Bill, the fish that believes everything


Photo: Boccalone, Largemouth Bass (in Italian associated with naivety)

Bill Gates has been in Milan to sell his stuff at the computer fair called SMAU and he gave an incredible interview.

Interviewer: “Don’t you think that Europe and particularly Italy are a bit behind? The Italian economy is still based on tiny companies, so it doesn’t seem to be in an ideal situation for the development of technology and for doing research. How do you see our future? What should we do? And what can Microsoft do?
Every time that you come to Italy, you come to Milan, the city of Leonardo, whom you hold in high esteem. The capital of scientific culture in Italy. Now it also seems to be capital of the Italian crisis.

Bill Gates : "Crisis? What crisis?".

Interviewer: “You don’t think there is one?”

Bill Gates : “No. To start with I love Milan. And I find it very beautiful, as I do Rome and other cities that I also know as a tourist. You’re talking about a crisis. Many countries, not only Italy, have to grab this moment and move really fast to change. If this doesn’t happen in Milan, the rest of Italy won’t do it. The business leaders are here , it’s up to them to plan out the reforms, the future. I’m convinced that the Italian business leaders are really good. I have just been meeting with the men from Capitalia, and I’m working with Telecom to test new technologies….”

Interviewer : “Some countries, not just China, have brought in restrictions. Does this policy threaten the development of the Internet? Does it have to change in the future?

Bill Gates : There have always been restrictions. Newspapers aren’t allowed to copy the work of others. In Germany Nazi propaganda is forbidden. In most countries pornography and paedophilia are forbidden. Everyone has a certain level of restriction, even the United States of America, where on the whole we are fairly liberal, but we do have limits which are hopefully useful. The new operating system, Windows Vista, for example, will allow parents to prevent their children from having access to certain websites.”

Poor old Bill, he has been informed about Italy by Geronzi and by the tree of unhappiness, and he, in good faith believes it all.
He knows nothing about China and in fact is talking of something else.

Let’s help him .
Let’s send information to the email of Microsoft Italia:, telling them of our opinion of the crisis in Italy and about the repressionin China in relation to the Internet. That way he’ll get informed.

PS: Windows is celebrating its 20 th birthday. Windows is proprietary software owned by Microsoft and its diffusion has made Gates rich.
But proprietary software won’t last another 20 years, maybe not even 10.
The alternative is
open source, that is software made available over the Internet for free. One of these is called Linux . Use it instead of Windows just as I have decided to do.

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Posted by: geidabliu pusher | October 26, 2005 10:36 PM

Is not only in Italy that these TV shows are made, in fact in many other countries they have similar TV "reality" show, where all you can see except REALITY. They are fake and disgusting waste of time.

Posted by: roberto d'angelo | October 27, 2005 05:04 PM

one of the most seen TV program in Italy this days
is "The island of famous people"
Poor Italy, where can we go with such a television?

Posted by: geidabliu pusher | October 26, 2005 10:36 PM

Thank you Mr.Grillo .

Posted by: Karl Koch | October 26, 2005 08:19 AM

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