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Alitalia is not in a good state and not just today. Now that our employee Maroni (his name translates to “Chestnuts”) has highlighted the causes can we have greater trust for the future of our flag-carrying airline.

Our employee, Maroni says: Competition laws have been a contribution to the destruction of our capital assets. This has favoured the entrance of the low cost airlines. While Air France and Lufthansa have from 75% to 80% of their market internal to their countries, Alitalia has hardly 50% internal even though the State is the major shareholder.”

Maroni, you’re right! This is the problem: that the State is the shareholder. The same State that pays mind-boggling figures to the directors of Alitalia and that has put the brakes on development and the creation of alliances in recent years.

It’s our fate to have a Roman statist League now. One that doesn’t talk of the true problems of Alitalia, that protects Fazio and Fiorani, that allies itself with AN (but didn’t Bossi want to go and drag them out house by house?), that supports the construction of the bridge across to Sicily and votes against the judges.
But what story are you going to tell Pontida next time?

Coming back to Alitalia: long live low cost airlines! They allow us to travel at costs that are low and honest. Everyone knows that Alitalia has unbelievable prices on the Milan/Rome route, enough to take us to New York or Moscow.

I’m giving you (for Maroni too) Ryanair’s classification of the 2005 revenues and costs per seat (pax) and the net margins of some European airlines. Alitalia shows a loss, the others (low cost or not) have profits.

PS Thanks to you, I’m convinced of the validity of low cost.

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La truffa di Ryanair: CharleroiBrussels South 23 /24 decembere

Ryanair left many of you and your families (8000!) unattended at the Brussels South Airport on december 23 en 24. Planes for Orio Serio left the neighbouring airport of Liège : empty! Ryanair didn't take any provisions for the next day. Liège Airport officials testify that passengers could have left easily from Liège ( 4O kilometers further) but that Ryanair didn't take the intiative. If you and I complain we get nothing although recent EU-regulations -hated by Ryanair- forsee in a 250 refund extra above the refund of the ticket (21 one days refund although it should happen within 7 days!). Therefore lets form a temporary Trufa-Ryanair-Community. 8000 times 250 Euros is something that will wake up the spirits in Dublin. For the good understanding I was not a passenger, I was to bad a journalist not to investigate.
Gerrit Six /

Alitalia has the same problem Sabena had. Corporatism: how do we continue to exist, rather than transporting passengers. Sabena went Broke and is replaced bij SN Brussels ( with no public finance). How attracting and low fare Ryan air ever can be , Ryan air is not a valid subsitute for a regular airliner. Traveling by plane is 'per defintion' a public transport ans should obey to strict regulations ( as issued by EU)

Posted by: gerrit six | January 5, 2007 09:14 AM

I'm glad Beppe is rooting for low cost companies. I have successfully worked for one in the past, and I know they take safety very seriously too.
Well done!
R x

Posted by: Rosie Trenta | October 28, 2005 07:14 PM

Lega representatives are so little...
I remember when they were roaring along the Po
and whatever they were saying they had a lot of energy against the "Roma ladrona" (and everybody has to agree with that) and now...quiet like pets

Alitalia is a son of the old way to grow companies, not competitive but fed by the state.

Posted by: Fabio | October 27, 2005 10:01 AM

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