The supertelephone


Telecom Italia has just announced the Supertelefono hi-tech that will work on landlines and mobile networks.

This Supertelefono will be available in 2006 and is “the result of the group working at the forefront of innovation.”

The Supertelefono will have Uma technology inside and will integrate protocols of the mobile networks like GSM and GPRS with wi-fi.

A wi-fi mobile Supertelefono! The first in the world.

I’m proud of this country and I can’t wait to try out this Supertelefono.

OK let’s see what’s happening in the rest of the world.

The mobile phone world is divided into operators like Vodafone and Verizon and producers of mobile phones like Motorola and Nokia.

Guess what the producers are doing right now?

They are developing Voip technology on their mobiles.

This means that the mobile network operators will find themselves completely missing out and we will be connecting our mobiles to the Internet in wi-fi paying little or nothing, just as we can do right now using applications like SKYPE.

However if the Supertelefono will save Telecom I’ll be happy because it really needs saving.

From the beginning of 2005, its shares have lost 23.8%, and from a historical perspective, from the moment the tree of infelicity came in in 2001, it has lost 35% with respect to the index of European telephones and it has lost 46% with respect to the Italian Stock Exchange

For now, I’ll make do with my Voip wi-fi phone as it allows me to phone at a distance of up to 100 metres from my PC using SKYPE and I’m saving.

PS. Olimpia, the company controlling Telecom, is keeping the value of its Telecom shares in its portfolio at 4.63 Euro. I am just a comedian and I can’t quite understand how it’s possible that Olimpia is valuing its participation in Telecom at double the market value.

Thank goodness that it’s Fazio controlling things. Otherwise we’d definitely have been worried.

Source: Time, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera

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Skype is a good tool. I use it myself.
Hhowever, there is something that you should know.
Mind that this is not to persuade you not to use it but to be aware.
I did a sniffing while calling a friend and something intersting came out:
I had a large number of IPs that I was connecting to... all via my defined Skype port!
Here is a small sample of this long list:

Yes... I had a bit of fun to lookup their name!
Are you recognizing yourself in it?

All of this started because I wanted to set a QoS (Quality of Service) on my router and I needed to find out the Skype server where I connect to give voice calls!
So I search the web and found out few article saying that Skype uses users to route calls.

The bad part of it... is that is not written anywere OR not clearly available to the user!

If anyone from the Skype team reads this, it would be great if you would post me a message with some sort of explanation.
If you demostrate me I am wrong with my trace, I will be even happier...

But this silence is not a good silence!

For the rest of the community.. I would love to read your comments.

Anyone ever sniffed traffic when giving or receiving a call with Skype?

Are you aware that this is a normal way to act in the VoIP world?

I feel cheated... Skype managed to bypass firewall and routers and use your (my) computers for their needs without telling the user about it!

So, please, show me I am wrong!

I look forward your posts....

Posted by: Alberto Bacco | January 5, 2006 01:12 AM

Beppe, Yes, It is a tragedy,
not only we have less services (Bandwidth, spam control etc..) but also we pay more than any other country :-((
i don't understand what kind of economy is this.

I mean we have NO Teaching except for few situations like Ivrea and ULM.
We have No infrastructure.
We ,as the mass, still don't have enough consciousness of Net's power so if Telecom still stuggles me for 4 Mb at 60 Euros a month is still more than i need since I DON'T KNOW that i can call with my pc while Clare is watching a movie with the media center.(Not probably the best scenario but sill.. :-))

Keep Rocking!

Posted by: Guido Serio | December 25, 2005 12:49 PM

I live in nederland and i 'd like to know how can i get a mobile phone with voip technology
and which is the better brand please
best regards
Gatti David

Posted by: David Gatti | November 30, 2005 02:58 PM

Well...I can hardly wait for this "Superphone" to hit the market! I wonder what those bright people of Telecom Italia have in store for us this time!! In the meantime I'm quite happy to make free calls using Skype and I can confortably say: "E' tutto intorno a me".

Posted by: Lucian Spitaleri | November 20, 2005 12:56 PM

I was told by my brother that you have a package that offers an internet phone system whereby I can ring other places through the internet. is this true? I could not find the page where you have this download. could you help me please?
thank you

Posted by: paul | November 12, 2005 12:55 AM

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