Cave Men

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Stefano Benni sent me this reflection about cave men.

“They say they are modern, but in fact they want to take the world back millions of years.
They are the cave men, the extremists of the new economic power.
Their mentality is Palaeolithic; the world belongs to the strongest, the bludgeon is profit, and the earth is prey.

You can recognise them as they beat their chests in a threatening way and shout out the slogan: “Massive Works”. They love to excavate new caves, and tunnels for a super-train that is super-fast but they don’t know how to construct a normal decent train for commuters. One of their palaeo-lies is: a thing done badly that goes faster is better than a thing done well that goes slowly.
They are premature ejaculators, who don’t know how to enjoy the world.

Stupid and greedy, Pitecantropes and P2antropes, they insist in a project that has failed anyway, a development model that no longer manages to make progress, but only takes back in time, the quality of life of everyone.
They groan: “We won’t be intimidated”, they call themselves modern and call the others “backward”.

Let’s get these lies out of their mouths.

Backward applies to those who choose this project that is favoured by speculators and Mafiosi.
Modern applies to those who choose the better project.

Backward applies to those who do propaganda about things they have already decided, like all the old dictators.
Modern applies to those who talk about it first.

To create the Messina Bridge is an “il Duce”-Nero- mad thing.
Make good the commuter train services, the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, the exit/entry roads at Mestre and the ring-road round Milan, redo the aqueducts, the river banks, the ports, this would be modern.

Selling a ticket claiming an hour less from Milan to Naples and then have a three hour delay, is a really old trick.
To arrive on time on the Milan - Naples journey would be a really modern event.

Emmenthal Lunardi is not modern. Giving contracts to your friends is as old as the world. And it is old opportunism to be a Euro-phile one day and a devolutionist another. The people of the Susa Valley are not only objecting to the TAV (High speed train) but they also have proposals. Their vision of the economy is much more modern and complex than that of the cave men.

Knowing how to recognise the critical points in history, where progress cracks and breaks, is an activity of high engineering.

The old cave-dwellers at least had an alibi: they had to learn everything day by day. But these of today have not learned and have understood zero.

They continue to make millions with the juice of dinosaurs, with prehistoric petrol and they don’t care a fig about what will happen when it’s all finished.
For this the cavemen are furious: because they are confronted by a superior civilisation. People who know how to observe the world as a living organism, not as a raw material, and they know how to think of the future. For this they are a thousand times more modern and more realistic than them.

And now, honourable P3-cantrops and/or speculators off you go to your favourite restaurants and eat mammoth pâté, and talk of dividends, of making people bankrupt and of speculation.
But under the sleeve of your nice blue jacket, we can see the hairs.

Let’s give you your proper name: you are cave men quoted on the stock market, in recent years you have excavated a tunnel, and now you don’t know how to get out of it. Feel free to use the bludgeon and the club, but don’t say that you are acting in the name of progress.”

Stefano Benni, the wolf

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Will Beppe G and Stefano Benni have any objections if I use Benni's letter in my English lesson? At last some interesting content! I am really grateful for this update on the super-fast trains...I would just like to get where I want to go ON TIME. Otherwise I will take a no-frills flight to Naples! Much cheaper anyway.

Posted by: Maureen Lister | December 12, 2005 10:22 AM

9 December 2005

Straight hit by the profound thought expressed by Stefano Benny. Everybody faces now the revelation, since we can clearly understand what civilisation and barbarity, progress and regression, knowledge and mental blindness, civic behaviour and crime, good and evil are. Is Benny's method of thought to be somehow considered as representative of the Italian comedians' phylosophy? If so, we do now discover where the true knowledge about everything is. Thus, we might finally and publicly shout: "Comedians to power!". It seems, however, that such a path has already been opened, and it might perhaps not be the worst, given our leading class. But it would be the end of comedians, because it's the way they will make us stop laughing. And nothing will remain to us but crying.

Posted by: Mario Ludovico | December 9, 2005 02:35 PM

I think Fabio is right, if you want to write in Italian, go to the italian page, no? Makes sense to me..
After all this is quite a good space to discuss with other people who, like me, don't live in Italy.

What is sad is that I was talking to my parents who live in Florence..and get their news from the so called "News" on TV. They had no idea that Lunardi owns one of the main companies that will dig the tunnels! Strange, but they say TG4 didn't mention it! All they talk about are anarchists that are causing the violence..
Is it possible that I have to tell them things, while I'm in England and they are in Italy?

Posted by: Gargilli Gargiulo | December 9, 2005 02:09 PM

I guess mr. Giuseppe Garibaldi is very old and it's hard to learn english at that age so please let someone else you or just switch to the italian section of the blog. muchas gracias Gary.

Anyhow, this post is very interesting and I back stefano Benni even if I think we don't need black blocks to support our ideas.
Black block are just punks.
The people from Valsusa are heroes.
The politics-cave men are criminals and we should treat them like criminals.
No respect for them, no more jokes in front of the quirinale showing how stupid they are,
they are just gross burglar and not even so smart
they just think we are too busy to check them out...and unfortunately maybe it's true.

Posted by: Fabio | December 9, 2005 10:40 AM

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