Itíll be hard!


Yesterday, a lovely sunny day in Turin.

People in the demonstration (50,000, 100,000?), lots an enormous number, were delighted, just as children on a trip are.
No incident, no broken window, not anything at all.
Only the willingness to participate.

People were happy also because the local employees Chiamparino, Bresso and Fassino had taken a day’s holiday for fear of being sacked on the spot.

Strange that Chiamparino said at the beginning of the week:

”One thing must be clear. I’ve asked and I ask again that the Turin march should not go ahead.”

“I don’t simply consider myself to be one of the promoters of the TAV, but it will be a basic part of my electoral campaign.”

How could he then present himself after these beastly statements in front of his employees and his future ex-electors?

But this is an infiltrator of Forza Italia!

Yesterday we demonstrated that the problems of the Val di Susa are national, not local. And that we are all Valsusini{people of the Susa Valley}.

The Susa Valley is a starting point for the change in our country from the rottenness in which we are drowning.

I repeat:

1, 100, 1000 Val di Susa”.

I’m sorry for the employee Borghezio manhandled on a train. I have to accept that he was the only one of the Pole to come to the Susa Valley in recent days without an escort. But instead of using violence, it would have been enough to take his footprints {not his finger prints}.

I’ve got my doubts: perhaps he was attacked by angry Lega followers for having lost their money from the CredieuroNord Bank, the one that Fiorani tried to save.

PS. In Piedmont, they are about to create havoc again. Less important than the TAV in the Susa Valley, but just as symbolic.

In an area that is still unspoilt in Canavese, opposite the Masino Castle, for some time now the FAI {Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano – Italian Fund for the Environment} is trying to prevent the construction of Mediapolis: a theme park and a commercial area.

I wrote about it a few months ago.

I invite all those with information and documents relating to Mediapolis to send them to the Blog email.

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ans. regardig que member of parliament crupt why we accept.
every group follower of stronger that one inteligent with power.
Its depands on followers to use the leader.
one example slietly differ to your que.
one leader's working in my eye. He is former chif minister of madhya pradesh india. last ten year ruling time he use the rules & ragulation to learn. You contect regardign your que he is person. Ask rules for your contry.
rajendra kajoria
0917344012257 phone.

Posted by: kajoria | December 29, 2005 06:22 PM

If we are not able to go slow...How can we go fast with TAV:

Posted by: Giovanni Aloisio | December 20, 2005 06:31 PM

Employee Borghezio's broken nose: I was in the next carriage and I can testify that no 400 crazed maniacs assaulted the train, or anything of the kind; and that Borghezio choose deliberately to sit in the first of the six carriages on the 7 o'clock regional Turin-Milan train, which were reserved for protestors. Let it be clear that I strongly condemn whomever hit him; violence is not the answer, and the person did the protestors no favour. I do not know if Borghezio was trying to be brave or suicidal; all I know is that the best answer one could give him would be a disgusted silence.

Now to more important matters: the protest in Turin.
I cannot remember ever having such fun. I cannot remember ever seeing so many smiles. I cannot remember ever being so stupidly delighted with everyone around me. It was like being a kid on Christmas morning. It was a great day.

Posted by: Stefania Oggioni | December 19, 2005 03:38 PM

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