Che’s Daughter


Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che, sent me this letter for the blog.

”Che, a man of our time.

To talk of Che Guevara is to talk of values known to all in any part of the world and in any time frame. However it’s possible that more than ever right now we need to feel him near to ourselves. The world is living very difficult moments, of violence, of death, of worries about the future. There is no security in the time that remains for us. We have abused our planet so much that we don’t know whether tomorrow we will wake up to enormous waves covering our homes, or if the droughts will be so intense and long-lasting that our species will not survive.

It was 40 years ago that Che asked us to focus our attention on PEACE. He talked about this and poverty and disease and the desperation of millions of people. And today how can we talk about PEACE if we cannot prevent 830 million people in the world from starving, people from carrying or suffering from AIDS, (of whom 26 million live in Africa)? How can we permit 325 million children not to have the opportunity to go to school, that 11 million children under the age of 5 die from diseases that are preventable?

How is it possible that we can talk of terrorism, because 2 buildings in a country are attacked and not when children are dying of hunger every day in most parts of the world?

How is it possible that we accept a war that destroys a country in the Middle East and yet we are not able to insist that we fight famine, misery and disease in what is called the third world?

For this I say that today, more than ever, we need to feel that Che Guevara is close to us. His example of being a man who fights against injustice in any part of the world, who asks for solidarity, who insists on gentleness and respect for human beings. It is possible that we don’t understand something, or that we don’t accept something, however we cannot judge nor can we condemn without knowing the evidence and for this reason it is important to have respect for everything that we don’t know, it is a basic principle to be able to live together.

Che left us important things, simple things. Disgracefully we hardly put them into practice and many of them we just forget. “ … To be essentially human to get as close as possible to the best of what it is to be human, to purify the best of the human by means of work, study, exercising continuous solidarity with the people and with the peoples of all the world, develop to the full our sensibility so that we feel anguished when any person is assassinated in any part of the world and to feel enthusiastic when somewhere in the world a new flag of freedom is raised up.

He requires us not only to become more sensitive, it’s not sufficient to recognise how much evil has been committed, it is imperative that we dedicate our lives, if necessary, to resolve these injustices. Only in this way can we bring about his dream for a world that is better and more just for all.
Let’s fight together, hasta la victoria siempre.”

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----- just 168 days to freedom -----********************************************************************

Posted by: Antony The Trip | October 22, 2005 08:44 AM


Thank you very much for the English version.

As you could see at "" I have done what I have promised you this morning.

How do you call this? DIRECT DEMOCRACY!

Best Regards.

Posted by: Mario Bonaventura | October 21, 2005 09:13 PM

I think was she meant to say was that we talk about terrorism after the twin towers attack, but there are many other forms of 'terrorism?, which sadly aren't taken much into consideration. I don't think she meant to be disrespectful towards the many victims of that vicious attack; she just wanted to draw attention to the plague of famine and every single victim of an unjust, unbalanced world.
She also seems to be saying that the fact the media are constantly talking about the middle east situation, leads us to ignore even more other major issues, and I couldn't agree more with that.
I really don't feel she was insulting anybody.

Rosie xxx

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | October 21, 2005 06:54 PM

I'm Italian, I write in the english section because is is quite quiter.
Someone has to explain me what she really meant with these words: "How is it possible that we can talk of terrorism, because 2 buildings in a country are attacked and not when children are dying of hunger every day in most parts of the world?". Actually that just makes me think that
1)When she says "2 buildings" seems so insulting to the memory of thousands people dead that day.
2)Did someone say it's not terrorism killing children? Oh yes she's just reminding us Americans are killing a lot of people in Iraq...
Thank you miss we really needed you, or maybe she means north Korea,USSR,Chines, CUBAN crimes
This way of making politics can't help anybody.

Posted by: Franco Rosa | October 21, 2005 05:45 PM

I think Aleida says lots of true things.

Of course we need to look after the world and of course we need justice in every part of the world before we can have peace in every part of the world.

I remember that Che was a cult figure but I haven't got a clear idea of what he did or what he stood for.

Is it enough for individuals to work towards peace and justice? Is that the way the ball gets rolling and groups and voluntary organisations and firms and NGOs and big corporations and local and national and transnational governments take up the ideas of justice for all?


Posted by: Elizabeth Birks | October 21, 2005 12:05 PM

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