Christmas Letter

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There are people who are old and who are alone at Christmas. People who try desperately to find someone to talk to. To tell jokes to, to talk about the great times of their youth.

They live a life feeling persecuted by the shadows of their past (who has no shadows?), of left wing judges {wearing red robes}, of our own ingratitude.
Their solitude leads them into extreme acts like occupying the TV networks for hours or searching the archives for an old Front Page of the l’Unità newspaper about the death of Stalin.
They live in the past.
Before the end of the year they will be telling us of the fall of Constantinople and of the French Revolution using rare manuscripts of the time. And perhaps, in a brief moment of lucidity, they will discover that even old friends like Putin are in fact former KGB agents.

Here you are, here’s a wish for these beautifully made up elderly people: that they retire and live a serene old age with the money that they have gained honestly, together with their children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren, and old friends of the P2 Masonic Lodge.
Of the remaining years (according to the statistics, they’ve got about a dozen years left to live), I hope they can live without decoders, without anxieties, without worries concerning new “ad personam” laws, Communists or great engineering works.
Without finger signals indicating cuckold, “up yours” or misunderstandings with the Economist, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and all the left-wing newspapers.

That they pass the good years with Vespa, Dell’Utri, Previti, Calderoli, Giovanardi, Lunardi, Mentana, Casini and why not even with Raimondo Vianello and Mike Bongiorno, who have always been warm towards him.
Summing up: with all his true friends, those that every Italian is jealous of.

The Italians would understand.

Of course, why expose oneself to a defeat, why have a fate like Fazio “the upright man”, and resign the day before to avoid being booted out the following day?

To resign today would be the best Christmas present for all the Italians.
A move of a real statesman.

Happy Christmas everyone! Beppe Grillo.

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Posted by: belli valter | December 25, 2005 03:22 PM

Well, Beppe, you should be grateful to a character
like the plastic penguin (Benigni once called
him "Al Cafone")who is in charge,God willing for
not that long any more, of the Bel Paese.
Without him (who incidentally,you should admit,
is a passable comedian, after all), you would not have so many opportunities to express your talent.
Or maybe not: there are so many more politicians
ready to be considered...

Posted by: Enzo | December 24, 2005 08:34 PM

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