Letter from Mario Segni

I’m publishing a letter from Mario Segni about the electoral law.

“I’m Mario Segni, the one who lost the lottery ticket. The one that had Italy in his hands, as I’ve been told many times. I tried to explain that I’d lost the elections,not the lottery, because in 1994 I was a candidate standing against Berlusconi and he got many more votes than I did. But I’m still the one who lost the lottery.

Never mind, to a certain extent I’m sorry. But not too much, because I know that the true lottery were the referendums and that with them we have changed the political system, something that happened in the last century only for De Gaulle, in France in 1958. The fact that I promoted all these even though I had no position of office makes me feel proud.

Now the lottery ticket really is being stolen. But not from me, from all of us. With the first referendum, we sent Craxi away together with a good few other politicians. With the second referendum, the one about majority voting, we acquired the right to choose directly the Lord Mayors, the Presidents of Province and the Presidents of Region. In relation to the government, we acquired the right only halfway. In 1994 we chose Berlusconi and Bossi sent him away. In 1996 we chose Prodi and his friends booted him out. In 2001 Berlusconi won and he has stayed in office right to the end.

In the end this is the crux of democracy. But they are drawing it out of our hands. Today they assure us that everything will stay the same, that to choose the government it will continue to be the citizen: all stories!

Mastella will ask for the vote, not to support Prodi, but to get rid of him as fast as possible. Bertinotti will invent who knows what sort of diabolical conditions to providing his support. The UDC {Unione dei Democratici Cristiani e Democratici di Centro} will ask for it to be voted just because they don’t want Berlusconi. The day following the election, the real contest  will not be between those who voted for Berlusconi and those who voted for Prodi, but between those who voted for the winner so that he stays in office and those who voted for the winner so that they can eliminate him at the first ambush.

Andreotti will say that it’s not a really bad thing, that we’ve survived forty years of governments at the seaside, with parallel convergence, with bread for two ovens. But at a certain moment we decided to change, to become a little bit American, English, French, to be able to choose a Government and after 5 years to give ourselves the pleasure of sending it away. To have a strong Government, that can even create policies for tomorrow, for the young people, with those harsh measures that are necessary even though unpopular that only a stable Government can implement. 

These rights, we won them with the referendums of 1991 and 1993. Now they are snatching them away from us.

What can be done? Not much, unfortunately. But one thing the Italians could do all together is: to get angry, to express indignation. I’ve used a term that is no good: express indignation.

The newspapers say that expressing indignation is bad, it causes damage. Well then we have to use the right term: Scream blue murder.

With the whole of Italy, driven mad, really furious, Parliament would not spend the last few months undoing a referendum instead of improving the conditions of those who don’t manage to make ends meet by the end of the month. Perhaps I’m an optimist. Certainly the idea of Italy being snatched away from us makes me sad. An Italy that stays indifferent fills me with anguish.”

Mario Segni

PS: Do you remember the tiny Bosco di Gioia in Milano that they want to destroy to create a building for the Region of Lombardy?

Tomorrow we have the chance to give a strong signal to stop this happening by taking part in a demonstration that will leave from Piazza Minniti at 11:00am and will then go toBosco di Gioia.
You can find the map and the reasons for the protest on the website for the event.

I invite all the friends of the Milan MeetUp to lend a hand.

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