Cats and Socialists

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But where do we want to go? And how? I only see examples of what should never be done: to resolve traffic problems we construct exit road-carpark-bypasses by widening roads-viaducts-bridges.

If there’s a criminality emergency then zero_tolerance-delinquents_in_prison, if there’s smog, emissions are regulated and Sundays on foot we can breathe the fine dust more easily, for the increase in rubbish heavier sanctions and incinerators, for immigrants concentration camp welcome centres or prisons, if people have disaffection for politics the blame is always on the other side of the political spectrum. All this going round in circles, without long term projects only makes things worse, every solution creates other problems which are serious. This policy without long term project planning is taking us nowhere.

In the 1950s in Borneo, in response to a malaria epidemic in the villages, the World Health Organization prepared a simple plan: DDT. It seemed to work, the mosquitoes died and the epidemic started to decrease. Then the collateral effects started to happen: the thatched roofs of the huts started to disintegrate because DDT kills the parasite wasps that live on the grubs that eat the thatch.

The British Government substituted the thatchedroofs with plastic roofs , but after that the first rainy season the noise is so loud that no-one manages to sleep. In the meantime , the insects poisoned by DDT are easy prey for the geckos which in turn are food for cats. The DDT went up the food chain and started to eliminate all the cats. Rats then start to proliferate and a great plague starts.

The World Health Organization understands the seriousness of the risk of an epidemic and arranges for 14,000 cats to be parachuted into Borneo (“Operation Cat Drop”). Perhaps the most embarrassing story in the history of the British Air Force.

For us to put things right they will parachute in 14,000 old-style socialist rats.

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