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I'm still waiting for the detailed reasons in favour of the construction of the tunnel in the Susa Valley. At the same time, the Internet is full of the other reasons - for no TAV.

I advise you to read the interview with Professor Angelo Tartaglia of the Politecnico di Torino {Turin Polytechnic}.

This sentence of Professor Tartaglia is illuminating: “the technical people understand that the sums don’t add up. They talk about this to the politicians who say they don’t understand technical data and in the mean time, the work is to be done.”

Some data from the interview:

The central problem is that the goods trains In Italy travel at an average speed of 19 Kilometres per hour since they are often stationary waiting for passenger trains which get precedence. This is the bit of data to be improved.. It’s not useful that goods arrive from France at 150 kilometres per hour if they then pass most of their time in the station when they arrive in Italy.”

It makes sense to talk of High speed when the journeys are longer than 250-300Km. In Italy, if we look closely at the figures, we can see that 80% of the demand for passenger transport is for short journeys, less than 100Km. It’s true that our trains are super-full on certain routes but only very few people go from one end of the country to the other. The routes that are most frequented are those where there is the greatest exchange of passengers.

“A study commissioned by the Mountain Community of the Lower Susa Valley carried out by the Società di ingegneria dei Trasporti Polinomia, {Transport Engineering Company}, shows that the line would be justified if in the next few years there was 40 million tons of goods traffic per year making a total of 350 trains a day, every 4 minutes at the speed of 150 km/h, alternating with passenger trains at 300 km/h.

The fact that the Government has put a stop to the work is an extraordinary result, and is already a precedent.

From now on, before starting any work, the real employers should be consulted: the citizens.

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Come giÓ postato in precedenza, mi permetto di proporre a tutti il sito "", dove si parla della costruzione del tunnel "TAV" lungo 55 km sotto il San Gottardo, con dettagli sulle modalitÓ di costruzione e stato di avanzamento dei lavori, salvaguardia dell'ambiente e della salute degli abitanti (cose che in Svizzera vengono prese sul serio), e anche un'ingegnosa idea per sfruttarlo in futuro in chiave turistica (vedi capitolo "porta alpina").
Questo senza dimenticare che si tratta di un'opera che interessa anche noi, essendo la Svizzera situata fra il Nord Europa e l'Italia.

Vorrei poi segnalare al prof. Tartaglia che non Ŕ affatto vero che la linea del Frejus non interessa il traffico passeggeri: attualmente viene attraversata dal TGV che collega Milano a Parigi in poco meno di 7 ore (quando lo prendo io Ŕ sempre pieno ...), e si pu˛ ragionevolmente supporre che riducendo i tempi di percorso a 5 ore il treno risulterÓ ancora pi¨ appetibile rispetto all'aereo.

Posted by: Alessandro Grossi | December 13, 2005 04:56 PM

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