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The employee Pisanu started well in Parliament yesterday:
”I have no difficulty in apologising to the peaceful citizens of the Susa Valley who have suffered physical damage as a result of the clearing of the building site at Venaus”
After these Christmas words we feel more serene. If in the heart of the night we are bludgeoned by the forces of order we know that later the employee Pisanu will apologise.
And I must say, this is to his merit.

But unfortunately our employee has exposed his game and has made the following declarations, one after the other:

“The mixing of peaceful demonstrators and destructive groups took the protest beyond the predictable level of vehemence.

“The Val di Susa has not been militarised.”

“Today ideas of revenge are spreading especially in relation to those who have been willing to engage in dialogue and to carry on a loyal collaboration with the institutions.”

“The Violence in the Val di Susa needed to be confronted.”

In Venaus, during the night, without warning, women and elderly people were beaten up, there are filmstrips viewable on the internet, hundreds of people can bear witness.

And yet, the Valsusini (People of the Susa Valley) have not reacted with violence.

Tomorrow in Turin (I’m coming) there will be demonstrations.

Present there will be many young people who are state police, local police, and carabinieri.
They are young people who are paid too little; they often have to obey senseless orders.

Let’s treat them well. Every young female, give them a smile.

Let’s reserve the kicks in the behind for other employees.

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I want to report an interesting news report I hear on one of the RAI news programs (Sorry, I forgot the number 1, 2, 3?):

Trenitalia has launched an advertising campaign to promote the use of trains over Christmas.
In the ad, a lady asks to her friend: "So... what are you doing to do for Christmas?".
He answers: "I'm going with the train to visit my old uncle Giovanni who lives in Matera".

Unfortunately for him, he will never get there.

Apparently Matera is the only capoluogo di provincia in Italy without a functioning train station.

RAI reported that requests for a rail connection go as far back as 100 years.
The report showed images of Matera's train station, the usual depressing sight of unfinished concrete work we got used to see around.
Apparently the construction of the last 30 Km of railway to make the connection possible has encountered a lot of problems (?) in the last century...

How is uncle Giovanni, and the people from Matera, going to survive without a connection with Europe?

My guess would be: very well, since they survived without a railway connection with the rest of Italy for so long.
I hope they have at least drinkable water, electricity and phone lines.

On the other hand, Trenitalia shows a great interest in delivering up-to-date and reliable information to its customers.
Obviusly it's too much a big ask to monitor advertising subcontracts...

One last though to that poor "creative" that had the unfortunate idea to pick Matera as the city where uncle Giovanni lives.
...such bad luck ! (che sfiga)

Posted by: Dario | December 19, 2005 12:35 PM

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