the environment?

What’s the point of an investigation?
Perhaps he will then go forward and accept to be tried on his own?

And then, all those people crammed into the sports stadium, I don’t know why, but they won’t come into it, but I remember the sports stadiums of Pinochet.

Who do we have to defend ourselves from? Who is the enemy?

It’ll be grotesque when the Gross National Product (GNP) in the USA increases and the Americans become slightly richer.

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Future Energy Source: Coal

In an article in La Repubblica 27 April 2005, Vittorio Mincato, the CEO of ENI {Italian conglomerate} supported the idea of natural gas as a source of energy to feed the electricity generating stations. In reply to the proposal of Paolo Scaroni, CEO of ENEL {State Electricity company} to use coal as an energy source, Mincato said: The main road to follow to meet the limits set down by the Kyoto agreement … is the substitution of coal and oil with natural gas” … “Every time this topic is discussed people claim it’s scandalous, but natural gas is the only way ahead. It isn’t the way defined by politics or by opinion, but it’s the way that physics teaches us: for the same energy produced by gas, there’s a lower level of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. “

Those who support coal, state that it is the most economical fuel (defined by whom?) and that the cost of electrical energy in Italy is the highest in Europe. And yet it doesn’t look like that if we look at the chart shown here. In this, Italy comes after Portugal, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.


Source: International Energy Agency

Every year 10 thousand Chinese people die each year extracting coal. (Is this why it is so economical?) And by burning it in our electricity generating stations gives us an increase in the emissions of carbon dioxide and prevents us from meeting the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol: we have to pay enormous fines through our taxes as opposed to paying through the electricity bills (which would be fairer)

The Italian State, that is us, is paying really high prices for “emissions trading” with States that pollute less, so that we can pollute more.

What hasn’t been mentioned is that in fact it wouldn’t be necessary to have new electricity generating stations, if serious energy saving policies were put in place. By using alternative sources of energy (wind, solar, biomass etc) and with energy-saving technology for end-users we could save 45% of our energy consumption.

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“Fragments” from Renzo Piano


I’m publishing some thoughts of my friend Renzo Piano:

“Dear Beppe last week in Bern, we had the opening ceremony for the Museum of Paul Klee, the great painter and educator who died in 1940.

The cost of constructing the museum was 75 million Swiss Francs, equivalent to 50 million dollars.

A journalist from the New York Times, who has been a war correspondent, pointed out that this cost is equal to that of an American bomber on a bombing mission in Iraq for one hour (including the cost of the explosives and escort).

I was devastated to think what can be done with the same sum of money: destroy everything for an hour or construct something that will peacefully nourish minds for centuries.

Crazy world!”

Renzo Piano

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Pecunia olet

San Francesco.jpg

World Youth Day in Cologne, loads of people (mainly Italian) for Benedict XVI

Of course, the leaders of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana {Italian Bishop’s Group} had been preparing this event for months, and had financial support from magnificent sponsors. But some of these “sponsorships” have irritated the Catholic world.

So much so that just before the event, the magazines, Mosaico di Pace, Missione Oggi and Nigrizia denounced the uncomfortable presence of the Banca di Roma {Bank of Rome, part of Capitalia group). It recognises the Capitalia Group to be in the top position as a major supporter of the sale of arms.

What happened? Well the National Pastoral Youth Service of the Italian Bishop's Group distributed a massive cloth banner (dimensions 1.90 x 0.70 metres) to all the Parishes of Italy to announce the World Youth Day. Each Parish was asked to display it either inside or outside the Church building, but anyway in a place that was visible to those coming for prayer or other events.

As well as the logo of Tim and other companies, there was also the logo of the Bank of Rome.

The three Caholic publications were asking whether it was really necessary to have advertising displayed in Churches (and for a couple of months).

But above all, they were asking if it was necessary to ask for help from the Bank of Rome. According to the report that the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers is obliged to give every year to Parliament about Italian imports and exports of arms, it was this Bank that in 2004, offered services for over 395 million Euro to export arms from Italy. It covered 30% of the transactions and showed a big increase in activities from 2003, when the value of these operations was around 224 million Euro.

The document, signed by Mosaico di Pace (magazine of Pax Christi), Missione Oggi and Nigrizia (magazine about Africa and the Black world) and published on their websites, started a campaign that has led to established positions on the topic. The Italian Committee for the financing of the World Youth Day criticised the campaign. Anyway in the middle of lots of words (the “papaboys” criticised the sponsorship on their site) there were even significant actions on the part of Parish Priests and associations that have brandished scissors and paint brushes to eliminate the name of the “Bank of Arms” from the yellow and orange World Youth Day banner.

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The new Tsunami Pharmaceuticals

Beppe Grillo 11.jpg

Vioxx of Sharp and Dohme, was withdrawn in September 2004 and had sales of $2,500,000,000 each year. It is estimated that between the years 1999 and 2004 it caused 160,000 deaths from stroke or heart attack.

It has been readmitted into circulation in the USA by a commission of 30 doctors, 12 of whom are paid by the company.
Vioxx produced by Sharp and Dohme, ritirato nel settembre 2004, giro di affari da 2.5 miliardi di dollari all'anno.
Si stima che dal 1999 al 2004 abbia causato 160.000 decessi per ictus e infarti.

Celebrex produced by Pfizer, used by 25 million people with sales of $3,300,000,000. Already in January 2005 a research report showed a doubling of deaths from stroke or heart attack. It is still in circulation.

New tsunami drugs: Bextra and Prexige.

Recent studies show an increased risk of stroke or heart attack in those who use them. We should not trust new drugs because they give modest benefits in comparison to those that have been on the market for some time. We should always ask for medicines that have given positive results for years.

Look at the site to see a list of 182 medicines to be avoided at the moment. (information to save your life)

This is the kind of information that Minister Sirchia should be giving us instead of sending us teeny books with pictures telling us that if baby is ill we need to call the baby-doctor …. not the vet.

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The Limits of Reality: Law 106 of 2004


Last year, the law 106/2004 was guided through the legislature by Urbani, who is now ex-Minister. This law obliges anyone who distributes information electronically (thus this includes by Internet) to send a copy to the central Libraries in Florence and in Rome.

Anyone who has a website, a newsletter, or a mailing list where information is circulated must send a copy to the Libraries, or pay a fine of 1,500 Euro.

The law aims to “conserve the memory of Italian culture and Italian social life”.

Does Urbani have any idea of the Internet? Does he know that its contents are changing every second, that there are about a million websites registered in Italy, or has he been using Stanca as consultant?

We could do an Urbani-thing and send our sites, blogs, and newsletters to the Library of Florence (for the attention of Urbani, and carbon copy to Stanca). It’s a shame, but not even the Library of Florence knows what to do with them.

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Petrol? Double the Price and Halve Consumption!


- The blue one is normal
- The yellow one has been modified by ESORO engineers (commissioned by Greenpeace)

- 4 seats, 4 airbags, 5 gears
- performance: better than the original
- weight: 650 Kilograms (instead of 825 Kilograms)
- Engine: 358 cc with compressor (weighs 30 Kg instead of 80 Kg)
- Improvement of CX
- Tyres: low resistance
- Petrol consumption: 3 litres per 100 Kilometres instead of 6 litres.

These modifications could be applied to all cars, not just the TWINGO.
This is the car that I took along to the main entrance of FIAT to propose that they make these modifications to their regular production series.

Result: nothing

The SmILE (Small, Intelligent, Light, Efficient). is produced by a Swiss company called ESORO ( which has avant-garde production of high tech innovative prototypes. This machine has satisfied the tests of the German TÜV, the most prestigious and strict certification body in Europe.

The project covering research and construction of the SmILE was financed by Greenpeace with 2,000,000 German Marks (about 2,000,000 Euro)

To find out more:

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The owners of the Bank of Italy

La fattoria degli animali.jpg

The Bank of Italy is a società per azioni (SpA) {joint-stock company} even though it has a special constitution in relation to its rights and the way its shareholders can participate. The shares are held by a selection of Banks and a smaller portion are held by insurance companies and by Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (INPS) {State pensions body}

The Research Office of Mediobanca has identified 90,17% of the ownership of the Bank of Italy.

Note that just three Banks have more than 50% of the shares between them and therefore can “control” the Bank. These are Intesa, San Paolo IMI and Capitalia. But if they control the Bank of Italy, how does the Bank of Italy manage to control them?

At this point, since we have no Government and opposition, let’s turn to the shareholders to ask Fazio to step down.

I suggest that anyone with a current account with one of these Banks sends an email requesting that Fazio resign.

Main Shreholders of the Bank of Italy (90.17%)

Gruppo Intesa (26,81%)
Gruppo San Paolo IMI (17,44%)
Gruppo Capitalia (11,15%)
Gruppo Unicredito Italiano (10,97%)
Gruppo Assicurazioni Generali (6,33%)
INPS (5%)
Banca Carige (3,96%)
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (2,83%)
Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (2,50%)
Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze (1,85%)
RAS-Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà (1,33%)

Source: R & S (Ricerche & Studi) di Mediobanca, 2004, p. 1160

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Environmental Disaster: thank goodness for insurance


For the last 30 years we’ve seen nothing like last year which saw a record number of deaths due to natural disasters: about 300 thousand people died from tsunami, floods, hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes for a total of 116 calamities in 2004.

The countries that are hardest hit are those that lose the most because they have no means of being reimbursed by insurance companies: 96% of the victims of the catastrophes live in Asia, but Asia will receive only a quarter of the money paid out by the insurance companies for natural disasters. North America will receive 68% of the money even though it had only 2% of the victims.

So it’s all obvious. Why should great poisoners like the United States of America, Japan and China sign up to the Kyoto agreement? Economic growth at home and catastrophe victims elsewhere. If it were to happen at home anyway there’s insurance. 128 countries signed up to the agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gases and yet they represent only 55% of the emissions.

Italy? We signed up. From February of this year the Treaty is active, but rather than thinking about how to reduce our emissions we are already getting ready to pay for clean air quotas from other European countries so that we can achieve our objective to have –6.5 % of emissions by 2012.

This will cost us between 0.5 and 5 thousand million Euro (500,000,000 - 5,000,000,000 Euro) so that we are OK on paper but breathing unbreathable air in real life.

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