Water and Censorship

Photo: Alex Zanotelli and me

During the Notte Bianca (White Night) in Naples I was not censored.
Water was censored.
Its campaigners.
Its spokesperson Father Alex Zanotelli, a small man who when I look at him makes me believe in the existence of Jesus, and who has lived for 15 years in a rubbish tip in Nairobi to help the derelict.

The organisers had strongly advised Alex Zanotelli not to make a speech, explaining that he would have had the opportunity to do so later on, in another place.

I told Alex not to worry, as I would speak about the privatisation of water.
But I couldnít do this as the show was interrupted half way through for public order reasons, because there were so many people in Piazza Dante that the exits from the Metro were blocked.

Next time I go there, if they donít give me Piazza del Plebiscito I wonít make an appearance. For Alex and for me, water is not a commercial product, but a right for all. In those places where it has been privatised, its price has always gone up.

Now Iím inviting Bassolino to write to this blog, if heíd like to, to explain the position of the Regione Campania in relation to the privatisation of water.

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I also live in Sydney and at the moment they want to convert the sea water into drinkable water. However there are though problems to be solved as You can see at this URL:


or simply by going to Google and using the keywords:

Sydney Desalination

Posted by: Alvise Sommariva | November 7, 2005 12:53 AM

Hi Holy Beppe,
congratulations for the English version of the blog. Even if I do not like all the translations, basically I think that it is a great idea for spreading all the information you produce to a much wider audience.
Just a little technical question: did you realize that connecting to www.beppegrillo.it with Firefox the English version comes out automatically while with Internet Explorer the Italian one is the default?

Best wishes,
Gabriele Guidi

Posted by: Gabriele Guidi | November 5, 2005 12:01 PM

Regarding Alex Zanotelli I have no douts that he is a great man, but I cannot understand how he can feel himself representing the worst criminal association in the history of the human being !!

Posted by: carlo raggi | November 5, 2005 11:50 AM

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