Private Cities and Public Graffiti


The external walls of our cities are incredibly messed up with scribbles, colours, invented signatures. Slowly but surely we are getting used to this degradation.

We only notice when we see a clean building and we get a surprise.
At times we are disgusted by a grey carbon-dioxide-sick repository-of-writings building.
Graffiti are a symbol of a rubbish-bin city, a sort of self-certification.

Zero tolerance is a “good-ism” in relation to the youngsters who create the messages and is of no use.

What need to change are the spaces for citizens and the city needs to be given back to its inhabitants, starting from the kids.
A study has found that the phenomenon of graffiti is connected to the lack of public spaces, of green, of gardens, of meeting places in the city.

In the privatised cities where everything belongs to someone, where everything is cement, graffiti spread like a virus. They are a form of social refusal. A symbolic aggression against those observing them.

Graffiti are born from an excess of private property exactly like the advertising boards that rob us of time and images and make us tired even while we are travelling.

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I agree what BG says about graffiti. It has become very monotonous and just uniformly messy. The point of graffiti should surely be to be witty and political and give people something to read which can't be published elsewher (like bkogs!) Now (at least in Bologna) it only occasionally has a satirical/political purpose..... take a look at "God is Gay" on by blog at

Posted by: Maureen Lister | December 18, 2005 07:11 PM

I heartily agree with those statements.Need more informations from 300 years of development of graffiti-research,then see us

Posted by: Axel Thiel | November 26, 2005 10:28 AM

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