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The Citizen Primaries that I’ve started on this Blog have received more support from another Political Party. Talking about Energy, here’s Antonio Di Pietro, President of Italia dei Valori.

“Dear Beppe,

Having read your Blog I’ve had a think and decided that it’ll be a pleasure to support your “Citizen Primaries” initiative. I’m confirming the support of Italia dei Valori and I’m also sending you a brief contribution explaining our position regarding alternative energy sources and the energy question. I think that this topic should be at the top of the political agenda.

Energy is needed to live and for economic development, both in Italy and in the whole world. To a great extent, it is the solution to many of the problems troubling third world countries. Electrical energy in fact means fridges where we can keep pharmaceuticals (one of the main health needs in Africa) electrical pumps to extract and purify water, generators to facilitate the activities in hospitals and so on.

We know there’s the demand, but how are we going to produce it? Using coal? Methane? Nuclear? And then how are we going to protect the environment from the resulting pollution?
Up till now we have seen a definite tension between energy and the environment, almost a duel to the death: the means of producing energy are destroying the environment. The over-protection of the environment is hindering the solution to vital problems for millions of human lives.

Recently, however, fortunately, science and conscience are offering us different solutions.
In fact, what we need to do is to focus on renewable sources, like photovoltaic cells, solar energy, thermodynamics, wind power, biomass, micro hydroelectric generation, energy coming from the tides and the movement of the sea, while keeping in mind also the “old renewables” such as “big hydroelectric” projects and geothermal sources (Italy is particularly well endowed here).

Renewable sources in the future will be not only a great environmental resource, but also a great economic resource when the oil production starts to slacken off as resources are exhausted, since we can only pump so much oil from the earth’s layers (according to the USA’s Department of Energy, this will happen soon).

For the moment, it will be necessary to turn attention and investment towards the use of cogeneration of electricity and heat, as well as to electricity generating stations using natural gas (methane) that will give a better return.
It will also be necessary to focus maximum attention on a hydrogen-based economy.
In fact if hydrogen is generated from renewable resources, this could solve many future problems: from “stock-piling” of the renewable resources (so avoiding shortages or at particular moments) to transport which could use electric motors and hybrid engines and thus reduce dangerous polluting emissions.

In this light, even basic research is important, especially in the area of applied nanotechnology, for example renewable resources, mainly photovoltaics which makes use of the a resource in which Italy is rich: the sun.

Thus the Government programme must contain clear investments in this direction.
These new applied technologies will have to move the various sophisticated levers of the economy, producing many new jobs and thus income and at the same time saving the planet from the environmental catastrophe and from the inevitable termination of the limited natural resources.
Only in this way, with patience and tenacity, can we transform the environmental dead-end into a true development opportunity.

Antonio Di Pietro -

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Thank you very much!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 15, 2006 06:45 PM

Whistleblower: a person that works / belongs to an organisation (it could be a political party, a corporation, anything really...) and that decides to expose illegal / unethical events the organisation is responsible for. The whistleblower breaks the silence that should cover-up and hide an uncomfortable truth (in the end that has to do with power, money, public credibility etc...).
By doing so he/she goes past the duties of his/her profession to respect his conscious.

At least that's my version of it.

Posted by: Dario | January 15, 2006 03:06 PM

I don't understand.... Whistleblower...can you explain?

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 15, 2006 04:16 AM

This guy is what they call in America a "Whistleblower".
We need more whistleblowers in our country.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 14, 2006 10:02 PM

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