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A politician, soon to be an ex-employee, made some really serious statements during a TV broadcast last night.

Statements about keeping to a contract with the Italian people which, it goes without saying, he has kept. From the first to the last point.

He only was a bit unhappy for the observations of Della Valle.
Good observations, almost Christmassy, compared to the ones he would have heard if they had come from his employers: the citizens.

He showed the viewers pieces of paper, numbers, and graphs. He said he’d done this thing and that other thing.
To “never have made a mistake, not one!”

The journalists lined up to support him (but why do they bother to go) had no pieces of paper, numbers, nor graphs to be able to engage him in a discussion.

However we do have them and if we haven’t we can go and find them and publish them.

Let’s start the campaignthe Mouth of Truth” from now until the elections. Send to this email address: {la bocca della verità = the Mouth of Truth} thoughts, data, documents about statements made by our employees, of rightleftcentre, about anything that you have reasonable doubts about.

If you write indicate your first and last name, the statement made by the employee {that is the politician} and the source of your information.

The notifications will be published in an area of the blog called “The Mouth of Truth” and will be associated with the declaration and the name of the employee making that declaration.

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sono piacevolmente sorpreso ,dalla dichiarazione del signor della valla .anche se bello ricco e famoso ,vive grazie a dio in un mondo reale .dove se le cose non vanno come devono, lui non vende fumo ,e richiama alla lealta politica ed onesta di c÷mune mortale ,chi invece si sente un gradino piu su di nostro signore ,quasi due ore di comizio sulla rete nazionale per dirci ,bo io non ho capito che tipo di comizio era , almeno una volta da noi certi politici offrivano zeppole e ponzarotti , questo ti annebbia solo con numeri che gli passa tremonti ( e chi se no tremontik)
cia quagliu buone feste

Posted by: antonio romano | December 24, 2005 03:48 PM

From Forza Italia official site:

"During the past government taxation equalled 44,5 % of GDP. This cabinet reduced it last year to only 41,8%"

Only in the year 1997, due to the euro race, the taxation in Italy reached 44,5% of GDP (Pil).
In year 2000 it was back to 42,4% (source: IlSole24Ore Dec 11th, 2001)

Last year' s level of taxation equalled 42,8% of our GDP (source: La Stampa, March 2nd, 2004)


Posted by: gianni guelfi | December 21, 2005 04:54 PM

Mr. Berlusconi complains a lot about the euro these days, so do his followers. But he had a totally different opinion only 4 year ago, when the common currency was first introduced.
Here' s his enthusiastic declaration given to Il Giornale on november 27th, 2001
If now he has changed his mind because something hasn' t worked well, then he should only ask himself. Because he was in charge in the last 4 years, not mr. Prodi.


Posted by: gianni guelfi | December 21, 2005 03:49 PM

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