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Thank goodness that we've got associations in Italy

The National Consumers Union has published an article that ridicules my post "Walking ironmongers" which gave a list of food products containing a variety of metals.

I've sent this letter to the association:

"Dear friends,

with reference to your article 'The fear of nothing' which reassures readers that the things said on the internet in relation to metals contained in branded products are stupid and provoking unnecessary alarm.

I find your behaviour reprehensible because one should always cite the source.

OK – the source was my Blog with the post of 7 December entitled “Walking ironmongers” with a further explanation at the end of the article.

I can communicate that the source of my information is the research institute most highly regarded in the world for its research about nanopathology and its directors are available to clear up any points you may ask them. To get in touch with them, just ask me as they want to remain anonymous just at the moment.

Thank goodness that you are on the side of the consumers….”

Here is the list of products:
 Motta: Aluminium, Silver

Salatini Tiny Rold Gold (USA): Iron, Chromium, Nickel (that is steel), Aluminium

Biscotti Offelle Bistefani: Osmium, Iron, Zinc, Zirconium, Silicon-Titanium

Biscotti Galletti Barilla: Titanium, Iron, Tungsten

Macine Barilla: Titanium

Granetti Barilla: Iron, Chromium

Nastrine Barilla: Iron

Plum cake allo yogurt Giorietto Biscotti: Iron. Chromium

Ringo Pavesi: Iron, Chromium, Silicon, Aluminium, Titanium

Pane carasau (I Granai di Qui Sardegna): Iron, Chromium

Pane ciabatta Esselunga: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium

Pane morbido a fette Barilla: Lead, Bismuth, Aluminium

Paneangeli Cameo: Aluminium, Silicon

Pane Panem: Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminium, Lead, Bismuth, Manganese

Cornetto Sanson (cialda): Iron, Chromium e Nickel (cioè acciaio)

Biscotto Marachella Sanson: Silicon, Iron

Omogeneizzato Manzo Plasmon: Silicon, Aluminium

Omogeneizzato Vitello e Prosciutto Plasmon: Iron, Barium Sulphate, Strontium, Iron-Chromium, Titanium

Cacao in polvere Lindt: Iron, Chromium, Nickel

Tortellini Fini: Iron, Chromium

Hamburger McDonald’s: Silver

Mozzarella Granarolo: Iron, Chromium, Nickel

Chewing gum Daygum Microtech Perfetti: Silicon (that is: glass)

Integratore Formula 1 (pasto sostitutivo) Herbalife: Iron, Titanium

Integratore Formula 2 Herbalife: Iron, Chromium
The metals listed above are all in the form of particles measured in nano and micro metres. (nano= from a thousand millionth to a ten millionth of a metre, micro= from a millionth to a hundred thousandth of a metre) The particles are like “small stones” made up of a great quantity of atoms, and these little stones are not usable by the organism which is not able to extract the elements (oligoelements) necessary for metabolism.
It is fundamental to know that the particles in question are not biodegradable and they are not biocompatible. As such they are not usable and they are pathogenic.

The metals, once swallowed, go smoothly to the digestive system and into the blood, which takes them everywhere.

However, there’s good news for the Co-op. The Co-op’s panettone has come through the testing and it does not contain any metal.

And then they say that Consorte won’t manage to eat the Christmas panettone: he’s going to be really safe on what he eats!

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Dear Grillo,
I like to highlight that in the huge amount of bad news, sometime a good one arise from newspapers: yesterday I read that a new antimalaria treatment (free of royalties) is now available at cost of 1USD.
Thanks to "that" no profit research group.

Posted by: Giuseppe Mancin | March 1, 2007 10:13 AM

The government should organize easy access to Medline and Health topics, medical dictionaries, directories and publications. WBR LeoP

Posted by: John Medicine | February 3, 2007 11:04 PM

A friend of me in Sanremo told about you ! So, thanks to Internet I got to know more about you. She told me about the pasta BARILLA and the uranium in it ? And 'they' find it strange that people get ugly health-problems ? A few weeks ago I saw a television programm on TV5MONDE; an expert of cancer told that after WWII('40-'45)100.000 molecules are lanced in our 'world' but only 5000 are controlled on negatif effects (nature, food, human being)...??? The responsable persons in every country should tell this to the people, but they don't do this; they ignore and let people get ill. The Dutch minister of Health (...???)told a while ago that he was expacting in the near future lots of chronical patients-groups; so 'he knows'.....and het 'let' happen. In what world are we living ?
Dear Beppe Grillo: I think you are a marvellous person and I really think EU-countries (people) should 'get together' to protect ourselves and our children. Did you see the DETOX / WWF-campagne ? Have a look at the video of TempsPresent ( ); Des poisons dans la peau. (August 2005). Further I would like to inform you about : the most clear and honest free health-programm for everybody in different languages.Maybe you can do 'something' with these brilliant persons ? Regards, D. van Herk (Dutch).

Posted by: D. van Herk | April 23, 2006 10:32 AM

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