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Franco Debenedetti, a senator in the DS party said: "If Fiorani had wanted to leave Italy he would have gone already while the presumed crime cannot be repeated, and the evidence cannot be concealed"
This is the less crafty brother of Carlo. If he is so certain of what he is saying, why doesn’t he go and make a declaration to the Milan Judges?
And if he’s not, he should sign up to a company of variety artistes.

Piero Fassino, leader of the DS party: “I’m no-one’s tea-time friend.”
And you can see that! But at least at dinner he’ll eat a tiny morsel with Consorte of Unipol.
The same Consorte who on 19 July 2005 had this exchange with Fiorani:
Fiorani: “Gianni, I feel I’ve got the same blood as you…. You know that I am always ready and available to work a bit underwater as you have already understood …”
Consorte: Giampi you need to have two or three thoughts about a prestigious president (of BNL, editor’s note)… that we will have to get close to.”

Antonio Fazio, governor of the Bank of Italy {la Banca d’Italia}: “That’s fine. I won’t resign. I have a serene conscience.
What can you say to one like that? If one day they were to arrest him, he wouldn’t even notice, he would think he was visiting the Monastery of an enclosed order.

Giovanni Consorte, president of Unipol, under investigation for stock jobbing: We are going forward on our own path. And with our project, which is ambitious and in line with European thought. It is absolutely practicable. Ab-so-lute-ly.” Especially if we go to Fiorani in prison to ask for suggestions for the management of the BNL {Banca Nazionale di Lavoro}

Berlusconi says that the Government “institutionally cannot do anything for the removal of Fazio and that it is “useless to talk about it”. But was it not him, the man with super-powers, who made super-laws for the “prescritti” and for the elections?

The French wanted Fantasy in Power, we go well beyond that: in power we have loads of bollocks.

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This is a great movie when you want to just have fun and not take things to seriously, a great relaxing movie.
Raymond B

Posted by: Raymond B | December 17, 2005 03:22 AM

Space Balls, what a great movie.

Posted by: Jane Smith | December 17, 2005 02:15 AM

Hi beppe,
you know? Now we have another reason the be shame of Italy.
We are known just for pasta, mandolino and mafia.

People of all over the word, when they know that somebody is italian, they just smile...bur for us is only a bitter smile.

Come on'll never walk alone

Posted by: luca di resta | December 16, 2005 05:30 PM

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