Metal workers: waiting for 10 euro in convenient instalments

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The contract for the terms and conditions for workers in metal industries has not made progress for a year.
Ever since I was a child it's been stalled! It's one of the mysteries of the universe.

The metal workers' negotiations have stalled because the Unions are asking for an increase of 100 euro and the employers in the Federmeccanica are only willing to go up to 94.5 euro.

The metal workers’ negotiations have stalled because the Unions want an allowance of 25 euro for the workers without Union-controlled contracts and therefore with low wages and the employers in the Federmeccanica have offered an allowance of 10 euro in convenient yearly instalments.

For a year, 1,624,600 people having been asking for a ridiculously small increase.
Negotiations are dragging on for a difference of 5.50 euro.
In response to an allowance of 25 euro for those who have a subsistence wage the response is 10 euro in convenient yearly instalments.

The metal workers are one of the few categories of people who work in Italy. They see examples of enrichment using laws of the State and even changing those that don’t allow this.
The metalworkers are one of the few categories of people who pull in their belts and produce real things, things that are solid, that you can touch, not the nothing-industry of the financepublicitymedia.

The metal workers are angry as they’ve had enough, so yesterday they blocked trains and motorways throughout Italy.

No! This should not be happening.

I propose an alternative: let’s set up an Authority that evaluates the earnings of the financiers, of the capitalists-without-capital, of the managers, over the last few years.
If their companies have developed and have been the source of employment, then their earnings will be confirmed.
If not, there’ll be a tiny expropriation of their earnings to renew this contract and for future contracts.
It would be enough to have Tronchetti in tiny yearly slices of instalments.

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Dear Bebbe,
First of all why in English?
I am fluent, however how many italians are?
I would like to outline a problem with Tele2.
If you may wish to subscribe the Adsl line contract(the one that you pay what you use, I choosed this one because I am never at home so I won't use my internet connection so often, just to check my e-mails every now and then).The first bill I received was 28.80 Euro!for one month where basically I was never at home, I was travelling,so I called the Customer Service, they told me that I used the adsl, for example December the 10th, 15 times!!!Instead I was out of town!!And my lap top was with me and I am single, nobody lives with me!I complainted and I sent a fax, because YOU HAVE TO SEND A FAX YOU CAN NOT SPEAK WITH ANYBODY!!!!,After a few days in the early morning a nice lady called me and she told me that my adsl consumes were too high so she eventually suggested me to change my internet profile.....Bebbe I think this is bullshit!!!So now they forced me to subscribe a flat contact for 16.50 euros a month!
Another one:Enel(electric service in Brianza, I am from Monza)I had two movietheaters(cinemas)and about cinemas, distributing companies and other people of the industry I would tell 1000 stories about!!!Anyway I closed the last Cinema in January 2005 and so I unsubscribed the Enel Contract immediately, I had as a deposit 700 euros...I moved to California, in the meantime to look for a job, when I came back in early December my account, commercialista, told me that I was missing that deposit, so I called and they told me to send a FUCKING FAX!!!!So I decided to go to the office in Monza and finally I talked with a very nice ledy that she told me:"yes you are right we owe you 700 Euros, we will send a check within 30 days".....Everybody try to fuck us around!!I have many of these stories...How can I contact you directly!!!!
I wish you the best.

Posted by: Francesco Fichera | January 29, 2006 12:06 PM

I allow myself to remember you my survey.
I'm not able to translate it perfectly into english... Is somebody so kind to help me?
I thank you in advance!
You can find the survey here.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 19, 2006 08:40 PM

"the tax dodgers have to be prosecuted like in USA"
That is a beautiful dream!In our country tax dodgers are still regarded as clever and tax payers as dumb!
We need a mind-changing!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 19, 2006 07:39 PM

If only those people could direct their initiative towards another direction to obtain the same or more, it would be more feasible.
I mean that on a metal worker's pay, the government gets around 70% of it (half of it is paid by the employer and almost half of what remains (the actual paycheck) is paid by the employee.
The government does not intervene in this because it wants to protect its own interest in order to cover their waste, theft and obsolete bureocracy.
The result is only a war between robbed people; no wonder the companies try to move their business to China, Taiwan, India and Eastern european countries.
The taxing game has to be revised and the tax dodgers have to be prosecuted like in USA.
It's all rotten and the government is just following this because the italian representative are either unable to work to improve it, too stupid to think about solutions or just because are involved beyond belief in the stealing effort.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | January 19, 2006 06:21 PM

Reading this I can sense the rich people's sympathy for misunderstood communist ideas. And I agree that something needs to happen urgently. Unfortunately this way of expressing the need for change will not even cause a smile of pity on most people's faces. You say that the negotiations are stalled for a ridiculously small amount of money. So why is this ridiculously small amount of money so important to the Unions then? Are the Unions representing real needs of workers or their own interest in power?
Sorry, you need to do better than this.

Posted by: Jan Hendrik | January 19, 2006 05:09 PM

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