Heavy machinery in Bosco di Gioia

Bosco Gioia ruspe.jpg
photo: Heavy machinery in Bosco di Gioia

The untiring employee-administrators of Milan cut down the trees even during the holiday period. The trees are those of the tiny Bosco Di Gioia, one of the few that have survived in this cement city, that seems more and more like a Monumental Cemetery.

The trees are troublesome, they loose their leaves, their fruits. They create dirt.
They get in the way of car parks and when it snows they even cause damage to parked cars if a branch falls off.

The trees of Gioia are even worse than the others. They bear witness to the green space that was once seen in Milan. This witness is weighty and embarrassing for the employees FormigoniAlbertiniPenati.

Bosco Gioia foto aerea.jpg
photo: aerial view of Bosco di Gioia

It’s better to cementify it all with a beautiful building of the Lombardy Region.
This, especially in Milan, where at every entrance there are signs saying there are offices for sale or to let, where whole office blocks are empty. Where the trees are a rarity and those that exist are dying (a good reason to cut them down). Where from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza Castello, there’s no bush, no tree.

Bosco di Gioia is the property of the people of Milan. They don’t want more cement.
Today in the Bosco di Gioia there is a fortified position to prevent the disappearance of this tiny oasis. There are citizens of Milan, Dario Fo, and the Milan MeetUp group.
One man climbed up a tree.

Bosco Gioia uomo albero.jpg
photo: a man in a tree in Bosco di Gioia

I’m not there. I’m trapped in Genoa by the snow, but it’s as though I’m there.
Keep at it! Beppe Grillo.

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Last note about it.
The area around Milan was a forest when Celtic settled in.
Legened tells those people, whith their tradiction and culture, they asked a wild pork where it will be a blessing to build a new town.
They founded the city after it, in a place i am not entitled to declare hereby.
So Milan was born whit all what it does involve.
It will be a blessing too going against a so estabilshed arcane?

Not really by my side.

Posted by: Augusto Parolini | January 6, 2006 05:28 PM

I have always been sensible where green breathing area are threaten.
Damage a kind of an oasis somehow goes against the common and public health since they actually are, a part from maintaineance, free resources for every one.
Sadly gardens as english build are often associate with cemetery. This kind of link interfer on pure vitality as i do consider it.
Missing from there i do not know the matter of fact but in case the garden will be destroyed why not to promote an accessible green contest indoor? Background the Bonsai art, so deep as shintoist consider it, or enterprise as Eden Project (www.edenproject.com).
It will positively promote botanics culture in an open space (Parking a possible name) where to be informed about what's going on, build on an opinion, having a drink or sitting with friends.

Augusto Parolini.

Posted by: Augusto Parolini | January 6, 2006 05:14 PM

Non posso credere che cose del genere vengano fatte senza chiedere il permesso di nessuno...
Dove si puo' protestare contro questo?
E non capisco a che scopo vengono messe in atto,forse qualcuno si e' beccato qualche tangentina??
Triste ragazzi,veramente triste...

Posted by: Elisa Dietmann | December 29, 2005 12:53 PM

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