Human Toxic Waste

Comic strip by: Davide Zamberlan

We’ve still got a food emergency with the case of Tetra Pak and the colour passing into the milk. The contamination of the Tetra Pak packaging doesn’t only involve Nestlé. The association “Fare Verde” claims that the packaging in question is used not only by Nestlé, but by many companies, and if a block were to be imposed it would empty the supermarkets. A serious investigation could raise the question of the packaging of all food products in Europe.

In the evaluation of the risk there’s the sterilisation of the product in the production process. In this case, since we are talking about closing down, we should keep the product for a few days and find out what is happening inside. No-one has said whether the colouring is toxic for human health, and above all if it is, in those concentrations.

From Portugal to Uzbekistan all the Health Ministers admit that our children are more sick than those of 50 years ago. Food allergies are now normal. The incidence of tumors in children has increased each year between 1963 to 2003 by 0.8%.

Most food additives are not necessary and no-one has yet evaluated their effects. There’s a chewing gum with an additive of glass.
Now the nutritional value of glass is not only zero, but glass is also not digestible. Why do they make us eat stuff that we can’t even digest? It’s possible that the mad cow emergency has finished but now we’ve got bird flu. In the case of mad cow, the animal feed was suspected as the cause, but for the chickens, has anyone asked what they are fed on?

You can buy tomatoes in Chinese tins. But do we know anything about their production process? Do they follow the same laws as in Europe? Have they got the same checks as us in place?
It would be pretty annoying to eat the pesticides of the 1960s still remaining in the tomatoes or to eat dust from Chinese environmental pollution.

In certain countries, cremation is really expensive because it’s been demonstrated that the human body has become a dangerous toxic item of waste. We are full of cadmium, lead, preservatives, nickel, osmium

However, there’s an advantage. If they bury you you get conserved like the vampires.

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