Appealing to the Marines


In 2005, the homicide of a representative of the State in a polling station can happen in only 2 countries: Iraq and Italy.

But as always, Italy is more advanced, even ahead of Iraq. Here in fact we kill them even after they are dead.

Fortugno has been killed twice. First by a Luger 9x19, second time by the questions, inferences about the ASL of Locri, grey zones where the “almost honest” are thought to live

In live TV on the RAI, Fortugno’s widow was asked what she thought of the whispers relating to contacts that her husband may have had with men close to the 'ndragheta.

In an editorial by Sergio Romano,the good old Corriere has compared Fortugno to the case of Salvo Lima, Andreotti’s contact in Sicily, killed by the mafia.

But Ciampi was present at Fortugno’s funeral and he wouldn’t have come if he was anything but certain of his honesty.

The UN must protect us at the next elections. We’ve got American occupation troops almost everywhere: Aviano, Napoli, Ghe di Torre, Sardegna, ...

Next April, we want a marine in every Polling Station.

P.S. Tomorrow evening I’ll be with the Neapolitans in Naples for the white night in Piazza Dante at 10:00pm.

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If you want marines in the Italian polling stations, you are out like a balcony!

Posted by: Mike L'Angioletto | November 7, 2005 11:42 AM

Unfortunately I could not hear anything of what you said in piazza Dante, the "beautiful" square.
But I was there :)
See you beppe

Posted by: Federica Fiore | October 30, 2005 05:24 PM

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