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November 30, 2005

High Speed Train, No thanks!

No Tav Venaus Val di Susa.jpg
photo: Venaus, Val di Susa by

“We don’t want soldiers in the valleys” is the wording of posters written by the inhabitants of the militarised Val di Susa (the Susa valley) after the inhabitants protested in the tiny mountain villages against the High Speed Train project.
The thinking of these people counts for less than zero, in fact no-one asked them if they were in agreement before giving the go-ahead to the project.

It’s they that live there and their voice is important.
Responding by sending in the army is an error.
These citizens cannot just suffer the decisions of the State, because the idea is that they are the State, even though our employees in Parliament have not realised that.

Has anyone explained in a public debate BEFOREHAND the environmental impacts , the benefits and the costs of this project? And has anyone gathered and given value to their opinions?

We can’t continue to impose decisions as though they are dictated by higher interests.
People count.

And then are we really sure that the employees Pisanu and Lunardi are right and the people of the Valley wrong?

The secretaries and the provincial administration of the Fire Fighters in Turin said the following in an official document:

“the work, as it is planned and being put into practice, represents a serious danger for the population and for the environment.”

Is that a good enough reason to protest?

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Electoral Crimes


Last week in Bologna a young woman was raped by a person from outside the European Union.
Last week in Biella a young woman was killed by 7 knife wounds and was run down with a car by an Italian man.
Last week in Chivasso, an Italian woman was killed by her Italian ex-husband in front of her young daughter with two pistol shots to the head.
The TV networks and the newspapers dedicated lots of space to the Bologna episode and just marginal space to the Biella and Chivasso episodes.
The rape of a person from outside the European Union makes more news than an Italian homicide.

Rape of a non-European is electoral.
An Italian homicide is not electoral.

People disembarking in Sicily is electoral.
The tens of murders since the beginning of the year involving mafia, ndrangheta, camorra are not electoral.
Robberies in villas by non-Europeans are electoral.
Protection money collected by a racket in three quarters of Italy, is not electoral.
Italian women kept under lock and key at home by a husband from North Africa are electoral.
The murder by their Italian ex-husbands of Italian separated women is not electoral.
The (potential) attacks by Islamic people in Italy is electoral.
The (real) mafia is not electoral. An honest candidate is electoral.
A candidate who has been “prescritto” (acquitted on grounds of expiration of statutory terms) or convicted of a crime is not electoral.

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November 28, 2005

GM Peas


A long term experiment with genetically modified peas was interrupted in Australia for reasons of safety. The mice that ate these legumes have contracted a lung illness.
According to Thomas Higgins, vice director CSIRO, the State Research Institute, the reaction of the rodents is probably due to the mutation of a protein and could even happen in humans.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) operating in South Australia succeeded in creating a field of pea plants that were practically 100% resistant to insect infestation.
What seemed at first to be success in a ten year project costing millions of dollars, had to be abruptly interrupted after a test involved feeding the peas to mice that then developed inflammation of the lungs.

“The reaction of the mice to the protein could mirror what might occur in the human body” explained Higgins to the broadcaster ABC.
”We don’t have proof that that happens, but there is the possibility that it could happen”, added the state researcher while commenting on the results of the study published in the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry".

The alarm has put an immediate stop to the project and the researchers are now thinking to destroy all the peas.
You can’t understand who wants GMO products. Nobody can tell us if they will produce medium term effects on our organism.

Yesterday 55.7% of the Swiss said “no” in a referendum to GMO for the next five years and it will be the first nation to export products bearing the wording: “GMO free”.

The employees of the Swiss (the government) were against the referendum and in favour of GMO.

In Italy there are 250 fields where GMO products are cultivated by the companies Agrevo, Monsanto, Pioneeer and Syngenta with genetically modified maize.

I don’t believe that there is a single Italian of sound mind who does not want to close down all these fields and send the GMO companies back to their own homes.

Let’s give tit for tat (or render bread for focaccia, as we say in Italy) to Switzerland: let’s import bread biscuits “GMO-free” and let’s export our own employee-government-genetically-modified.

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November 27, 2005

No to the law in favour of the mafia!


I'm dedicating this Sunday's post to Don Ciotti, one of those true priests who stay in the midst of the people and to his appeal to save the law regarding property confiscated from the mafia.

"In 1995, "Libera" collected a million signatures to push Parliament to approve the reform of the Rognoni - La Torre law
which introduced the possibility of assigning property confiscated from the mafia for social use. Before the law 109/96 {the 109th law passed in 1996} the number of buildings “recovered” could be numbered on a few hands. Today, of the 6,500 properties confiscated 2,500 have been made available for social use. In Sicily many co-operatives have been created and others are about to be formed in other regions. In these first ten years we have been very aware of the fact that the confiscation of property and the transfer to social use is certainly a problem that relates to politics, it is certainly a big social issue, with a relevant cultural dimension, but it is also a problem that involves issues of ethics and education. To return to the community that which has been the result of violence, of illegality, of trafficking, of exploitation, and of death, is fundamental.

Today Parliament risks approving a law that would make the results obtained useless. Among the many doubtful aspects there may be the possibility of revision “without time limits” and at the request of any person. With an “interest that is judicially recognised”, after final confiscation. Who would cope with managing  - whether it is a local authority, a co-operative or an association – a property in this precarious state, after having spent public resources to restructure it? It is a gift to the mafia and to the mafia-folk.

Another doubtful choice, present in the new draft law, arises from assigning to the Agenzia del Demanio {State property management Agency} the management of the properties from the sequestration to confiscation. It seems a further paradox: in the past it has actually been this agency, because of serious failings in its internal organisation, that has put the brakes on the whole process.

Parliament can correct the route being taken if it takes on board certain propositions.

The first proposition is that of cancelling the possibility of revision of the confiscation and on the part of “anyone”, making allowances for the reversal by an equal compensation in the case that there are victims of judicial errors.

The second is the setting up of an ad hoc Agency so that all the competences and the professional abilities that have been developed in the last few years can flow into it, whereas today they are dispersed in tiny trickles.

Lastly, we need to give value to the role of the citizens and the associations in promoting legality and in standing up against the mafia. It’s true that we appear to be continually appealing to the “civil society” and to the associations, to the young people, but in reality we are cancelling out their potential contribution, in terms of the push, the accompanying, the verification, the control and the true participation.

It is for these reasons that the association Libera (which brings together more than 1200 national and local associations, schools, and co-operatives) and many families of victims of mafia activity are asking through an appeal for a serious and profound rethink, during a parliamentary debate, of the draft law AC 5362, and above all in relation to the possibility to revise the final confiscation measures, so that all the political forces know how to find the correct equilibrium between the protection of the rights of who is subject to the confiscation and the necessity to remove from the mafia organisations the immense patrimony which is being accumulated each year, bathed in illegality and in blood. By transforming these properties, as is happening with great effort today, we are giving tangible signs of legality and justice.”

Don Ciotti.

Support the appeal by email: or by fax: 06/6783559

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The CV of our Employees

Comic strip by: Davide Zamberlan

Our employees weren’t in complete agreement with the Clean Up Parliament page published in the International Herald Tribune.

Some have said that they won’t allow themselves to be judged by a comedian.
Some have said that they respond only to their electors.
Some have said that this is a media humiliation device.
Some have said that in the end their offence wasn’t that serious.
Some have said that you mustn’t muddle up politics and justice.
Some have said that this is a mixture of moralism and justice-alism.
Others felt offended: this isn’t done!

All the journalists have only interviewed the parliamentarians with the least serious offences; they’ve forgotten the others!
And all the parliamentarians forgot to say that the initiative came from you and that it was you that put up the money.
But you, who are you, if not simply citizens?

Citizens who when they find employment have to have a clean sheet from the criminal records office and a résumé (CV) that demonstrates that you have the ability to do that job.

In the list of the 23 there are people who finished up in prison, persons who have been condemned for serious crimes, people who are not allowed to vote in elections until 2009, what other kind of job could you find with a résumé (CV) like that apart from that of parliamentarian?

The swindling electoral law (have you noticed that no-one talks about it any more, neither on the right, nor on the left?) will prevent us from choosing the candidate. The party will be able to put whoever they want in their list: those already convicted, those who couldn’t be convicted because of time lapses, those currently being investigated. This swindling law must not pass.

Instead a new law should be proposed, that shows at the side of the name of the employee candidate, their criminal record sheet.
The citizen will then be able to select the criminal they prefer.

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November 26, 2005

Fazio’s Christmas Present

Babbo Natale.jpg

The European Commission will start a legal action against Fazio before Christmas. The news was given by Charlie McCreevy, the Internal Market Commissioner. The accusation is abuse of power for having favoured the Banca Popolare Italiana {Italian Popular Bank} of Fiorani over the ABN Amro for the acquisition of Banca Antoveneta.

Fazio, between a conference, a visit to the Vatican to see the friends of Opus Dei and a chat with the life senator "prescritto" (acquitted on grounds of expiration of statutory terms) Giulio Andreotti, is already being investigated by the Procura di Roma {Rome magistrates} where he has been questioned for 5 hours.

What do we have to do to get liberated from him? He has now become a character in the commedia dell’Arte. One like that, makes us the envy of all the humourists of the world.

For once, I’m asking for help from the Vatican. Who better than Fazio could be a substitute for the great Marcinkus? Give him to the IOR {Vatican Bank}, make him a guest of Vatican City and then, if he commits another tiny wee sin, you could always refuse extradition.

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November 24, 2005

A Nobel for Milan


Today I have decided to publish the letter from Nobel Prize winner, Dario Fo who is a candidate for the position of Lord Mayor of Milan.
I support him, a man that is honest, intelligent, and even though he's of a certain age, he's got new ideas about mobility, energy, integration, pollution.
The entire world envies us that we have a man like Dario. He's perfect to improve Milan.

Dear friends,

I am Dario Fo and I’m here to tell you that in a moment of madness I threw myself into this adventure: I’m taking part in the primaries, together with 3 other candidates to be chosen as Lord Mayor of Milan

For a bit now I’ve realised that the physical and human situation in Milan is to say the least tragic.

Since I announced this someone almost attacked me, asking: “But what’s making you do this? Where do you want to get to? Why does it matter to you to become Lord Mayor? You’re a man who has enjoyed all the luck: your works are performed all over the world, you’ve received extraordinary recognition, you’re even a Nobel prize winner…. But what else do you want?”.

And I reply: “I want to see my city a bit more civil, a bit more live-able, less chaotic, with suburbs that are less sad, even desperate.

I can’t stand the proliferation of the crafty and those without conscience who think only of making money, selling off buildings and property belonging to the city, including the air, water and land. This is why I’m throwing myself into this campaign and I’m giving it my all just like a madman.

A few days ago, there was a great demonstration with thousands of young people from the schools protesting against cuts imposed by the Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, and against the project that wants to divide them into first, second and third class citizens. I went to mix with those young people who were shouting and rightly angry.

I hoped to find there even my greatest antagonist, the ex-Prefect Bruno Ferrante, but he wasn’t there.

I thought: “Perhaps he fears the rage of the youngsters.”

The next day I found myself in a crowd of citizens in the Isola zone demonstrating against building speculation that the Local Authority is carrying out in the zone where it is planning to destroy the park with the poetic name: il Bosco di Gioia {the Wood of Joy} cutting down every plant so that enormous buildings and skyscrapers can grow up instead.

I looked around for my antagonist, supported by the DS and the Daisy, but he wasn’t there.

They tell me that he was seen in a building in the centre talking with big business people about bricks and mortar.

A few days later, companions called me and Franca to go straight away to Via Lecco, where some desperate political refugees, fleeing from Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan, have occupied a building that has been abandoned for 16 years. The Local Authorities are planning to throw them out immediately. Even my opponent Ferrante was called to offer his support to those 273 disinherited people.

But he wasn’t there. He declared that he wouldn’t come to talk to political refugees. And he added: “This isn’t the way to resolve problems. That building belongs to private people. The occupation is illegal.”

But if anyone is illegal it is the State and the Local Authorities who don’t allow them, even though they have permission to stay, to get a job, a house and some dignity. Even their monthly support of 400 Euro was suspended months ago.

My goodness! But when will it be that I’ll see my competitor, or at least someone from the DS or the Daisy who are backing him?

In the Town Hall the project is being passed to construct other skyscrapers at the old fair… a disaster for the population living in the vicinity. The neighbourhood is rebelling against the plan and has called a public meeting to discuss the serious situation. Even Ferrante was invited. I go but Ferrante doesn’t go.

Where is Ferrante?

Yesterday they decided to sell to private people, an enormous ancient building, property of the city, once public housing, instead of giving it back to the rightful tenants who used to live there before the restructuring that lasted for 20 years and who today live in degraded buildings.

We need to protest, to move: Ferrante are you coming too? Ferranteeee!…It’ll turn out that I’ll have to go there on my own.”

Dario Fo

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November 23, 2005

"La società dei magnaccioni"

Photo: Alberto Sordi

Fazio has organised a 2-day event (24 and 25 November) for employees of the Bank of Italy to celebrate Thirty Years of Work.

Guest of Honour and Speaker, together with Fazio, is Giulio Andreotti, “prescritto” (acquitted on grounds of expiration of statutory terms) Life Senator.

On the first day, the employees will be guests of the Pontifical University San Tommaso d’Aquino, in Rome and will be greeted by their Great Rector.

On the second day they will have a guided tour of the Vatican Museums.

Fazio and our employees will be making music and singing (they’ll have a concert directed by Salvatore Accardo) in between cocktails, receptions, lunches and dinners for two working days.

For those two days, the Italians will work, (those who have a job) so that they can pay off the Public Debt, mortgages at variable rates and the economic costs of Italy’s the more-than-negative image created by Fazio and the bank of Italy for months now.

Why is Fazio still there? Perhaps because it’s convenient for everyone?

Not just for the League, but also for the left?

I feel tender emotions for the employees of the Bank of Italy, obliged to absorb the attentions of the Great Rector, Fazio and Andreotti and then all off for a school trip to the Vatican.

P.S. If you don't know the popular song "La società dei magnaccioni" listen to this

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November 22, 2005

Stand up! Clean up! The Parliament...


Dear friends of the Blog,

At last we've got an International Page. We’re published on the International Herald Tribune for the Clean Up Parliament campaign.
Not one of the international publications that I contacted wanted to publish the list of names and in some cases they didn’t even want to discuss the matter.

The International Herald Tribune has accepted to publish the page without the names of the 23 Italian parliamentarians but with the Internet address of the page containing their names with a description of their offences.

Unfortunately, the truth cannot squeeze into the conventional media, but it has to go through the Internet and this blog of ours is an example.

Today, thanks to you, this page will be read all over the world.

Keep at it! Beppe Grillo.

Download the pdf.

PS: The page cost 48,275 Euro (+ sales tax at 19.60%). In a few days I will publish the list of all the people who have contributed to this showing their initials and the value of their contribution as well as the sum total.

Anybody wanting to participate financially can make a payment to the following current account:

Account name: Beppe Grillo
ABI Code: 05018CAB
Code: 12100
Account number 116276
Swift: CCRTIT2T84A
Iban: IT35B0501812100000000116276
For: Clean up Parliament.

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November 21, 2005

A future as European Unemployed

photo: me and Joseph Stiglitz

The head of the Central European Bank, Jean Claude Trichet has declared that the Bank “is ready to start removing the stimulus to the economy” and thus to increase interest rates from December.

That the European Bank has been stimulating the economy, very few people have been aware, especially in Italy, but that now it is proposed to remove this stimulus to the economy seems to me like a banker’s gag.
Shouldn’t his task be exactly the opposite? If interest rates rise, the cost of money rises, as do the possibility to invest, the capacity to pay mortgages and loans at variable rates and also unemployment.

However this is not the opinion of Trichet who considers the operation to be “preventative” to fight inflation if this were going to increase, and that in fact it will give a boost to employment.

It’s a shame that this has never happened.

Yesterday at lunch, this was set out clearly for me by Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize-winner for the Economy, adviser to Clinton and author of a book that I advise you to read: “The Roaring Nineties”. I uselessly tried to explain to him why Fazio is Governor of the Bank of Italy.

“Restrained inflation corresponds to a rate of unemployment near 10%.
Why is the Central European Bank increasing interest rates?
It has never been demonstrated that this action has a positive impact on inflation. The increase in the rate of interest will mean that people buy more Euros, so they will increase in value, but exports will go down. I think that the Central Bank is trying to counter inflation with the wrong tools. The effect will be an increase in unemployment.”

The rate increase will surely counterbalance the deficit in some countries and Italy is a champion in getting the deficit out of a hole.
Thus I advise the Central Bank to get rid of Fazio instead of increasing interest rates. If this doesn’t happen, how many unemployed people will say thanks to Fazio?

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November 20, 2005

That this Pope...


Today I’m dedicating this Sunday post to a priest, one of the real ones, that stays with the people.
Just like the Franciscans, who have seen their autonomy since 1969 removed from them by the Pope.
Here is the letter from Alessandro Santoro, priest of the Piagge in Florence.

Make it happen that this Pope

Dear Holy Spirit, I’m turning to you who is the giver of life and of breath of hope for the whole of humanity because you can penetrate inside the rooms of ecclesiastical power to restore that “breath of life” and of deep compassion in the heart of this new Pope and his entourage so that they learn to listen to your voice and don’t continue, once and for all, to allow themselves to be dragged into the tactics and the intrigues of the palace and of power.

Make it happen that this Pope is bare foot, simple and humble, that he becomes a companion of the journey of life for those who struggle and who feel excluded and oppressed, as Jesus did. He chose Galilee, a place of exclusion and marginalisation. But he chose it to give life back to the world.

Make it happen that this Pope has the courage to take on the story of the others, that he abdicates from the absolute Truth that squashes and kills and that he feels the need to meet and be nourished by the Truth of the other. God has no name, he takes on the name of the faces and the stories of the marginalised of this world. No one holds the truth of God and can claim to possess it.

Make it happen that this Pope goes down to the depths of history, that he abandons the palaces of power, that he no longer lives in the Vatican, a place of curial power and that he goes back to being the pastor of all. A man among men, no longer with a triumphalist emphasis.  We don’t need a Pope with strong structures and heavy apparatus, just like the sovereigns and the powerful, but a Pope who sheds all that separates him from people. One who knows how to let go of all that makes him rich so that he can allow himself the only richness possible for the one who is a servant, the richness of humanity.

We are tired of too many jewels, too many sparkly things, too much gold that weighs down his house. The time has come for the Pope to distance himself from this farce without reason so that he learns to live in poverty without ostentation.

Make it happen that this Pope is capable of the Gospel. That he is a witness and prophet of a Gospel that is possible for all, that he knows how to weep with those who weep, laugh with those who laugh and suffer with those who suffer.

Make it happen that he is intransigent only in love and that he continues to shout out loud against all the wars in the world and that he can help us and help the big ones of the world, to consider war, wars and the arms race an absurd madness.

Make it happen that he can make war an unacceptable taboo and that he cancels the absurd hypocrisy of those, even within our Church who  maintain that it is still plausible to have a just war.

Make it happen that this Pope is capable of forgiving, that he is not afraid to recognise the violence and the violences of our religion, that he knows how to breathe into our lives and into our human communities a spirit of tenderness, because for all, whoever they are there can be a piece of bread, a caress, a hug and a true liberation.

Make it happen that this Pope doesn’t fill us u with encyclicals and documents, too many words have inked in our faith, make it happen that he grows in listening to that word of God that is the life of men and women. The only word possible to make our history alive and real is that of the Gospel.

Make this Pope charged with utopia, able to look beyond and to give us the courage to take an extra step further over, a Pope less master and more brother, less grand and more weak, less strong and more gentle less sure and more companion. Jesus dreamed and practised the dream of God, made up of a policy of justice, of an economy of equality and of a God who is fully free; make it so that in his eyes, his hands, his heart, in his stomach, in his feet, this Pope can have this same dream necessary for our weary world to regain life and “that it has it in abundance”.

Make it happen that this Pope has the courage to abandon the signs of power and that he can rediscover and allow himself the power of signs, so that our Church can rid itself of purple and it can once more dress instead in overalls, that it can abandon the comfortable conservatorisms of power and rediscover the full freedom and life of children of God.

Make it happen that this Pope once again gives space and nowness to the revolution of the Council that wanted that joys, hopes, sadnesses and anguishes of men and of the poor could become also the joys, hopes, sadnesses and anguishes of the Vicar of Christ and of the Christian communities. The big openings and the novelty of the Council have been betrayed and bureaucratised, the tension towards the new got lost in the meanderings of the closings, of the prudences and curial meanness.

Make it happen that this Pope can finally give back the space to true collegiality, to a Church people of God, to an incarnate communion, to a conversion without half measures and compromises. Give him the strength and the courage to propose a new Council where the Church can rethink itself with the true and profound contribution of all.

Make it happen that this Pope opens himself up to the idea of liberty and of responsibility, that he renounces a Church that is moralist and sessuophobic, that it can give space with equal dignity to all affective relationships, to that plural love expressed also by homosexuals and trans-sexuals, divorced and separated; and also that through them the love of God, so great and universal will once more find space in our communities, too often accustomed to simply judging and condemning and not welcoming and celebrating life.

Make it happen that this Pope knows how to recognise the indisputable value of women, because without their sensibility, their capacity to “precede us” and to love with tenderness, the Church will always remain sterile and incapable of a future.

To You Holy Spirit, the commitment to take the breath of all the little ones and of the poor of the world and breathe this light breeze of the losers and the winners into the heart of the Prince of the Church so that he can renounce the titles and the flatteries of Power and so that he can make himself worthy of the Gospel of liberty and of peace of our brother Jesus of Nazareth.

In that way we will feel him to be a companion and a friend in this adventure that is life.

Have a good journey….”

Alessandro Santoro.

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November 19, 2005

Let’s Tax Polluters


When we buy a magazine we need to discard the plastic covering, the advertising inserts, the postcards, the discount vouchers.

At the first rubbish bin we throw them all away.

The newsagents have become refuse distribution points.

In fact if you notice, the rubbish bins are placed by the local authorities just by the newsagents.

A real waste. Why don’t we throw all this rubbish away while we’re still in the shop, and with delicacy, leave it all on the counter?

It’s quicker and it’s also fairer, we haven’t bought rubbish, so they should keep it.

And the rubbish collectors, the refuse disposal units, all the office workers of the urban cleaning department of the local authorities are paid by us, not by l’Espresso, or by Panorama (popular magazines).

I suggest that the quota relating to the recycling of the plastic and the publicity inserts of the magazines, should be paid by the publishers.

Maybe directly at the source, with an ecology tax, speedily done.

But the periodicals are only an example.

Every time that we go shopping, we need to think about pollution and about the effects we are producing.

A toothpaste can be bought in a box or not. In the latter case we don’t need to throw the box away, in the former case the producer should be taxed.

Whoever pollutes should pay. Today who pollutes is supported.

We support mines, petrol, transport.

We must support instead energy saving, renewable energy sources, production for local consumption.

Taxes in the world amount to about 7,500,000,000,000 dollars. 95% of this is from income, profits, companies and commerce.

Pollution is not taxed.

Ecological damage today is paid by the consumer. It must be paid by the producer.

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The Pyrrhic Devolution


Bossi and the League have achieved their great Pyrrhic victory with the approval in the Senate of the devolution (in the dialect of the Po valley: devolusiòn).
Bossi taking the place of the elephants used by Pyrrhus to temporarily defeat the Romans got the upper hand, with an ability on a level with the pachyderms Calderoli, Speroni e Castelli, who greeted the final vote with forceful roars.

Everyone knows, even the League-ists, that the June referendum needed to confirm the reform of fundamental documents will cancel this law that has really not been born, wanted by only a handful of people and imposed on the Pole like a tax to be paid.

Of course that assumes that the confirmatory referendum will not be swept away with an ad hoc law.

What are the costs of this operation that, in fact, doubles many competencies at the level of the Regions, nobody can say. Belgium started off a similar operation and its public accounts have still not come back (ours are already in coma).

I suggest that we make the League pay for the forthcoming confirmatory referendum whose outcome is already known and whose cost is certain and I propose a new type of devolution, that on the mafia.

Each region keeps their own mafia and pays it from regional contributions.

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November 17, 2005

The Independent Director has laid an egg


Autostrade, Enel, Eni, Mediaset e Telecom  have been defined as monopolies by Romano Prodi who added: the only companies that make money, all companies that are based on tariffs” and “ the controlling authorities leave space that can only be dreamed of in the rest of Europe.”

Prodi has said things that are obvious, stuff that even children know.

Those who feel criticised could respond with a dignified silence.

But as always, the first hen to sing has laid the egg (as we say in Italy to say he who speaks first is usually the one who did it).

And to whom can we associate today’s egg?

To the 11 independent directors of Telecom:

Enzo Grilli, Pasquale Pistorio, Jean Paul Fitoussi, Guido Ferrarini, Francesco Denozza, Luigi Roth, Marco Onado, Luigi Fausti, Domenico De Sole, Robet Boas, Paolo Baratta.

After a day and a half of consultations, they have published a weighty response to Prodi that appeared in Il Corriere della Sera on Tuesday as a full page.

But if they are independent, are the other directors dependents (employees)? And on whom do they depend? And how can it be said that these 11 are independent? Don’t they have to be at least pleasing to Tronchetti? And who elects the independent directors? And how much do they earn? And what do they really do?

And then, shouldn’t a director, by the nature of the role, always be independent and doing only what is good for the company and for the shareholders?

Telecom is advised by you independents and reaches 42,000,000,000 Euro of debts with the shares yesterday loosing 24.7% from the beginning of the year.

Wouldn’t it be better if it took advice from someone else?

PS: I don’t want to comment on an article that came out yesterday in Il Tempo and signed with a pseudonym.  However I would like to point out that the financing that bears no interest is for 461,000 Euro and not 461,000,000 Euro as reported in the text by a “typo

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Fresh Organs


I’m publishing this letter received from Harry Wu about what is happening in China.

“Dear Beppe,

I am Harry Wu della Laogai Foundation based in Washington, which deals with research and the diffusion of information regarding the Laogai.

I thank you for your interest in our Foundation and in the tragedy of the Laogai, the forced labour camps in China.

In the Laogai, a rough number of millions of people, between 4 and 6 million, perhaps more, are obliged to work in inhuman conditions, to provide profit for the Chinese Government and for numerous multinationals.

Mass executions with a related sale of fresh organs. The abuse of children constrained to do forced labour.

Reprisals towards the various Churches. Abortions and forced sterilisations.

These are the realities of today’s China. Realities ignored by western mass media, which doesn’t want to disturb international commerce.

Last Saturday I received the Sciacca Prize {il Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca 2005 per la cultura} and I’ve dedicated it:

- to all the millions of Chinese who are persecuted for their Catholic Faith and for other religious Faiths,
- to all the millions of people detained in the Laogai,
- to the hundreds of millions of mothers obliged to abort, even though they are at the eighth or ninth month of the pregnancy, often by using a lethal injection to the foetus,
- to all the hundreds of thousands of people shot down during the mass executions, whose organs, if in a good condition, are often sold for great profits.

Also to all the tens of millions of victims, in the past and in the present, of the Chinese Communist Regime.
I have been interviewed by various daily papers and by your TG2.
On Tuesday I participated in a debate on RAI International and today, Wednesday, I will give a press conference at the European Parliament in Strasburg. I will also give a parliamentary audition Friday morning at Montecitorio.

I thank you sincerely and hope to meet you soon.”

Harry Wu

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November 15, 2005

Kamikaze Meat



Anyone who saw the TV programme Report by Milena Gabanelli last Sunday evening dealingwith Cremonini, with the announcement of the death of a 12 year old boy in Moscow because of food poisoning and formal remonstration of the Government of Cuba for tinned meat in a bad condition imported from Italy and rejected to be sent back to its destination but instead diverted to Africa, will have thought that Italy has arrived at the terminus.

Even more so because the tins exploded in Cuba, why send them to Africa and not directly to Iraq as weapons of mass destruction?

I believe that the facts described in the programme make us feel bad, they make us think of being elsewhere, in a clean country or at least slightly clean.

Read the text of the transmission and watch the video.

Then listen to the words of our employee Giovanardi Carlo, minister of the House of provisional liberty. He’s thinking of us, of our health and of that of Cremonini.

“I was amazed at the way that the Report programme tried to destroy the image of a great Italian company like Inalca of Modena, stated the Minister for the Relationships with Parliament Carlo Giovanardi – from the resurrection of the fear that consumers have for the mad cow to the supplies from abroad, from the collapse of other companies to the malicious connection of single episodes, everything has been lumped together to criminalize the companies in the group. The economic and moral damage for the company and for our country risk being incalculable: we’ll have to see who benefits from these programmes, who suggested them and who thinks they will profit financially on the national and international market, by weakening a dangerous competitor that could support world competition.”

Is it perhaps being backed by the racket of the vegetarians?

Milena Gabanelli, presenter of Report, answered: "how can the Honourable Giovanardi make out that what has been stated does not correspond to the truth?”

”The enquiry was well documented and the company in question was invited on many occasions to offer a contradicting account, exactly so as to avoid every shadow regarding the transparency of the operations. These invitations were always rejected by the Cremonini Group through their legal representative, and by letters that were read out during the programme. Perhaps the Institutions of the country do not consider serious journalism to be a resource, but simply a threat.”

I invite Cremonini, which refused to participate in the Report programme, to write something really convincing to this Blog to reassure the citizens that there are now no remaining problems about consuming their products, and to highlight the inexactitudes if they exist, in the documents used as proof byMilena Gabanelli.

Ah, I was forgetting, also send a carbon copy to the employee Giovanardi.

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Cats and Socialists

Photo: drewsta

But where do we want to go? And how? I only see examples of what should never be done: to resolve traffic problems we construct exit road-carpark-bypasses by widening roads-viaducts-bridges.

If there’s a criminality emergency then zero_tolerance-delinquents_in_prison, if there’s smog, emissions are regulated and Sundays on foot we can breathe the fine dust more easily, for the increase in rubbish heavier sanctions and incinerators, for immigrants concentration camp welcome centres or prisons, if people have disaffection for politics the blame is always on the other side of the political spectrum. All this going round in circles, without long term projects only makes things worse, every solution creates other problems which are serious. This policy without long term project planning is taking us nowhere.

In the 1950s in Borneo, in response to a malaria epidemic in the villages, the World Health Organization prepared a simple plan: DDT. It seemed to work, the mosquitoes died and the epidemic started to decrease. Then the collateral effects started to happen: the thatched roofs of the huts started to disintegrate because DDT kills the parasite wasps that live on the grubs that eat the thatch.

The British Government substituted the thatchedroofs with plastic roofs , but after that the first rainy season the noise is so loud that no-one manages to sleep. In the meantime , the insects poisoned by DDT are easy prey for the geckos which in turn are food for cats. The DDT went up the food chain and started to eliminate all the cats. Rats then start to proliferate and a great plague starts.

The World Health Organization understands the seriousness of the risk of an epidemic and arranges for 14,000 cats to be parachuted into Borneo (“Operation Cat Drop”). Perhaps the most embarrassing story in the history of the British Air Force.

For us to put things right they will parachute in 14,000 old-style socialist rats.

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November 13, 2005

The War against the Poor



I’ve decided to dedicate a few Sundays to the priests, the real ones.

Today let’s listen to the words of Father Alex Zanotelli

"On 4 November I witnessed the demolition of 3 Roma encampments at Casoria, in the  Province of Naples. There were about 400 people in these encampments.

At 8:00 am in the morning the following arrived with a Police escort: excavators, diggers, bulldozers to demolish everything.

It seemed like an army in war mode that flattened everything. The only surprise: the camp had been abandoned by the Roma during the night. In fact the previous evening, a considerable contingent of Police had warned everyone to get away. And they went away, escaping in all directions: some to the railway station (Piazza Garibaldi), some to the social centres to spend the night.

Never has such an action been seen in Naples: throw people out by force from their own homes without first offering them an alternative place to stay. It reminded me of scenes from military regimes. Above all it reminded me of demolition activity that I had witnessed in the shantytowns of Nairobi. Never would I have expected to have witnessed similar scenes in my native Italy.

For the previous few months I had been closely following the experiences of these Roma, together with professor Marco Nieli: a people who are kind, simple, active people who have never taken part in a war, a people who escaped from Romania to find a bit of dignity. Marco and I have been guests of the Roma at Casoria: receiving a warm and open hospitality.

With them I was able to see the reality of the encampment. I must admit that I had never seen in Italy a situation that was so degraded. It reminded me of certain corners of Korogocho, the shantytown in Nairobi, where I lived for 12 years. This matched because of the position and because of the condition of the encampment. In fact, the Roma encampment of Casoria is under an enormous arc with enormous support structures of the ring road round Naples. But the conditions in relation to hygiene and the environment of the camp are not less terrifying. Huts clustered one above the other in really tiny spaces. Without drinking water. Squashed in between 2 railway lines (a lad was killed a few months ago under a train). Enormous rats that strolled around in peace.

The people welcomed us with great warmth and many cups of coffee. They invited everyone to come on 11 April in front of the Municipal hall in Casoria to talk with the representatives of the town. That day, a good part of the community came out to shout, scream, beat the drums, to call for drinking water in the camp, a bus to take the children to school and finally an alternative place to construct their camp.

It is incredible that the Region of Campania still has no framework law for the Roma. They were simply promises. After much insistence, what arrives are the police and the bulldozers, and away you go! Away go all those who mucky up our cities. The most incredible thing is that the town of Casoria has been the location of the commissary's office for mafia infiltration! As a final gesture, the outgoing mayor had signed the order to remove the camp.

It’s serious, really serious that an order from an “out of date” Mayor is put into action immediately. The Prefect made it effective immediately! It’s really true that it’s always the poor who pay. But I saw a group of refugees outside the Gianturco Station: pregnant women, children who cried. Now they live in the Diaspora of the almost total indifference of both institutions and citizens. Is this the democratic Italy? Is it like this that we treat the Roma? Is it not like this that we treat the immigrants enclosing them in the CPT {Centri di permanenza temporanea per stranieri – centres of temporary stay for foreigners}, like real concentration camps? The poor in the Northern hemisphere, as in the Southern hemisphere, in Naples as in Nairobi, don’t count! And yet they are faces!

Alex Zanotelli

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November 12, 2005

Letter from Mario Segni

I’m publishing a letter from Mario Segni about the electoral law.

“I’m Mario Segni, the one who lost the lottery ticket. The one that had Italy in his hands, as I’ve been told many times. I tried to explain that I’d lost the elections,not the lottery, because in 1994 I was a candidate standing against Berlusconi and he got many more votes than I did. But I’m still the one who lost the lottery.

Never mind, to a certain extent I’m sorry. But not too much, because I know that the true lottery were the referendums and that with them we have changed the political system, something that happened in the last century only for De Gaulle, in France in 1958. The fact that I promoted all these even though I had no position of office makes me feel proud.

Now the lottery ticket really is being stolen. But not from me, from all of us. With the first referendum, we sent Craxi away together with a good few other politicians. With the second referendum, the one about majority voting, we acquired the right to choose directly the Lord Mayors, the Presidents of Province and the Presidents of Region. In relation to the government, we acquired the right only halfway. In 1994 we chose Berlusconi and Bossi sent him away. In 1996 we chose Prodi and his friends booted him out. In 2001 Berlusconi won and he has stayed in office right to the end.

In the end this is the crux of democracy. But they are drawing it out of our hands. Today they assure us that everything will stay the same, that to choose the government it will continue to be the citizen: all stories!

Mastella will ask for the vote, not to support Prodi, but to get rid of him as fast as possible. Bertinotti will invent who knows what sort of diabolical conditions to providing his support. The UDC {Unione dei Democratici Cristiani e Democratici di Centro} will ask for it to be voted just because they don’t want Berlusconi. The day following the election, the real contest  will not be between those who voted for Berlusconi and those who voted for Prodi, but between those who voted for the winner so that he stays in office and those who voted for the winner so that they can eliminate him at the first ambush.

Andreotti will say that it’s not a really bad thing, that we’ve survived forty years of governments at the seaside, with parallel convergence, with bread for two ovens. But at a certain moment we decided to change, to become a little bit American, English, French, to be able to choose a Government and after 5 years to give ourselves the pleasure of sending it away. To have a strong Government, that can even create policies for tomorrow, for the young people, with those harsh measures that are necessary even though unpopular that only a stable Government can implement. 

These rights, we won them with the referendums of 1991 and 1993. Now they are snatching them away from us.

What can be done? Not much, unfortunately. But one thing the Italians could do all together is: to get angry, to express indignation. I’ve used a term that is no good: express indignation.

The newspapers say that expressing indignation is bad, it causes damage. Well then we have to use the right term: Scream blue murder.

With the whole of Italy, driven mad, really furious, Parliament would not spend the last few months undoing a referendum instead of improving the conditions of those who don’t manage to make ends meet by the end of the month. Perhaps I’m an optimist. Certainly the idea of Italy being snatched away from us makes me sad. An Italy that stays indifferent fills me with anguish.”

Mario Segni

PS: Do you remember the tiny Bosco di Gioia in Milano that they want to destroy to create a building for the Region of Lombardy?

Tomorrow we have the chance to give a strong signal to stop this happening by taking part in a demonstration that will leave from Piazza Minniti at 11:00am and will then go toBosco di Gioia.
You can find the map and the reasons for the protest on the website for the event.

I invite all the friends of the Milan MeetUp to lend a hand.

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November 11, 2005

Football and Bills of Exchange

Photo: 1800 Florentine Bill of Exchange

Inter-Milan is owned by Moratti and Tronchetti and Tronchetti is everywhere in the newspapers explaining that Broadband is the future of Italy when it’s already present in other countries, and he’s also in the Universities to infect the students with his words.
Well Inter Milan has had a flash of genius.

It has launched a “high-tech finance operation”.
Let’s look at the facts.

Inter-Milan closed its accounts in the red by 118 million Euro. I imagine Moratti, Tronchetti, Buora and Facchetti closed in a room asking themselves: “and now what do we do?”

It’s easy, with a bit of financial creativity:

• You sell the black and blue logo of Inter-Milan to a Bank (Banca Italease) and lease it back.
• In exchange Italease gives 160 million Euro to Inter-Milan
• Inter-Milan agrees to buy back the logo by paying for it in 10 comfortable payments as well as the commission. It pays the 20% straight away to Italease, equal to 32 million.
• 160 million income, 32 million Euro in expenditure and the red of last year has disappeared.

Well done Moratti, Tronchetti. You have opened the way to a new Italian miracle based on Bills of Exchange.

I’m publishing this letter sent to me by Massimo Moratti. I thank him for it.

“Dear Beppe,

In your Blog dated 11/11/05 I found an item regarding myself, Tronchetti and Inter in general, in relation to a leasing operation with the Italease Bank. Please allow me to reply personally to confirm that we have looked into this possibility with the Bank that you mentioned, but that we haven’t arrived at any conclusion. As concerns the losses on last year’s balance sheet, they have already been sorted out by myself and by the other shareholders, as have potential losses of the early months of the current year. The study to give patrimonial value to Inter’s logo is still going on, and I still consider this to be a good opportunity for the company. Thus, unfortunately, the financial miracle that you alluded to has not happened and cannot happen.
Cheers. Thanks”

Massimo Moratti

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November 10, 2005

Falluja, my love


Iraq has been invaded by the United States and their allies because it was accused of hiding extermination weapons.
The weapons of mass destruction have not been found.
The Americans have not been discouraged and have used their own.

In Falluja the civilian population was killed with white phosphorus that is like polite napalm. It doesn’t make the terrible mess that we’ve seen with the bombing in Vietnam. It spreads through the air, burns human tissues and so that they can possibly be reused, saves the clothes.
It seems to have been invented by a fashion designer.

In a rainews24 film strip you can see well dressed skeletons and babies’ skulls.
War is always against the civilians.
Just wars do not exist, just as just slavery, just torture, just death penalties do not exist.
War should be abolished.

Saddam Hussein is being tried in Baghdad for crimes against humanity and Bush is in provisional liberty at his ranch in Texas.
Why don’t we try them together?

After Falluja the Italian Government must withdraw the troops.
Let's not become accomplices.
Everyone in the Middle East is viewing the filmstrip.
Let’s not expose our youngsters to possible revenge attacks or someone will bear the consequences on their conscience.

Withdraw from Iraq, now!

PS: Today at 17:00 (5:00pm) I will be present in Rome at the presentation of the book called “Sozoboy” by Ken Sarowina at the Officina Italia del Borghetto in Piazza della Marina, and this evening I’ll be meeting up at their place with the friends of the Rome Meet Up.

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November 09, 2005

"Italiani, brava gente"


In China, according to the CBC and the Chinadaily, not only do we export capital and showcase industries, we also export thugs for beating people up.

The Chinese employees of the Italian company DeCoro (manufacturer of sofas exported mainly to America) demonstrated in the street at Shenzhen on Wednesday 2 November against the repeated beatings suffered by a range of workers on various occasions, handed out by foreign supervisors and the reduction of their wages.
Police wearing riot gear dispersed the demonstrators.

A record.

We are the only ones in the world who beat up the Chinese because they work too little. After years of making Italians workers become black, the companies are now making the Chinese become black.

But in Africa what will they do?
There you can’t make a black become black.

We’ll find ourselves exporting even the triple trade union to China.


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November 08, 2005

The Great Escape


The ex-Cirielli or the save-Previti is still being discussed by our employees.

Nobody has asked them to do this, but they keep going, serenely, citing even goodness, as has emerged from quiet words from our employee Fini.

The law wants to shorten the cut-off times for the prosecution of crimes fixed way back in 1930. Then trials were shorter, today for a whole series of guarantees that have been introduced, they last much longer.

So what happens? Instead of shortening the time it takes to get trials finished, one shortens the time for cut-off so that a trial will run out of time.

The next step will be the abolition of trials.

The Supreme Court of Cassation has, for some time, been making an effort to tell the employee Castelli that between 42 and 49 per cent of the trials risk running out of time. This is a colossal and indiscriminate amnesty for those persons who are being tried for crimes of every type.

Crimes committed against someone, some company, the State, people.

But the victims of these crimes, what can they do? If some of the people being tried, were to repeat the theft, the culpable homicide, the fraud, in the future because they have been allowed to go free, to whom can one go to ask for damages?

Right, I believe that the complete list of the employee parliamentarians of the lower and upper chambers who vote for this law, if it is approved, should be published so that we can remember them in the future.

And used to bring a court action, by the citizens who consider themselves to have suffered damage today by the amnesty and tomorrow by the delinquents whom our employees have allowed to go free.

PS. Franca, please take responsibility for telling Carlo Azeglio not put his signature to this.

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November 07, 2005

Liberté, egalité, fraternité

Violenza urbana.jpg

The French are burning the suburbs of the cities.
It’s strange to say that, but it’s true.
They are French, even though they were born in France of immigrant parents.
First generation French.
If we talk of French people and not of children of immigrants (words change reality) perhaps it’s possible to understand something.

It’s understood that the French don’t exist, what exist are white French, and brown or black or yellow French and that they are not equal according to culture, religion, social position (egalité),
that the white French and those of another colour don’t love each other and live separately, the former in the cities and the latter in the suburbs (fraternité),
that the French are free if they can study, if they have a decent income, if they have a future, but those in the suburbs don’t have a future (liberté).

We are creating a world of disinherited at home, in France, in Great Britain, in Belgium just as in Italy. Integration is a beautiful word, but usually it leads to ghettos and whoever lives there, sooner or later, sees social revolt as the only alternative.

We import the disequilibrium that we have generated in the world and that is not for nothing in the priorities of western governments as explained in the MTV film that has been censored.

If we don’t take heed of poverty this will take heed of us, sending us its offspring and the offspring of its offspring.
And, as time goes by, loads of tiny Bosnias.

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Crime Does Pay Always

il crimine non paga.jpg

Giulio Andreotti is the witness of 3 (phone company in Italy), sitting in the aeroplane hiding behind a newspaper, but he’s recognised by an actor who says to him: “You know everything, that’s what they say…”. When they remove the black box from him (hidden in a fictitious hunchback) perhaps the rest of us will know something too. Andreotti, it’s worth saying, has handed over his recompense to charity.

3 introduces new horizons for advertising by using a "prescritto"(acquitted on grounds of expiration of statutory terms) and we, already exhausted after watching the convict Andreotti as permanent guest in TV and the full-time opinion-deliverer Paolo Mieli in the Corriere, have to put up with it, squeezed in between films, even in the advertising spots. Incredible Andreotti.

Now I’m waiting for all those parliamentarians who have been definitely convicted to be recruited in turn by the companies to give witness in return for millions of Euro.

Allow me to provide, for free, some suggestions. From the convicted criminals I would choose Maroni for l’Alitalia, Dell’Utri for l’Impregilo and Gianni De Michelis for l’Eni.

Convicts of Italy don’t worry if you are not re-elected: your future is assured anyway by advertising.
And then they say that crime doesn’t pay.

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November 05, 2005

Letter to Cofferati


There’s much talk of legality these days in Bologna.
It’s a theme about which the city is trying to clarify the ideas.
So what is legality, if it’s not a set of rules to be respected that are set up so that we can stay together? And if we say that we must fight illegality how is it possible that we are not in agreement?
But the problems arrive when we ask where to begin.

Are we sure that all the situations that are illegal should be placed on the same level and that they merit the same treatment?
It’s possible to be a delinquent because you’re in poverty or because you are colluding with the mafia, the motives behind the crime cannot be put aside.
It’s not possible to start off, in the hope of winning the battle for legality, with a crusade against window cleaners and against hand to mouth occupations that may avoid paying income tax.

Advice for Cofferati?

If this test of strength of legality:
were to be preceded by the application of justice even to those who withdraw themselves from justice with laws that are ad hoc and ex-Cirielli, were to be preceded by an equal fury in respect to those who sit in Parliament and yet have been convicted of crimes were to be preceded by a total and final condemnation of the privatisation of water, Were to be preceded by the immediate removal of Fazio and the reform of this robbers’ finance law

OK, in that case I would understand, but not as it is.

You could reply that you are the Lord Mayor and that you cannot be doing everything. That’s true.
But this is of no interest to Italian citizens, you represent the opposition more than Fassino, D’Alema, Prodi and the Barnum Circus that whirls around the Unione.

Today Italy has a bad smell at the top, that’s where the legality needs applying before the window cleaners.

Bologna's Mayor, Sergio Cofferati, answered to the post, I thank him and put here his thoughts.

“Dear Grillo, I have read your letter. I would like to reassure you about my intentions. I am a Lord Mayor and I carry out the duties assigned to me by the laws and by the Constitution (exactly as you yourself forecast that I would be able to respond). Thus I oppose the illegality that has been created in my territory and I’m doing this in the interests of the citizens (women and men) who elected me.
For this reason it is necessary, for me as Lord Mayor, to manage to attack the racket of the window cleaners who even take advantage of those under-age, just as it is necessary to overthrow the practice of using clandestine immigrants in abusive work or the criminal actions promoted in Bologna by people without the right to stay, in the same way that the really Italian criminals should be attacked.
Furthermore, it is not just to accept passively that those squatting in houses remove the right to a house of those poor families who are waiting to have those homes assigned to them. The other examples that you give relate to very important national discussion points for which I do not have direct responsibility. But as a citizen I have never missed an opportunity to fight in defence of the Constitution and its underlying principles (from justice, to schools, to information, to rights). And as regards the Governor, I have been expressing my opinion for some years now, from the time I was still Secretary of the CGIL I stopped participating at the annual assembly of the Bank of Italy (to be coherent with my judgement). But perhaps you didn’t notice, and I’m sorry for that.”
Sergio Cofferati.

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Water and Censorship

Photo: Alex Zanotelli and me

During the Notte Bianca (White Night) in Naples I was not censored.
Water was censored.
Its campaigners.
Its spokesperson Father Alex Zanotelli, a small man who when I look at him makes me believe in the existence of Jesus, and who has lived for 15 years in a rubbish tip in Nairobi to help the derelict.

The organisers had strongly advised Alex Zanotelli not to make a speech, explaining that he would have had the opportunity to do so later on, in another place.

I told Alex not to worry, as I would speak about the privatisation of water.
But I couldn’t do this as the show was interrupted half way through for public order reasons, because there were so many people in Piazza Dante that the exits from the Metro were blocked.

Next time I go there, if they don’t give me Piazza del Plebiscito I won’t make an appearance. For Alex and for me, water is not a commercial product, but a right for all. In those places where it has been privatised, its price has always gone up.

Now I’m inviting Bassolino to write to this blog, if he’d like to, to explain the position of the Regione Campania in relation to the privatisation of water.

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November 04, 2005

Parliament Casino: ideas and actions

3599 idee.jpg
Photo: the two volumes of your ideas,
1,004 pages double sided A4,

I have spent sleepless nights ignoring my family so that I could read your ideas and I passed them to Ciro, my 5 year old son who selected 18 of them. Here I’m presenting all 18, plus one of mine together with actions.

1. Antonello Dessi 12.10.05 23:49
“There’s no country in the world where election law has ever been changed during an election campaign, and in Italy the election campaign has started. You can’t change the rules of the game once the game has begun. Berlusconi, from la Padania 5/10/2005.
I will put this wording onto a pdf file that will be downloadable from this site.

2.Michele Martelli 13.10.05 00:54
”On the Riviera of Rimini this summer a recorded voice mail message had enormous success. An exasperated petrol pump attendant was cursing at the top of his voice.“
I will create a brief audio about the electoral law to be available on the Net.

3.Stefano Discenza 13.10.05 01:24
“I propose banners in the stadium
I guess the MeetUp groups could do this if they want to, with their own slogans.

4.Stefano Discenza 13.10.05 02:07
”Let’s hire a plane and do some leafleting from on high in various parts of Italy.”
I’ll think about this, I really like it, I’ll see if it’s possible.

5.Jan Matthys 13.10.05 20:03
“Ask for outside help.”
MeetUp groups and bloggers could promote the English version of the Blog and the translated post about Parliament.

6.Luca Ciccarelli 13.10.05 09:16
“Take the case to the Corte Costituzionale (Constitutional Court).”
I’ll check this out with my lawyers.

7.Sebastiano Putinato 13.10.05 9:26
Attend sessions of Parliament as ordinary citizens wearing T-shirts with campaign messages.”
MeetUp groups could perhaps organise something on these lines.

8.Claudio Bellini 13.10.05 9:40
“Arrange to meet up in front of Palazzo Madama (building where the Senate sits) so that we can throw down our election certificates at the feet of these our employees when they make their way to the Senate to vote.”
I’ll have to ponder this one, but it’s a brilliant idea.

9.Andrea Vice 14.10.05 01:48
”Create a weekly post or file that can be downloaded and pack it with a summary of the most interesting actions.”
I’ve already thought of this, by the end of the month, the Blog will have a printable version each week.

10.Massimiliano Panizzi 14.10.05 19:59
“Meanwhile let’s invite lots of us to go to the Primaries.”
This has already been done by 4.300.000 citizens.

11.Fabio Garbo 15.10.05 18:16
“Let’s support the Comitato Referendum Maggioritario (Majority Referendum Campaign) which has gathered around Mario Segni”
I’ll phone Mario Segni to ask how we can help him and if he’d like to contribute to the Blog.

12.Andrea Cesanelli 14.10.05 21:24
“Signed protest post cards to the secretary of the Quirinale {building where the President of the Republic lives}”
I prefer cards illustrating our cities, send them, if you like with the following message: “No alla legge elettorale truffa” ”No to the swindling election law”,to:Alla cortese attenzione del Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azeglio Ciampi- Palazzo del Quirinale – 00187 Roma {for the attention of Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, President of the Republic – Quirinale Palace}

13.Walter Scandurra 14.10.05 21:19
”Wake up a friend, dedicate an hour per week talking to a friend and get a significant discussion about the election law.”
Talk to them, talk about it.

14.Andrea Volpi 12.10.05
“Get a spot MoveOn type on the public TV”
This is an idea that I’ve had in my head for a bit.

15.Maurizio Malfa 12.10.05 19:20
“We need to try and talk to our loved ones.”
I believe that Maurizio is referring to parents, well yes do this starting tonight and give them a kiss from Beppe Grillo.

16.Domenico Coppola 13.10.05 11:54
“After the elections get antitrust laws passed straight away, against the conflict of interests and on TV channels.”
After the elections, it is to be done.

17.Marco Fermanti 1310.05 13:25
“Publish the recording of the press conference way back on 15 September 2000 when Berlusconi condemned the hypothesis of a change to the election law.”
I’ll put it on the Blog.

18.Marco Caponera 12.10.05 16:58
“500.000 signatures for a referendum
It’s a big job, but I believe it needs doing; I’ll have to see how to manage it.

19. Beppe Grillo 03.11.05
A piece by Beppe Grillo to be sent to all the local TV channels with a requirement that the moment of transmission is to be synchronised on all channels.
I’ll do that.

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November 02, 2005

Private Cities and Public Graffiti


The external walls of our cities are incredibly messed up with scribbles, colours, invented signatures. Slowly but surely we are getting used to this degradation.

We only notice when we see a clean building and we get a surprise.
At times we are disgusted by a grey carbon-dioxide-sick repository-of-writings building.
Graffiti are a symbol of a rubbish-bin city, a sort of self-certification.

Zero tolerance is a “good-ism” in relation to the youngsters who create the messages and is of no use.

What need to change are the spaces for citizens and the city needs to be given back to its inhabitants, starting from the kids.
A study has found that the phenomenon of graffiti is connected to the lack of public spaces, of green, of gardens, of meeting places in the city.

In the privatised cities where everything belongs to someone, where everything is cement, graffiti spread like a virus. They are a form of social refusal. A symbolic aggression against those observing them.

Graffiti are born from an excess of private property exactly like the advertising boards that rob us of time and images and make us tired even while we are travelling.

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November 01, 2005

Our very own third world


We are using every means to make poverty disappear, organising encounters, meetings and  seminars: the result is it’s increasing.
There’s no such thing as wealth in itself. The same applies to poverty. What exist are differences which provoke exchange phenomena.
If we are equally poor, or even equally rich, there is no exchange.
The economy is based on these differences in potential, which must be maintained at all costs.
Nobody would dream of eliminating the poor, what’s needed is to maintain the differences!
It’s easier to transform a rich person into a poor person (even a spontaneous phenomenon) than the contrary. The rich know this well; those who don’t know are those that are “just about well off” or “reasonably OK” (at the moment they are the ones who pass time in the discount shops, who buy with 10 years to pay back and who take out a mortgage to go on holiday.)
At the end of the process of controlled impoverishment, once they have lost their guarantees (credit cards and access to credit) the new poor have to pay for everything in cash. This is the growing tip of the third world, the pool of the future self-sufficient dying-of-hunger Italians on whom the new boom will be based.
For those who just don’t manage it there’s always the chance to steal some bread biscuits from the discount shops, the removal of spinach from the kitchen gardens and of wood from the neighbour so that there’s a fire in the stove just as in times of war.
All things that really do happen in Italy.
This government is creating a “third world” all of our own that will assure us of the boom in exchanges. A practical example visible to everyone is the American dream in which the poor live, even while sleeping, their difference with the rich, dream of becoming rich and do everything possible with this in mind. This is the push to the system.
We even have the first people deported to Sharm el Sheik and in other exotic places. They are the ones that follow money and not the contrary. They go wherever is necessary for the system and they are happy. The poor person is in fact the one who follows money and the rich one is the one who is followed by money.

Poverty is the real engine of the economy. You always need a reasonable amount of it to increase the GDP.

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