Matrioshka Dolls


Excuse me for being vulgar, even if using dots:
I don't care a f... about the par condicio or about the impar condicio!

Give our employees a chance to talk, to go on talking, that they stuff themselves with TV space, posters, newspapers, isoradio, interviews on the third page with a presentation on the first page.
That they get upset, that they counter-attack, that they give detailed accounts and that they explain carefully.
That they do their job as professionals in insulting, in personal attacks, in puppet theatre in which they takes turns to beat each other over the head with a stick.

And all this without saying anything about energy, innovation, transport, health, the economy.
Without making clear proposals that can be verified by the voters.

Information is the content, the media are the containers.
These have taken on the role of containers themselves, empties to be thrown away without the contents.
They have become the product, like Mike Bongiorno when he was advertising Rovagnati. ham.

They are like matrioshka dolls that contain other matrioshka dolls.
After fassinodalemabondi, you find berlusconirutellicasini, and then finigiovanardicalderoli and then lunardimaroniviolante, and so on until you are exhausted.

In the matrioshka dolls I just want to find the programme laid out by the government, perhaps even read out by a TV announcer.
Our employees should at least hand over the relevant documents to the announcers.

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I remember me when Bush was elected,two years ago. The results of a poll in the New York Times said that 90% of the Bush voters have voted him because of his strong religiousity. Only 20% said that the reason was the fight against unenployment. 90% of the Kerry voters said instead, they have voted him because of his fight against unenployment and because of his cleverness.
That means that people make a choice depending on emotional and cultural values, not on rationals basis! That is sad, but true!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 21, 2006 08:09 PM

Again I answer spontaneously.

Marketing, marketing, marketing!
Marketing entered politics life in Italy ~15 years ago, thanks to Mr. Berlusconi and his researches on how it was in USA at that time. As for example the story of the contract with the italians was something which was used by Republicans in USA 5 years sooner. That's it! Now every politician is extremely convinced they can shift millions of voters by winning a superficial duel on TV in within the time of 30 minutes; that's why Berlusconi refused a duel in the last elections: he was leading, so no interest in risking to loose the advantage.

The most incredible fact?......
....IT IS HORRIBLY TRUE!!!! Also Italians shift votes if one is cooler than the other one in answering in a minute, with a superficial answer to a superficial question!
The left wing was obliged to follow in the sake of winning elections....Like RAI follows commercial attitude of MEDIASET to gain the same level of advertising.

What wa have left are the "buoni Assessori" in each single city....they can realize things (energy, internet, health, culture, ....) and being more controlled because closer to us.

The power we have left with the parlament? reduce to "minimum" our expenses. When demand drops, PIL goes down, economy in recession and governments will change. That's how it works today....The price to pay?.... of course unemployment, but we already pay that!

In the meantime I suggest to settle you down abroad and be back in Italy for vacation.


Posted by: Stefano Ferri | January 21, 2006 05:11 PM

Political Party's Manifestos, that's all we want!!
That's the contract we have with ours emplyees (politicians). They don't respect the contract? The are sacked and excluded from the political sphere.
And amongs other aims in that contract there must be stated that they (employees) are and will be honest in their jobs and objectives, that they will have to expand and reinforce democratic believs and keep in consideration the human right of all the human beings (not only Italain).
Do you think is dificult? Than, say it!
Don't lie to us.

Posted by: Diego Canciani | January 21, 2006 12:27 PM

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