Do not fear, you’ve read correctly


The beautiful posters cheering up our city in December have disappeared. The wonderful achievements about the economy, about English and Internet in the schools, about great engineering works, about the Pact with the Italians maintained to the hilt are no longer there. Shame.

Going to the office, to school, going for a walk with the dog, it was good to read about the Operation Truth and the responses that the Italians had written in felt tip pens.

Relevant comments.
A dialogue under the eyes of everyone.
True democracy.

And it was great to see the clown’s nose, often drawn by some admirer with a red circle on a smiling face full of hope.

manifesto elettorale.jpg

On the face of a person who has achieved all his objectives, those that, out of a sense of reserve, have not been shown on the posters.

This show of regard, even though it’s a bit strange, has made him reflect.
He’s decided to take a step backwards. To stand at the next elections without being recognised, without standing out.

And to do that starting from a new slogan: “Italia, Forza.”
Accompanied by an explanatory subtitle:
”Do not fear, you’ve read correctly.”

That the old party of 2P (Never fear, you’ve read correctly) no longer exists you can guess and someone, definitely Communist, hoped so too.

But to eliminate the name of the party from the posters is a great sign of humility, a gesture of times gone by.
A symbolic gesture and at the same time a prophetic gesture.

After the Operation Truth, why not launch an Operation Lies?

A campaign about the lies that the Italians are obstinate enough to believe: r
ecession, laws ad personam, deindustrialisation, new poverties and all the rest.

With the same subtitle:
”Never fear, you’ve read correctly.”

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Ciao Beppe,

I photographed a few election posters last year when I was living in Rome (e.g. this one:

I just discovered your excellent blog and will be checking in regularly from Jamaica.

Posted by: Ria Bacon | January 31, 2006 11:44 PM

I agree with you! I was in Germany (Berlin) when our Prime Minister called a German politician "Kapo"! Everybody was schoked and furios, and my friends asked often to me why the italian people allow this situation. I always said: " I didn't vote him!" But it was not enough, I was ashemed to be Italian!
Our international image is so absurd and ridicule that the whole world laugh at us. That has got to stop!
PS) I like this english blog very much, because the people here are not so offensive as on the italian version! I try to put down my comments here, even though my english is not so good!

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | January 11, 2006 11:53 AM

I have been leaving in the USA for 5 years. I constantly read the Italian newspapers (and this Blog!) thought Internet and I keep pace with what is going on in Italy. I love it here, my wife and my kids are American, but I’m Italian and Italy is where my heart is.

One of the many myths of the current Italian government is that now Italy has international respectability. I believe our Prime Minister thought of the Iraq war as a mean of gaining “respectability”. It would be too easy to say that waging war is not the way to achieve this goal, but I want to focus on how Italy is seen abroad.

Living in the USA I got the feeling that choosing the Atlantic alliance over our historical European ties has alienated all our European allies and partners. However, this should have reinforces our image in the US. Please let me provide you all with my “American” prospective.

Our Prime Minister built his entire success using his ties to powerful people (remember his friendship with the “latitante” Craxi?). Now that as a Prime Minister he is a powerful himself, he continues with the same strategy because this is the strategy he knows well. His choice since the first day of his government was to brownnose the most powerful of all, Mr. President Bush. This is no way of gaining respect! I don’t want to read the mind of President Bush, but he never mentions Italy as a trusted ally. During the 2004 electoral campaign he mentioned the support he gained for the Iraq War and he thanked countries like Poland, England, Spain…but not Italy, and no “thank you” for Mr. Berlusconi.

Let me share with you how Mr. Berlusconi appears on the US media:
Mr. Berlusconi gets media attention on two occasions; when he travels to the US visiting his friend Mr. Bush, or when the US media have to deal with the usual Italian scandal and/or Mr. Berlusconi continuous problems with Justice.

The message that our Prime Minister conveys in the US just reinforces all the stupid stereotypes that Italians have in the US. He is portrayed by the US media as a ethically questionable man, as a man that sees women as inferiors, and a person not fit to rule and with no political skills. He certainly media attention and he surely did when:
1. He called a German EU representative “Kapo’”
2. He claimed to court the Finnish Prime Minister
3. He called US investor to invert in Italy because the Italian secretaries are beautiful (obviously women can be only secretaries according to him)

But Mr. Berlusconi’s masterpiece was his embarrassing attempt to honor the American Flag during a visit to Mr. Bush at Camp David. He made a pathetic attempt to speak in English and made Mr. Bush and the entire America laugh, and embarrassed 57 millions of Italians. In my life I have witnessed all sort of brownnosing (i.e. butt kissing), but nothing matches what Mr. Berlusconi did here. It was so slimy that it embarrassed the Americans as well.

In a nutshell, if Italy was a brand it would suffer the lowest brand-image ever. Mr. Berlusconi makes me and other Italians living in the US ashamed of our roots.

Posted by: Alex Buccilli | January 11, 2006 05:55 AM

Ciao Beppe,
I am available for any translation related issues, for free of course.

Posted by: Sonia Rossi | January 6, 2006 03:56 PM

Nice to read that "Matan" will give Grillo a hand with the translations and for free!!!! Actually I like the English on the Blog. Of course it ain't perfect but who cares - I think the meaning is generally clear. Anyone who has tried to keep a blog updated knows how hard it is just to get the damn stuff researched and up. A professional translation costs about a euro a line. So it's great to know that the moaners about the lame translations will all be burning the midnight oil to give a helping hand. Happy Newy Yeary!

Posted by: maureen.lister | January 6, 2006 11:22 AM

I think all bad politicans should be on the billboard with the same bozo nose, great pic. Help us seperate the good from the bad.
Raymond B

Posted by: Raymond B | January 6, 2006 12:49 AM

charlie manson free
the best revolution man
charlie friends

Posted by: Family Manson | January 5, 2006 10:55 PM

May I suggest that a group of affectionate readers volunteer to translate from italian into english? There could also be a volunteer editor (following its english meaning).
Most articles in the so british "Economist" are reviewed three times by different journalists before appearing without the author's signature. Cooperative principles are applied to capitalism's flagship magazine which stands, proudly, for property rights...etc.
This is an opportunity to apply and share the principles we stand for.
I have a few ideas of how this could work, but I am sure you also have a few...

Posted by: Carlo Pesso | January 5, 2006 09:34 PM

No chance to be taken seriously by English speakers if the quality of the translation is so poor. Sorry

Posted by: Fabio Guadagnuolo | January 5, 2006 07:22 PM

Honor to the cause but who translates in english
is a newbie .
Yourself Beppe translate ?

eheh . ;)

Posted by: Karl Constantine | January 5, 2006 06:24 PM

Sacred readings : John Dickie - Cosa Nostra

I am still waiting for mr. CASTELLI (di sabbia)
mr. FINI ( prosciutti?)
mr. PISANU (terrurism?)
mr. PBirlusconi (solly)

Sorry for the very lame translation but i need a little help from my African friend from KENIA Francesco Njagi or maybe Matilde Pino from Messina.

By the way, sorry for being Mr. Dell'Utri' s non voter although we share the same PLACE of Birdth, the name AIN'T THE SAME. I Got THE CURE, LED ZEPPellin, BOWIE and many many many 22""""222"" many others Ooops i meant BURMA in my veins

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | January 5, 2006 08:09 AM

Beppe - please listen to me. I appreciate every single thing you do with your activity. But these translations are really lame. Get help. For everyone's sake. They could be so much more powerful!
Start by looking at the title of this post.

"Non temete" is NOT "Never Fear". It is a quite different "Do Not Fear".

And so on.

Again, I'd be glad to help the cause.
Really. Contact me.


Posted by: Matan Rochlitz | January 5, 2006 02:30 AM

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