Our very own third world


We are using every means to make poverty disappear, organising encounters, meetings and  seminars: the result is it’s increasing.
There’s no such thing as wealth in itself. The same applies to poverty. What exist are differences which provoke exchange phenomena.
If we are equally poor, or even equally rich, there is no exchange.
The economy is based on these differences in potential, which must be maintained at all costs.
Nobody would dream of eliminating the poor, what’s needed is to maintain the differences!
It’s easier to transform a rich person into a poor person (even a spontaneous phenomenon) than the contrary. The rich know this well; those who don’t know are those that are “just about well off” or “reasonably OK” (at the moment they are the ones who pass time in the discount shops, who buy with 10 years to pay back and who take out a mortgage to go on holiday.)
At the end of the process of controlled impoverishment, once they have lost their guarantees (credit cards and access to credit) the new poor have to pay for everything in cash. This is the growing tip of the third world, the pool of the future self-sufficient dying-of-hunger Italians on whom the new boom will be based.
For those who just don’t manage it there’s always the chance to steal some bread biscuits from the discount shops, the removal of spinach from the kitchen gardens and of wood from the neighbour so that there’s a fire in the stove just as in times of war.
All things that really do happen in Italy.
This government is creating a “third world” all of our own that will assure us of the boom in exchanges. A practical example visible to everyone is the American dream in which the poor live, even while sleeping, their difference with the rich, dream of becoming rich and do everything possible with this in mind. This is the push to the system.
We even have the first people deported to Sharm el Sheik and in other exotic places. They are the ones that follow money and not the contrary. They go wherever is necessary for the system and they are happy. The poor person is in fact the one who follows money and the rich one is the one who is followed by money.

Poverty is the real engine of the economy. You always need a reasonable amount of it to increase the GDP.

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