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photo: The prison of San Vittore

Divo Gronchi, General Director of Banca Popolare Italiana, has stated (finally) that there will be a big change in direction in comparison to the activities under the leadership of Fiorani.

He did this last Saturday when he announced a new well-endowed Board of Directors with 16 members, of whom 2 are continuing from the recent glorious past of the Bank.

In fact, two new members, Guido Duccio Castellotti e Giorgio Olmo were Directors at the time of Fiorani’s lead.

I remind readers that Directors on the Board apart from gaining a bit of money, have the job of being vigilant about the company and they have responsibilities similar to those of the head of the company. Now Fiorani has been in prison for nearly 50 days and these ex-companions of adventure are re-elected?

But where are consobbancaditaliaborsaitalianaabi? (bodies that control and check activities) And what is the use of these institutions if they don’t guarantee the rules of the game and support the investors?

A word of advice to those who own shares in BPI: sell them as soon as possible unless they change these 2 Directors.
The election of the new members (including Castellotti) took place in Lodi at PalaCastellotti. At this rate the next will take place at PalaSanVittore (the prison).

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I agree with The Prince, as (almost) usual!
This english version is important, if we really want that our ideas will be read worldwide! We don't live in a insel, separete from the rest of the world!. I find also this english blog more agreable than the italian one, people are kind, open-minded and respectful.

Posted by: Raffaella Biferale | February 1, 2006 07:15 PM

To Ivan:
I wish this would be put into action. To withdraw money from those banks would be super but the action needs to be planned in a way that everybody would be properly informed (I.E.: an honest government).
To Davide:
The english version is read from more people than you imagine and a large amount of who reads it are not Italians living abroad.
We cannot know how many people just read it without commenting on it and for this I thank Beppe for doing it.
On the other side I prefer this side rather than read about a bunch of idiots insulting each other, thinking that their world is made only of "leftes" and "rightes".
Frankly, Scallop, I don't give a clam.

Posted by: Giovanni Principe | February 1, 2006 06:56 PM

Beppe.... Your post and comments agreed , 100% . Unfortunatelly Italy is ruled by a fail safe system , rather than the contrary . It's mean that , whenever a system does fail , due to lack of supervision and/or supervisors impeachment/involvement (which is the case ...most of the time ), those who are called to pay the prize of the failure are , always , inevitably the consumers , the citizien . As You suggested , let's stress people to react , indeed , to a such a injustice...let's close all bank related accounts , let's withdraw , sell all related stocks . Those competent authorities , which should check on this , are often aparantely blind and deaf ...aparantely only !!! as ,Toto' was used to say : " who is going to check the CHECKERS ???" Threfore , let's get rid out of them as well ...all of them. Rgds , Ivano

Posted by: Ivan Castellucchio | January 31, 2006 12:26 AM

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